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pittiBonjour tous le monde !06:18
didrocksbonjour pitti !06:23
pittibonjour didrocks, ça va ?06:26
didrocksça va bien, et toi ?06:26
pittididrocks: je vais grand ! c'était un miracle :)06:27
didrockspitti: ah, il y a eu un match ?06:27
* didrocks googles06:27
didrocks7-1, sérieux ?06:27
pittididrocks: we won against Brazil, very tightly :)06:28
didrocksc'était du handball, pas du foot, non ? :p06:28
pittididrocks: yeah, the first half was the best our team ever played - 5:006:28
pittiit was unbelievable, *everything* just worked06:28
pittiat least Brazil managed to get a goal in the 91st minute06:29
didrockswaow, I guess there are a lot of cries in Brazil after such a defeat06:29
didrocksah, even worse :)06:29
pittiabsolutely, yes06:29
didrocksreally at the last minute they avoided the -006:29
pittiin the end, the Brazilian fans cheered for the German goals..06:29
didrocksyeah, seems that google is telling they were approximately the same number of shoot in the goals06:30
didrocksso the German goal should have been very effective06:30
didrocksI understand why you are connecting later than usual :)06:30
didrocksgood celebration!06:30
pittididrocks: yeah, I only went to bed around midnight, and then couldn't sleep for some time06:42
didrocksheh, too much excitement I guess :)06:42
pittididrocks: that, and all the car horning outside06:43
didrocksahah, I bet!06:44
seb128good morning desktopers!06:48
seb128hey pitti didrocks06:48
seb128pitti, well done for the game :-)06:48
pittibonjour seb12806:49
pittiseb128: that's an understatement, but thanks!06:49
didrockssalut seb128!06:49
pittiat the 4:0 I thought they were showing a repetition, but in general it was quite incredible06:49
pittilike those 10 minutes in a player's life when just everything works06:50
seb128or doesn't work in the case of Brazil06:50
seb128seems like it was not their day at the same time it was Germany's one06:50
pittiseb128: yeah; well, some things just can't be explained (or repeated)06:51
seb128(let's see if they repeat that on sunday ;-)06:51
pittiseb128: see, that's the expectation of 80 million people which will ruin everything :)06:56
pittiseb128: nah, really good chances now06:56
seb128right, first let's see who wins tonight06:58
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didrockshey Laney!08:04
pittihey Laney08:04
Laneyhey didrocks et pitti08:04
Laneyhow's it going?08:04
didrocksI'm great, thanks! Yourself?08:04
Laneysunny and warm here!08:04
Laneysehr gut, danke08:05
* didrocks doesn't wonder anymore where the sun was stolen then…08:05
Eisbrecher_xnoxMorning =)08:05
* Eisbrecher_xnox is in the office and it's full of CTS people08:05
pittiyeah, it has rained pretty much non-stop since yesterday here too08:06
pittio_O "Eisbrecher"?08:06
Laneypitti: can I mock bus activated services with dbusmock somehow?08:19
pittiLaney: you mean the activation part? I guess you could start a dbus daemon with a different .service dir and put an appropriate service file there?08:20
pittiLaney: but this pretty much sounds like a D-BUS internal, so I never bothered about that and just manually started the mocks08:21
Eisbrecher_xnoxpitti: Das ist meine Familienname im Deutsch ;-)08:21
pittiEisbrecher_xnox: really, "Ledkovs"? haha08:21
Eisbrecher_xnoxpitti: *Ledkov, yeah.08:21
pittiEisbrecher_xnox: ah, I thought the "original" one was08:21
seb128Laney, hey ;-)08:23
Laneypitti: we had a bug where the application wasn't re-activating the service properly so I wanted to write a testcase for this08:23
Laneyhey hey seb12808:23
Laneyhow are you?08:23
seb128Laney, good! a bit tired though, but working on it with coffee ;-)08:24
seb128how are you?08:24
pittiLaney: hm, so dbusmock has no particular support for this, so I'm afraid you have to write the session.conf manually08:25
pittiLaney: happy to hear suggestions how to make this easier, of course08:25
Laneyseb128: it's this new early morning regime :P08:25
pittias newly self-declared German he now needs to get up at 6!08:26
seb128Laney, well, things were alright, until that visa stuff kept me up until 1h30 (my fault for starting to look at what is needed exactly after the game at midnight)08:26
* seb128 hates paperwork like that08:26
Laneybut yeah, I'm good08:26
seb128pitti, lol08:26
Laneygoing to go out before lunch to print/fill in/submit that stuff08:26
Laneyneed to get a picture taken too08:27
pittiseb128: Visa? Où vas-tu ?08:27
seb128pitti, China, going to visit the office and work a bit with Kylin08:28
pittiseb128: oh, fun! I've never been there either08:28
Laneypitti: I was thinking of an API which lets you register a callback to start a service08:29
LaneyI guess the interesting part is emitting the NameOwnerChanged and other signals08:29
pittiLaney: your test can of course start and stop the mock whenever it likes08:34
Laneyya, I could do that and send the signals manually08:34
pittibut that's hard to hook into when the programunder test actually needs it08:35
pittiLaney: dbusmock already writes a dbus config file etc., perhaps some extra kwargs will make this easy?08:35
Laneypitti: I'll look into it a bit and get back to you08:37
LaneyI think we'll end up having to write out .service files and specify a custom directory for those in the config file (assuming that's possible)08:38
LaneyMight get a bit complicated08:38
pittiseb128: haha! http://www.google.de08:55
pitti(not sure if you can see that)08:55
seb128pitti, dancing letters with german hats, etc?08:55
rsalveticom.br is just pure and plain 'google'09:06
SweetsharkHow many letters are in the word "Germany"?09:07
ogra_rsalveti, surprising ... since half the stadium cheered for germany in the end09:13
seb128rsalveti, enough disappointment without having google mocking you09:13
ogra_(which i found really awful)09:13
rsalvetiogra_: but still, it was really painful09:13
rsalvetinever saw such disaster happening with our football09:14
ogra_i still dont get why ...09:14
ogra_its not like there were bad players on the field or anything ...09:14
rsalvetiblame our coach, he thought he didn't have to improve the defense tactics when playing against germany09:14
seb128well, the Brazil team has not been that strong in that worldcup09:15
rsalvetibut I don't blame the players itself, the tactics was completely wrong09:15
seb128they mainly relied on some keys players who were missing yesterdays09:15
pittiat some point this just isn't explicable any more, but I guess a good deal this is about having a ridiculous mental pressure and losing faith after the first goal09:15
seb128that and got some luck/help from referees09:15
rsalvetiyeah, tiago not playing made a huge difference09:16
rsalvetimore than neymar09:16
pittibut their defence was rather nonexisting indeed; it felt like Brazil kept half their team at the German goal to score and forgot to cover the German players09:16
rsalvetipitti: exactly09:16
ogra_well, the neymar factor was psychological ...09:16
ogra_and surely had a lot of impact too09:16
pittiwell, Neymar might have scored more, but I guess the loss of Silva might have been much more important09:17
ogra_even though he didnt really do much in many games09:17
rsalvetijust unbelievable09:17
pittiwell, it's again psychology; if your "captain" of defense isn't there, self-confidence suffers09:17
pittiand I suppose they were really eager to score early and often to revenge Neymar, and over that just forgot to defend09:18
ogra_and the pressure "you need to compensate the star" from all sides in the press etc09:18
rsalvetiyeah, they wanted to make the goal but forgot to defend09:18
rsalvetiagainst... germany09:18
pittiI suppose they wanted something like in the first minutes of second half very early on09:19
pittiwhere they had like 5 shoots at the goal09:20
rsalvetibut at that time the german team was already thinking about the next match09:20
pittirsalveti: anyway, good luck on Saturday! won't be much easier against Argentina or the Netherlands, but certainly not such a disaster again09:21
rsalvetihaha, we'll see09:21
ogra_yeah, no more pressure ...09:22
ogra_and thiago is back09:22
pittirsalveti: I still remember our amazement when Caesar caught 3 penalty shots09:22
rsalvetiwow, someone won the bet: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BsDl4dWIYAAJR4x.jpg09:22
rsalvetipitti: yeah, that was a great match09:23
pitti*shakes head*09:23
ogra_khedira didnt score though, did he ?09:23
pittisure he did09:23
pittiwasn't it the 5th?09:24
ogra_oh, i only remember that he shot kroos in the back :)09:24
ogra_there were so many goals :(09:24
rsalvetiyeah, he did score09:24
* ogra_ lost the overview09:24
pittiogra_: yeah, it chuckled when the status bar became too small and they had to scroll09:25
ogra_haha, yeah09:25
ogra_well, at least they could make use of that feature once :)09:25
pittibut weird on what things people bet09:25
ogra_yup ... but he/she made a lot out of $20 :)09:26
* ogra_ was only 4 goals off with his 3:1 prediction ... 09:28
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davmor2ogra_: yeah but I bet that seb128 is permanently based your side of the river for now :)  It would be nice to see an all European final.  Especially as there is no rivalry between the Germans and Dutch right11:58
ogra_heh, yeah, no rivalry evar :P11:59
* ogra_ really wishes for arg in the final ... that means we have all of brazil behind us against them ;) 11:59
davmor2ogra_: hahaha12:00
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ChrisTownsendseb128: Hi!  What are the next steps on getting the Trusty Compiz SRU promoted to -updates?  I think sil2100 may have been working on this, but he didn't respond to my ping yesterday.13:00
seb128ChrisTownsend, hey13:01
sil2100ChrisTownsend: hey! I might have missed that, yeah, I looked into it and it was strange that this bug was still tracked13:01
seb128ChrisTownsend, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html indicates it's 6 days old, so 1 day to wait, and 1 bug is not marked as validated13:01
sil2100seb128: that bug shouldn't be there...13:01
sil2100seb128: I think something strange happened with the changelog ;/13:01
seb128if that's a bug, just tag it verification-done and untag once it migrates13:01
sil2100Ah, ok, such an override?13:02
seb128well "override"13:02
seb128it's just going to make it validated13:02
sil2100ChrisTownsend: since I checked quickly and it seems that you have an UNRELEASED entry in your changelog contents besides the latest version, which is strange13:02
ChrisTownsendRight, that bug shouldn't be there.  It was reverted and a new Compiz package was uploaded, but it seems the SRU tools don't take that into account.13:02
seb128or tell the sru team to ignore it and do the copy13:02
ChrisTownsendsil2100: The UNRELEASED is due to some version bump stuff we needed to do.  Since we are on the ci-train, we just can't bump the version and push to trunk.13:03
ChrisTownsendseb128: Ok, thanks.  Will wait until tomorrow then.13:04
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Thanks for looking into this.13:04
sil2100ChrisTownsend: hm, what exactly was the problem when dealing with it with CI Train? You wanted to bump the version?13:09
ChrisTownsendsil2100: I realized I need to bump the version after we already started the ci-train process and we thought it better to add the version bump as a separate MP.   This usually works in that it is all contained in one changelog stanza, but I think since we already had previous builds, it decided to create a separate stanza for just the version bump and left the previous stanza as UNRELEASED when it should have be13:12
sil2100ChrisTownsend: yeah, so hm, the order of merges is also important so most probably in this case the version bump in the changelog should be the first merge on the list I guess13:17
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Yeah, could be that.13:18
sil2100ChrisTownsend: I just hope the SRU team won't kill us for this13:19
ChrisTownsendsil2100: It's ok, I already got it approved from SRU team.13:19
seb128yeah, that SRU is validated, should be ok13:19
ChrisTownsendThe only thing is that they made me do the "needs verification" stuff in the bug since he couldn't run his tools in the new changelog stanza.13:20
ChrisTownsendWhich is ok since this is the 3rd spin of the SRU:)13:21
greybackhey folks, I ran out of disk space and my dconf database has got corrupted13:23
greybackhow do I reset it?13:23
greyback"Cannot open dconf database: invalid gvdb header" is the error I'm getting everywhere13:24
seb128desrt, ^13:28
seb128Laney, what's the issue on http://people.canonical.com/~laney/weird-things/battery.png with the previous date data? you mean the | is not really aligned on the mark?13:28
Laneyit turns back on itself13:30
desrtuh oh13:30
seb128oh, you mean the curve itself13:30
desrtseb128: 0-length file in ~/.config/dconf ?13:30
desrtand if so, what is your weird filesystem config?13:31
seb128desrt, you are asking the wrong person, I was just pinging13:31
greybackdesrt: yep, user is size 013:31
seb128Laney, and that doesn't happen with the previous version?13:31
desrtgreyback: what fs setup?13:31
greybackdesrt: home with encryptfs13:32
desrtsounds like a bug....13:32
Laneyseb128: don't know ...13:32
Laneyyou don't want to try and fix it?13:32
greybackdesrt: who should I log it against? And how can I recover? Just delete that file?13:32
seb128Laney, can you go back to the archive version and see if that still happens?13:32
desrtgreyback: are there any other tmp files around there?13:32
seb128Laney, I would if I could reproduce, no idea how to debug without having it13:33
desrtuser.XXXXXX stuff?13:33
greybackdesrt: no13:33
desrtyes -- just delete it13:33
seb128Laney, I hate upower, it gives me a charge record only since I woke up the laptop this morning13:33
seb128so I don't have a yesterday history13:33
Laneywell I can't unlock unity8 now13:33
desrtgreyback: so dconf uses the universal fsync()-then-rename-over approach to replacing the database13:33
seb128Laney, let me try on the phone13:34
desrtthis is 'guaranteed safe', regardless of a crash at any point during the process13:34
desrti guess ecryptfs is not geeting that guarantee correct13:34
Laneyif I have to reboot then I will lose the data13:34
seb128upower store those in /var that's not cleared over reboot13:34
desrtgreyback: first i've heard of this problem with ecryptfs :(13:34
greybackdesrt: oh well. Any idea what project might appreciate a bug?13:35
desrtecryptfs, i guess13:35
desrtdid you have a crash recently?13:35
desrtie: improper shutdown13:35
seb128Laney, :-(13:36
seb128I don't have that reverse curve issue13:36
Laneyit did keep the data after reboot13:37
* Laney tries old version13:37
Laneythat one is normal ;-)13:38
seb128hate the world13:39
seb128Laney, if you revert the last chunk from the diff, does it fix it?13:40
seb128Laney, I've no clue otherwise, I didn't change anything in the curve drawing, just in the axises13:40
seb128that one looked like a typo, but maybe I misunderstood it13:41
Laneyummm that breaks the graph completely13:43
seb128you graph doesn't even go back on a particular time13:43
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Laneyah wait13:46
Laneyit does fix it, I just changed the wrong bit13:47
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seb128Laney, k, thanks, i'm just going to revert that bit13:49
LaneyI can't immediately work out why this is correct13:50
LaneyI'm sure there is a bug here14:11
seb128"here"? the charge curve?14:13
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GunnarHjLaney: Any hint on how you make a package clean up itself - and why?14:20
LaneyGunnarHj: https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-source.html#s-debianrules scroll down to clean14:22
Laneyas for how: override_dh_auto_clean: and undo everything you did in there14:22
GunnarHjLaney: Ok.. Can the fact that it's format 1.0 be related? Would it make a difference to switch to 3.0 (native)?14:24
Laneyyou can just add a target that removes all of the output files14:24
GunnarHjLaney: Ok, I'll check it out. Thanks!14:25
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Laneyhmm, the graph actually looks alright now16:28
Laneymaybe whoever wrote it in the first place was actually right(!)16:29
seb128Laney, you mean with the height/width revert?16:50
LaneyI thought it was stopping some distance out from the left side16:51
Laneybut now with more data it fills the whole area16:51
seb128it doesn't make much sense to me, but it works...16:51
Laneymy theory was that it was drawing in a square16:51
Laneythat now doesn't make sense16:51
Laneyoh well16:51
seb128something to investigate at some point, maybe not today16:51
seb128thanks for approving it btw ;-)16:52
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Laneybye desktoppers!17:12
seb128Laney, have a good evening17:28
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