bblackhi :) quick question - I'm trying to track down whether a given fix to net-retriever ( http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/net-retriever/precise-proposed/revision/479 ) has made it into which binary copies of the netboot installer12:19
bblacke.g. http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/ (or -proposed)12:20
bblackis there some kind of buildlog or changelog that indicates what sources those binaries are built from, etc for tracking that down?12:20
cjwatsonbblack: Look a few levels up and you'll find a MANIFEST.udebs file that tells you12:36
cjwatsonPretty sure that fix has been in -updates for ages12:37
bblackah thanks!12:37
bblackI've been having issues with a ~15 minute delay where nothing updates in the installer syslog or on-screen during a PXE boot (and then everything's fine after that).  In the syslog, the delay happens here:12:42
bblackJul  8 18:24:40 debconf: --> GET mirror/http/proxy12:42
bblackJul  8 18:24:40 debconf: <-- 0 http://webproxy.esams.wmnet:808012:42
bblackJul  8 18:38:40 debconf: --> GET anna/standard_modules12:42
bblackJul  8 18:38:40 debconf: <-- 0 true12:42
bblackJul  8 18:38:40 anna[4378]: DEBUG: resolver (ext2-modules): package doesn't exist (ignored)12:42
bblackwhich seems like it could be that particular fix.  it's quite possible we've never updated our pxe boot images from the precise originals to precise-updates (which the manifest confirms has the fix), so I'm hoping that's going to fix it12:43
cjwatsonRight, that would be my guess12:56
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zartooshHI is I am trying to modify the kernel option through preseed file. Is this possible, any help greatly appreciated? thx17:38
maxbIs oem-config supported under Ubuntu 14.04? The boot option oem-config/enable=true affects the d-i run, but the installed system somehow ends up without oem-config-prepare installed. Installing the oem-config package and running oem-config-prepare ends up with a Kubuntu-branded oem-config running17:53
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