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Eisbrecher_xnox3.13.0-31-generic is my new favorite =)13:21
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zequenceinfinity: I'll be away between Fri-Thu, and will not be reachable, so if ou17:46
infinityzequence: Before then, would you rebase your current trees for saucy (last one!) and precise?17:46
zequenceinfinity: Yes, I did that already :)17:47
infinityzequence: Oh, so you did.17:47
infinityzequence: Will review and copy.  Awesome.17:47
infinityzequence: If you have time to smoketest before Friday, cool.  If not, I'll catch you when you get back.17:47
zequenceinfinity: But, the changelog? It only has the changes since last -proposed, not -updates. Is that a problem?17:47
zequenceOr, the diff, that is17:48
infinityzequence: Yeah, I'm not concerned about the changelog being a bit goofy.  Rebase kernels are always a bit goofy anyway.17:48
zequenceOk, great.17:48
infinityzequence: As long as the code itself is correct, which I'm checking now.17:48
infinityzequence: saucy looks good.17:49
infinityzequence: And precise looks good.  You win.17:50
zequenceThe god of faulty RAMs is not against me then17:50
infinityzequence: I think that particular deity has started pestering kamal instead.17:52
kamalgeez, ya flip *one* bit and infinity never forgets it!  ;-)17:52
infinityzequence: Alright, copied to the kernel PPA and building.  Will get them in -proposed ASAP.  If you have time to test tomorrow, awesome.17:57
infinityzequence: If we break your world while you're gone, apw and I will handle it.17:57
infinityapw: FYI, zequence is out next week, so it we have another emergency respin (man, we'd better not), it's up to us.17:58
infinitys/so it/so if/17:58
zequenceinfinity: Great. I'll test them tomorrow then.17:59
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apwinfinity, ack22:02

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