autowiz건강히 잘 지내시지요?00:53
readytoact네 안건강히 못지냅니다00:55
readytoact-0- 덥기도하고00:55
autowiz벌써 10시가 다되어 가네요 ..  출장 다녀오겠습니다. 다음에 또 뵈요~~ ^^00:56
readytoact오.. 출장00:58
readytoact잘 댕겨오십셩00:58
samahui_그러고보니 ... 휴가기간이 태풍지나가는 기간이군요 ㅜㅜ01:38
samahui점심 맛있게들 드세요03:00
samahui_전 이만 들어가 볼께ㅛ04:52
samahui_졸료서 푸욱 쉬어야것네요04:52
samahui_남은 하루 즐겁게 보내세요04:52
readytoact꺄르르 꺄르르~07:23
superwarehello, can someone please help me translate something to Korean?17:58
Seony^TPit's a pretty bad timing.18:27
Seony^TPit's 3:30 am in korea.18:27
superwareSeony^TP: do you speak Korean?18:31
superwareI really hope you'll be willing to help out. I really want to translate www.resizenow.com to Korean, it's the last large language not supported yet...18:31
superwareit's about 25 words/phrases18:32
Seony^TPok, what are they?18:32
superwaredo you want to do it here or /msg? :)18:33
Seony^TPis it private?18:33
superwarenot really, but unrelated18:33
superwareup to you18:33
Seony^TPoh, no worries.   no one cares.18:33
superwareplease try to use the website, just to get a feeling for the translation..18:34
superwareok, the first button is "Select pictures..."18:35
Seony^TP사진을 선택해주세요18:35
superwareis it "please"? :)18:36
Seony^TPPlease = ~주세요18:36
Seony^TPSelect: 선택18:36
superwarewell, I think it's best to stick with the English version, without additions, only when it's a must must18:37
superwareplus it's a button, so should be short..18:37
Seony^TPgot it.  then, 사진선택18:38
superware"Toggle selection"18:38
Seony^TP선택 토글18:39
superware(the user can upload a few pictures, and select a few, this button will invert the selection)18:39
superware"Start over"18:39
Seony^TP다시 시작18:39
superwareoh man, you're good18:39
Seony^TPno problem.  i'm a native korean.18:40
Seony^TPunfortunately, my bose will be coming in 20 min.18:40
superware"New size:"18:40
superwarelet's do it in 15 minutes then18:40
Seony^TP새 사이즈18:40
superware"Small (640 pixels)", "Medium (800 pixels)", "Large (1024 pixels)"18:41
Seony^TPsmall: 소형  medium: 중간 large: 대형18:42
superwareand "Custom..."18:42
Seony^TPcustom: 직접입력18:42
superwarelike "user defined"?18:42
Seony^TPyes, similar18:43
superwarewhat about "x pixels"?18:43
Seony^TPx pixels: 픽셀18:43
superwareand numbers?18:43
Seony^TPnumbers: 숫자18:43
superwareI mean 640, 800, 102418:44
Seony^TPyou don't need to translate the numbers.18:44
superwareok, "Custom size:"18:44
Seony^TPcustom size: 그외 사이즈18:44
superware"width", "height"18:45
Seony^TPwidth: 가로 height: 세로18:45
superware"Resize" (button)18:45
superwareif there's no "resize", then maybe similar to "make-smaller"18:46
Seony^TPok, that button will actually resize an image, correct?18:46
superwareresize selected images18:46
Seony^TPok then, 실행 would be better18:47
superwarewell, I want it to be consistent you know... "resize" is the way to go18:48
superwareI can tell you in other languages we've managed to keep the "resize" term, or at least "make-smaller"18:48
Seony^TPhmm, then "리사이즈" would be more comfortable.18:49
Seony^TP리사이즈 or 수정 makes sense for me18:49
superwareok, "basic" and "advanced"18:50
Seony^TPbasic: 기본 advanced: 고급18:50
Seony^TPoptions: 옵션18:50
Seony^TPsharpen: 선명하게18:51
superware"Low", "Medium", "High", "Very high", "Best"18:51
Seony^TPlow: 낮음 medium: 중간 high: 높음 very high: 아주 높음 best: 최고18:51
Seony^TPgrey scale: 회색18:51
superwarereferring to quality?18:51
Seony^TPquality: 품질18:52
superwareI meant to explain low/medium/.. are referring to quality18:52
Seony^TPoh yes18:52
superware회색 is "Grey"?18:53
superwareit should be "Grey scale" or "Black and white"18:53
superwareonly "Grey" is a bit difficult to understand18:53
Seony^TPso that option will change the color pf entire photo to b&w?18:54
superwareor... remove colors18:54
Seony^TPok then, 흑백 is better, but we understand either18:55
superwarethe website title: "Resize Now! Free Online Picture Resizer"18:55
superwarealmost done18:55
Seony^TPI don't think it's a good idea to translate "Resize Now"18:55
superwaredon't translate "Resize Now", write it literally18:56
Seony^TPsounds a little awkward18:56
Seony^TPResize Now: 리사이즈 나우18:56
Seony^TPFree online picture resizer: 무료 사진 크기 조절 웹사이트18:56
superwaretwo to go, the longest: "ResizeNow.com is a free online pictures resizing service. It is very easy to use and supports the leading picture formats."18:58
superware(you can discard the ".com")18:58
Seony^TPit should be a paragraph18:58
superwareit's the website description, it's one sentence18:59
Seony^TP리사이즈 나우는 무료로 사진 크기를 조절할 수 있는 웹사이트입니다.  아주 쉽고 여러가지 사진 포맷을 지원합니다.18:59
superwareok, last one: "The resized pictures will be automatically deleted from resizenow.com servers in 15 minutes."19:00
Seony^TP리사이즈 나우 웹사이트에서 수정된 사진은 15분 안에 자동으로 삭제됩니다.19:01
superwareI forgot "Rotate" (picture)19:03
superwareplus "Terms of use", "Contact us" :|19:04
superwareI'll upload it in a minute, I want you to see it19:04
Seony^TPTerms of use should be longer than you expected19:05
superwarewhatever it takes19:06
Seony^TPi found a short word.19:06
Seony^TPContact us: 연락처19:06
superwaregreat, a sec19:06
Seony^TPawesome.  i'm happy to help you19:09
superwarethank you very much, I really appreciate it19:10
superwareplease spread the word... :)19:10
superwarewhere are you from?19:10
superwareare you Korean?19:11
Seony^TPbut, like i said i'm a native korean.  don't worry about the translation.19:11
Seony^TPi came here when i was 30 years old19:11
superwareI can detect you've done a pro job19:11
Seony^TPi'm a system administrator at hawaii state university19:12
superwarenice, Ubuntu systems I guess19:12
Seony^TPyea, most of our servers are running ubuntu 12.0419:12
Seony^TPbecause of openstack cloud.19:12
superwarehow's Hawaii?19:13
Seony^TPsame 24/7, 365 days19:13
superwarecome on19:13
Seony^TPweathers are beautiful everyday, but could be bored.19:13
superwareI'm from Israel, same ey?19:13
Seony^TPno where to go, you know.19:13
superwarewell, bored is up to you19:13
superwareI love islands19:14
Seony^TPhaha yea,19:14
superwareI'm off to our local war here, in case you haven't heard19:14
superwaregetting late here19:14
Seony^TPi've read the news yesterday19:14
superwareyeah well, the oldest conflict19:15
superwarereally NOT boring here19:16
Seony^TPsuperware, https://coe.hawaii.edu/directory/?person=seowon19:16
Seony^TPthis is my page.19:16
Seony^TPthe photo is looking different, really. ;)19:16
superwareagain - thank you very much for your help, and good luck19:17
Seony^TPgood luck to your website19:17
superwarethanks man, bye19:17
=== Help is now known as Guest9546
Guest9546안녕하세요 . 하드디스크가 ext4에서 갑자기 raid 배열 변경되서 마운트 되지 않네요.22:37
Guest9546전 레이드로 변경한적 없는데 왜이러죠? 복구 할 방법이 없나요? 레이드가 완전히 된건 아닌것 같고요22:37
Guest9546하드 2대 사용하다 sas sata 포트에 한대만 위치를 바꿔서 꼽은후 부팅하니 마운트가 안되서 이곳 저곳 꼽았다 부팅해도 안되길래 원래대로 2대 다꼽았더니 한대만 정상적 인식되고 한대는 디스크 도구로 보니 레이드 구성으로 바껴있네요.? 지혼자  왜그러죠?22:41

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