RAOFLuke-Jr: If someone is willing to step forward to do that package maintenance, great!00:25
RAOFAs bfgminer is in universe, it'll need to be a community effort.00:26
Luke-JrRAOF: hm, couldn't the same packaging scripts be used that made 3.10.0?01:16
RAOFLuke-Jr: It probably _is_ an easy job, yes, but it's still something that needs doing.01:16
dodobrainis it ok now to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 ?01:35
sneytry it and see01:36
sneythe support channel is normally #ubuntu, no?01:37
dodobrainah true, i joined here by mistake. i want to go directly from 12.04 to 14.04 without going through the intermediary releases01:37
dodobrainiirc, last time someone told me i'd have to wait till july to be able to do this01:38
sneywhat would you even save by doing that? time? but you were willing to wait?01:39
* sney scratches his head01:39
dodobrainnot time, but some accidental issues01:40
dodobraini wasn;t sure 12.04 -> 12.10 -> 13.04 -> 13.10 -> 14.04 would work01:40
ScottKYou can do-release-upgrade -d now and it'll go direct.03:16
dholbachgood morning07:02
ESphynxgood morning dholbach ;)07:16
dholbachhi ESphynx07:16
ESphynxhow's it going?07:19
dholbachgood good - how about yourself?07:28
ESphynxdholbach: trying to get this release ready and then presentation ready before the Symposium on Monday :P07:31
dholbachI'll cross my fingers for you then! :)07:32
ESphynxhehe thanks07:32
ESphynxalso building a new website :|07:32
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CorwinHello! We develop webmail software, and we'd like to have our opensource webmail app included in Universe repository :)11:35
CorwinAll the procedures were done and the bug was posted: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1328094 Thanks in advance! :)11:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 1328094 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP, Ubuntu package" [Wishlist,Fix committed]11:35
rbasakCorwin: ewelcome!11:43
rbasakCorwin: Fix Committed isn't really right, since it's not committed in any way *in Ubuntu*.11:44
rbasakCorwin: have you seen https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages? The usual route for new packages is through Debian.11:44
rbasak"The package contains the installer script only. WebMail itself and configuration files are download from AfterLogic website once the installer is launched."11:45
rbasakCorwin: ^^ I'm pretty sure this makes it unsuitable for inclusion, both for Debian and for Ubuntu.11:46
CorwinI think I've seen that I need to switch to "Fix Committed" on some packaging guide, probably got that wrong. And yes, I saw the Debian-related bit, still thought I should try the MOTU route first :)11:48
Corwinand the last bit is sad :/11:48
Corwinanyway, i do appreciate checking this!11:51
rbasakCorwin: imagine if all packages in Ubuntu didn't actually install the software, but instead required an additional Internet download from some third party source.11:51
rbasakCorwin: it'd be completely unworkable and unusable.11:51
rbasakI've commented on the bug.11:53
geserCorwin: why an installer? can't it get packaged directly?11:54
Corwinusers tend to update all the package to newest versions available, which will overwrite any custom changes they could have made.11:55
rbasakCorwin: why is this package special, over all the other software shipped in Ubuntu?11:55
CorwinOne thing I'm trying to understand is, do you think packaging for Debian first will make the package appear faster, compared to going through MOTU directly?11:57
CorwinAnd of course, we'll modify the package to have the source included completely.11:58
rbasakCorwin: if the package is in Debian, it gets automatically imported to Ubuntu. So you only need to do it once to cover both distributions.12:49
rbasakCorwin: if the package is uploaded to Ubuntu, then that increases our delta with Debian, and thus maintenance, and so we're more reluctant to do it.12:50
rbasakCorwin: for both processes, you'll need a sponsor, and a NEW review (ftpmasters for Debian, archive admins for Ubuntu)12:50
rbasakNEW reviews tend to take a while since the teams are relatively small.12:51
rbasakAs someone who would need a sponsor, I suggest that you aren't really in a position to have anything done quickly. So I'd try to follow the process in its most ideal manner, and that's through Debian.12:51
rbasakThen you're likely to face the least resistance.12:52
CorwinUnderstood, thanks a lot!12:52
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