stuartmwhat's the mysql root password?14:28
stuartmnevermind, just reset it instead14:34
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snakerdudenew install of mythbuntu 14.04 frontend will not connect to the backend16:33
snakerdudedo we have  wiki for this16:33
snakerdude12.04 went without a hitch16:33
snakerdudeI have check my my.cnf file for ip address and skip-networking16:33
snakerdudeoops backend is also a mythbuntu 14.04 machine16:35
tgm4883_snakerdude: same machine or different machine16:36
snakerdudedifferent machine sorry16:36
tgm4883_snakerdude: you restarted mysql and mythtv-backend after making the change?16:37
snakerdudefrontend machine stuck on the cant connect to Databse screen16:37
snakerdudeyes and I revooted to be sure16:37
snakerdudeI’m missing something16:38
snakerduderebooted oops16:38
tgm4883_what did you set bind-address to?16:38
snakerdudein the client or server machine16:39
tgm4883_that setting has zero to do with a client machine16:39
snakerdudein the server its the i[ address of the machine16:39
snakerdudeip address of the machine16:39
tgm4883_can you pastebin /etc/mysql/conf.d/mythtv.cnf16:40
snakerdudeyes one sec16:40
snakerdudethat one is
tgm4883_snakerdude: ok, how about the output of this command "netstat -aln | grep 3306"16:42
tgm4883_cool, so it's listening just fine16:44
tgm4883_are you sure you have the password right?16:44
snakerdudeyes I think si16:44
tgm4883_can you open a terminal on the frontend?16:45
snakerdudewhere is it located besides general setup16:45
tgm4883_ok, open a terminal on the frontend and do this16:45
snakerdudeI’m vnc to it now16:45
tgm4883_'mysql -h IPOFBACKEND -u mythtv -p mythconverg '16:46
tgm4883_it will prompt you for a password16:46
tgm4883_sorry, you need to replace IPOFBACKEND with the... IP address of your backend16:48
tgm4883_ok, go to your backend, open a terminal and do16:52
tgm4883_'mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg '16:52
tgm4883_almost the same command, but we're not specifying a host (this is important)16:52
snakerdudepassword must be wrong17:01
snakerdudewhich one should I be using17:02
tgm4883_check /etc/mythtv/config.xml on your backend17:03
tgm4883_that should be the correct password17:03
snakerdudelooking now17:05
snakerdudeI was an I not a l17:07
snakerdudein the password17:07
tgm4883_that explains it17:08
snakerdudeworking fine sorry for the time and trouble on a simple typo on my part17:08
tgm4883_no worries17:08
snakerdudedoing a scan now17:09
snakerdudedo we have wiki for setting up a secondary backend I want to out a tuner in that frontend machine17:11
snakerdudeput a tuner17:12
snakerdudesleepy as heck17:12
tgm4883_I'm sure there are instructions on the mythtv wiki, it's basically the exact same process though, you just tell it the right IP address for the database17:13
snakerdudek thanks17:14
snakerdudeall tuners busy17:31
snakerdudefrontend with tuner17:31
snakerdudethanks again cya around17:32
dumnuthi, i have xbuntu 14.04 on my computer. i want to install mythbuntu 14.04. do i install mythbuntu on top of xubuntu?23:02
tgm4883_hello dumnut23:03
dumnuthi tgm4883_23:03
dumnuthw are you today?23:03
tgm4883_So you just install mythbuntu-control-centre and you can configure what type of mythtv system you want from there23:03
tgm4883_it will download the rest of the packages it needs23:03
tgm4883_xubuntu will still be fine23:03
tgm4883_that is actually how I run my frontend since it's also my steam machine23:04
dumnutcool, thank-you for your help :)23:04
dumnutsteam machine23:04
dumnutassissinso f kings, sound exiting23:06
dumnuthi, i loaded the disk mythbuntu on startup and afraid that it might eraxe xunbuntu23:14
tgm4883_did you tell it to install?23:15
dumnuttgm4883_: that ite with lots of games is cool23:15
dumnutno i did not23:15
tgm4883_then pop out the disk and restart the system23:15
tgm4883_it's not going to do anything unless you tell it to install23:15
dumnuti did notat23:15
dumnutdo i leave xbuntu running, then load disk and run  particular program from mythbuntu disk?23:16
tgm4883_no, forget about the mythbuntu disk23:16
tgm4883_install mythbuntu-control-centre from the repos23:16
dumnutthen i load control centre from ubtuntu software center?23:16
dumnutat the center, i typed in mythbuntu an got 4 listing for magazine23:18
dumnuthmm i typed in myth and got more reults that weem right23:19
dumnutagain thank-you for your help tgm4883_23:25

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