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ePierrehi everyone!01:52
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pittiGood morning06:18
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ePierrehi guys08:57
ePierrewhat is the difference between checkbox and autopilot?08:57
NoskcajePierre, Autopilot is automated testing, checkbox is an old tool for seeing if hardware works on ubuuntu08:59
jibeldevelopment of checkbox might have started several years ago, it is still actively maintained and used.09:03
Noskcajjibel, old meaning it's been around for ages, i should have worded that better09:04
jibelit's a rather generic test runner not only for hardware09:04
jibelwhile autopilot is specialized on GUI testing. You could for example run autopilot tests with checkbox09:06
ePierreoh ok09:08
ePierreis there any online examples of what can checkbox do?09:09
ePierrecause with autopilot, you write tests the way you would write unit tests09:09
ePierrebut with checkbox I'm not so sure... I've seen the wiki page, but it's very generic and doesn't enter too much into details09:09
jibelePierre, I don't know about online documentation but lp:checkox probably contains all the information you need09:24
brendandePierre, the main things that checkbox offers are the ability to gather hardware information, and the ability to run manual tests alongside automated tests09:32
brendandePierre, http://plainbox.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ is probably the best documentation, but it is still very technical09:33
brendandePierre, what are you planning on testing?09:35
ePierrebrendand, thanks for this! so PlainBox is a rewrite of checkbox...09:36
ePierreI was just curious, this morning I was discussing with someone from Canonical who mentioned this tool, so I was having a look and was wondering the details compared to autopilot, which is also dev by Canonical09:36
brendandePierre, we still call it checkbox, but it's built on top of plainbox now09:37
ePierreoh ok09:39
ePierreso plainbox is more like the guts of checkbox :)09:39
pittiballoons: so, two improvements in autopkgtest git head:10:05
pittiballoons: you can now run adt-run under ADT_AUTOPILOT_MODULE=ubuntu_calculator_app.tests.test_simple_page.TestSimplePage.test_divide_priority i. e. overwrite the "autopilot_module" value10:05
pittiballoons: but *shht*, this is an utter hack for now and should be cleaned up10:05
pittiballoons: and it doesn't download python2 dependencies any more, as they are useless anyway10:05
pittiballoons: and I chopped off one minute from the workaroud for bug 133725310:06
ubot5bug 1337253 in click-apparmor (Ubuntu) "Doesn't apply --include to newly installed clicks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133725310:06
njinHi, have we got a chan for unity8 ?10:47
njinIs apport deprecated in favor of whoopsie in unity8 ?10:48
pittinjin: no, the two work together10:48
pittiapport intercepts crashes and creates reports, whoopsie uploads them to errors.ubuntu.com10:48
njinhi pitty, in unity8 if I run ubuntu-bug it reply to use whoopsie-upload-all10:49
pittinjin: what are you trying to do? upload an existing .crash or report a bug?10:50
pittireporting a bug should just work normally, and whoopsie isn't involved there10:50
njinjust trying to report a bug with a feaure request10:50
pittiso, "ubuntu-bug packagename"?10:51
njinubuntu-bug unity-control-center...reply to use whoopsie-upload-all10:51
njinbut is the same with ubuntu-bug linux too10:52
pittiubuntu-bug linux works fine on current phone10:52
pittiunity-control-center isn't installed10:52
pitti(and it works on current Ubuntu desktop)10:52
pittiso what is "unity 8" in your context/10:52
njinok, reboot the unity8 of today and retest, at least can i ping you ?10:53
pittinjin: it would be helpful if you could put your precise command and the result into a pastebin10:53
njinok I will try10:54
jibelpitti, I noticed what njin said on the phone but not on other environment10:59
jibel$ ubuntu-bug unity810:59
jibelusage: whoopsie-upload-all [-h] [-t TIMEOUT]10:59
pittiphablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ ubuntu-bug unity810:59
pitti*** Collecting problem information11:00
pittijibel: *confused*11:00
pittiwhat does one have to do with the other?11:00
jibelpopey also had this problem11:00
jibelpitti, touch /var/lib/apport/autoreport11:03
jibelthen ubuntu-bug <package>11:03
pittiah, indeed11:08
pittithis makes no sense11:08
pittithis should only be used when uploading crash reports, not bugs11:09
pittibug report appreciated11:09
pittijibel: thanks for pointing out!11:10
jibelpitti, yw, thanks to njin for raising the issue11:12
jibelpitti, bug 1339663 , feel free to re-title11:15
ubot5bug 1339663 in apport (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-bug fails with "whoopsie-upload-all: error: unrecognized arguments" when /var/lib/apport/autoreport exists" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133966311:15
rhuddiefginther, I wonder if you can help me work out why I never get any Jenkins results added to any of my MPs? e.g. https://code.launchpad.net/~rhuddie/gallery-app/add-photos-page-object/+merge/22596212:31
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balloonsrhuddie, likely you don't get jenkins as you are not part of the dev team14:16
rhuddieballoons, ah ok. I thought it would be something like user groups14:17
balloonsrhuddie, not sure how your collegues have solved it. we have a meta group for the community core apps for instance14:18
balloonspitti, the improvements sound nice. I'll give it a run and see what kind of speed we get now14:19
pittihey balloons14:19
pittiballoons: vila set up an automatic recipe, if you care for a deb more than running out of git: https://code.launchpad.net/~vila/+recipe/autopkgtest-test-vila14:19
rhuddieballoons, I was thinking Canonical Platform QA Team would do similar, but seems not14:20
balloonspitti, oO.. yep, grabbing the deb14:20
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fgintherrhuddie, the jenkins that runs test for those MPs uses a user based whitelist. I've added you so you should start to see test results.15:31
rhuddiefginther, thanks a lot :)15:32
rvrelopio: I remember that you were working with faked online accounts, right?16:01
elopiorvr: real online accounts through the command line.16:04
rvrelopio: Haven't use it... is that tool able to create a faked facebook account?16:05
elopiorvr: yes. Take a look at account-console16:06
elopiorvr: and http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~reminders-app-dev/reminders-app/trunk/view/head:/tests/autopilot/reminders/credentials.py16:06
rvrelopio: Oh, great, thanks16:07
jibelbdmurray, for oops on errors.ubuntu.com there is a field called 'SystemIdentifier', do you know what it is for a phone?17:22
jibelbecause for several reported uploaded from the same device it is not always the same17:22
jibelfor example: https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/1d60e754-0763-11e4-8972-fa163e339c8117:23
jibeland https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/4a7f8b7c-0741-11e4-8c80-fa163e4ccdf217:23
jibelbdmurray, I got the list of oops on my phone with: awk '/OOPS/ {print "http://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/"$9}' /var/log/syslog17:23
bdmurrayjibel: I believe its the first network interface that is available and there is a plan to cache the SystemIdentifier on disk after the first time it is created to prevent this from happening17:25
jibelbdmurray, ok, so the order can change and the id too. thanks. Do you have a recipe to build it like <some command>|sha512sum ? so I can find all the reports for a given device?17:27
jibeli've been enable to match any of the systemidentifier on errors.u.c with what I tried17:29
bdmurrayjibel: I'm looking for the gdbus command to look it up17:30
bdmurraygdbus call -y -d com.ubuntu.WhoopsiePreferences -o /com/ubuntu/WhoopsiePreferences -m com.ubuntu.WhoopsiePreferences.GetIdentifier17:30
bdmurrayjibel: did that work for you?17:32
jibelbdmurray, perfect, but it returns yet another identifier :)17:33
jibeland nothing on errors for this id17:34
jibelbdmurray, do you know when the change to cache the SystemIdentifier will happen?17:35
bdmurrayjibel: is this whoopsie version 0.2.34? there was a recent change that might have been bad17:35
jibelbdmurray, it is 0.2.34. On mako build #12217:37
bdmurrayjibel: okay, I'll have a look17:38
jibelbdmurray, thank you17:39
elopioom26er: you wrote the system settings tests for the about page, right?17:57
om26erelopio, yes I did a while ago17:57
elopioI need your help. This is driving me nuts.17:58
elopiothe tests are failing on the only part of the code that I didn't touch.17:58
om26erelopio, otto sucks, that problem is in otto, it goes away sometimes and gets back the others18:08
elopioom26er: my branch has never succeeded.18:09
elopioI'll rebuild.18:09
elopiohave you reported the bug?18:09
om26erelopio, It just went away the last time I was asked to work on it18:09
om26eri.e. I started investigating but was later told by the developer it is working now, probably due to re-deployment of otto.18:10
elopioom26er: and now the one with system settings is brendan, right?18:11
om26erelopio, I believe so18:11
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