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NoskcajCould linux-firmware-nexus7 and perhaps linux-firmware-grouper be removed from the archive?08:38
Noskcaj the former has been superseeded by the latter08:38
Noskcajand we no longer build grouper images anyway08:38
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Riddellanyone able to tell me why this metapackage for kubuntu-plasma5-meta doesn't work? http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/kubuntu-plasma5-meta_1.308.4.dsc13:12
RiddellI run update and it says  ? Unknown desktop package: kubuntu-plasma5-desktop13:12
Riddellbut kubuntu-plasma5-desktop does end up in metapackage-map13:12
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Riddell... think I got it13:54
jibelogasawara, I marked bug 1333728 verification-done14:11
ubot93bug 1333728 in update-notifier "update-manager should support HWE EOL transition" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133372814:11
ogasawarajibel: awesome, thanks!14:11
ogasawarawhen an archive admin has a moment, could we get both update-manager and update-notifier promoted out of -proposed to -updates in Precise?14:13
cjwatsonbug 1311396 is still v-needed; but I guess we decided that the update-manager change just didn't change that one way or another?14:14
ubot93bug 1311396 in update-manager "broken translations results in traceback in new release notification" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131139614:14
cjwatsonin which case the update-manager task there should perhaps be Invalid and there should be a language pack task or something?14:15
ogasawarajibel: ^^ I think you were involved with that14:16
jibelcjwatson, I closed the task for u-m as invalid and will reopen one for each language pack affected14:19
cjwatsonThanks.  Mind if I wait for pending-sru.html to update, just to make sure we've got it all right?14:22
jibelworks for me. Tasks added for P, saucy will ends its life soon and checking which langpack is affected on trsuty14:33
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cjwatsonwill update automatically from now on15:13
cjwatsonintuitively/roughly: blue = stuff that's stuck on transitions, yellow = stuff that's new or more broken than that15:18
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chrisccoulsoncould someone please approve flash for trusty partner? (and then I will upload the others too)17:27
slangasekchrisccoulson: why distinct uploads to each release, vs. a single upload + pocket-copy?18:10
zequencecjwatson: Just want to give you heads up that I'll be gone between Thu-Fri, without a computer, so if you need me for anything, it'll have to wait until I come back (you mentioned you might do the ISO build thing sometime soon)18:48
zequenceEr, Thu-Fri, but close enough18:48
zequenceFri-Thu, I mean of course18:48
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chrisccoulsonslangasek, good question. I guess we could do that in future19:51
chrisccoulson(although, I've just uploaded the others now)19:51
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Noskcajdoes xfburn gaining blu-ray support in 0.5.2 make it invalid for an MRE?21:32
infinityNoskcaj: Generally, new features make something unsuitable for SRU period, MRE or otherwise, but exceptions can be made if the code is well-isolated and the old features are well regression-tested.21:34
Noskcajinfinity, None of the old features are affected, but it looks risky21:42
slangasekinfinity, cjwatson: I'm considering nuking the bzip2 packaging and replacing it with dh(1), with or without Debian involvement, thanks to its lack of sanity wrt debugging symbols.  Thoughts?21:50
slangasekNoskcaj: does this mean upstream is violating their own upstream update policy on the first go arounD?21:50
Noskcajslangasek, Some of the non-core things leave the policy to interpretation. 0.5.0 is an unstable release anyways, we are only using it because 0.4 was 5 years old21:51
NoskcajI'm only going to be requesting MREs for actual bugfixes, if there's some odd change like this i won upload it21:52
Noskcajthis is similar to gnome development release microreleases21:53
slangasekNoskcaj: my concern is that the MRE is intended to be a blanket policy that the SRU team and the uploaders can rely on without having to do a lot of per-package or per-bugfix inspection21:53
slangasekand it sounds like you're saying *someone* is going to have to review the packages that were listed in the provisional MRE, beyond what upstream is doing, because the upstream policy isn't actually watertight21:54
NoskcajI'm saying our current xfburn is an unstable release, like using gnome 3.13.X. What is the policy for gnome MREs21:55
slangasekthe policy for GNOME MREs is for microreleases on top of a stable release21:55
slangasek(or in select cases, leading up to a stable release if the GNOME and Ubuntu release schedules are misaligned)21:56
NoskcajI should probably have had that specified for the xfce mre21:56
infinityslangasek: Does it use dpkg -b directly or something?22:16
slangasekinfinity: among other offenses22:16
infinityslangasek: The simple and small delta would be to build-dep on debhelper but invoke dh_builddeb, perhaps.22:16
slangasekexcept for the part where it would also need to be hooked into dh_strip22:17
infinityslangasek: But convincing the Debian maintainer to take sane and modern packaging might not be hard.22:17
infinityslangasek: Err, yes, dh_strip.  dh_builddeb not required.22:17
slangasekI'm not keen on a simple and small delta against this ancient packaging22:17
slangasekI'll try to push it upstream; but I also am inclined to upload it to Ubuntu with or without Debian maintainer buy-in22:18
infinityslangasek: Then my thought unnecessary.  Carry whatever delta you like and please forward it. :P22:18
cjwatsonslangasek: be my guest22:49
slangasekoh, and neato, switching to debhelper has made the binary package install size slightly smaller22:49
slangasek        CC64 += -march=x86-64 -mtune=x86-6422:53
slangasekis it just me, or does that seem pointless?22:53
slangasekone of these days, I will actually feel strongly enough about it to make dh support multibuilds properly22:54
robruinfinity, poke... I'm trying to debug a dbus segfault and it looks like the dbgsym on ddebs is out of date for dbus.23:26
slangasek rules                |  325 ++++++++++++---------------------------------------23:41
slangasek 12 files changed, 101 insertions(+), 271 deletions(-)23:41
slangasekgetting closer, bzip23:41

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