MooDoohello all06:06
MooDoowow flacky internet at home this morning :(06:40
Myrttioh man... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-2822315006:44
MartijnVdSyeah.. it's hard to backdoor an uncharged device06:45
MooDoomore ways of affecting the public.06:54
SuperMattI'll be honest, I think if the authorities want to be able to access your device, they'll just take your device and plug it in07:25
MooDoothey can have mine, as long as they don't mind seeing pics of my kids or cats.07:25
SuperMattI can imagine it'll be frustrating for people who need to take a laptop abroad that doesn't hold its charge07:26
MooDooI think they will check it before you get on then that's in....madness sheer madness07:27
SuperMattoh yay, we no support centos 7 without any training in systemd \o/07:33
MooDooso get training then07:34
SuperMattoh, and there's firewalld to learn as well07:35
SuperMattI'm so happy right now07:35
MooDooSuperMatt: come on your rhce, it's a breeze for you to learn07:35
SuperMattI was *rhcsa* but that has expired now07:42
MooDooSuperMatt: you redoing it, it's omething I'm working too07:43
MooDoooh ok07:43
SuperMattthere's no call for people to do it here07:43
SuperMattonce you're in, it's just a piece of paper07:43
MooDooreally?  ah right, thought rhce was a requirement.07:43
MooDoomorning popey07:43
SuperMattsome of the teams might have it as a requirement, I guess07:44
SuperMattespecially if you're working in enterprise07:45
MooDooah ok :D07:45
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: having fun with leaflet?07:55
TheOpenSourcererRebuilt a map app in a few hours.07:56
TheOpenSourcererSwapped Google for OSM & LeafletJS07:56
TheOpenSourcererPiece of pie ;-)07:56
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:06
MooDoomorning brobostigon08:19
brobostigonmorning MooDoo08:20
foobarryhow much has changed since rhce5 though tbh. upstart is going away too.08:27
foobarryis centos7 64bit only?08:29
foobarrymaybe i386 come later when the build servers stop chugging08:29
MooDoofoobarry: yes it's 64bit only08:35
MooDoofoobarry: http://pastebin.com/MbL8GZMh08:37
MooDooit's RHEL, but read it as CentOS as well08:37
TwistedLucidityThis is weird. "host <ip>" and "dig -x <ip>" both work and I can see the name in the answer section. "dig <name>" doesn't. I see the authority section, but no answer. :-S08:39
TwistedLucidityAnnndd....good morning08:40
foobarryis one result cached?08:40
TwistedLucidityMight be up on the DNS server I guess.08:40
TwistedLucidityBut if it has and ip/name entry, why not just return it?08:40
foobarrygives new meaning to the words ticket mountain. http://imgur.com/CmLuvLJ08:42
TwistedLucidityOnly 35? That's not many08:43
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foobarrynew ticket system08:51
foobarryalso, we have intelligent users. most tickets are generally software compilation, packaging issues rather than "printer is broke" (which go to main helpdesk)08:52
foobarrysome tickets are taking longer than a week to resolve, which means, input > output ..08:54
foobarrycentos installer has got a bit nicer09:02
MooDoofoobarry: shame no current inplace upgrade from 6.5 to 709:15
TwistedLucidityHmm...there's a bunch of servers and vm guests with the strange asymmetric "dig" behaviour. Someone, somewhere, has messed up.09:15
* TwistedLucidity hops it wasn't him09:15
MooDooduh duh durrrrrrr :)09:16
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Sugar Cookie Day! :-D09:36
BigRedS_sugar cookie day? really?09:44
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foobarryhard freeze during centos install :(09:48
JamesTaitBigRedS, it's on the internet, it must be true. ;)10:01
foobarryafter 6 weeks of trying, caught a mouse in the trap ye3steday10:19
foobarryhad to kill it. felt sick10:19
awilkinsWhen I has squirrels I fancied a Ratzapper 200010:22
awilkinsI had to make do with a cage trap. Offing them was also pretty nerve wracking10:22
DJonesfoobarry: I'd lend you a dog, but I don't think my parents would be too happy, one of theirs chases and catches mice, then proceeds to eat them and then sick it up a couple of hours later10:41
foobarryi have a ratter type dog10:43
foobarryshe seemed uninsterested, which is weird for her10:44
DJonesfoobarry: This is a collie, should be chasing sheep, not mice10:44
foobarryif the mouse is in the garden she tries to catch10:45
foobarryshe chases squirrels10:46
foobarryif she saw the mouse scuttling across the floor maybe10:46
foobarryshe hates the meerkat toys10:46
foobarryhad to hide them instantly10:46
foobarrybioshock in latest humble (windows) bundle11:04
foobarrywould you buy a storage device from this vendor? Mirror drives not read if there is a failed drive in a RAID 1 volume with more than 2 drives11:27
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foobarry_looks at topic. i don't think this chan is friendly to dogs.14:14
=== foobarry_ is now known as foobarry
awilkinsThat's because dogs are rubbish. They require your attention or they get all miserable.14:17
foobarryreports awilkins to the dog police14:18
davmor2foobarry: get a tiger you won't have any mice14:18
foobarrycan you guarantee that davmor2 ?14:19
diddledanI've got some elephant-repellent14:20
davmor2foobarry: I can guarantee that no mammal living will be alive with a tiger in the place ;)14:20
diddledanI've not seen any elephants around here ever since I started using it14:21
awilkinsdavmor2, The tiger is a mammal14:26
davmor2awilkins: and after it eats everything it will starve to death, proving my point :P14:27
davmor2diddledan: I bet you've been using Eagle repellent too right,  I've not seen many of those round here for a while :)14:28
foobarrydepends if it learns how to use the internet14:28
foobarryand gets sainssburys to deliver14:28
diddledanthere's plenty of red kites around here tho14:28
davmor2foobarry: or meals on wheels, or kids on bike, skateboards and heelies as they are otherwise known :)14:29
diddledankids on bikes make a good meal14:29
davmor2diddledan: plenty of muscle and they won't out cycle the tiger :)14:30
foobarryfunny to see gnome3 type stuff on centos14:30
Guest29381i need some help getting wifi driver compiled exit error code 2 . ok, the wifi was auto picked up and active but wouldnt connect. search found this:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/852190Ubuntu bug 852190 in linux (Ubuntu) "7392:7811 Edimax EW-7811Un USB dongle won't connect to networks (rtl8192cu module)" [Medium,Incomplete] so i tried to modprobe,reboot, etc and now im trying to compile the linux driver on the disc th14:41
Guest29381at came with it.  the pc is an rm all in one dual core with plenty of resources, running lubuntu 12.04. the wifi i try to connect to is open, i also set up my phone as an access point also open but wont conect. only get internet by usb tether to phone. my older laptop runs the latest xubuntu and works the wifi dongle fine. so can i copy files needed from my 32bit xubuntu laptop to the 12.04 64 tower? i downloaded the latest software from r14:41
Guest29381tl, can i compile on 32 for 64?14:41
lubotu3`Launchpad bug 852190 in linux (Ubuntu) "7392:7811 Edimax EW-7811Un USB dongle won't connect to networks (rtl8192cu module)" [Medium,Incomplete]14:41
Guest29381thanks bot14:41
foobarrytried a newer kernel? 12.04 can use them14:45
Guest29381foobarry: that might be an option but i locked out usb and keyboard from the bios and these machines dont have removable media so i would need to strip the hardware to reinstall should it all go tits up14:52
bigcalmSup yall?15:22
foobarryoverwrote my grub2 with grub1...can't see the other os now :(15:23
foobarrytop tip, you can paste a print friendly DM link and it doesn't show the sidebar of shame15:45
foobarrygrub2-install: "warning, setor 32 is already in use by flexnet"15:46
mappssidebar of shame?15:48
mappsnot a chance id go on it:D15:53
jpdsfoobarry: flexnet is a place where windows stores license keys.16:03
diddledanhow's that work then? : the 456ft monster that ranks as the world's tallest and fastest coaster in North America <-- it's either the world, or north america. it can't be both?16:20
diddledanaah, thankyou DM, I was hoping you'd use the elephant scale16:22
diddledan"The ride uses a massive 5,551ft of cable, a grand total of 26,502 bolts and has enough steel structuring reinforcing columns added to equal the weight of 32 massive African elephants"16:22
diddledanwhere on earth would we be without the DM Elephant scale?!16:23
ndfis there a way to temporarily turn off kernel messages about I/O errors on a (usb)disk? [/dev/sdb]16:50
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directhexis anyone on a desktop with support for surround sound?17:23
directhex(don't actually need surround speakers connected)17:24
daftykinsdirecthex: running ubuntu? :) digital connections count?17:46
directhexdaftykins, never mind tbh, it's all full of bees17:46
daftykinswell i'm glad i didn't go in there17:47
foobarryjpds: in the MBR?17:50
jpdsfoobarry: Yep.17:52
foobarrythat sucks17:52
jpdsfoobarry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flexnet17:52
foobarry"Basically, FlexNet works by writing stuff directly to the hard drive, to unallocated space between the Master Boot Record, and the first partition. That means there is a good chance it will break your bootloader, in case you are not using only Windows."17:53
daftykinssounds like some utterly irresponsible devs that should be fired out of a cannon18:05
MartijnVdS"it's a feature"18:08
foobarryi just unfeatured it18:15
foobarryhowever grub2 now not recognising centos6 isntall :(18:16
foobarryeven running grub2-install18:16
popeymarxjohnson: boo19:10
diddledantime for on-demand 2420:56
daftykinsi'm sure that's old news to some, but meh21:39
popeyyeah, saw an article but no detail about it21:42
popeylooks natty21:42
daftykinsalthough one going up to $100 is a bit much21:43
diddledaninteresting that it's the same layout as the pi21:57
daftykinsvery good move imo, re-usable cases \o/ prevent waste22:00
diddledanoh dear @ 2422:14
diddledanthe daughter of the prez is in trouble now22:14
daftykinsdiddledan: dog damn it you say one moar word!22:35
daftykinsdiddledan: Mr. ?22:41
diddledanapparently police dogs can sniff out paedophiles22:44
daftykinsthat strikes me as an absolute crock22:52
diddledanthis really hurts my head: https://scontent-b-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/t1.0-9/s526x395/10491281_10152246467378581_1634055452623940356_n.jpg23:04
daftykinsseems fine to me23:05
daftykinsugh all i can hear are intermittent cackles coming from the neighbours23:17
daftykinsthey have a window wide open and these old houses have single pane glass windows and badly fitting doors23:17
daftykinsso i say something or save it for the next day when his pals are gone and there's probably no booze involved 0o23:18
daftykins*do i23:18
diddledanhow about some loud muzak?23:19
diddledanmake them complain first23:19
daftykinsmy house is granite, the sound doesn't leave23:19
dwatkinsMy neighbour was watching something loud on TV, seems to have stopped now thankfully.23:19
dwatkinsI considered taking it up with them or (if necessary) the council, but heared too many stories about loud neighbours who got worse when reported :-23:20
dwatkins:-/ even23:20
diddledangrr, google haven't launched the "ok, google! what's on my chromecast?" response mechanism yet23:21
diddledanI wanted to know more about an image23:21
daftykinsdwatkins: have you spoken to the neighbour yet?23:24
daftykinsi can see how someone would get annoyed if they weren't spoken to first23:24
diddledandaftykins: some folk might not feel confident enough to talk to the neighbour first23:26
daftykinsi can understand that23:27
daftykinsJoe 90 \o/23:34

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