gamerchick02oooo jrwren, how's it running?00:00
gamerchick02it was a hair slow off the stick00:00
jrwreninsanely nice.00:00
jrwren6s boot to login prompt00:01
gamerchick02how's the battery?00:01
gamerchick02i'm getting over 4 hrs with OSX but it's down to about 3 with ubuntu00:01
jrwrenand this past hour has been more time than I've spent with unity, every. its really nice.00:01
gamerchick02but that might be something to do with the USB stick00:01
jrwrensays 5hrs.00:01
jrwreni don't know when unity added the help when you hold super down for a long time, but that is just excellent.00:02
gamerchick02now the question... what if you want to go back to OSX?00:03
gamerchick02unless you dual booted00:03
jrwreni dual booted.00:03
gamerchick02i only have a 128 gb SSD so it's not really possible. if i'd gotten a larger drive i might dual boot00:03
jrwrenand installed refit too.00:03
jrwrenyeah, I have 51200:03
gamerchick02yeah. way better00:03
gamerchick02maybe when my mac goes off update support i'll ubuntu it up00:04
jrwreni bought the highest macbookair I could get, because the only thing I didn't want, was online store only.00:04
jrwrenhey, its for work.00:04
jrwrena worker should use the best tools money can buy :)00:04
gamerchick02i got what i thought was a good deal in Portland: 128 gb, 4 gb RAM, 11" screen, case, for a hair over $120000:05
gamerchick02offing case was like $50. just for a soft zip case. oh well00:05
gamerchick02*effing. i can't even fake curse properly00:05
jrwrensounds like a normal price for that now.00:05
jrwrenyeah, cases are expensive.00:06
jrwreni stole my wife's old spire bag years ago.00:06
gamerchick02well i figure if i have a form fitting case i can put it in whatever bag i want00:06
jrwrenshe used to carry a tiny toshiba portige in it00:06
jrwrenyup, truth.00:06
gamerchick02and i'm being bad and not going to mug tonight00:06
gamerchick02i should00:06
jrwrenah, me too.00:07
jrwreni should have gone.00:07
jrwrenso THAT is where the chatters are :)00:07
jrwreni need to learn lots about go-lang00:07
jrwrenthat is the mug topic for tonight00:08
gamerchick02http://ukutabs.com/t/the-white-stripes/hotel-yorba/ i wanna learn that really well. i should listen to the song more so i can figure out the stemming pattern00:08
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/ojSYS5 - "Hotel Yorba" by The White Stripes Ukulele Tabs on UkuTabs00:08
jrwrengreat song.00:08
gamerchick02i know!00:08
jrwrenever drive by there?00:08
gamerchick02no i've not00:09
gamerchick02and C-D-G so it's not too hard!00:09
jrwrenhead south in i75 out of detroit. it isn't very far down the road00:09
gamerchick02i should.00:09
jrwreni've never been in there. I kinda wanna check out the lobby while listening to the song :)00:09
gamerchick02that'd be way cool00:10
gamerchick02i'm happy that your install went well00:10
gamerchick02i forgot that i had a 16 gb thumb drive so i'll redo the ubuntu install to it so i have more room00:11
gamerchick02gonna lay on the couch. feeling icky. hope more people are in chat tomorrow! well, maybe not, since it's coffeehouse coders.00:26
mrgoodcatjrwren: glad i'm not the only person who likes unity00:57
jrwreni like it a lot, I only wish there was a way to shrink the chrome.01:26
cmaloneyjrwren: Yeah, you should have come to MUG. :)03:32
waldo323GO language video will be available soon though for those that missed it05:59
jrwreni'm going to watch teh video11:26
jrwreni was honestly distracted with work up through when mug started :)11:26
mrgoodcati want to see that one too12:24
mrgoodcati think i'm going to go back and watch some of those videos on the MUG g+ today12:24
cmaloneyGood morning12:45
brouschSo far12:47
wafi've already lived through it, i can assure you it will be a good morning.12:51
jrwrenwaf: lol!12:52
jrwrenwaf: how's winter?12:52
wafit's a balmy 84 degrees! quite nice12:53
rick_h__waf: woot! how goes?12:54
wafpretty good. arrived in Thailand this past saturday, so this week is full of apartment hunting12:54
jrwreni just realized all the world cup games have been played in winter.12:55
wafi should be able to move in to an apartment sometimes next week.12:55
jrwrenoh Thailand. it isn't winter there.12:55
jrwrenmy brain is broken. I was thinking you were in AU.12:55
wafah, yeah, that was a potential plan if the political instability in Thailand was an issue12:56
wafbut things are fine here12:56
brouschWhy would you move to Thailand?13:02
jrwrenfor work.13:02
jrwrenplus, its awesome.13:02
wafyeah, jrwren summed it up. i had an internship i really liked, and my boss during that internship asked if i wanted to join him at his company in thailand.13:03
brouschWhat is awesome about it?13:05
brouschI honestly know nothing about Thailand13:05
wafthe weather is awesome (tad on the hot side, but there's zero snow), the people are super friendly, stunning beaches.13:07
wafeverything is very inexpensive, which is great if you're on a western salary13:07
wafand bangkok is a modern city with all the niceties you'd expect.13:08
brouschDo most people speak English?13:08
wafin bangkok most people speak some english (at a first-grade level or so). all the street signs and such have english13:09
wafthough i'm learning thai, because it's more fun that way13:10
brouschThat's not bad13:12
brouschIt sounds like a great life opportunity. I'm jealous13:16
jrwrenbrousch: massage parlors13:17
wafyeah, i may be insane for doing this, but it's not really a thing i'd want to pass up13:17
jrwrenmassage parlors are awesome about it :p13:17
wafseriously. there are parlors every 100 feet or so. not sure how many of them are legit13:18
rick_h__my uncle-in-law was camping with us over the 4th. He was in thailand during the unrest. He says it was actually a good thing. Nice curfew for the students, guess he thinks it'll be good for the country as a whole, etc.13:19
rick_h__he's been going there for education related stuff for some 30 years13:19
jrwrenwaf: remember advise of Jimmy Dugan13:19
brouschwaf: Definitely not insane13:20
wafrick_h__: nice, does he teach english? seems like that's what 90% of foreigners here do.13:26
rick_h__waf: I didn't get that. He is in a MN college and seems to go over there 3 or 4 times a year.13:26
rick_h__guess he's been doing it for a long long time13:26
brouschDoes he teach English in the massage parlors?13:27
rick_h__I'll ask him next time I see him I guess13:28
brouschThat could get uncomfortable13:28
mrgoodcati keep trying to use my i3 shortcuts in unity14:16
cmaloneyThere's a special ring of hell for fucking smart quotes.15:07
cmaloneyalso: I hereby dub smart-quotes with a new name: fuckquotes.15:07
mrgoodcatnot even sure what you're talking about15:10
cmaloneyEven better: I'm trying to find these fuckers in a .csv file in a field where a customer wrote a tome of hate.15:10
cmaloneymrgoodcat: Oh, you will... .You will...15:10
jrwrensmartquotes are like m4 `quotes', right?15:11
mrgoodcatoh are you talking about quotes where it's not just a regular quote character?15:11
mrgoodcatbut the curly one15:11
cmaloneymrgoodcat: yes15:11
mrgoodcatyea those suck15:11
mrgoodcatfind and replace all15:11
cmaloneymrgoodcat: I'd rather use asciidammit15:11
cmaloneybut NOOOOOOo15:11
cmaloneyAlso: it's in unicode-1615:12
cmaloneyso that brings its own hell along with it15:12
cmaloneysuch as: The version of CentOS is archaic enough to have vim 7.0 which knows not of Unicode-1615:12
cmaloneyI really fucking hate CentOS.15:13
cmaloney(as a developer. As a sysadmin I liked it)15:13
brouschCentOS, or Red Hat?15:13
brouschSo Red Hat is OK?15:13
cmaloneybrousch: I have no direct experience15:14
krondorCentOS is redhat now, or at least that's how I saw it16:06
waldo323I was happy when I heard that even though we don't use it much16:28
cmaloneygrrr... Hate it when a long-running process craps out because I have a typo16:31
krondorwaldo323: yeah it just means better support.  We have a lot of centos and redhat, but most of my systems aren't.16:39
rick_h__it's a path for RH to keep a RH that's disinct from the paid for supported RH16:42
rick_h__IMO :)16:42
krondorit looks to me like redhat == debian, centos == debian unstable, fedora == ubuntu more or less16:44
krondoralso centos gives redhat a starting point to upsell support, where they would have missed out in the past16:48
rick_h__well they figured out fedora wasn't the onramp to RHE but centos was16:48
krondorwow when did 6TB HDDs come out?17:49
waldo323When I wasn't looking17:50
krondorand I felt like HDD increases were slowing with SSD acceptance guess not17:51
jrwrena while, ago, IIRC they are enterprise class only18:01
jrwrenand very $$$18:01
mrgoodcatsuper big hard drives are a bad idea anyways...18:02
mrgoodcati'd rather RAID together a few smaller ones in raid 618:02
jrwreni'd rather raid 6- 6TB in RAID618:02
mrgoodcatit has to do with the URE rate when rebuilding arrays after a drive failure18:03
mrgoodcatwith a URE of 10^-14 you can expect a URE every 12.5TB or so18:05
mrgoodcatIf you had a 8 drive array with 2 TB drives with one failure your chance of having a unrecoverable read error would be near 100%. That second unreadable block during a RAID5 recovery is enough to destroy the RAID group and wipe out all the data on it. Not good!18:06
mrgoodcatwith 6 TB drives its even worse18:06
mrgoodcatgranted, enterprise class drives have much lower URE rates and RAID 6 can mitigate the issue, but it's still an issue18:08
mrgoodcatone to be aware of anyways18:08
jrwrengiven that argument we should always prefer the smallest drives.18:11
jrwrenwe don't.18:11
jrwrenwe weigh pros and cons and make a choice.18:11
mrgoodcatthis is an old article but it summarizes the issue nicely http://www.zdnet.com/blog/storage/why-raid-5-stops-working-in-2009/16218:14
krondorjrwren:  not the consumer ones are out I mean.  $299 from seagate18:22
krondormrgoodcat, nice points re: rebuilds still it's a risk/performance/cost calculation18:28
krondorpersonally I'd like to devote less power and space to spinning disks if I can so >disks are a good thing re: raid6 or 1018:28
jrwrenyeah, blah to all that.18:29
jrwrengive me my storage :)18:29
krondorhaha give me stable btrfs raid6 too :)18:31
mrgoodcatRAID 5 is dead and RAID 6 is on the way out18:31
mrgoodcatwont be long until replication is the only way to go18:31
jrwrenwhatever that means.18:31
jrwrenceph disks FTW!18:31
krondorraid 0 only and n+1 systems, don't rebuild just reload18:32
jrwrenSeagate® Kinetic Open Storage !!!!18:32
mrgoodcatwhat krondor said18:32
mrgoodcatGoogle already does that18:32
jrwreni'd wager google doesn't use anything like RAID18:32
jrwrenno raid0, no raid118:32
mrgoodcatthey use Google File System18:32
jrwrenno, they don't use that anymore either.18:33
jrwrenthat is obsolete18:33
krondorramfs all the things18:33
mrgoodcatwhich replicates everything 3 times. they don't try to rebuild arrays, they just toss the whole thing and reload the data18:33
jrwrensee the Spanner paper.18:33
jrwrensure, cept those systems aren't filesystems which run on block store.18:33
jrwrenthey are database systems which run on disks with ufs-style filesystems18:34
jrwrenso... XFS and ext[234]18:34
mrgoodcatsorry, colossus or whatever they're calling it these days18:34
jrwrencolossus is different still.18:34
jrwrenthey do LOTS of things18:34
jrwrenbecuase there is no silver bullet18:34
jrwrenuse what is optimal given your workload18:35
krondorso at my house where n+1 systems and raid 0 aren't practical, raid 6 + big disks seems good :)18:35
jrwreni just want lots of storage for lots of media :)18:40
mrgoodcatso you may as well just raid0 and be done with it18:49
jrwreni do.18:52
jrwrenhome is different than work18:53
jrwrenand varying workload need varying storage solutions18:53
cmaloneyI'd love to know why I had Blind Melon's No Rain in my music library19:11
cmaloneyit was part of a compilation so I know where it came from19:11
cmaloneyI'm just not sure why I left it on the drive19:12
cmaloneysince that song sends me into a rage unlike most songs19:12
cmaloneyalso: I married well when my wife starts quoting primus songs to me. :)19:14
mrgoodcatlol why hate blind melon?19:17
cmaloneymrgoodcat: I fucking hate that song19:18
cmaloneya) overplayed19:18
cmaloneyb) a reminder of the whiny grunge period that I can't fucking stand19:18
mrgoodcatjust that one song? or blind melon in general?19:19
mrgoodcatalso, never really thought of blind melon as very "grunge"19:19
cmaloneyI haven't heard anything else by that band and I don't care to19:19
brouschBlind Melon r0x19:19
cmaloneyThey're in the same category for me as Hootie and the Blowfish19:19
brouschHootie r0x19:20
cmaloneyops pls19:20
cmaloney /permaban brousch19:20
cmaloneyI have never heard a more bland album in my life than Hootie and the Blowfish's album19:21
cmaloneySounds like cows grazing in a field19:21
cmaloney.np squeekyhoho19:21
cmaloneyAh, apparently we lost our bot.19:22
cmaloneyWell now I have no way to let you all know I'm listening to Jane's Addiction19:23
cmaloneyoh, wait.19:23
mrgoodcat.np squeekyhoho19:23
bookiebotsqueekyhoho's current track - Disconnect by Rollins Band on Weight19:23
mrgoodcati got you19:23
mrgoodcatand you lied to us19:23
cmaloneyIt just changed.19:24
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/D6yTS6 - squeekyhoho’s Music Profile – Users at Last.fm19:24
mrgoodcati believe you19:24
jrwren.np evarlast19:25
bookiebotevarlast's last track - Take As Normal by The Invincible Spirit on Anthology 1984-2004 [8 Jul 2014, 21:12]19:25
jrwrenwell THAT is false19:25
cmaloney.np squeekyhoho19:29
bookiebotsqueekyhoho's current track - Black Flowers by Fishbone on Give A Monkey A Brain And He'll Swear He's The Center Of The Universe19:29
jrwren.np evarlast19:30
bookiebotevarlast's current track - Social Distortion (Reclubbed Mix) by Rotersand19:30
* cmaloney just found the album he's going to finish listening to19:30
* cmaloney wants to see the Fishbone documentary19:30
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/4EPr1e - "EVERYDAY SUNSHINE: THE STORY OF FISHBONE" - documentary trailer - YouTube19:31
krondorso cmaloney has listened to an entire hootie album but not blind melon?  priorities man19:31
mrgoodcati like to blow my friends minds when i tell them Darius Rucker is the guy from Hootie and the Blowfish19:33
cmaloneykrondor: Happened upon a copy of Cracked Rear Window and gave it a quick listen19:36
cmaloneyand wondered why the hell I was doing this to myself.19:36
* krondor needs to remember to leave Blind Melon - Blind Melon nonchalantly at CHC some day19:37
cmaloneykrondor: Not if you want to live.19:37
krondorallmusic gives it a 4/5 and users 4.5/5 ratings, but unfortunately they also give cracked rear window a 4.5/5 and users give it a 4/519:39
krondorso I wouldn't call it a good source ...19:39
mrgoodcatkrondor: do i know you irl?19:40
mrgoodcathaving trouble matching faces to fake names19:40
rick_h__mrgoodcat: he's been to CHC, and coming tonight right krondor?19:40
mrgoodcatkrondor: were you the one there last week?19:41
krondorrick_h__ I think so, the boys are at a fair so if they don't make it back in time I might not be able to though19:41
rick_h__krondor: ah ok19:41
rick_h__krondor: give me a heads up one way or the other so I know if I should wait19:42
krondormrgoodcat:  not last week, but I think I met you a month ago or so, we exchange IRC handles at any rate19:42
krondorexchanged that is, I hate laptop keyboards or at least this one19:42
mrgoodcati'm terrible at these things19:43

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