histobarnex: did you format it, mark it bootable, etc.?00:00
barnexhisto: I believe so, give me a sec, I seem to have forgotten the user password _-_00:02
histobarnex: Just reinstall in uefi mode, if you don't understand all this.00:02
HoiheSoo... Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit. Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti. I've just installed Nvidia display driver version 40 from Nvidia website using bash, however.. on startup, i'm being given errors about "Xort" and "nvidia settings".  Should I be worried?00:02
HelloWorld3211Chaser: tx00:02
TJ-raspberrypifan: which version of Ubuntu?00:02
ubottuLTS to LTS upgrades are not offered automatically until the .1 release has been issued. Ubuntu 14.04.1 is due for release on 24th July, and you will only see an option to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 after that date.00:03
barnexhisto: is it possible to install in uefi mode with netinstaller?00:03
histobarnex: yes00:03
barnexOk, I'll do that then, thanks.00:04
histobarnex: np, you'll want to use gpt partition table also00:04
barnexyeah, I have gpt partition table, thanks00:04
TJ-raspberrypifan: OK, not a lot I can find. There were a lot of problems with 12.04 but they seem to have been solved with updated usb_modeswitch packages00:05
raspberrypifanis there some kind of auto ulility for usb modems?00:05
histobarnex: I doubt you will see any speed improvements00:05
historaspberrypifan: network-manager can use them00:06
LucaS05histo can you help me?00:06
histoLucaS05: pastebin the output of netstat -tan00:06
raspberrypifani see this network-manager come into play when i shut down the vm and it tries to shut that down. maybe its trying to autostart?00:06
TJ-raspberrypifan: devices like the E160 are multi-mode. Initially they pretend to be a small CD-ROM, but by sending commands to them, can be switched into modem modes00:07
histoLucaS05: also was apache ever working?00:07
TJ-raspberrypifan: usb_modeswtich is the package that handles that00:07
raspberrypifancan that be disabled just to see what hhappens?00:07
historaspberrypifan: How are you shutting it down if it locks?00:07
barnexhisto: well, that may be, I still would like to become used to uefi more, since it's becoming wide-spread00:07
LucaS05yes it is00:07
histoLucaS05: Has it worked previously?00:08
LucaS05yes, i was working like an hour ago00:08
histoLucaS05: pastebin your /etc/apache2/ports.conf00:09
TJ-raspberrypifan: If the package usb-modeswitch is installed, there should be a "/etc/usb_modeswitch.conf" which contains an option "DisableSwitching=..." which you can set to '1' - there's also an "EnableLogging=..." option that may be useful if it turns out usb_modeswitch is the issue00:09
raspberrypifani will look into trying that00:10
histoLucaS05: anything in iptables -L00:11
historaspberrypifan: how are you shutting down the guest if it's locked to see those errors?00:11
raspberrypifanwhen i unplug the modem it works again00:11
raspberrypifanalmost immedateiyl00:11
historaspberrypifan: What is "it" that works again?00:12
raspberrypifanthe system unfreezes00:12
historaspberrypifan: please pastebin the output of dmesg00:12
histoLucaS05: try resolving to your ip instead of localhost00:13
TJ-raspberrypifan: The freeze sounds very much like bug #99407300:14
ubottubug 994073 in modemmanager (Ubuntu) "Regression: Huawei E160E does not connect and may freeze system for a while" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99407300:14
raspberrypifansounds about right00:14
LucaS05still got a forbidden00:15
historaspberrypifan: I suspect this is a vmware problem not ubuntu's00:15
LucaS05from the error log i see that is related to a particular folder, but i don't know i which file this is configured00:15
histoLucaS05: what kind of site are you hosting?00:15
raspberrypifanhisto: hmm but ti doesnt affect windows00:15
historaspberrypifan: k.00:15
historaspberrypifan: try running ubuntu bare metal and test with the device00:16
raspberrypifanhmm well i never managed to get linux to boot on my mac00:16
historaspberrypifan: dd to usb and boot00:16
raspberrypifanit didnt work00:16
LucaS05see the error log00:17
DeepspeedI have an old ppc mac that I wish I could get linux to work on00:17
Deepspeedbut I don't know how00:17
histoLucaS05: ls -l /home/hulca/lsserver/00:17
histoLucaS05: ls -l /home/hulca/lsserver00:17
histoLucaS05: jesus typo's what are the permissions of the lsserver directory00:17
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ00:18
raspberrypifanhisto: did u look at dmesg?00:18
raspberrypifancalls hamsters on a wheel00:19
historaspberrypifan: yes00:19
raspberrypifanvmware issue?00:19
historaspberrypifan: there is nothing in dmesg that is showing anything out of the norm. But I suspect vmware00:20
raspberrypifanwell tongiht when i get home00:20
raspberrypifanill try the tails thing and he modemmanager00:20
xXTheXanderManXxHeyy pplz00:22
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HelloWorld3211Is there a JSTOR / XML equivalent of grep?  If you're at the command line, and you just want to find a particular key inside a big data file?00:23
LucaS05i've found this http://pastebin.com/w7dfwWD000:23
LucaS05in the site-enabled folder00:24
histoLucaS05: what were you doing prior to it stopping to work.00:24
LucaS05i've updated php00:24
histoLucaS05: plop an index.html in there and see if it loads00:25
histoLucaS05: same 403?00:28
histoLucaS05: when going to localhost/index.html00:28
histoLucaS05: what are the perms of your home directory?00:30
histoLucaS05: ls -l /home00:30
histoLucaS05: was the site originally hosted in that directory?00:32
histoLucaS05: what site do you currenlty have enabled?00:34
adamcunningtonHi, i need to remove a manually installed package and i was going to do this through software centre/synaptics but they both crash when they load with an error message00:36
apeoidhi.  I installed chrome browser from google .deb and got some unexpected issue.  it said "run this program in terminal google-chrome-stable" or something like that, I did so, then I pinned that icon to launcher00:36
adamcunnington"Encountered a section with no Package header, problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/00:36
apeoidnow when I click that icon, it just glows and nothing happens.  when I unity search google chrome, there are two results.  one doesn't work.00:37
adamcunnington_cache->open() failed, please report00:37
histo!ppapurge | adamcunnington00:38
ubottuadamcunnington: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html00:38
histoapeoid: if you run google-chrome-stable in a terminal does it open?00:38
etfbUpgraded my Toshiba laptop to 14.04, now suspend doesn't work.  When it tries, it spits out some error messages, but I can't find where it logs them. Not in /var/log/pm-suspend, not in dmesg, not in .xsession-errors, not in any of the Ctrl+Alt+Fn consoles.  Any ideas where I can look?00:38
histoapeoid: edit the icon then and correct it's command line00:39
apeoidhisto, and terminal is in process during chrome being open00:39
apeoidthere are two results in unity search, also00:39
ubottunouveau is an open-source nvidia driver included by default since Ubuntu 10.04. Currently, 3D rendering is only partially supported. More information can be found at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ | See !nvidia for the closed-source Nvidia driver.00:42
etfbFound it. /var/log/syslog. Turns out the video driver is frakked. What a surprise!00:43
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apeoidthis is the issue.  I have two results for google chrome:  http://i.imgur.com/v8L3m9r.jpg00:58
apeoidI've done this before so something I'm doing is causing it00:58
apeoidthis time, I downloaded the .deg for chrome, installed.  after install it said "this program is run by the command google-chrome-stable" or something like that, so I typed it into terminal... up comes chrome, I pin it to launch.  then I closed chrome, closed terminal, clicked the icon.... nothing00:59
apeoiddo a unity dash search for chrome, two icons.00:59
apeoid.deg = .deb00:59
histoapeoid: dpkg -l | grep chrome01:00
apeoidii  google-chrome-stable                                  35.0.1916.153-1                                     amd64        The web browser from Google01:00
apeoidii  xserver-xorg-video-openchrome                         1:0.3.3-1build1                                     amd64        X.Org X server -- VIA display driver01:00
histofind /usr/share/applications -iname '*chrome*'01:01
apeoidI did this with google earth too.  then I re-installed to start from scratch due to a number of other issues01:01
histoapeoid: ^^01:01
apeoidhisto, /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop01:02
histoapeoid:  So neither launcher works?01:03
apeoidthe one that says google chrome works01:03
apeoidthe one that says chrome - google chrome  nada01:04
histoapeoid: No idea where that is coming from. try....     find / -iname '*chrome*.desktop' 2>/dev/null01:04
apeoidhisto:  http://bpaste.net/show/447137/01:06
histoapeoid: did you copy your home directory from an old install?01:06
apeoidno, I just did a delete/install01:07
histoapeoid: So now you just want to remove the non working one right?01:07
histoapeoid: find /home/apeoid -iname '*chrome*.desktop' -delete01:07
histoapeoid: then log out and back in01:08
tavoeI'm trying to start a script on startup. I've tried adding it to rc.local and a /.conf file in the init folder. Neither is having any effect01:08
histotavoe: rc.local will work are you sure your script works?01:08
tavoeWhen I run sudo etc/init.d/rc.local start, the script works correctly, but it doesn't run when I reboot01:09
histotavoe: what does the script do?01:09
tavoeMy laptop's a convertable. It detects when the screen is flipped around and disables the keyboard01:10
histotavoe: so it just stays running?01:10
cyborgcygnusAnybody know what power management ubuntu uses? I know xubuntu uses xfce4-power-management but it's not functioning properly. Any alternative recommendations will be appreciated01:11
histotavoe: or does it exit?01:11
histocyborgcygnus: what is it not doing properly?01:12
tavoewhen I run rc.local start, it starts in a backgroud.. something. Process probably. I can close the terminal and it keeps working until I reboot01:12
histotavoe: I thought stuff in rc.local needed to exit 001:12
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tavoeHow would you advise I cause a python script to run in the background every time the computer starts? My current approach is really not working01:13
cyborgcygnushisto, It's not asking me what I want to do when I push the power button, it just automatically logs me out, it used to bring up the options for shutdown - log out - sleep ect but for some reason it went cray cray. Also I can't have any sleep or automatic lock mode on as it disregards if I'm watching videos & just puts on the screen saver & puts the pc to sleep01:13
histotavoe: upstart01:13
histotavoe: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpstartHowto01:14
tavoeThanks. I'll be back if I need help01:14
Foxtrot88Hi there!01:15
apeoiduhh, guy who was helping me.  I forgot your name already but that worked01:15
apeoid*o, thank you01:15
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histotavoe: or you can sh -c /path/to/script &01:16
Foxtrot88sorry for bother you guys but i need some help with a mini wireless usb adapter that i get and does not run on my ubuntu computer T_T actually appear a kernel oops01:16
histotavoe: here's two workaround if you don't want to write an upstart script http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=138402201:16
apeoidhisto, that fixed me up01:17
histoapeoid: np01:18
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:18
histoapeoid: problem was a wierd .desktop file in your home01:18
apeoidI think I got those by pinning to launcher, I did it a few times01:19
apeoidI hope I got a clean install at least01:19
mojtaba02:23:07 PM - mojtaba: Hi, I upgraded my ubuntu to 14.04LTS and now the wireless is working every other time. (I should suspend the computer and then turn it on again to have a working wireless.) I have Dell Studio 155501:20
mojtaba02:23:16 PM - mojtaba: Does any body know what should I do?01:20
mojtaba02:24:37 PM - mojtaba: Any help is appreciated […]01:20
Foxtrot88thanks? xD01:20
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histomojtaba: rfkill list    when it's not working and see if it's getting blocked01:25
histomojtaba: blocked/locked01:25
histoFoxtrot88: which chipset?01:25
mojtabahisto: I will do that at next reboot. thanks.01:27
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mojtabahisto: If it was blocked what should I do?01:27
barnexagain :-)01:28
barnexI have installer crashing :<01:28
barnexwhile installing grub.01:28
holsteinbarnex: is that all? you have an installation otherwise? you can try installing grub manually post-install and see what errors you have01:29
barnexholstein: I'm trying to install on a raid+luks+lvm partitions01:30
histomojtaba: sudo rfkill unblock all01:30
barnexbeforehand I open the luks device01:30
barnexand detect raids01:30
barnexand it seems to work well enough01:30
barnexand I don't really know where to look for logs01:31
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto01:31
connor557Is this support?01:32
OerHeks connor557 yes01:33
barnexholstein: that links refer to alternate isos, are there such for 14.04?01:34
barnexholstein: I see only server and desktop install isos01:34
ObrienDavebarnex, no more alternates for 14.0401:34
lewis1711installed 14.04, touchpad not working, xinput list doesn't list a touchpad, what should I look at now?01:34
barnexso that wiki you linked is a bit outdated...01:34
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:35
barnexwell, mini can't install uefi01:35
barnexSo that's useless for me too :D01:35
holsteinbarnex: should be able to just the same.01:35
barnex'Note: While the mini ISO is handy, it isn't useful for installing on UEFI-based systems that you want to run in UEFI mode. The mini lacks the proper files for booting the computer in UEFI mode. Thus, the computer will boot in BIOS compatibility mode, and the installation will be in BIOS mode. For more information, please see this. '01:35
henkelslewis1711: What machine is this on?01:35
barnexthat's official help.ubuntu.com01:36
ObrienDavebarnex, http://releases.ubuntu.com/01:36
lewis1711henkels, hp-14 notebook. right maybe it's a specific thing01:36
barnexMaybe I should get the server install01:36
barnexit has the same installer mini has01:36
barnexat least I've been told that01:36
barnexand maybe can boot in uefi01:37
holsteinbarnex: sounds like a plan..01:37
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server01:37
henkelslewis1711: the hp14 chromebook?01:37
lewis1711henkels, no it had windows801:37
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D-coym4v hi o/01:45
dodobrainhi all01:45
dodobrainwill i be able to do an upgrade 12.04 LTS -> 14.04 LTS now?01:45
apeoidhow do I become a standard user?01:45
apeoidI'm elevated to su and I want to go back down01:45
dodobrainsomeone had told me that i'd have to wait till july to be able to do this LTS->LTS upgrade01:45
apeoidnevermind su = switch user I get it01:48
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ObrienDavedodobrain, first point release due in 2 weeks or so01:50
ObrienDave24th, i think01:50
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mekhamiif I edit a file in gedit, save it, why is there a foo.py~ file in the folder as well as the foo.py file?01:55
mekhamionly visible from the command line actually i think01:55
eeeei always do rm *~ -i01:55
ThinkinLoudlydodobrain: This might help : http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/04/upgrade-ubuntu-14-04-12-0401:55
dodobrainthanks ThinkinLoudly ObrienDave01:56
ThinkinLoudlydodbrain: I did the same 2 days ago ... few glitches so far and on balance, much tidier than 12.04.01:56
eeee(-i asks to verify each one by one) i do that in case i forget to hit the ~ key and so i dont remove all files by accident01:56
bandit22Hi, how do I open a terminal in a network (home network)01:56
dodobrainthanks for the info about the upgrade ThinkinLoudly01:56
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somsipeeee: maybe an alias would be suitable here? alias rm="rm -i"02:04
barnexthis is getting seriously annoying02:08
barnexthe server install has some own problems I cannot seem to track.02:09
somsip!details | barnex02:10
ubottubarnex: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:10
barnexsomsip: well, all I know for now is I'm unable to install busybox-initramfs02:12
barnexseems like some other thing is using apt-install02:12
somsipbarnex: more details are still needed. What commands are you using? What errors are you getting.02:12
barnexsomsip: no commands, I'm in a process of installation from server-install02:13
barnexsorry, I was mentioning this before, forgot it's not obvious now02:13
barnexI'm at 'install the system' step02:13
barnexnow, I'm not sure whether it's trying to install this on chroot or live system.02:14
barnexI guess chroot02:14
barnexin-target probably means that in logs.02:14
barnexunexpected error on command 'sh -c debconf-apt-progress --no-progress --logstderr --      apt-get -q -y --no remove install busybox-initramfs'02:15
barnexI guess I'll check for disk defects02:16
barnexbecause disks were formatted02:16
barnexso I don't see how there could be any lock on apt hanging02:16
eeeesomsip: no alias, i only use the -i option when removing *~02:16
barnexthe md5sum seems correct, but disk check fails02:17
somsipeeee: fair enough. Worth a suggestion.02:18
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gandsnutOn 14.04 with KDE plasma, I now find my various USB HD's automount under root.  Any suggest how to config them to mount with user ID instead?02:21
cross__Hi there, I am looking for a guru who might help me with a lvm partition suspended, ioctl failure02:22
Beldargandsnut, You used fstab and they are in /mnt right?02:22
tavoeI'm ready to rip my face off. I want upstart to run a single script for me when the computer starts. http://paste.ubuntu.com/7768361/02:22
gandsnutBeldar:  I have tried the "disks" app under KDE, but don't see how to change owner/group in that app02:23
Beldargandsnut, never used kde.02:23
gandsnutBeldar:  the app looks like an alternate to /etc files editing02:24
Beldargandsnut, You can use fstab to automount02:24
gandsnutBeldar;  so just look up the man page on fstab and config that way?02:24
cross__dmesg return device-mapper sda5 too small for target02:24
Beldar!fstab | gandsnut02:25
ubottugandsnut: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:25
gandsnutBeldar; ubottu:  thx much, will investigate that direct edit way02:25
Beldargandsnut, for example here is a ntfs automount in mine using the partiton rather that a UUID. /dev/sda3 /mnt/Windows   ntfs-3g   defaults   0   002:26
gandsnutBeldar:  I'm not seeing any specific owner or group, does that get inherited from the sign-in?02:27
tavoeCould someone please read this script and tell me if it seems wrong to you? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7768361/02:27
Beldargandsnut, NOt sure I understand the question02:27
Beldargandsnut, The one showing is a partition02:28
eeeetavoe: just add sh script.sh to your .profile02:28
gandsnutBeldar:  will study up on this, I think the "disks" app uses the UUID02:29
gandsnutBeldar:  appreciated02:29
Beldargandsnut, I just use the partition in this one in lieu of the UUID, it is read/write no root02:29
gandsnutBeldar:  sounds like what I'm looking for, R/W user ID no root02:30
Beldargandsnut, Would you like to see the ext4 with a UUID?02:30
BeldarUUID=f49fa444-f8c5-4447-8067-940d67cfdc92 /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       102:31
barnexdoes checking integrity on flash drive created with unetbootin even makes sense?02:31
gandsnutBeldar:  right, that's what "disks" app has for config02:31
barnexbecause I have the .iso with the correct checksum, and it again failed checks02:31
ajl_Whoever just said "use .profile", You are a hero. So ends my grueling journey. Thank you. Thank you.02:32
ObrienDavebarnex, i've had trouble with unetbootin. try startup disk creator02:32
Beldargandsnut, That is my one partition for utopic, no seperate home so may not be exactly what you need, my istake.02:32
ObrienDavebarnex, or tuxboot02:33
gandsnutBeldar:  maybe not exactly, but now sounds like the right direction   :)02:33
barnexObrienDave: thanks02:34
Beldargandsnut, Pretty easy to figure out and others here know exactly, I only automount a shared ntfs with W802:34
barnexthis installation takes entirely too much time :<02:35
barnexI think I've installed gentoo in less time on 2Ghz Computer02:35
gandsnutBeldar:  I'm so rusty on config'ing by direct file edits02:36
barnexback when there weren't many binary packages02:36
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barnexI can't believe it's so uncommon for people to want software raid, encryption and lvm :<02:37
barnexaaand startup disk creator crashed.02:38
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roastedAnybody run Ubuntu on a mac mini? I just installed it and I'm not finding an option to route my audio over HDMI. I assume this could be due to the mac mini needing an HDMI dongle?02:53
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sd1074s it safe to use /dev/disk/by-id/ata-ST3000DM001-1CH166_FO3KD1F-part1 instead of /dev/sda1 when creating a software raid using mdadm?02:53
sd1074*Is it02:53
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historoasted: hdmi dongle?  do you have an hdmi port?03:07
histosd1074: why not use uuid03:07
histosd1074: /dev/disk/by-uuid/03:08
histobarnex: what's going on?03:10
barnexI'm trying to install from ubuntu-server.03:10
barnexWith a flash drive03:10
barnexAnd the iso's checksum checks out OK.03:10
histobarnex: why?03:10
histobarnex: Don't you just want a desktop system?03:10
barnexbut the self check doesn't work.03:10
histofrom previous conversation03:10
histobarnex: checksum the usb03:11
barnexand I've tried different USBs03:11
barnexAnd unetbootin and usb-creator.03:11
barnexand there's always checksum error for one file.03:11
histobarnex: dd if=/path/to/isofile of=/dev/sdX03:11
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barnexhisto: thanks, I'm trying that03:13
holsteinhisto: i think barnex wants software raid, enctryption, and lvm.. with uefi support03:13
barnexthat's correct03:13
barnexand there's no efi support on minimal iso.03:14
holsteincant/wont disable uefi to use minimal03:14
sd1074histo, why not to use serial ids? They don't change on formatting. I can write that ID on HDD. UUIDs change every time you format it, right?03:14
sd1074*you format the drive03:14
roastedhisto: nevermind. It's a mini display port. I think my hdmi adapter just doesn't support audio (evidently you have to buy one specifically with audio support to have, you guessed it, audio support)03:15
roastedI didn't know there was a difference, but I also never tried to push hdmi audio over one of these.03:15
histosd1074: yeah that would work they only way the id would change is if the bus changed03:18
sd1074histo, I thought it wouldn't break even the bus is changed. So this ID includes a bus ID somewhere? by-id/ata-ST3000DM001-1CH166_FO3KD1F-part103:22
histosd1074: ata03:34
histosd1074: for your case you will be fine using it03:35
histosd1074: the bennefit of using uuid is you could put the fs on another disk and still be fine.03:35
barnexOk, I've installed the system in efi mode, but all I'm getting when I'm trying to boot it is EFI Shell03:43
coventryIs there a way to spit out an xorg.conf corresponding to my current graphics configuration?03:50
barnex'two file systems are assigned the same mount point (/boot/efi): SCSI1 (0,0,0), partition 4 (sda) and SCSI1 (0,0,0), partition #4 (sda). Please correct this by changing mount points.03:54
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barnex/boot/efi doesn't look like an EFI partition.04:04
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=== Jae is now known as Guest32196
squirtsmacintoshDo the standard ubuntu live/install images have a way to boot to commandline install (ncurses)?04:12
squirtsmacintoshMy googling for boot options is failing me04:12
Beldarsquirtsmacintosh, Can you explain why you need this?04:13
histosquirtsmacintosh: not the standard install only server and net install04:13
cfhowlettsquirtsmacintosh .mini or .server do04:13
squirtsmacintoshlive cd doesn't let me create md arrays04:13
stonneranyone uses dd-wrt??04:13
squirtsmacintoshI guess I could install mdadm and do it manually04:13
histobarnex: are you using raid?04:14
histobarnex: for efi you need a fat formatted partition mounted to /boot/efi04:14
squirtsmacintoshhisto: I never could get a raid booted properly, I gave up04:14
squirtsmacintoshI tried so many ways of doing it04:14
squirtsmacintosheither grub couldn't be installed or it wouldn't boot04:14
squirtsmacintoshI went through every combination of uefi, mbr, gpt, etc before getting tired of it and giving up04:15
histosquirtsmacintosh: you create the array then install to it.04:15
squirtsmacintoshnow for some reason when I install (not on a raid) ubuntu won't boot.  Even when I create the efi partition04:15
squirtsmacintoshhisto: yes, I know, it failed04:16
squirtsmacintoshthe non-raid boot issue is what I am having now04:16
Symmetriawheee Im happy now, my new mirror server is finally booted and starting to sync data so it can go live04:16
Symmetriait took me the *ENTIRE* day yesterday to get that stupid server online and working properly, god what a mission04:17
* Symmetria notes there are certain hardware combinations that just dont play nice with certain versions of linux :(04:17
BeldarSymmetria, This is support that is offtopic04:18
Symmetriabeldar, ok, support question, is there a way to stop ubuntu from renaming my network interfaces when I boot up, for some reason, when I reboot, the network interface names tend not to be what they were before reboot04:20
BryceWhen i load up Ubuntu it has a symbol at the bottom and then my computer just restarts.04:24
DrakkenWarrI would check the md5 of your iso Bryce04:25
DrakkenWarror reburn, it sounds like it is bokred04:25
BryceOkay! Let me try that.04:26
BryceI think i'm just going to reburn.04:26
Beldarmd5sum | Bryce take about 2 min04:27
Beldar!md5sum | Bryce takes about 2 min04:27
ubottuBryce takes about 2 min: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:27
barnexhisto: yeah, I have that partition mounted in that place, and I use raid04:27
barnexhisto: and this partition isn't part of raid04:27
barnexand installation went ok this time04:27
barnexbut still all I get is EFI shell :<04:28
Symmetriahrm, heh, third reboot, third time ubuntu has changed a random NIC name to renameXX *confused*04:29
SamwiseGamgeeI got a problem with my DNS that #freenode could not help me with, may be it's too late at night, cause I saw no experts in that channel just now04:31
squirtsmacintoshSymmetria: 'grep -R /etc/* renameXX'  or add -P and write a regex for renameXX04:31
SamwiseGamgeeI have been using the Freenode IRC Server for a couple years now with Windows XP and with Kubuntu and Xubuntu without any problems, but today, for the first time, my current OS, Xubuntu 14.04, told me the Freenode IRC Server is unknown04:31
SamwiseGamgeeI had tried accessing it about an hour ago, circa 22h00 Central Time, this Tuesday night, using Mozilla Firefox at http://webchat.freenode.net04:32
SamwiseGamgeeSo, I tried accessing the same server with XChat IRC and I got the same result: server is unknown.  That was the first time I tried XChat, because I only installed Xubuntu a few days ago.04:32
ObrienDaveSamwiseGamgee, I've been here for hours, no problems04:32
SamwiseGamgeeThe weird thing is I had no problems accessing other websites using Firefox, like the Weather Network and Google.  It was only the Freenode webchat website that I could not access.04:32
Symmetriasamwise you having any other DNS problems?04:32
ObrienDaveusing xchat04:33
=== user__ is now known as Snafu777
Symmetriaits almost certainly not an xchat problem, it sounds like you're having DNS/host resolution problems04:33
cfhowlettSamwiseGamgee agree ^^^04:33
ubottuTo set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/dns.html04:33
Symmetriado a host irc.freenode.net from a prompt and see if it resolves there04:33
SamwiseGamgeeSo I used a Linux channel in PyChess on the FICS server to get help, and they told me to use the following commands on my command konsole to change my dns servers:04:33
SamwiseGamgeenano /etc/resolv.conf nameserver
Symmetriaif you do that it will get overwritten on next reboot04:34
SamwiseGamgeeWhile I was executing those commands I noticed the following:04:34
SamwiseGamgeeI know....I got nameserver .....then below that ....search mts.net04:34
Symmetriayou need to check the dns-nameservers line in /etc/interfaces to set nameservers on modern systems04:35
cfhowlettSamwiseGamgee reassigning dns is not a trivial issue.  I'd test a lot more before undertaking that step04:35
Symmetriamanually editing resolv.conf is gonna break04:35
squirtsmacintoshhisto: just created an array with 'mdadm --create /dev/md0 --level=0 --raid-devices=2 --chunk=512 /dev/sda /dev/sdb' and did a next,next,next install and got the error 'grub_install /dev/sda' failed04:35
SamwiseGamgeeBut Xubuntu succesfully modified that /etc/resolv.conf file to ., and after that I was able to access the webchat.freenode.net server both with Firefox and with XChat.04:35
Symmetriaand I agree with cfhowlett04:35
Symmetriadont screw with your dns unless you know what you're doing :)04:35
SamwiseGamgeeUnfortunately, the FICS chess guys told me the changes to that /etc/resolv.conf file are only temporary, and when I reboot the same problem will return.04:35
SamwiseGamgeeSo I logged into Freenode IRC here, and #ubuntuforums told me I have a DNS problem that needs to be resolved.04:35
Ben64SamwiseGamgee: are you not reading the replies that people are telling you?04:36
SamwiseGamgeeCharles asked me if my dnsmasq is running, so I executed this command:  sudo service dnsmasq status.....I got this result......dnsmasq: unrecognized service04:36
SamwiseGamgeeyes I am04:36
Symmetriasam if you wanna hard set your dns to something that will last beyond reboot04:36
SamwiseGamgeeCharles said  resolv.conf gets regenerated on boot, so I need to determine why it's assigning that IP address as my dns.04:36
Symmetriayou can insert a line that says dns-nameservers into /etc/network/interfaces04:36
Symmetriado NOT replace the whole interfaces file04:37
Ben64or set up the dns in whichever network manager you have04:37
histoSamwiseGamgee: it's getting that nameserver from your router04:38
Symmetriaok :) this is where I bail out I aint touched any of the GUI network managers or anything outside of CLI on a Linux system in more years than I can count04:38
Symmetriahisto thats only if he's running DHCP04:38
Symmetriaand while thats likely its not guaranteed04:38
histoSymmetria: he would know where it's coming from if he wasn't using dhcp04:39
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RahulANhii all any one used lipi toolkit here?04:45
Kamarisdoes anyone have any unity/vnc optimization tips so that there isn't as much of a draw delay?04:45
Kamarisi've used compiz to turn off as many obvious transition effects as i can, but it's still pretty slow04:46
barnexdoes the efi partition need to be the first partition on the disk?04:46
hamiltontDoes the order matter when passing a large list to apt-get install?04:46
Brycewhenever i load ubuntu it still just restarts my computer04:47
cfhowlettbryce did you verify the ISO?  verify the USB?04:48
SamwiseGamgeeSo, what should I do next, Symmetria?04:48
SamwiseGamgeehow can I permanently fix this DNS problem, so it does not keep coming back every time I reboot my OS?04:49
Brycei am using a cd04:49
cfhowlettSamwiseGamgee reset your DNS to defaults unless you have a very compelling reason to muck about with it?04:49
SamwiseGamgeeShould I just try rebooting my OS now, to see if the problem returns?04:50
cfhowlettBryce ... CD?  what?  14.04 is too large to fit on a CD.  clarify04:50
SamwiseGamgeeI never had any problems with my DNS for years, until today04:50
cfhowlettSamwiseGamgee all the more reason to approach reassigning DNS with extreme caution04:51
Brycedvd+r Daul Layer 8x 8.5gb 240min04:51
SamwiseGamgeeI have been using the same DNS since 2008 without any problems, using Windows, Kubuntu, and now Xubuntu04:51
cfhowlettBryce DVD is not CD.  anyway.  DID YOU VERIFY?04:51
SamwiseGamgeeAnd did you notice that the DNS problem was only affecting Freenode, and nothing else?04:51
BryceSorry, no. Let me do that.04:52
cfhowlettSamwiseGamgee for future use ... http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/04:52
SamwiseGamgeeWhy do I need to reset my DNS?  I think the changes I made were just temporary.  When I reboot, doesn't the DNS return back to how it was before?04:53
cfhowlettSamwiseGamgee nope.  that's why you don't muck about unless you know what you're doing with it.04:53
ObrienDaveif it works, don't try to fix it04:54
cfhowlettSamwiseGamgee websites go up and down all the time ... maintenance, whatever.  always check website functionality before you tinker with the inner workings of the OS04:55
SamwiseGamgeeDamn it, I knew I just should have waited04:56
SamwiseGamgeeBut I was asking everyone on the whole web and they all told me that I am the only one who cannot access Freenode04:57
cfhowlettSamwiseGamgee live and learn ...04:57
SamwiseGamgeeso, I made a logical conclusion.....the freenode server is fine, but sth is wrong with my PC04:57
=== rick is now known as Guest14074
SamwiseGamgeeok, so how do I reset my DNS to defaults?04:59
dhruvasagarHi guys, does anyone know of a good PPA for cassandra ?05:00
=== jack is now known as Guest22251
MACscri have 2 nics (4 total interfaces) and only 1 card seems to create udev rules. Why is that?05:03
lotuspsychjeFor those who are interested: developers have been working a lot on ubuntu touch and it has improved alot of eyecandy, working perfect on my nexus7 tablet.Soon ubuntu touch phones will release also: more info join #ubuntu-touch05:04
MACscri mean they both work, but i dont get why one has the rules and the other doesnt05:04
SamwiseGamgeeBy the way, I don't think I have a router05:08
SamwiseGamgeeMy PC is hooked up to an ethernet modem, which is hooked up directly to the phone line05:08
CharlesICevery time i boot, it goes to emergency mode05:13
CharlesIChas some disk issues, and i can ctrl d to continue and it finishes, until the next time i boot05:13
CharlesICim booting from ubuntu cd now. should i just run fsck?05:13
SamwiseGamgeeYou guys told me I should not have fracked with my DNS and you gave me a lot of advice about leaving the DNS alone, but you only made my situation more  confusing05:15
SamwiseGamgeeYou guys told me to leave it alone if it's working05:16
SamwiseGamgeeBut that in itself is an ambiguous statement05:16
SamwiseGamgeeIt  could mean, you never should have changed your DNS, or it could mean, you changed your DNS, so leave it now05:16
SamwiseGamgeeSo, which  one is right?05:17
=== Guest30264 is now known as vladhaund
barnexdoes it work now? If so, no need to frack with it.05:19
barnexAt least I'd guess so, because I weren't here when the problem was discussed05:20
SamwiseGamgeeIt works, but when I reboot it will likely fail permanently05:20
barnexwell, that's a weird definition of 'works' :-)05:20
SamwiseGamgeeBarnex, are you an expert?05:20
barnexon DNS? hardly05:21
barnexbut I'd say anything that would fail after reboot isn't really in a state that should be kept05:21
InokiHi guys, can anyone have a look at my support question? http://askubuntu.com/questions/492844/unitys-dash-search-blur-is-gone05:23
WayKool99re DNS, way back in college, the instructor told us to use an IP calculator when messing with DNS, Subnet Mask, Gateway etc. guessing you might know some free Calcs online?05:27
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node1989I have Intel Xenon Machnine 32 GB RAM ( 6 core 12 threads)  Windows Machine. I need to set up R Studio Server .  Should I use VM or should I use dual boot and install Ubuntu ?05:39
peterrooneyWayKool99: not online, but the gip package is a handy GUI with the same effect.05:42
WayKool99Red Hat's CUPS software in v14.04, print server, often crashes. for years (Desktop v7.10) it hasn't crashed. now, 14.04 causes print server and/or HP printer to crash. is it possible to Throttle the data flow, like Spooling?05:44
WayKool99thank you peterrooney05:44
ashutoshcan someone help?? while installing Latex using apt-fast some files were not installed properly and i am getting05:46
=== jibran is now known as jibran|afk
WayKool99i've tried running PC's, WiFi devices and print server through a very old 10 Mbps router, hoping that would throttle the speed to stop the crashes.05:49
Symmetriahrm, whats the best CLI app for testing disk I/O performance?05:50
lotuspsychjeSymmetria: hdparm can do some tricks05:51
lotuspsychjeSymmetria: and phoronix test suite has a load of benchmark toolz05:52
user123321I want to have 2 Ubuntu/LUbuntu servers, both with identical server programs, serving thousands/million of client requests, to have load balancing and fail safe (if the main server goes down, the backup server should take position). What's the best approach? Is CARP good for this?05:52
WayKool99Symmetria, have you tried 'Disks'? lets you run Benchmark tests and SMART Data.05:54
Symmetriaheh, this is kinda neat05:54
Symmetriaroot@mirror:/mirror-data/test# dd if=/dev/zero of=speedtest bs=1M count=4000 conv=fdatasync05:54
Symmetria4194304000 bytes (4.2 GB) copied, 16.3518 s, 257 MB/s05:54
Symmetriadamn these arrays are fast05:55
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WayKool99Symmetria, in v10.04 Disks was the artist formerly known as "Disk Utility". made by the good folks at red hat.05:57
WayKool99caution. never use GParted and Disk Utility at the same time. i seriously hosed some partitions that way.05:59
Symmetriaheh, Im getting around 260meg/second write and 3gig read off my array05:59
Deepspeednever use any two partition editors at once lol05:59
WayKool99awesome Symmetria06:00
WayKool99agrees with Deepspeed06:00
Symmetriaheh I tend not to partition my larger arrays, I just write the filesystem straight without a partition06:01
Symmetrialike on this:06:02
Symmetria.dev/md0        121T  672G  120T   1% /mirror-data06:02
Symmetriafilesystem is written straight on there06:02
Paradisee_buon di o/06:03
Paradisee_suggerireste lubuntu per un pc non del tutto vecchio, per un utente piu che neofita?06:03
WayKool99how do you wipe a 3 TB Sata drive, and prep it for 2 Ubuntu version installs with GPT/EFI?06:04
WayKool99or, will 2 MBR 1.5 TB partitions work?06:04
barnexis there some way to change filesystem options without formatting?06:09
barnexI'm specifically talking about stripe and stride for ext406:09
x2xx3xhallo und einen wunderschönen! bei mir ist grad wieder soweit dass mein rechner startet, Win7 oder ubuntu zu booten versucht aber im bootscreen hängen bleibt. Mit win7 komm ich nur bis zum loginscreen aber hab keine maus und auch keine tastaturunterstützung. jetzt bin ich wieder mit nem live-stick unterwegs.06:09
barnexx2xx3x: for german try german support channel.06:10
x2xx3xoh my mistake..06:10
x2xx3xthx, i should know06:11
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RWOverdijkI remember there being a command to add your public key to a remote server. What was it?06:19
RWOverdijkThanks me.06:20
RWOverdijkYou're welcome me06:20
Slappyhey I need an assist. I somehow activated soe sort of function that has my computer verbally saying every letter I type. How do I turn this crap off?06:22
SlappyI'm running Ubuntu 14.0406:22
SlappyJust need to know how to get my system to stop saying what I do06:24
DeepspeedSlappy, it should be in the accessibility settings.06:24
SlappyI looked everywhere06:25
SlappyThat was getting so damn annoying. It made typing near impossible06:26
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marjinal1stHow can I set page margins properly in CUPS cli? I'm using like "-o page-top=100" but it doesn't make margin on page.06:43
=== _ is now known as Guest11873
kandinskihow can I restart the Window Manager without rebooting?06:56
kandinskiI have a job in a terminal I don't want to kill06:56
=== sins-_v is now known as sins-
chenbinghello,howto apt-get install libxml2-utils in Ubuntu13 , came "unable to locate libxml2-utils"07:00
MutMankandinski have you checked out this link http://askubuntu.com/questions/63767/how-do-i-restart-the-window-manager07:00
function9kandinski: service  programname restart07:01
Beldarchenbing, What ubuntu release?07:05
chenbingUbuntu 13.04 ?07:06
Beldarchenbing, 13.04 is end of life.07:06
paul_how do I remove old linux kernels in order to free my boot partition?07:06
Beldarpaul_, look at the manual remove. http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/08/remove-old-kernels-from-ubuntu-13-04-13-10/07:08
paul_beldar; thanks07:10
Energywe wish a sucking of my dick, we wish a sucking my dick, we wish a sucking my dick for an happy new year !!! :-)07:11
Beldar!ops | Energy07:12
ubottuEnergy: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang07:12
Beldarchenbing, 13.04 does not have access to the repos being eol.07:12
nishantjrxxxHi, Im trying to get my own script to run in a modified xfce4 environment - I've edited /etc/acpi/events/powerbtn to point to my script, but it's not being executed on button press. Any ideas?07:13
arun_guys, is there any arm build of Ubuntu for Tablets?07:22
somsip!touch | arun_07:23
ubottuarun_: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch07:23
arun_somsip: is there the other ?? http://releases.ubuntu.com/saucy/ubuntu-13.10-server-armhf+omap4.img what is this ?07:24
somsiparun_: no idea. If you want to talk about touch, ask in #ubuntu-touch07:28
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jershttp://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/  Shouldn't Oneric be in here somewhere?07:51
DJones!oneric | jers No, its end of life so will have been removed,07:52
ubottujers No, its end of life so will have been removed,: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on May 9th 2013, see http://ubottu.com/y/oneiric for more details.07:52
jersHm, so this means I have to update I guess?  Apt-get stopped working after I tried to update07:53
jers*after I tried to apt-get update07:53
DJonesjers: Yeah that'll be why, once the releases reach eol, their repo's get removed and support stops07:53
successushello o/07:55
successusI have a problem with wifi ralink 2790 on upgrading system 12.04 to 14.0407:56
successusralink :P07:57
successusralink RT279007:57
nicferrier14.04 the clock has gone from the menu bar with the latest update.07:57
nicferrieranyone know why?07:57
successusthe wifi works well but is unestable07:58
ObrienDavesuccessus, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222290907:58
BryceWhen I try to load up Ubuntu i get the symbol in the bottom of my screen then my computer just restarts.07:59
successusI read this thread yet, but don't resolv anything :S07:59
BeldarBryce, Did you do the md5sum check?07:59
successusI have the same problem, when de wireless drops, I can¡t connect08:00
successusI have to reboot08:00
mus1cb0xwho wants to chat about germany's crushing defeat of brazil today?08:01
Beldar!topic | mus1cb0x08:01
ubottumus1cb0x: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic08:01
ObrienDavetake it to #ubuntu-offtopic08:01
ObrienDavesuccessus, sorry, didn't actually read it LOL08:03
svetlanapds_: hi.08:03
svetlanapds_: how can I help you?08:04
pds_give me a second08:04
pds_it's kinda long question :)08:04
BryceBeldar how do I do that.08:04
Beldar!Md5sum | Bryce08:04
ubottuBryce: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows08:04
pds_kickstarting a ubuntu server 14.04 LTS from a ubuntu desktop 12.04 LTS (all in vmware), followin this tutorial http://digitalsanctum.com/2013/03/22/how-to-setup-a-pxe-server-on-ubuntu/08:05
pds_how ever i want to use a kickstart file that is on a other http server08:05
pds_so i wonder if i can just delete the ubuntu folder on the nginx of the tutorial and it will install the boot.iso08:05
ObrienDavesuccessus, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=220491208:05
pds_Bryce use md5sum on linux08:06
successusthanks very much08:06
svetlanapds_: reading it now08:06
pds_or hashtab on windows08:06
pds_md5sum is a terminal command though :)08:07
successusthis guy have ubuntu 13.10 xD08:07
BryceI can't even get linux open...08:07
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
ObrienDavesuccessus, well, probably a similar fix is in order08:07
successusI can try! thanks :)08:07
bigred15Hi all, how do I determine if my GPU has HD decoding enabled in linux?08:08
pds_svetlana opened private chat08:09
svetlanapds_: I think you can use an externally hosted file, yes.08:14
svetlanapds_: it didn't get through but it should now08:14
unopastelinux_ you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted08:14
svetlanalinux_: hi.08:14
svetlanalinux_: it works.08:14
pnglNot sure it's the right place to ask, but is it possible to reliably stream over NFS, Samba or another remote FS system?08:14
yellabs-r2hello there all you good people08:15
svetlanalinux_: you'll be able to talk again in a minute, hold.08:15
linux_how to use08:15
pngl..."FS system". Like an ATM machine. Sorry about that.08:15
yellabs-r2how can i start totem in a certain geometry ( from bash ) : for example geometry 500x600 ? any tips are more then welcome .. ( or mplayer ? )08:16
linux_where are you from?08:16
linux_where are you from ??08:16
bcverylinux_, this channel is for Ubuntu support only, if you wish to chat feel free to use #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks08:17
linux_anyone chat with me?08:17
ObrienDavein the offtopic channel08:17
successusObrienDave, I'm go to try some time, thanks!!! :)08:18
kuhnoi have a bug that appears sometimes right after booting: full-screen windows just use 1920x606px. how can i find which package's fault it is?08:18
ObrienDavesuccessus, most welcome :)08:19
pds_svetlenna give me a few secs will provide ks file08:19
linux_how to use xchat?08:19
linux_anyone tell me?08:19
pds_apt-get install xchat08:19
pds_and run it08:19
svetlanapds_, the nginx instance which hosts the thing, needs to also load naxsi.rules on that path.08:19
Brycehow am I suppose to do a md5sum check when ubuntu doesn't work.08:19
svetlanalinux_: how to use what?08:19
STMelonlinux_, for xchat help please goto #xchat ty08:20
svetlanalinux_: ah. xchat. you already are using it I believe. -- it gives you access to various chat networks.08:20
STMelonxchat is no longer being developed, you are better off using something like hexchat08:20
pds_svetlana http://paste.ubuntu.com/7769281/08:20
svetlanalinux_: you're on irc.ubuntu.com, also known as chat.freenode.net; this irc network contains many channels dedicated to collaborating on broadly licensed output.08:21
ObrienDave*drum roll and rim shot*08:21
pds_svetlana can you check the direct chat , cause the regular one is quite cluttered08:21
svetlanaSTMelon: that's a biased statement I believe, but your call. if it's not maintained, it might need to go from ubuntu repos; other than that, this channel probably is not concerned. (the client works and I've not seen pending patches to it which are not accepted, not to mention security issues.)08:22
STMelonwell look at the last time xchat has even been updated, it's not biased. IT'S FACT....08:22
svetlanapds_, I see the pastebin, but your area might be outside of my depth. please explain what you pasted.08:22
STMelonunfortunately ppl should take more time to research things such as xchat no longer maintained (updated) than make a statement ... about some1 being biased....08:23
pds_the kickstart file that i want to host on a remote server08:23
svetlanaSTMelon: if you show me a pending patch which wasn't approved I'll look into getting it in the tree08:23
wotterРебята как Тор Браузер поставить на ИксУбунту08:23
bcvery!ru | wotter08:24
ubottuwotter: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.08:24
svetlanapds_: all in one line please, if you can. it's harder to follow otherwise. I understand that you want to get the thing done as the tutorial says, and that you're hosting the thing externally, but the pastebin (or description of the problem) is unclear.08:24
STMelonso svetlana you l33t knowledge tells you that xchat will be secure as is (without it being maintained) for years to come, when EVERY irc client has been getting updates, patches ?08:24
STMeloni guess you know all08:24
svetlanawotter, добрый день, я сейчас зайду.08:24
* STMelon stands corrected08:24
STMelondo your research please before stating anything you have no clue abiut08:24
wotterКуда вы зайдете светлана????08:24
svetlanawotter, на #ubuntu-ru .08:24
bcveryNoGameNoLiiife_-, we see you, please ask your Ubuntu support question08:24
pds_svetlanna the pastebin is the kickstart file i want to use to get the semi automated install running08:25
wotterУ меня просто Видалия ошибку пути выдает устанавливает нормально а потом типо не коректно установлоена08:25
svetlanawotter, /join #ubuntu-ru, пожалуйста.08:25
aurshello channel! does anyone here have the power to fix this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wireshark/+bug/1311173/comments/1008:26
ubottuUbuntu bug 1311173 in wireshark (Ubuntu) "VoIP call flow analyses cause wireshark crashes " [Undecided,Confirmed]08:26
svetlanaSTMelon, I've seen the "pretty" development of hexchat, yes; I think we'll have to agree to disagree though08:26
=== badon_ is now known as badon
svetlanapds_, I see.08:26
svetlanapds_, and how does it go?08:26
pds_hmm just found ot that kickstart has it own channel08:26
wotterТам только видалия ставится она шифрует ip и можно допустим через хромиум сидеть уже с подменой или нет???08:26
pds_well it doesn't seem to work08:26
yellabs-r2hi linux, new to this eh ?08:27
pds_wotter please use english08:27
wotterя просто особо не шарю08:27
svetlanawotter, нам не дадут здесь разговаривать, надо на ДРУГОМ канале.08:27
wotterда не надо тебе инглишь инглишь08:27
STMelonare you a developer svetlana or just a freenode IRCOP?08:27
wotterКуда пойдем???08:27
STMelonthere is a difference between those two08:27
DJoneswotter: This channel is English language only, please join #ubuntu-ru for Russian language support08:27
svetlanawotter, /join #ubuntu-ru08:27
pds_well darn kickstart is down08:28
svetlanaSTMelon, I'm a volunteer at a few projects, with freenode being one of them.08:28
svetlanalinux_lilei, hi.08:28
STMelonIRC is not a developer08:28
Symmetriaanyone know how large the entire archive file set is for ubuntu?08:28
STMelonthat is moderation of an irc chat server08:28
STMelonircd, modules etc etc08:28
STMeloncompletely different than being a "package developer"08:28
svetlanaSTMelon: I'm not doing packaging, that is correct.08:29
NoGameNoLiiife_-my name ist your mother08:29
STMelonbut carry on, not here to argu in a OS room08:29
yellabs-r2totem video player has no geometry option ?08:29
AntCheHi. Do you know an url where battery consumption comparison between Unity, Gnome, Gnome classic, Xubuntu, Lubuntu  is delivered ?08:29
svetlanaSTMelon: good we agree there :)08:29
DJonesSymmetria: This is a couple of years old, but gives a few answers to that http://askubuntu.com/questions/21605/what-is-the-size-of-ubuntu-repository08:30
ObrienDaveAntChe, way too many variables to determine a decent comparison for battery life08:30
pds_hmm i wonder how i can just kickstart the boot.iso08:31
DJonesSymmetria: For Maverick, the repo size was 68GiB, in March 2011, somebody download everything (32/64 bit) for Lucid to MNaverick and got around 475GB08:32
Symmetriadjones *hrm* Im rsynching my new mirror server now and I'm already at way bigger than that08:32
ObrienDaveyou might need a bigger HD ;P08:33
Symmetriaits been running for 12 hours now and so far its pulled a little under 800gig08:33
DJonesSymmetria: That doesn't surprise me, new releases will have gotten bigger since then and probably older releases that have been dropped will have been smaller08:33
svetlanapds_: the tutorial has steps to follow which would let you kickstart the thing, I thought. With all due acknowledgments to me being new to that process, you have not told what your problem is.08:33
Symmetrialol obrien its not space I have an issue with, its more a case of wondering how long it will take08:33
DJonesSymmetria: Hope your not on dial up internet with that :)08:33
Symmetria./dev/md0        121T  717G  120T   1% /mirror-data08:33
ObrienDaveholy cr** 121T????08:34
function9Symmetria: there's a good tutorial on kppp if you have issues on network connections. :P08:35
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svetlanaunsurprisingly some research clusters and some other big data things run ubuntu08:35
AntChethanks, ObrienDave. Lubuntu uses the less power battery when Unity uses the highest ?08:35
pds_svetlana once again i want to use the kickstart file that i wrote and host it one a seperate machine (server) so i can freely swap out kistart config files if i want08:36
ZujkisNxHi! Is it possible to extend alias? For eg: I have alias ft=python run test; And I want to run python run test.foo; ft.foo doesn't work.. is it even possible?08:36
=== ed is now known as Guest25075
ObrienDaveAntChe, that would probably be a good start. still it depends on your computer, running apps, way too many things to consider08:36
pds_the question is how can i only kickstart the boot.iso file so that i can kickstart it08:37
auvajsplease help I recently upgraded from 12.04 to 14.04 but now have a bıg problem. when I try to log in into my account after my laptop was in sleep there is a black screen only.. Im writing from text console now...08:37
pds_whith ks=linux <url here>08:37
svetlanapds_, doesn't the page you linked explain how to kickstart the .iso?08:37
svetlanaZujkisNx: hi.08:39
svetlanaZujkisNx: try to put it into single quotes. The web mentions «alias lock='gnome-screensaver; gnome-screensaver-command --lock'» could work, for instance.08:39
auvajsanyone any idea whats wrong with08:41
Guest25075hi im new to lubuntu but was given a disc by a friend and i have installed it on a lot of ex school pcs. its all running fine except wifi wont connect. can someone talk me through it please?08:41
svetlanaGuest25075, hi.08:43
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JoshH99hey everyone, got myself in a new predicament tonight... trying to uninstall mariadb in favor of vanilla mysql since i've had some issues with mdb 10.0 since it veered away a bit on compatibility. I thought I finished uninstalling mariadb before installing mysql-server, but apparently I didn't. So now apt wants to install mysql before removing maria, but mysql can't set the root password with maria installed, which leaves08:46
JoshH99 me with a hanging install process and I have to open new ssh tabs each time. any ideas on how to kill apt's desire to finish installing mysql-server first?08:46
ObrienDavepurge it?08:46
anddamis it correct for Desktop Sharing not to be in System Settings on 14.04?08:46
svetlanaGuest25075, I'll give you more information in a minute.08:47
svetlanaGuest25075, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide has troubleshooting instructions.08:47
kippiI have a dell laptop e5540 and ubuntu is picking up the 2nd screen, however there is no output on the screen, I have got it to work once after the laptop woke up from sleeping, using 14.04, any ideas where to start? I have installed the intel drivers too08:47
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kuhnois there a support channel for MATE?08:48
Guest47233hey all. I have an issue with the ubuntu 14.04 amd 64 installation on my acer aspire v3. Ubuntu UI is freezing and to unfreeze it i have to enter one of the "background terminals" (using ctrl+alt+F4) for example and then going back to UI with ctrl+alt+f7. any idea how to resolve this issue?08:49
DJoneskuh: #mate according to their website08:49
DJoneskuh: Sorry, mistab08:49
=== Guest47233 is now known as Wolfium
Wolfiumhey all. I have an issue with the ubuntu 14.04 amd 64 installation on my acer aspire v3. Ubuntu UI is freezing and to unfreeze it i have to enter one of the "background terminals" (using ctrl+alt+F4) for example and then going back to UI with ctrl+alt+f7. any idea how to resolve this issue?08:49
Symmetriaheh ObrienDave lol, sorry I disappeared there for a second09:06
Symmetriayeah, its 121 terabytes in that system09:06
Symmetriaand its got a bundle of 4 x 10G ethernet interfaces in an LACP lag into it ;p09:07
Symmetriaand 192 gigs of ram or something09:07
jackbrowndoes anyone knows id this program works   ? I https://plus.google.com/+clownfish/posts09:07
ObrienDaveyikes, i bow to your storage prowness ;P09:07
Guest25075svetlana: i read the link but i still dont know whats going on. my wifi dongle is recognised and scans for networks. when it tries to connect it seems not to get an ip, then after a few minutes of trying it gives up and powers down the dongle. i tried with 2 tested good dongles.09:07
SymmetriaObrienDave lol its our new mirror server09:08
Symmetriabut I've had endless problems with it and ubuntu because ubuntu does very wierd things with lots of network interfaces09:08
Symmetriait doesnt seem to wanna keep the network interface names the same between reboots09:08
svetlanaGuest25075, does it give you an error message?09:08
Symmetriaalso had a huge amount of problems actually getting that disk space linked to the machine, stupid dell software that really doesnt like anything that isn't windows or deadrat09:09
ObrienDaveway beyond my knowledge of Linux in general09:09
Guest25075svetlana: no error message.09:09
Symmetriathoughts and comments on ext4 vs xfs for huge file systems btw?09:10
Guest25075im trying from desktop, no errors09:10
jackbrowndoes anyone knows id this program works   ? I https://plus.google.com/+clownfish/posts09:10
histojackbrown: you'd probably have to ask the author if he has source code available09:11
jackbrownhisto: can anyone check if this works on their system ? it's a 800kb program09:11
somsipjackbrown: FAQ suggests its no longer supported because Skype pulled API access late last year09:12
jpentlandhow can I echo the point a block device is mounted at, so I can use it in a script?09:13
Brycemy hash does match09:13
somsipjackbrown: mount | grep {device}09:13
jackbrownsomsip: sorry?09:13
somsipjackbrown: sorry - meant for jpentland09:14
histojpentland: from lsblk ?? or output of mount09:14
somsipjpentland: ^^09:14
MACscrim running ubuntu on a server and during the boot, it seems to change resolution which i find odd since its not setup to boot to a gui or anything like that. i find it odd thought the cli font is so small. Any ideas why that might happen and how i can avoid it?09:14
somsipMACscr: how are you connecting to it to see that the font is small?09:15
MACscrsomsip: i have a lcd monitor that i connect to the servers when troubleshooting them09:15
MACscryou can see it change font sizes during the boot process09:16
somsipMACscr: have you tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup09:16
histojpentland: or grab it rigth from /proc/mounts09:16
MACscrnope, but i will. thanks for the tip09:16
somsipMACscr: no experience myself, but highly voted here http://askubuntu.com/questions/173220/how-do-i-change-the-font-or-the-font-size-in-the-tty-console09:17
aurswhere is Obi-Wan Kenobi? He's my only hope https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wireshark/+bug/1311173/comments/1009:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 1311173 in wireshark (Ubuntu) "VoIP call flow analyses cause wireshark crashes " [Undecided,Confirmed]09:18
jpentlandsomsip, histo, yeah i guess all of these methods mean I'll need  to do some processing on the output to actually get what i want. I can handle that though I was just hoping mount or somethign would have a flag to just give the info i was looking for.09:18
somsipjpentland: what information are you looking for?09:18
jpentlandsomsip, just the mount point, eg "hypothetical-command /dev/sdb1" would return "/media/mountpoint"09:19
histojpentland: grep /dev/sdb1 /proc/mounts | cut -d ' ' -f 209:20
somsipjpentland: mount | grep sdd1 | awk '{print $3}'09:21
jpentlandhisto, somsip both work, thanks :)09:21
somsipjpentland: typo on device name in mine...09:22
=== tcpman is now known as Guest76065
histomine to09:22
histono just his nvm.09:22
histogawd i'm tired09:22
jpentlandi had to change the device in both cases anyway09:23
histojpentland: so just substitute the /dev/sdX# with the variable of your choice in your script09:23
jpentlandyeah I will use $1 or something09:24
histojpentland: what are you trying to make?09:24
jpentlandI'm assuming a certain partition table on an sd card, but the automount point might change based on the label, then i want to install some software there using a script09:25
histojpentland: you could identify it /dev/disk/by-id/09:26
histojpentland: does it show up there?09:26
jpentlandhisto, i see a bunch of stuff there but i dont really know what I'm looking at. Most of it is using some kind of non-human-readable system09:26
histojpentland: ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/09:27
jpentlandhisto, ah ok they are simlinks to the block devices09:28
histojpentland: referenced by serial number09:28
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calziferhi, i have installed my system in english (us) but in unity added german and japanese. US/English is used as default language and regional format is set to germany but chrome/ium can't display japanese characters in bookmarks. How can I fix that?09:44
Buzzercalzifer: can you try running locale -a in a terminal? What does it output?09:50
calziferBuzzer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7769575/09:51
Buzzercalzifer: Okay, so the locales are properly installed. Now this is guesswork, but it may be that the websites in question use a Japanese specific encoding like SJIS that the browser has trouble with. Do you have an example of a problematic website? Does bookmarking http://mainichi.jp/ result in the same problem?09:55
calziferyes, even the tab window has problems09:55
calziferi can see the website and read the japanese text's but can't write any japanese characters or see kanji in bookmarks or tabs09:56
Buzzercalzifer: Is the problem Chromium specific or does it apply to other browsers like Firefox as well? And did you reboot after installing the Japanese locale?09:57
ArmageddonHello, I'd like to ask about a way to create customized spins off of 14.04. Remastersys was EOLed and so were most of the applications that I used to use. Any suggestions on ones that work ?09:57
calziferin firefox it works without a problem and i did reboot after installing the Japanese locale09:57
FoodPleasewhats the best way for me to install osx Yosemity on a usb?> so i can install it on my mac?09:59
cfhowlettFoodPlease osx yosemite?  OSX is not supported here.10:00
FoodPleasecfhowlett, jus realize clicked wrong chat10:01
cfhowlettFoodPlease it happens.  best of luck.10:01
Buzzercalzifer: If the titles display as boxes rather than garbage it may be a font problem, though I wouldn't know what font Chromium would expect that Ubuntu doesn't install by itself when you requested the locale. You could try a shotgun approach of installing a load of Japanese font packages. If it's not the fonts either it looks very much like a Chromium problem, but I have no idea what it could be. You could10:10
Buzzertry installing a beta/alpha build to see whether it's just in the current stable10:10
calziferBuzzer: if i set my system completely to japanese it works, is it possible, that chrome only works with one (main) language?10:11
calziferBuzzer: i already tried to install as man as possible japanese fonts10:11
alfonsojoncalzifer: if i recall correctly, Chrome uses its own language preferences10:13
calziferalfonsojon: do you know, how i can set the language preferences?10:13
ed hi, im having trouble setting up wifi on lubuntu. cant get it to associate with the unsecured network. tried gui and iwconfig. card is installed and seeing wifi. please help10:14
ed<Guest25075> it tries but never actually associates and then shuts down wifi after a few tries10:14
ed<Guest25075> wifi dongle installed correct and tested in other system10:14
ed<Guest25075> also other dongle tested the same10:14
ed<Guest25075> any ideas10:14
=== ed is now known as Guest5913
alfonsojonI'm on my phone but I can help out10:14
alfonsojonOpen chrome://settings10:14
alfonsojonclick the search box, type "language"10:14
alfonsojonit should show the settings for languages and input10:15
calziferi just added japanese, it was missing10:16
alfonsojoncalzifer: Is it working now?10:16
calziferalfonsojon: no effect :(10:17
alfonsojoncalzifer: hmmm...10:17
Guest5913 hi, im having trouble setting up wifi on lubuntu. cant get it to associate with the unsecured network. tried gui and iwconfig. card is installed and seeing wifi. please help10:18
Guest5913it tries but never actually associates and then shuts down wifi after a few tries10:18
Guest5913 wifi dongle installed correct and tested in other system10:18
Guest5913 also other dongle tested the same10:18
Guest5913 any ideas? im desperate because i have 10 computers to sort out the same10:18
alfonsojonGuest5913: what dongle?10:18
ObrienDavehe probably means USB wi-fi adapter10:19
BuzzerJust installed Chromium 35 on the Arch system I'm currently on and it displays Japanese tabs fine even when Japanese is not explicitly listed. I think that's one version ahead of the Ubuntu repositories, though10:19
Buzzercalzifer: you could try your luck with https://askubuntu.com/questions/225930/how-do-i-get-the-latest-beta-and-development-version-of-chromium10:19
pds_trying to kickstart ubuntu getting PXE-E32: TFTOP open timeout10:20
calziferBuzzer: ok, thank you i'll try that10:20
pds_TFTP that is10:20
ArmageddonHello, I'd like to ask about a way to create customized spins off of 14.04. Remastersys was EOLed and so were most of the applications that I used to use. Any suggestions on ones that work ?10:20
BuzzerThough I should add that while using non-stable builds solves bugs sometimes it may introduce other ones10:21
CarogaArmageddon, what do u mean ?10:21
calziferBuzzer: just checked out...i use google chrome it's already the latest version10:21
FUNWEEKbest ubuntu supported laptop10:21
CarogaFUNWEEK, I would go with the asus10:22
ArmageddonCaroga: remastersys alternatives that work with 14.04 !10:22
Carogaah gotcha10:22
cfhowlettFUNWEEK dell xps 13 developer seems quite nice, but there IS no BEST.10:22
svetlanaFUNWEEK, http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/desktop/models/?release=14.04%20LTS&category=Laptop and http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/desktop/models/?release=12.04%20LTS&category=Laptop10:22
function9Armageddon: pendrive is apparently good10:22
Buzzercalzifer: Oh, I didn't know mainline Chrome is also an option for Linux. But Chromium has the same behavior?10:23
arpxI use an Alienware10:23
CarogaArmageddon, did you check alternativeto.net ?10:23
calziferBuzzer: i start to think it is a ubuntu problem (i have the same problem on my kubuntu machine) on debian it works without a problem10:23
arpxDual boot win 8 and Ubuntu10:23
FUNWEEKany other best alternate to dell10:23
Carogacfhowlett, actually therre is.10:23
ArmageddonCaroga: that wouldn't help, you know that it needs to be OS specific right ?10:23
arpxAre system76 good?10:24
svetlanaFUNWEEK, Yes, in the link I gave, and what people suggested. They named a few manufacturers for you.10:24
CarogaYou can choose for specific OS on their site10:24
alfonsojoncalzifer: Have you tried Chromium?10:24
Armageddonfunction9: pendrive creates a bootable USB from an ISO, can it create an ISO from a currently installed OS though ?10:24
calziferalfonsojon: just tried it with chromium, same problem like chrome10:24
Carogacfhowlett, FUNWEEK, check http://www.linuxcertified.com/linux-ultrabook-lc22.html10:24
cfhowlettArmageddon no you need an ISO10:24
Armageddoncfhowlett: that doesn't help. I need to make a customized version of Ubuntu 14.0410:25
cfhowlettCaroga allow me to retort ... http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/desktop/10:25
Carogahahaha i know it.10:25
Guest5913alfonsojon: rtl819210:26
arpxWhat is planned for the next Ubuntu release10:27
arpxI'm curious10:27
ubottuarpx: Utopic Unicorn is the codename for Ubuntu 14.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+110:28
Guest5913alfonsojon: its working on my laptop fine on xubuntu but none of the lubuntu pcs will associate10:28
arpxJust curious10:28
alfonsojonGuest5913: I need a10:28
alfonsojonSome form of way to identify the wireless card10:29
ubottualfo: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:29
function9Armageddon: oh sorry https://launchpad.net/relinux10:29
Armageddonfunction9: when I tried it a while back it wasn't working, now I can see the announcement made not to use 0.4 ;)10:31
Guest5913alfonsojon: its an rtl8192cu given by nm-tool10:32
Guest5913like i say it scans ok10:33
Armageddonfunction9: also, the repository is not working anymore10:34
alfonsojonGuest5913: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/85219010:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 852190 in linux (Ubuntu) "7392:7811 Edimax EW-7811Un USB dongle won't connect to networks (rtl8192cu module)" [Medium,Incomplete]10:34
alfonsojonThis is a known bug10:34
alfonsojonIt appears you can work around this by downloading the drivers from Realtek10:35
Guest5913alfonsojon: cheers, but how can i get this installed on the machines that have no network?10:36
Gonzo89I run "./configure parameters" with many output is there a way to few errors ? logfile or anything else10:37
Guest5913alfonsojon: i can only do it via usb stick10:37
Guest5913alfonsojon: i also tried an old zydas stick that did the same thing10:38
alfonsojonGuest5813: put drivers on flash drive10:39
FUNWEEKhow about lenovo laptops for ubutu 14.04?10:39
alfonsojoninsert flash drive10:39
alfonsojoninstall driver10:39
cfhowlettFUNWEEK ask in #ubuntu-offtopic or read the wiki10:40
fribHello--i'm trying to connect to a wifi network in ubuntu with usb adapter and every now and then instead of connecting it just creates a hotspot with an incorrect ip address (not of the wifi's lan)10:40
fribis this a known bug?10:41
alfonsojonfrib: chipset model please10:41
fribalfonsojon: alfa awus036h10:42
ubottufrib: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:42
Guest5913alfonsojon: thanks will try this10:42
alfonsojonif you need help finding thr chipset10:42
alfonsojonfrib: chipset name, not model10:43
alfonsojonsee the wifi docs10:43
fribalfonsojon: rtl818710:44
ArGGu^_^Hello I have created custom live cd and I want to set password for user and remove NOPASSWD from sudo10:44
ArGGu^_^I tried the method in that10:45
alfonsojonfrib: http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/rtl818710:45
ArGGu^_^but editing that file does not make difference10:45
philinuxFUNWEEK;~ http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/make/Lenovo/10:46
FUNWEEKi want to share my dileup connection with my phone in ubuntu10:47
fribalfonsojon: it's the strangest thing.. on boot both of my wifi cards say they are connected to the ssid but at the same time have hotspot ip addresses 10.42.0.x10:47
philinuxFUNWEEK;~ never done any of that, someone else may help10:48
function9Armageddon: sorry I was on the phone. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch10:48
FUNWEEKanyway i can share my internet connection (3g)10:49
fribmy wifi is   acting like a hotspot instead of using normal dhcp what is going on? can anyone help? thanks10:52
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Sondihas anybody an idea what the problem is see error message?11:13
Sondi2014-07-09 13:00:23.858 ERROR nova.scheduler.filter_scheduler [req-f699a7d3-e3de-40e4-b291-9ae972c7d8f9 admin demo] [instance: 55febf3d-1d56-4381-a6ca-b4b3b37e92e0] Error from last host: tb23 (node tb23): [u'Traceback (most recent call last):\n', u'  File "/opt/stack/nova/nova/compute/manager.py", line 1305, in _build_instance\n    set_access_ip=set_access_ip)\n', u'  File "/opt/stack/nova/nova/compute/manager.py", line 393, in decorated_func11:13
Sondition\n    return function(self, context, *args, **kwargs)\n', u'  File "/opt/stack/nova/nova/compute/manager.py", line 1717, in _spawn\n    LOG.exception(_(\'Instance failed to spawn\'), instance=instance)\n', u'  File "/opt/stack/nova/nova/openstack/common/excutils.py", line 68, in __exit__\n    six.reraise(self.type_, self.value, self.tb)\n', u'  File "/opt/stack/nova/nova/compute/manager.py", line 1714, in _spawn\n    block_device_info)\n'11:13
Sondi, u'  File "/opt/stack/nova/nova/virt/libvirt/driver.py", line 2262, in spawn\n    write_to_disk=True)\n', u'  File "/opt/stack/nova/nova/virt/libvirt/driver.py", line 3447, in to_xml\n    disk_info, rescue, block_device_info)\n', u'  File "/opt/stack/nova/nova/virt/libvirt/driver.py", line 3263, in get_guest_config\n    flavor)\n', u'  File "/opt/stack/nova/nova/virt/libvirt/vif.py", line 384, in get_config\n    _("Unexpected vif_type=%s") %11:13
Sondi vif_type)\n', u'NovaException: Unexpected vif_type=binding_failed\n']11:13
function9woah stack overflow11:14
Sondisorry it was the wrong window11:14
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Phil42i installed the most recent dbus update and a reboot is required but i don't want to.  how big a risk am i taking?11:25
ArGGu^_^I solved my problem, needed to update initramfs and copy new initrd to casper directory.11:31
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Guest5913alfonsojon: you still there?11:39
linux-addictHello! can I delete all the old "linux-headers-*" to get more free disk on /? Is it secure? Thanks for answer11:40
Guest5913can someone please help me compile a driver. im getting lock-smp error11:46
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IceBot3000Guest5913: What's the exact error11:48
Guest5913compile fails with error 111:49
Guest5913fail to lock linux/smp-lock.h11:50
Guest5913im running a script to compile and install a driver11:51
philinuxlinux-addict;~ yep hang  on11:52
Guest59133.2.023 is my kernel on lubuntu11:52
philinuxlinux-addict;~ do the dry run in step 6 first. http://tuxtweaks.com/2010/10/remove-old-kernels-in-ubuntu-with-one-command/11:52
philinuxlinux-addict;~ I use this regularly11:53
linux-addictphilinux: what does the dry-run of apt-get exactly do?11:54
philinuxlinux-addict;~ it shows what will be removed if you did it for real11:54
philinuxwhat would be11:55
philinuxlinux-addict;~ dry run does nothin but shows you stuff that would be removed11:55
linux-addictphilinux: but it doesn't tell me if this will be harmfull for the system right?11:55
philinuxlinux-addict;~ it leaves the latest kernel so no worries. I run this all the time11:56
linux-addictphilinux: so I can remove the linux-headers-* and linux-image-*  safely?11:56
philinuxlinux-addict;~ just make sure you have linux-generic installed as it always points to the latest kernel11:56
mulgaHi all, Im trying to lock down some ports on my machine, specifically everthing except 22 / 9999 - now prob w/ that, but doing a netstat -nat gives a few ipv6 listings and im not sure how to get remove them. i'm using CSF11:57
philinuxlinux-addict;~ yep11:57
mulgatcp6       0      0 :::22                   :::*                    LISTEN11:57
mulgatcp6       0      0 :::9998                 :::*                    LISTEN11:57
mulgatcp6       0      0 :::9999                 :::*                    LISTEN11:57
linux-addictphilinux: ok phil thanks!11:57
mulgawould like to remove all ip6 listings11:57
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mulgaisit possible to disable IPv6? is that a good idea?11:58
philinuxlinux-addict;~ here's what it shows here http://paste.ubuntu.com/7769940/11:58
linux-addictphilinux:ok thanks11:58
linux-addictphilinux:  If I can help you back one day, feel free --> MP linux-addict (OTR preferred)11:58
philinuxlinux-addict;~ i'm running 3.13.0-30, as you see it's going to remove anything previous to that11:59
Guest5913IceBot3000: fail to lock linux/smp-lock.h, im running a script to compile and install a driver11:59
Guest5913IceBot3000: fails with error 111:59
mulgaAnyone able to offer any  suggestions?12:01
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IceBot3000Yes, you can disable IPv612:04
mulgaIceBot3000: would you recomend this cmd12:08
mulga/sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv612:08
dengtkhello,who in there now?12:09
mulgaor maybe blacklist ipv6 in //etc/modprobe.d/blacklist12:09
LewocoIs it possible for regular users (not root) to configure a program to start running when the machine does?12:11
sj13Hello. I can't seem to download any new package from the software center directly or from the terminal. Please help.12:12
Skwallinux92Lewoco => you can still add a script to your cron12:13
dkordicLewoco: Look for "Strtup Applications" in drop down menu in upper right corner (where shut down is).12:13
dkordicdengtk: Hi.12:14
Carogasj13, what version ?12:14
sj1314.04 LTS, Caroga12:15
Carogasj13, open terminal and try sudo apt-get update12:15
Skwallinux92sj13: what's in your /etc/apt.source.list12:15
sj13Caroga, I tried doing that. It works, but I still can't install anything.12:15
LewocoSkwallinux92, Yeah vixie cron looks like it might do the track.12:16
Carogawhat's the error you are getting ? Also, what Skwallinux92 asked, what are the contents of your sources.list ?12:16
WerelI've been trying to make a LiveUSB of nix but I find there's no persistance whatsoever, even though I give it over two gigs to work with.  Would I be able to 'install' my distro to a usb stick, and do it without affecting the current setup of my computer, as in the HD and the cirrent boot sector?12:16
sj13Caroga, Skwallinux92, this is the error: http://pastebin.com/dxsDTerw12:18
LewocoSkwallinux92, Actually the process I want to run is a daemon. Vixie looks good for running a once off but it looks not well suited to keeping a process running indefinitely and restarting it if necessary.12:18
LewocoSkwallinux92, I suppose I could hack together some half-arsed script to try and do it myself but is there something that already exists to do this?12:19
Carogasj13, you need to also set your locales12:19
Carogait seems your system runs en_IN, correct?12:20
dkordicLewoco: That is the purpose of initd or systemd, but I know nothing about them.12:21
Carogasj13, have you modified your locales after the installation ?12:21
ener2is there a tutorial for making custom packages?12:23
sj13Caroga, Skwallinux92, here are the contents on sources.list: http://pastebin.com/U1rTTKue12:23
sj13Caroga, no I haven't. I am fairly new to Linux.12:23
Skwallinux92sj13: try to do a "dpkg-reconfigure locales"12:23
Skwallinux92and choose you language@utf812:24
DJones!packaging | This might be a good starter for you,12:24
svetlanaener: to package new software? Something like http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/packaging-new-software.html ?12:24
ubottuThis might be a good starter for you,: The packaging guide is at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/  - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring12:24
svetlanaThank you, DJones.12:24
ener2svetlana: thank you. What if the program wants to have some files in some directories? Like /usr/lib ?12:24
svetlanaener2, the links ubottu gave have extra documentation. Can't tell this specific details without reading it all. :)12:25
philinuxsj13;~ that would need  . sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales12:25
Carogasj13, what Skwallinux92 said.try that. Based on your error you should choose your current locale en_IN.ISO8859-112:25
Carogaor en_IN.UTF-812:26
ener2svetlana: well the link you sent only contains way to make it from make12:26
ener2I don't have make12:26
makarahi. I'm trying to get some background on what's going on in Germany re: open source technology12:26
philinuxmakara;~ check out munich12:27
makaraGoogling just gets me the usual stories about cities changing systems12:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:27
svetlanaener2: ubottu has sent more links by DJones's request. -- This is a new area to me and if I wanted to know an answer, I would immediately go and read its links, like you're doing, with little chances of getting to do it sooner.12:27
svetlanamakara: Hi. Interesting topic. You might find more in #ubuntu-de (or their offtopic channel, if they have one).12:28
makaraok, thanks12:29
philinuxmakara;~ you could ask in here there are users from Germany http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=1112:29
svetlanaener2, what do you use instead of make? Whatever you use to install the package from sources -- you'll have to write it down in a few files I believe.12:30
ener2nothing, really. I have compiled pyc files in correct directories where they should be placed by package12:30
Carogasj13, any success?12:32
dkordicener2: Have You seen Python packaging documentation?  Make it compatible with pip.12:34
svetlanaener2, I see. One minute.12:34
ener2dkordic: this is one time work, I want to do it without modifying source or anything12:34
dkordicener2: Take a look at ``$ sudo apt-get install quickly''.12:34
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svetlanaener2, I believe you have to write a setup.py, and then package it into a .deb package. I'm looking for pretty documentation of the process.12:35
ener2svetlana: why setup.py?12:36
ener2I just want to take all the files in pkg/usr/lib/whatever that will be put in /usr/lib/whatever12:36
ener2I don't need to compile anything12:36
sj13I reconfigured the locales. I can download from the software center now. But I have a lot of broken packages I installed previously, how to remove them?12:37
sj13Caroga, ^^12:37
svetlanaener2, you don't want the package to go into Ubuntu? Only for your personal installs?12:38
Carogasj13, it gives a list of broken packages right? try apt-get update first, then install the package again (since this will update the installed package as well)12:40
svetlanaener2: http://www.wefearchange.org/2010/05/from-python-package-to-ubuntu-package.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek1001/PyAppsPkgs and the link in the latter. -- Otherwise try something minimal from http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/ and the like and try to skip the language-specific steps.12:40
Carogaif you really want to remove all of them, then sudo apt-get purge <list of packages>12:40
sj13I tried that, it doesn't work. I can still find the files in var/lib/dpkg/info, Caroga12:42
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anddamwhat kind of server id Remote Desktop on 14.04?12:43
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anddamI enabled remote control for my user and I'm trying to connect from an OS X host with two different VNS server12:44
anddamVNS clients*12:44
ubuntuser13screen turns blacks when playing video on vlc and system login screen came12:44
anddamboth say the server "is incompatible"12:44
philinuxubuntuser13;~ which ubuntu version and what graphics card?12:45
ubuntuser13philinux: ubuntu 14.04 64bit and amd radeon 5450 and dell e1914 monitor.12:46
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philinuxubuntuser13;~ not experienced with Radeon driver, someone who is might help better12:47
ubuntuser13philinux; no problem thanks for help .12:48
DaghdhaIs there any webcam software in ubuntu? Or do i need to add it? I just plugged in an USB cam but nothing happened.12:49
ubuntuser13daghdha: yes use cheese webcam software .12:53
philinuxDaghdha;~ or Skype for linux12:53
Daghdhaheh i just found sudo apt-get install cheese12:54
Daghdhaubuntuser13: Will it allow me to stream it to other computer?12:54
philinuxDaghdha;~ i have a built in cam on this lappy, it wont activate with software12:54
DaghdhaI just wanna put the webcam on my nas and look at it from other machines12:55
Daghdhacheese doesn't seem to do that.12:55
DaghdhaI can install it anyway to see of the camera works12:55
philinuxDaghdha;~ http://xmodulo.com/2013/09/live-stream-video-webcam-linux.html12:56
Daghdhawow cheese needs a lot of libs12:57
Daghdhahope system don't die after that install12:57
Daghdhaok.. works12:57
Daghdhai will have a stab at that philinux13:00
philinuxDaghdha;~ more time gobbled up there I bet13:01
mulgacan someone please help me disable the following IPv6 ports that i have open (22 and 9999) i want them open for IP4 not for IP613:01
mulganetstat -nat   give the folling13:01
philinuxDaghdha;~ just search ubuntu stream webcam lots of more ways ;)13:02
mulgatcp6       0      0 :::22                   :::*                    LISTEN13:02
mulgatcp6       0      0 :::9998                 :::*                    LISTEN13:02
mulgatcp6       0      0 :::9999                 :::*                    LISTEN13:02
Daghdhaofcourse. vlc v4l2:///dev/video013:02
DaghdhaAnd the screen turns blood red with warnings and errors.13:02
llutzmulga: set "AddressFamily inet " in sshd_config13:02
llutzmulga: for port 9999 check the docu of the service you run there13:02
mulgallutz: i have setup 22 and 9999 for TCP and that's fine, however it's also enabled 22/9999 for TCP613:03
llutzmulga: so you have sshd listen on 22 AND 9999? change sshd_config as chown to make it listen ip4 only13:04
Daghdhaphilinux: What should have happened when i did vlc v4l2:///dev/video0 ?13:05
mulgaThats right. Ok i'll have a look at sshd_config now13:06
llutzmulga: you need to restart ssh after that13:07
mulgaactually i setup 22 and 9999 open using CSF. Should i do it through that or...13:07
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mulgayep - restart service = check13:07
mulgallutz ?13:11
llutzmulga: ?13:12
onatshey guys13:12
onatsim about to convert about 20 or so desktops from windows to ubuntu.13:12
onatsany central management stuff i should install?13:12
onatsapt-cacher is one13:12
mulgaI actually setup ports 22 and 9999 tto open ww/ CSF. Should i do it through that or...13:12
onatslike central management for users? is there such?13:12
llutzmulga: idk what csf is, use "sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config" and add "AddressFamily inet", then "sudo restart ssh"13:13
MadTuxdoes anyone know what the process do_option while installing Xubuntu is?13:13
robairtanyone tried out that new chrome remote desktop for linux?13:13
mulgaConfig Server Firewall (CSF) . Ok thanks il try that out now13:13
philinuxDaghdha;~ hang on i'll test it here, coffee first13:13
DaghdhaI gonna check gstreamer13:14
philinuxDaghdha;~ got a picture of me, surprised look on face13:15
designbybeckI'm trying to manually install Wireless drivers on a MacBook Air because I can't access the internet via wifi. I foundt he boradcom drivers and copied them to the Mac via USB...but how do I install them?13:15
philinuxDaghdha;~ i suspect it's a graphics card driver issue at your end13:16
mulgallutz: OK. That successfully removed ::22, but ::9999 still remains. Any ideas?13:16
philinuxDaghdha;~ vlc version here is 2.1.413:17
Daghdhaphilinux: Think it may be webcam - http://pastebin.com/HfzD2KPa13:17
DaghdhaPhaiax 2.0.8 here13:17
Daghdhaphilinux ^^13:17
llutzmulga: did you run 2 different ssh-servers or setup two Listen statements in /etc/ssh/sshd_config?   you might set "ListenAddress" too13:18
philinuxDaghdha;~ vlc v4l2:///dev/video0  VLC media player 2.1.4 Rincewind (revision 2.1.4-0-g2a072be)[0xdab118] main libvlc: Running vlc with the default interface. Use 'cvlc' to use vlc without interface.13:20
llutzmulga: sry, "Port" statements, not "Listen"13:20
mulgano just the one ssh.13:20
mulga# Allow incoming TCP ports13:20
mulgaTCP_IN = "22,9999"13:20
mulga# Allow outgoing TCP ports13:20
mulgaTCP_OUT = "22,9999"13:20
philinuxDaghdha;~ try it with cvlc13:21
Daghdhasame message13:21
philinuxwhich webcam model13:21
llutzmulga: thats not sshd_config13:21
mulgais that what you mean by two statements? i would have thought incom/outg were both necessary?13:21
Daghdhasays i don't know how to handle fourcc ;MJPG'13:21
mulgano,this is in csf.conf13:21
mulgano portstatements in sshd_config at all13:22
philinuxDaghdha;~ webcam model and graphics card model13:22
llutzmulga: then ask the csf-devs about support13:22
onatshow much does ubuntu advantage cost?13:22
Daghdhaphilinux: odd, software center doesn't know i have VLC. I will instal13:22
philinuxDaghdha;~ apt-cache policy vlc13:23
philinuxDaghdha;~ I'm running 14.04 ubuntu 64 bit here13:23
mulgallutz: ok.thankyou for your help none the less. you were very helpful13:23
mulgamuch appreciated13:23
llutzmulga: normal way would be to define "Port xx\nPort yyy" in sshd_config and use the addressfamily option to restrict it to IPv4 only13:23
Daghdhaphilinux: *too many people with ph here :) * i am still on 12.04 waiting for upgrade13:23
llutzmulga: "man sshd_config" for more info13:24
Daghdhaphilinux: Webcam is some ancient hercules, graphics is onboard intel.13:24
mulgaok. thanks again13:24
anddamany hint about the VNC thing? is there a specific protocol version I should be checking for?13:24
heaphi, any good desktop search tool?13:24
Picionats: Looks like you can see prices by clicking through the links here: http://shop.canonical.com/index.php?cPath=4113:24
onatsPici: yeah sorry… didnt see it earlier.13:25
philinuxDaghdha;~ mine is Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)13:25
llutzmulga: the TCP IN/OUT you wrote above are for iptables (firewall) i'd guess, not affecting ssh-server13:25
onatsPici:  would you know a ‘free’ version? :)13:25
mulgait applies / works when using csf too13:25
philinuxDaghdha;~ you could try vlc ppa and get a later version, me suspects webcam itself13:26
llutzmulga: yes they create iptables rules, but won't control the way sshd works.13:26
Daghdhawebcam is fine in cheese13:26
philinuxDaghdha;~ although it works with cheese13:26
Picionats: uh .. Ubuntu Advantage is essentially paid support.  The forums, IRC, and other community support vectors would be the alternative.13:26
Daghdhaphilinux: I installed VLC and now it works. 12.04 repo version13:26
onatsPici: im looking for a centralized management tool for multiple desktops13:26
mulgaah,that's right. but i'm not actually interested on how it affects  sshd, its necessary for a crypto daemon im running on my server13:27
philinuxDaghdha;~ ah marvellous, how you install it before13:27
llutzmulga: well, if you run a public server, you should be interested in how things work...13:28
Daghdhai think i have maybe uninstalled it because that machine is headless. But the executables vlc and cvlc where still available. It was lacking some libs maybe13:28
acetakwashi, how can I monitor which services are using internet and optionally disable then?13:28
mulganot public.but thats for your concern13:28
Picionats: There are a number of different configuration management suites available, but I'm by no means an expert in them. I just know they exist.13:28
philinuxDaghdha;~ have fun13:28
mulga*thats = thanks13:28
Daghdhathanks for help :)13:28
Picionats: puppet, chef, salt, ansible, etc.  There are probably friendlier front ends for some of them.  It is more of a roll-your-own sort of thing though.13:29
onatsPici: will start my search on those13:29
acetakwasPici, is that for me>13:31
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DaghdhaIs there anyway to see what application is using what ports?13:31
llutzDaghdha: sudo lsof -i :portno13:31
llutzDaghdha: or: netstat -tulpen13:32
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Guest89244problem with power13:33
acetakwasanyone, how can I monitor which services are using internet and optionally disable then?13:33
Carogaacetakwas, install iotop13:34
Daghdhathanks llutz, putting thos in my handy commands file :)13:34
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anddamand Real VNC doesn't work either with Ubuntu's server13:41
Guest29381anyone know why my compile of driver software failed code 2 linux/smp-lock.h no such file or directory??????????????13:42
Daghdhaphilinux: It works, but the stream is realy bad, i have better result using VNC and cheese.13:43
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heapi didnt set anything! related to ipv6 while aptitude update produced :13:43
heapW: Failed to fetch http://cz.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/Release.gpg  Cannot initiate the connection to cz.archive.ubuntu.com:80 (2001:1488:ffff::63). - connect (101: Network is unreachable) [IP: 2001:1488:ffff::63 80]13:43
heapany idea?13:44
philinuxDaghdha;~ you mean slow and choppy with vlc13:44
Daghdhaphilinux: to the extreme13:44
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Daghdhaphilinux: in cheese over VNC it's fluent13:44
heapi did aptitude update w/out any problem yesterday and today its brokent. thats brilliant.13:45
philinuxDaghdha;~ i've just tried cheese and compared to vlc miles better13:45
philinuxDaghdha;~ too much delay on vlc without even going over net13:45
Daghdhaphilinux: This cam gave me a lot of grieve with windows upgrades and lacking drivers in the past. I like how cheese just played it instantly.13:46
anddaman, here it is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vino/+bug/130708413:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 1307084 in vino (Ubuntu) "Vino doesn't work from OSX Mavericks Screen Sharing on Ubuntu 14.04" [Low,Triaged]13:46
m1chaeli am feeling very frustrated. i upgraded to 14.04 when it was released, and if i close the lid of my laptop, and re-open the lid- the computer will never recover from a black screen. i have done updates, tried fixes (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-power-manager/+bug/1303736), i just can't seem to get this fixed.. what would you guys do?13:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 1303736 in xfce4-power-manager "[SRU] Black screen after wakeup from suspending by closing the laptop lid" [Undecided,New]13:46
Daghdhaphilinux: Sadly cheese misses a simple rotate effect :) But it's a nice program working so well.13:46
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* Daghdha tilts head to see what is going on in his street13:47
MotherMGAAnyone know how to set the default bluetooth audio profile in 14.04? I'm having two problems. 1) pulseaudio isn't loading the module-bluetooth-discover, so it never registers my headphones and then 2) once I load it with `pacmd load-module module-bluetooth-discover` it doesn't register an audio profile. blueman-manager allows me to correct this, but not the standard sound settings.  Any ideas?13:47
philinuxDaghdha;~ wonder if mplayer any better13:47
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MotherMGAAlso: 13.10 worked flawlessly for my bluetooth.13:48
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Daghdhaphilinux: This willd o, i will just VNC into the machine and run cheese when i wanna see. Ir stand up, and do 1 step to the window :)13:48
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holsteinMotherMGA: where are you looking? have you tried pavucontrol?13:49
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MotherMGAto get it to work, I have to run on the CLI: `pacmd load-module module-bluetooth-discover` then I have to load "Bluetooth Manager" and change the profile from off to A2DP.13:50
MotherMGANone of those settings show in the sound settings from the indicator.13:50
philinuxDaghdha;~ aha cvlc smoother than vlc fro cli13:50
MotherMGAhowever, once, I set the profile in Bluetooth Manager, they magically show up in sound settings13:51
MotherMGAIf I don't load the module with pacmd, then bluetooth will connect, but never register the device at all.13:51
Guest59153hi,,,someone can tell me why a Clementine (player), not read m3u playlists ? tnx13:52
philinuxDaghdha;~ here's another solution , fascinating, https://gist.github.com/endolith/205277813:53
fidel_Guest59153: what happens if you select an m3u?13:53
abckb__hi I have made an alias in .bashrc <alias ocvcpp='g++ `pkg-config opencv --libs --cflags`'> But I get many "first.cpp:(.text+0x23): undefined reference to `cvLoadImage'" etc in main(). This alias works fine in my other distro. Would someone tell me whats the problem here?13:53
Guest29381hi im getting errors compiling wifi drivers, please help! i have several identical computers to fix!!13:54
Daghdhaphilinux: Seem how it should be13:54
Daghdhaphilinux: KISS13:54
fidel_Guest59153: you might as well ask in #clementine13:54
=== kloeri_ is now known as kloeri
Guest59153<fidel_>nothing, starts from the start jumping all songs....tnx for #clementine ;)13:55
user123321For 2 identical Ubuntu servers (at least 2 servers), what's the best way to achieve Load Balancing and High Availability? Is CARP good?13:55
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philinuxDaghdha;~ well well, Motion is a program that monitors the video signal from one or more cameras and is able to detect if a significant part of the picture has changed. Or in other words, it can detect motion.13:55
=== Guest93216 is now known as NaStYdoG
MotherMGAholstein: pavucontrol doesn't show the headset at all until I do the steps I mentioned.13:56
holsteinMotherMGA: sounds like a nice work around13:56
holsteinyou can file a bug, or look for one already listed13:57
MotherMGAholstein: yes, I can make them work, but I'd like to figure out how to fix it so I can just press my button and it register the profile like its supposed to.13:57
holstein!bug | MotherMGA13:57
ubottuMotherMGA: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:57
get52I just installed ubuntu 14.0413:57
get52and I have a bug13:57
=== quimoniz is now known as Guest83541
get52All there is is a porn picture of a 80 year old woman getting orally raped13:58
holsteinMotherMGA: im always pretty happy when i can get things that done promise linux support to work at all..13:58
get52is this the update?13:58
holsteinthat dont promise*13:58
Daghdhais there anyway to have ubuntu/vlc not go apeshit when i use alt-tab to switch to another program on the client side?14:01
=== boy_wanders is now known as Guest32415
holsteinDaghdha: please watch the language.. not runing into that here.. i would look at 3d graphics support14:04
Daghdhaholstein: sorry. No it has to do with modifierkeys being stuck. probably alt or tab or both14:04
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
holsteinDaghdha: you would need to elaborate then.. sounds like thats more hardware related.. try remapping or better explaining your situation14:05
Daghdhaphilinux: I have it running but it also saves al jpg files to disk now. It is better than VLC. But worse than Cheese over VNC14:05
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
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DaghdhaI connect to ubunto NAs from a windows machine using VNC. When i am inside the linux machine and use alt-tab to go to windows i get into wnidows. But when i go back to the VNC and i typ eletters in e.g. the shell it opens the menus. Like alt is still pressed i guess14:07
holsteinDaghdha: might be a better question for the vnc client support14:08
Daghdhayeh i guess is more windows/vnc14:08
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX14:09
holsteinDaghdha: ^ you ever try nomachine/freenx ? you may prefer it if you are wanting more of a native desktop feel.. if you are playing videos over a vnc connection, which i would *never* expect to work14:10
Daghdhaholstein: It's on a 1Gb LAN. And it's only a 640x480. It's no I-Max that's for sure but it will do.14:11
Daghdhaholstein: And no i have not tried that. I don't realy work on the NAS. So it's not a big issue to have it have a slower non native desktop sluggish ness14:12
holsteinDaghdha: im on a much simpler G wifi setup, and can watch video quite acceptably with freenx..14:12
e^0is their a wiki on all apt-get commands ?14:12
ravigehlotIs there an easy way to create /etc/init.d scripts using the command line?14:12
holsteinDaghdha: via the softwrae i suggested, its quite native, and *not* with your network speeds14:12
e^0default package manager of ubuntu is apt-get right ?14:12
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)14:12
ravigehlotThe goal is to create scripts to start on boot time14:12
holsteine^0: id say, default is the software center, vbut apt is there as well14:13
=== Elliott_ is now known as Guest93705
=== sum is now known as Guest94358
e^0holstein: i am talking about package manager14:13
holsteine^0: me too, friend..14:13
e^0software center is just a GUI to it, in the  back-end a package manager works i.e. apt14:14
holsteine^0: software center, apt.. etc.. though, both of those are in ubuntu14:14
holsteine^0: im not interested in arguing.. both are in ubuntu.. use which ever you need14:14
Pa^2How can I increase the size of my windows corner controls (e.g. edges and corners)14:15
BeldarPa^2, I doubt you can without a hack.14:16
e^0holstein: just read this https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/package-management.html14:17
apeoidPa^2 you can change size a lot with Settings > Displays > "Scale for menu and title bars"14:17
e^0holstein: i am not here to argue either, just stating the facts right14:18
apeoidPa^2 that might help you if they are excessively small but it also seems to alter window content sizes and fonts as well14:18
Beldare^0, No you are just arguing an issue that you have nothing to do with, this is support not your soapbox.14:18
apeoidI set mine to .875 on 21" monitor and it looks nice14:19
e^0Beldar: am i ? really..!! i am just stating things right, i don't care to correct things if it's mention wrong here. great ubuntu community :/14:19
PiciLets just move on.14:20
apeoidI kind of want to argue actually14:20
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest28539
Beldare^0, Your not specifically correct, do some actual support rather than jumping an issue that is quite open and just a matter of syntax,14:20
bcveryGuest28539, we see you, do you have an Ubuntu support question?14:21
robairtgrumpy room this morning14:21
apeoidI just changed to Ubuntu for doing GIS learning about a week ago... and it's been tough, but I really appreciate this # and the people who are there to help me even when I should be asking google queries, sometimes, it has been so helpful to have someone who can just throw me a command or a url, live in chat.  thank you all for being here.14:22
apeoidlinux is awesome and I want to never have to rely on windows because I can't operate a decent OS14:22
e^0Beldar: go to hell i am here due to i love ubuntu :)  and btw this is what official ubuntu documentation has to say https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/package-management.html14:22
e^0i can't find software center anywhere...!! :D :D14:22
Beldare^0, you are on your way to a ban bro.14:23
Picie^0: The *server* guide is not going to mention the software center since the software center is a gui application.14:23
PiciBeldar: no he isn;t.14:23
e^0Pici: is software center a package manager ?14:23
Picie^0: please mind the attitde, here, we are all volunteers.14:23
robairtapeoid: just did a big project where I basically had to learn GIS as I went... not a fun time14:23
Picie^0: yes.14:23
e^0Pici: sorry14:23
BeldarPici, That sort of attitude and that wording generally leads to it.14:23
apeoidI've done the arcgis thing now I'm trying postgresql / postgis setup.  wow.  big shift.14:24
robairtPostgres is great14:24
e^0Beldar: i am telling after reading that wiki, and there nothing was mentioned about software center being a packge manager14:24
Picie^0: Additionally, the 10.04 docs are 4 years old.14:24
e^0i though package manager is just a GUI a frontend to apt-get or aptitude14:24
robairtI was using mysql  before14:24
Picie^0: again. Ubuntu Server does not have a GUI and will not mention GUI applications.14:24
Picie^0: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, a package manager for dpkg.14:25
e^0Pici: ok :) btw what does ubuntu software center uses in the backend ? ( got curious now )14:25
Picie^0: APT.14:25
apeoidrobairt,  I'm doing the postgis install right now actually14:25
mirela666Hi can someone help me with OOM14:26
Picie^0: apt-get, aptitude, synaptic and the software center are all frontends for APT.14:26
mirela666I have plenty of free ram on vhost running ubuntu server14:26
e^0Pici: that is what i mentioned above14:26
e^0194236 e^0        │ software center is just a GUI to it, in the  back-end a package manager works i.e. apt14:26
e^0but anyways thanks for the additional info :)14:26
robairtapeoid, it's really nice and easy to use14:26
Picie^0: np.14:26
mirela666and I see from time to time killed prpocesses by OOM in syslog14:26
Beldarmirela666, Just outline in detail to the channel what your need and your end goal.14:26
mirela666beldar, what do you mean?14:27
Beldarmirela666, I do not see OOM in my trusty repos for one, and details are the key here is all.14:28
mirela666/var/log/syslog.1:Jul  9 06:38:18 <server_name> kernel: [484566.860186] check_procs invoked oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x201da, order=0, oom_adj=0, oom_score_adj=014:28
mirela666check_proc is just one out of 3-4 proceses that invoke oom killer14:29
mirela666but there is plenty of free and buffered ram on server14:29
robairtso anyone checked out that new chrome remote desktop for linux?14:31
Guest29381i need some help getting wifi driver compiled exit error code 2 . ok, the wifi was auto picked up and active but wouldnt connect. search found this:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/852190Ubuntu bug 852190 in linux (Ubuntu) "7392:7811 Edimax EW-7811Un USB dongle won't connect to networks (rtl8192cu module)" [Medium,Incomplete] so i tried to modprobe,reboot, etc and now im trying to compile the linux driver on the disc that14:36
Guest29381came with it.  the pc is an rm all in one dual core with plenty of resources, running lubuntu 12.04. the wifi i try to connect to is open, i also set up my phone as an access point also open but wont conect. only get internet by usb tether to phone. my older laptop runs the latest xubuntu and works the wifi dongle fine. so can i copy files needed from my 32bit xubuntu laptop to the 12.04 64 tower? i downloaded the latest software from rtl, ca14:36
Guest29381n i compile on 32 for 64?14:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 852190 in linux (Ubuntu) "7392:7811 Edimax EW-7811Un USB dongle won't connect to networks (rtl8192cu module)" [Medium,Incomplete]14:36
ApfelattackHi, my question is, how can i use WLAN in a VMWare Player with ubuntu (USB)?14:38
Guest29381quiet in here init?14:42
robairtalmost too quiet14:43
Guest29381im scared14:43
Guest29381i need some help getting wifi driver compiled exit error code 2 . ok, the wifi was auto picked up and active but wouldnt connect. search found this:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/852190Ubuntu bug 852190 in linux (Ubuntu) "7392:7811 Edimax EW-7811Un USB dongle won't connect to networks (rtl8192cu module)" [Medium,Incomplete] so i tried to modprobe,reboot, etc and now im trying to compile the linux driver on the disc that14:43
Guest29381came with it.  the pc is an rm all in one dual core with plenty of resources, running lubuntu 12.04. the wifi i try to connect to is open, i also set up my phone as an access point also open but wont conect. only get internet by usb tether to phone. my older laptop runs the latest xubuntu and works the wifi dongle fine. so can i copy files needed from my 32bit xubuntu laptop to the 12.04 64 tower? i downloaded the latest software from rtl, ca14:43
Guest29381n i compile on 32 for 64?14:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 852190 in linux (Ubuntu) "7392:7811 Edimax EW-7811Un USB dongle won't connect to networks (rtl8192cu module)" [Medium,Incomplete]14:43
robairtdoes it work with an older kernal?14:45
leotrhello. I have one (only one) server with 6 HDDs and 64 Gb ram. I want to setup MAAS on it and then use juju for administering it. Is it possible?14:49
Guest29381roukh: hi wasup?14:49
ubottuleotr: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server14:49
leotrthanks :)14:49
MAbeeTTHi! I am using precise in mydesktop computer. I have chomium browser from ubuntu repositories, and also google-talkpluging from google's ones. The gmail, and other google related pages freezes and the plugin crash. I read it seems being an API-plugin-related problem.14:54
MAbeeTTIs there some solution for this?14:54
holsteinMAbeeTT: are you14:54
holsteinMAbeeTT: are you up to date with upgrades?14:54
lnxslckMAbeeTT, try chrome instead14:55
MAbeeTTholstein: yes, of course.14:55
schuranatorI have a question about an issue when trying to get the latest libevent package I get a 404 not found ip is there a way to update the references?14:55
MAbeeTTlnxslck: I could try Internet Explorer instead. ;).14:55
holsteinMAbeeTT: i agree, chrome may be the easiest way to get newer code that may address your issue..14:55
lnxslckMAbeeTT, might as well move to windows14:55
=== unix is now known as Guest77569
thefinn93okay, i dont really know where to ask: I woke up this morning to find my VPS (running ubuntu server 13.10) down. When i hit the boot button it comes back, running apt-get upgrade says i need to let dpkg finish what it was doing, and running dpkg --configure -a says its starting updating libudev, then the thing shuts down again14:57
=== salman is now known as stringhelp
thefinn93suggestions? is this my shitty VPS provider?14:57
=== Guest77569 is now known as ecod3
holsteinthefinn93: please watch your langauge here.. is it a provider version of ubuntu?14:57
WerelI have an old 32bit laptop I'm using to install Linux on a flashdrive ( in my specific case, sdc ) because I don't want to install nix on my regular use laptop ( 64 bit ) in case I screw up and format the wrong drive.  Can I install 64bit nix on that flash drive with my old 32 bit system?14:57
thefinn93holstein: oh my bad! And yes14:58
xeno_So, how do I change this key password that comes up?  I now have an old one, and a new one, associated with two passwords in any of various apps on my Ubuntu desktop?  I don't even know what to call what I'm talking about, except that they are these wholesale passwords that allow avoidence of other passwords.14:58
cfhowlett_Werel nope14:58
holstein!install | Werel14:58
ubottuWerel: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate14:58
MAbeeTTisn't there some chromium-ubuntu related channel?14:59
cfhowlett_MAbeeTT don't know - definitely not supported here, though.14:59
=== KeithLG_ is now known as KeithLG
BeldarMAbeeTT, I don't see anything on freenode ##linux might be the closest.15:00
philinuxIs gksudo guifooapp still recommended even though it not installed by default15:00
MAbeeTTuh, I am seing, the package is at universe :(15:01
BeldarMAbeeTT, I believe it's lost it's general support, but if you can be concise here you may get help.15:02
=== jibran__ is now known as jibran
MAbeeTTBeldar: thanks, I found there the problem is: plungins apis, but unfortunatly the solution requires, an older plugin o a newver browoser version. Thanks.15:04
Chris__Im a user of MINT and have screen lockups on MINT 17.  I don't know how to troubleshoot or who to go to for help.  Can somebody here help?15:07
cfhowlett_!mint|Chris__ no. sorry.  for mint support - ask mint.15:07
ubottuChris__ no. sorry.  for mint support - ask mint.: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:07
DJones!mint | Chris__ Mint's not supported here, but the bot's link will help you get to the network & channel for their own support,15:07
ubottuChris__ Mint's not supported here, but the bot's link will help you get to the network & channel for their own support,: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:07
Werelext2 or ext3, just general use nix installation :P15:08
Chris__the bot?  Im really new at this.   google chrome says it can't find irc.spotchat.org15:09
PiciChris__: http://spotchat.org/connect/15:10
TehRandomso, just tried to install BitchX for old times sake... what's up with that?  no package?   can't run the precompiled?15:11
Beldar!info BitchX15:12
ubottuPackage BitchX does not exist in trusty15:12
BeldarTehRandom, Support here is on what is in the repos.15:12
=== linuxfish_ is now known as linuxthefish
philinuxIs gksudo guiapp still recommended even though it not installed by default15:20
Beldarphilinux, Depends on who answers I suspect.15:22
philinuxBeldar;~ well i'm interested in any view on this15:24
llutzphilinux: wasn't polkit meant to do the job?15:24
leeyaawhich package should i install for apr-memcache ?15:25
philinuxllutz;~ yes but pkexec not really meant for gui app. Although gparted is set up to use it15:25
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
leeyaathats apache portable runtine memcache thing15:26
llutz!info libapr-memcache0 | leeyaa15:26
philinuxllutz;~ and convoluted for new users to set up for say nautilus15:26
ubottuleeyaa: libapr-memcache0 (source: libapr-memcache): memcache client - shared library. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.7.0-3 (trusty), package size 10 kB, installed size 54 kB15:26
leeyaathanis llutz15:27
leeyaagod my keyboard ;p15:27
leeyaa!info mod_perl15:28
ubottuPackage mod_perl does not exist in trusty15:28
llutzphilinux: i just read somewhere about polkit etc but haven't really followed it. so i'd just install ggksu and ...15:28
Beldarphilinux, last edited 6/10, but again opinions to some extent. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:28
leeyaaapis it libapache2-mod-perl2 for mod_perl thingy15:29
llutzleeyaa: read package description and decide yourself15:30
Beldarphilinux, link from page bottom of last one, a little more on where it might make a difference, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo15:31
Beldarseems most of the time not an issue15:32
=== tlyu_ is now known as tlyu
leeyaallutz: yeah good point15:35
leeyaaright another question15:36
leeyaai have a few vms that sometimes crash for no apparent reason15:36
leeyaawhere else except dmesg and kernel log i can have a look for hits15:36
=== supergauntlet_ is now known as supergauntlet
=== akim_ is now known as akim
ewooyHi guys I just did a fresh install of Win 8 (Only reserved 70 out of 500GB for it), now I want to install Ubuntu aside, but partition manager doesn't detect windows partitions, it just shows whole disk as "free space". What to do?15:44
Beldarewooy, Can you run sudo parted -l in ubuntu and pastebin it.15:45
K4kIn an effort to re-use some puppet configurations between my Redhat and Ubuntu systems, if I switch the name of GID 27 from "sudo" to "wheel", will this break anything terribly?15:47
ewooyBeldar: http://pastebin.com/AR6q33UC (not: fdisk detects partitions)15:49
=== andrej is now known as Guest95103
Beldarewooy, parted should show some info, is W8 set up as a efi install, and is there any gpt partitioning?15:51
ewooyBeldar: I have no idea how W8 is set up, I just deleted partitions in its partition manager and created one at the beginning of disk, then I installed it...15:52
cfhowlett_!uefi|ewooy probably a UEFI issue15:53
ubottuewooy probably a UEFI issue: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:53
Beldarewooy, My guess it's an msdos install but you have gpt remnants in the partition table this is treatable however no sign of partition info with parted makes me wonder what is really there.15:54
ewooyBeldar: as I said, fdisk detects it, this is what is there: pastebin.com/j6DXLe6k15:55
Beldarewooy, Is there a sda, or has the HD flipped to show as sdb with a usb boot of ubuntu?15:56
NewbyGuy001wheres the channel topic15:57
ewooyBeldar: there is sda (its SSD), and I'm planning on installing / root of ubuntu there15:57
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic15:57
k1l_NewbyGuy001: /topic15:57
Beldarewooy, Have you set the bios to a legacy install?15:58
phoenixbyrdHi, I made an .sh file, I'm trying to get it to run instead of opening in a text editor when I click on the file. It's set as executable.15:58
ewooybeldar: I think I did, but I'm not sure. Will check just a minute15:58
geniiphoenixbyrd: Is the first line in the file something like:  #!/bin/bash15:59
phoenixbyrdno, I'll add that15:59
ewooyBeldar: UEFI boot is enabled, should I disable it?15:59
Beldarewooy, I think you just need to get the gpt remnants out if the partition tables sdb shows as having this issue. http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/wipegpt.html16:00
ewooyBeldar: thanks, I'll check it out16:00
Beldarewooy, You have a msdos install on sdb it looks like, I'm not really up on the bios settings.16:01
phoenixbyrdadded #!/bin/bash, but still opens up as a text file rather than just running16:01
phoenixbyrdI can run it just fine in terminal16:01
phoenixbyrdtrying to make it easy for my kid to run though16:02
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=== zen is now known as Guest23181
MotherMGA14.04 seems to have added a delay of about 4 seconds between pressing CTL-ALT-L and the screen locking.  Is that configurable?16:14
MotherMGAI'd prefer it be immediate, like it was in 13.1016:14
apeoidI did an apt-get that had lots of results and at the end it said:  E: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/videolan/stable-daily/ubuntu/pool/main/v/vlc/libvlccore7_2.1.4+git20140707+r54549+19+11~ubuntu14.04.1_amd64.deb  Connection failed16:18
=== Enigma is now known as Guest52216
apeoidhow do I finish16:19
incognitoAll my inodes are filled up. I did an update and now I have a broken package. it's the kernel, so I cannot do any kind of package management. Is there a way to remove the broken kernel. It is linux-image-generic-lts-quantal    
Guest52216If I were to run ubunto off a 64gb flash drive on my chromebook would it use the flash drive's storage or the internal storage when I download and store things?16:19
llutzincognito: sudo dpkg -P linux-image-generic-lts-quantal16:20
incognitoThanks I'll try that16:20
Kurzweilguest52216 that is configurable. Either or both I would say.16:21
OerHeksGuest52216, running from live-usb ? that would not touch your internal storage16:21
apeoidI think I did it right.  I did apt-cache search libvlccore7 and install same16:21
BeldarGuest52216, It will store it where you point it to. What type of install on the usb a full install or just loading the ISO?16:21
Guest52216a full install16:22
Guest52216so I could have both OS's at any time16:22
=== xy_ is now known as h8
=== h8 is now known as Guest82259
=== Guest82259 is now known as go
BeldarGuest52216, A full install would store on the drive it's on, however you can change this.16:24
=== go is now known as h8
BeldarGuest52216, You need to understand this though.16:25
Guest52216Sorry I'm a bit new16:26
BeldarGuest52216, Sure, any operating system will be self contained, and any disc or usb just uses the computers hardware.16:29
=== Gasseus is now known as Rallias
wblankenshipWhen installing couchdb on Ubuntu 14.04 with apt-get, it doesn't create an init.d script. I've put together a minimal docker script that demonstrates this: https://gist.github.com/wblankenship/8683cdda6370e2a0c97e16:34
=== LolliDot is now known as infinmed
cn28h_wblankenship: maybe it used upstart?16:34
cn28h_i.e. /etc/init/16:35
=== Neozonz|Disc2 is now known as Neozonz
Neozonzanyone know if there is a CLI alternative to SSHMenu?16:35
kobbbHi there. Does anyone know how to only do security updates from apt-get ?16:36
wblankenshipDuring `apt-get install` it tries to start by calling the init.d script and errors saying "invoke-rc.d: unknown init.d script, /etc/init.d/couchdb not found"16:36
wblankenshipcn28h_, so it appears it expects it to have been created during install16:37
cn28h_oh I see, so *it* tried calling it ;p16:37
wblankenshipYes, and I verified the file is indeed missing, it isn't a permissions issue.16:38
wblankenshipIt looks like everything else is fine, but I'm not a sysadmin so there could be yaks hiding in the dark voids between log statements that I'm missing.16:38
OerHeksNeozonz, just use "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"  not "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"16:39
cn28h_wblankenship: still might be worth checking if there is a conf file in /etc/init for it, if there is you can always create a link for it to /lib/init/upstart-job16:40
cn28h_you could create the link before installing the package .. which is kind of a hack of course16:41
NeozonzOerHeks, ha?16:42
=== akim_ is now known as akim
OerHeksNeozonz, dist-upgrade gives newer versions of programms.16:44
OerHeksbut might also include security updates, so it is up to you16:45
epinkyhas anyone got experience with freeradius?16:45
wblankenshipcn28h_, you are right, there is indeed a _couchdb.conf_ file in _/etc/init_16:46
cokegenhey everyone, how one changes the hostname on a 14.04 machine without a restart ?16:46
cokegenbefore we had /etc/init.d/hostname.sh start to do the job ... now how are we supposed to do the same ?16:46
wblankenshipborked package?16:47
cn28h_wblankenship: yeah, then try "ln -s /lib/init/upstart-job /etc/init.d/couchdb" before you install.. and yeah, sounds like a bug to me16:47
NeozonzOerHeks, my question was,16:48
Neozonzanyone know if there is a CLI alternative to SSHMenu?16:48
rolliесть русские то16:48
cokegenNeozonz, I was searching a ton on this ... found nothing usable16:48
cn28h_wblankenship: /lib/init/upstart-job is a generic init.d wrapper for upstart jobs so having that link *should* allow the existing scripts to work16:48
studmufHi all so i have just set up a LAMP server with Ubuntu 14.04 and I am trying to access a virtual host I set up (lets call it example.com) from my servers local ip (let call it from a web browser on my laptop. The problem that I'm having is that it keeps resolving to the default folder set up by apache2 (ie. /var/www/html/index/html) instead of my folder16:48
cokegenseems the only way is to do something with expect and ncurses16:48
bazhang!ru | rolli16:49
ubotturolli: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:49
OerHeksNeozonz, my bad, it was supposed to be for kobbb16:49
NeozonzOerHeks, np16:49
Neozonzcokegen, yeah im so suprised16:49
NeozonzI'll contribute once completed16:49
epinkycokegen: service hostname restart16:49
studmufHow would I make the example.com's index file be the one loaded instead of the default one.16:50
=== n000b is now known as n0000b
cokegenepinky, great it worked, forgot to su - again :/16:51
cokegenbash displayed the same old hostname ...16:51
n0000bon trusty x64: what is the official way to install ia32libs for i386 compatibility layer (multiarch)?16:51
wblankenshipcn28h_, I'm confused as to how that works... So simply by linking it as the name of the service I want to start it magically works?16:52
neriumDoes anyone know if 18:51:51 CEST and 18:51:51 +0200 are the same?16:58
incognitollutz: thanks so much, I was having a hard time fixing my broken package. I had a bodhi linux install with a broken package which I therefore was unable to install security updates (the install I'm working on is official Ubuntu) and I suspect that a virus destroyed my file system bodhi. I was a bit concerned because I have not been able to update my ubuntu install for about 3 or 4 months. Now I have updated my Ubuntu. Really16:58
incognitoappreciate your help. I'll save that command.16:58
wblankenshipIt appears there is more wrong with the package than just the init.d script missing, `start couchdb` doesn't spin up a process...17:01
pavlosnerium, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_European_Summer_Time17:01
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heaphey, any suggestion for recoll lens in ubuntu 14.04.?17:06
solarshi, I'm trying to usb mode switch my k5005 but always get  usb 2-2: usbfs: process 7261 (usb_modeswitch) did not claim interface 0 before use and the id doesn't change - what am I doing wrong?17:13
cn28h_wblankenship: magic might be a little bit of a stretch ;p but yes, taht's basically what it does.  It uses the name of the init.d script to decide which upstart conf to use and then issues t he appropriate upstart command that corresponds to the init.d command that was passed17:14
cn28h_wblankenship: if you ls -l /etc/init.d you will see there are already a number of examples as init.d17:15
bodkin_Hey, is this where I can get help with Ubuntu? Im new to it and i'm having a bit of trouble17:15
cfhowlett_bodkin_ yes.  ask your questions17:16
bodkin_ I tried Ubuntu on a USB boot and liked it enough to replace my orignal OS. Everything was going smoothly and I made it to the graphical login. It prompted me for a password but when I enter it, it goes black for a second and then goes right back to the login screen and asks for the password again.17:16
cfhowlett_bodkin_ what version number of ubuntu17:16
cfhowlett_bodkin_ try logging into the guest account17:17
bodkin_The guest account works, I can get into that no problem17:17
cfhowlett_bodkin_ I'm behind the great chinese firewall = damn slow internet.  do a search for ubuntu 14.04 login loop and you should find your solution17:19
paca_paca|2hi guys17:20
cfhowlett_paca_paca|2 ask your ubuntu question17:21
sbujnakHi, I have both internal bluetooth and bluetooth usb dongle in my laptop and I would prefer to use the usb dongle one. Is there a way to tell the bluetooth manager that this one is preferred over internal?17:22
apeoid$USER means 'apeoid' not $USER, right?17:22
cn28h_apeoid: eh?17:23
apeoidcn28h_,  sudo chown $USER /usr/local/src means I replace $USER with my user name?17:24
paca_paca|2i have ssh access to my ubuntu server and dont have access to another server. i want to ssh from my working server to my blocked server. i have set up the key pair before the block happend and now i made it connect. the connection lasted too little time for me to use it. it only said the standard opening statement when opening ssh session and "Connection to MY_IP_ADDRESS closed"17:24
apeoidor is $USER the current user17:24
paca_paca|2how can i make the connection last?17:24
cn28h_apeoid: $USER will be substituted by your shell before the command is executed -- USER is the currently logged in user17:24
cn28h_so you can execute it as-is17:24
apeoidI see, thank you17:25
=== Germanaz0 is now known as Germanaz0|0FF
paca_paca|2this is the command i used ssh username_on_remote@remote_ip -p custom_port17:29
paca_paca|2should i also include a flag to make the connection last?17:30
Psil0CybinHey guys upgraded kernel i notice now i do not have sound, would a kernel do such a thing? obviously i would resort to using the older kernel correct?17:32
Psil0Cybini unmuted, and remuted, and still nothing from youtube videos17:32
Psil0Cybinnvm got it17:34
Psil0Cybinhad to set off settings, for sound and back on....odd17:34
AlexPortablei'm using ubuntu with fallback mode to make it look like gnome interface17:36
AlexPortableis 14.04 with this more resource heavy than 10.04 ?17:36
AlexPortablealso is there any way to align icons on desktop to a grid?17:37
MotherMGAright click > Keep aligned.17:38
MotherMGAits kinda like a grid17:38
Psil0Cybinactually i fixed the issue but now the hotkeys actually display, that the music is off but it is still playing from youtube17:38
Psil0Cybini am assuming that is because i changed the sound input / output settings17:38
AlexPortableyou can still put them on top of each other :\17:39
OerHeksAlexPortable, why would you do that?>17:39
AlexPortablewell that happens17:40
AlexPortablewhen i want to move something to another folder17:40
AlexPortableon windows it's impossible to put them on top of each other17:40
AlexPortableand you have a normal grid17:40
paca_paca|2does anyone know why the connection between my two servers does not last?17:43
CapprenticeWhat is the most secure and trustworthy GUI download manager available for linux ? Yesterday I tried to download "Jdeveloper Studio (1.8 GB)" width Xtreme Download Manager and it corrupted the file! Now all 1.8 GB data is lost!!!! There is no torrent available for Jdeveloper Studio from Oracle.com, therefore I have to download using the HTTP Direct Download Method. What downloader should I use for downloading huge files like these?17:43
CapprenticeAny suggestions? Anyone??17:44
apeoidCapprentice, filezilla?17:44
paca_paca|2i have a tunnel setup between the two for mysql and it is stable. how do i make the new ssh connectioin last too?17:45
Capprenticeapeoid, Thats a FTP Client ! Im not sure whether its capable of accelerated http downloading!!17:45
Jeffrey_fCapprentice: What do you want to do?17:46
CapprenticeDownload a 1.8 GB file over a slow connection (only 74 KB/s speed!)17:46
CapprenticeTherefore need a good download Manager.17:47
apeoidcould try a torrent17:47
xjkx14.04 gave me screen tearing, I did the -bs in a file that google search suggested but it still happens17:48
xjkxI use nvidia17:48
Capprenticeapeoid, As I have already said, there is no torrent available for that file from official sources :(17:48
apeoidyou already said that?17:48
apeoidI guess you did17:49
apeoidwhat file do you want17:49
apeoidI'll make a .torrent17:49
PiciCapprentice: I've used aria2 in the past. It looks like 'uget' has a  gui front end for it.17:49
daftykinsCapprentice: what's wrong with wget?17:50
CapprenticeYep, apeoid ! Well here is the download link: www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jdev/downloads/17:50
=== feiScript_ is now known as feiScript
Capprenticedaftykins, Complicated! GWGET crashed often on Ubuntu 14 !17:51
PiciCapprentice: did you look at uget?17:51
=== bsfiddraxfzktxtl is now known as ogqeufoursndhppv
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apeoidCapprentice what version17:52
daftykinsCapprentice: "gwget" ?17:52
CapprenticePici, Erm.,..Yes...that has no acceleration power like Axel or Prozilla. Sadly Axel has no GUI and prozilla corrupts bigger downloads where the server does not supports it!17:52
gener1chttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN i am reading this manual and step 2 is missing some vars....17:52
apeoidCapprentice, I'm trying to do something difficult so send a pm if you can't download it through *get17:53
PiciCapprentice: there is a plugin for aria2, which does multi-connection downloads.17:53
Capprenticedaftykins, Yes. Tried GWGET, gives Glib error and crashes too Often, too old to use.17:53
=== tcpman is now known as Guest87494
SunstreamOkay people it is past half way in 2014 and by now we should of have had hoverboards and flying cars. :D17:54
Sunstream(Geek reference)17:54
daftykinsCapprentice: i said wget, not gwget17:54
=== michael is now known as Guest45437
daftykinsSunstream: this is not a channel for general chat, please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic17:54
Capprenticedaftykins, How to pause and resume downloads with Wget? Is it even possible? I have tried to start the download with wget -c url , then when I tried to resume the download, it said cant continue, 503 error !17:55
ShallweplayagameWhat does this mean? http://imgur.com/RJMgQBk What error is this?17:57
CapprenticeShallweplayagame, You need to install ia32libs !!17:58
daftykinsCapprentice: host probably denies it then. be aware that even if you download this file, something installed via manual download will not be supported in here. check there aren't packages available for this instead17:58
ShallweplayagameCapprentice: sudo apt-get install ia32libs ?17:59
CapprenticeNope! None ! there is no DEB for Jdeveloper, only Jar and bin insller both are of 1.8 and 1.7 GB respectively.17:59
daftykinsah, enjoy your proprietary Oracle software then ;)17:59
CapprenticeShallweplayagame, Nope, that wont work... If ia32-libs was available then you would not had seen that error !18:00
t_dot_zillahello, i did an apt-get upgrade and php5-fpm was installed, now when i restart php5-fpm, the .sock are not readable by nginx, so i have to do chmod 777 -R /tmp18:00
t_dot_zillaanybody else notice this on ubuntu 12.04 server?18:00
ShallweplayagameCapprentice: how do i install ia32libs18:01
CapprenticeShallweplayagame, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23182765/how-to-install-ia32-libs-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts18:01
t_dot_zillawonder if this is the problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223114318:02
t_dot_zillathat was it :)18:10
t_dot_zillaanswered my own question, thanks18:10
inerkickKindly help to install virtualenv properly i get an error when installed it in my ubuntu machine   i have these installs https://dpaste.de/2Hdr and when i run virtualenv i get this https://dpaste.de/Kgj2  the version states this https://dpaste.de/b86m18:11
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Metroidn1fHey guys, I am trying to install the minimal 14.04 x64 version of ubuntu which I I do succeed on, but I can't get Chromium-Browser to open up the display.  I want to run ubuntu through the command line with no GUI, but it always says failed to open display.  I have set the display variable to :0.0 but nothing will open.  I don't want to run a server, I just want ubuntu without the GUI.  Maybe I am missing a package of something for18:13
Metroidn1f it to work?  Maybe I used the wrong settings while installing?  I also noticed that when I try to update the packages I get an error saying that there is  no public key.  I have also configured the network Manual to use IPv4 instead of IPv6.  Can anyone help out please?18:13
rap424Metroidn1f: You won't be able to run Chromium-Browser without a window manager18:14
Piciinerkick: you may want to ask in #python, they might have seen this issue before.18:14
daftykinsMetroidn1f: so are you trying to do this via SSH -X from another ubuntu host?18:14
=== leal is now known as leeal
Metroidn1fSO I need compiz?18:14
Metroidn1fNo, all local, nothing is going to be networked.  I don't want to run a server.  I basically want Ubuntu Desktop without the GUI.18:14
rap424Metroidn1f: Compiz might be overkill, you will need Xserver, and a window manager like icebox, there are a lot of window managers out there. You cangoogle for Ubuntu window managers18:14
rap424Metroidn1f: If you want a command line browser I would suggest trying out Lynx or Links, either works great18:15
jack-w3m :P18:15
daftykinsMetroidn1f: right so you want to run a graphical program without a GUI... can you see my trouble in understanding here?18:15
rap424jack: I haven't tried w3m yet =)18:16
=== renato_ is now known as Guest36942
jack-it's cli too, like lynx18:16
=== leeal is now known as leal_
Metroidn1fThat is worded perfectly.  I do not want to have a GUI to run Ubuntu, but I want to be able to use GUI Programs.18:16
jack-pretty slim18:16
daftykinsMetroidn1f: i'm afraid that's ridiculous.18:16
daftykinsnot gonna happen.18:16
Metroidn1fI'm weird, I know.18:16
Metroidn1fIt wont?18:16
daftykinsno, you may as well add gaming on your one-line calculator to the list18:17
Metroidn1fInterpreter LOL!18:17
acovrighow can I create a xorg.conf file for nvidia (googling shows nvidia-xconfig, but that isn’t a package)?18:17
Metroidn1fSo what if I install a WM like someone had said before?18:18
acovrig14.04 64-bit BTW18:18
rap424Metroidn1f: You will need Xserver and a window manager18:18
daftykinsMetroidn1f: then you're defeating the conditions of your query18:18
Metroidn1fXServer comes with Chromium.18:18
Metroidn1fI mean other way a round.18:18
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rap424Metroidn1f: daftykins is right, installing a window manager is basically installing a GUI18:19
Metroidn1fIs it possible to have one screen just as a CLI and the other GUI via Dual Screens?18:20
rap424Metroidn1f: A little less than a full-blown GUI but still18:20
acovrigbecause my system works just fine with onboard, but when I put my nvidia card in, I get dumped into low graphics mode (I do have the nvidia drivers installed and have nvidia-settings)18:20
daftykinsMetroidn1f: X runs on one TTY, you can switch to console-only TTY's on Ctrl+alt+F1 through F618:20
Metroidn1fThat confuses me a bit.  What does TTY mean?18:21
daftykinsacovrig: sounds like it's treating it as a secondary, you may need to look in your BIOS/EFI with a way to change the priority to PCI-Express graphics18:21
daftykinsMetroidn1f: that doesn't matter, it's a legacy term... ultimately there is a console only command line login on each of ctrl+alt+F1 through F6, then X would run on the 7th18:22
daftykinsMetroidn1f: perhaps if you could explain why you're trying to do things this way we could offer a more appropriate solution18:22
acovrigdaftykins: it worked just fine for 1 run, but when I rebooted it dropepd to low-graphics mode18:22
daftykinsacovrig: it would be helpful to supply your Xorg log file to find out why18:22
acovrigdaftykins: fbioputcmap invalid argument18:23
daftykinsa full log would be useful.18:23
daftykinswhat did google say about that one?18:23
acovrigO.o apt-get purge nvidia-* got me a display…18:23
Metroidn1fI'm not really trying to do anything in particular except have an Command Line OS that is able to display GUI's for some software.18:24
daftykinsMetroidn1f: when i read that sentence i see a contradiction18:25
acovrigthere is a list of nvidia drivers, which should I pick (nvidia 331.38 proprietary, tested is the top of the list)18:25
Metroidn1facovrig:  Are you dual booting?18:25
daftykinsacovrig: depends on the age of the card.18:25
daftykinsacovrig: yes, it likely reverted to the nouveau open source driver18:25
flaxlol acovrig i just installed drivers for my geforce860018:25
Metroidn1fBasically, if I want to run Chromium, I would just type Chromium-Browser and it would open.18:25
acovrigMetroidn1f, yes but the card doesn’t work in windows (has in a previous install of win8, but for some reason not this one)18:25
acovrigdaftykins: gtx28018:26
acovrigdaftykins: and yes, it’s using xserver-xorg-video-nouveau18:26
daftykinsacovrig: do you intend to play games?18:26
acovrigdolphin on rare occations18:26
acovrigwii/gc emu BTW18:26
daftykinsMetroidn1f: sorry but you're intentionally making things harder for no apparent gain.18:26
Metroidn1fIf you are able to get into the Advanced boot settings for Win8, have you clicked low graphics?  I don't know what exactly it is called.18:27
flaxacrocity, u could go to additional drivers and pick the NVIDIA proprietary driver, worked for me18:27
daftykinsMetroidn1f: we do not assist with Windows in here. see the topic.18:27
daftykinsflax: highlight fail.18:27
Metroidn1fI know, but maybe that is why aconvrig is getting low graphics.18:27
Metroidn1fMaybe it has carried on to linux for him.18:28
daftykinsMetroidn1f: then take it to another channel or a PM thanks18:28
Metroidn1fSorry, I do appologise.18:28
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Ca11umI've installed the Ubuntu desktop onto an installation of Ubuntu Server. Is it possible to install VNC without having to manually edit loads of files and eventually find out all of the editing yielded no results?18:28
acovrigdaftykins: ironically the only/main reason I instealled win8 as a dualboot (I have it as a vm as well) is for steam, but if it doesn’t work with my card at the moment, then what’s the point lol18:28
Metroidn1fWhat card is it if I may ask?18:29
acovrigI’m thinking of imaging this drive and re-installing win8, ubuntu14 sometime if I want to play games bad enough, but I tend to spend more time in gnome-terminal anywho18:29
compdocCa11um, vnc server?18:29
acovrigMetroidn1f: gtx28018:29
Ca11umYes, compdoc18:29
compdocits all about the xstartup file18:29
Metroidn1fPCI-E?  not 2.0?18:30
Ca11umUsing a VNC client I just get a 'connection was actively refused!' message18:30
compdocCa11um, unfortunately, unity is no longer 2d, and i can no longer make it work with vnc since 12.0418:31
compdoci had to do it differently18:31
* acovrig crosses fingers and reboots18:31
Ca11umI also tried xrdp, but after logging in I just had a grey pattern filling the screen and a cursor18:31
tapamoHi to all18:31
Metroidn1fWhat board do you have acovrig?18:32
acovrigI didn’t know you could mix onboard and pci card, when I booted after putting the card in I left a VGA display on onbard for sanity’s sake and got unity on both displays...18:32
compdocCa11um, I install ubuntu server, and then the Mate desktop, and then xrdp18:32
tapamoI'm having a problem to upgrade my ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04. It saying no new version available18:32
Ca11umOkay so now I can connect, but I just get a terminal18:32
tapamohelp !!!!!18:32
Ca11umIs there a command to start the ubuntu-desktop ?18:32
compdocits all about the xstartup file18:32
daftykinstapamo: the upgrade path between LTSs is only officially available at the end of the month18:33
daftykinstapamo: once 14.04.1 is released then you'll be offered the upgrade18:33
tapamothx a lot for thr information18:34
acovrigMetroidn1f: Asrock Z77 Pro418:34
daftykinsacovrig + Metroidn1f - guys if you're going to talk hardware please take it to appropriate channels - it is *OFF* topic here.18:35
Metroidn1fIf I install Ubuntu Desktop, how do I make the default login screen the CLI one?18:36
kb3ien iptables -v  -t nat -A PREROUTING -d 72.80.X.Y/32 -i eth1 -s 199.255.X.Y  -p gre -j DNAT --to-destination   -- doesnt forward anything,  iptables -t nat -nvL doesn't see the packets that tcpdump can...18:37
acovrigMetroidn1f: as-in make it a non-graphical system?18:37
kb3ienany suggested modules that i should or should not have18:37
=== d3fc0n is now known as Guest50891
DJones!text | Metroidn1f18:37
ubottuMetroidn1f: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode18:37
Metroidn1fNo, have the option to go do alt f718:37
Ca11umIs it possible to dedicate Ubuntu 14.04 to powering a Windows VM?18:38
Ca11umWhich VM software is best for such use?18:38
compdocto do what?18:38
compdocwindows server runs pretty well in kvm18:38
Ca11umMy host provider doesn't offer any form of Windows operating systems, so I'll need to run Windows on Ubuntu18:38
inerkickhi i'm not able to get help from python channel and they guide me to get to ubuntu channel to sort the error. i get this error which check version of virtualenv. kindly help   virtualenv --version18:39
inerkickTraceback (most recent call last):18:39
inerkick  File "/home/rohit/bin/virtualenv", line 5, in <module>18:39
inerkick    from pkg_resources import load_entry_point18:39
inerkick  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pkg_resources.py", line 2880, in <module>18:39
inerkick    parse_requirements(__requires__), Environment()18:39
unopasteinerkick you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted18:39
compdocbut I wouldnt use it for graphics18:39
daftykinsCa11um: is this a VPS?18:39
inerkicki'm getting this error while trying to install virtualenv. kindly help, since python channel without much solution directed me here. https://dpaste.de/uYGq18:40
EmsYHello, guys. I need a fast help here. I have this error " Could not apply the stored configuration for monitors"18:40
daftykinsEmsY: when doing what18:41
EmsYWhen rr my pc18:41
daftykins'rr' ?18:41
EmsYAnd now I have some shitty resolution, I can' t see anything. rr = restart18:41
acovrighow do I select proprietary drivers from the command line (Google says jockey-text, but apt-get says unable to locate package)?18:41
daftykinsEmsY: right, don't use daft short hand from now on. also, keep the language family friendly.18:41
EmsYI found some topic in the internet, there they say " remove monitors.xml " but I haven' t got this file18:42
daftykinsacovrig: you don't need to do that, just install nvidia-current18:42
Metroidn1fLet me reword my question.  Once I install Ubuntu Desktop with GUI as the System, how do I make the default login be the command line one instead of the gui one?  I don't want a cli system, I still want the option to do ALT F7 to go to the GUI Mode.18:42
EmsYdaftykins: sorry18:42
daftykinsEmsY: did they refer to a path in ~/.config/... ?18:42
EmsYdaftykins, yes18:43
daftykinsEmsY: what version are you running?18:43
EmsYdaftykins: 14.0418:43
daftykinsand ubuntu with unity?18:43
EmsYwhat do you mean?18:43
daftykinsMetroidn1f: use the previously mentioned 'text' boot advice then make yourself a script that runs X when you want it. simple.18:43
=== n-st_ is now known as n-st
acovrigMetroidn1f: you can have the graphical system installed, and have it boot into a lower runlevel, thus defaulting to command line, but they you can always run startx to get to graphical side of things18:44
daftykinsEmsY: there are many versions, xubuntu, lubuntu, kubuntu... ubuntu...18:44
EmsYoh, ubuntu18:44
daftykinsacovrig: ubuntu does not use runlevels.18:44
=== jack is now known as Guest84824
EmsYthis resolution is so annoying, I can only see like half of my desktop18:45
javariskHi all. How do I make sure if my home directory is encrypted?18:45
userfmount|grep home and u should see ecryptfs18:47
userfjavarisk: you should have encrypted swap too18:47
Metroidn1fHow would I change one screen back and forth to GUI mode and CLI?18:47
daftykinsMetroidn1f: what do you mean one?18:47
Metroidn1fHave GUI on one, and CLI on the other.18:48
Metroidn1fI have two screens.18:48
daftykinsnot gonna happen without much much much fiddling18:48
PiciMetroidn1f: I'm not sure the *right* way of doing it, but you could do something like using chvt to set a particular tty on boot.18:48
javariskuserf: oh I see, how do I do that now after I am done installing Ubuntu already?18:48
bennypr0faneHello, I have a KDE question - no on is responding at the kubuntu channel: Hello, I can't find desktop-settings for changing my wallpaper. when I right-click on the desktop, "desktop-settings" is not in hte menu. I have a special desktop style (but I don't know its name and don't remmeber where I set it), with favorite launcher in a the top row, a search panel in the middle, and the Kickoff menu app categories  in the bottom. the18:48
bennypr0fanebottom row shows matching app names as you type in the search panel18:48
userfjavarisk: what do?18:48
javariskuserf: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1416829.html18:49
javariskThis is same case as mine. Hopefully it has solution18:49
acovrigdaftykins: I did apt-get purge nvidia-* then apt-get install nvidia-current and my gfx card displays are blank, but my onboard display isn’t, I can’t access the Ctrl+Alt+F* terminals, but can get gnome-terminal18:50
EmsYGuys, please help!18:50
daftykinsacovrig: you've got to pick which device you want and stick with it, disconnect onboard outputs and check BIOS/EFI for an option as i said hours ago18:50
userfjavarisk: if you have not encrypt during install you can simply create encrypted partition and move user folder there, after that symlink to /home18:51
javariskuserf: I did clicked "encrypt the home folder and it also asked me for the passphrase I remember"18:51
Metroidn1fOne more question, when installing Ubuntu, I have the option to use 4 different kinds of package things, one is the main, then non-free from universe then another from multiverse, then the last one being backsomething, should I select all of them?18:52
userfjavarisk: its ok18:52
daftykinsEmsY: so what's the story, is this a desktop? have you changed monitor?18:52
javariskuserf: if I mount this drive from my other windows which is alongside ubuntu. I don't see any home directory though18:53
javariskuserf: I dont' need to run this ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase18:53
javariskdo I?18:53
acovrigdaftykins: I now have nothing plugged into my onboard, the bios is set correctly (it displays, and so does grub), but both displays are blank; it plays the login-ready sound so it has booted, but both displays are blank18:53
EmsYdaftykins, I had an update. After update ubuntu asked me to restart now or restart later. When I restarted my resolution was so big, I saw only a half of a screen. Still seeing...18:53
EmsYThe error when I logged in my user looks like this. http://www.codesend.com/view/d74cceb54d280042cc9e37b5891ea14c/18:54
userfjavarisk: i dont know it's specyfic to ubuntu18:54
javariskI see18:54
Ca11umdaftykins: Yes18:54
daftykinsEmsY: drop to a TTY and run a full update and dist-upgrade18:54
eogra7Forgive my stupidness, but when I log on via ssh echo $0 always returns -sh, how can I make the shell bash?18:54
daftykinsCa11um: then your query is a very bad idea18:54
=== djD3f is now known as d3fc0n
userfjavarisk: in debian you just use cryptsetup for that job18:54
raspberrypifani got the tail from that modem18:55
acovrigeogra7: for just that once or from now-on?18:55
daftykinseogra7: set it in /etc/passwd18:55
ragdol1I am unable to find 'cal' (part of util-linux or bsdmainutils, I suppose). Has it been removed? Is there a way for me to install it18:55
EmsYdaftykins, already did a dist upgrade18:56
eogra7acovrig: I always want to use bash18:56
javariskuserf: it's protected I checked with this one http://askubuntu.com/questions/53242/check-if-partition-is-encrypted18:56
javariskuserf: right, that's LUKS kinda?18:56
daftykinsEmsY: do you have a xorg.conf ? can you pastebin your Xorg log file? (/var/log/Xorg.0.log )18:56
acovrigok, like daftykins said, edit /etc/passwd or run sudo usermod -s <path to bash (usually /bin/bash)> <username>18:56
userfjavarisk: sure LUKS18:57
EmsYdafykins, give me a 1 min18:57
=== gnu is now known as Guest35725
eogra7acovrig: thanks!, that usermod command worked18:57
daftykinsand with that he was off18:58
=== d3fc0n is now known as Guest53625
acovriglol, yup18:58
EmsYdaftykins: here you go. http://paste.ubuntu.com/7771582/18:58
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blizzow1Intel Centrino 7260 wireless + ubuntu 14.04 ... gah, it's killing my productivity.    I keep getting disconnected.  In 13.10, I was doing great.  In mint 16, things are awesome.  I keep getting disconnected from my wireless network.  Works fine in Windows.  I've tried to upgrade to a newer kernel and /lib/firmware/iwlwifi*  and that hasn't helped.  There are a bunch of posts in the forums but none of the "solutions" mentioned have worked for me.  Anyone he19:00
daftykinsblizzow1: you got cut off at "Anyone he..." but if Mint works, why not use that?19:01
blizzow1Because I don't want to reinstall over my old OS?19:01
blizzow1daftykins: "Anyone here experienced this and/or fixed it?19:01
daftykinsblizzow1: seen talk of it but no solutions19:02
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
martin1969good afternoon. i need some help configuring a kensington trackball. i'm hoping someone here can help.19:03
martin1969so far, i've downloaded an app called imwheel.19:03
martin1969but i don't know how to assign key sequences to the buttons.19:03
raspberrypifanwhats the latest version of ubuntu and when is the next one coming out19:06
ragdol1it is always xx.04 and xx.1019:06
ragdol1Current version: trusty (14.04) and next one utopic (14.10?)19:07
lordbachusFun fact about that19:07
Piciraspberrypifan: Ubuntu versions releases are always named for the YEAR.MONTH that they come out, and they are typically released in April and October.19:07
Piciwhere typically means always unless something goes really wrong.19:07
martin1969so any trackball user here?19:07
raspberrypifanah ok19:08
raspberrypifanso i can use the current 1419:08
acovrigooh, that makes perfect sense, like it-logical19:08
acovrigyes, 14.0419:08
Piciraspberrypifan: 14.04 yes.19:09
acovrigdaftykins: I installed nvidia-current, set my BIOS for PCI and I just have blank displays19:09
ragdol1Found the solution for missing cal - Ubuntu doesn't ship with the 'cal' that is shipped with util-linux's upstream (kernel.org), but with 'ncal' from bsdmainutils which is slightly different from aforementioned 'cal'19:10
daftykinsacovrig: yeah you said... is the mouse there fine?19:10
mickutzhi guys, I wonder if anyone can help me. I have apt-mirror downloading files on a fairly slow connection and I need to stop it. does anyone know how I can do that?19:10
acovrignope, 1 display is even alseep; nothing, not even Ctrl+Alt+F* (is that called virtual consoles?)19:11
Beldarmickutz, stop downloads in general, can you be more specific?19:11
braindropcan anyone help with enabling the 'write-intent-bitmap' for an md device?19:12
=== makije_ is now known as makije
yoLo_Guys, is there anyway i can reduce my screen size while keeping my screen resolution the same ?19:12
Beldarmickutz, Do you not want your mirror up to date?19:12
acovrigdaftykins: luckily I have SSH though19:13
mickutzBeldar, yes, but I have to stop it for some time so I can download something else19:13
mickutzat the moment it's taking all of my bandwidth and it's not going to finish in the next 24 hours by the looks of it19:14
Beldarmickutz, Others will be better on this. ;)19:16
daftykinsacovrig: is your user set to auto login?19:16
daftykinsacovrig: so you see a login screen first before this?19:16
daftykinsit's either one or the other19:17
Beldaracovrig, Try to be used to using nicks when addressing others.19:17
acovrigno, as-in not this boot, but normally yes19:17
daftykinsacovrig: create another user and test19:17
acovrigBeldar: yea, I usually do, but sometimes forget19:17
daftykinsacovrig: i am multi tasking a lot so i may miss responses otherwise19:17
mickutz:) cheers Beldar19:19
acovrigdaftykins: booting verbose splash, I see the verbose part, but don’t get to the splash part, I get a verbsoe boot too fast to read, then the displays go blank and I hear the login sound19:19
LucidGuyAnyone perform Ubuntu Server 10.04 to 12.04 upgrade lately?  Should I avoid an upgrade "do-release-upgrade"19:20
daftykinsacovrig: are they in power save or pure blank black image?19:20
daftykinsLucidGuy: i don't personally believe in upgrades but you can try one sure, just make sure you have backups19:21
acovrigone is in power save, the other is black image19:21
acovrigboth plugged into the gfx card, the bios,grub,verbsoe boot shows on the one that isn’t in power save19:21
LucidGuydaftykins, a full re-install and setup of all software/hardware is also a pain in the ass.19:21
daftykinsacovrig: the fact you can't get your card going in Windows concerns me.19:21
daftykinsLucidGuy: welcome to computing!19:21
acovrigyea, given it was installed with the card (I installed ubuntu w/out the card)19:22
acovrigdaftykins: It makes me wonder if the card is bad19:22
daftykinsacovrig: the OS install, is it one you have much important on or a clean install? i really can't think what to suggest beyond confirming the card is good first19:25
yoLo_daftykins, is there anyway i can reduce my screen size while keeping my screen resolution the same ?19:25
acovrigdaftykins: I wouldn’t want to format the drive, but could dd it first; I just find it odd that it worked when I first put it in, then after I reboot it doesn’t19:27
daftykinsyoLo_: define 'screen size'19:27
hethhi. I'm having problems with GRUB and 14.04 server x64. althou I install grub, when I reboot there is no bootable device. MB is Atom if that matters; Any troubleshooting ideas?19:27
=== cn28h_ is now known as LordXe-gnu
yoLo_daftykins, the actually full size of my screen, instead of full i would like it to become smaller like a window19:30
daftykinsyoLo_: what possible purpose could that have?19:32
yoLo_that would make the screen look more sharper, daftykins19:32
yoLo_because full size makes it looksa very pixelated19:33
ObrienDaveyoLo_, you might want to look at your resolution settings19:33
daftykinsyoLo_: an LCD screen has a resolution, you must output to that exact resolution to see a proper image. you can play with DPI after that, if the size of text is too large for you, but there is nothing else.19:33
yoLo_ ok wait19:34
yoLo_for example, you know when your running linux through a virtual box ?19:34
Cheekio^Is there a good option for VNC clients with Ubuntu?19:35
Cheekio^I can't seem to connect with a custom username using Vinagre, which is what AskUbuntu recommends19:35
ObrienDaveCheekio^, try VPNbook19:36
yoLo_daftykins, in mu bios settings, the screen default is full screen, but i can change that into making it smaller so the images looks smaller and vivid while retaining the same resolution settings19:37
=== miqui_ is now known as miqui
=== Thor^^ is now known as Thor
daftykinsyoLo_: i don't understand what you're saying at all, that doesn't sound like anything any BIOS i have ever seen provides19:37
yoLo_but in full screen although the resolution is the same things looks pixelated19:37
ObrienDaveyoLo_, you're in scaling mode19:37
ObrienDavedaftykins, mine will do that as well19:38
Cheekio^ObrienDave: does VPNBook do VNC?19:38
daftykinsObrienDave: oh 0o some kind of intel on-die graphics options?19:38
Cheekio^Does it have a ubuntu repo package?19:38
daftykinsyoLo_: sounds like you're running the wrong resolution for your display then19:38
yoLo_ObrienDave, yes is there a way i can run this mode with ubuntu ?19:38
daftykins!info vpnbook19:38
ubottuPackage vpnbook does not exist in trusty19:38
ObrienDaveCheekio^, sorry, i don't know about VNC19:39
Cheekio^Does anyone use VNC here? Vinagre is like kid gloves19:39
ObrienDaveVPNbook is a free service19:39
ObrienDaveyoLo_, what is your native screen resolution?19:40
ObrienDavelet me reboot and check the BIOS setting19:41
daftykins1024? are you sure? that'd have to be some tiny LCD19:41
ObrienDaveyoLo_, then you need to make sure your desktop is displaying to that exact resolution19:42
yoLo_ObrienDave,  it is19:42
yoLo_it's pretty much my graphics that's shitty i guess19:43
daftykinskeep the language family friendly please19:43
ObrienDaveyoLo_, brand and model of your computer please19:43
torjvhi everybody, can anyone help me with a kernel panic?19:44
yoLo_Thinkpad R31 celeron CPU19:44
daftykinstorjv: just ask the channel.19:44
torjvdaftykins, how do you mean? been a long time ago i used irc. :)19:44
ObrienDave!ask | torjv19:45
ubottutorjv: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:45
daftykinstorjv: as in instead of waiting if someone can help, just ask the question19:45
ObrienDaveyoLo_, IBM or Lenovo?19:45
ObrienDavek, sec19:46
daftykinsyoLo_: the Pentium III ?19:46
yoLo_celeron 1.3 Ghz19:46
yoLo_i have worked hard to get it working this far...19:47
daftykinsbit of a museum piece then19:47
ObrienDaveyoLo_, it will do 1600 x 1200 according to http://www.cnet.com/products/ibm-thinkpad-r31-pentium-iii-1-ghz-128-mb-windows-xp/specs/19:47
yoLo_yea.. i also have a brand new still sealed IBM thinkpad pentium 419:47
torjvgot it. i use ubuntu 14.04 through vmware 10.0, after i upgraded to kernel 3.13.0-30, i got a kernel panic, can not find boot partition. if i use the 3.13.0-24 everything is okay, why does it panic, and what can i do to fix it?19:48
ObrienDaveyoLo_, so the issue is you're not running the resolution high enough19:49
yoLo_ObrienDave, that is the only resolution ubuntu can detect 1024x76819:50
torjv_sorry, had a little drop out there..19:50
ObrienDaveyoLo_, then you probably need the correct drivers19:51
daftykinstorjv: just skip that kernel and wait for the next.19:51
ObrienDavetorjv, i just got 3.13.0-32 a few minutes ago19:51
torjv_oki no problem, is there a way to revert to 0-14 so i don't have to reboot into it everytime?19:51
gumby_hello.  I have a 3lcd setup using two nvidia cards.  I have two of the LCDs setup as screen0 and the second as screen1.  When maximizing an application on screen0 it spans across both LCDs, is there a way to make the application maximize only on a single LCD.  Specifically, the LCD it is app is already running on19:51
ObrienDavetorjv, check out grub-customizer19:52
torjv_ObrienDave thanks, will do!19:52
ObrienDavetorjv, be careful with it though19:52
torjv_ObrienDave thanks for the warning ;)19:54
hethhi. I'm having problems with GRUB and 14.04 server x64. althou I install grub, when I reboot there is no bootable device. MB is Atom if that matters; Any troubleshooting ideas?19:54
raspberrypifandoes most debian packages work on ubunut19:55
ObrienDaveyoLo_, check out https://01.org/linuxgraphics/19:56
theperfectpunkwhy is executable code not common in linux?19:57
ObrienDaveraspberrypifan, yes and no. ymmv19:57
torjv_another question i only have found wage answers on google. I have issues with the mouse capture/lock, like look around in games like rust, or grab and move in openttd. I understand this is a common issue in linux, but do anyone of you guys know a fix for it?19:57
raspberrypifanwhats it depend on19:57
yoLo_thanks, ObrienDave19:57
theperfectpunklike eclipse in adt19:57
theperfectpunkcan't they just provide executable code319:58
theperfectpunkinstead of having us compile it everytime19:58
brontosaurusrextheperfectpunk, most distros do provide exe code19:59
torjv_ObrienDave, The way i understand grub.customizer you just pull the boot option you want to the top?19:59
theperfectpunkbrontosaurusrex: you mean in their respective repo?20:01
ObrienDaveyes but that is more like menu order. it defaults to #1 entry. BTW, being a PPA, it's really not supported in this channel20:01
torjv_ObrienDave okay, thanks!20:01
Alone_n_PoorI like compiz but the project is dead so I'm searching for my perfect de or wm, so Openbox looks nice alternative but the project appear as semi deprecated too!20:01
Alone_n_PoorSomeone helps me?20:02
supergauntleti'm pretty sure openbox isn't deprecated20:02
supergauntletif you like compiz's effects take a look at kwin20:02
Alone_n_PoorOpenbox have an ugly webstie and packages are one year old20:02
brontosaurusrextheperfectpunk, yes20:03
Alone_n_PoorKwin is nice but... I think KDE is too big and low optimized20:03
Alone_n_Poorsupergauntlet: which do you use?20:05
supergauntletAlone_n_Poor: i personally use i3 but that's a tiling wm20:05
hethhi. I'm having problems with GRUB and 14.04 server x64. althou I install grub, when I reboot there is no bootable device. MB is Atom if that matters; Any troubleshooting ideas?20:06
Alone_n_PoorI'm using i3 actually from six months but... it is very limited to customize20:06
yoLo_ObrienDave,  it has been installed i'll restart my PC20:08
ObrienDaveok, let us know how it goes :)20:09
hethhi. I'm having problems with GRUB and 14.04 server x64. althou I install Ubuntu and GRUB, when I reboot there is no bootable device. MB is Atom if that matters; Any troubleshooting ideas?20:12
PaolaGirlcan I install kde just with apt-get install kde?20:12
compdocwhat sort of drive?20:12
backboxAnyone here using BackBox?20:13
=== Riobe_ is now known as riobe
backboxJust wanted to know where I could find some tutorials20:16
apeoidI have a hdd that is a second disk in a windows installation.  I want to mount it read-only and copy data.  how do?20:18
hethapeoid, good with live cd20:19
hethapeoid, boot* with live cd20:19
apeoidit's showing in the launcher but I can't mount or anything... I didn't turn off windows 8 fast start20:19
apeoidso basically it's hibernated or whatever20:19
apeoidI've mounted this drive before exactly the same way with a read only option20:20
apeoidI can't find it in google search though20:20
apeoidugh I'll just go shut down the windows 820:22
GuyThatNeedsHelpi have this problem with awm when i try and display my computer screen to my tv though vga i get an error "Failed to apply configuration: %s" and "GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SettingsDaemon was not provided by any .service files"20:22
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skfaxI'm trying to run "sudo apt-get install perl=5.14.2-21", and the output states "The following extra packages will be installed: perl ...", however it doesn't install any packages?20:23
GuyThatNeedsHelpbut when i use unity and get it working then go back to awm it works i just cant change the resolution settings20:23
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AlexPortablehow can i disable graphical things on ubuntu 14.04?20:32
AlexPortablepreviously it was at the right mouse button menu near change background20:32
=== Elliott_ is now known as Guest96931
AlexPortablealso whats the command for run?20:33
=== khisanth_ is now known as Khisanth
AlexPortablerun as in; open terminal20:36
AlexPortabletype firefox20:36
AlexPortablebut then without terminal20:36
yoLo_ObrienDave, unfortunately my resolution goes up to 1204x74820:38
yoLo_after installing the intel drivers20:40
ObrienDavehmm, maybe the monitor port goes to 1600x120020:42
mjuszczakWhat's the best way to build a custom package so that I can distribute it to multiple servers with apt-get?  Is it making a PPA?  And if so, is that best hosted on launchpad?20:43
mjuszczakFYI this is just for organization specific builds of normal software, like ffmpeg.  Not software I'm trying to release or anything.20:43
ObrienDavemjuszczak, you can create your own PPA20:44
AlexPortableanyone here?20:45
maxh76I am20:46
zartooshHI how could I have /var/log/boot.log timestamped?20:46
maxh76I'm not sure about that.20:46
maxh76I would recommend searching google.20:47
AlexPortablehow can i disable graphical things on ubuntu 14.04?20:47
maxh76Do you mean, the entire GUI?20:47
kostkonAlexPortable, what graphical things exactly20:47
daftykinsAlexPortable: if it's running slowly, consider using something lighter weight than unity20:48
AlexPortablekostkon: if you move a window20:48
AlexPortablewhat would you recommend?20:48
maxh76I'm confused on what you're asking, are you asking for windows to not be moveable?20:48
mjuszczakObrienDave: Would I host that at launchpad or is that something I can host anywhere, like S3?20:48
daftykinsmaxh76: don't be daft20:48
maxh76Sorry, I'm just not sure on what he's asking.20:49
AlexPortablein ubuntu 10.04 you could disable graphical effects20:49
AlexPortablealso xubuntu uses xfce20:50
AlexPortablewhich is too limited20:50
hethhi. I'm having problems with GRUB and 14.04 server x64. althou I install Ubuntu and GRUB, when I reboot there is no bootable device. MB is Atom if that matters; Any troubleshooting ideas?20:50
maxh76heth: Is there another operating system on the disk you installed it on?20:51
hethmaxh76, nope. fresh install on empty disk.20:51
acovrigdaftykins: I find it interesting that it works with nouveau just fine, but if I pick any nvidia-* driver it fails, if I have a display on onboard it shows low graphics mode, otherwise blank displays20:52
acovrigdaftykins, I wonder if the card feeling hotter than the bottom of my 210F macbook has anything to do with it...20:52
maxh76heth: Are you able to get into the system at all? Or does it just sit at the GRUB screen saying it isn't bootable.20:52
hethmaxh76, it isn't going to the GRUB screen at all. I think that message is from the BIOS20:53
torjv_Is the 32 kernel available in the main distro?20:53
[0xAF]Hi all, I have a problem with ubiquity. I'm installing mint-kde-i386 from usb drive, from hybrid image (dd if=iso of=usb). It seems something is broken on the usb, since Ubiquity says  Input/Output error on 46% if the file copying and it stops. The MD5 is ok and I doubt the USB drive is broken, but anyway, is there a way to force the install to finish ? I have big problem with rebooting this old laptop, since the BIOS do not want to boot from the USB, so20:53
maxh76heth: Are you sure the CPU architecture is 64-bit?20:53
hethmaxh76, why would ubuntu install on 32bit?20:54
maxh76heth: Good point..20:54
hethmaxh76, also I can boot it with 12.04 boot cd when I do boot from first HDD20:54
hethit works fine20:54
hethjust can't make GRUB boot it20:54
maxh76heth: Try reinstalling Ubuntu 14.04 Server on the disk.20:55
maxh76heth: Especially if it's a fresh install and you have nothing on it yet.20:55
hethmaxh76, I reinstalled GRUB, no results20:55
maxh76heth: Do you have another machine you are able to try and boot with?20:55
hethit's not ubuntu after all that isn't booting, I just don't know much about GRUB not getting anything up20:56
hethmaxh76, boot what with?20:56
maxh76heth: Boot the hard disk.20:56
hethmaxh76, I can boot that hdd on the same maching with live CD20:56
ObrienDaveany ideas on why someone cant get the latest kernel? still on 3.13.0-2420:56
hieronemushello,  I need help regarding ssh-ing to a host behind steping server, i followed this guide in the old days http://sshmenu.sourceforge.net/articles/transparent-mulithop.html20:57
hethObrienDave, reboot?20:57
PiciObrienDave: What kernel do you expect to have?20:57
ObrienDavehe can't d/l it. reboot won't help20:57
maxh76heth: Interesting.. I'm not sure what you could try, I'm going to search something quick.20:57
f0x90If I have a laptop running a persisten livecd of ubuntu could i leave the bay open and make it hot swappable?20:57
hieronemusit was working, but right now i'm on trusty and cannot make it work20:57
hethmaxh76, ok. thanks20:57
PiciObrienDave: -32 is only in proposed right now.  if they want -30, they should make sure that the updates and/or security repositories are enabled.20:58
ObrienDavei just got -32 a few minutes ago20:58
ObrienDavethis is my uname -a, Linux david-vaio 3.13.0-32-generic #56-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jul 7 11:32:12 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:00
PiciObrienDave: -32 is only in trusy-proposed.21:00
PiciObrienDave: linux | 3.13.0-32.56  | trusty-proposed21:00
kostkonObrienDave, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhasedUpdates21:01
ObrienDavenot arguing with you Pici, i have it installed and running21:01
PiciObrienDave: okay :)21:01
kostkonObrienDave, that could be the reason21:01
Glorfindelloosing power will not usually make ubuntu/grub stop working will it?21:01
ObrienDavehe cant even d/l -3021:02
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PiciObrienDave: do they have the security or updates repositories  enabled?21:03
maxh76I couldn't find anything heth, sorry..21:03
maxh76I have to go as well.21:03
priuoncan applications affect the session manager?21:04
hethmaxh76, thanks anyway21:05
ObrienDavePici, checking, thanks :))21:05
hethhi. I'm having problems with GRUB and 14.04 server x64. althou I install Ubuntu and GRUB, when I reboot there is no bootable device. MB is Atom if that matters; UEFI is disabled; Boots perfect with live CD when I pick Boot from first hdd. Any troubleshooting ideas?21:06
zmbmartinI am using ghostscript to compress pdfs. On my OSX machine the compressed pdf looks identical to the full pdf. In ubuntu the compressed pdf is missing some patterns and fills from the full pdf.21:06
zmbmartinAnyone have some ideas why?21:06
hethzmbmartin, are you sure the ghostscript version is supported by your PDF viewer?21:07
jack-zmbmartin, use a better pdf writer?21:07
zmbmartinheth: Not sure what you mean. This is a ubuntu server.21:08
torjv_Pici added to my source.list deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu precise-proposed restricted main multiverse universe but nothing new,21:08
zmbmartinjack-: Such as?21:08
jack-dunno, didn't need one yet21:09
adamcunningtonOne thing that really confuses me... once you've added a PPA, how do you know what the name of the thing you are installing is? I can't check through apt-cache search as i don't know if this is showing me the older version repo one or the ppa21:09
=== pedrocr_ is now known as pedrocr
ObrienDavePici, torjv_ is the one with the kernel issue. i'm thinking he does not have any trusty repos enabled21:10
adamcunningtoni.e. what am i installing from https://launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/ubuntu/handbrake-releases21:10
hieronemushello there, I'm trying to configure ssh access to a remote host who is accessible only from public host...basically I'm using socks proxy on local and trying to use ProxyCommand...found lots of articles regarding this issue and almost all of them are using nc, but cannot make it working. Any clue?21:11
ObrienDaveadamcunnington, look in the PPA itself. they have a list of packages there21:11
adamcunningtonObrienDave: but what happens when the name of the package is the same as the one in the repo? which one will ubuntu install?21:12
hethhi. I'm having problems with GRUB and 14.04 server x64. althou I install Ubuntu and GRUB, when I reboot there is no bootable device. MB is Atom if that matters; UEFI is disabled; Boots perfect with live CD when I pick Boot from first hdd. Any troubleshooting ideas?21:12
Ben64adamcunnington: the one from ppa21:12
adamcunningtonBen64: ObrienDave ok great thanks21:12
adamcunningtonSecond thing... that ppa has no version for ubuntu 14.04 but i have on good word that it will work - is my only option to build from source?21:13
torjv_pici ObrienDave's advice worked, I'll try to reboot21:13
adamcunningtonor can i deliberately add a software source that is for 13.04?21:13
jack-adamcunnington, i bet you can21:13
adamcunningtonI had it working before but can't remember what i did - think i was using the old version21:13
adamcunningtonjack-: great so i would just add precise main ?21:13
adamcunningtonjack-: or raring etc. ok great thanks21:14
Ben64adamcunnington: i wouldn't mix versions like that21:14
jack-don't shoot me if some dep fucks it up21:14
kostkonadamcunnington, use this for now https://launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/ubuntu/handbrake-snapshots  that's what the dev recommends for 14.04 afaik21:14
adamcunningtonkostkon: oh you genuis, good find thanks21:15
kostkonadamcunnington, np21:15
adamcunningtonkostkon: it's annoying, version 0.9.9 is in the repo but they've patched the mp4 container out, leaving just mkv... sucks21:15
kostkonadamcunnington, yeah, i know, i've seen some posts on the forums21:16
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adamcunningtonkostkon: i just did sudo apt-get install handbrake after adding the repo and it's installed the one from the ubuntu repo... why?21:17
kostkonadamcunnington, did you apt-get update first21:18
ObrienDaveadamcunnington, always apt-get update before upgrade21:18
adamcunningtonObrienDave: i did21:18
Bashing-omheth: Dual booting, or stand alone 14.04 ? ... Do you boot to the grub boot menu when booting the hard drive ?21:19
jack-yeah, never forget apt-get update after modifying your sources21:19
kostkonadamcunnington, output of  apt-cache policy handbrake-gtk  ?21:19
adamcunningtonkostkon: ObrienDave see this is what confuses me, having jumped into synaptics, it looks like i probably should have installed handbrake-gtk but where an earth does it say that on https://launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/ubuntu/handbrake-snapshots21:19
adamcunningtonkostkon: i just installed handbrake because the packages on that launchpad page at the bottom are just called handbrake21:19
adamcunningtonit's so unclear.21:19
hethBashing-om, fresh install fresh disk. I don't think I get to GRUB at all21:19
kostkonadamcunnington, yeah you usually need to know the pacakge name beforehand or just use the software centre :P21:20
adamcunningtonkostkon: but how can you know it?21:20
adamcunningtonkostkon: where would it say? if you're using a ppa, you're presumably not using the software centre for a good reason - in this case, missing functionality in the version supported in the software centre that i require21:20
adamcunningtonbrb need to reboot...21:21
Bashing-omheth: Fresh install, maybe grub did not install where ya expected it to .. did you do the install from a USB drive ? Maybe all we have to do is install grub to the hard drive ?21:21
hethBashing-om, I booted in recovery with the CD and did grub-install /dev/sda; that didn't do the thing21:22
ObrienDaveheth, dual boot? if only one OS you might not see GRUB menu21:22
hethObrienDave, but I expect it to BOOT, right?21:23
ObrienDaveyes it should, re-reading your notes21:24
Bashing-omheth: Show us what we are working with, pastebinit -> sudo fdisk -lu , sudo parted -l <-// IF we are working MBR booting, I suggest (RE-)insalling grub from the liveUSB --// let's see ! .21:24
hethBashing-om, I don't have remote access to the box :( I did reinstall grub with grub-install /dev/sda and it installed successfully. but didn't boot afterwards. can it be something with UEFI?21:27
adamcunningtonThanks for your help before guys.21:27
adamcunningtonI'm now getting "libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable." I think i need to install libdvdread4 and then run /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh21:27
adamcunningtonI just wanted to check that there was no package later than libdvdread4?21:28
Bashing-omheth: If that Motherboard is UEFI capable, sure ! -> GPT partitioning, and MBR is out the window .21:28
hethBashing-om, it's GPT yes, it asked me when I installed21:29
hethBashing-om, but when I enable UEFI the live CD doesn't boot at all; it stays on black screen21:29
OerHeksadamcunnington, no, as it is up2date, blue ray is a different story21:29
skfaxIs it possible to use apt-get or aptitude to intentionally downgrade a package X, and downgrading all other packages which depended on the newest version of package X - to an older version which works with the older version of package X?21:30
jack-skfax, not automatically21:30
adamcunningtonOerHeks: ah, i need to be able to read bluray too, what do i need for that?21:30
jack-you have to apt-get install each package separately21:31
skfaxjack-: I was able to manually downgrade by using apt-get download + forcing dpkg21:31
jack-sure :)21:31
skfaxBut it sort of messes with the packaging database, since there's tons of dependencies21:31
jack-i just mean: you can't have one package dragging in all the rest21:32
OerHekshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD or recent post http://www.libregeek.org/2014/01/05/a-guide-to-playing-blu-rays-on-ubuntu-linux/21:32
Bashing-omheth: Then MBR - installing to the root of the hard drive, no workie. The boot code then must be installed to a EFI partition. That is all I know of that situation. If others can not advise better, well, we can struggle through getting grub installed properly, but I do not have UEFI, and to thus time I have not encountered it directly - so will be a struggle on my part too.21:32
adamcunningtonOerHeks: cheers21:32
OerHeksadamcunnington, but not all blue ray discs will play, same as some dcd's do not play too21:32
adamcunningtonOerHeks: why is that? due to propietary formats?21:33
OerHeksi am not sure about todays limits, but there were changes in coding, yes21:34
hethBashing-om, I did make a BIOS partition for EFI it said that it must be 1MB; I made it automatically. so if it's GPT, GRUB cannot be installed to the /dev/sda ?21:34
Bashing-omheth: Correct, in that with GPT partitioning, grub is to be installed onto the EFI partition. Not sure at all how the server install works, desk top install, installing in UEFI mode the installer does pick up and install correctly to the EFI partition.21:36
maxxd_hi, after new drivers in my ubuntu 12.04.4 the laptop's touchpad doesn't work. please help me21:37
rswhey, is there a guide/walkthrough/tutorial/etc for connecting to the internet using the ip command line tool?21:37
hethBashing-om, maybe I should make a separate /boot partition for grub then..21:39
Bashing-omheth: Don't think that will help in this instance. We are looking at getting the correct boot code installed correctly on the correct partition. Legacy booting ? -> (parted -l)->1 2048s 4095s 2048s bios_grub <- .. is your output similar to this ?21:41
hethBashing-om, I have no idea sadly. the machine is in the office and it can't boot as I said heh. I can check tomorrow21:44
hethBashing-om, what should it say?21:44
hethparted -l?21:44
Bashing-omheth: Background info: There now are two versions of grub, grub-pc (BIOS boot) and grub-efi (UEFI boot). So grub is still used with both BIOS and UEFI boot but it installs differently as the two ways to boot are different. To comolicate matters more, there are 2 ways to install for GPT partitioning.21:46
hethBashing-om, ah, good, what are they?21:47
Bashing-omheth: Run -> sudo parted -l <- depending on "  bios_grub  " flag as to what the booting is to be.21:48
hethBashing-om, I see. I'll do that tomorrow.  what are the options? and how can I install efi or pc grub to try which will work ?21:50
adamcunningtonOerHeks: thanks - got it all working following that great guide, good resource cheers21:53
OerHekshave fun21:53
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specsmuI have a question:  Is there any way to get ubuntu to install on a whole disk WITHOUT trying to add a partition table?21:58
specsmuI'm trying to install on a guest VM.  the volumes are LVM, I don't need nor want partitions on them.21:58
specsmuBut I can't figure out how to get Ubuntu to stop insisting.  It's annoying.21:58
torjvwhat wm are you using?21:59
specsmuit blocks the install, too.  the OS doesn't recognize the added partitions.21:59
rustyraptorI am having a problem logging in with the display manager21:59
torjvspecsmu what wm are you using?22:00
specsmuwm?  I don't understand.  I'm using the server CD, Xen host.22:01
Bashing-omheth: Maybe; in a Full Change Root environment -> apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64 <- If you WERE running AMD-64, as it is ATOM, not at all sure !22:01
torjvsorry, vm, virtual machine ;)22:01
rustyraptorI recently installed the nvidia non-free drivers. That leads me to think it's xorg22:01
specsmuahh.  xen 4.3, opensuse 13.1.22:01
hethBashing-om, it is AMD6422:02
specsmuI create an LVM volume for root, and one for swap.  but when I try to install, it insists on partitioning xvda1 and xvda2.22:02
hethBashing-om, okay and how to do grub pc?22:02
torjvspecsmu sorry then I'm no help, I only know Windows VM's..22:02
Bashing-omheth: Worth a shot, will do nothing that can not be undone. Let's say you are booting legacy, so make sure "secure boot" is disabled.22:03
specsmunp...  but surely there must be a way of telling Ubuntu "use the whole disk, I don't care about partitioning"22:03
Bashing-omheth: Are you comfortable doing a Change Root ?22:03
hethBashing-om, there is no such thing as secure boot.. only UEFI option is on or off22:03
hethBashing-om, what is that?22:03
torjvspecsmu, just to be a fool for asking, "the whole disk", is it the virtual disk or your real HD?22:04
specsmuthe virtual disk.22:04
Bashing-omheth: OK, that is where you boot up from a diffent OS ( say a liveDVD ) and change into the actual install. No big deal, workie great last long time, but there are LOTs of mounting to be done.22:05
specsmuI already have everything configured exactly how I want, and it's exposed to the VM.22:05
specsmubut the VM won't cooperate and allow me to write directly to the disk without trying to partition it.22:05
specsmuer, the installer22:05
hethBashing-om, yes I've done that. /proc /sys /dev bind mount; I also think the rescue boot option does it by default tho22:05
torjvspecsmu is the virtual disk "virgin"? then you have to partition it.22:05
Bashing-omheth: There is such a utility as "boot-repair" that stands a good chance of fixing your issue.22:06
specsmuit's virgin, by design.  I don't want to partition it - I want to just write directly to it and let xen take care of the booting, etc.22:06
specsmubut I would settle for it letting me boot instead of just saying "I can't notify the OS, you're on your own".22:06
apeoidI've installed nautilus-open-terminal package to right-click open a terminal inside any file browser window... but it opens the wrong terminal emulator.  how can I see/edit the nautilus-open-terminal configuration?22:07
hethBashing-om, yes. I tried to install it bit it's not in the ppa;22:07
Bashing-omheth: lemme hunt it up ( boot-repair) .. brb.22:07
torjvwell i would believe that a virtual disk is like a real disk, it needs to know what to do, so partition it and everything is okay, it will not mess up your mbr22:08
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specsmuI've been a sysadmin for nearly 20 years, and sometimes I just hate computers.  hah.22:10
torjvspecsmu all computers are made to fuck you up :P22:11
IdleOnetorjv: please no swearing in here22:11
specsmuguess it didn't like swap.  :P  fun fun22:13
GlycanHow may I verify that I have "usbnet (CONFIG_USB_USBNET) & cdc_ether (CONFIG_USB_NET_CDCETHER)" drivers?22:13
Bashing-omheth: Boot-repair: -> sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair , sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair // command -> boot-repair <- to run .22:14
hethBashing-om, yea, but it said there is no package22:14
Bashing-om!boot-repair | heth22:14
hethBashing-om, yes, there were some people on the forums saying that it's not updated for 14.04 yet but i don't know22:15
Bashing-omheth: Do not know what I can advise, as I just installed it ( 12.04 !!!) maybe not able form 14.04 ??22:16
hethBashing-om, yes there is no package for 14.04 i think22:16
hethbut I don't know22:16
JordanJ2Hi, Does Ubuntu 14.04 support a install with Secure Boot and UEFI both on?22:16
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adamcunningtonHi, i'm trying to merge 2 audio files using mencoder but when doing -oac faac, I get an error message that mencoder wasn't compiled with faac. I think it was removed for licensing reasons so I just need to remove mencoder, install faac and then reinstall mencoder?22:18
adamcunningtonapparently, the "install faac" could have been done with medibuntu but it's no longer maintained and the ubuntu page mentions libdvdcss instead. Can anyone advise?22:19
Bashing-omheth: Well, Like I say, I have no direct experience with UEFI, but we can try a CHange Root into the install and do ->apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64 <-. Asumming that the EFI partition exist. ( parted -l to see )22:20
Ben64adamcunnington: you can probably use lavc's faac22:20
hethBashing-om, I will try to make it bigger, because the install said it can be 1MB but that is too small i think22:21
hethBashing-om, thanks for the help! I will try all that tomorrow :)22:21
adamcunningtonBen64: what does that mean?22:22
adamcunningtonBen64: install lavc in between removing and reinstalling mencoder?22:22
Ben64adamcunnington: removing and reinstalling will accomplish nothing22:22
adamcunningtonBen64: it compiles installed codecs when you install it i think22:23
Ben64adamcunnington: nope. they are binary packages22:23
Bashing-omheth: From my notes: "The bios_grub only needs to be 1 or 2MB but must be unformatted." And I have seen recommendations of 250 MB.22:23
adamcunningtonBen64: so you need to install faac separately, then re-compile (through reinstallation)22:23
adamcunningtonBen64: well, 20 forum posts say this is the solution22:23
adamcunningtonBen64: but i'm just interested in fixing my problem. What do I need to do?22:23
Ben64adamcunnington: well they're wrong, because installing is not compiling22:23
GlycanSorry, my connection died. How would I go about installing usbnet and cdc_ether?22:23
Ben64adamcunnington: you could compile it yourself22:24
hethBashing-om, hm. maybe it tries to install efi and it only has bios_grub partition22:24
adamcunningtonBen64: no idea how, sounds hard22:24
hethBashing-om, what should be the bios_grub setting? in parted -l22:24
adamcunningtonBen64: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=156066022:25
Ben64adamcunnington: you can ask in #mplayer or #mplayer2 for help compiling22:25
Bashing-omheth: Yep, 2 manners of install for EFI, and we have to match the method to how grub expects to boot.22:26
adamcunningtonI don't even know what i need to do though, compile what? what does that mean in this context22:26
adamcunningtonsurely i just need to get mencoder to recognise an installed libfaac22:26
hethBashing-om, you said 2048s 4096s, which is what?22:26
Ben64adamcunnington: if the binary package in the repositories doesn't have it, then it doesn't have it. it will never recognize something it is not compiled with22:27
adamcunningtonBen64: what binary package? libfaac?22:27
Ben64adamcunnington: mplayer22:27
adamcunningtonBen64: so in theory i just need to compile mencoder with libfaac?22:28
adamcunningtonBen64: which entails what? downloading libfaac from somewhere and compiling it with mencoder?22:28
JordanJ2Hi, Does Ubuntu 14.04 support a install with Secure Boot and UEFI both on?22:28
Ben64thats a better question for #mplayer or #mplayer2 but why not just use a better codec or use the faac command line?22:28
Bashing-omheth: The boot flag is "bios_grub" // 222:29
Bashing-omheth: '2048' is the start of the blocks for the sector, and 4096 is the size of those sectorrs ( efi must be size 4096 ).22:30
hethBashing-om, aha I see.22:31
adamcunningtonis avconv better than mencoder? sick of all it's bullshit problems like not including aac codecs :|22:33
Bashing-omheth: As this is GPT partitioning, ya might want to install 'gdisk' to look at the partitioning in detail. -> apt-gt install gdisk , sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda <-.22:33
hethadamcunnington, aac is proptietary closed protocol22:34
adamcunningtonheth: what should i use instead? mp3lame?22:34
daftykinsadamcunnington: keep the talk family friendly please22:35
jack-aac is apple22:35
jack-good quality though...22:35
jack-your choice22:36
adamcunningtondaftykins: my bad22:36
Ben64you can use "faac" on the command line to make aac files, or you can use a better codec22:37
hethBashing-om, ah! I managed to route myself and login to the box :)22:37
Bashing-omheth: Well ! Where there is a will, and a bit if time, there is a way.22:38
dfreyHow do I configure which monitor is my "primary" one?  I can re-orient my two displays using the display section of the system settings, but it doesn't persist after I logout22:40
hethBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=17zh7cNF22:40
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Bashing-omhe look'n at your raw.php?i=17zh7cNF .22:41
f55384hi, has anyone had issues with midnight commander starting slow?22:43
f55384like 15 to 30 secconds to start22:43
hethBashing-om, I updated it with gdisk output: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=9ejtpPUB22:44
hethas I see MBR is not capable of more than 2.2TB strange...22:45
specsmuyeah...  for more than 2T you need GPT22:46
specsmugpt == kind of a pain, but ok once you get used to it.22:47
specsmukind of like Ubuntu. :D22:47
THE_GFR|WORKhey everyone I have a question, how do I get the Archive Mounter functionality back?22:47
THE_GFR|WORKas seen here http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/mount-archive-file-clicks-ubuntu/22:47
hethspecsmu, how can you utilize 3TB then..22:48
jack-with 2 partitions? :P22:48
hethspecsmu, why it's pain?22:48
Bashing-omheth: Lot's I do not know "Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B" the 512 Byte sector size gives me cause for consideration.22:49
hethjack-, good point :) but sometimes that' complication22:49
specsmuused gparted to create GPT partitions22:49
rustyraptorguys help22:49
rustyraptorI am having a problem logging in with the display manager22:49
specsmuthe only trick is you need a small (1M) bios_reserved partition to hold the grub data.22:49
hethspecsmu, I thought so, and I made 1MB for that, but grub isn't booting :)22:50
specsmuI haven't been paying attention, what's your error?22:50
specsmugrub is the worst boot loader out there, except for all the others22:51
rustyraptorI can log in with my guest account but not my main account. I recently switched to the nonfree drivers22:51
hethspecsmu, "[10-7.00:12:33] <heth> hi. I'm having problems with GRUB and 14.04 server x64. althou I install Ubuntu and GRUB, when I reboot there is no bootable device. MB is Atom if that matters; UEFI is disabled; Boots perfect with live CD when I pick Boot from first hdd. Any troubleshooting ideas?"22:51
rustyraptornvidia card22:51
specsmuhave you set the bootable flag on the partition that includes the kernel?22:52
hethspecsmu, what would you recommend if not grub?22:52
gumby_hello all. I have a 3 lcd setup using two nvidia cards and am using ubuntu driver version 304.117-0ubuntu1. I have two of the LCDs setup as screen0 and the second as screen1. When maximizing an application on screen0 it spans across both LCDs, is there a way to make the application maximize only on a single LCD. Specifically, the LCD it is app is already running on22:52
hethspecsmu, I doubt22:52
specsmuheth:  grub.  like I said, except for all the others. :)22:52
hethspecsmu, I don't know what else can chainload windows and work on efi22:52
specsmuheth, I'm being silly.22:53
hethah another zombie process waiting for IO..22:53
specsmuanyway, make sure you've got the boot flag set on one of your partitions.22:53
hethspecsmu, also: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=9ejtpPUB22:54
THE_GFR|WORKhey everyone I have a question, how do I get the Archive Mounter functionality back?22:54
THE_GFR|WORKas seen here http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/mount-archive-file-clicks-ubuntu/22:54
daftykinsgumby_: sounds like you're using the nvidia tech to make two screens be one, so no - you're using a setup that essentially lies to the OS :)22:54
specsmuheth, which partition holds your /boot22:54
leeyaado you think that any of this output could indicate a problem: http://oi58.tinypic.com/15f4q6a.jpg i got it from a crashed vm.22:55
specsmutoggle the boot flag on that.  It's not set.22:55
hethspecsmu the /22:55
specsmuok, toggle the boot flag on it.22:55
hethspecsmu, in my case thats sda222:55
specsmuit is separate from the bios_reserved flag and should be set.22:55
hethI believe so yes22:55
specsmuok then... do it.  chop chop. :)22:55
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Ben64specsmu: boot flag is not required...22:56
gumby_daftykins: makes sense.  Odd thing is, when I use two LCDs for Screen0 with different resolutions I don't have the issue.  When I use two LCDs for Screen0 with different resolutions its not a problem22:56
rustyraptorUmm well I am leaving now. I would appreciate it if you guys would review my problem on the forums I have gotten no reply yet.22:56
rustyraptorI understand the channel is a bit busy today.22:56
specsmuBen64:  usually when I see "no bootable partitions" that's what I look for.22:56
daftykinsgumby_: that makes sense since there's an edge to map to22:57
hethspecsmu, I always thought that boot flags doesn't matter for linux22:57
hethspecsmu, will this do it? sudo sfdisk -A2 /dev/sda22:57
Ben64heth: does grub show up at all?22:57
hethBen64, no22:57
daftykinsgumby_: here's a crazy idea, if you could manually set the second matching screen to one row of pixels less, it wouldn't be able to maximise due to not fitting - no idea if that's possible mind you :D22:57
specsmuthey matter to the bios.  sometimes.22:57
Ben64then its not a boot flag problem, grub probably isn't installed22:58
gumby_daftykins: may be a bandaid.  Will think about how to give that a try22:58
Ben64heth: i'd suggest running boot-repair from the livecd, and pastebin the info here22:58
hethBen64, I'm totally sure it is, I'm not sure it's properly installed :)22:58
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hethBen64, I didn't find a package for 14.0422:59
specsmuthings learned from doing this for a long time:  after typing "shutdown -h now", wait three seconds and double check the hostname.22:59
hethspecsmu, the problem with setting the boot dlag is, I cannot test if it will work, becasue if it did not I can't do anything to log on again (i'm sshed there)23:00
specsmuoh, it's not local?23:00
hethspecsmu, it not at the moment23:00
hethtomorrow I'll be there23:00
specsmuI see.  then basically you're just finding oiut things to try23:00
hethspecsmu, I can try many things but not test them23:01
hethbut, yes.23:01
specsmuI got my VM installed.  it partitioned the virtual disk.  I don't like that, but it is what it is.23:01
Ben64heth: i'd almost guarantee its a problem with grub's install23:01
hethBen64, I know. but what problem, and what to do?23:01
Ben64heth: probably reinstall. not sure whats wrong now23:02
specsmuheth:  this might work better if you're actually at the machine while you're here, right now it's all just conjecture.23:02
hethspecsmu, you don't have a choice VMs are unaware of a blockdevices over file system over block device23:02
specsmuwe give you things to try, and I'm sure you write them down and are appreciative, but you can't try them... so we're just kinda blowing smoke.23:02
hethspecsmu, the best way to solve a problem is to understand it :)23:03
specsmuheth: it knows it's a virtual device...  but I'd be happy with a "install to whole disk and full speed ahead" option.23:03
specsmumaybe a checkbox "this is a VM, I've already taken care of everything, I just want you to install."23:03
hethspecsmu, and you will want to recover data at some point.. then what? :)23:03
specsmuheth:  I created the volumes as an LVM. Each partition is its own LVM.  So partitioning that is nonsensical.23:04
Bashing-omheth: ;; Ben64 ;; This concerns me, but I do now want to mislead "Found valid GPT with protective MBR; using GPT. , Logical sector size: 512 bytes" // Would that not slow a server down ? do we not want th sector size to be 4096 ? as we do have GPT partitioning ? -- re-install ??23:04
hethspecsmu, Ben64, Bashing-om: do you have any idea how to install boot-repair on 14.04?23:04
specsmuI'm guessing apt-get something.   What, is the more complex question.23:05
hethspecsmu, your OS on top of the VM is unaware of that23:05
Bashing-omheth: Boot-repair, I gave you my best shot at installing it.23:05
hethspecsmu, I found out there are packages for 13.10 but not for 14.0423:05
specsmuheth: the OS should be unaware of it, and the installer in the VM *should*& be aware of it, that's my point. :)23:06
hethspecsmu, that is not possible I'm afraid :)23:06
specsmu"This is a VM.  I've taken care of the partitioning, the filesystem creation, just install onto the filesystem and we're done here."23:06
specsmuno, it's possible, just not given the current OS. :)23:06
hethspecsmu I believe that no OS can be VM aware if the VM is not friendly. and I don't know of OS that does, but maybe there are some23:07
specsmuheth:  It can be VM aware if you can tell it "You're a VM"23:07
daftykinsspecsmu: as lovely as your talk is about how everything should revolve around your use-cases, this channel is for support only and not policy rants23:07
daftykinsso, please take this to #ubuntu-offtopic thanks23:08
specsmuoookay.  Well, my problem is solved anyway, so there's no need for me to stick around.  bye.23:08
heth sudo apt-get install boot-repair23:09
hethReading package lists... Done23:09
hethBuilding dependency tree23:09
hethReading state information... Done23:09
hethE: Unable to locate package boot-repair23:09
heth(sorry for spamming)23:09
unopasteheth you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted23:09
eeeeheth: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair23:10
eeeesudo sed 's/trusty/saucy/g' -i /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yannubuntu-boot-repair-trusty.list23:10
eeeerun apt-get update after that23:10
hetheeee, nice hack :)23:11
daftykinseeee: we do not advise the use of PPAs here, they are not supported.23:11
eeeedaftykins: this is from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair23:11
hethdaftykins, I'll have that in mind. but I'll be glad to find another way, do you have any idea what to do?23:12
THE_GFR|WORKhow do I mount raw disk images with nautilus?23:12
daftykinshmm, doesn't stop it being a PPA23:12
daftykinsheth: boot-repair can be used as a bootable ISO in addition to an installable program, so that's one angle23:13
daftykins"raw disk images" ?23:13
daftykinswhat do you define as being a raw disk image?23:13
THE_GFR|WORKdaftykins: I did say that.23:13
THE_GFR|WORKdaftykins: a disk image made with dd23:13
daftykinsyes and my repetition denotes the desire for clarification23:13
hethdaftykins, I mean another way to solve my problem :)23:13
daftykinsheth: haven't been following, sorry23:14
eeeeheth: me neither, but you could reinstall grub i guess ? from a livecd and chroot23:14
THE_GFR|WORKdaftykins: how do I do this, in Ubuntu I used to use archivemounter until it was removed.23:14
hetheeee, I did that, it did the same nothing :)23:15
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daftykinsTHE_GFR|WORK: so you don't want a command line solution?23:15
hethdaftykins, GRUB doesn't get to show up at all it's GPT 14.0423:15
THE_GFR|WORKdaftykins: no I do not.23:16
eeeeheth: is this an hp laptop ?23:16
daftykinsheth: sorry but it's way too late my time for me to pick a non-one-liner up right now23:16
hetheeee, no it's Atom PC23:16
daftykinsTHE_GFR|WORK: sorry you're on your own then23:16
ice9in 14.04 when  I connect external monitor to laptop, X breaks, it flickers and things are not displayed correctly then it's unresponsive23:16
THE_GFR|WORKdaftykins: thanks23:16
eeeeheth: can you access "boot options" while you boot ?23:17
hetheeee, there is no GRUB; I assume I get the BIOS telling me "There is no bootable device"23:18
eeeethis isn't a dual boot ?23:18
hetheeee, fresh install fresh disk23:18
hethno os23:19
eeeesometimes the efi manager is hardcoded in the bios23:19
hetheeee, what that means?23:19
eeeei have to press boot options to access the ubuntu grub23:20
hetheeee, I see. what do you choose from that menu?23:20
eeeei choose ubuntu, then i get grub after that23:20
rets5sThis might help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:21
eeeeif i dont press anything it will boot into windows as if grub isnt there23:21
hetheeee, hm. ok. I'll see that also. and what happens if you don't choose ubuntu23:21
hetheeee, aha. ok.23:21
hetheeee, can you set the bios to boot directly to Ubuntu?23:21
eeeewell, i'd have to rename the grub files to windows files to fool the bios into loading grub23:22
hetheeee, hah. how do you do that?23:22
adamcunningtonHow can i add launch params to an icon on my desktop launcher?23:23
adamcunningtoni.e. i want to launch google chrome with a certain --proxy-pac-url setting23:23
rets5sheth: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub223:23
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eeeeheth: you rename grubx64.efi or shimx64.efi (depending on whether you have secure boot turned on or not), and put them in the place of the windows efi which is bootx64.efi23:24
hethrets5s, yes? I don't see anything about no GRUB at all23:24
rets5sadamcunnington: http://askubuntu.com/questions/176198/how-do-i-add-parameters-to-unity-icons23:24
hetheeee, ok. where is that?23:24
Aleks_is anyone here running elementary os?23:25
daftykins!elementary | Aleks_23:25
ubottuAleks_: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.23:25
IdleOneAleks_: no, this is an ubuntu support chammel23:25
daftykinsand stay out!23:25
IdleOnedaftykins: not helpful :/23:26
daftykinsit points to the correct channel and network23:26
daftykinsthat's plenty helpful23:26
eeeeheth: /boot/efi/efi/ubuntu for the ubuntu files, and /boot/efi/efi/boot for the windows files, theres another boot folder there too23:26
IdleOnedaftykins: I meant the "stay out" part23:26
hetheeee, ok thanks :)23:26
ObrienDaveAleks_, you might ask in #ubuntu-offtopic, i think one of them use elementary23:26
hetheeee, althou I don't have any other OS installed23:26
eeeeyeah, i don't know if it'll work23:27
hetheeee, my boot repair seem to core dump :/ maybe 13.10 -> 14.04 something important happened.23:27
eeeei think it should pick up grub23:27
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Fallmost amazing nickname ever23:28
Aleks_ObrienDave_, thanks for the help. Only reason why I came here to ask is because no one seems to be active on #elementary23:28
eeee*i think it should pick up grub without renaming23:28
ObrienDavesomething akin to a cat walking across the keyboard LOL23:28
ObrienDaveyou're welcome Aleks_23:28
hetheeee, for some reason it doesn't even go to grub like there is nothing on the disk yet23:29
adamcunningtonrets5s: thanks23:29
hetheeee, ok now I know it's not EFI grub it's grub-pc23:30
hetheeee, since when I installed EFI was off in BIOS. if it's on the live CD doesn't boot at all23:30
eeeewhen you installed was there a man at the bottom of the screen while it loaded?23:31
hetheeee, no idea what you are asking23:31
eeeewhen the livecd was booting, was there a tiny man at the bottom of the screen23:32
hetheeee, no idea.23:32
hethI don't think I got any graphics in server iso23:32
daftykinsserver would go straight to the menu i would think23:32
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eeeeim not that familiar with bios grub, but did you make a bios partition23:34
hetheeee, is there an ISO image of boot-repair?23:34
hetheeee, I did, it's 1MB.23:34
eeeeheth: yeah i think so23:34
hetheeee, I'll try that tomorrow :)23:35
hetheeee, thanks for the help. I'll hit the sack now.23:37
eeeeyou're welcome23:37
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schultzaI'm running an X session over ssh as a normal user (NOT root), how do I get the whole desktop to appear as if I was local? It was a command for manager or login or something.23:59

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