jon__if I boot with emu1616m pci card plugged in, it fails to boot04:16
jon__if I plug it in while already in ubuntustudio, it freezes04:16
jon__any ideas?04:17
WayKool99Using ubuntu studio v14.04 amd64, LTS. in v10.04, when you 'dragged and dropped' a file into an open folder, it automatically deleted the Desktop icon. 14.04 doesn't seem to do that?05:11
WayKool99instead, it keeps the desktop copy. is there, possibly a way to stop the desktop 'copy'?05:14
WayKool99or rather, i should say 'delete' the desktop copy05:14
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guest-0daQvuhello I am having problems logging into my account. Right now I am using the guest account.12:17
guest-0daQvuI type in my pass and login then the screen goes black as though it were loading then it goes back to the login screen12:18
guest-0daQvuok I posted it on the forums now. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2233569&p=13068973#post1306897312:41
holsteinguest-vSmSay: i would start removing/renaming config files for my user13:32
holsteinfor the x session and xfce..13:32
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rustyraptorI am having a problem logging in with the display manager21:58
rustyraptorCould be related to Xorg but I am not sure21:58
rustyraptorI recently installed the nvidia non-free drivers. That leads me to think it's xorg21:59
rustyraptorI have posted in the forums btw21:59
rustyraptorshould I just reinstall?22:09
rustyraptorguise :(22:52
rustyraptoris this channel alive?22:53

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