micahgbluesabre: would another day be problematic for the 2 open things you wanted me to review?04:38
bluesabremicahg: I think that should be okay.  Do you know when the 14.04.1 freeze is?04:39
* micahg checks04:39
micahghum, should be Thursday04:40
micahgerr...next thrusday04:40
bluesabreok, that should be fine then.  Thanks micahg05:09
bluesabreheading to bed, back tomorrow05:15
Unit193pidgin and xfburn seem to be the only thing holding us back on to gst 0.10.06:10
Unit193And as noted on the bp, pidgin 3.0.0 should have it fixed.06:10
NoskcajUnit193, I've sent an email to the xfburn maintainer asking if he could look into porting it06:20
Noskcajxfburn's maintainer says it will be ready sometime in august07:21
Unit193Well huh.07:35
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NoskcajSuccess! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates/MicroReleaseExceptions/XFCE20:06
Unit193Wow, nice.20:46
pleia2ah yes, I was just reading the TB email, nice work Noskcaj :)20:48
knomeo hai pleia2!20:48
knomeno worries, i'm watching footbal20:49
Unit193Personally a bit surprised it was accepted.20:49
knomeUnit193, why not?20:49
Noskcajbluesabre, Will we want parole 0.6.2 or 0.7.0 in utopic?21:25
bluesabreNoskcaj: probably 0.7.0, but we are aiming for a short 0.7 cycle that is for testing and implementing other fixes/features23:19
Noskcajbluesabre, ok. I'll package 0.7.0 then.23:20
bluesabrethanks, there are some new build-deps, cli options for if we want to enable clutter (I recommend that we do) https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smd-seandavis/parole/parole-gtk3-debian/revision/1723:21
bluesabreochosi, we may want to consider setting cluttersink as default in xubuntu-default-settings, let me know your thoughts (or anybody else with an opinion)23:23
Noskcajbluesabre, Do we include clutter in xubuntu already?23:24
bluesabreNoskcaj, we do not, so perhaps hold off on adding the new clutter stuff23:24
Noskcajif not, i'd like to upload without it, then have a team discussion on if we want it23:24
Noskcajis the gtk ifdef enforced from build-time or run-time? (just wondering)23:26
ochosi(i think)23:27
ochosiheh, ok :)23:27
* ochosi concedes23:27
NoskcajI'll put a depends-version on >= 3.10 to be safe then23:27
* bluesabre is probably wrong23:27
bluesabreokie dokie23:27
ochosiNoskcaj: nice one! (the xfce microreleases)23:31
NoskcajThe only thing currently MRE worthy is clipman, but i'll try and get parole 0.6.2 into trusty later23:31
ochosibluesabre: clutter by default, not sure... thing is though, without installing it by default, ppl can't easily select/use it23:31
bluesabrediscussion-worthy I think :)23:32
ochosihaven't checked how heavy clutter is23:32
NoskcajThere might be something we can MRE to precise too, if it's worth the effort23:32
ochosinight everyone!23:32
Noskcajg'night ochosi 23:32
Noskcajclutter bring with it clutter transitions, for one23:33
bluesabrewe're mainly using clutter because its backend seems to work on everything, and it works well in X or mir/wayland23:34
bluesabrebut it is a bit more resource-intensive23:34
bluesabrebut the clutter deps only add the option to use clutter, the x and xv backends are still selectable23:35
bluesabreNoskcaj: haven't pushed out 0.6.2 yet, will either do it tonight or tomorrow23:36

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