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shadeslayerhow can I remove a tag that I've already pushed to a remote branch?11:03
LeoNerdtag --delete11:06
shadeslayerdid that, but the tag still exists in the remote11:06
shadeslayereven though i did a push11:06
LeoNerdYou'll have to delete it in the remote11:06
shadeslayerright, how?11:06
LeoNerd-d URL  perhaps?11:06
shadeslayerbut, what action would that be?11:08
shadeslayerbzr push -d ?11:08
shadeslayerit's --overwrite-tags11:08
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Kees77Alloha i had to restore my bazaar repo 3 times this week19:31
Kees77i am in revision 999 now, but i cannot commit any more19:31
Kees77it hangs during a commit19:31
Kees77how can i fix this?19:31

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