kylestevwhy isn’t `blkid` mocked? basically, why do I have to run tests as root on debian? ;_;01:15
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linuxgeek_hey harlowja_away 12:46
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linuxgeek_hi harlowja 19:02
harlowjalinuxgeek_ howdy19:02
linuxgeek_harlowja, fairly well, thanks.19:02
linuxgeek_re yesterday's thingy on the cloudinit. with a trusty ubuntu cloud image19:03
linuxgeek_i was able to test the http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/doc/examples/cloud-config-boot-cmds.txt19:03
linuxgeek_and it works19:03
linuxgeek_there is another cloud image which is vmdk fedora 1919:03
harlowjathat one might not have cloud-init built in, or does it?19:04
linuxgeek_and that is not able to reach the metadata service url
linuxgeek_hence the userdata also does not work19:04
linuxgeek_how is it that one image works while the other does not19:05
linuxgeek_is this specific to how the image is built?19:05
linuxgeek_yes it does have cloud-init in it19:05
linuxgeek_i can see the cloud directory in /var/lib and cloud-init.log in /var/log19:05
linuxgeek_so it is a cloud-init enabled image19:06
harlowjait is likely more how the image was built, what firewall settings (?) could be by default on19:06
harlowjathat should be the only difference really19:06
harlowjaand those differences could stop it from contacting 16919:06
linuxgeek_is this a internal url?19:07
harlowjadefine internal ;)19:07
linuxgeek_lol :-)19:07
harlowjaits a special IP19:07
linuxgeek_internal = within the instance and not going outside19:07
harlowjanot usually19:08
harlowjahttp://stackoverflow.com/a/7499376  is an idea of what it does19:08
harlowjabut it varies depending on the cloud u are on (the exact details vary)19:08
harlowjaopenstack clouds do it differently than amazon and so-on...19:08
harlowjaso its 'special'19:09
linuxgeek_yes o~s and ec2 is so different19:10
linuxgeek_and i have o~s based cloud env19:11
linuxgeek_i read http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/AESDG-chapter-instancedata.html19:11
linuxgeek_and the stackoverflow post.19:11
linuxgeek_so it says ec2 knows what instance is making the request and it knows the info abt the instance 19:12
harlowjaright, openstack is the same19:12
linuxgeek_so ec2 can return the metadata that is requested19:12
linuxgeek_so this happens even before the request reaches the special ip?19:13
harlowjaright, it happens during vm building time19:13
harlowjaso my guess is if it works for one image and not another, then its an image thign19:13
harlowjathats my gut feeling19:13
harlowjai'm not sure what the solution is though ;)19:13
linuxgeek_the flow is, the instance makes a request to the special ip based on the userdata injected to it19:14
harlowjaand before that happens, neutron, nova, make it possible for that special IP to be directed somewhere19:14
linuxgeek_the openstack sees this request and knows which instance is sending this request19:14
harlowjaand sends back some data19:14
harlowjaand that goes through the pipes and pops back up in the instance19:15
harlowjathe instance thinks it talked to a magic 169 address and was none-the-wiser19:15
harlowja^ pipe magic19:15
linuxgeek_is it nova neutron which plays a role in routing the request to the special ip via the nova/neutron security groups and rules?19:16
harlowjaboth afaik19:17
linuxgeek_i'm planning to convert the trusty.img file [which works] to a trusty.vmdk and test19:17
harlowjai believe nova is the endpoint and has the instance data, neutron sets up the plumbing19:17
harlowjaso both are involved19:17
linuxgeek_i browsed through the o~s docs and the net too, i did not find details about how nova and neutron play a role in the metadata part. do you happen to know of a doc or a guide which talks about this?19:19
harlowjai do not, but if u jump in #openstack-neutron  channel u might find someone who does19:19
harlowjathere should be something somewhere i would think19:19
linuxgeek_have u used qemu-img convert?19:21
harlowjai have19:21
linuxgeek_sure, i'm on the neutron channel. i'll ask arnd for the docs19:21
linuxgeek_cool, have u converted a .img file to .vmdk?19:21
harlowjanegative, i haven't touched vmdk stuff :)19:22
harlowjai have done raw -> qcow2 and qcow2 -> raw19:22
harlowjabut not vmdk stuff19:22
harlowjalinuxgeek_ mestery on the neutron channel should be able to find something19:22
harlowjai thought arnd was more in glance (maybe different arnaud)19:23
harlowjaor maybe someone else, haha19:23
linuxgeek_haha, yep sure.19:23
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