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urulamais it ok for a charmworldlib to have series hardcoded to "precise" in a charm.py? 11:15
urulamaah, i see that default series in core/store is "precise" as well11:37
rogpeppeurulama: is this in a charm?11:44
urulamarogpeppe: hi11:44
rogpeppeurulama: hiya11:44
urulamarogpeppe: charmworldlib source11:45
rogpeppeurulama: is that the server side of charmworld?11:45
urulamarogpeppe: and in juju-core/store/ go source11:45
urulamarogpeppe: yes, looking at server side11:46
rogpeppeurulama: juju-core/store ?11:46
urulamago juju-core code ... /launchpad.net/juju-core/store/server.go has DefaultSeries set to "precise" as well11:47
rogpeppeurulama: ah, launchpad.net/juju-core is no longer a thing11:53
rogpeppeurulama: github.com/juju/charmstore is the new place for it11:53
urulamagreat :/11:53
rogpeppeurulama: juju-core has moved to github.com/juju/juju11:53
urulamamorning there11:54
rogpepperick_h__: hiya11:54
rick_h__charmworldlib is the python client for the charmworld api11:54
rogpeppeurulama: it looks as if the store DefaultSeries is just a holdover from old code and is not actually used anywhere11:55
rogpeppeurulama: the new logic chooses the most recent LTS series (see byPreferredSeries)11:56
* urulama waits to dl the code from git11:57
jrwrenmorning ya'll12:04
urulamarogpeppe: went to see if there is a warning that github code should be used for core ... 12:10
urulamamorning, jrwren12:10
rogpeppeurulama: there definitely should be some kind of redirect message12:10
* urulama might be blind ... https://launchpad.net/juju-core12:11
urulamarogpeppe: this is the only thing that i found about gridfs limitations ... "Working Set: Serving files along with your database content can significantly churn your memory working set. If you would not like to disturb your working set it might be best to serve your files from a different mongodb server"12:12
urulamarogpeppe: (regarding the charm/bundle talk we had with frankban)12:13
rogpeppeurulama: we should definitely preserve that possibility, but there are definite advantages for an environment to use the same (automatically HA'd) mongo server for the charm store too12:13
rick_h__jrwren: bac you guys up for a call this morning?12:14
bacrick_h__: sure12:14
bacrick_h__: now? when?12:15
* bac fetches headset12:15
rick_h__bac: was hoping now, waiting to see if jrwren sees our pings12:15
rick_h__urulama: so re: the gridfs stuff. In a normal small env I don' think there's much file serving going on. mainly some icon files really12:20
rick_h__urulama: and moving this to theblues channel12:20
bacrick_h__: just ping me when you're ready12:21
rick_h__bac: let's hangout then and you guys can sync up later12:21
* rick_h__ wants to go get some breakfast/coffee12:21
rick_h__bac: just the friday standup room please12:21
jrwrenrick_h__: yes, I'm up for a call.12:24
rick_h__jrwren: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/calendar/cmljay5oYXJkaW5nQGNhbm9uaWNhbC5jb20.t3m5giuddiv9epub48d9skdaso?authuser=112:24
* rogpeppe lunches13:23
bacrick_h__: you were right.  through the azure dashboard i could see there was no endpoint created for :80 even though it is open and exposed in juju.13:29
rick_h__bac: :(13:30
bacrick_h__: opened it via azure and now can get in13:30
rick_h__bac: I had to manually open our CI ports for saucelabs (8888 and 8889) so had been poking in there before13:31
bacrick_h__: their separation between 'cloud services' and 'vm13:31
bacis weird13:31
rick_h__yea, I really am not a fan of a lot of their dashboard stuff. 13:32
rick_h__it's confusing and sometimes hard to get back to where you were at one point13:33
* rick_h__ migrates to the coffee shop afk for a few min13:33
jcsackettrick_h__: neither hatch nor i have been able to figure out why the stupid event to clear the inspector when the charm won't load isn't being picked up. 13:44
jcsackettor at least, i infer he didn't find anything.13:44
jcsackettrick_h__: you want me to just mothball this card for now and move on to an MV thing, since even the simple fix is taking awhile?13:44
rick_h__jcsackett: sounds good13:50
jcsackettrick_h__: ok.14:00
jrwrenbac: you had to open it in cloud services or in the VM part?14:00
jrwrenalso, sounds like a bug. open-port should do that,IMO14:01
rick_h__bac: is this setup without the availability sets turned on to allow you to do this colocating?14:01
rick_h__bac: or can you place via the cli even with the availability sets enabled14:02
bacjrwren: vm section14:02
bacjrwren: bug 1340756 filed14:02
_mup_Bug #1340756: [azure] Service deployed to existing machine do not expose properly <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1340756>14:02
bacrick_h__: availability sets are on, per the default.  (meaning i didn't disable them)14:03
bacrick_h__: i guess the --to is only disallowed for 0 ?14:03
rick_h__bac: I think it's only blocked via the api :(14:03
bacrick_h__: actually, i was kind of surprised it let me do it14:03
bacbut only after the fact14:03
rick_h__bac: and since the --to cli is working around that it works but failed for us in the gui14:03
rick_h__bac: yea, just clicked in my head 14:03
bacright , since QS uses api14:04
bacrick_h__: if we were smart, we'd redo the whole setup to use availability sets properly...14:04
bacif we were really smart we'd save the hassle and move to ec214:04
rick_h__bac: that'd require smarts :) and AS don't do us good with jenkins and such since we'd need to deal with multiple units and charms like jenkins don't do anything with multiple units that I'm aware of14:05
* bac buries head in sand.14:05
rick_h__bac: and yea, I keep justifying the pita with azure by saying we're using a rarely used cloud, doing some good qa, getting a discount, etc14:05
jrwrendo we typically use ec2 autoscaling groups?14:05
bacrick_h__: we are being good corporate citizens.14:05
rick_h__but it's not easy to swallow sometimes and you take the brunt of it right now14:05
bacand we've improved azure provider through our immense pain14:06
rick_h__jrwren: the only stuff *we* use (UI Engineering) is this azure thing14:06
rick_h__we test and such in ec2, but don't have anything running14:06
rick_h__jrwren: our production stuff runs on prodstack, an internal run openstack cluster maintained out of london DC14:06
rick_h__jrwren: so no, we don't use ec2 autoscaling groups or anything14:07
jrwrenwhat about juju-core support?  it supports the azure availability sets, does it also support autoscaling groups?14:07
rick_h__jrwren: not that I'm aware of. We're only recently getting into cloud specific tooling. We've trie dto be agnostic, but users want constraints based on machine types/etc14:08
rick_h__so work on ec2 machine times, azure availability sets, openstack networking, are more recent tasks14:08
rick_h__ec2 machine types 14:08
jrwrengot it. Thanks.14:08
kadams54jenkins seems to be grumpy. Build failed right away with permission denied errors on the build-prod directory.14:19
kadams54guihelp: On a related note: very small QA needed: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/42914:19
rick_h__kadams54: hmm, maybe related to what bac was doing14:19
rick_h__bac: ^14:19
bachey, that sounds like me14:20
backadams54: sorry about that.  should work now.14:21
bacrick_h__: on jenkins juju-gui-merge step, you have an extra build step that marks the merge as a failure.  what specifies that it is run only on failure?14:23
* luca has a lovely stack of changes to machine view14:23
rick_h__luca: and you've got a 'release blocker' and 'non-release blocker' for eaech?14:24
rick_h__bac: looking14:25
rick_h__bac: it's that log text14:25
rick_h__bac: if that text appears in the build log, it's a failed build14:26
lucarick_h__: possibly…. if possible I would like jump on your standup and talk through them quickly14:26
rick_h__luca: let's do a post-standup with just MV folks14:26
rick_h__no need for everyone to go through tbh14:26
lucarick_h__: ok, sounds good14:26
rick_h__luca: I'll ping once we're wrapping up if that's cool?14:27
lucarick_h__: fine by me14:30
hatchmy watch is still stuck at ups....ugh14:30
rick_h__hatch: heh, well my new watchband for mine shows up today14:31
rick_h__get rid of this default goop14:31
hatchhave you used the watch yet?14:32
rick_h__hatch: yea ,been using it all week14:32
rick_h__git it last friday? 14:32
rick_h__no, when I got back from holiday, tues14:32
bacjujugui: the landing step for juju-gui on jenkins has been updated to serve the new branch.  please keep your eyes peeled for any funny business on the next few landings.  apologies in advance for any implosions.14:32
rick_h__so day 414:32
rick_h__bac:  thanks, I'll update the jujugui.org DNS14:33
rick_h__bac: and once we know it's working we can figure out how to move the comingsoon url14:34
rick_h__bac: is it looking for specific dns? 14:34
rick_h__bac: if so can you add jujugui.org as a hostname?14:34
kadams54bac: this doesn't seem good: http://cl.ly/image/1G2F1K0S1k0b Currently have a build stuck because it's waiting for an available executor.14:34
bacrick_h__: yes, not yet14:34
rick_h__kadams54: hmm, looking14:35
backadams54: restarted.14:35
backadams54: dumb error message: no space left on device.  i think it was a permissions problem instead.14:36
kadams54OK - build seems to be going now, thanks.14:36
lucahatch: what watch did you get?14:36
hatchthe LG one14:36
hatchif it ever friggen shows up14:36
lucahatch: oh, cool14:36
bacrick_h__: what are you going to do with jujugui.org?14:36
rick_h__bac: I was going to point jujugui.org to point to the same host as the ci one14:37
bacrick_h__: when we're ready, we just need to move comingsoon.jujucharms.com14:37
bacrick_h__: oh, you want to not use comingsoon anymore?14:37
rick_h__so ci. is ci, no ci is the qa site off of ci14:37
rick_h__bac: I figured we'd move that as well, but figured this was easy to do14:37
rick_h__and can be shorter :) 14:37
rick_h__but comingsoon is all over the company so not wanting to change that at the moment14:37
bacrick_h__: ok, well let me know what you want the fqdn to be so i can update apache ServerName14:37
rick_h__bac: hmm, nvm. Looks like hover won't let me do a CNAME for the root14:39
rick_h__that's kind of a pita oh well. 14:39
rick_h__bac: so ignore me, let's just go with comingsoon and carry on 14:39
rick_h__bac: maybe we should look at a static ip in azure though for this14:39
bacrick_h__: you can currently get to the jenkins version as ci.jujugui.org:8014:39
rick_h__bac: so that we don't have to update dns if we need to bring up a new jenkins/etc14:39
bacrick_h__: ok, i'll look at that after everything is stable14:40
jrwrenwhere does apache fit into this?14:40
rick_h__bac: I get a permission denied error looking at that14:41
rick_h__jrwren: the GUI needs to be served out, apache is being used to serve the production juju gui files14:41
jrwrenoh the gui! :)14:41
rick_h__jrwren: for your needs you don't have the same requirements14:41
rick_h__jrwren: but bac is doing this process with the gui so you two are a bit in parallel14:42
lucaMachine view enables you to customise the deployment of your services. Drag and drop unplaced units from the new units column to add services to a machine. [Create a machine]14:42
rick_h__luca: you don't say. :) 14:42
lucarick_h__: would that work as onboarding?14:42
rick_h__luca: thinking14:43
rick_h__There's a confusion of units and services in there. Thinking of what is off or what can be more clear14:44
rick_h__"Drag and drop the unplaced units of your services"?14:44
rick_h__getting long :/14:44
bacrick_h__: yeah, it isn't building now.  errors from smash for d3 stuff14:44
rick_h__bac: ah ok14:44
bacrick_h__: does that make sense to you?14:45
rick_h__bac: you had some issue with the file ownership of the deps?14:45
rick_h__d3 deps14:45
bacrick_h__: well i did a chown14:46
rick_h__bac: so no, it's not clear, just that you told me it was 403'ing because it was building and stuff is going on14:46
jcsackettMakyo: can i pick your brain for a few on the "block deployment for unresolved conflicts" card?14:48
hatchjcsackett that's going to be a little complicated14:48
jcsacketthatch: lovely. but: it's the only MV release related card on the board, so off i go.14:49
jcsacketthatch: can i pick *your* brain, then?14:49
hatchjoining the standup room14:49
hatchone sec14:49
jcsacketthatch: standup hangout?14:49
rick_h__jcsackett: feel free to poke at the backlog on deck as well tbh14:49
jcsackett...great minds, or something? :p14:49
jcsackettrick_h__: is stuff there likely to be more important?14:49
jcsackettrick_h__: or is this a release requirement?14:50
rick_h__jcsackett: looking sec14:50
rick_h__jcsackett: i'm debating on the release requirement. I think so, but it's not very visible as it only happens in real environments with multiple simultaneous users14:50
hatchjcsackett I don't seee youuuuu14:50
rick_h__jcsackett: so as far as requirements go it's down the list as far as getting sign off on MV14:50
jcsacketthatch: not there yet, rick_h__ might be throwing a different card my way. :p14:50
hatchok ping when ready14:51
jcsacketthatch: ok. sorry for the confusion.:p14:51
* rick_h__ joins call14:51
rick_h__jcsackett: my fault14:51
rick_h__jujugui call in 5 kanban please14:55
bacrick_h__: http://ci.jujugui.org/ should work now, for now.14:56
rick_h__bac: rock on14:56
bacpermissions is hard14:56
rick_h__kadams54: bac please coordinate to track your branch and landing that and making sure it auto updates then14:57
rick_h__hatch: or jcsackett can you peek at kadams54's branch to help move that forward14:57
hatchI think it's just a asset change right?14:57
bacjujugui: what's the url for determining the git version being served?14:57
rick_h__bac: juju-ui/version.js14:58
Makyojujugui call in 214:58
rick_h__Makyo: or hatch can one of you guys run the call today please, fighting a headache and have a bunch of background noise. Not up to it14:58
hatchheh yeah a coffee shop probably isn't the best place for that :)14:59
rick_h__hatch: hoping some day light and getting out of the house helped14:59
jrwrenam I really teh first one there?15:00
rick_h__jujugui call in 1/now jrwren Makyo hatch 15:00
rick_h__jrwren: wrong url, friday is different for the longer call15:00
rick_h__jrwren: check the calendar link please15:00
backadams54: have you marked it :shipit: yet?15:05
kadams54bac: No, waiting for QA from someone. *ahem* jcsackett or hatch :-)15:06
bacah, ok15:06
hatchkadams54 it's going to be a little tough for me to do a qa on it15:06
jcsackettkadams54: i'll get to it just as soon as call ends.15:06
hatchbranches are kind of messed up atm15:06
hatchthanks jcsackett 15:06
rick_h__luca: ping for standup15:11
rick_h__luca: going once, going twice15:13
rick_h__luca: ok, called off for now15:16
rick_h__that coffee just cost you15:16
kadams54So apparently MI will be hit by a polar vortex next week.15:17
kadams54For which I blame hatch.15:17
jcsackett...so did everyone leave the standup room while i restarted ff, or is google just screwing with me now?15:17
rick_h__no 90 degree days for me15:17
hatchpolar vortex....rofl you must be watching American news 15:17
rick_h__jcsackett: ^ we called it off15:17
jcsackettrick_h__: cool.15:17
rick_h__hatch: yea, going to get a 20F drop in temps for a couple of days15:17
jcsacketthatch: well, he does live in the US, so it stands to reason.15:18
jcsackettdamn, send the vortex this way.15:18
kadams54jcsackett: it'll be Canada invading the South.15:18
jcsackettkadams54: if it means it's not 101 w/ the heat index i'll take it.15:19
lucarick_h__: sorry, was sorting the images with Spencer15:19
lucarick_h__: I’ll be ready in 2 mins15:19
rick_h__luca: need everyone? 15:19
kadams54jcsackett: I'm seeing highs in the mid 80s for you by mid next week.15:19
lucarick_h__: who is everyone?15:19
rick_h__luca: or can we delegate a couple of short straws?15:19
lucarick_h__: I don’t mind15:20
rick_h__luca: kadams54 hatch Makyo and jcsackett 15:20
lucarick_h__: I’m happy for whoever to come along15:20
rick_h__ok, two volunteers to rejoint the hangout?15:20
kadams54nowhammy nowhammy nowhammy!15:20
hatchoki joining15:20
lucarick_h__: it’s looking a lot nicer >:D15:20
kadams54I'll join15:20
rick_h__ty hatch 15:20
rick_h__luca: :/ this doesn't sound like releasing next week levels of changes 15:20
rick_h__ty kadams54 15:20
hatchok i'm here and there is noone else there15:20
lucarick_h__: that’s not the smiley I wanted lol15:21
kadams54Are we back in the same room?15:21
rick_h__kadams54: rgr15:21
rick_h__luca: ok we're all in the room waiting15:21
hatchagain... :P15:21
hatchhaha I'm so funny15:21
lucarick_h__: hatch just waiting for the images, 2 secs!15:21
lucarick_h__: hatch just tying up loose ends15:23
lucarick_h__: hangout linky15:23
jcsackettrick_h__: you're good, or you need more to jump in?15:25
jcsacketti'll take silence as "good". :p15:27
kadams54bac: shipped my PR. Let's see what blows up :-)15:33
* bac ducks. covers.15:34
rick_h__jcsackett: all good15:36
hatchhaha 15:43
lucarick_h__: lol15:43
rick_h__luca: sorry, hit the wrong button15:43
rick_h__anyway, thanks got the updates15:43
lucarick_h__: no worries, I’ll send it over15:44
rick_h__it does look nicer15:44
hatchyup I'm also a fan15:50
jrwrenlunch. bbiab16:04
backadams54: whoo:  http://ci.jujugui.org/juju-ui/version.js16:07
rick_h__bac: kadams54 awesome16:08
rick_h__bac: once you get the DNS updated, please let hazmat know and we're moved and off 16:08
rick_h__and owe hazmat some drinks in germany for running that for so long16:08
bacrick_h__: by that you mean, once i look into fixed ip address?16:08
rick_h__bac: ah, yes sorry16:08
rick_h__jumping around too much16:09
bacrick_h__: i doubt we can transition to fixed ip in situ16:09
rick_h__hazmat: on the drinks or getting to shutdown the instance :P16:09
rick_h__bac: situ?16:09
bacrick_h__:  i mean, we may have to tear down and rebuild to get a fixed ip.16:09
bacdunno.  i'll see after lunch16:10
rick_h__bac: oh, I'd hoped it was like ec2 where you can get a floating IP and associate it with the instance16:10
rick_h__and if we bring up a new instance you just move the floating IP to point to the new one16:10
bacrick_h__: maybe it is.16:10
rick_h__and DNS stays the same without updates16:10
rick_h__bac: k, thanks16:10
* rick_h__ goes home from the coffee shop. biab16:11
hatchlazyPower hey, whenever you get a moment could you have a chat with your compatriots about the requirement for port 80 for the Ghost charm? It's kind of in limbo right now and I think that's the only blocker for promulgation16:22
lazyPowerport 80 is not a requirement for promulgation. was teh last interaction with jose?16:23
lazyPowerif thast teh case, dont worry about it. i'll be in teh queue today - i've been slammed all week. and i'll get the final review done.16:24
hatchyeah - ok cool thanks - no rush 16:24
hatchlazyPower I just wanted to open up a discussion about it if port 80 was indeed a blocker because I didn't really want to include a server in the charm16:25
lazyPowerthe idea of your app is that it deploys behind a LB anyway, regardless of an nginx charm or apache - so any fuss about port 80 is moot16:25
lazyPowerjust make sure that you have thought about any asset pipeline mojo16:26
hatchyeah I include the ghost blog asset in the charm16:26
hatchI'll be adding the ability to supply a different version once I have at least a single external user haha16:26
lazyPowerperfect - by the end of following the deployment tut in the readme if i have a working ghost app, its good. (you dont run as root, you took care of schenanigans, and you're not using AWS Metadata right?) should be g2g16:27
hatchit 'should' just be drag and drop to deploy 16:27
hatchbut the only crappy part is that the user 'must' read the readme for configuration of the actual ghost account16:28
hatchbut I imagine that's a similar situation for WP16:28
hatchjcsackett are you working on #1339798 ?16:30
_mup_Bug #1339798: When using Firefox and you drag a unplaced unit onto any drop zone the page shows a bad request <juju-gui:In Progress by jcsackett> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1339798>16:30
lazyPowerwp has a setup phase post deployment16:30
lazyPowerif you dont configure a user, you still get teh setup wizard16:30
lazyPowerif you set a user, it runs the wizard for you16:30
hatchahh, ghost doesn't really have a wizard16:30
lazyPoweryeah, its a config file edit iirc16:30
hatchyou have to visit a special url in your app to set it up16:30
hatchjuju actions should make that setup easier :)16:31
lazyPowerhatch: you can include a script to be used via juju-run16:31
lazyPowercorey_fu has done that with teh allura charm - which is a stop-gap pending juju actions16:31
hatchyeah - well really it's just that the first time they use it they need to visit a special url, so they would even have to know about the script by the readme16:32
lazyPoweryou'll have the same problem with teh action16:34
lazyPoweror is the gui going to expose the actions?16:34
* lazyPower has no concept of whats coming from the gui wrt to actions.16:35
hatchlazyPower that's one of the plans16:35
lazyPowerI thought i heard that at vegas, but there's been a whole ocean of information since then16:36
lazyPoweri find myself crossing wires often about what i remember vs whats been decided post sprint16:36
hatchhaha yeah - well, it was talked about in vegas, who knows what's happened since :D16:37
lazyPowerhatch: sorry about the delay with the review, it'll get done today though. You'll have a response of +1 or 'wait whaaaat' today. 16:38
hatchlol np16:38
urulamajujugui have a nice weekend everyone, c u17:04
=== urulama is now known as uru-afk
hatchyou too, cya urulama 17:04
kadams54you too17:04
hatch70 lines of test setup....5 lines per test....aww yeah17:15
hatchmaybe this function is doing too much....17:16
hatchjujugui lf a review and qa on https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/430 17:23
hatchplz and thx17:23
rogpeppehappy weekends all17:25
rick_h__rogpeppe: have a good weekend17:25
hatchjcsackett you around?17:31
rick_h__jujugui fighting this headache and going to go afk. If you need something shoot me a message in hangouts (chat) and it'll ring17:31
hatchcya rick_h__  get betta17:31
jrwrenfeel better (not putting your nick, cuz I don't want to ping you)17:34
jrwrenbac: can I push to ~yellow/juju-gui/ci-environment/ or does that need to be reviewed?18:15
bacjrwren: it is pretty informal.  but if you'd like me to have a look that'd be ok too.18:16
bacjrwren: since it is just a private branch, we can't really do a merge proposal in launchpad18:16
bacjrwren: what changes have you made? have you pulled from LP to merge the changes i've pushed?18:18
jrwrenits just adding that mongodb package to that tools list. nothing else.18:24
jrwreneverything else I did was jenkins config.18:24
jrwrennow I just need to figure out how to open the port.18:24
bacjrwren: ah, that must be done via the azure web interface18:25
bacjrwren: if you just changed the bundle then please merge in my changes (i made lots of changes to the bundle) and then push it directly.18:26
bacjrwren: since it has keys and stuff please ensure you're pushing to that private branch, not one in your namespace.18:26
bacjrwren: do you have access to the azure dashboard?18:27
jrwreni'll find out.18:27
jrwreni do not18:29
bacjrwren: what port/s do you want opened18:34
bacon trusty-slave, right?18:34
bacjrwren: try now18:39
jrwren8080 connection refused18:39
bacjrwren: and that is the message you got before18:42
jrwrennot sure, let me see if I tried before.18:43
bacjrwren: on trusty-slave i see a listener on  i think it needs to be listening on the eth0 interface
jrwrenyup, thanks.18:44
jrwreni'm looking right at that.18:45
jrwreni guess its been a long week18:45
jrwrenhrm, well maybe this shouldn't be internet exposed?18:45
jrwrenok, looks good, thanks for help18:50
bacjrwren: great.18:51
bacjrwren: what does the colon do here:18:53
bacrm -rf $charmstoregopath || :18:53
jrwreni should have spelled out || true18:54
jrwrenfirst time run that path won't exist and it would fail, so this is that case.18:54
jrwrenya know, I'm going to change that.18:54
jrwreni should test for dir and rm and if rm fails, let it fail.18:55
baci don't think it will fail with -rf but being safe is better18:55
bacjrwren: i do wonder about putting it in /tmp, though, since it could be deleted on reboot.18:56
bacjrwren: want to do a quick hangout?18:56
jrwren2 fail cases I ran into: 1. DNE, rm will return 1 and because of set... script ends.   2. other user (ubuntu) owns dir and rm fails18:56
jrwrensure, lets chat18:56
bacjrwren: i'm in https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/daily-standup18:57
jcsackettjujugui: can someone look at https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/431 for me?19:12
jcsackettjujugui: can someone look at my PR? https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/43120:33
hatchjcsackett still need that review?21:14
hatchlooks like it21:14
jcsacketthatch: i'm looking at yours still as well. got started a bit ago and then got sidetracked. i'm about to QA it.21:24
hatchcool, I hope you didn't get too much of a headache with yours21:25
hatchI knew what the issue was when you started but you musta been offline21:25
hatchand replied to your comment21:26
jcsacketthatch: no headache at all. just spent some time getting re-acquainted with mv code.21:33
hatchI will qa yours soon, having some technical issues heh21:34
jcsacketthatch: follow up is good.21:34
hatchI'll land it if it's all good21:34
jcsackett(in ref to your reply)21:34
jcsacketthatch: 1 qa thing. when i deploy after scale up, shouldn't the text field reset? it stays at whatever number i put in.21:36
jcsackettseems odd that it doesn't reset to the state it was in when i opened it.21:37
jcsacketthatch: marked your PR as QA OK, but we should file a follow up to deal with scale out UI thing.22:03
jcsacketti am going AFK, so i'll :shipit: on mine later if it's QA OK.22:04

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