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leotri added one admin address in postgresql service configuration05:22
leotrcan't understand why juju doesn't add corresponding line to pg_hba.conf?05:23
leotrand when i add it manually it by some reason restores pg_hba.conf file to original state05:23
leotri use ubuntu 14-0405:23
leotrany ideas?05:23
leotror maybe i could do something to add my lines to pg_hba.conf or somewhere else?05:26
leotrok, found solution05:30
leotrentered ip address in CIDR form05:30
leotrjuju is so juju05:30
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jcastroasanjar, lazyPower, you guys wanna talk bundles?14:24
jcastrocan I whip one up in jujucharms.com?14:26
jcastroI was thinking of just following your readme, then bundle that as a start?14:26
lazyPowerjcastro: that'll work - mbruzek is working on getting hive2 promoted into trusty for the store14:27
jcastroasanjar, where would hive fit in?14:28
asanjarhive is used as a bigdata warehousing plaform with SQL like interface. It fits in on top of hdfs for data access and distribution while using mapreduce to process the data based on HiveQL commands.14:31
asanjarso in our solution - we will have Hive connected to HDFS and YARN14:32
jcastroI assume you'll add that to the trusty/hadoop readme as well?14:33
asanjaralso we have elasticsearch-hadoop.jar included in HIVE jar path to communicate with ES cluster for data indexing14:33
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jcastrook, I'll try to make it less than 9 units14:34
jcastroso it's orangeboxable14:34
lazyPowerjcastro: which part particularly? the notation about Hive being the big data warehousing?14:34
jcastrook, why don't I get a bundle up and running that is the scale out hadoop example with ES14:35
jcastroand then you guys tell me what to connect next?14:35
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asanjar lazyPower: I found this last night http://www.elasticsearch.org/guide/en/elasticsearch/hadoop/current/hive.html14:36
asanjarthere are HIVE sample command for ES14:37
asanjarwould you try them, that would be a good demo for jcastro14:38
asanjarsomething as simple as this:14:38
asanjarCREATE EXTERNAL TABLE artists (...)14:38
asanjarSTORED BY 'org.elasticsearch.hadoop.hive.EsStorageHandler'14:38
asanjarTBLPROPERTIES('es.resource' = 'radio/artists',14:38
asanjar              'es.index.auto.create' = 'false') ;14:38
asanjarwould show hive is talking to ES14:38
asanjarjcastro: would that be sufficient14:39
lazyPowerSure, give me a bit to wrap what i'm working on14:39
lazyPowerjcastro: ship me your bundle when you get it mapped up and i'll work through this ES tutorial14:39
lazyPowerin validation mode14:39
jcastroI'll push it in about 10 minutes14:39
asanjarif jcastro could just do this aspart of the demo:14:40
asanjarCREATE EXTERNAL TABLE artists (14:41
asanjar    id      BIGINT,14:41
asanjar    name    STRING,14:41
asanjar    links   STRUCT<url:STRING, picture:STRING>)14:41
asanjarSTORED BY 'org.elasticsearch.hadoop.hive.EsStorageHandler'14:41
asanjarTBLPROPERTIES('es.resource' = 'radio/artists');14:41
asanjar-- insert data to Elasticsearch from another table called 'source'14:41
asanjarINSERT OVERWRITE TABLE artists14:41
asanjar    SELECT NULL, s.name, named_struct('url', s.url, 'picture', s.picture)14:41
asanjar                    FROM source s;14:41
jcastroasanjar, to add elasticsearch14:42
jcastrothe readme doesn't mention how to add it to the scale out configuration14:42
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jcastrothis is what I have so far14:44
jcastroasanjar, ^^ what should I connect elasticsearch to?14:50
lazyPowerjcastro: looks like we have a path for hive. export your bundle and ship it to me so i can deploy it14:51
lazyPoweri'll start hacking on this ES demo14:51
jcastrook on it14:52
jcastrolazyPower, https://code.launchpad.net/~jorge/charms/bundles/oscondemo/bundle14:59
lazyPowerjcastro: got it, give me a few and i'll ping back with results.15:04
asanjarlazyPower: I am in a meeting, will join u as soon as I am done15:19
lazyPowerasanjar: no rush, i'm just getting started15:20
lazyPowerjcastro: drag/drop of the bundle yielded deployment errors - only ES came through15:28
jcastroI only just pushed it15:28
jcastroI haven't tested it15:28
lazyPowerack - just a heads up15:28
jcastroGot pulled into a call15:28
lazyPoweri'll get it working and push a patch once its deploying proper15:28
jcastrowhat errors did you get?15:29
lazyPowerthe gui didnt say, just errors on bundle15:29
jcastroI was just following the readme15:29
jcastrooh, use deployer man. :)15:29
* lazyPower pushes the easy button15:30
lazyPowersame status result15:31
jcastropastebin please15:31
lazyPower An error occurred while deploying the bundle: no further details can be provided about a minute ago15:31
lazyPowerthats all i get. i'm going to nuke the relations and see if its the service definition15:32
jcastrooh I also forgot to rename envExport to something useful15:33
lazyPoweryeah i took care of that15:34
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asanjarlazyPower: go back to "eco"17:01
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jcastrolazyPower, my deployer straight up crashes on that bundle17:12
lazyPowerjcastro: i'm rebuilding it by hand17:13
lazyPowerthis deployment configuration specified is also not one you'll see very commonly17:13
lazyPowerwe're going to hand off a ready made deployment W/ elasticsearch and hive17:14
lazyPoweri'll post a bzr branch shortly for you to consume17:14
jcastroack, I'm going to lunch17:16
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l1feanyone experiencing 409 conflicts with MAAS+JUJU when adding machines?18:04
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marcoceppil1fe: that usually means no MAAS nodes match your constraints (or you're out of available nodes)18:14
l1feright, in this case, all nodes are ready18:18
l1fe(well aside from the bootstrapped node)18:18
marcoceppil1fe: what architecture are they?18:18
l1feamd64 and trusty18:18
l1fethe environment actually used to work18:18
l1feand then after one too many destroy-environments18:18
marcoceppil1fe: run with --debug see what juju is saying maas is complaining about18:18
lazyPowerjcastro: http://i.imgur.com/DZfKZWb.png18:19
marcoceppi409 is pretty much the MAAS API saying "I heard you, but I don't really feel like doing this because: ..."18:19
lazyPoweri can ship you the bundle as is - we're still validating18:19
l1feit's pretty generic18:19
l1fe2014-07-11 16:58:06 ERROR juju.provisioner provisioner_task.go:421 cannot start instance for machine "1": cannot run instances: gomaasapi: got error back from server: 409 CONFLICT (No matching node is available.)18:19
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l1fei've even reprovisioned the entire cluster18:20
marcoceppil1fe: yeah, so maas says you don't have any nods available. What size ram are these?18:20
l1fere-installed maas and juju18:20
l1feall 16gb18:20
marcoceppil1fe: are you on 1.20 ?18:20
* marcoceppi scratches head18:20
l1feand it literally was working 24 hours ago18:20
l1feuntil after the last fateful destroy environment18:21
marcoceppiit's always that last destroy ;)18:21
marcoceppiAnd you've tried recommissioniong the nodes?18:21
l1fefull recommission18:21
l1fereason why i even destroyed my environment18:21
marcoceppiit's weird18:21
l1fewas after i reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/134026118:22
_mup_Bug #1340261: juju add-machine lxc:0 fails to start due to incorrect network name in trusty config <lxc> <network> <placement> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1340261>18:22
marcoceppithat it bootstraps18:22
lazyPowerjcastro: lp:~lazypower/charms/bundles/oscondemo/bundle/18:22
l1fei wanted to re-setup my openstack environment with lxc...and figured i'd just start from scratch18:22
l1feyeup, bootstraps...and if i bootstrap, it can even pick up random nodes18:22
l1fethat it would otherwise NOT pick up during add-machine18:22
marcoceppil1fe: what does juju get-contstraints say?18:23
l1feoh jesus18:23
l1feyou're kidding me18:23
l1fethanks marcoceppi :)18:23
marcoceppil1fe: was it set to 32 bit?18:24
l1fewhen i was bootstrapping, i was setting a constraint for 32G because i wanted to install on a particular maas node18:24
marcoceppiah, yeah18:24
marcoceppithat sets it globally18:24
l1fethat's good to know18:24
l1fei did a full reprovision twice18:24
marcoceppil1fe: no problem, you can use juju set-contstraints to put the mem limit lower18:25
l1fei just did juju set constraints ""18:26
l1feto clear it18:26
l1feoh my god, i thought i was going insane18:26
l1fei went down to 1.1818:26
l1feand 1.19 in devel18:26
l1feand was like...this was working!!18:26
jrwrenlazyPower: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/mysql/+bug/96509418:39
_mup_Bug #965094: Provide config option to specify database encoding <mysql (Juju Charms Collection):Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/965094>18:39
lazyPowerjrwren: thanks for filing the bug. The charm maintainer will see it shortly.18:40
jrwrenlazyPower: i want to fix it. i wanted to ask you about possible ways to fix.18:42
marcoceppijrwren: the "problem" with setting it in the interface, is that redefines the interface19:15
marcoceppijrwren: it' a good idea, but the new key will have to be 100% optional19:15
marcoceppijrwren: so, you'd want to have a default-encoding configuration option, which is used when no encoding is sent via the relation19:15
jrwrenagreed. going for 100% optional19:16
jrwrenexactly what I was thinking.19:16
jrwreni spiked it and tested it out and it works, i'm just charm new, and wanted to ask before i submit a merge request19:17
lazyPowerjrwren: :) we're really open to code reviews as MP's19:26
lazyPowerit makes life great when its of good quality and we just merge it in19:26
lazyPowerif not, its a source to track the conversation as the merge evolves19:26
jrwrenlazyPower: ok, thanks. i'll get something up19:27
l1fequick question regarding juju and lxc containers...does juju provide a unified network fabric for any services exposed over LXC? as in something on LXC:0 being able to communicate with LXC:119:32
marcoceppil1fe: yes, something in LXC:0 will be able to talk to LXC:119:33
l1feso, i have a mysql lxc on 1/lxc/119:33
l1feand nova-cloud-controller on 0/lxc/119:34
l1feand i get errors where it can't connect to mysql19:34
l1fevia the ip address19:34
l1fewhich makes sense since those 10.0.* ip addresses are only for each machine19:34
l1fephysical machine19:35
l1feunless i'm misunderstanding something19:35
l1fe(given the constraints thing earlier, that's entirely possible)19:36
lazyPowerl1fe: are you sure teh mysql service has started? its using a bridged virtual ethernet adapter to do the communication in LXC19:37
lazyPowerLXCBR0 is the default virtual device for lxc connections, and all lxc containers use 10.0.3.x ip addresses by default as well19:37
l1feyeah, it's started19:37
l1feyeah, i raised a bug about how lxcbr0 wasn't actually being used, so i even manually went in and changed that in containers directory19:39
l1fefor lxc.cfg19:39
lazyPowerstrange, works on every other setup. The only time i had to change the br interface was when i wanted to bridge it with an actual ethernet device19:41
lazyPowerand even then i think i configured it wrong and i had soem races where the interface wouldn't come online during boot and I had to manually initialize it every time the server was reset.19:41
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lazyPowerbut thats a story for another time....19:41
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lazyPowerso if you can reach the MySQL node, and you've verified the server is up - whats the log output that's stating you cannot connec to MySQL?19:42
_mup_Bug #1340261: juju add-machine lxc:0 fails to start due to incorrect network name in trusty config <lxc> <network> <placement> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1340261>19:42
l1fefor the templates not being setup properly for trusty19:42
lazyPowerahhh ok so this is not a local deployment19:43
lazyPowerthis is lxc, in a maas node for density based deployments19:43
l1feunit-nova-cloud-controller-0: 2014-07-11 19:12:44 ERROR juju.worker.uniter uniter.go:486 hook failed: exit status 1 unit-cinder-0: 2014-07-11 19:12:55 INFO shared-db-relation-changed 2014-07-11 19:12:55.604 18833 CRITICAL cinder [-] OperationalError: (OperationalError) (2003, "Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (113)") None None19:44
l1feyeah, not local19:44
l1fesorry forgot to mention that19:44
l1fethese are different physical maas nodes19:44
lazyPowerits ok, its my own brain going immediately to local when someone mentions LXC19:44
l1fei'm just trying to test out the best ways to deploy my environment :)19:44
l1feand experimenting with encapsulating services19:45
l1fei guess bridging networks between lxc containers across different physical nodes would be something that's not possible right now19:46
lazyPoweri know that the networking when using juju deploy --to lxc:# can be a bit troublesome when it comes to networking configuration19:47
l1fei don't see any DHCP or DNS changes in MAAS (which is controlling all of that stuff right now)19:47
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lazyPowerThere was a topic on this not long ago19:48
l1feand juju is using the actual IP address vs a fqdn19:48
lazyPowerthere's either a script or a subordinate charm that helps this... i forget how long ago the thread was - but its in the juju mailng list.19:48
lazyPower*mailing list19:48
l1feah, i'll have to do some searching19:49
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