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soeeRiddell: the blue breeze window decoration is gone after latest updates, this is intended?05:17
Riddellsoee: I think sgclark repackaged it so it'll now be in a separate package07:57
soeeRiddell: ok, this package is not uploaded yet right ?08:00
Riddelldunno, I can see a kde-style-breeze08:00
Riddellsoee: install that ↑08:00
soeeRiddell: nope, this one does not brink this decoration back :)08:21
Riddellsoee: ah hah, try kwin-style-theme09:27
Riddellthat name should be fixed09:27
soeelet me check :) so many changes -.-09:27
soeeRiddell: also doesn't help :D09:29
Riddellsoee: uploaded ~ppa2 with kwin style renamed to kwin-style-breeze09:41
Riddellbut same contents, can you not select it in window manager settings -> window decorations ?09:41
shadeslayerI hate tests09:41
shadeslayerI hate them09:41
soeeRiddell: i dont have it on the list, i have only oxygen and plastik09:42
Riddellsoee: do you have /usr/share/kwin/decorations/kwin4_decoration_qml_breeze/metadata.desktop ?09:42
soeeRiddell: yes09:43
Riddelland run kbuildcoca5 for good effect? :)09:45
Riddellsoee: ah, do you have /usr/share/kservices5/kwin/kwin4_decoration_qml_breeze.desktop ?09:45
soeeRiddell: nope, this one is missing09:46
Riddellthere's our problem09:46
soeehave only kwin4_decoration_qml_plastik.desktop09:46
Riddellmgraesslin: random question, why the 4 in "kwin4_decoration_qml_breeze" ?09:47
mgraesslinRiddell: no idea, they used to be called kwin3 in the kwin4 world09:48
mgraesslinI don't think we test the name any more - I removed that restriction09:49
Riddelloff by one error09:49
Riddellsoee: install this see if it helps starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/kwin-style-breeze_5.0.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.10~ppa2_amd64.deb09:49
mgraesslinRiddell: well no, technically kwin5 is the 4th version09:49
mgraesslinin KDE 1 there was no KWin09:49
apacheloggertechnically kdelibs4 was kdelibs5, didn't stop anyone from calling it kdelibs4 all the same ^^09:50
mgraesslinno that was only downstream, upstream it was 409:50
RiddellI'm sure I remember a window manager in KDE 109:50
mgraesslinit was called KWM09:50
Riddellah, a classic09:51
soeeRiddell: force overwrite http://paste.ubuntu.com/7779445/ ?09:52
Riddellsoee: yeah go ahead09:52
apacheloggermgraesslin: no, if you look at the version of the lib you'll see a 5 and not a 4 :P09:52
mgraesslinapachelogger: upstream? I thought that was all downstream due to BC changes very down in the stack09:53
soeeRiddell: got the decoration back on the list :)09:53
Riddellyay, thanks for your testing efforts09:53
Riddellsoee: although as martin keeps saying, it's buggy and you may not want to use it09:54
soeeRiddell: thanks for the fix :)09:54
soeebuggy ? :o09:54
Riddelltsdgeos: how are version numbers added to bugzilla for SC releases? is there a nice automated way?09:54
mgraesslinbuggy is an understatement09:54
soeeiv seen small artfacts left after window resize etc, but didn't think this might be related to window decoration09:54
mgraesslinI told people since January that we cannot have an Aurorae window decoration in the release09:55
mgraesslinbut everybody ignored me :-(09:55
soeebtw. thie forst release wont have decoration, qtcurve nor the icons right ?09:56
soee*the first09:56
tsdgeosRiddell: no idea09:56
mgraesslinI'm a little bit pissed about it as I will have to handle the bug reports09:57
Riddellsoee: the only artwork that's changed by default is the wallpaper, everything else is oxygen I think09:58
Riddelloh and the font09:58
apacheloggermgraesslin: yeah that was upstream, way back when commit messages were in german I think ^^09:58
Riddell(which is oxygen, but wasn't default before)09:58
soeeRiddell: nice, thank you09:58
Riddellsoee: and the plasma widget theme is updated09:59
soeei think the performance is bit better when using oxygen decoration than with breeze10:00
mgraesslina bit is an understatement10:00
mgraesslinthat's actually the main issue10:00
Riddellprobably depends on your graphics setup, it's slow as molasses for me10:01
mgraesslinwell it has to read memory back10:02
soeeim on propriety drivers here10:02
mgraesslinwhich sucks badly10:02
mgraesslinand that's kind of unfixable10:02
mgraesslinbut I'm working on a new breeze deco in C++10:02
Riddellnow that's awesome10:03
mgraesslinof course it is, it's the magical unicorn Jos asked for10:03
mgraesslinonly the "donate now" sign is missing10:03
mgraesslinbut I also have John's dollar button: http://paste.opensuse.org/8318332810:05
soeehmm, when using white theme, the loading screen or the screen locked theme is dark, and when using dark theme the both mentioned are white :)10:23
soeethis is how it should be ? :)10:23
Riddellsoee: white theme of what?10:30
soeeRiddell: plasma theme10:31
soeewe have breeze white and dark10:31
soeewhen breeze white is set, try to lock your screen, than you will have dark theme used on that screen10:32
Riddelloh aye10:33
Riddellsoee: I think that's how it is supposed to be, on lock screen the widgets are dark on dark theme (background stripe is lighter)10:33
soeeso the same will be with lightdm/sddm ? dark login screen and white plasma theme ? :)10:35
Riddelldunno, up to the artists10:36
shadeslayerI hate copyright files10:47
shadeslayernot sure if I've said that before10:48
apacheloggeronly every other week10:48
shadeslayerI should hire someone via amazon mechanical turk10:48
shadeslayerto do this10:48
shadeslayerI'd even go as far as saying that populating debian/copyright is better than alcohol at killing brain cells10:49
Riddelloh that's an excellent idea for updating the bugzilla verion numbers for Plasma 510:49
shadeslayerRiddell: well, not really10:49
shadeslayerbecause they'd have to have admin privilliges10:49
shadeslayercould screw up bugzilla for all you know10:49
shadeslayerapachelogger: want to kill some brain cells?10:50
apachelogger(they need limited admin privs)10:50
Riddellwell that's easy to automate, heck I can just give them my password10:50
Riddellseems to be hard to automate adding a line to a database for the version number10:50
apacheloggerthe page I linked to you even has example code10:51
Riddellright but that's on a server which I have no access to10:53
Riddelland it's in perl10:53
Riddellwhich I learnt once and then I learnt cobol and then I got over my youthful sillyness10:54
apacheloggernot hard then10:54
apacheloggeroh, ktux is still running10:55
apacheloggerI totally don't get this app10:55
apacheloggermgraesslin: someone should axe everything in the kdetoys module I am reasonable certain nothing is maintained there and nothing is worth maintaining either10:56
mgraesslinbut I want a little tux walking over my panel10:56
apacheloggeryeah, but, that's not what it does10:56
* mgraesslin is not sure whether it was a good idea to say that, I don't want to become the maintainer10:56
yofelbut, but, kteatime!10:56
apacheloggerit's a screensaver in a window, a very cheap screensaver I might add -.-10:56
mgraesslinthere's also kamor or something like that10:57
yofelit's amor10:57
mgraesslinyes and kteatime is important10:57
apacheloggerteamtime can be kdeutils10:57
mgraesslinor just a plasmoid10:58
apacheloggerthat plasmoid still could live in kdeutils though :P10:58
mgraesslinor in plasma-workspace10:59
apacheloggeranywhere but kdetoys10:59
apacheloggerit could do it like oxygen-font and live in kdereview for half a year  xD10:59
shadeslayerRiddell: Conflicting tags:11:01
shadeslayer    5.0.0-0ubuntu111:01
shadeslayerso yeah, bzr can't delete tags11:02
Riddellhttp://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/beta/en/user-reference/tag-help.html "11:02
RiddellCreate, remove or modify a tag naming a revision."11:03
Riddellcan too11:03
apacheloggereverything can delete tags11:03
apacheloggereven svn11:03
apacheloggerfor in svn tags are copies11:03
soeeRiddell: some parts of kde 4.14 are going to be included in unicorn ?11:06
Riddellsoee: all of it11:06
Riddellassuming someone gets round to packaging it11:06
shadeslayerRiddell: can you check kcoreaddons11:09
Riddellshadeslayer: where?11:09
shadeslayerRiddell: just uploaded it to the archive11:10
BluesKaj'Morning all11:23
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alleeinstalled utopic, added ppa next-utopic, now lightdm an startkde complain: Could not start D-bus.  Can you call qdbus?   and  greeter is apprear again.11:51
alleeWhich log to check to find the bug?11:52
soeeallee: install qt5-default11:53
* BluesKaj wonders why qt5-default isn't installed by default ... makes no sense11:55
Riddellbecause it should be fixed properly11:55
Riddellqt5-default is a developer tool11:55
alleesoee: thx. So question is where is the qt5-defaults dependency missing?11:55
Riddellallee: it's not missing, it needs whatever calls qdbus to call /usr/lib/foo/qt5/qdbus directly11:55
Riddellmaybe startkde11:55
alleeRiddell: as lightdm's greeter also complains is must be somewhere deep in kde libs :-(11:56
alleeRiddell: maybe prepend  /usr/lib/foo/qt5 to the PATH of the greeter process?11:57
* allee search xsession scripts ...11:58
mgraesslinthe message sounds like startkde11:58
shadeslayerthat would be all wrong11:59
shadeslayerwould cause all sorts of madness11:59
shadeslayerwhat needs to be done is startkde needs fixing11:59
shadeslayerto use QT_SELECT=511:59
shadeslayerthere should be some check to see which qdbus is installed11:59
shadeslayerand use appropriate QT_SELECT12:00
yofelthat should be fixed in qtchoose really12:00
shadeslayeruntil that happens ... QT_SELECT :P12:00
shadeslayerI found out that lconvert has the same isse12:00
Riddellqt should just add a version number to their binaries really12:00
Riddellqtchooser is overengineering it12:00
shadeslayerwell, qtchooser isn't supported by Qt12:01
shadeslayeror that's what I recall someone saying12:01
alleestartkde used QT_SELECT + shell alias, maybe the same for the whatever start plasma5 desktop?12:02
sgclarkRiddell: good morning, so you were right, those files are there, drkonqi is a new package in plasma-workspace?12:05
apacheloggermaybe qtchooser should be fixed12:23
alleehow unity handling it?  AFAIR v8 is qt5 and before qt4  so they have the same problem12:37
alleeshadeslayer: How about in plasma.desktop    Exec=env QT_SELECT="qt5 qdbus" /usr/bin/startkde      and qt4 in  kde-plama.desktop12:45
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apacheloggerthat does not fix the bug12:45
* allee checks what qt5-default does to understand what the 'bug' is12:46
* BluesKaj thinks his move to install qt5-plasma etc is a mistake...too many basic operations aren't working, like copy and paste using the mouse and associated dialogs...at least ctrl+c and ctrl+v work ...new themes fail to download etc, but I guess it's early days13:12
soeeBluesKaj: :O13:13
soeecopy/paste works for me13:13
soeewhat new themes >13:14
soeeBluesKaj: do you have the old Dolphin ?13:14
alleeBluesKaj: I try qt5-plasma to find and help fix the packaging problems/bugs13:16
BluesKajyes I have the old dolphin allee13:18
BluesKajyeah , I just checked in kdelool , there no new themes :)13:18
Riddellsgclark: I wouldn't make it a separate package13:26
Riddelljust keep it in plasma-workspace13:27
shadeslayerallee: that would still screw up everything that executes under plasmashell13:27
alleeshadeslayer: ?  Why?   Now I have the feeling I still dont I understand the problem :-(13:29
shadeslayerallee: because then everything in plasmashell would be using Qt5 , and if you wanted to compile a Qt4 app, you'd be screwed13:30
shadeslayernot much different than qt5-default13:31
BluesKajsoee,  I tried setting up the dropbox startup script in system settings, but pasting the path fails , the dialog is totally greyed out 13:31
soeeBluesKaj: oh im not using dropbox, i have my own owncloud server13:33
alleeshadeslayer: well,   env var are per process (+children), qt5-default is system wide and for all proc (also already running).     So  env var QT_SELECT in  session desktop affect only the started session,  so KDE4 and plasma5 in parallel are possible.13:38
alleeif QT has such a stupid devel environment we just have to life with it, that during compile one has to explicitely choose with qt 4/5 one wants :-(13:39
* allee nevertheless considers ENV var as fragile and they should never be the final solution13:40
apacheloggerallee: the problem is that qtchooser doesn't have appropriate fallback tech and that priority is all screwed because the default is always qt4 unless qt5-default is installed at which point default.conf becomes available13:56
alleeapachelogger: isn't the first goal to find a way run  a KDE SC 4 seesion and a plasma5 session on the same system?   Build environment can always be controled in debian/rules. 14:05
alleeit's a dirty quickfix but at least a fix until upstream can be convinced to implement something sane.14:06
apacheloggerthere is a workaround which is exactly the same I made for 4.x14:09
Riddellcan someasdfssdfasdfjklsdrgjkl14:22
Riddellcan someone with the login issue test this patch to startkde? http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/DIFF14:22
shadeslayerlooks wrong14:25
sgclarkRiddell: libmm-qt is in bzr ready for your review14:32
sgclarkRiddell: so I see there are some new tars, did you already replace the uploaded?14:34
Peace-Riddell: btw why on neon 5 latest dolphin have not shell integrated ?14:34
Peace-=> http://i.imgur.com/o1wV8NP.png14:35
Riddellsgclark: nope I've not replaced any which are new today14:52
sgclarkRiddell: ok I will get that out of the way14:53
RiddellPeace-: dunno I don't make neon 5 but I saw in the announcement they went back to using kdelibs4 kde-baseapps (dolphin)14:53
Peace-tx for info Riddell14:54
Riddellmeh, barcelona internet is being flakey14:58
Riddellsgclark: but hold off on baloo, that tar is broken15:05
sgclarkRiddell: ahh ok15:05
ScottKagateau: ping.  I have kapidox issues/questions.15:08
ScottKshadeslayer: ^^^ working on it.15:09
agateauScottK: pong15:09
alleeRiddell: I've applied your patch, deinstalled  qt5-default and rebooted.  Autologin was successful15:09
Riddellhowever it's specific to amd6415:09
alleeRiddell: yes :-)15:09
RiddellI wonder how to get that path for any platform15:10
alleehow about qtpaths -qt 5...  instead of full path?15:10
ScottKagateau: It looks like gv is not available for python3 (at least not in Debian/Ubuntu), so one can't do all of kapidox with python, but you use urllib.parse in src/kapidox/generator.p15:10
ScottKerr .py15:11
ScottKurllib.parse is python3 only15:11
alleeerr does nnot work15:11
ScottKIt's urlparse in python2.7.15:11
agateauScottK: there is a try for the import15:12
agateautry:                                                                                15:12
agateau    from urllib.parse import urljoin                                                15:12
agateauexcept ImportError:                                                                 15:12
agateau    from urlparse import urljoin15:12
ScottKBetter I read the code and not just grep.15:12
alleeRiddell:   qtpaths -qt=5 --binaries-dir15:12
ScottKagateau: The python is all just backed to the /usr/bin tools, so it doesn't matter for users if it's python or python3, right?15:13
agateauScottK: yes, it's an "app", not a module for other Python programs15:14
ScottKI'll go ahead and do this as python, not python3, so we can include the gv support.15:14
shadeslayerScottK: yay15:15
shadeslayerScottK: thanks15:15
alleeRiddell: but qtpaths give this way the same result for KDE4 session and plasma5 session.  Is that wanted?15:16
ScottKagateau: For a future release, the pythonic way to indicate modules are only intended for private use is to lead the name with an underscore, i.e. kapidox/_argparserutils.py or something like that.15:16
Riddellallee: if you have Plasma 5 installed you have no KDE 4 session15:16
agateauScottK: really? I have never seen this before15:17
agateauor maybe, never noticed it15:17
alleeRiddell: having both available is not a goal?15:17
ScottKagateau: Yes.  To pick one example that's related, the graphviz bindings have gv.py and _gv.so.  The gv.py is the public wrapper to the "private" C extension.15:18
alleeso only qt4 and qt5 environment on same system but only plasma  desktop or plasma5 desktop15:18
ScottKThe csv module does the same trick.15:18
agateauScottK: I thought the _* notation was only for .so files15:18
ScottKSome people even use it in individual function names within a module.15:19
agateauI sometimes do prefix individual functions in a module15:19
agateaubut only if the module is supposed to be "public"15:19
ScottKI could stash the kapidox module in a private space, but then I'd have to do something special for the /usr/bin scripts to find it.15:21
ScottKSo, so kapidox is a public module, despite it's intended use.15:21
ScottKJust something to think about.15:21
agateauScottK: indeed. But one would have to do a "from kapidox import something" to access it, so it's not polluting the public namespace, right?15:24
ScottKNot beyond taking the namespace kapidox15:25
ScottKYou certainly wouldn't get anything accidentally.15:25
agateauScottK: I have always wondered what was the best way to distribute a Python app made of multiple .py files15:25
ScottKMe too.15:26
agateauthe Python doc is all about installing modules, there is very little about applications15:26
agateauWhich is why I decided to go with installing my app as a module, with a script to start it15:26
ScottKagateau: it's a reasonable way to proceed.15:47
ScottKRiddell: Your changelog entry for kapidox says something about a lintian override being added, but it's not there.  Did you forget to bzr add?15:48
lordievaderGood afternoon.15:49
RiddellScottK: dunno so, if I did it's gone15:55
ScottKRiddell: OK.  I'll take care of it.15:55
Riddellsgclark: new baloo16:01
sgclarkRiddell: ok thanks16:02
shadeslayerRiddell: warning: cannot find binary, udeb or source package -pedantic in lab (skipping)16:11
shadeslayerRiddell:  lintian -pedantic ~/Downloads/libkf5itemviews5_5.0.0-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb16:11
Riddellshadeslayer: only libkf5itemmodels5_5.0.0-0ubuntu1_arm64.deb libkf5itemmodels5_5.0.0-0ubuntu1_powerpc.deb libkf5itemmodels5_5.0.0-0ubuntu1_ppc64el.deb16:12
Riddellsgclark, shadeslayer: tier 1 is in the archive!16:17
ScottKagateau: Could we have man pages for depdiagram-generate-all, kgenframeworksapidox, depdiagram-generate, kgenapidox, and depdiagram-prepare in the next release?16:20
agateauScottK: mmm, I never wrote a manpage, I guess I could use help2man or something16:21
ScottKThere are plenty of ...2man tools, so whatever works for you.16:21
ScottKagateau: You can look at my pypolicyd-spf package to see an example of how to install man pages using setup.py too.16:22
agateauScottK: ok16:22
sgclarkRiddell: mmm locales were removed from baloo?16:22
Riddellwell spotted16:23
Riddellsgclark: http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/plasma-5.0.0/baloo-5.0.0.tar.xz16:33
Riddellok I'm making too many mistakes, time to leave the computer16:34
CorodiusI know that feeling well ^_^ Have a good break Riddell :)16:34
ScottKagateau: one last thing ...  kapidox: privacy-breach-generic usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/kapidox/data/templates/base.html www.kde.org/labels.rdf - See http://lintian.debian.org/tags/privacy-breach-generic.html for an explanation.  It might be nice to consider this for a future release (not that I worry about kde.org too much).16:48
agateauScottK: not sure what I can do there16:49
ScottKAs a packager the thing I'd do is wget the labels.rdf file and then patch base.html to use it.16:50
ScottKI wasn't sure that made any sense in this case, so I decided just to mention it and leave it to you.16:51
ScottKshadeslayer, sgclark, agateau: kapidox is uploaded to the archive now.16:55
ScottKshadeslayer: Probably worth looking at my changes to see how packaging a python app is different.16:59
shadeslayerwhen my brain is not all burnt out, sure :P16:59
ScottKWhat year does that happen in?17:01
sgclarkRiddell: when your done resting plasma-workspace-wallpapers is in bzr ready for your review. I have to step out for a bit, will be back.17:11
ScottKsgclark: If you want to learn about python packaging, please have a look at what I did to kapidox.  I'll be glad to answer questions.17:12
sgclarkScottK: yep! I will take a look when I get back, thanks :)17:12
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soeesome updates and libkf5dbusaddons-data kept back18:34
ScottKsgclark: Do you mind if I make /debian stuff in kapidox BSD two clause to match the rest of the package?18:37
sgclarkScottK: nope, not at all18:58
RiddellScottK, sgclark: debian have requested we make the packaging licencing match the upstream licencing for packages, so I guess it would be polite if we changed them all to match the code in the .tar19:16
ScottKYes.  I'm doing that for kapidox19:16
Riddellgosh 4.13.3 as well as 4.14 beta as well as plasma 519:17
sgclarkRiddell: ok no problem, I can do that while I remove the -data packages19:17
Riddellsgclark: magnifico :)19:18
* Riddell looks at plasma-workspace-wallpapers19:18
sgclarkRiddell: so I go with Copying file or ?19:18
Riddellsgclark: how do you mean?19:18
sgclarkRiddell: many have many licenses, how do I determine correct one?19:19
Riddelloh go for the most liberal19:19
Riddellusually LGPL2+19:19
Riddell(I think it's unnecessary but I like to keep Debian happy so they can use our packaging)19:19
sgclarkright, that is what I wan too19:20
kubotusgclark meant: "right, that is what I want too"19:20
Riddellhmm, seems upstream (me) is quite inconsistent with plasma-workspace-wallpapers licencing19:22
sgclarkRiddell: shadeslayer: with frameworks in archive, is there anything I do differently? I still use same bzr ?19:22
RiddellI'll have to send myself a polite e-mail to ask me to fix it19:22
Riddellsgclark: still use knextbzr for now I think19:22
sgclarkok ty19:22
sgclarkRiddell: I thought I was suppose to get an email address with membership :( 19:25
ScottKRiddell: I think the Debian request is reasonable because it avoids unfortunate questions like "what's the license of this patch".19:29
Riddellsgclark: should just work I think19:30
Riddelllaunchpadusername @ ubuntu.com and @kubuntu.org19:30
Riddellassuming you have a primary e-mail set in launchpad19:31
sgclarkRiddell: hah! it works, thank you19:32
* sgclark changes her email everywhere19:32
Riddellsgclark: plasma-workspace-wallpapers all good except.. we're on 5.0.0 now, use the 4: epoch we're using in all packages for consistency, no need for debian/install file19:32
Riddelland I'll try to sort out the licencing and copyright holders upstream19:32
Riddellsgclark: don't change your primary e-mail in launchpad, bad things happen then I expect :)19:32
sgclarkRiddell: lol yeah, meant in all the packaging stuff. Also, what about the IRC ghost? thought that was in the package too19:33
sgclarkRiddell: is LiMux something I want to try for?19:40
Riddellsgclark: I suspect that a two day sprint isn't practical to come across the atlantic for19:43
Riddellas a far out idea if might be an idea to organise a US based sprint, depends who would be interested in it19:43
Riddellor re-launch camp KDE19:57
Riddellthat would be cool19:57
Riddelltrouble with camp KDE is I guess most of the people who were keen enough to organise it already went to akademy anyway, and without a team focus it died a bit19:57
sgclarkI am not a "social butterfly" :( don't think I would be very good at organizing events lol20:07
sgclarkI am trying to start going though, I will be helping LibreOffice at OSCON in a weekish20:08
Riddelloh cool20:10
* Riddell snoozes20:14
MintyNinja41Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew exactly when KDE Plasma 5 would be available for Kubuntu 14.04 (besides from experimental PPA or similar)?20:20
ScottKMintyNinja41: Never.20:20
ScottKThe first non-PPA release for us will be fore 15.04.20:21
MintyNinja41Oh- because 14.04 is LTS?20:22
MintyNinja41Right, I've finished downloading the Neon image, I'd like to test it.  Thanks ScottK.20:27
ScottKBecause 14.04 is already released and we don't do major updates like that post-release.  14.10 won't have it officially either.20:32
ScottKIt's not co-installable with KDE4 plasma.20:33
mcstris bugs.kde.org down?20:56
lordievadermcstr: Chromium tells me my connection is rejected.21:02
mcstrhmm yeh firefox fails to load it here, but kde.org works21:03
mcstralso cant ping bugs.kde.org it says unknown host21:03
lordievadermcstr: Port 80 (and 443) is closed on bugs.kde.org21:06
soeethe dark breeze decoration looks nice :)21:27
yofelmcstr, lordievader: b.k.o is down for a server move21:29
mcstrahh thx 4 the info yofel21:30
lordievaderyofel: Check. Good to know.21:30
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