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john_ramboHow to enable local peer discovery in Ktorrent ?03:07
MichaelPAny knowen ppa's for kde 4.14 beta1 yet ?05:36
ShalokShalomhi there08:33
ShalokShalomin netrunner, unity and maybe other distros open the menu, when i press the windows key (super)08:33
ShalokShalomhow can i get this to work in kubuntu ?08:34
function9ShalokShalom: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/ksuperkey?content=15456909:01
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Linux_ussrHello @ all. I got  new dell inspiron 7537 and got problems with my battery status. There is no widget displaying battery power and remaining time. how to fix it?09:10
soeehi Linux_ussr09:12
soeeyou dont have it in systray ?09:12
Linux_ussrsoee: no!09:12
soeeand if you open systray settings, check there if its marked to be shown09:13
Linux_ussri look up the stat in terminal with acpi09:13
Linux_ussrthere is no battery entry09:14
Linux_ussrall works fine. also switchable graphics but no battery icon09:14
soeestrange, on my dell inspiron all works fine09:15
Linux_ussrsoee: ship it to me. :-D09:15
Linux_ussryou get mine09:15
soeenah, i like this one a lot :)09:16
yofelLinux_ussr: if 'upower --dump' will not show battery information your problem is not kde09:16
Linux_ussrthat good, maby i will also like it ;-D09:16
Linux_ussryofel: upower --dump shows all information. :-D09:17
Linux_ussrhow is the applet called?09:18
yofelthat's weird ^^09:18
Linux_ussri got no acpi installed.09:18
yofelthe battery applet rlies on upower, so acpi *should* not be a problem..09:18
Linux_ussrand have installed it manually. is09:18
Linux_ussrah ok09:19
Linux_ussrthats strange. got never this problem09:19
yofelthe applet itself is called Battery Monitor, and should show up in the Extra Items of the systray config09:19
Linux_ussrwhat entries you got in ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc09:20
Linux_ussrthats mine09:22
ShalokShalomfunction9: thanks :D11:22
BluesKaj'Morning all11:23
function9ShalokShalom: yw :)11:24
function9BluesKaj: morning11:24
BluesKajhi function911:27
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shallwehi guys, someone nows if theres a way to run kde 5 project neon in kubuntu 14.04? I installed it, but was paralles, i like to remove kde4 and put de 5, is theres a ppa or something else? Very thanks :)14:31
BluesKajshallwe,  this ?   https://launchpad.net/~neon/+archive/ubuntu/kf514:33
shallweBluesKaj: ty, i will try :)14:34
BluesKajshallwe,  don't remove kde414:34
shallweBluesKaj: aa, i installed it before, but its runs parallels with kde4, and make the theme stranger in kde 514:35
BluesKajshallwe,  you need the kde4 dolphin version , dolphin doesn't run on kframework 514:37
shallweBluesKaj: wow, nice information, i dont know about it ! haha14:38
shallwety man, i will try install this ppa !14:38
BluesKajshallwe,  if you have any questions , best to ask in #kubuntu-devel14:38
shallweBluesKaj: good one! ty!14:40
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Perzeus_so so15:43
lordievaderGood afternoon.15:49
lordievaderHey function9, how are you?15:52
function9good thank you, just waiting for my kubuntu torrent to finish downloading. How are you lordievader? :)15:54
lordievaderfunction9: Warm, just like my Pi.15:55
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MichaelPAnyone know if there a ppa yet for kde 4.14 beta ?16:40
lordievaderMichaelP: I suppose the Kubu devs are too busy with packaging Plasma5 to have time to package 4.14 beta.16:42
shadeslayerI'll have a look on Monday I suppose16:43
MichaelPlordievader: i just thought maybe since plasma 5 is still using part of 4:13... that 4.14 might be work better with it16:44
shadeslayerno it's not16:44
shadeslayerapplications are still using Qt4 , but workspaces is all Qt516:44
MichaelPI know like on suse and others when you upgrade to plasma 5.. your still have parts of kde 4.13 base and stuff16:45
MichaelPif using project-neon who supports that ?16:46
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lordievaderThe Kubuntu Dev team, for as far as I know.16:47
MichaelPso project-neon is part of kubuntu16:47
shadeslayerMichaelP: yes, the applications are still Qt416:48
MichaelPso im safe then in here using the project-neon iso16:48
MichaelPeverytime i installed straight to kubuntu.. screen started going hay wire... so i tried that iso.. and runing good.. plasma 5 still has a lot of speed work... kde 4.13 things opened alot faster16:50
lordievaderMichaelP: FYI, shadeslayer is part of the Kubuntu Dev team ;)16:50
shadeslayergood to hear the ISO is working awesome for you16:50
MichaelPWhat causes things to go heywire with plasma 5... I had samething with suse 13.116:52
lordievaderMichaelP: Driver issue?16:52
MichaelPonly video driver i using is xf86-video-ati16:52
lordievaderDoesn't take away that it could be a driver issue.16:53
shadeslayerMichaelP: haywire?16:53
MichaelPit would be after awhile you open firefox or dolphin or anything.. and it flickers.. looks like it's in 5 peices16:54
MichaelPor screen would start going black.. but what windows was open would stay16:54
MichaelPso what ppa.. a 3rd part group getting packages ready or what16:56
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shadeslayersounds like a driver issue16:57
shadeslayerbut please report bugs upstream16:57
MichaelPopening synptic package manager... KDEInit could not launch '' Could not open library '/opt/project-neon5/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libkdeinit5 Cannot load library /opt/project-neon5/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libkdeinit5 (/opt/project-neon5/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libkdeinit5_.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)17:01
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emwhich is faster to get Kubuntu 14.04, a direct download or a torent?18:50
ikoniadepends on the connection18:51
ikoniayou should get a good response from torrents as it's well seeded18:51
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kritikhi, in kubuntu Ihave chosen l2tp vpn connection, set parameter. But when I click to connect nothing happens19:00
kritikshould I install any package?19:00
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kritikin kubuntu Ihave chosen l2tp vpn connection, set parameter. But when I click to connect nothing happens. Should I install any package?19:11
geniikritik: Perhaps check if the package kvpnc is installed19:14
kritikgenii: I tried but it asked for some sertificates which shouldn't be asked19:15
geniiThat sounds... odd19:15
kritikgeniiL it should ask username/password/host asit is in plasmoid but kvpnc asks so many params...19:20
MintyNinja41Hello- I was wondering if anyone knew if KDE Plasma 5 would be available in Kubuntu 14.04 straightaway upon release, or if I'd have to wait for it to be ported or something.  I do apologise- I'm not familiar with how KDE and Ubuntu handle releases.20:12
lordievaderMintyNinja41: I think it will be avialable soon after release. Seeing that Project Neon5 is backed by the Kubuntu dev team. However, you should ask in #kubuntu-dev.20:13
MintyNinja41lordievader: #kubuntu-dev on this server?20:15
MintyNinja41right cool nick by the way :320:15
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lordievaderMintyNinja41: Err sorry, its #kubuntu-devel, and yes it is on Freenode.20:16
lordievaderMintyNinja41: Thanks :)20:16
MintyNinja41Right, thanks!20:17
MintyNinja41And no problem haha20:17
MintyNinja41my nick was going to me MintyHippo41, but I thought better of it. :p20:17
lordievaderMintyNinja41: ;)20:20
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ey3I've just installed a bunch of things from some unstable Ubuntu repository which completely broke KDE leaving me just with command line... Any help on how could I roll these changes back to stable versions?22:51
ikoniaey3: I told you what to do22:52
ikoniaey3: you need to learn how to make install media and re-install, or pay someone as you did before to come and do a reinstall for you22:52
ey3ikonia: Then I'd be grateful if you could provide some assistance in that or at least link me to tutorials/people who would bother to explain it to me22:53
ikonia!install | ey322:54
ubottuey3: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate22:54
ey3ikonia: Well, thanks... though I guess that clean install would mean losing all the data I've had there...22:57
ikoniaey3: you can back it up first22:57

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