cjwatsongammax90: No.  What are you having problems with?00:00
gammax90Yes, i'm not able to connect :(00:01
cjwatsonTo any particular URL?  Does the root (https://launchpad.net/) work?00:02
cjohnstonIt works for me00:02
cjwatsonAlso http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ is handy for this kind of question00:03
cjwatsonOr indeed http://isup.me/ is the same thing nowadays and maybe easier to remember00:04
gammax90Thanks a lot. Unfortunatly I don't know why i'm not able to see LP, all the other websites (google, github, wikipedia) works fine00:07
gammax90Maybe a DNS issue?00:08
wgrantgammax90: Can you ping launchpad.net?00:10
gammax90No. The name resolvs to (
wgrantWhat does a traceroute show?00:11
gammax90 1 (  6.994 ms  6.963 ms  6.928 ms  2 (  10.461 ms  10.440 ms  10.414 ms  3  * * *  4 (  31.290 ms  31.273 ms  36.158 ms  5 (  39.526 ms  39.508 ms  42.155 ms  6 (  51.607 ms  38.943 ms  38.907 ms  7  bundle-ether15.milano50.mil.seabone.net (  38.897 ms  33.895 ms  37.178 ms  8 00:16
gammax90 8  ge3-0.milano14.mil.seabone.net (  48.643 ms  48.616 ms  48.589 ms  9 (  40.364 ms  45.460 ms  45.450 ms 10 (  45.424 ms  48.319 ms  51.562 ms 11 (  60.617 ms  63.903 ms  40.337 ms 12  * * * 13  * * * 14  * * * 15  * * * 16  * * * 17  * * * 18  * * * 19  * * * 20  * * * 21  * * * 22  * * * 23  * * * 24  * * * 25  * * * 26  *00:16
wgrantgammax90: Looks like some of your international routing is broken.00:18
gammax90ok fine thanks, i'll try to ask to some other italians :)00:19
wgrantlaunchpad.net is in London, and that traceroute stops in Germany.00:19
wgrantSprint's Hamburg site can see it, but from their Milan site the trace stops in Hamburg.00:24
wgrantSo I think Sprint is a bit broken.00:24
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hyper_chhi there, why can't I browse the PPA file directories anymore like http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu/dists/11:10
wgranthyper_ch: That's just temporary while we're making some configuration changes.11:16
hyper_chwgrant: ah ok :) because for my generator I usually just browse all the ppas to see if they're already updated for a new version11:17
wgranthyper_ch: The ability to browse the top two levels (eg. http://ppa.launchpad.net/ and https://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa) will not be returning, but everything within a single PPA will.11:30
hyper_chwgrant: I don't need top level11:30
hyper_chfor my generator I have like 60 PPAs and it's just easy when I click on the bookmarks that leads me to the .../dists/ folder where I can directly see if a new uubntu version is supported11:31
shadeslayerhyper_ch: you could just query the API11:31
hyper_chshadeslayer: or I just visit http://ppa.launchpad.net/claws-mail/ppa/ubuntu/dist/11:31
shadeslayerbut that's what the API is for right ? :D11:32
hyper_chshadeslayer: apis are way too complex for my simple mind11:32
hyper_chthe bookmarks also serve another purpose11:33
hyper_chI can then just move them to the next ubuntu release folder when it's done for version xx11:33
shadeslayerok, yeah, Launchpad's API is slightly confusing11:33
hyper_chshadeslayer: repogen.simplylinux.ch --> many repos to check and so I have all repos that relate to a specific version in a folder11:35
hyper_chI just let it open all bookmarks and I can easily check if there's already a new version available11:35
hyper_chwell, a repo available for the ubuntu version11:35
hyper_chof course, with an API, I could automate such lookups ;)11:35
hyper_chand db entries and stuff11:35
shadeslayerautomation ftw11:40
hyper_chand I should work on the wui11:44
pmcgowanCan someone check on a rougue LP user for me, "xreuze" is spamming our bugs11:52
hyper_chshadeslayer: so, with the launchpad api I could easily check if PPA xxx has already made a release for Utopic?11:53
shadeslayerhyper_ch: yep11:54
hyper_chhmmm.... maybe I should automate that ;)11:54
shadeslayeryou can query all the series for which published packages exist11:54
shadeslayerand then just check if that list has your distroseries in it11:55
hyper_chthx... I guess I have some work cut out for me on the weekend11:55
wgrantpmcgowan: I've removed the four offending comments, but they seem to have stopped being so odd.11:56
wgrantLet us know if they continue.11:56
pmcgowanwgrant, thanks11:57
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