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justCarakasis there a way to send or read text messages in an app ?07:51
mzanettinik90_: hey, tried to use the alarm clock today. doesn't seem to ring off for me. what's the state there?08:04
mzanettiis it supposed to work or still WIP?08:05
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday and happy World Population Day! :-D08:36
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nik90_mzanetti: Good morning08:38
mzanettinik90_: Good morning08:38
nik90_mzanetti: The alarm should work as expected. I woke up to them for the past 4-5 days08:38
mzanettinik90_: hmm... can I verify on the command line somehow if the alarm is actually set? or any other means to debu git?08:39
mzanettireally doesn't ring ever here08:39
nik90_mzanetti: the alarm is stored at .local/share/evolution/tasks/randomfoldername/tasks.ics08:40
nik90_mzanetti: if you can get me that folder, I can check if EDS has saved it properly or no08:40
mzanettinik90_: ack. can't fetch it right now as I'm working on another device. but will get you that folder in a few08:41
nik90_mzanetti: np, I will be here08:41
popeyhttps://github.com/loqui/im interesting08:55
popeyits in the FFOS store.08:55
popeyhas WhatsApp support (unofficial)08:55
davmor2popey: how do you change the title of a note book in reminders or for that matter delete one the only options I see when I click on a note book are search and refresh08:57
popeydavmor2: do it on the web08:57
dpmdavmor2, click on the edit button on the header, it should let you edit the title and the content of the note08:59
davmor2popey: also if you edit a note in a notebook why does it move it auto change the notebook I'm in to first notebook.  IE Notebook 1,2,3 I have a note in 3 I hit edit change the note text hit save and it default to save it in 108:59
dpmdavmor2, and the notebook thing is probably a bug09:00
davmor2dpm: I have   =Notebooks + =  if I click on the notebook in question I get < Personal nores + =   hence wanting to change the title :)09:01
dpmdavmor2, ah, sorry, I misread the notebook title change09:01
dpmI read "note"09:01
davmor2So that is a feature request and a bug then thanks09:01
davmor2dpm: you sure you want me to test this?09:01
dpmdavmor2, indeed, it makes sense as a feature, I think09:02
dpmdavmor2, I'm never sure to have you test things, as you always manage to break them! :)09:02
davmor2dpm: also if you setup an account, and then open the app after the account is added it say you have no account add one click here, you click there it takes you to a page where you click accept and then goes back to the app, that doesn't seem right some how09:03
dpmdavmor2, the workflow is right, but the message needs to change. The reason being, if you create the account outside the app, then you need to authorize the app to use the account the first time. If you create the account from within the app, it then does the authorisation transparently for you09:22
dpmbut I noticed that one with the message too. We need to be able to detect whether there is genuinely no account, or whether there is an account that needs authorisation09:23
davmor2dpm: oh indeed, it's not a wrong workflow but it saying there is No account when you know for a fact you just created one is the but thats meh09:24
mzanettinik90_: here you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/777937609:28
mzanettinik90_: interesting thing that there are 4 alarms in there, should be 2 only09:28
nik90_mzanetti: are you running the latest image?09:29
mzanettinik90_: promoted one09:29
mzanettinot devel-proposed09:29
nik90_mzanetti: ok09:30
mzanettinik90_: but even if those 4 alarms would be what I want. I never heard any of those actually ring09:30
nik90_mzanetti: does the saved alarm appear in the date time indicator?09:33
mzanettinik90_: no... nothing in there09:33
mzanettiwhich probably explains why they're not ringing09:33
nik90_can you create an alarm to ring in the next 5 minutes and see if it appears in the indicator?09:34
mzanettiuuh. clock app crashed switching to the alarm tab09:35
nik90_were you trying to create a new alarm?09:35
nik90_or editing an existing one?09:35
mzanettii was on the stop watch tab, wanted to switch to the alarms tab -> boom09:35
mzanettinow it works09:35
mzanettinik90_: ack. set an alarm to go off in 5 mins, it appeard in the indicators09:36
mzanettihmm... I have a suspicion... let me wait until this one went off and I'll play around a bit more09:38
nik90_mzanetti: there is one case where the alarm might not ring, When you create a single type alarm and it rings. After which if you are try editing that alarm to set a new time, that will fail09:38
* nik90_ checks for that09:39
mzanettithat sounds like I could have fallen for a couple of times already09:39
mzanettithe other thing is, if you change the recurrance, I have the feeling that it changes it to the day last week or so09:40
mzanettiringing now /09:40
mzanettiringtone is very stuttery though09:41
mzanettilike pauses for 3 seconds, plays half a sec, pauses again for 3 etc09:41
mzanettithat seems to be related to the screen being locked09:42
mzanettiturning the screen on makes it play smoothly, turning it off again makes it bad again09:42
nik90_mzanetti: I don't notice the stuttery ringtone anymore in the devel-proposed. We had that issue a couple of images before since the system-settings was hogging a lot of CPU.09:49
nik90_mzanetti: we have another bug in place where the alarm keeps ringing even after you dismiss it :)09:50
mzanettinik90_: ok...09:50
davmor2dpm, popey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/reminders-app/+bug/1340635 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/reminders-app/+bug/1340640 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/reminders-app/+bug/134064409:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1340635 in Ubuntu Reminders app "Right workflow wrong wording on error on Initlial run of the app" [Undecided,New]09:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1340640 in Ubuntu Reminders app "No way to Edit a notebook name" [Undecided,New]09:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1340644 in Ubuntu Reminders app "Editing a note defaults to the First Notebook instead of the notebook it was edited in" [Undecided,New]09:51
popeythanks davmor209:51
t1mpnik90_: for https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/improve-header-api-docs/+merge/226113 can you do a bzr commit -m "empty commit" --unchanged && bzr push, to see what happens?10:01
nik90_t1mp: sure.10:01
t1mpnik90_: thanks10:01
mzanettihuh? what happened to the calculator?10:50
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t1mpkalikiana: up for a review? https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/panelHeight/+merge/22549311:10
t1mpkalikiana: ignore the bad jenkins results for now, its broken11:10
kalikianatell me about it, I want to land stuff :-(11:11
kalikianat1mp: can we have a test for the position?11:13
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t1mpkalikiana: a test that verifies the new y-coordinate after changing height?11:16
t1mpkalikiana: yeah, makes sense, I'll work on that11:16
davmor2popey, dpm: I created another bug for adding new notes to notebooks, it is pretty much the same as the bug 1340644 bug but it is a slightly different workflow so created a new one do you want me to mention the other bug in both?11:26
ubot5bug 1340644 in Ubuntu Reminders app "Editing a note defaults to the First Notebook instead of the notebook it was edited in" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134064411:26
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nik90_t1mp: the empty commit for https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/improve-header-api-docs/+merge/226113 didn't trigger jenkins12:18
nik90_zsombi: hey, Good Afternoon, you are back :)12:19
nik90_t1mp: ok, I just saw the jenkins message :P12:19
zsombinik90_: thanks, I'm back for few days, then will be away again12:20
t1mpnik90_: wow... weird failure12:21
t1mphmm it ends with NoSuchProcess: no process found with pid 531112:21
nik90_zsombi: ah ok12:21
t1mpnik90_: I'll happrove it anyway, see if it lands12:21
nik90_t1mp: hmm12:21
nik90_t1mp: ok..if it fails again, we can get the help of elopio12:22
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t1mpkalikiana: I re-happroved noArchErrors and englishButtons12:38
kalikianat1mp: thanks12:39
kalikianazsombi: added the test fixes https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/blueCursor/+merge/22530412:43
zsombikalikiana: I was thinking, shouldn't we set the palette.foreground with alpha=0.2 instead of having the magic in the text inputs...12:45
zsombikalikiana: you got comments12:49
kalikianazsombi: "TextField changes"?12:51
zsombikalikiana: you had color changes in textarea, shouldn't the same be done in textfield as well?12:52
kalikianahmm I thought I did, checking12:53
kalikianaokay seems it's not in there12:54
kalikianazsombi: if we want to have alpha in the palette there's a problem: we can't use the hex notation we agreed on13:02
t1mpkalikiana: why can't you use hex notation?13:02
kalikianaI'm not sure if in general it's expected to have alpha in the colors13:03
kalikianat1mp: becasue it doesn't exist13:03
zsombikalikiana: you can, you convert 0.2 into hex :)13:03
kalikianazsombi: and writing it how? there's no standard for it afair13:03
t1mpkalikiana: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qml-color.html13:03
zsombikalikiana: alpha is a value 0..255, and in Qt.rgba is (0..1)13:03
zsombikalikiana: #AARRGGBB13:04
zsombiI was faster :P13:04
t1mpzsombi: I started typing that 5 minutes ago ;) but on this keyboard, there is a search-key instead of caps-lock.. and it works as super-key :s13:04
zsombit1mp: yeah, excuses....13:05
kalikianat1mp: +1000 I love that the chrome book actually has a modern layout instead of following the stone age13:06
kalikianafew laptops do13:06
t1mpkalikiana: caps lock is handy some times13:06
kalikianait's not, dude, nobody uses it13:06
t1mpI USE IT WHEN I AM UPSET! ;)13:06
zsombikalikiana: only old farts.... as me :D13:06
t1mpkalikiana: but okay, it is not an essential key13:07
t1mpkalikiana: and it misses PgUp and PgDn keys.. which is not so handy13:07
t1mpkalikiana: other than that the keyboard layout is fine :)13:07
kalikianat1mp: who needs those… :-P13:08
t1mpkalikiana: I need it to scroll back on irc in irssi13:08
t1mpkalikiana: ah, home and end buttons are also missing..13:08
kalikianat1mp: use a wheel :-D13:08
t1mpkalikiana: I need those to go to the beginning/end of a line that I'm editing13:08
kalikianawhat about ctrl+left/right13:09
t1mpkalikiana: that only moves left/right one word13:09
t1mpon mac its Fn+left/right13:09
zsombikalikiana: one more thing to that MR: shouldn't actually we add the blue color to the UbuntuColors as well?13:10
kalikianazsombi: that was done in tim's mr13:10
zsombikalikiana: then you would only need to use Qt.rgba() on the UbuntuColors.blue13:10
kalikianaactually lemme check if I can use the colors now13:10
kalikianasince it was merged13:10
t1mpzsombi: it has  readonly property color blue: "#1ab6ef"13:11
zsombit1mp: yes, I see it now, it slipped my eyes before13:11
zsombikalikiana: so, if you use that, then you can use the rgba() function and set the alpha you used in the TextArea13:12
t1mpkalikiana: UbuntuColors.DarkGrey is also there13:12
t1mpkalikiana: and #888888 is LightGrey13:12
kalikianaseems like blue isn't13:12
t1mperr *blue/lightGrey/darkGrey (first letter small)13:13
t1mpkalikiana: it is, but it didn't merge to staging yet13:13
t1mpkalikiana: you'd need this as a pre https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/NewColors/+merge/22523013:14
kalikianat1mp: aaaarg still approved :-(13:14
kalikianaso annoying13:14
kalikianaI don't really want pre at this point… I want to get rid of branches13:14
t1mpif you add a pre it should automatically land after the pre landed13:15
davmor2kalikiana: there is a section in the api docs for UbuntuColor on developer.ubuntu.com13:15
t1mpand you can use the color names instead of re-defining them then13:15
kalikianat1mp: "should" in real life means it will randomly fail13:15
kalikianabut what the heck I'll rebase on that13:15
t1mpdavmor2: new colors will land soon13:16
* kalikiana just a bit annoyed at this point with baby sitting more than anything else13:16
davmor2ohhh green by any chance?13:17
davmor2seeing lots of green recently13:17
t1mpdavmor2: yes, also green :) see https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/NewColors/+merge/22523013:17
t1mpdavmor2: here is a short list of new colors https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/133582613:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1335826 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Update UbuntuColors with new colors" [High,In progress]13:18
zsombiit takes too much time now in CI to get things landed....13:19
kalikianazsombi: btw with regard to "old fart" http://xkcd.com/1393/13:26
t1mphttp://xkcd.com/303/ %s/compiling/landing/g13:30
t1mpkalikiana: ^13:30
kalikianazsombi: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/blueCursor/+merge/22645713:33
kalikianat1mp: :-D13:33
zsombikalikiana: will check it asap13:34
elopioseb128, or Laney or jgdx: can you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-system-settings/refactor_about_tests/+merge/225425 ?13:49
jgdxelopio, sure13:50
seb128elopio, oh, I just looked at that, looks fine from me (though I didn't look too much into details because I don't know autopilot that well, but I didn't see anything obvious wrong and jenkins seems happy)13:51
seb128so +1 from me13:51
seb128let's see jgdx says13:51
elopiothanks seb128.13:51
jgdxelopio, might have to merge in https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/1211804-allow-technology-preference/+merge/22612513:51
seb128elopio, jgdx: not sure I see the point of those license boilerplate changes13:52
elopiojgdx: looks like you are right. I'll make it a prerequisite.13:52
elopioseb128: the license used to say it was LGPL in some files, GPL in some others.13:53
seb128elopio, that's only the __init__.py one13:54
seb128which is fine fixing13:54
seb128the other ones looks like pointless13:54
elopioseb128: the other ones are to use the same template. If you are missing one of the GPL header paragraphs it can cause you legal problems.13:59
elopioit's unlikely, and a minor problem for sure13:59
elopiobut on so many projects we have found weird things on the headers that we are trying to use the same template everywhere.14:00
elopioseb128: I can revert that on this branch, and propose it on a different one to discuss only that if you prefer.14:00
seb128elopio, don't bother, but I'm going to put your changes on hold because they might conflict with some other work due to that14:04
seb128so your call14:04
seb128if you want to see that in the next landing better to rever the changes out of the init14:04
elopioyou are convincing :)14:06
jgdxelopio, I'm seeing this on 28 tests http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7780470/14:42
jgdxI'm most likely lacking something14:43
jgdxelopio, I have to go away for some hours. Be back later.14:44
elopiojgdx: I'll take a look. I think that you must run the tests with autopilot3 after my previous branch.14:51
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nik90_popey: u having fun with the back and forth email with mhall119 :P ?16:28
ahayzent1mp, are you around to look at some strange behaviour we are having with the searching?17:26
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t1mpahayzen: yes17:42
ahayzent1mp, this is our WIP mp... https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/add-sdk-search-support/+merge/22604517:42
ahayzent1mp, the behaviour we are seeing is...17:43
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ahayzent1mp, if you start searching on one tab...then cancel the search... move to another tab and start searching...it *sometimes* (usually after repeating enough times)... doesn't actually search and ur result from the previous tab is sometimes there?17:43
ahayzent1mp, furthermore sometimes u can see it flicker between the tabs as you press the search button17:44
ahayzent1mp, is this todo with the way i've done our MusicPage and the implementation of the searching... or is this an SDK issue?17:45
* t1mp reading the MR17:46
t1mpahayzen: what do you see flicker between tabs?17:46
ahayzent1mp, i see the title of the previous tab appear then switch back to the current... then the text field appears17:46
ahayzent1mp, that happens more rarely than the issue (maybe because it happens so fast)17:47
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ahayzent1mp, but we suspect somehow you end up on tab A but actually searching on tab B as the text field sometimes has what you had when you were searching in tab B and would explain why it appears like nothing is happening17:47
t1mpseeing the title of the previous tab is weird17:48
ahayzent1mp, yeah thats what i thought17:49
t1mp[  1%] Merging translations into com.ubuntu.music_music.desktop17:49
t1mp/bin/sh: 1: INTLTOOL_MERGE-NOTFOUND: not found17:49
t1mpI have a new laptop, so probably I still need to install some dependencies17:49
ahayzenah i had that17:49
ahayzent1mp, try installing intltool17:50
t1mpthat helps, but I still get errors when starting the app:17:53
t1mptim@C720:~/dev/add-sdk-search-support$ qmlscene music-app.qml17:53
t1mpfile:///home/tim/dev/add-sdk-search-support/music-app.qml:832 Type MusicStart unavailable17:53
t1mpfile:///home/tim/dev/add-sdk-search-support/MusicStart.qml:235 GenresModel is not a type17:53
ahayzent1mp, what are you runing this on?17:54
t1mpon my laptop17:54
ahayzenlooks like your missing mediascanner2 qmlplugin17:54
ahayzent1mp, ensure you have all of our depends in here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/trunk/view/head:/debian/control17:54
ahayzent1mp, also note i've been doing this on device (utopic with latest devel-proposed image) as my laptop is trusty17:55
t1mpseems like I have all the dependencies17:57
t1mpI am also running trusty17:57
t1mpit won't work on trusty?17:57
ahayzent1mp, ah yes mediascanner2 could be interesting on trusty... and sdk doesn't have search on trusty for me?17:58
ahayzen...but that is a strange error your ending up with...17:58
ahayzent1mp, oh do u have the coreapps ppa?17:58
ahayzent1mp, yeah thats what it is...coreapps ppa has the new ms2 which includes genremodel :)17:58
ahayzent1mp, this one https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/daily17:59
t1mpI have a mediascanner2.0, but no qtdeclarative5 mediascanner package..18:00
ahayzent1mp, you need qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-mediascanner0.1 to be installed18:00
t1mpI have that one18:01
t1mpmaybe I need the version from the ppa to get GenresModel18:01
ahayzent1mp, yeah you need to have a version after ~20 may or something18:01
ahayzencoreapps ppa has 0.101+14.10.2014062718:02
ahayzent1mp, however if ur on trusty i still think it won't work18:02
t1mptrusty has 0.100+14.04.20140403-0ubuntu118:02
ahayzent1mp, i get 'PageHeadState is not a type' on my machine18:03
t1mpI'm using a spare laptop now with trusty.. my main laptop has utopic, but I had to send it for repair, I'll wait for that one to come back18:03
t1mpahayzen: which version of UITK?18:03
ahayzent1mp, and we get this from ms2 'pure virtual method called18:03
ahayzenterminate called without an active exception'18:03
ahayzen^^ which has been fixed in qt5.318:03
t1mpahayzen: did you import Ubuntu.Components 1.1 for PageHeadState?18:04
ahayzenyep i changed all of them to 1.1 as u can see in the mp18:04
ahayzent1mp, qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin:18:05
ahayzen  Installed: 0.1.46+14.10.20140520-0ubuntu1~0trusty218:05
ahayzent1mp, that is coming from our ppa... hmm so do we just need the package updating again? ... and will it work with qt5.2 we were under the impression things will start breaking as trusty doesn't have qt5.318:06
t1mptrue, that's tricky18:06
ahayzent1mp, but even if that works u won't be able to test because mediascanner2 will explode with its bug when you try search etc18:06
t1mpnewer UITK works on trusty and with qt 5.218:07
t1mpI have the same problem with old UITK package18:08
t1mplet me compile an UITK from bzr..18:08
ahayzent1mp, this is the mediascanner2 bug for reference https://bugs.launchpad.net/mediascanner2/+bug/133484318:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1334843 in mediascanner2 "Mediascanner2 crash on model change with header in listview" [Undecided,New]18:08
ahayzent1mp, it is failing because u have an old mediascanner...but if u update it is pretty broken on trusty :/ so ur best off using a device to test18:09
t1mpahayzen: I replaced the model: SortFilterModel { } by model: 10 to test18:11
t1mpalso doens't work.. but I can see that the PageHeadState works with a more recent UITK18:11
ahayzenwhat happens then i suspect something bad18:12
ahayzenoh like the rowCount errors will be everywhere and there was anotehr one...18:12
t1mpso if you bzr branch lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit && cd ubuntu-ui-toolkit && qmake && make && ./export_modules_dir.sh, then you can run your app with the newer UITK18:12
t1mpwell.. you could if there was a working mediascanner for trusty18:12
ahayzent1mp, i've been testing on my device18:12
ahayzent1mp, you should just be able to run in the branches dir to push the app to device $ click-buddy --dir . --provision18:14
ahayzen(assuming u have click-buddy installed ;) )18:15
t1mpprobably not, I just installed ubuntu on this laptop a few hours ago18:15
t1mpI have to leave now18:18
ahayzenok no worries18:18
t1mpso the flickering of the previous title is weird.. do you think you can reproduce that with a small test program without dependencies?18:18
ahayzeni'll see if i can figure out if it is us or not and yeah if i think it isn't us...i'll try and build a test app18:18
ahayzent1mp, thanks for ur help so far18:18
t1mpand the wrong search results is also strange. The contents basically only sets the textfield in the header, doesn't deal with the results18:19
t1mpI'm not ruling out UITK, it is all new stuff so not many people used it so far18:19
ahayzent1mp, it is like it is searching on the other tab18:19
ahayzent1mp, (the one that flickered)18:19
t1mpthat other tab title should only become visible when that tab is active18:20
t1mpmaybe it quickly switches tabs before going to search mode?18:20
ahayzent1mp, yeah something funky going on here lol18:20
ahayzent1mp, i'll continue playing about see if i can narrow it down a bit18:21
t1mpahayzen: in the MR I only see one PageHeadState, where do you have the other pages where you can search?18:21
ahayzent1mp, that is in our generic MusicPage {}18:22
ahayzent1mp, all of our pages are based of MusicPage which is a Page {} itself18:22
ahayzent1mp, but searching will appear on the Artists/Albums/Tracks tabs (pages)18:23
t1mpahayzen: I see now18:24
t1mpahayzen: can you check that tabs.selectedTabIndex doesn't change when you get the flickering?18:24
ahayzent1mp, yep i'll add tracing to that and the page states and see if i can figure out anything18:25
ahayzent1mp, anyway i gotta go in a minute as well so i'll investigate further tonight18:26
t1mpI see you have several Tabs/Page/PageStack instances defined directly inside the MainView18:27
t1mpperhaps the MainView gets problems determining which is the active page18:27
t1mpif you move those inside the PageStack you avoid that18:28
ahayzent1mp, hmmm but they are all visible: false ... and we should have one pageStack...18:28
ahayzent1mp, oh so the hidden ones should be inside the pageStack?18:28
ahayzent1mp, i gotta go i'll try moving things around later thanks for the pointers o/18:29
t1mpyes, could be related to that18:29
t1mpthey are not visible, but the MainView has only one page listed as activePage internally, that's not the same as visible18:30
t1mpI gotta go too18:30
t1mphave a nice weekend :)18:30
ahayzent1mp, ok thanks.... you to o/18:30
mhall119DanChapman: btw, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mhall119/ureadit/trunk/view/head:/models/CommentListModel.qml shows what I was talking about earlier about flattening a comment thread18:51
DanChapmanmhall119, heh i was half way through writing a message to you about that :-D how weird. Thanks i'll take a look, i can't download the reddit app for some reason to see it in action18:52
mhall119DanChapman: :)18:53
mhall119DanChapman: how are you trying to download it?18:53
mhall119from the Ubuntu Store scope on a device?18:53
DanChapmanthrough the store, yes. Getting a rather generic "error downloading or installing" message. It happens straight after tapping install so i presume it's the download failing18:55
mhall119beuno: ^^ that's like the third person I've heard say they can't download apps from the store, any idea what's going on?18:57
matiasbmhall119: beuno is not around today; afaict, everything seems ok (there were some firewall issues yesterday that could have caused some problems, but that should be all fixed now)19:10
mhall119thanks matiasb19:11
matiasbmhall119: np, if you get any more details, or cases, let me know19:11
ahayzenballoons, ping20:27
ahayzent1mp, if your there i just added tracing http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7781949/ ... if you look at the last few lines you can see artists page has its state changed to 'search' but the textfield appears to be from the songs page!20:37
balloonsahayzen, poing20:38
ahayzenballoons, i've been thinking about doing refactor/cleanup of our ap tests at somepoint in the near future....20:38
ahayzenballoons, and was wondering if our tests should be python3 rather than python2? is that the long term goal?20:39
ahayzenballoons, as if me or victor did a cleanup it could be a good opportunity to move20:39
balloonsahayzen, yes, the tests should be py320:49
ahayzenballoons, ok cool20:49
ahayzenballoons, i may do that over the new week or so if i get stuck in qml stuff :) ... as it is getting annoying having all our methods in a random order with strange namings (songsPage vs songsTab?) ... and i suspect there is some stale code in there as well20:51
balloonsahayzen, I'd recommend looking at http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/platform/guides/acceptance-testing-using-the-page-object-model/20:51
balloonsand yes, you likely could sync and cleanup object names and the qml and tests at the same time :-)20:52
ahayzenballoons, was it the clock-app ap test that where split into different classes/modules per tab?20:52
ahayzenballoons, thanks for the link :)20:52
balloonsahayzen, clock was the first, but others show it as well21:00
balloonsgenerally we write anything new in it21:00
ahayzenballoons, cool21:00
balloonsreminders is done the same way21:00
ahayzenballoons, oh yeah and while looking at the system-apps i saw they have QML tests? are they beneficial in any way or should all of ours be python/autopilot21:15
balloonsahayzen, you should consider qml tests for your custom components21:16
ahayzenballoons, what is the purpose of them? just to test a component rather than a use case/user story?21:16
* nik90_ is proud to hear clock do it first ;)21:21
balloonsahayzen, it's different tech. I would recommend using them for any low level tests you might want to do as well21:21
balloonsnik90_, :-)21:21
ahayzenballoons, ok i may have a look at those after any refactoring is done21:22
gerlowskijaballoons: ping21:23
balloonsgerlowskija, pong21:24
balloonsahayzen, definitely.. feel free to ping with specifics21:24
ahayzenballoons, cool thanks21:25
gerlowskijaballoons: I saw you commented on this MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerlowskija/ubuntu-calendar-app/revised-fix-for-bug1334883/+merge/226049.  Is there anything that I can do to help take a look at it?21:25
balloonsgerlowskija, ohh my did that not land?21:26
* balloons looks21:26
gerlowskijano, it's still getting UNSTABLE on one of the test runs21:26
balloonsI see
gerlowskijastupid realization, but I didn't realize the autopilot tests were screen recorded.21:31
balloonsgerlowskija, no worries! yea, it's in the test output21:31
gerlowskijathats awesome.  Though the failure isn't.21:31
balloonsanyways, yea, let me grab and try locally. If it works locally, then it gets a bit harder but not impossible21:32
gerlowskijaok cool.  It looks like the test ends (terminates/crashes?) early.  The test should go on to delete the event.21:34
balloonsgerlowskija, it seems it just tries to find the event and then ends21:35
balloonsperhaps using an eventually on the assert would be useful21:35
* balloons runs21:36
gerlowskijaHmm.. based on the test name, and this line:21:36
gerlowskijaday_view = day_view.delete_event(event.name, len(original_events) > 0)21:36
gerlowskijaI would expect it to go through deleting the event, but I didn't write the test, so that's just my impression21:37
balloonsok, it does run on the desktop :-)21:37
balloonsgerlowskija, the source looks weird..21:37
balloonssee line 68 in test_new_event?         def get_new_events()?21:38
balloonsmm.. not part of your mp.. weird it's in trunk I guess?21:39
gerlowskijaYeah, I didn't change anything in the autopilot tests other than removing a skip on the last test21:39
balloonsI'm making some changes..21:39
balloonsgerlowskija, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7782180/21:40
balloonsI like_method for private stuff.. but otherwise, just moving it out21:41
balloonsnow as for the logic..21:41
balloonsI think we can fix that too, since you are fixing https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/133483321:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1334833 in Ubuntu Calendar App "After adding an event, the TimelineBase on DayView duplicates the old EventBubbles" [High,Confirmed]21:42
gerlowskija I *think/hope* I'm fixing 1334833 haha21:43
balloonsgerlowskija, well let's change the logic and see eh>21:43
balloonsI hope so too.. so many events in the stack!21:43
gerlowskijaok.  I'll re-push with the _get_new_events() change you had, and see if that helps.  Thanks as always balloons:21:46
balloonsgerlowskija, one sec21:47
balloonsI missed adding self as the arg for def _get_new_events(self):21:47
balloonsand there might be more things :-)21:47
balloonsI'm guessing elopio actually set it up this way.. but I do wonder why21:48
balloonsgerlowskija, I think I'll just push something.. the diff is getting bif21:51
gerlowskijaHaha, ok then.  I'll be interested to see what the final changes are!21:52
gerlowskijaAnything I should do then?  I feel like I asked what I could do to help but you ended up getting stuck with all the work yourself ;-p21:53
balloonsno worries21:55
balloonsI think it's good now21:55
balloonsgerlowskija, lp:~nskaggs/ubuntu-calendar-app/filter_dupes21:59
gerlowskijaCool, looks like it works for me on my desktop (though it was originally too)22:03
gerlowskijaballoons: So the plan is to delete my existing branch, link your newer one to the 2 bug reports, and propose for merging?22:04
balloonsgerlowskija, yep, let me know when you push and I'll sic jenkins on it22:04
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
balloonsgerlowskija, no, I would just merge my branch into yours and then push a new rev22:04
balloonssame mp and everything22:04
gerlowskijaOk.  My bzr skills are a little lacking...off to the man page!22:05
balloonsgerlowskija, :-)22:07
balloonsbzr merge lp:~nskaggs/ubuntu-calendar-app/filter_dupes22:08
balloonsbzr commit22:08
balloonsbzr push22:08
gerlowskijaballoons: you're taking all the fun out of it ;-p  But thanks!22:08
balloonsgerlowskija, haha.. sorry!22:11
gerlowskijaI re-pushed, balloons.  Let's see jenkins do its worst!22:15
balloonsgerlowskija, kk, it's running22:16
balloonsgerlowskija, flake8 issues22:26
balloonscan you fix?22:26
gerlowskijaYep, just a sec.22:27
gerlowskijaballoons: re-pushed with a fix (I think).22:34
* balloons keeps fingers crossed22:52
ahayzenballoons, still there?23:02
balloonsgerlowskija, we broke it23:10
ahayzenballoons, When trying to land https://code.launchpad.net/~verzegnassi-stefano/music-app/transparent-bg-for-ubuntushapes-labels/+merge/225589 we noticed that in the last few failures different tests were failing with dbus errors, we thought maybe it was because the packages were still syncing. However on this https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/abstract-row-second-iteration/+merge/226549 i've just23:18
ahayzen got the same issue, I only changed 1 line of code between the revisions (added a margin to something) and this test worked one time and not the other. Any ideas what is going on?23:18
balloonsahayzen, yes it'd be worth looking deeper at the tests to see why the random fails23:20
balloonsoff the top, nothing simple23:20
ahayzenballoons, hmm maybe in our refactor hehe23:20
ahayzenballoons, ok so just rerun for now?23:20
balloonsyes :-)23:20
ahayzenballoons, can u retrigger for me so i don't have to empty commit?23:22
ahayzenballoons, success \o/ lol23:37
elopiogerlowskija: balloons: you are fixing the bug that causes duplicate events \o/23:41
elopiowhat's weird on this run is that the machine has many events:23:42
balloonselopio, well we tried.. seems something is still a bit off23:42
elopioisn't jenkins starting a new machine for every run?23:42
balloonselopio, that's not weird, in so much as events don't delete well23:42
balloonscalendar isolation isn't working atm, I believe23:42
elopiostart_time, end_time = time_label.text.split(' - ')23:43
elopioValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack23:43
elopioanyway, this error means that there is an event whose time label doesn't match {start time} -  {end time}23:43
elopioit might be a previosly existing all day event?23:44
elopioI didn't write the helper to work on that case.23:44
elopiohum, my calendar from trunk doesn't work nicely now.23:47
elopioballoons: gerlowskija: actually, if you look at the video, it shows a new event with no time, and the bubble is on today and tomorrow.23:50
elopiothere could be a problem creating an event for the last half hour of the day.23:51

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