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pittiGood morning04:21
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Laneyhey hey08:04
Laneyit's a fri-day08:04
Laney(/me checks calendar to make sure this is true)08:04
seb128Laney, hey, happy friday!08:05
seb128Laney, I think you have the chroot for that, can you try to crossbuild https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-018/+files/ubuntu-system-settings_0.3%2B14.10.20140711-0ubuntu1.dsc09:28
seb128I lost my utopic install09:28
seb128damn inspiron09:28
Laneyseb128: can do - what's this?09:28
Laneyhow do you lose an install?09:28
seb128Laney, it's the currently in silo settings landing09:28
seb128which includes the port to python309:28
Laneylook down the back of the settee09:28
seb128Laney, you try ubuntu-desktop-next, get Mir to lock, force power down the box, and the ext4 system messed up enough that the thing refuse to boot/get the kernel to throw a stacktrace at you on fsck runs09:29
seb128so I'm downloading the current daily and doing a reinstall09:30
seb128that's fine, it's a test machine09:30
seb128but still, annoying09:30
Laneythought you were using an xps for that09:30
seb128that's the inspiron 1109:31
Laneyoh wtf09:31
seb128the touch one I had in malta09:31
seb128they look like the xps09:31
Laneya man of many laptops09:31
Laneyanyway this doesn't work09:31
Laneylet me see09:31
seb128could be the archive09:31
seb128leo tested the crossbuild when he submitted09:32
seb128or he screwed up his testing09:32
didrockshum, nose config file doesn't seem to like having the same argument specified multiple times09:47
didrockslike --with-foo=bar --with-foo=baz09:47
didrockswhile the command line takes it directly09:47
Laneythe archive version fails to x-build too09:48
* didrocks needs to use cov instead of coverage to be able to track subprocess coverage in integrations tests and only the first one supports that09:49
didrocks(and to have command line and html reports, the same options is used twice)09:49
seb128Laney, I'm going to assume it's not an issue in settings, since leo had it run and work09:54
Laneycould be a problem with my mirror09:55
Laneylemme try with archive.u.c09:55
seb128Laney, ?10:09
LaneyI think it is working10:13
Laneymy mirror was out of date10:13
Laneymore accurately, it was skewed between archive and ports10:13
Laneyyeah that worked10:15
seb128thanks for testing!10:15
Laneybut it seems that it was uploaded already anyway10:15
seb128well, I just pressed the button10:15
seb128I can do m&c now that it's confirmed to work ;-)10:16
seb128I want to do another landing this afternoon for the ofono work10:16
seb128the background maybe as well10:17
Laneywhat happened to running pep8 during the build?10:17
seb128Laney, that's not happening anymore?10:22
Laneywell I grepped the log for pep8 and don't see it10:28
seb128yeah, it's not run10:29
Laneyare any of the tests run?10:30
seb128wait, I'm looking at it10:31
seb128you dropped that in r68210:31
seb128well, you dropped the overwrite10:31
seb128but I though the idea was to have that part of normal "make check"10:32
seb128I'm trying to remember how that's supposed to work :p10:32
Laneyyeah dh_auto_test should run the testsuite10:32
seb128it rusn "make test"10:33
seb128you did a +add_test(NAME python COMMAND "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/test_code.py") in r68210:33
* seb128 is looking at why that's not happening10:34
Laneycheck the build log from that version10:34
Laney0411 in trusty, it does run tests10:34
seb128it runs?10:35
seb1284/6 Test #4: python3 ..........................   Passed    0.35 sec10:35
Laneyso it does10:36
Laneyit's because tests don't run when cross building10:36
* Laney runs10:36
seb128well, at least good, one thing we didn't regress10:37
Laneyseb128: can you toss this one in next time maybe? https://code.launchpad.net/~laney/ubuntu-system-settings/as-activation/+merge/22595310:46
Laneydidn't actually see that in practice but I did force it to happen10:46
Laneyso not as important10:46
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seb128Laney, sure, didn't you want to add tests for that? or same rational than the other one?10:52
seb128oh, just saw your comment, ok10:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1340627 in python-dbusmock "Mock bus activated services" [Undecided,New]10:53
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pmcgowanbregma, couple of folks having issues with performance fwiw https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/129338411:59
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1293384 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Compiz CPU usage dramatically increased in Ubuntu 14.04" [Medium,Triaged]11:59
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didrocksok, I have my own config parser to replace the nose one for multiple repeated keys12:42
seb128because of the multiple options thing?12:43
seb128is that a bug on their part? or a "design decision"?12:44
didrockswell, the issue isn't in nosetests but in the cov pluging12:44
didrocksthey shouldn't use the same arg multiple times12:44
didrocksor you can't use config file12:44
didrocks(configparser doesn't support that)12:45
seb128that somewhat makes sense12:45
seb128having the same argument multiple time is confusing12:45
didrocksbasically, what I'm passing is:12:45
didrocks--cov-report=term-missing --cov-report=html12:45
didrocksbecause I want the terminal output for coverage AND the html one12:45
didrocksit's different options in the coverage modules12:46
didrocksthat I happily used until today12:46
didrocksbut for integration tests, I need to support subprocess()12:46
didrocksand the coverage module doesn't12:46
didrocksthe nose-cov does12:46
seb128k, I see12:48
seb128having new fun every day ;-)12:48
didrocksexactly :p12:54
didrocksand I'm scratching my head on something related now as well…12:54
didrockswaow, really weird13:05
didrocksoh, I know…13:08
seb128what's the challenge this time? ;-)13:09
didrocksI was wondering why in my new integration directory, the tests were not executed13:10
didrockstried multiple things, was thinking it was due to weird class name13:10
didrocksbut actually, nosetests only run tests from files starting with "test_"13:11
seb128oh, one convention you need to know then13:12
didrocksyeah, I had multiple files like that, I just didn't think about it in this new dir13:12
didrocksseb128: especially because tests in tests/__init__.py are taken into account13:14
didrocksbut not tests/large/__init__.py13:14
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Laneyparallel builds really make a difference to webkit build time15:23
* Laney zzzzzzzz15:23
seb128Laney, your as-activation seems to make some tests unhappy?15:39
Laneydoes it?15:39
seb128"dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoServer: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-vHQLLI3uBn: Connection refused'15:39
seb128see https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/autopilot-testrunner-otto-utopic/1303/?15:39
seb128I retried and it did the same error on same test15:39
seb128I wonder if that's case where it was skipping the call before and now is trying to issue it15:40
Laneywhich test?15:40
seb128doesn't make much sense15:40
Laney/var/local/autopilot/autopilot.log: FAIL: ubuntu_system_settings.tests.test_about.AboutTestCase.test_imei_information_is_correct(with mouse)15:41
seb128ignore what I wrote15:41
Laneywhat does that have to do with AS?15:41
seb128that doesn't seem related15:41
* Laney wibbles15:41
seb128yeah, I was just wondering if it's doing it there15:41
Laneyhmm don't you get a video for these?15:42
Laneywait that's coming from the test itself15:42
seb128yeah, dunno what's going on there15:45
seb128other mps have the same issue in fact15:45
Laneybah that test works for me15:52
seb128same here15:58
attenteseb128: hi, can we do a landing for unity-gtk-module? https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/unity-gtk-module/trunk.14.10/+activereviews16:09
seb128attente, hey, sure, it's friday 6pm here but I can do that next week16:09
attenteseb128: ah, sorry, have a good w.e!16:11
seb128attente, no worry, thanks, you as well!16:11
* Laney stares at this trace16:11
Laneycould it be apparmor?16:12
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Laneybye, have a good weekend!17:09
didrockshave a nice week-end everyone, see you on Tuesday!17:15
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kenvandinehumm... anyone else having unity7 failing to start on login?19:06
kenvandineor maybe that's not the cause...19:07
kenvandineinit: at-spi2-registryd main process ended, respawning19:07
kenvandineseb128, ^^ ideas?19:07
seb128kenvandine, stacktrace?19:08
kenvandinei guess this is what happens now that i'm not on the desktop team... are you punishing me? :-D19:08
kenvandineno crash files...19:08
seb128what happens if you run it by hand?19:08
kenvandinethe gnome session isn't working either19:08
seb128exit? segfault? hang?19:08
seb128seems like your system is hosed19:08
kenvandinei rebooted once... let me try again19:09
kenvandinei see a19:09
seb128can you get a bt of the hang?19:09
seb128need to do that from a vt19:09
kenvandineintel_do_flush_locked falied message19:09
kenvandinei did just get a new kernel19:09
seb128try the previous one19:10
seb128or power down the box19:10
kenvandineyeah... thx19:10
seb128sometime the hardware get in weird start and reboot doesn't fix it, powerdown does19:10
kenvandinepowerdown worked19:12
kenvandinesame kernel19:12
seb128not ubuntu's fault then ;-)19:13
seb128blame the hardware19:13

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