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ESphynxhey guys, so what's the official GCC version now on Utopic?05:05
NoskcajESphynx, 4.9.0-9ubuntu205:15
Noskcaj4.9.0-10ubuntu2 is in -proposed05:16
ESphynxNoskcaj: so it does get used yet by LP build bots does it?05:19
ESphynxdoes not*05:19
ESphynxk, thanks :) gotta test with 4.9 hehe05:19
geserNoskcaj: isn't the default gcc in utopic still 4.8?06:24
Noskcajgeser, I thought we'd swapped. i could be wrong06:29
geserwe swapped from 4.8 to 4.9 and as there were some ABI(?) problems we swapped back to 4.8 till those are resolved06:32
ESphynxABI problems -- are those restricted to C++? :P06:35
ESphynxah good :P06:36
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