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ubottusomsip called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:04
Flannelwell, that's unfortunate.03:05
Flannelset +r in #u, someone get rid of it when appropriate!03:08
phunyguynot gonna forward to -unregged?03:33
IdleOnedon't need to03:34
IdleOnethat is auto03:34
phunyguyo.O  not sure it is.... I think I removed that last time03:35
IdleOnefix it now03:35
IdleOneDO IT03:35
phunyguyguess it was set03:37
phunyguydidn't think to actually check the channel to see if folks ended up there, lol03:37
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ANubis there any channel that can guide with multibooting usb..?16:16
ANubis there any channel that can guide with multibooting usb..?16:30
geniiANub: This channel is not for technical support questions.16:32
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Piciikonia: heh18:37
PiciI was watching the ubottu log files directly, to see if they were abusing the bot elsewhere.18:37
ikoniahe's getting on my nerves18:37
PiciINFO 2014-07-11T18:37:42 supybot ignore called by "ikonia!~irc@unaffiliated/ikonia"18:37
ikoniaand he's messed with bot before18:38
ikoniait's not a cresh/playpen18:38
PiciNo issue with that here.18:38
Picier, I mean, with the ignore.18:38
Picinow ignoring d1gital too18:46
ikoniait's just a play pen/dumping ground18:47
DJonesSo that the rest of channel ops know who  you're talking about, it might be worth mentioning the nickname19:09
PiciDJones: crazyhead42 and d1gital19:11
DJonesPici: Thanks19:11
DJonesThat jumps out in -ot now19:12
PiciI'm going to remove +r...22:58
ikoniaPici: can I drop you a pm please.23:08
Piciikonia: always, you don't need to ask23:09

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