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pittiGood morning04:21
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elopiobrendand: please review om26er's branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/messaging-app/use_fixture/+merge/22535012:54
elopioyou are the one that I think will benefit with it.12:54
elopiorhuddie: I saw the push team writing autopilot tests.12:55
rhuddieelopio, yes, they finally landed my suite yesterday12:55
rhuddieelopio, I hadn't realised they were adding new ones already :)12:56
om26errhuddie, elopio my test is almost done, just waiting for contactsdbus stuff to be moved to address-book-app12:56
om26erbrendand, ^12:56
rhuddieom26er, that's good, I could use that in some of my address-book-app tests too12:56
rhuddieelopio, thanks for the info on the content-hub12:57
rhuddieelopio, i've not had a chance to look at it yet12:57
brendandelopio, looks fine to me12:58
elopiobrendand: thanks.13:01
elopioom26er: brendand: in the end, did you guys discuss about how to add and remove contacts?13:02
om26erelopio, yes, will be using the contacts dbus api to add/remove contacts13:03
om26erI suggested that to be done as a fixture with a stock VCARD, that way we can just use the fixture in any project, though a parameter to the fixture could also be provided to support custom vcards13:04
brendandom26er, btw that code is in ubuntu-experience-tests now, so you aren't blocked. i am going to propose the branch to add it in address-book-app13:05
om26erbrendand, yeah, my test is currently using what is in ubuntu-experience-tests13:05
patdk-wkcrap I missed it, was on the phone wit hthe wife yesterday during that meeting/presentation/...13:06
elopiook, sounds good to me, thanks.13:06
elopioom26er or brendand, please review https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-system-settings/refactor_about_tests/+merge/22542513:13
elopiothe python3 branch already landed, so this is the one that's next for my UX test.13:14
brendandelopio, i'll review it today13:15
om26erjfunk, Call time!13:30
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elopiobrendand: we are sooo close. We just need your notes app branch to land, and to kill media player.14:56
brendandelopio, notes app did land - http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/utopic/touch/mako/126:20140711.1:20140709/9000/notes_app/14:59
brendandelopio, the media player fix we thought would work, didn't though14:59
elopioballoons: any luck reproducing the issues on barry's branch for the dialer-app?15:06
balloonselopio, afaict my branch should work, but I'm not sure what jenkins is running. I was curious about the weird results I got, so I added lots of debugging logging and other changes; but they don't appear in the logs for the runs.15:07
balloonsall the tests pass, except for the 2 it shouldn't be running. there are skips, but it runs them anyway15:08
balloonsand fails15:08
elopioballoons: it seems to fail on the set up, that's run before the skip.15:10
balloonselopio, ohh., well that probably explains it :-) I was going to do some more work on tweaking the skips so it wouldn't run them, but haven't done it15:11
elopioballoons: and I see your added logs here: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-mako/2017/console15:12
elopiolet me know if you need a hand. I just don't know what to do, but after not looking at it for a week, I have forgotten my frustration.15:12
balloonselopio, wow, so it did run them.. ok, well I got frustrated and left it. But I too have had a couple days away. After I finish some things this morning, I'll swing back to it15:13
elopioballoons: thanks.15:20
elopiobrendand: about your helpers on the messaging app15:27
elopiowe shouldn't add address book as a dependency to those tests.15:27
elopiowhat we should do is to check that url-dispatcher has received the right message.15:28
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brendandelopio, ok - good idea15:29
brendandelopio, any existing tests that do that?15:29
elopiobrendand: remindersa-app is using it's own fake service.15:29
elopiobrendand: there is a fake service on the url-dispatcher that I haven't seen when I did reminders. So I was thinking to check that one out, see if it gets installed with the url dispatcher and how to call it from the tests.15:30
elopioso you can duplicate the fake service for now, or try to call the one in url-dispatcher.15:31
brendandelopio, would i need to duplicate the code in reminders?15:33
elopiobrendand: if you want to use the python fake, yes.15:33
brendandelopio, i was thinking , there are some helpers that might be useful across project, but not actually belong in a specific one. do we need a general place to put these?15:35
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elopiobrendand: with balloons we discussed about two options15:58
elopiofirst and ideal, to get them on the related project. So if we have a helper for the url-dispatcher, put it on the url dispatcher project15:58
elopiosecond and in case the first option fails, put them on the ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot15:59
elopiowhich is not bad. That project should contain all the helpers to test ubuntu sdk apps, so it makes sense to even provide things that are outside of the toolkit code.16:00
elopioping om26er: is this still relevant? https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/mediaplayer-app/fix_test_vid/+merge/21273116:22
elopiorvr: I'm ready.16:31
elopiorvr: lets use the same meeting hangout.16:31
rvrelopio: Ack16:31
om26erelopio, don't think so, tests are passing so I guess they did something for that.17:11
elopiorvr: https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/launch_fixture/+merge/22649817:31
elopioom26er: no, the test fails on my machine.17:31
elopionot sure why. I'll dig after a break.17:32
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