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ogra_slangasek, pmcgowan wanted to keep them for demo purposes ... not sure if they are still needed, i doubt it but pat should be asked07:51
rbasakAny chance an SRU team member can take a look at juju-core and juju-quickstart in the Trusty queue, please?11:08
shadeslayercjwatson: poke, can you give me a high level idea if you have special handling on the ISO making side for EFI?11:36
shadeslayercjwatson: and since the TB seems to agree on moving this forward, can we get ISO's next week? :D11:47
cjwatsonI can do the build (the argument about whether they can be released is a separate one, it seems to me), but I have a *lot* to do just now so a bit wary of making exact time promises I might have to break11:59
cjwatsonEFI isn't a problem, I won't be using ubuntu-defaults-image for it11:59
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shadeslayercjwatson: yay :)13:32
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slangasekogra_: "wanted to keep them for demo purposes" - what them?15:07
ogra_slangasek, the old touch images15:07
slangasekah, right15:07
ogra_raring and quanmtal15:08
slangasekI don't think those are still a useful demo, but I'll check with pmcgowan, thanks15:08
ogra_yeah, i'll dance if we can drop them so porters stop using that old cruft15:08
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rsalvetican someone care to review the hammerhead kernel packages that are in new? once in we can generate the android system image for nexus 5 out of the archive18:18
infinityrsalveti: How scarily different will this be from linux-mako?18:25
rsalvetiinfinity: it's quite different regarding the qcom changes18:26
rsalvetias this is a new soc revision18:26
infinityrsalveti: But outside arch/arm?18:26
* infinity grabs both to generate the diff...18:27
rsalvetiprobably not much, but I personally didn't do the diff18:27
rsalvetias historically each android tree is quite different from the rest18:27
infinityrsalveti: No tools?18:29
infinityUgh, that's an enormous diff.  </3 android. :/18:31
rsalvetilet me check, I thought I had tools18:31
infinity+do_tools               = true18:31
infinity+do_tools_perf          = true18:31
infinityrsalveti: You have them in the kernel package, but not in the metapackage.18:31
rsalvetilet me check the meta package for mako18:32
infinityrsalveti: A debdiff of linux-meta-mako and linux-meta-hammerhead makes it obvious.18:32
infinityrsalveti: control.common completely dropped the tools stanza instead of just renaming it.18:33
rsalvetiyeah, I probably used another meta as base18:33
rsalvetilet me get that updated18:33
infinity-Depends: ${misc:Depends}, linux-image-${kernel-abi-version}-mako, linux-firmware18:33
infinity-Description: Linux kernel image for the Nexus4 (mako).18:33
infinity+Depends: ${misc:Depends}, linux-image-${kernel-abi-version}-hammerhead18:33
infinity+Description: Linux kernel image for the Nexus 5 (hammerhead).18:33
infinity^-- Dropping linux-firmware dep intentional?18:33
infinityrsalveti: I'll review the actual source in a while, when I have some free time, but if you can address the meta first, so we're not dancing back and forth on that, that'd be cool.18:34
rsalvetiinfinity: nops, that's probably because I used manta or some other meta as base18:34
rsalvetilet me sync that with mako18:34
rsalvetithat's fine18:35
infinityrsalveti: The source, I just need to do a copyright review of every changed/new file, and make sure it generates the right packages, then I'll close my eyes, scream LA LA LA, and let it in. :P18:35
infinityHrm, mako isn't quite right either.  linux-mako-tools should be linux-tools-mako.18:36
infinityapw: Man, didn't we try to fix all of this? :(18:36
infinityapw: Or after fixing master, did we run out of steam and only half-fix android ickiness?18:37
infinitygoldfish is right.  Most of the others are a mess.18:38
infinityrsalveti: Sync with mako for now (minus the transitional nexus4->mako packages, of course), even though it's wrong.  At least they'll be consistently wrong.18:40
infinityrsalveti: Andy and I can revisit our tools hatred some time to try to fix the world to be consistent.18:41
rsalvetiright :-)18:41
rsalvetisounds fine18:41
apwinfinity, that is changing linux-image-${kernel-abi-version}-mako linux-image-${kernel-abi-version}-hammerhead ?18:44
apwthat doesn't make any sense ?18:45
infinityapw: Hrm?18:45
apwoh that was a diff from mako to hammerhead was it ?18:45
infinityapw: Yeah. :P18:45
infinityapw: I dragged you in for tools discussions, not for that snippet. :)18:45
apwand i thought i fixed all the tools, but happy to have an action for sort that s*it out18:45
infinityapw: The linux-$(flavour)-tools things we did to master (and goldfish, apparently) didn't quite make it to all the android kernels.18:46
infinityErr, linux-tools-$flavour18:46
infinityNow I'm doing it wrong.18:46
apwhmmm, that is odd if i did goldfish, how miss others18:46
infinityapw: mako, at least, is still the old method.18:46
apwok ... i'll see about fixing this18:47
infinityapw: I didn't check them all, don't have the time right now, but we can chat about it next week.18:47
infinityrsalveti: Also, this appears to have an older version of apparmor than mako.18:54
rsalvetinow, yes18:55
infinityrsalveti: Did this get passed by the security team on the way to the archive? :P18:55
rsalvetias I approved the rest of the other packages after pushing the initial rev of hammerhead18:55
rsalvetiwill be updating that as well18:55
infinityrsalveti: Can you update it before I review/accept, so it's a smaller and less disturbing delta?18:55
rsalvetiinfinity: sure, will get this upload in a few18:55
infinityrsalveti: Ta.  No huge rush, I didn't intent to review/accept in the next few hours, my afternoon is already chock full of other things, but it's something I'm happy to spend some time doing on the weekend if you clean it up and reupload.18:56
rsalveticool, no worries18:56
OvenWerkscjwatson: Just sent you email regarding libavcodec-extra it seems to have the wrong name21:16
OvenWerkscjwatson: sorry, I should clarify it seems 54 should 55? (the non-extra may need the same thing)21:21
cjwatsonOvenWerks: I already changed that in the seeds and will deal with it in the metapackage shortly, but it's all part of a big and complicated transition22:06
cjwatsonmail with slightly more details22:07
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