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lotuspsychjewhere can i find all the touch apps instead of categories?05:44
piiramargood morning05:56
piiramarI could need help with a build issue. I can compile telephony-service natively in mako with dpkg-buildpackage (it takes quite a while though).05:56
piiramarBut when trying to build it on my host PC (running Trusty) with sbuild, I get05:56
piiramarThe following packages have unmet dependencies:05:56
piiramar qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin:armhf : Depends: suru-icon-theme:armhf but it is not installable05:56
piiramarwhich does not seem to make much sense (suru-icon-theme is platform-independent). Am I missing some PPA or such?05:56
piiramarfull build log in http://paste.ubuntu.com/7778754/05:57
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MirvSaviq: is piiramar's issue something you've seen in your cross-builds? it's not about transitional packages, but anyway about arch:all/any07:39
SaviqMirv, probably suru-icon-theme missing a M-A header07:40
SaviqMirv, yeah, it's missing Multi-Arch: foreign07:41
MirvSaviq: an all package would need that?07:42
SaviqMirv, I didn't think so, but looks like it07:42
SaviqMirv, https://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/Implementation#Multi-Arch:_foreign_support_packages07:42
Saviqgonna punt to xnox on #ubuntu-devel07:43
piiramarSaviq: Mirv: makes sense, thanks07:43
MirvSaviq: wow, indeed, regardless of whether they're any or all. thanks!07:44
Saviqpiiramar, you can build ubuntu-themes with Multi-Arch: foreign locally and "inject" it into the sbuild from a local repo07:44
Mirvyippee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchSpec#Dependencies_involving_Architecture:_all_packages07:44
Saviqwonder if allowed is better or foreign07:45
Saviqallowed probably07:46
jgdxpitti, where should I file bugs against dbusmock?08:01
pittijgdx: ubuntu-bug python3-dbusmock will do08:01
jgdxpitti, thanks08:02
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday and happy World Population Day! :-D08:36
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Saviqpiiramar, Mirv, https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/ubuntu-themes/fix-multiarch/+merge/22641808:46
Saviqpiiramar, with the suru theme in ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/landing-020 and with a change to telephony-service: lp:~saviq/telephony-service/fix-cross I could cross-build it now10:25
Saviqhmm with the exception that it still tries to run tests10:26
piiramarSaviq: thanks, I'll try that. the "inject local repo to sbuild" instructions above looked a bit scary.10:28
Saviqpiiramar, fortunately only a single-time setup step10:30
jgdxseb128, hey, did you get to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/1297418-apply-new-designs-to-background-panel/+merge/223571 once more?10:40
seb128jgdx, no, sorry I have been distracted by other things, it's next in my list, going to get to it in an hour or so10:41
jgdxseb128, thanks!10:54
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zhsjhi,anyone has ported ubuntu-touch to samsung i9100g?11:44
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piiramarSaviq: works fine, thanks for the quick fix12:21
Saviqpiiramar, cheers, here's the fixes for telephony-service https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/telephony-service/fix-cross/+merge/22643712:22
ogra_!devices | zhs12:22
ubot5zhs: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices12:22
ogra_zhsj, i think there is a very old and outdated port to that device12:23
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zhsji find someone successfully port ubuntu-touch to i9100. So i tried to port my i9100g12:32
zhsjthat truly an old phone. but only that phone i have that allow me to do some test.12:33
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JoshStroblhey guys, I'm getting what seems to be a Unity crash (jumps back into showing the rotating Ubuntu icon then loads up Unity again) whenever I try to access the 7digital scope on r125. How can I debug it and where should I report the crash on Launchpad?12:46
davmor2hey guys who wrote the 7digital scope?  In search I type Michael Jackson, I click on artists and I get a blank page.12:50
JoshStrobldavmor2: it just crashes for me when I open it12:50
JoshStroblr125, utopic-proposed12:50
davmor2JoshStrobl: it isn't crashing if you see the the spinning logo that is lightdm probably but why it would crash accessing a scope is beyond me12:51
JoshStrobldavmor2: it isn't the spinning app loading logo, it is the actual ubuntu logo you see when the phone is booting up and Unity is loading.12:52
davmor2JoshStrobl: Yes which would be the phone rebooting effectively which would most likely be lightdm crashing abd restarting12:53
davmor2and even12:53
JoshStroblonly happens when I launch the 7digital scope, no other scope does that.12:53
davmor2scope works fine here for me so I'm not sure why you are seeing that12:54
JoshStrobl"works fine for me" right..therefore a bug totally must not exist /s12:54
davmor2JoshStrobl: I'm not saying that, I'm saying I'm not sure why you are seeing that because it works fine here12:55
davmor2JoshStrobl: It might be that you have an app installed that I don't and the two clash, it could be that your phone didn't flash cleanly, it could be ..... I can neither confirm or deny any of those though as I can't reproduce it12:57
alecucjwatson: mvo_ : hi! Do you guys have any update on how should the click scope pass the store signatures to packagekit/pkcon?13:06
cyphermox_MacSlow, could you attach /var/log/syslog (or /var/log/syslog.1) for bug 1340710? I'd like to see when it started, and messages on boot before it started13:10
ubot5bug 1340710 in urfkill (Ubuntu) "/var/log/kern.log gets spammed with rfkill messages" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134071013:10
MacSlowcyphermox_, okidoki13:11
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MacSlowcyphermox_, hm... syslog.1 bzip'ed is around 26 KBytes.. but syslog bzip'ed is still 5 MBytes (135 MBytes extracted)13:15
cyphermox_that's fine, it just means it didn't rotate13:15
MacSlowcyphermox_, I'm not sure if lp will allow me such a big attachment13:15
cyphermox_just send me syslog then; you can send by email if it's too big for lp.. or put it somewhere I can retrieve it13:15
MacSlowcyphermox_, attachments worked13:19
cjwatsonalecu: sorry, haven't had time to look yet, will try to early next week13:21
mvo_alecu, cjwatson: I'm happy to tackle it seems like we can either pass pairs of (click, signature) to the pk plugin or simply assume that each foo.click has a foo.signature file that can be used for the verificaiton13:21
mvo_cjwatson, alecu: but of course I'm happy to wait for further input on this13:22
cjwatsonmvo_: the plan had been to embed the signature in the click package itself13:25
cjwatsonis that not workable for some reason?13:25
alecumvo_: passing pairs sounds like the easiest solution of those two from the click scope pov (since the click scope will use some folder for download of the signature, and the download manager will probably download the .click in a different one)13:25
cjwatsonmvo_: sorry, as I say I haven't had a chance to read up on this properly, but would like to before we do anything irreversible ...13:26
alecucjwatson: afaiui, the signature that will be verified on the device is the store one, not the developers'13:26
cjwatsonand I guess we don't want to have the store modify the package?13:26
alecucjwatson: and the store does not want to modify the .click file13:26
mvo_cjwatson: I have my info from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Specifications/ClickPackageSigning13:26
cjwatsonI guess that's sort of justifiable13:26
cjwatsonbut sorry, I'll try to read through this properly on Monday13:26
alecucjwatson: no problem. I'm being annoying because I want to be sure that we'll be able to do all of this before RTM :-)13:27
mvo_I will look at how to implement it but won't start before we discuss this further :)13:27
cjwatsonmvo_,alecu: one thing I'm wondering is whether we could have the store concatenate the signature to the end of the .click file in transit (not unpack/repack or anything like that)13:28
cjwatsonI *think* that the debsigs format would permit something like that but as I say I need to check13:28
cjwatsonand that would save having to pass a pair of files around which I think will be cumbersome13:28
mvo_cjwatson, alecu: I guess we can clarify with mdeslaur in the meantime if that option was considered (just appending the signature)13:29
cjwatsonit should generally be possible to simply concatenate another ar element to the end; the thing I need to check is what happens in the event that there was already a signature there13:29
cjwatsonbut yeah, sorry, this sort of thing is why I haven't said go ahead yet :)13:30
cjwatsonas far as I can see from debsigs.txt, the debsigs format is one ar element per signature13:33
cjwatsonthe developer could add a maintainer signature, we could add an origin or archive signature or whatever13:33
cjwatsonand all of that *looks* like it's strictly concatenative13:33
mvo_yeah, I was just reading the same file13:33
cjwatsonyep, confirmed, debsigs --sign=<type> just appends an ar element13:36
cjwatsonalecu: can you find out if the store could store detached signatures and append them in transit, please?13:36
cjwatsongiven that I've checked that that's how the file format works13:36
cjwatsonit looks like that's a relatively minor modification to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Specifications/ClickPackageSigning13:37
cjwatsonbut it would simplify things substantially at the packagekit plugin end13:37
cjwatsonand it would let us use pre-existing tools to do the verification13:37
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alecucjwatson: mvo_ : sorry, was on a meeting. I'll talk to the store guys to find about concatenanting the files, thanks for checking.14:02
cjwatsonalecu: failing that, maybe the scope could concatenate them before feeding them to pkcon?14:02
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alecucjwatson: that sounds doable too.14:04
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mhr3karni, can you show it to cjwatson or mvo_ ?14:14
karnicjwatson: mvo_: hey guys. so I did a dist-upgrade today on my utopic PC here, and that's what I got:14:15
* tedg 's webapp got rejected, is suing!14:15
alecucjwatson: I've brought pindonga and james_w` from the store, to discuss appending the signature to the clicks.14:15
* ogra_ didnt know you can buy pindonga and james_w` in stores :) 14:16
cjwatsonkarni: bug 133461114:16
ubot5bug 1334611 in click (Ubuntu) "Can't update click if we have previously installed packages for users that were later deleted" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133461114:16
ogra_what did you pay for the bundle ?14:16
james_w`special offer, buy a pindonga and get a free james_w14:16
mvo_karni: cjwatson is always faster than me :) what he said14:16
pindongaogra_, :)14:17
* karni looks14:17
cjwatsonI should re-review that branch14:17
pindongacjwatson, there are several issues we need to consider for appending signatures to click files14:17
pindongacjwatson, 1) we don't really want to modify the click files14:17
mvo_karni: you can try the attached branch if you want14:17
pindongacjwatson, 2) we need to make it very clear what the sha of the click file refers to (alecu said you considered this and said it should be the sha of the combined data)14:18
cjwatsonpindonga: it's append-only, you can just cat the signature on the end14:18
pindongawhich makes things slightly more difficult, bc we need to compute the sha after appending the files14:18
pindongaand right now it's being computed on upload of the click file14:18
cjwatsonso as I say I guess I'm fine with the scope doing this having thought of that idea14:18
cjwatsonI just don't want the scope to be passing two files through to pkcon14:18
alecupindonga: yes, because the sha-512 is verified by the download manager, who will be getting the combined files14:18
cjwatsonas long as the signature in the store is a debsigs-format ar element, not some other thing14:19
james_w`cjwatson: what is the debsigs format?14:19
cjwatsonso that it can be concatenated and then passed to debsig-verify14:19
james_w`currently it is specified and implemented as a detached gpg sig14:19
cjwatsonplease don't do that14:19
cjwatsonit's done *with* gpg, but it's a format that's designed to allow embedding the sig into the package14:20
cjwatsonwhich means we can use debsig-verify to handle the verification for us, with flexible policies and stuff14:20
pindongacjwatson, what do you mean? when I asked mdeslaur about this, we agreed the signature was plain gpg detached sig14:20
cjwatsonI need that to be revisited14:20
cjwatsonbut it's done with gpg under the hood, so it shouldn't be hard14:21
cjwatsonI posted about this months ago to -appstore-developers14:21
pindongacjwatson, yep, I read that thread, but it seems no agreement was reached :/14:21
cjwatsonthat's not true14:21
pindongacjwatson, I won't discuss the security aspect of this...14:21
pindongawhatever you and mdeslaur agree upon I can implement14:21
cjwatsonwe agreed that this was a reasonable format to use, but nobody had time to implement it at the time and we decided to use transport security for the time being14:21
mdeslaurcjwatson: so we can pop off the signature and recover the original package with hash?14:22
pindongaI just would like we have an agreement and stick to it14:22
karnimvo_: can I patch the /lib/click/user.vala on the system (can't find this), or do I need to rebuild click?14:22
james_w`the signature format should be easy for us to change14:22
mvo_karni: you need to rebuild click, sorry. vala is compiled14:22
cjwatsonmdeslaur: the signature is literally an extra ar element at the end; debsigs --sign=<whatever> preserves the original package intact as a prefix of the output file14:22
karnimvo_: ah.. in that case, I need to get back to my stuff. sorry I can't test it now :(14:23
cjwatsonkarni: just remove the bogus registrations from your click database - you don't need to recompile click14:23
cjwatsonkarni: you probably have something under /opt/click.ubuntu.com/.click/users/phablet/ which shouldn't exist if you don't have a phablet user14:23
karnicjwatson: I know little how I would go about doing it14:23
mvo_karni: no problem, as a workaround you could just re-add the user that you deleted for now (assuming that is what happend)14:23
* karni looks14:23
cjwatsonso remove that directory14:23
cjwatsonmdeslaur: --sign can be anything and we can write policies based on that; I think we can just do debsigs --sign=store14:24
cjwatsonactually, there's supposed to be an origin signature14:25
cjwatsonso --sign=origin would be correct14:25
cjwatsonthat appends a _gpgorigin ar element to the end of the package14:25
mdeslaurcjwatson: when we were talking about not modifying the package the developer uploaded, one of the reasons was to demonstrate that it was the very same file they uploaded14:25
cjwatsonsave that off, have the scope stick it back on after download?14:25
mdeslaurcjwatson: if we are able to do that even if we append a signature, then I'm ok with adding a second one14:26
karnicjwatson: mvo_: indeed, purged click'ed scopes from /opt/click.ubuntu.com/ and /opt/click.ubuntu.com/.click/users/ and it works, thanks guys14:26
karniI put stuff there when testing, and indeed that affected click14:27
* alecu likes having to avoid the scope downloading and verifying the hash of a second file, if it can all be part of the first.14:27
cjwatsonkarni: only the .click/users/ bit was necessary, but yeah14:27
cjwatsonmdeslaur: yeah, definitely - you can try it,   cp foo.click foo.click.signed && debsigs --sign=origin --default-key=KEYID foo.click.signed   and then confirm that foo.click is a prefix of foo.click.signed14:27
cjwatsonunfortunately debsigs doesn't have a detached mode, but that would be easy enough to do if we decided we wanted that14:28
mdeslaurcjwatson: you can append an arbitrary number of signatures?14:28
mdeslaurI would definitely prefer to have a single file also14:28
cjwatsonmdeslaur: yes14:29
cjwatsonyou get _gpgfoo _gpgbar etc. elements14:29
cjwatsonso I expect maybe _gpgmaintainer _gpgorigin14:30
cjwatson(again, sorry I didn't get to reviewing this design before, been rather swamped ...)14:30
cjwatsonI don't think this is too big a modification though14:30
pindongacjwatson, so we're aiming at using debsigs --sign instead of plain gpg for this?14:30
cjwatsonright, if possible?14:31
mdeslaurok, let me reread the thread one sec, and I'll modify the wiki page14:33
cjwatsonwe then use a policy file along the lines of https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-appstore-developers/msg00394.html, obviously with the store key14:33
cjwatsonthen customers can modify that to add extra policies, if say they only want to accept packages they've also signed14:34
james_w`we want to avoid signing packages with the store key until they are published right?14:34
cjwatsonsounds right14:34
pindongawell, we need to sign them before we publish them (but just right before)14:35
cjwatsonsuch customers can then do debsigs --sign=customername on top, and tweak their policy to require that sig14:35
james_w`I think it's reasonable to assume that signing doesn't invalidate previous testing though14:35
cjwatsonor various things like that14:35
james_w`given that it's an append14:35
james_w`pindonga: I think this can work ok, the signing step just changes to use debsigs and return the modified file14:36
james_w`pindonga: sca then replaces the file in click-updown and re-computes the sha25614:36
alecujames_w`: it's 512, right?14:37
james_w`512, yeah14:37
james_w`pindonga: does htat sound right?14:37
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james_w`the sha512 would be invalid for a short while14:38
cjwatsonannoyingly, debsigs --delete=origin doesn't recover the original file perfectly due to slight changes in the ar format; should possibly fix that14:39
cjwatsonbut that's just a bug in --delete14:39
mdeslaurcjwatson, pindonga, james_w`, alecu: ok, I'm fine with debsigs, I'll modify the wiki.14:40
cjwatsongreat, thank you14:40
mdeslaurcjwatson: yeah, that would be nice, but not a critical issue for now14:40
mdeslaurcjwatson: thanks!14:40
alecucjwatson: mvo_: mdeslaur: pindonga: james_w`: thanks for figuring this all out.14:41
cjwatson(the difference is 0x20 => 0x2f in four different header bytes)14:41
mvo_yeah, good that its sorted14:42
cjwatsonmvo_: so we'll then need to put a policy in place corresponding to the store's key - I wonder what package that belongs in14:42
cjwatsonwe should possibly also look at a small patch to debsigs to support delivering extra policies under /custom, if mdeslaur is OK with that14:43
mvo_cjwatson: I was thinking we could have a new click-verify or somesuch14:43
charlesjhodapp, ping14:43
cjwatsonmvo_: well, the thing I'm thinking of is that the policy is specific to the Ubuntu click store, and I don't know that I necessarily want click itself to hardcode that14:43
cjwatsonmaybe it would be OK14:43
cjwatsonbut I sort of want people to be able to reuse click elsewhere14:44
cjwatsonmaybe a new click-ubuntu-policy package?14:44
mvo_cjwatson: right, I mean a extra source package, but the name is probably not ideal, so more like ubuntu-click-store-verify  (or similar) maybe?14:44
pindongajames_w`, cjwatson mdeslaur ok, let me double check all things to avoid confusion14:44
cjwatsonit could be in the click source package well enough, just as long as it's possible to install click without it14:44
pindonga1. we sign the click pkg with debsigs --sign=xxx14:45
cjwatsonpindonga: --sign=origin14:45
mdeslaurcjwatson: re: /custom: possibly, we need to think about it a but first...we don't want users to be tricked into installing alternate stores, etc.14:45
pindonga2. we re-upload the signed pkg to click-updown14:45
cjwatsonmdeslaur: yeah, click packages can't put stuff in /custom of course14:45
mvo_cjwatson: ok, I see no downside in puting it into a extra source (except the slightly higher overhead)14:45
pindonga3. we have no longer a need for separate signature file14:45
cjwatsonmvo_: I guess that's akin to apt vs. ubuntu-keyring14:45
pindongacjwatson, origin is not supposed to be the developer's signature?14:45
pindongaor is that maintainer?14:46
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cjwatsonpindonga: the debsigs docs say that every signed file must have an origin signature, and other types may be defined by policy; the (dated) example they provide is "For instance, Debian, Helix, and Progeny would each provide an origin signature"14:47
pindongacjwatson, but we plan on asking devs to sign their packages14:47
pindongaso what will we use for that?14:48
cjwatsonRight, so they'll use "maintainer"14:48
cjwatsonOr if you prefer a slightly different name, at your discretion14:48
pindongaso signtype can be any string?14:48
cjwatsonAnything between 1 and 10 characters14:48
pindongacjwatson, I wish we had talked earlier14:49
cjwatsonsorry :/14:49
pindongacjwatson, not anybody's fault14:49
pindongacjwatson, at least it's before RTM :)14:49
cjwatsonthe policy is looked up according to the origin signature, and may apply additional checks14:50
cjwatsonI think the term "origin" comes from its use in apt archives, where it basically means the archive you're fetching from14:50
cjwatsonslightly odd terminology but there you go14:50
mdeslaurso 'origin' and 'maint'?14:51
cjwatsonfine by me14:51
mdeslaurcjwatson, pindonga: ok, wiki updated14:54
pindongamdeslaur, thx14:55
pindongacjwatson, can you go over it once more please and confirm we're happy with it?14:55
pindongaI'll change things based on that later14:55
cjwatsonpindonga: 'maint' is verified only by the store, right, not reverified on the device?14:56
cjwatsonI guess it must be that way since we won't have developer keys on the device14:56
mdeslaurright, 'maint' is only by the store on upload14:56
pindongaright now it's not verified at all :)14:56
pindongabut eventually we'll verify it on upload14:56
pindongaand once verification passes, we'll sign the pkg with the store's key14:57
cjwatsonpindonga,mdeslaur: this looks great now, thanks14:57
mdeslaurthanks cjwatson14:57
mdeslaurcjwatson: so you'll add the debsig-verify step to packagekit?14:58
cjwatsonmdeslaur: either mvo or I will, yes14:58
mdeslaurgreat, thanks14:58
mvo_mdeslaur, cjwatson: I can work on this really soon, it will be added to click install directly (or is there a reason against this?)14:59
mdeslaurmvo_: needs to be in whatever runs as the different user...pkcon?15:00
* mdeslaur can't remember15:00
cjwatsonwhich different user?15:00
mdeslaurcjwatson: well, either root or clickpkg, but not the regular unprivileged user15:01
alecumvo_: the only reason I can think against you landing that really soon is "the store not signing the packages yet"15:01
cjwatsonright, click's packagekit plugin runs as root and calls click install as root; click install drops privileges to clickpkg at some point15:01
mvo_right, my current plan was to make it part of click.install.ClickInstaller:audit()15:01
cjwatsonthat sounds about right15:02
mdeslaurcjwatson: oh, ok, great...I wasn't sure which components ran where, thanks15:02
mvo_alecu: heh :) fair point, I guess I mean "make it ready", I certainly do not want to break the store15:02
alecumdeslaur: I've taken a look at the wiki, looks fine from the scope/download manager pov.15:02
cjwatsonyeah, we'll need to take care about the transition but it should be workable15:02
cjwatsonwe can slot it in in a form that allows unsigned packages for the moment, I think15:03
mvo_pindonga: do we have a public key already that I can use in the new ubuntu-click-store-policy15:03
cjwatsonthen verify anything that comes with the origin signature15:03
pindongamvo_, I don't know15:03
cjwatsonthen require the origin signature15:03
pindongacjwatson, mdeslaur ^ ?15:03
cjwatsonuh, hmm15:04
mdeslaurcjwatson: hrm, keys... :)15:04
cjwatsonit should really be in our secure chain of trust15:04
cjwatsonbut that's going to require travel15:04
cjwatsonwe're gonna need some more USB sticks15:04
cjwatsonI think we have to treat this the way we treat the archive key, with a secure sharded master and the ability to rollover15:05
cjwatsonso ... could somebody figure out a collection of shardholders?  I'm a holder on several things already, but I can make a trip to London for this if needed15:06
cjwatsonWe could do it at the cloud sprint in early August, but that's probably too late15:06
cyphermox_Wellark: so if I wanted to try hotspot, is the code already landed in the archive, or do I use a PPA or whatever?15:16
pmcgowancjwatson, jdstrand is there a mechanism to trigger a "cleanup" when an app is uninstalled15:18
mvo_cjwatson: fwiw, I think I fixed the debsigs --delete= foo bug, they are the same for me now15:19
cjwatsonpmcgowan: cleanup of what exactly?15:19
pmcgowancjwatson, the current example is I make some events with the calendar, then uninstall calendar, I now have no UI for the event management15:20
pmcgowanso I'd like to offer to remove them all15:20
cjwatsonpmcgowan: so I don't know the specifics here but in general it's the job of hooks to catch up after that kind of thing15:20
Wellarkcyphermox_: it's better to grab the configuration file from the bug report and drop it under /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections15:20
cjwatsonthough there is no mechanism for that to be interactive15:21
Wellarkand then activate with nmcli15:21
cjwatsonwell, I suppose a hook could drop a note somewhere that something that's running in your session could pick up15:21
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pmcgowancjwatson, I see15:21
Wellarkcyphermox_: there is UI code in the system settings also, but you would need to run system settings with USS_SHOW_ALL_UI=115:22
pmcgowancjwatson, what is in the way of it supporting UI?15:23
cjwatsonpmcgowan: hooks don't always run in UI context15:27
cjwatsonpmcgowan: so the approach I outlined is better - have the hook command in question leave a note somewhere that UI needs to be presented15:27
cjwatsonthat's also IMO more robust than supporting UI directly15:28
pmcgowancjwatson, so like the app scope would see that and afterword prompt the user to cleanup?15:28
cjwatsonright, something like that, as I say I don't know the details here15:28
pmcgowanyeah ok15:28
pmcgowansomthing needs to be worked out15:29
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pmcgowanwill look for other examples, maybe not that much15:29
cjwatsonI assume that there's some system package which is responsible for events15:29
pmcgowanthere is a service, and the indicators to some extent15:29
cjwatsonSo whatever that is would need to declare a hook which click packages such as calendar could attach to15:30
cjwatsonProbably the service15:30
cjwatsonAnd then it can ask something (maybe even the indicator?) to present a warning if the number of attached packages drops to zero15:30
cjwatsonSomething like that15:30
pmcgowanyeah I see15:30
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Laneycan I run autopilot3 with phablet-test-run?15:50
tedgalex-abreu, Is there a way to disable the browser location dialog in a webapp? Seems like browser shouldn't be doing the prompting there.16:04
alex-abreutedg, why shouldn't it do the prompting in the webapp?16:05
tedgalex-abreu, Because the prompt would come from location service. It's not a webpage asking for permission, it's the whole app.16:05
tedgalex-abreu, The browser needs it to add fine-grained support beyond what location service knows, webapps don't.16:06
alex-abreutedg, mmh ... yeah possibly, could you file a bug?16:08
tedgalex-abreu, On which project?16:08
alex-abreutedg, lp:webbrowser-app w/ [webapp-container] in the title16:09
tedgalex-abreu, bug 134082216:12
ubot5bug 1340822 in webbrowser-app "[webapp-container] Webapps should be able to disable the location permission dialog" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134082216:12
alex-abreutedg, thx16:12
kenvandinepopey: my content-hub branch that ahazen needed for music-app has landed, it'll be in the next image16:45
popeynice one, thanks16:45
kenvandinei'll look forward to importing music in music-app :)16:46
kenvandineahayzen!  my content-hub branch landed, should be in the next image16:48
ahayzenkenvandine, awesome work thanks :)16:48
ahayzenkenvandine, i'll try and work on our end over the weekend then all we'll need is support for reloading the models or something16:48
popeyahayzen: ping if you need testing16:50
ahayzenpopey, will do thanks :)16:50
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ahayzenfginther, ping18:16
fgintherahayzen, pong18:18
ahayzenfginther, i think there is a 'dead' job on jenkins ?
ahayzenfginther, its been running for 6hrs (generic-land)18:19
fgintherahayzen, yep, let me see if I can put a stop to that18:19
ahayzenfginther, thanks18:19
fgintherahayzen, thanks for the notice. I added a job timeout to avoid this in the future (we'll see if it works as expected)18:22
ahayzenfginther, awesome thanks :)18:22
sergiusensbarry: hey, out of spite; did my email come out of a bug report or did you reply to it? :-)19:21
barrysergiusens: not sure i understand the question ;)  i saw your comment in the bug report, and then followed up via the web19:22
sergiusensbarry:  I see what happened here19:23
sergiusensbarry: I have saved your email as "Barry Warsaw <1335568@bugs.launchpad.net>" :-P19:23
barryah :)19:23
sergiusensbarry: anyways, pmcgowan will want to make use of that; I forwarded your reply :-)19:24
kenvandineelopio, so you guys could use an auto importer for testing too right, like something that responds to shared contacts, etc?19:24
barrysergiusens: sure thing!19:24
kenvandinei'm adding valid files to the test peer, debating if i should make the same peer handle export, import and share19:25
kenvandineor make 3 different ones19:25
kenvandineelopio, i'm leaning towards separate peers, then we could potentially have the test peers exchange content with each other19:26
elopiokenvandine: we will need that at some point, yes. I haven't seen the import case yet though.19:27
elopiomaking the peers exchange content would be nice. We could test them instead of the examples.19:27
elopioor actually, the tests for the examples should be done talking to the test peers.19:27
kenvandineand the test peers could be run to ask other test peers for content19:28
kenvandinebut they need to be different so they can be started independent of each other with ubuntu-app-launch19:28
kenvandinevia the hub19:28
kenvandinecontent-hub-test-importer --pictures content-hub-test-exporter19:29
kenvandinecould ask for pictures from content-hub-test-exporter19:29
kenvandinewould would automatically charge and exit19:29
kenvandineand content-hub-test-importer could return success/fail19:30
kenvandinethis could even be very useful for development19:31
pmcgowanbarry, sergiusens awesome!19:33
barrypmcgowan, sergiusens i am going to try to land system-image 2.3 next week19:35
pmcgowanbarry, very good19:35
tedgIs there a way to get adb shell to not put stderr into stdout ?19:35
tedgSolved that, but still not able to get wireshark to adequately grab packets :-(19:42
tedgThis is what I have: wireshark -k -i <(adb shell dumpcap -P -w - "2>" /dev/null)19:42
a_muva_just upgraded my ubuntu. went to sounds and ringtons are not working but works if someone calls the phone. ringtone rings only once thought.21:11
asacanyone asked kernel team to upload hammerhead kernel?21:48
mhall119rpadovani: is there a bacon2d package somewhere I can install on Trusty?21:53
rpadovanimhall119, nope, you have to clone it from github, but it's a very fast process... kenvandine will package it for utopic in next weeks21:53
mhall119rpadovani: clone the binary, or the source and then build it?21:54
rpadovanimhall119, the source: paste.ubuntu.com/7782221/21:55
mhall119thanks rpadovani21:57
rpadovaniyw :-)21:57
mhall119rpadovani: file:///home/mhall/projects/100balls/js/setup.js:9: TypeError: Property 'pushScene' of object Game(0x8f56b40) is not a function22:00
rpadovanioh, this is a good start :D let me see22:00
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rpadovanimhall119, sorry, works for me and pushScene() it's  a function of Game... The only thing, I see that I wrote qmake in instructions for installation. Actually, that does an error, the right command is 'qmake ..'22:06
mhall119rpadovani: nvm, I updated the repo and re-built it, work snow22:06
rpadovanicool :-)22:06
mhall119rpadovani: I was building from an old git clone of Bacon2D from when I was playing pathwind22:06
mhall119100balls is hard, you wouldn't think "drop balls into a cup" would be so difficult, or addictive, but it is :)22:07
rpadovaniyeah, totally :-) I have it on Android, so why don't try to do a port? :-)22:07
rpadovanimhall119, so, I have to ask you a thing about click packages (it's my first app \o/) where can I find a manual that explains how include Bacon2D as dependency in my click package?22:08
mhall119kenvandine would know, I'm not 100% sure myself, but I think you can put the Bacon2D directory that contains the .so and qmldir files the root of your package, and use qmlscene -I ./ 100balls.qml in your .desktop22:12
mhall119I didn't `sudo make install` Bacon2D, I just did make and used qmlscene -I to point to that dir and it works on my desktop22:13
rpadovaniok, cool, thanks22:15
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jgdxelopio, hi, tested with autopilot3, and now I'm getting 27 failures. ~26 of them fails this way http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7782431/ and one http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7782428/ this way.22:48
jgdxelopio, could you describe the changes to deps? My system might be broken, so I need to know where to start fixing. :)22:49
mhall119rpadovani: how the heck did you get 1120 points? did you cheat?22:51
mhall119rpadovani: I just wanted to say thank you for releasing this on a Friday afternoon, and not a Monday morning, otherwise my productivity would have suffered greatly :)23:07
elopiojgdx: sorry, I fixed those. Have you pulled the most recent changes?23:25
elopionow I have a conflict somewhere.23:25
elopiojgdx: ok, so a couple of things that I changed that caused your failures.23:33
elopiofirst, I made an object to represent each page. That's a little hard to do with autopilot because each page is the same QML class ItemPage23:34
elopioso when I merged with your branch the first time, it failed because the autopilot cache had two possibilities of helpers for the Cellular page.23:34
elopiothey are working on an easier implementation of this.23:35
elopiothe second change and your latest error was remove the scenarios for desktop and mobile. That comes from an old template of autopilot tests that's wrong.23:35
elopiothat's not what you should use scenarios for.23:35
elopioso instead of creating the pointer in the scenarios, now each autopilot helper has a pointer. But the name is pointing_device, not pointer.23:36
elopiothat comes from ubuntu-ui-toolkit. On my initial merge, I didn't update those reference on your tests.23:36
elopiojgdx: so your system seems to be correct. It was me who broke it. It should be good again, tests are running to confirm.23:37
jgdxelopio, ack, rerunning.23:49

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