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diddledanlol, vampire academy looks funny02:33
diddledangets a rotten tomatos score of 10% which means I'm bound to enjoy it02:33
mappshey all05:46
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mappsmorning guest;p06:27
mappsaka MooDoo :)06:27
MooDoono Idea what happened there06:28
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Myrttiaw man, I just realised that on the day that I'd get to enjoy my home delivered newspaper for the first time, we're off to Cambridge :-|08:24
foobarryprinted? wow08:30
Myrttiyeah, I like having a big pot of tea, toast and newspaper08:31
Myrttibesides I made a promise that when I move to UK I'll order Guardian delivered. So I did. Albeit only the weekend issues.08:31
foobarryi used to enjoy sunday papers reading after lunch08:32
foobarrythen i had kids and if i get 1/2 hr to myself, i climb under the duvet for a snooze08:32
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday and happy World Population Day! :-D08:36
foobarryafter popey's anger was aroused regarding solar panel benches..i bring you https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ryangrepper/coolest-cooler-21st-century-cooler-thats-actually08:41
foobarryyay got my monthly reward from samsung for telling them my opinion about their ideas \o/08:46
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popeyhaha, thats brilliant!08:49
dwatkinswhat did I miss about solar powered benches?08:49
awilkinsI think their Mah mean mAh08:50
awilkinsI'd be seriously impressed if they fit mega-amp-hour batteries into that thing08:51
awilkinsWould buy one just to power an electric car.... 18V 3000MAh battery would do what, about 10,000 miles or something stupid?08:51
dwatkinsyeah, the battery capacity was my first concern, especially as it runs a blender08:54
dwatkinsyou can charge it up via the solar panel, but not quickly enough to compensate for all the things you might want to use it for in a day08:54
foobarryneeds a crank on the side08:56
dwatkinsgood call, foobarry08:57
popeycan you plug it into the car? to charge on your journey?08:58
foobarryit smacks a bit of rich americans who need such a thing though09:02
foobarry$299 on a cool box09:02
popeyi guess if you go out at the weekend with your friends and family a lot09:15
popeyits the price of a mobile phone09:15
LaneyMyrtti: how do you get it delivered?09:16
LaneyI looked into it a little while ago and only found discounted vouchers09:16
popeyLaney: local newsagent?09:16
Myrttitook the vouchers to the newsagent and paud them for delivery09:16
Laneymaybe, that's what I asked.09:16
* popey used to be a paper boy, and would sometimes deliver to the road I now live in09:16
foobarryi guess i'm thinking about how much we see the sun. my bbq hasn't seen light of day in a couple of years09:17
Laneywonder if the one down the road does that09:17
Myrttilikely yes09:17
Laneyit's some spar-like (not spar) chain so not sure09:17
popeyI've had the BBQ out 3 times this year so far09:17
popeyand I'm going to a local LUG BBQ on saturday, although it looks like rain09:17
Laneythe yellow and purple one09:17
shauno_I have fond memories of running the BBQ in the rain, in the garage with the door up09:18
popeyhehe, yeah ☻09:18
Myrttithis is a bit odd aystem in comparison to Finland09:18
popeyI have a photo somewhere of me standing over a bbq with an umbrella09:18
Myrttiyou pay the newspaper and the papers magically appear09:18
shauno_to quote Magnus, "I've started, so I'll finish"09:18
popeyooh, my firefox flame has cleared customs09:19
popeyooh, 3 ww2 dakotas just flew past09:20
foobarryanyone know of a good FOSS document management system?09:20
foobarryenvy @ popey09:20
foobarryabout planes09:20
MartijnVdSfoobarry: AlanBell might be able to help you with that one09:21
popeyvulcan xh558 is arriving later, dunno when09:21
foobarryvulcan are awesome09:21
foobarryand massive09:21
MartijnVdSpopey: give it the vulcan salute09:21
shauno_the standard salute for the Vulcan is to stand, jaw dropped, while wondering how we ever managed to make death so pretty09:22
foobarrythe vulcan in the falklands war bombed a runway then came home :)09:39
diplo foobarry : The Alans use alfresco.com as far as I know09:39
foobarrya DOS attack09:39
bashrcdenial of runway09:40
popeyjust got a text "FYI... I hear the Vulcan is leaving RAF Waddington for Farnborough at 11:1509:42
MyrttiThree is ditching roaming charges for more countries, including Finland09:42
MartijnVdSWould I be able to buy a Three SIM and then use it to roam *all the time* for free? :)09:43
shauno_I've been tempted to try that with a slovak sim.  I found a friend's roaming charges here, are less than my standing contract09:44
MartijnVdSoh... Feel At Home is designed for UK residents who are on holiday or business trips abroad, not for extended periods abroad.09:44
popeykeep thinking about roaming for holiday then remember I'm going to the Isle of Wight09:44
MartijnVdSI'm going to France and Jersey. I was hoping "alternative roaming provider" deals would start showing up now the new rules are in place..09:45
shauno_went there a couple of years ago.  proper weird.  not sure I'll go again09:45
MartijnVdSor maybe better roaming deals.. but they only got worse09:45
MartijnVdSshauno_: where? France?09:45
shauno_the isle of wight09:45
shauno_used to go there a *lot* when we were kids, me ma's family's from there.  went back a couple of years ago with none left and it was proper weird09:46
shauno_especially with stuff like blackgang chine going over the cliff, not even the tourist attractions are where you left them09:47
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:49
popeywe're staying in a fort09:50
dwatkinsa pillow or wooden fort?09:51
MartijnVdSblanket fort?09:51
dwatkinsI can't believe I'm wishing it wasn't sunny so I can go for a run at lunchtime without getting too hot.10:22
diplodwatkins, if it's too sunny.. PUB!10:24
shauno_dwatkins: trade you?  we've got perma-drizzle10:28
dwatkinspub? wish I could, but it's going to be a busy day10:29
foobarrywhatever happened to the raspi ubuntu builds?10:44
dwatkinspaging AlanBell10:45
foobarrydid he nail them on a big piece of plywood10:46
foobarrylike my dad did with my hornby rail set10:46
* awilkins will probably hit the rowing machine... oh, around now11:04
foobarrymore like the sewing machine11:06
popeyvulcan just went right over our house ☻11:09
foobarryi'm going to clacton air shwo this year to see 2 lancasters11:10
davmor2popey: Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's super spock11:13
MartijnVdSpopey: live long & prosper!11:18
foobarrywhere's the cheapest place to buy a synology? ebuyer/amazon?11:21
davmor2foobarry: you have a webbrowser look11:32
foobarrydoesn''t seem to work at telling me who'se cheapest, only who google thinks11:33
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foobarrygoogle shopping doesn't index everyone11:34
foobarrynow i've forgotten which one i was gonna buy11:39
davmor2no foobarry you go to the one site and find the cheapest you then go to the other site and find the cheapest, You can even open it in 2 tabs and flick between the two to ensure they are the same :P11:40
davmor2foobarry: synology11:41
foobarrydear google, is there a cheaper place than amazon or ebuyer11:41
foobarrywoops wrong window;11:41
Myrttiinvisible hand11:42
foobarrynow synology are tricking me with model numbers 213j and 214se which is not the same as 21411:43
MartijnVdS2 = 2-bay11:48
MartijnVdS13/14 = year of introduction of model11:48
MartijnVdSthe letters indicate special bits ("j" tends to be cheaper/slower CPU for instance)11:48
diddledanI think that's unfair using an extra symbol (the j) to mean you get less11:53
diddledan"here, have more symbols meaning you get less" more or less.11:54
MartijnVdSdiddledan: 80386... SX12:01
diddledanI need feeding12:04
diddledanMartijnVdS: make me a sammich?12:04
diddledansudo make me a sammich12:05
MartijnVdSdiddledan: user not in sudoers12:06
diddledanI forgot the root password, too12:06
diddledanso I can't use su -c make me a sammich12:06
foobarrythe 214 > 213j but is it > 214se12:07
MartijnVdSfoobarry: wikipedia has specs tables12:07
diddledanse = special edition?12:07
foobarryslow edition12:07
diddledansecrit episode?12:07
diddledansilent erosion?12:07
foobarrysingle core edition12:08
diddledanteeny memory12:08
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MartijnVdSI have a 41312:09
MartijnVdSit's awesom12:09
foobarry214se maybe ok if i'm not streaming video12:09
foobarrybut 213j is better perf12:09
foobarrythis is why millions of people used to let steve jobs make their decisions for them12:13
popeyholy crap that vulcan is loud12:14
foobarryoh great. all the ladies are taking tests "how awesome is your husband"12:25
diddledanfoobarry: facebook?12:31
davmor2popey: Well if you will watch StarTrek while at work on full volume it will be loud ;)12:33
foobarrywhich one of you uses o365, is it diddledan ?12:39
awilkinsIs it Spock yelling "Khaaaaaan!" in Star Trek : Reboot 2 ?12:39
popeyWHOOOOOOSH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3iDnVFn_vo12:54
davmor2popey: not so much whoosh as ROOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!13:00
popeyit was louder when it was a few feet over and went directly over the house13:00
popeyscared the bejeezus out of us13:00
popeys/selfies/stupid people/13:02
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* xnox is having ratatouille for lunch *nom* *nom*13:17
popeynom indeed!13:20
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MyrttiBoots sells kitchen appliances?14:43
Myrttimind = blown14:43
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davmor2Myrtti: so does ikea14:47
Myrttithat I knew14:47
Myrttiand it somewhat makes sense14:47
MyrttiBoots baffles me14:47
foobarryit was always in the upstairs section with the camera shop14:47
foobarryand toys14:48
davmor2Myrtti: it's owned by Wallgreens14:48
davmor2Myrtti: they sell everything under the sun in the US14:49
davmor2infact they would sell you the sun if they could hold it long enough to get it in the shop :D14:49
Ubuntu_Useris this a help channel?14:50
davmor2Ubuntu_User: not officially but we help where we can, the official help channel is #ubuntu14:51
Ubuntu_Userok thanks14:51
Ubuntu_Userhow do i join that channel?14:52
diddledantype /join #ubuntu14:52
diddledanwith the /14:52
foobarryUbuntu_User: but we are helpful too15:06
Ubuntu_Usererrrm ive installed ubuntu 14.04 LTS all fine except i cant boot into it as it doesn't show on the os selection screen, I dual boot with win 7 and two older versions for ubuntu15:09
Ubuntu_Usercan anyone help?15:09
mappswith what15:10
mappsif you specify then everyone here idling can read it and see if they can help!15:11
diddledanmapps: he did :-p15:11
mappsi didn't see15:11
mappsall i see ishim asking if this is a help channel15:12
foobarryUbuntu_User: do you get the grub loader screen?15:12
diddledanmethinks there's more than one grub in play15:12
foobarryit's possible that you didn't install onto the mbr when installing 14.0415:12
foobarryperhaps running grub2-install /dev/sda on the older ubuntu would work? can another person back me up on that?15:12
Ubuntu_Useri just flowwowed the install instructions whhen i booted the usd versinion from my usb15:13
Ubuntu_Useri created a bootable usb to install it from15:13
Ubuntu_Useri dont know if this issue has anyhting to do with ubuntu15:16
foobarryre-running the grub install from an existing ubuntu might do it, i've also used a package called boot-repair from within ubuntu too15:18
Ubuntu_Userwhat is the grub install?15:19
mappsboot loader15:19
Ubuntu_Userwhat is the command15:19
foobarrygrub2-install /dev/sda (if your disk is /dev/sda)15:22
foobarryas root15:22
foobarry(use at your own risk)15:22
foobarrybut it should detect OS on the machine and write a grub for you15:22
foobarryquick straw poll...does anyone have a drink/ice dispenser on their fridge?15:50
popeya drawer inside the freezer in which ice magically appears15:52
foobarrya front mounted dispenser thing?15:52
foobarrydo many people have these? are they an american thing15:52
popeylike that15:53
popeythe thing i like about that one is I can switch it off15:54
popeyso in the winter when I'm less likely to want ice, I turn it off and gain a little space in teh freezer15:55
popeybut if I'm having a party at the weekend, I'll turn it on again15:55
popeykids like having slush puppies too in the summer15:55
nigelbgah. Ctrl and Fn keys switching is HELL.15:55
popeyWORST. THING. EVER.15:55
nigelb yup.15:56
diddledandoes anyone know whether screen can be started by a boot-script and then immediately detached after starting a child program?16:12
Myrttiyes, it can16:26
Myrttialthough I'm doing the same with tmux16:27
Myrttibut doing a crontab entry with @reboot tmux -u new-session -d -s irssi 'irssi' works for me16:27
MyrttiI'm sure there's more elegant ways but this works for me16:28
Myrttiatleast most of the time16:28
diddledanMyrtti: that's exactly the same reason I want to run it at reboot :-p16:29
diddledanirssi ftw16:29
diddledanhmm, dilemmas - do I build a new site to IE9+ knowing deep down that they're likely to want to view it in IE8?16:31
diddledanseriously who in their right mind actually uses IE8?!16:32
diddledanbesides clients16:32
diddledanI want to start doing things using http://www.polymer-project.org/16:35
diddledanbut it's really IE10+ with some 9 support16:35
diddledanspecifically I want the ability to compartmentalise the page/site16:36
GargoyleWhat effect does resetting sysctl (sudo sysctl -p) have on a running system? Is it safe to do anytime?16:37
diddledanGargoyle: that command won't "reset" the entire tree, it will only set the properties to whatever is in /etc/sysctl.conf16:39
Gargoylediddledan, so I'm following this post http://scie.nti.st/2008/3/14/amazon-s3-and-connection-reset-by-peer/16:39
diddledanso if you manually set something which isn't mentioned in the sysctl.conf then that will remain set16:39
daftykinshello all16:39
daftykinsi can officially recommend the BitFenix Comrade as a very nice budget case - £25!16:40
diddledanin soviet russia, fenix bit you16:42
daftykinsalso, i just benchmarked a 32GB Team Group USB 3.0 flash drive which cost £14.9916:43
diddledandoes that tower-heat-sink actually fit?16:43
daftykinsyes :D16:44
daftykinsby the skin of its' teeth16:44
diddledanit certainly looks tight16:44
daftykinsthat's my main clients old Core 2 Quad setup which had some of the onboard USB get fried in a lightning strike16:44
daftykinsthe whole setup works, but i had to get a PCI USB controller card to make it workable with modern peripherals16:44
daftykinsi've been using it like this for a veeeeery long time16:45
daftykinsi turn it on by bridging the IO pins with the rear panel IO shield XD16:45
daftykinsbut now, no longer! luxury has been attained!16:45
daftykinsonly 4GB RAM, also the PSU is mine16:46
daftykinsso i've decided i'm commandeering the whole lot ;)16:46
daftykins120GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD as well16:46
daftykinsbit of a shame i had to route the ATX 12V+ up under the cards16:47
daftykinsi actually had to remove all the motherboard screws again just to plug that one in >_<16:47
diddledanmotherboard screws, or rather those standoffs they screw into are the bane of my existence16:48
daftykinsbut yes, that machine is actually a graphics card away from being a gaming box i'd say16:48
daftykinsdo you have some loose ones that spin infinitely underneath the board?16:48
diddledanI almost always get at least one cross-threaded meaning that unscrewing it actually unscrews the standoff rather than the screw16:48
diddledanyeah, I have those too16:49
daftykinsback in Athlon XP time, i had a huge Alpha PAL8045 heatsink that used to do that with its' bolts... BEHIND the motherboard >_<16:49
daftykins"right, whole board out"16:49
diddledanI've got several old boards lying around with one or more screw+standoff combos still attached because they were so meshed16:49
daftykinsi actually got a tad confused with this machine, as it had just 3 standoffs in the screw set16:50
daftykinsWAT you could hear me saying from down the road16:50
diddledannow you got me confuddled16:50
daftykinsbut all the mounts were actually... risen metal, if you catch me16:50
diddledanthat's a better way of doing cricket16:51
daftykinsonly if you have the exact layout mobo to use them of course :)16:51
daftykinswhich thankfully this was, all 9 matched16:51
mappsdunno why festivals dont just let everyone do legal highs16:52
mappsthey wanna do it..who cares16:52
daftykinsin fact that build i did the other day, had the classic board-goes-wider situation :(16:52
daftykinsso i had to plug in SATA whilst holding it to prevent splitting16:52
daftykinswell, legal highs are actually mentally incapacitating kids and killing others16:52
daftykinsso... i'd say that's a good enough reason not to permit them :)16:52
mappsits legal tho16:53
mappssmoking kills but its legal16:53
daftykinsthey're banned over here due to the above16:53
daftykinshey guys did you hear what happened in the Channel Islands earlier today!?16:53
diddledannot had the n00se on16:53
mappsi wanna say cool in a way heh16:53
diddledanholy bajeepers16:53
GargoyleI'm getting "error: permission denied on key 'net.ipv4.tcp_wmem'" when trying "sysctl -p", google is not helping much and root has rw on /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_wmem and tcp_rmem16:54
diddledanthat's a biiiig squiggle16:54
mappsi wouldnt bother doing them anyway..why would i..ive heard the side affects can be awful..and as u say deaths etc at least with ecstacy you know what to expect16:54
diddledanGargoyle: run it with sudo16:54
mappsGargoyle sudo in front of cmd16:54
daftykinsi nipped out for 2 mins to buy lunch from a shop around the corner, got back to the clients place to find them all finding out what exploded and describing the house shook16:54
GargoyleI am running it as root16:54
diddledanmapps: ecstasy usually involves a certain amount of rat poison16:55
diddledanyey for dealers "making it go further"16:55
mappswell if itdoesnt i mean;p16:55
GargoyleIs it valid for me to try and echo the values into the file?16:56
diddledanGargoyle: how do you mean?16:56
daftykinsthat's how /proc modifications usually are done, yes16:56
Gargoylediddledan: echo 4096 16384 512000 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_wmem16:56
diddledanaah, I see16:57
Gargoylepermission denied16:57
diddledantry `sysctl net.ipv4.tcp_wmem="4096 16384 512000"`16:59
Gargoylepermission denied on key... (this is 11.04 on kern 2.6.32 BTW)17:00
diddledanin that case I'd recommend upgrading to a more recent edition of ubuntu (one that's still supported) and trying again17:01
Gargoylediddledan: Yeah. tell me about it.17:01
diddledan11.04 is 3.25 years old now17:02
diddledanwe've had two LTS editions since then17:02
GargoyleHowever in the real-world, we sometime have to make old shit work while we prep the new systems.17:02
daftykinshang on you're futzing with something EOL?17:02
daftykinsnow, i speak as a masochist myself... but why would you do that? :)17:03
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GargoyleCurrently my task list is: 1.) fix db backups. 2.) Roll-out new servers. In that order.17:03
GargoyleAlthough, the same command seems to have successfully uploaded stuff yesterday. :(17:05
daftykinsi guess you only know once you restore and test17:05
Gargoyleah ha. Seems its a bug in s3cmd...17:22
popeyhttp://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/2af247/gnulinux_survey_to_find_overlap_between_distros/ "interesting" survey17:32
ali1234popey: was it you that downvoted every arch post?17:42
popeyhaha, no17:43
popeydidnt notice the voting17:43
ali1234i m going to downvote everyone who said the use gnome because lolz17:43
daftykinsand this is why i don't touch reddit17:44
popeywow, i can think of better reasons not to use reddit17:44
popeyi thought you could see who up/downvoted stuff17:47
daftykinspopey: i was more going for that pesky people have pesky opinions! :D17:49
ali1234there, finished17:50
daftykinstroll status increased17:52
ali1234is anyone here a C++ expert?17:57
diddledanisn;t the whole point of C++ that nobody is an expert?17:57
ali1234i dunno17:57
ali1234if i say to you "placement new" and you know what that is, i'd consider you an expert17:57
diddledani.e. it's so complicated noone can rightfully say they know anything about it17:57
ali1234so if i allocate some memory with ::operator new, how am i supposed to deallocate it?17:58
diddledandoesn't it deallocate once out of scope? o_O17:58
ali1234can't be "just call free on it" and delete doesn't make sense either17:58
ali1234no, this is C++ not C#17:58
ali1234i would ask in ##C++ but they'll demand to know my life story before helping me17:59
diddledanyeah, thems clever folk *tut*17:59
daftykinsat least you didn't say they'd assume you're doing Uni homework18:00
daftykinsthat's always the coding channel classic18:00
diddledanI usually assume the same when I see coding questions on linkedin18:00
diddledanlike "when should I use $this in php"18:01
diddledanseriously, there are questions as inane as that18:01
daftykinsthat's beyond me, i don't do code18:02
diddledanif you did you'd probably appreciate that it's standard fare following the same principles in other languages18:02
daftykinsi'd hope so.18:03
daftykinsi fudged my way through Java at Uni but i did so by just looking and hacking rather than truly learning18:03
diddledanit's an Object-Oriented thing - outside the "object" you refer to it by it's name, but inside you refer to itself as "$this"18:03
diddledanit's kinda like you refer to yourself as me or I18:04
diddledan$this is the same18:04
daftykinswhy's that better than referring by name all the time?18:04
diddledanscope. inside the object it has no idea what you called it18:04
diddledanobjects have two identifiers, see. the first is the "type" of object (apple) and the second is the instance name (fred)18:07
diddledanso you can have many apples all with different names18:07
diddledanbut they all back onto the same code so the code doesn't know which apple it is18:07
SuperEngineerAnyone able to helpme recover ubuntu restoredpartion?19:17
SuperEngineerHad to restore from backup - grub reinstalled but U14.04 not in list19:18
diddledan_arr, thems be partions of chips, eh?19:19
SuperEngineeron doing an update grub - where ubuntu should appear in list is "no volume groups found"19:19
SuperEngineerm/me thinks he his in a reinstal from scratch :(19:19
SuperEngineerdiddledan: partittions!  :D19:20
diddledan_I was being yokel19:20
SuperEngineerooo arrr19:20
diddledan_what's the difference between a city fire engine and a country fire engine?19:21
SuperEngineertwo horses19:21
SuperEngineer...but this ain't gettin me booted into ubuntu19:21
diddledan_nah, a city engine goes NEENAANEENAANEENAA whereas a country one goes "oo arr... oo arr... oo arr.."19:22
SuperEngineer...but this ain't gettin me booted into ubuntu19:22
diddledan_I was deflecting the question because I don't know19:22
diddledan_hopefully someone else can help19:22
SuperEngineer"no volume groups found" - is the3re a way around this to save a reinstall?19:23
diddledan_did you install onto LVM?19:24
diddledan_hmm, 'cos that's what it's moaning it can't find19:24
diddledan_grub has got scary19:25
diddledan_I used to be able to work 1.x blindfold but 2.x is a mystery to me19:25
SuperEngineerit was - & is again - on normal primary partition sda2 [with home partition on extended partition]19:26
SuperEngineerthis *should have been safe*  :D19:26
diddledan_is /dev and /proc and /sys mounted?19:26
diddledan_grub-update requires those to figure out what's where19:27
diddledan_I'm assuming you're in the live dvd?19:27
diddledan_slash usb19:28
SuperEngineer[I'm currently on netbook]  the mess up is on desktop - inspecting it with reserve op sys [mint 16]19:28
diddledan_which os do you want to handle grub?19:29
diddledan_ok, mount /dev/sda2 /mnt19:29
diddledan_mount -t proc proc /mnt/proc19:29
diddledan_mount -t sys sysfs /mnt/sys19:29
diddledan_mount -o bind /dev /mnt/dev19:29
SuperEngineerhave tried from boot rescue cd, from 999 partition19:30
diddledan_chroot /mnt /bin/bash19:30
diddledan_cp /proc/mounts /etc/mtab19:30
diddledan_if you have a separate boot partition mount it with mount /boot19:31
diddledan_and finally grub-update19:31
diddledan_or is that update-grub?19:31
diddledan_try both :-p19:31
diddledan_there might be a 2 in the name for grub219:31
SuperEngineerhmm... "/mnt/proc is a symbolic linkto nowhere"19:32
diddledan_ooh, that's not right19:32
SuperEngineerdarn right it's not19:32
SuperEngineer...reinstal time methinks19:32
diddledan_it should be an empty folder before it's mounted19:32
* SuperEngineer tries from live cd - tpas fingies will it loads19:34
* SuperEngineer still taps fingies ......19:37
SuperEngineer[can't help thinking I should have hit "install" instead of "try" :)19:38
SuperEngineernah!  still "mount point /mnt/proc is a symbolic link to nowhere"19:41
SuperEngineerooo that's not helpful: [live cd] "grub-install: error: failed to get canonical path '/cow'"19:44
foobarrywow, too much scrollback since 5pm19:46
* SuperEngineer bits bullet & goes for reinstall :(19:54
SuperEngineer...guess I'd better have a beer while it does it's bit ;)19:55
MartijnVdSbits, bullets & beer?20:11
MartijnVdSSounds like an American LUG meeting20:11
diddledan_I'm sure some of those were either coerced or faked20:20
daftykinsJoe 90 theme tune, aww yeah23:36
diddledan_I've made a thing23:59
diddledan_http://diddledan.github.io/banner-bar/ <-- effectively just an encapsulation of div-soup23:59

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