bkerensawxl: can you sign into loco.ubuntu.com and create a profile01:02
belkinsabkerensa, isn' the profile the user's LP account?01:02
belkinsaOr is it different?01:03
bkerensait is the same but he needs to login at least once for it to be created since it harvest the data from launchpad but not till first login01:09
bkerensaLP is the authentication not the account data01:09
* wxl drinks tea16:33
wxlmorn everywhere16:33
wxlanyone planning to be at oscon?16:34
* blkperl will be speaking at oscon16:47
blkperlslangasek: ping, know of any known bugs with the Trusty kernel and IO problems in KVM?16:47
slangasekblkperl: I wouldn't know :)17:25
blkperlslangasek: xl: can you sign into loco.ubuntu.com and create a profile17:31
blkperlugh copy paste error17:32
blkperlslangasek: http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~blkperl/kvm-andromeda/2014-07-11-28:42/out.read.svg17:32
blkperllook at my read latency, it sucks17:32
blkperlnot really sure how to debug it17:32
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wxli get compensated for volunteering17:58
wxloops wrong channel :)17:58
wxlif you're curious though, the next line was:17:59
wxlit's the happy faces that are my reward XD17:59
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