teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys, hamsters and everything else12:13
jthanwaltman: ping16:53
waltmanjthan: pong17:08
jthanwaltman: Soo.. I don't really know how you CompSci people work - but do you do any kind of active research?17:14
waltmanAs opposed to...?17:16
jthanWell - I didn't know if you just taught at this point, or what17:16
waltmanpassive research?17:16
jthanWell - we've got plenty of faculty here at CU that are "Associate Professors" or something of the like now that don't actually have active labs.17:16
waltmanAh. Well, there are some people in the CS department who are "teaching professors". They just teach. Others teach less and do research.17:17
waltmanI'm working as a postdoc and was teaching one class as an adjunct.17:17
jthanDo you have any undergrads working under you, or is that less common at Drexel because of co-op stuff?17:17
waltmanIt's relatively common for undergrads, especially those interested in grad school, to spend a co-op working for a professor17:19
waltmanWe've got a number of undergrads working in my lab.17:19
waltmanat the lab I worked in as a grad student, we had a few who helped us out setting up an experiment, but mostly it was just grad students.17:20
waltmanit really depends on the lab17:20
jthanI guess where I'm really going is - I am currently an undergrad going into my junior year. Not in Computer Science, but... I'm just having a really godawful time finding any research opportunities, and my GPA after taking OChem and my other "Weed out" classes is... meh... okay. But nobody seems interested.17:20
waltmanat Drexel?17:21
waltmanCU == Catholic U?17:21
jthanCU == University of Colorado.17:21
waltmanhttp://bioimage.coe.drexel.edu/info/ is where I work17:21
jthanSo no, not at Drexel.17:21
jthanBut I'm curious what it is that I'm lacking, or what I'm doing wrong.17:22
jthanI've tried the in person approach. I've emailed. I've sat in on plenty of talks about the people's research and read their papers.17:22
waltmanWhen I was an undergrad at upenn there were a ton of low-level research positions available to work study students17:22
waltmanmaybe try the department office?17:22
jthanYeah.. they're kind of helpful. It's tough because we're so big and everyone in my major is like "I wanna go to med school" - so the rest of us get lumped with them a lot.17:23
jthanDid you know you wanted to go to grad school before you went to grad school?17:23
waltmanyeah, but then I put it off for like 20 years :)17:24
jthanHaha. Maybe I'll take that approach.17:24
waltmanI suppose you could also try chatting up the grad students.17:31
waltmanif the department isn't being much help, maybe try the college of arts & sciences (or whatever it's called at CU)?17:32
jthanYeah, that wouldn't be a bad idea. I just wanna get my foot in the door. I'm okay cleaning glassware.17:32
jthanMaybe I'll just try to meet with the department head and see what he's got to say.17:33
waltmanor find a new professor who's starting in the fall and needs warm bodies to staff his new lab?17:33
jthanThat would be a viable option as well.17:34
waltmanbut i betcha somewhere there's a list of profs looking for students to help in their labs17:34
waltmanjthan: have you seen this? http://careerservices.colorado.edu/students/researchOpportunities.aspx17:37
jthanYeah - I've played with it and even been to their office. They do a really good job pointing you in the right direction, it just honestly seems like most of our professors don't care enough to sit and talk with us at that point.17:38
jthanwaltman: Okay, so meeting schedule with department head for next week - I'll let you know :-p17:46
jthanI appreciate your digging around17:46
waltmangood luck!17:58

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