DaDWat se jull02:52
DaDDaD  Lo all.. Any sysops maintaining Ubuntu 14.04LTS AMP stack servers?02:53
DaDFellow South Africans I need advice03:17
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nuvolario/ oh hi05:40
nuvolarichilly morning in CT o.O05:40
Gremblehello nuvolari 05:40
nuvolarioh hi Gremble 05:40
GrembleIt is currently 2 in Pretoria. So I am afraid to get up05:40
mazalMorning everyone05:42
Kiloshi bduk1 mazal theblazehen Squirm nuvolari and others05:48
mazalMôre oom05:49
bduk1More almal05:51
mazalGuys how can I see on what port my samba is running ?05:59
ThatGraemeGuymorning all06:31
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 06:31
ThatGraemeGuymazal: sudo netstat -plnt|grep samba06:31
ThatGraemeGuyreplace "samba" with whatever process name may be06:32
* ThatGraemeGuy doesn't do samba06:32
mazalThanx ThatGraemeGuy , what you use for sharing ?06:42
ThatGraemeGuynothing really06:53
ThatGraemeGuyhave no need for file sharing06:53
charlgood morning07:04
charlMaaz: coffee on07:04
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:04
Kiloshi ChanServ 07:04
charlhaha Kilos 07:04
charltab fail07:04
Kiloshi charl 07:04
Kilosim typing one hand while other one wraps around a hot cup of coffee07:05
charlthat's a good idea07:05
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!07:08
Spekkomore Kilos07:13
Kiloshi Spekko welkom terug07:13
charlMaaz: thanks07:24
Maazcharl: Sure07:24
Kiloshi Gremble 07:28
SpekkoKilos: danki dankie07:42
SpekkoDonno if you guys know about this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/324283889/potato-salad07:43
SpekkoGuy wanted $10 for potato salad07:43
SpekkoHe's now sitting on $46k07:43
ThatGraemeGuymmmmmmmmmm potato salad07:49
* ThatGraemeGuy drools07:49
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: have you furnished your whole house yet? :)07:55
Kilosai! ThatGraemeGuy you given me tons of work07:56
ThatGraemeGuyyeah, i found i have to make my house bigger so i can make a bunch of rooms07:56
Kilosneed to replace all plnk floors so new things dont float half a block up07:56
ThatGraemeGuyso i build up dirt all around my house, the house as it was will be my basement storage07:57
Kilosbut i have 2 lazy boys so can rest offen hehe07:58
Kilosone up top in the sun weeee07:58
Kilosdid you add that new thing ThatGraemeGuy ?07:59
ThatGraemeGuywhich one?07:59
Kilosthat will only work with new mines07:59
ThatGraemeGuyoh, no07:59
Kilossorry i went off early last night. it was just too cold here08:00
ThatGraemeGuythat's the stuff the mod adds08:00
Kilosim even using mirrors outside to reflect sun into my room for some warmth08:00
ThatGraemeGuychromium, granite, marble and zinc would on ly generate in map chunks that are newly generated, i.e. where nobody has been before08:01
ThatGraemeGuyand we would have to "cheat" a bit to get rubber trees, i don't think they would start generating on an existing map08:01
ThatGraemeGuydon't think i'm going to bother08:02
Kilosnp we explore and make new mines and roads. just need the teleport thing to get home and back quicker 08:02
ThatGraemeGuymaybe one day if we decide to start a new map08:02
ThatGraemeGuyyou can already use the inventory "go home" button, i have lost count of how many times i explained that08:02
Kilosyes man i do now ty. got caught a few times because i clicked it to set home where i planted trees underground, but its one way only08:04
Kilosif it could set more than one home point that would be ideal08:05
Kiloshi Vince-0 08:06
ThatGraemeGuythere is a teleporter mod i can look into08:07
ThatGraemeGuyyou place a teleport pad and then enter the co-ords where it teleports to08:07
Kilosplease do when you have some time08:07
ThatGraemeGuywe can build a nice teleport pad network08:08
Kilosya like between our houses08:08
Kiloscentral to us all that is08:09
ThatGraemeGuywe can build a nice little building near the spawn point which can be the central teleportation station08:09
ThatGraemeGuyfrom there a pad that teleports to significant places08:09
ThatGraemeGuylike houses, pyramid, deep mine, whatever08:09
Kilosthat would be great, if it will take co-ords for starters08:10
ThatGraemeGuyyou enter co-ords and you can add a descriptive name too08:10
Kiloswhew more to learn08:11
Vince-0g'day ubuntu-za08:12
Kilosadd more large bags08:12
Kilosor make it so each bag can carry 4 more without emptying each before moving08:13
ThatGraemeGuy4 large bags is enough08:15
ThatGraemeGuywhat do you need to carry? :-o08:15
Kilosoh my, there is just so much, i spend half my time fetching from chests and bags and thats lots of work because they first have to go into inventory08:17
ThatGraemeGuyi just can't imagine what you need to carry so much of, my bags are not typically full08:18
ThatGraemeGuyyou never need to carry stone, because there's always a million tons of it just under your feet if you need it08:19
ThatGraemeGuyalso another tip, i don't carry steel ingots, 9 steel ingots makes a steel block, and you can convert it to ingots again as you need to08:20
ThatGraemeGuysame with planks and sticks08:21
ThatGraemeGuydon't carry a lot of sticks, just carry a lot of wood straight from the tree08:21
ThatGraemeGuy1 wood = 4 planks and 1 plank = 4 sticks08:21
ThatGraemeGuyso for every stack of 99 tree cuttings, you can make 99x16 sticks08:21
Kilosya i try that08:21
ThatGraemeGuyso it doesn't make sense to carry sticks08:22
ThatGraemeGuymake them and use them as you need them, just carry a 10 or so stacks of wood08:22
Kilosits like going somewhere by car and when getting there finding you left something at home08:25
Kilosim already filling my house with chests08:25
Kilosbut teleport will help for forgotten items08:25
Kilosoh just a thought08:30
Kiloscant you unexplore the parts of the map where we arent working yet?08:30
Kilosthen add the new thing and we re-explore them08:31
Kiloswell then we just explore further thats all08:31
ThatGraemeGuyhow it works is that the whole map isn't generated when you start a new world08:31
ThatGraemeGuyas you move around the map is generated in "chunks"08:32
ThatGraemeGuya chunk is a cube08:32
ThatGraemeGuyi think 5x5x5 blocks or something like that08:32
ThatGraemeGuyand as soon as a chunk is generated it is stored in the map database08:32
Kilosok lets think08:33
ThatGraemeGuyso if you add a mod that generates new types of ore, those ores are only generated in newly generated map chunks08:33
Kilosyou still have the flys original map before you went exploring in the north right?08:33
ThatGraemeGuyi'm not rolling back to an old map08:34
ThatGraemeGuyevery single person who plays would be mad if we did that08:34
ThatGraemeGuymight as well start a new world then08:34
Kilosok you gotta bare with me a bit08:34
Kiloscan one starts a new map and then put existing data in at will?08:35
ThatGraemeGuyyou can start a new world and retain everyone's personal inventory and bags08:36
Kilosoh not their homes and so on?08:36
ThatGraemeGuybut you lose all chest contents as those are stored in the map, not the players08:36
ThatGraemeGuylets say your home has a block at 100,35,-100 co-ord08:36
ThatGraemeGuybut maybe on your new map, those co-ords end up being nothing08:37
ThatGraemeGuythen your home is in the sky08:37
ThatGraemeGuyplus in the map database there's just a lot of blocks08:37
Kilosand those blocks arent replacable at will?08:37
ThatGraemeGuyfrom the maps point of view 100,35,-100 is a block of type default:cobble for instance08:37
ThatGraemeGuybut it doesn't know if someone placed that there or if that's how it was originally generated08:38
ThatGraemeGuyits just millions and millions of blocks08:38
Kilosim trying to get a picture of how you are seeing it08:39
Kilosa pile of blocks right?08:39
ThatGraemeGuyyou can't do what you want to do, that's all08:39
ThatGraemeGuyif you generate a new world thats a new map08:40
ThatGraemeGuyyou can only keep things directly related to a player08:40
Kilosok then we just explore new places after new mod is in08:40
ThatGraemeGuyso whatever is currently in your inventory and bags08:40
ThatGraemeGuyyes, you can just go start a mine somewhere and before long you will find the new stuff08:41
Kiloswe just have to travel more then thats all08:42
ThatGraemeGuyyou don't even have to, just mine straight down in a spot that hasn't been mined yet08:43
ThatGraemeGuychunks are not very big, so by about -20 or so you should start seeing new stuff08:43
ThatGraemeGuyor if you're at the deep, just go down the shaft a bit to around -64 or so and start mining off horizontally08:44
Kilosoh is the mod in already?08:44
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Kilosthe plasma light thing is cool08:47
ThatGraemeGuyyou made one?08:47
Kilosyeah makes different colours08:47
Kilosput it above my desk so can read in psycadelic colours hehe08:48
Kilosi think i left an h out there08:48
ThatGraemeGuythat teleporter mod doesn't work09:01
ThatGraemeGuyit was written 2 years ago and never updated09:01
Kilosmaybe they can add another button near the home button called places09:04
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=== SubOracle[away] is now known as SubOracle
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: are you the only one playing09:36
Kilosyip i can go off09:37
Kilosi go do something in the sun09:37
ThatGraemeGuyi'm done, server back up09:38
Kiloscool ty ThatGraemeGuy what did you do?09:55
ThatGraemeGuyhttp://technic.kosyak.info/ <-- added that09:56
Kilosjust now you will be making nukes09:57
Kilosi see there are blast resistant blocks you can try hehe09:57
Kilosi go see how things work on kde10:00
charlhmmm kartoffelsalat10:41
charlnow i'm also hungry10:41
Rynomsterhi charl, hi Kilos10:53
charlhi Rynomster 11:10
Rynomsterhows it going in ubuntu land? :)11:10
mazalDoes Ubuntu see a 4TB drive ? Or only 2TB ?11:20
ThatGraemeGuy4TB ought to be fine, but you will have to use GPT partitioning11:23
ThatGraemeGuyinstaller should be smart enough to know that though11:23
mazalif I want to format it without installer ? For example adding a 4TB drive for storage11:25
ThatGraemeGuyparted or gparted will work11:25
mazalk ta11:26
ThatGraemeGuyfdisk does not do GPT11:26
mazalThe disks app should work then also ?11:26
Kiloshi Rynomster  11:26
ThatGraemeGuymazal: i'm not familiar with it11:27
RynomsterMaaz: supp11:28
MaazRynomster: Huh?11:28
mazaloom Kilos , how did you build a table ?11:29
Kilosyes mazal  what a job11:29
mazalI find furnishing my houses frustrating , only so much you can do with square blocks :(11:29
ThatGraemeGuyhome decor mod has a ton of home furnishing stuff11:30
Kilosyou first gotta make small round ones then small square ones then only large table11:30
mazalWill look into that ta Greame11:30
Kilosmazal  have you upgraded to minetestc5511:30
mazalI'm busy with a HUGE building that will have lots of rooms11:30
mazalHaven't received an update nope11:31
Kilosyou have to purge the old one then install the new one after adding the ppa11:31
ThatGraemeGuymazal: if you are using boats and tnt mods you should remove them, as they are now included in the default game11:35
mazalI don't understand , I already have the PPA , why doesn't it update ?11:36
ThatGraemeGuythe package name changes11:36
Symmetriaquick question11:36
Symmetriaif I'm setting up an authorized_keys file with the keys specified on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors/PushMirroring11:37
Symmetriawhats the exact format of the authorized_keys file 11:37
Symmetriawhat do I need to paste etc11:37
mazalSo I must remove minetest and install mintestc55 ?11:37
ThatGraemeGuymazal: yes11:38
mazalThe ppa stayed the same ?11:39
mazalhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/minetestdevs/stable/ubuntu trusty main11:40
ThatGraemeGuythat's the one11:40
mazalThat's the one I have already11:40
ThatGraemeGuydon't forget to stop your server first11:40
ThatGraemeGuymaybe obvious, but you never know ;-)11:40
mazalAi , and I just thought my work for the week is done :P11:40
ThatGraemeGuyand make a backup of your ~/.minetest dir11:41
ThatGraemeGuyhey, you want to run your own apartheid server, then you must do the work :P11:41
mazalI just finished last night putting the machine in , setting up all the backups etc etc etc11:41
mazalWould have rested this weekend :P11:42
ThatGraemeGuySymmetria: the line beginning with "no-port-forwarding..." is what you paste into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys11:42
ThatGraemeGuy~/.shh/authorized_keys expects 1 key per line, with space-separated fields options, key-type, key-data, comment11:43
Symmetriaok, thanks :)11:57
mazalE: Package 'minetestc55' has no installation candidate12:03
mazalFound the problem , for some reason unknown my ppa was hashed out12:11
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ThatGraemeGuyoops :-)12:50
Kiloswow ThatGraemeGuy  the fridge can carry tons, better than large bags'13:10
Kilosbetter to put a fridge on your back hehe13:11
ThatGraemeGuybags can be carried around13:11
ThatGraemeGuytechnic mod adds a wrench that can apparently pick up items with inventory13:11
ThatGraemeGuyso usually you could only put a chest in your inventory if it was empty13:11
ThatGraemeGuyfrom what i understand the wrench tool allows you to put a full chest in your inventory, with its contents13:12
Kiloshas that changed?13:12
Kilosah so we gotta make wrenches13:12
ThatGraemeGuyseems so13:12
ThatGraemeGuyyou figure it out & report back :P13:13
Kilosyay then uyou can add a few full bags to inventory13:13
Kiloswill do, just gonna fetch sheep13:13
Kilosoi ThatGraemeGuy  link for your map please. i got the wrong link here on kde14:31
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Kilosooo found big lava again14:53
Cantidedid you eat it?14:53
Kiloshi Cantide  14:54
Kilosna it burns14:54
GrembleIt only burns the first time15:31
Kilosinetpro  go home man its cold outside and temp dropping quick15:38
Kilosyo Tonberry_  15:38
Kilosoi net splits again17:42
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Kilosoi the internet be sicker tonight18:18
charlhi Kilos 18:39
charlgood evening18:39
charlwhow busy day for me so on a friday18:39
Kiloshi charl  18:39
charllots of problems at work :(18:39
charlyou would say it's friday be quite :D18:39
charlquiet sorry18:39
charli don't speaku engerishu18:40
charlhey Symmetria18:55
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:11

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