rickylmAll done, now, if I reboot it should boot from my HDD Installation and not have to worry about booting into this USB LIVE, right?00:01
rickylmAlright I am gonna give it a reboot00:02
rickylmThank you00:03
eeeeyou're welcome00:03
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ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.00:06
mnathaniwhy is joining a wpa2 network so hard from commandline, using 14.04 ?00:06
eeeerickylm_: did it work ?00:07
rickylm_eeee:  Hey man, one thing, I think I use  to rename that bootmgfw.efi.backup to its original name because m windows 8 will not boot00:07
rickylm_But yes my ubuntu booted from the HDD00:07
rickylm_*think I have to rename00:07
eeeealright try that out00:08
eeeewhat is windows 8 saying00:08
rickylm_It said00:08
rickylm_Failed to find bootmgfw.efi00:08
eeeeyeah, i think that might be it00:08
rickylm_Yea I think so to lmao. Im gonna rename it to the original and reboot again00:09
rickylm_Ill pop back in and let you know00:09
b9000I have this weird thing going on with my laptop when I play videos(either with an application or on the web) where the playback is a low fps. If I make the video fullscreen it goes to the expected fps. Any ideas how I would go about figuring out why this is doing this?00:09
rickylmWorks now.00:12
rickylmSo in the future if I was to repeat this process I just essentially re install ubuntu and over write the two boot files and I should be ok00:13
rickylmAny thing I should be doing with a new installation eeee  ?00:13
eeeewell lots of stuff00:14
paulo_do official ubuntu kernels have debug info?00:14
eeeeadd the universe repository, apt-get update00:14
rickylmIm assuming snatching updates00:14
rickylmThe universe repos ?00:14
eeeeyeah type in the dash software00:15
eeeeand go to software and updates00:15
eeeecompizconfig settings manager is pretty cool00:17
eeeeit lets you minimize programs by clicking on their icon in the launcher00:17
rickylmI have the 'Trusty' Version if I am saying that right so I would need to add the trusty universe repo right00:18
eeeei have all repos enabled, like if you need flash it's in the restricted extra's00:20
Jessica_daftkyins_: I managed to solve the technical problem which took me the whole day. It was because my hard disk was full. solved it by deleting programs and files00:22
X_[name]türk varmı00:22
rickylmeeee:  In software center00:22
eeee!tr | X_[name]00:23
ubottuX_[name]: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.00:23
eeeerickylm: yeah00:23
rickylmOk one more question, as far as updating the system itself and all my apps, how would I do that00:24
eeeewell when important upgrades are released you get notified,00:25
rickylmAnd as far as apps00:26
eeeei think synaptic checks for updated versions00:29
eeeeit's like software center00:29
eeeeyou have to install it via software center00:29
rickylmCool I appreciate it man, thanks for your time and not being a dickhead.00:30
eeeefor updates you can check settings > details > check for updates00:30
eeeesure any time00:31
rickylmThe separate partitions /home and /00:31
rickylmIs that necessary or  ?00:31
=== jibran|afk is now known as jibran
Jessica_Hey guys, thanks for your support. I managed to fix the issue and now Ubuntu is running fine. It was a pure disk hard space limit issue.00:32
rickylmAnd for a partition manager I can use Gparted00:32
eeeerickylm: not really it's more if you have many os's installed00:32
eeeeand you want to access /home from another one00:33
rickylmAnd by many I assume you mean like 300:33
rickylmI can combine that partition in Gpart right00:33
eeeeyeah other linux distros00:33
eeeeor if you want to keep your settings after a fresh install00:33
rickylmSo, all my settings are stored in my /home part00:34
eeeewell like the settings of apps00:35
rickylmBut the apps themselves will of course be gone with a new install right00:35
ciphoenixalways safe to specify /home manually00:35
eeeerickylm: that's correct00:36
rickylmIf I wanted to say learn Ubuntu from a complete beginners stand point as far as how the system works and all that stuff you showed me. What website could I rely on?00:36
tinfuryHow can i tell what driver my wireless card is currently using?00:37
eeeei don't know really, almost everything i learned about ubuntu was from this channel00:37
pavlostinfury, lsmod will show which modules are loaded, ifconfig will show you the interfaces (wlan0) so make an educated guess00:38
pavlostinfury, dmesg | grep wlan0 would give you info (if wlan0) is your wifi interface00:39
eeeerickylm:  and i just google something, no particular website00:39
rickylmAh ok, alright thanks again man, ill check back here if I run into an issue00:40
tinfurypavlos, thanks i think i found it with nm-tool00:40
tinfurypavlos, it says ath9k does that mean it's using backports driver?00:40
eeeerickylm: just use the [SOLVED] threads that show up in google00:40
rickylmAnd as far as a swap area, some threads I read say its needed some said it wasnt00:41
eeeeif you need something and you can't come here00:41
rickylmWil do, thanks again man.00:41
pavlostinfury, not sure what you mean ... this is the atheros driver00:41
eeeeswap is needed if you want to hibernate00:42
tinfurypavlos, ok thanks00:42
pavlostinfury, np00:42
eeeerickylm: btw did you turn off fast boot in windows?00:42
rickylmI tried to find that option on my system, I am pretty familiar with Windows and didnt find the option, but I did find fast boot in Toshibas power settings, inside its application.00:43
Taggghi, i'm having an issue where chrome browser and spotify do not display properly on my secondary monitors00:43
Taggghas anyone had this issue?00:43
cuddylierAnyone know how to reload the interfaces file on 14.04 without rebooting? the up and down commands do not work.00:56
Balusewhy a symlink has red color ?00:57
DJ_Unibobquick question.  I'm running kubuntu 14.04 LTS, though this issue might apply ubuntu-wide.  How would I go about making sure that SSL is up to date?  I'm using openssl btw.00:57
DJ_Unibobentering openssl version -a in the terminal displays 1.0.1f 6 JAN 201400:59
DJ_Unibobactually, brb.01:01
Monotokooh dear...01:02
Monotokoshould have told him about backported fixes01:02
Taggganyone know how to fix this issue? https://productforums.google.com/d/topic/chrome/zi4p92KpNII/discussion (Browser window garbled on secondary monitors)01:02
=== Unibob is now known as DJ_Unibob
gurrMine says 1.0.1f 6 Jan 2014 as the version too, but "built on" is Jun. That is the important thing01:07
=== jibran_ is now known as jibran
DJ_UnibobWell, I just did sudo apt-get upgrade followed by sudo apt-get update, rebooted, and now it seems to have accepted my ssl certificates.01:07
DJ_UnibobNot sure why I didn't do that immediately upon reinstalling (k)ubuntu on this machine.  :/01:08
gurrDJ_Unibob: Make sure the "built on" date is after the bug fix01:08
gurrDJ_Unibob: The version will still display something old...01:09
DJ_Unibobbuilt on is "Fri Jun 20 18:54:02 UTC 2014"01:09
JoshStroblanyone know what the best way to disable caps lock on Ubuntu 14.04 is? I want to use it for tmux.01:09
gurrRight. It's ok then01:09
DJ_Unibobthanks.  :)01:10
DJ_UnibobWith me spending about 50-50% between both windows and linux on this machine, I am making sure both have everything, including third-party programs up to date.01:10
anarchoshi I installed vsftp, but there's no entry in /etc/init.d for it, and it doesn't show up in the list with the "service" command, and when i "kill -9 <pid>" it just restarts itself without updating the config file..how to i force it to restart or atleast stop?01:11
anarchosnm i'm an idiot, even tho i was root i needed to sudo it01:14
eeeeyou're not supposed to use sudo as root01:14
eeeeanarchos: i don't follow, when you killed it with sudo, it didn't restart?01:15
Noirowhen you login via SSH, you can sudo pkill running processes, yes?01:20
NoiroAnd can I start a process onto the session running at home without it being local to the ssh session?01:20
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anarchoseeee: i was logged into root, and when i kill -9 it, it would just change PIDs but not actually restart01:23
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shiverAnyone running ubuntu on the galaxy note 10.1 2014?01:27
DJ_Unibobhmmm, still not accepting ssl.  :/01:27
=== Guest96931 is now known as Elliott
shiverDarn good split01:34
tjjSo I accidentally hit some key combo in tmux and now it just says "(0) 0: 1 windows [175x27] (attached)". Anyone know how to get back into a normal view of my terminal?01:41
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TurksIm having an issue with a wireless driver for a BCM4318, currently using the b43 kernel module. The connection often dies and doesn't detect networks until I reset everything02:00
TurksStarted happening after I updated.02:00
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incognitoI'm having a problem with installing packages. I get an error, so I can't install, but the package manager doesn't show any broken packages. Here is the pastebin for the error log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7778207/    can someone tell me how to fix this?02:08
=== 6JTAAQ1HS is now known as skasturi
morgajelanyone else notice chrome is showing a black screen on maps.google.com as of a week or two ago?02:11
incognitoI'm having a problem with broken packages. Here are my  errors on paste bin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7778207/           can someone tell me how to fix this.02:13
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function9incognito: you can use synaptic, Settings/Filters/Broken then select all. Then go to Edit/Fix Broken Packages then click apply02:16
function9incognito: or sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove02:16
incognitoI tried that. It doesn't show any broken packages in synaptic, but I'll try that command.02:17
mansiontest. ignore.02:17
hewhomusthey incognito do you have cpan installed02:18
hewhomustit's a problem with the perl libraries02:18
incognitoI don't know what cpan is02:18
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hewhomustincognito what release are you on?02:20
incognitohewhomust 12.0402:20
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hewhomustwell incognito install the package cpanminus02:21
hewhomustsudo apt-get install cpanminus02:21
hewhomusthi jader02:22
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jaderwow lines move fast in here02:23
hewhomustthere's been a mass disconnect i think02:23
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incognitohewhomust: I installed cpanminus, but I'm not sure it installed because it returned an error code 1, but that seems to apply to flashplayer.02:25
incognitoI'll go into synaptic and check to see if cpanminus is installed02:26
jaderyeah I am new to Ubuntu and Linux in general - I know i am going to have a million questions - but seriously though I love it and wish I started here instead of DOS02:27
daftykinsthat's wonderful but this channel is for support only, not general chat02:27
incognitohewhomust it according to synaptic cpanminus is installed02:27
hewhomustok so in terminal type cpanm Symbol02:28
jaderdaftykins : 10-4 my bad02:28
daftykinsjader: there's #ubuntu-offtopic though if you like02:28
incognitohewhomust it failed and aborted02:30
hewhomustweird what was the error message02:31
incognitoI will paste it in a paste bin02:31
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davinciadHey anyone get pantheon working in 14.04 yet?02:32
incognitohewhomust http://paste.ubuntu.com/7778281/02:33
hewhomustincognito, use sudo02:34
incognitohewhomust duh02:34
incognitohewhomust there was no difference in using sudo02:37
vladashramdacinciad: please repeat. I just jumped in02:39
davinciadAnyone get pantheon working in 14.04 yet?02:40
xanguadavinciad: elementary OS¿02:40
davinciadYeah but ubuntu 14.04 base02:40
xanguadavinciad: /join #elementary02:40
davinciadnot officially supported yet so probably have more luck here. Plus that channel is dead.02:41
incognitohewhomust I guess I'm SOL. I was hoping I could fix this without reinstalling, but it looks like I'll have to reinstall.02:43
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DaDDaD  Lo all.. Any sysops maintaining Ubuntu 14.04LTS AMP stack servers?02:53
piotris there a way to make a video play in full screen on one monitor while still using the second monitor?02:54
piotreverytime i do it how i normally would, it exits full screen02:54
DaDIs it a VM instance or a full install?02:55
piotrFull install02:55
piotrdo i need to grab drivers for ubuntu for it?02:56
DaDNormally the kernel can probe, but you may need to, if they are available.02:57
cloudstrife133am nota computer expert. but i wanted to know. is java necessary on windows?02:57
DaDWhat Nvidia card?02:57
DaDDaD  Lo all.. Any sysops maintaining Ubuntu 14.04LTS AMP stack servers?02:59
DaDDaD  Lo all.. Any sysops maintaining Ubuntu 14.04LTS AMP stack servers?02:59
DaDI'm looking for a seasoned white hat.02:59
piotrsorry, DaD, did you reply?03:00
DaDPvt chat me03:00
DaDpiotr: pvt03:00
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xmealcsnyipxzRemember this day. This was the day Freenode was equipped with sophisticated monitoring software directly from the National Security Agency (nsa) and gchq. Many of the staff are unaware of the events which took place today. This is a warning.03:04
xmealcsnyipxzRemember this day. This was the day Freenode was equipped with sophisticated monitoring software directly from the National Security Agency (nsa) and gchq. Many of the staff are unaware of the events which took place today. This is a warning.03:04
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FlannelAlright folks, if you're trying to talk and not identified, you're unable to.  Had to set +r to deal with that spam.03:07
DaDNeed support03:19
OerHeksDaD, just ask, maybe someone knows the answer03:20
DaDI'm running multiple enterprise web servers... AMP stacks...  2 x nameservers... and a new 14.04 AMP server. All servers run,smoothly.. Then all of a sudden on my recent server, all internet traffic is being blocked.03:22
phunyguyDaD: please pastebin the contents of `sudo iptables -L`03:23
phunyguymask out some IPs if you need to03:23
DaDI cannot access server via sh03:23
phunyguyautocorrect ;)03:24
phunyguydo you have any way of accessing it?03:24
DaDI did a iptables-reset, then allowed all traffic port 80 to test,03:24
phunyguyI still suspect that is where the issue is.03:25
DaDI do... Through a console directly into the VM.03:25
phunyguyI suspect the issue is an iptables rule.03:25
phunyguyeither that or apache2 isn't running03:26
phunyguyoh wait, you said ssh too03:26
DaDNot,only apache....03:26
DaDI can't even ping out03:26
DaDCan't ping friendly or up03:26
phunyguyyes, I get that.  I have a few commands I need the output for, but I am not sure how you can get that to me.03:26
DaDI will log into the admin console now..03:27
=== UKn0Meh is now known as UKn0Me
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
phunyguyDaD: http://www.adminsehow.com/2009/08/how-to-clear-all-iptables-rules/03:27
phunyguyrun those, and see if it works.03:27
phunyguy( you will need to revisit your iptables setup if it does )03:28
DaDK standby.. 3 mins03:29
phunyguyif that doesn't work, then the only other thing is either a.) you don't have the correct gateway set, or the provider is blocking you.03:29
phunyguy(missed a b.) in there)03:29
phunyguyDaD: also run them as root if you aren't :P03:29
=== ajifi_ is now known as piotr
piotrDaD - pvt?03:31
piotranyone know anything about multi-monitor setups in Ubuntu03:36
Guest24347That search button in the top-left corner of a standard ubuntu screen: what is that called, and is there a standard keybinding for it?03:36
OerHeksGuest24347, it is called dash, the win key opens it, or hold win key for a quick help03:37
=== Guest24347 is now known as coventry
coventryOerHeks: Thanks.03:38
coventryWow, is there a way to configure it so it doesn't show advertising?03:39
coventrySorry about that reaction, I'll google.03:39
OerHekscoventry, system settings > privacy03:42
coventryThanks for not giving me a lmgtfy link. :-)03:44
phunyguycoventry: who?03:47
coventryphunyguy: OerHeks.03:49
phunyguycoventry: was it in a PM?03:53
phunyguyalso OerHeks... you know better..... ;)03:53
phunyguyOH sorry guys, I read that wrong.  I didn't see the "not"03:54
OerHekseh ?03:54
phunyguymy bad :(03:54
OerHekssorry, won't happen again :-D03:54
phunyguycrazyhead42: now you may want to register your nick so that in the future you can join during messes like this.03:57
IdleOneit never left, drop the caps, register your nick03:57
crazyhead42I don't know if that worked or not03:59
crazyhead42so, I need help getting my external harddrive's opperating system to work.03:59
coventryNone of the settings widgets seem to be working for me.  Typing unity-control-center at the CL results in no error messages and exit code 0, but also no gui.04:11
coventryEnh.  Back to xfce and sawfish, I think.04:12
causativeI think ubuntu should automatically nice browsers, too often they become nonresponsive due to a script or flash and freeze the whole system04:27
=== bazhang is now known as Guest12205
=== Guest42735 is now known as David_LoKo
rocko2how do I get the keyboard shortcuts window that comes up after bootup in livecd?04:56
rocko2how do I reopen the keyboard shortcuts window?04:56
jeeez /msg Nickserv identify jeez12305:01
jeeeznot able to get vim to display colorscheme properly. please help. screenshot: http://imgur.com/wlZge7T05:06
nycsdcan anyone help me out with vim ?05:10
jeeeznycsd: what help?05:10
nycsdhow do I remove the file size and extension from this list in vim and the whitespace in the beginning  ? http://pastebin.com/vhJyisSM05:11
jeeezwhitespace in front is easy enough. use Ctrl-V to do a rectangular selection and delete it05:13
=== Guest81453 is now known as JStoker
jeeeznycsd: not sure about the size, let me see.05:15
Abhijitnycsd, #vim05:16
jeeeznycsd: use some regex for removing the size. not my strong point. :\05:17
jeeezhttp://imgur.com/wlZge7T can anyone help with this? screwed up colors on vim+xterm05:21
=== White_Wolf is now known as WhiteWolf|AWAY
furkanis anybody else getting out of control CPU usage with Ubuntu 14.04? just open any window like Nautilus and move your mouse around inside it for 15-20s or so. Xorg and nautilus will jump to 25% each, compiz jumps to 15%05:54
furkanmoving around windows uses even more, and resizing them even worse05:55
Abhijitfurkan, file a bug05:55
furkanactually i did05:56
furkanand it's even worse than what i initially thought05:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 1337749 in xorg (Ubuntu) "High CPU usage after resizing a window" [Undecided,New]05:56
furkani didn't notice the thing before about even moving the mouse around causing high CPU usage05:56
furkanscrolling through Firefox even, ~70%05:56
furkanAbhijit: are you running 14.04? could you test to see if you get similar behaviour? i'm really curious whether this is only affecting a few people or if it's a widespread thing that nobody's noticed05:57
Abhijitfurkan, yes. but right now  i am using lxde.05:59
Abhijitfurkan, which DE are causing you promlems?06:00
furkanAbhijit: i think it's an Xorg problem because it happens in Unity and I also tried KDE and Cinnamon06:00
=== K7JKZ is now known as k7jkz
Abhijit205% CPS06:01
AbhijitWhat is this?06:01
Abhijitfirefox is using 200% CPU and 11% RAM on 4gb ram?06:02
furkanso you're getting the same issue? well the RAM part is normal, firefox can use quite a bit of RAM06:02
Abhijitfurkan, but it does affect any actualy performance. like i opened other applications and they are running fine.06:02
Abhijit"does not"**06:03
Abhijiti can not see any visual lag. and no performance issue in any computing task.06:03
furkanwell for me i get a lot of lag with multiple windows open06:03
furkanespecially scrolling down a page in firefox, uses 70% CPU06:04
furkanso it gets extremely choppy06:04
rihbyneubuntu guys have done a great job in unity desktop env06:04
Abhijitrihbyne, yeah. thanks to unity dev. explored lxde.06:04
furkanalso CPU fan is always running06:04
furkannot to mention wasted heat and energy06:05
k7jkzcan't remember name of ubuntu utility that creates boot usb stick from iso.06:05
k7jkzcan anyone help with the name of it please06:06
furkank7jkz: you can just dd it if you're ok with the terminal06:06
rihbyneguys you have any idea on how do I remove unity.currently I have enabled autohide option. the unity app bar takes lots of place on the screen.One thing I like about ubuntu is its global menu bar.06:06
OerHeksk7jkz, type usb in dash06:06
furkank7jkz: sudo dd bs=4M file.iso /dev/sd[letter corresponding to USB drive]06:06
k7jkzyikes, i formerly used a program that required no command line06:07
furkank7jkz: looks like OerHeks's trick does it, cool, i didn't know about that tool06:07
Abhijitk7jkz, unetbootin06:08
k7jkzokay, thanks OerHeks i found it by typing usb in dash06:08
k7jkzif i can do a thing the easy/dumb way, i will :-)06:09
furkanAbhijit: if you're experiencing the same issue, would you mind hitting "this bug affects me" on my bug report? :)06:09
Abhijiti already did.06:09
furkanawesome, thanks :)06:09
Abhijitk7jkz, you should be using windows then.06:09
Abhijitdumb way.06:09
rihbyneI want to remove the unity search and app bar but maintain the global menu bar06:11
rihbyneany work arounds06:12
Abhijitribasushi, try elementaryos.06:12
Abhijitrihbyne, ^06:12
Abhijitrihbyne, no global menu bar there. sorry. i thought you just want minimal interface06:13
=== badon_ is now known as badon
SpeicalEdCan anyone point me in the right direction for installing Ubuntu 14.04 Server on a server with mdadm RAID5 that has 4x3TB HDD's?06:16
furkanSpeicalEd: we installed that on our server box, and the setup tool asks you if you'd like to create a RAID array, it's pretty user-friendly06:17
rihbyneAbhijit: just switched from fedora gnome,kde. gnome 3 has gone all the way from classic to a toy06:17
SpeicalEdfurkan: Yeah, but it doesnt appear to work with disks larger than 2TB06:17
SpeicalEdfurkan: How large were your disks?06:18
furkanSpeicalEd: well actually we installed 12.04 on our server box, so as long as they didn't remove that in 14.0406:18
furkanSpeicalEd: 3TB i believe, but i think you might have a BIOS issue if it's not seeing disks larger than 2TB06:18
furkani think that's a limitation on older mobos/BIOSs06:18
Abhijitrihbyne, ok. then you should really try elementaryos.06:19
rihbyneno thanks I am best on ubuntu.06:19
SpeicalEdfurkan: Yeah your off the mark on that, should read up on 2TB sector size limitations06:19
SpeicalEdCan anyone point me in the right direction for installing Ubuntu 14.04 Server on a server with mdadm RAID5 that has 4x3TB HDD's?06:19
Abhijitrihbyne, that is ubuntu only. just interface is elementary. not a complete different os.06:20
SpeicalEd./ignore furkan06:20
furkanlet me ssh into our server box and confirm the size06:20
rihbynewhy would anyone use that.its a piece of crap.06:22
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 and up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic06:24
michaelnkothhow do i download minecraft06:26
michaelnkothhow do i get minecraft06:27
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Psil0CybinHey guys i need some help i cannot wrap my head around this, my computer randomly cold freezes in the sense that no keys work not even the recommended REISUB, keys...What I am forced to do is a cold reboot, I recently took away acspi_os=Linux from the grub and it seemed to fix my issue for a few hours and then it went back to the resets ( the thing is I cannot pin point them because they happen randomly and I did a memory test with successf06:29
Psil0Cybinul results )06:29
Psil0Cybinthe issue is also because it is a cold freeze i do not have logs, I have thought that upgrading the kernel might fix the issue06:30
Psil0Cybinbut it semes to continue to occure06:30
dooglushi. could I get a little help installing ubuntu please?06:33
ObrienDaveas far as?06:33
dooglustarget machine is old, doesn't boot from usb, has no dvd drive06:33
dooglusI'm wondering about booking from usb06:33
dooglusbooting over ethernet06:34
OerHeksdooglus, if it has a cd drive, use the mini iso06:34
ObrienDavethe minimal ISO will fit on a CD06:34
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate06:34
dooglusI was just reading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot06:35
dooglusI got as far as "Copy the netboot files into a suitable directory, e.g. /var/lib/tftpboot"06:35
dooglusbut don't know what "the netboot files" refers to06:35
=== james is now known as Guest49983
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
ObrienDavedooglus, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:38
gahello everyone !06:39
dooglusthanks Dave06:40
gai need a urgent help , i am not able to access my NAS station via any way. i am able to ping but not able to open either admin or access as drive.06:40
lonixga: what kind of nas do you have ?06:40
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
gaits 1 tera HDD06:41
lonixga: what kind as in Make and Model, not the size of the drive06:43
ga@lonix its LS-CH1.0TL ( link station )06:44
lonixga: Did you try turning it off and on again ?06:47
gai did all possible > restart ,tried in windows 7, 8, xp , linux , and also changed the router ip and all . still not able to connect . Just can ping but not able to open it06:48
lonixga: what is the admin url ?06:49
lonixhttp://ip/admin ?06:49
lonixdid you try without the /admin06:49
gai did ... it says page unable to load or display. everytime06:50
lonixDid you try useing the software that came with it ?06:51
=== Guest47714 is now known as whiskers75
lonixga: http://www.buffalotech.com/products/network-storage/home-and-small-office/linkstation-live-ls-chl06:51
lonixDownloads and manual for your device06:51
hebz0rlhi are there alternatives to libnss-mysql and pam-mysql06:52
ga@lonix thanks but did all mention or possible ways unable to detect or sortout06:53
Thatdoes /dev06:59
Thatdoes dev/sdb* unmount all external flashdrives plugged in or just SD Card?07:00
mahsahi my friends07:09
mahsai look up iranian irc ubuntu07:10
Abhijit!ir | mahsa07:10
ubottumahsa: #ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.07:10
mahsathanks alot07:11
Abhijit!pm |  mahsa07:15
ubottumahsa: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.07:15
Abhijitmahsa, here. ask here.07:17
neo1691I just have a newly installed machine, with user X, with user X I configured the network, create a new "standard" user Y and later changed user Y to administrator. I logged in to user Y and deleted user X. Now user Y cannot connect to the internet07:17
mahsai have problem with downloading extention pack 4.3.10-9301207:17
neo1691I think user Y need to be a part of some group to access internet?07:17
neo1691any help?07:18
Abhijitmahsa, what is this extension pack? which software you are talking about?07:18
mahsafor virtualbox07:18
mahsavirtualbox 4.3.10-9301207:19
Abhijitmahsa, what problem you are facing while downloading the extension pack?07:20
mahsaaccess deny message from oracle web site07:20
Abhijitmahsa, please join channel #vbox by tyying /join #vbox and ask there. its not a ubuntu issue.07:21
mahsaok . thanks for your help.07:22
jokusneo1691 , you might need to add the new user tu sudo via single user mode07:23
neo1691I can run sudo commands07:24
neo1691its a part of sudo group I guess jokus07:24
jokusthink then its that new user doesn't have access to nm07:25
neo1691jokus, you want to add this user to the group sudo?07:26
jokuspossible to check the user privileges in advanced settings ?07:26
neo1691using gpasswd -a Y sudo07:26
jokusif its already in sudo, check the privilege under user management.07:26
neo1691there is only one User Accounts , but it does not have user management, where can I find user management.07:28
jokusadvanced settings I think07:28
neo1691I am using LTS07:28
neo1691There is no thing as advanced settings07:29
=== tortib is now known as Guest9745
Ben64neo1691: what is the output of "groups"07:30
neo1691Y sudo07:31
neo1691Y==user itself07:31
Ben64neo1691: thats it?07:31
Ben64this is mine -- "ben64 adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare mythtv"07:31
neo1691that's what, the default account that ubuntu creates was a part of atleast 5-6 groups07:31
neo1691i will add them manually07:32
jokusthink the user with which you create the new user was not admin ?07:32
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=== tomaw_ is now known as tomaw
mlhi need your help08:01
jianhemlh: just ask the question please08:02
mlhno noe ?08:02
=== bitrot is now known as tortib
liquid-silencehmmm anyone know if dovecot will be the best for setting up a mail server for around 80 users?08:07
gurrI don't remember who tried to help me yesterday, but the problem with my monitor not going to sleep was resolved with a reboot! It's nice that it's working again but not very nice that the "solution" was a reboot...08:10
Abhijitliquid-silence, today this channel is not much active. try #ubuntu-server or ##linux08:12
Beldargurr, Your fixed why are you complaining.08:13
ivan_ciao a tt08:13
ivan_sono nuovo di xubuntu08:14
Beldar!it | ivan_08:14
ubottuivan_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:14
ivan_chi mi spiega come scaricare i torrent08:14
ivan_excuse me08:14
gurrBeldar: Because I had to reboot to resolve the bug08:15
ivan_ /join #ubuntu-it à08:15
ivan_ /join #ubuntu-it08:15
Beldargurr, get over it08:15
gurrBeldar: I'm sure I will :)08:15
kippiwith 14.04 I am really struggling to lock my machine from the command line, could someone point me in the right direction08:19
fidel_kippi: tried triggering the screensaver?08:21
fidel_assuming screensaver is configured to lock08:21
fidel_kippi: gnome-screensaver-command -l // works here on 14.0408:22
kippifidel_: I have to run gnome-screensaver-command -l as root and it just gives me a black screen without the lock08:31
leeyaais it possible to install gcc 4.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS08:33
fidel_kippi: i can run that cmd as user - and as mentioned before - if screensaver is configured to lock - it locks08:33
fidel_but thats just one method i had in mind. feel free to search for other options08:34
gurrkippi: what happens when you run it as a normal user?08:35
=== tcpman is now known as Guest22183
user123321I don't have the file "/etc/udev/rules.d/*-persistent-net.rules" in my LUbuntu clones, is this something to be worried?08:39
Morgawris there a way to kill unity and restart it in 2D mode without logging out and back in?08:40
BeldarMorgawr, what release?08:41
BeldarMorgawr, There is no 2d08:41
Morgawralso I just realized that unity2d does not exist in the repos anymore :(08:41
Morgawrthe problem is that unity doesn't work well with fullscreen wine games08:41
MorgawrI guess I'll look for another solution then, nvm08:42
Beldarhow about windows for windows games08:42
Morgawrhow about no08:43
ObrienDavethe real problem is fullscreen wine ANYTHING does not work well with unity08:43
bootyliciouscan someone assist me, im on 14.04 and just installed steam.  when i try opening it nothing happens08:45
Morgawrbootylicious: if you open it from the terminal, does it say anything?08:45
bootyliciouswhats the terminal command to open it?08:46
MorgawrI guess "steam"?08:46
greatdexapache nver stop08:46
greatdexit says just waiting08:47
greatdexand gets back to prompt08:47
bootyliciousrunning it now08:48
bootyliciousInstalling breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(0_client)08:48
bootyliciousUploading dump (out-of-process) [proxy '']08:48
bootylicious/home/joshua/.local/share/Steam/steam.sh: line 755: 29151 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) $STEAM_DEBUGGER "$STEAMROOT/$PLATFORM/$STEAMEXE" "$@"08:48
gurrleeyaa: I don't know any way to install gcc 4.0 in Ubuntu 14.04 except compiling it yourself. I'd recommend a virtual machine with an older Ubuntu version if you want to test an older gcc version, since libraries are also affected. I.e. even if you install gcc 4.0 you will link against libs that are potentially compiled with a newer version08:48
bootyliciousthats the last few lines and it hasnt opened08:49
endusersteveHello, running xbuntu from a usb to test on my netbook. i have a wired conection right now but I wan wifi. How do I turn wifi on? I am very much an end user08:49
Abhijitis cobbler fully compatible with ubuntu / debian?08:49
Morgawrbootylicious: try putting on pastebin all the output, not just the last few lines, and then paste it here so we can get a bit of context (a segmentation fault is very generic)08:50
Beldarendusersteve, run lspci and find the wifi hardware and post it.08:50
gryendusersteve: You would be able to click the network-manager applet in the tray icon, and set it to connect to a wifi in its menu.08:50
MacroManI'm having a slight issue using pv in terminal. If I do something like "pv test.sql | mysql -u root -p test", then any further input to the terminal after it has run, will not show.08:50
crazydiamondHi. I want some modifiers (xmodmap, specifically - I swap AltGr and left Alt keys) to be applied to my keyboard layout. I have created file with them, but it works only until I switch keyboard layout. May I have modifiers work properly with specific layout?08:51
bootyliciousi hadnt realized but it did something else as well. ill pastebinit08:51
MacroManIt does type in, so if I do "ls{enter}", it does show me a file list, but I can't see where I've typed "ls" if that makes sense.08:51
MorgawrMacroMan: try running "reset"08:53
Morgawrit should reset your bash session so formatting problems should disappear, if this is the case08:53
* MacroMan is trying "reset"08:54
bootyliciousim waiting for it to finish w/e its doing08:55
bootyliciousi had to install pastebinit08:55
bootyliciousand than restart the process,   and it just finished and im using the pastebinit command but so far it hasnt done it08:56
MacroManMorgawr, Thanks, that'll do for now. Upon further investigation, it actually seems to be mysql, but only when I pipe from pv.08:56
MacroManI think it's because mysql hides the characters for entering the mysql password, but doesn't unhide them again.08:56
MorgawrMacroMan: sometimes some non-printable characters can mess up the output mode of bash/terminal and it starts displaying jumbled stuff etc etc08:56
Morgawroh, that might be a reason08:56
Morgawrbut yeah, "reset" makes sure it goes back to how it was when you opened it, formatting wise :)08:56
MacroManThat's great. I'm sick of having to close terminal and re-login over ssh.08:57
bootyliciousits just blinking -_-...08:58
Morgawrbootylicious: what do you mean?08:58
bootyliciousi just did it manually08:59
saverioHi guys08:59
bootyliciousafter entering "pastebinit" all it does is blink08:59
Morgawrbootylicious: how did you install steam?08:59
grybootylicious: enter something before it, with a pipe. Pastebinit needs some input.09:00
bootyliciousinstall client...09:00
paulo_I just finished compiling the ubuntu kernel09:00
bootyliciousand it downloaded, i ran it and it went through the ubuntu software thing09:00
paulo_I extract vmlinux from vmlinuz, but no symbols. why?09:00
bootyliciousand now i cant open it09:00
Morgawrbootylicious: mm.. try removing it and reinstalling again, or even try rebooting, I really don't know sorry :(09:00
Morgawrit looks like either the installation broke somewhere or you are missing some dependencies09:00
bootyliciousi reinstalled it09:01
bootyliciouswhat dependecies?09:01
bootyliciousit never brought up a prompt for em09:01
bootyliciouswould sudo apt-get and apt-upgrade help?09:01
Morgawryou can try09:01
enduserstevecould someone have a pm chat with me about wifi on xbuntu please09:02
beginneranyone here?09:02
=== gary is now known as Guest85544
marlo_i have an HP i've been running on 13.10 for a while, and when i tried to put 14.xx it pooched.  I've not been able to get ubuntu 14 in it to save my life, it just won't run. It freezes.09:06
marlo_after many many attempted i've finally rolled it back to 13.10 and it's running fine again,09:07
marlo_just wondering if there's any reports out there about machines that won't upgrade...09:07
Ben64marlo_: well you should come in here with the 14.04 problems09:07
pdsany one around here that has xp with preeseeding and is will to help me out setting it up => already created the preseed file since it my first time doing so i would like to have a peerreview http://dpaste.com/1V7C29609:16
DJones!cn | badhorse09:16
ubottubadhorse: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:16
karbofosis anybody familiar with smack?09:17
MACscrok, so i have an ubuntu 14.04 pxe install that is having issues with its finish template. Dont seem to be any logs of the issue after it finishes the install (i have to press continue for it to finish and reboot), so i hit ctrl + f2 to get another terminal and i could view the syslog that shows some of the errors. I really need to copy that syslog to another server so i can look at it better (not09:17
MACscrfun reading large logs in a java console). Anyway, scp and rsync dont seem to be available, so how can i get this log file to another server?09:17
karbofoscan't write to /smack/access09:18
daptordarattlerMACscr, you could load it into an apache root server and download it via your ip?09:22
gryhow do I set Nautilus to show folders first, before all files?09:23
MACscrdaptordarattler: apache isnt installed and i cant install it since im in the middle of the installer09:23
daptordarattlerMACscr, Hmmm.... since you have ssh access you could copy it via ssh, give me a minute09:25
pcoderHi, I would like to change my system wide language to English, Currently I am using French. Could someone please tell how I could do this?09:25
squeakytoyHey all. I am trying to add a PATH environment, so in my "~/.profile" file I have added in the last row: "PATH=/usr/lib/git-tf:$PATH" - but when I open up a new terminal and type "echo $PATH" I don't see the path. What could I have done wrong?09:25
MACscrdaptordarattler: who said anything about ssh access. I dont09:26
leeyaais it possible to install gcc 4.0 on 14.04 LTS ?09:26
MACscri have console access09:26
Sofhia02hi which wifi expresscard 34 is working on ubuntu 14.x?09:26
daptordarattlerMACscr, wait are you saying your sitting infront of the server?09:27
Ben64leeyaa: not supported here, but feel free to do whatever you like on your own system09:27
leeyaaBen64: im asking if it is possible to install it via apt somehow09:27
Ben64leeyaa: nope, comes with 4.809:27
leeyaaBen64: well i can install 4.4 as well and other versions, so why not 4.0 ?09:28
leeyaait seems it is possible, just need the right ppa09:28
daptordarattlerMACscr, if you can get to another console, then try to install scp from that terminal09:28
LoshkiMACscr: got any writable media. Got *any* networking at all?09:28
Ben64leeyaa: if you can find one, go for it, but like i said, not supported here09:29
pcodersqueakytoy: Did you do an "export PATH" in your .profile?09:30
MACscrLoshki: i can ping google. If i try to run aptitude or apt-0get, it says its not available09:30
squeakytoypcoder, found the problem. I had to relogin09:30
squeakytoypcoder, thanks09:30
totesmuhgoatshi guys09:30
pcodersqueakytoy: yeah, .profile only works for new shells and not for subshells if I am not wrong09:31
Ben64MACscr: curl or nc?09:31
totesmuhgoatsdoes anyone here do android development in ubuntu? if so, is openjdk sufficient, or do I need to install the oracle jdk?09:31
Loshkipcoder: Tried this? http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/17528/change-the-user-interface-language-in-ubuntu/09:31
MACscrBen64: http://www.screencast.com/t/V1jguCjSPxA09:32
Ben64MACscr: nc?09:32
marculeshi there09:32
MACscrBen64: actually it is09:32
Ben64MACscr: then use that :)09:33
daptordarattlertotesmuhgoats, openjdk is enough...09:33
totesmuhgoatsdaptordarattler: thank you, my friend09:33
pcoderLoshki: Thanks for the link. But I seem to already have English set as a system wide language, but still I see French words in all software tools I use :[09:34
g105bYesterday I was working on my Ubuntu laptop in another office with a few mac users. There was a powercut, but we were all on laptops, so no worries. When the power came back and wifi started up again, the sound of my colleague's Macbook pro was somehow being diverted into my Ubuntu laptop. Totally freaked me out and I could not explain it at all. Any ideas?09:34
=== micro is now known as Guest7827
MACscrBen64: genius. that works perfectly. Thanks!09:35
Ben64!yay | MACscr09:35
ubottuMACscr: Glad you made it! :-)09:35
MACscrany ideas if there is just a way to retain pxe install logs after boot in general?09:36
pcoderpcoder: FYI, I use xfce409:36
AbhijitMACscr, i was just working with kickstart. it seems it has logs writing feature once /root is created09:37
Guest7827i wan to learn hacking..anyone can teach me..?09:38
function9Guest7827: /j #c09:38
MACscrAbhijit: im using foreman for this and i think it uses preseed?09:39
AbhijitMACscr, dont know much about foreman and preseed. but if they do something similar to kickstart then maybe they have. i am using kickstart through cobbler actually.09:39
Abhijitmuch = nothing09:39
Guest7827anyone can teach me hacking..?09:40
k1l_Guest7827: this is the ubuntu support. do you have an technical ubuntu issue?09:40
ramsramboneed help with openvpn to connect09:40
daptordarattlerGuest7827, ceh is your first option, just google it and get some of their pdfs09:41
Guest7827ok sure09:41
Sofhia02are wireless expresscard supported in ubuntu?09:42
Abhijit!hardware | Sofhia0209:43
ubottuSofhia02: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection09:43
ramsramboI installed this GAdmin-openvpn-client on 12.1009:43
ramsramboit is asking for CA cert Cert etc.. where do I get this ?09:44
=== bl00dy5p1d0r is now known as cry0g3n
paca_pacahow do i get the hour in 24 format in a variable for a bash script?09:44
Guest7827first it shows..i have to learn programming09:44
Guest7827how to learn programming..?first what i have to do..?09:46
cry0g3nlearn programming concepts....09:47
AbhijitGuest7827, ##programming09:47
cry0g3nstart from basics.....09:47
k1l_Guest7827: your topic suits better into the #ubuntu-offtopic channel since its not ubuntu support related09:48
cry0g3nhey is there any app for making calls using usb dongles.....09:48
backuppphow do i get the hour in 24 format in a variable for a bash script?09:48
Guest7827ok...now i have my own laptop..i have ubuntu 12.04...how to programming in ubuntu..?09:48
Abhijitcry0g3n, try gammu?09:49
cry0g3nGuest7827: Google is your friend...09:49
Abhijitbackuppp, #bash09:49
cry0g3nAbhijit: is it hardware dependent.....btw...thanks...09:50
k1l_Guest7827: please ask in ##programming09:50
cry0g3nI have dlink dwp-156 3g dongle....09:50
ramsramboanyone with openVpn skill09:50
Guest7827the terminal can use for programming...?09:50
Abhijitcry0g3n, it basically work with mobile phones. just try to add your dongle in it.09:50
AbhijitGuest7827, so you are serious about learning programming? find out how to register a nick in freenode, register it, identify to it then come. we can talk then.09:51
backupppAbhijit: i saw this line, which is great for daily backups, but i need one for hourly as well. day=$(date | awk '{ print $2"-"$3"-"$6}')09:51
Abhijitbackuppp, ask in #awk09:51
Guest7827i wan learn hacking...what i must do first...?09:52
AbhijitGuest7827, learn c and python09:53
backupppi saw this line prints the format i want, but i don't know how to get it in a var date +%H09:53
Abhijitbackuppp, are you not reading my messages?09:53
k1l_Guest7827: this topic is not suitable for this technical support channel. you were given other channels to discuss that. now you are muted.09:53
cry0g3nGuest7827 : I would suggest start with python....and you can buy this book called "violent python"....for your hacking interest... ;-)09:54
Krauzihi guys, i want to mount a hfs+ partition on a ubuntu live dvd. (installed hfspogs) a "fdisk -l" lists /dev/sda2 as the mac partition however mounting it failes with "special disk" error09:54
=== none_ is now known as skulltower
iplon-indiaHow can i view mysql  "*.csv"  table09:56
Abhijitiplon-india, csv are just text files. open then in any text editor.09:56
mjaykKrauzi: haya I think the problem is that you need to disable journaling of the mac HDD inside macos before you do that09:56
mjaykKrauzi: well that is one common thing which gives that error09:56
cx405Hello! I search an application that would allow me to remote desktop (Xorg) Android from my Linux box (Linux->Android), because I absolutely need to help my parents located in other country with their Samsung Galaxy Tab sometimes.09:57
backupppAbhijit: i do not think you are nice, it was a small question and not related specifically to awk. if i were you i would have just answered, i am sure for you it is not hard, but for me to get the answer is not easy - i allways search google for some time before asking for help. if you do not want to help i will just find a solution myself. but i thought this is a place people help each other09:57
MACscrhmm, so here are some of my syslog errors that are happening because of my preseed finish template. http://pastie.org/pastes/9377395/text?key=vd3vohzuy5xhtxtfuslmhq . I am wondering if maybe i should just say screw it this finish template and just make them puppet modules09:57
cry0g3niplon-india, LibreOffice...there are many tools for that....nano will work too....;-)09:57
Abhijit cx405 teamviewer?09:57
Krauzimjayk: u kittink? the mac install is fucked up so i have to edit some files09:57
cx405Abhijit: Only paid09:57
Abhijitbackuppp, if i knew i would have answered, instead of redirecting you to bash and awk channel.09:57
Abhijitbackuppp, this channel is for ubuntu help. not bash and awk.09:58
backupppok have a nice day09:58
cx405Abhijit: Besides only on windows/mac. Not for Linux. Tried starting windows version from Wine and it said I need to purchase license for that. Which is stupid.09:58
Abhijitcx405, teamviewer works fine here in my ubuntu. it has linux .deb package too .free for personal use.09:58
mjaykKrauzi: did you install hfsprogs?09:59
cx405Abhijit: Try control an Android phone from your Linux teamviewer. Do that.09:59
* Abhijit dont have android phone.09:59
Abhijitbut if you can gift me one .... then i can test cx405 :-p10:00
neo1691Ben64: is there a group called mythtv? in which your usename is added\10:00
Ben64neo1691: if you have mythtv there is10:01
gurrbackuppp: Don't be offended. It's nothing wrong with your question. No one here knows the answer, but you got suggestions for other channels to try10:02
cx405Abhijit: you don't have an android phone, but you answer the question how to control android from linux?..... -______-   You can get Android emulator, set it up over VM, then passthrough the network out, then setup some proxy for relocating IP to specific port where your VM emulator recides to skip IP collisions, and then try and understand it does not work this way.10:02
cx405Hello! I search an application that would allow me to remote desktop (Xorg) Android from my Linux box (Linux->Android), because I absolutely need to help my parents located in other country with their Samsung Galaxy Tab sometimes.10:02
neo1691I added my username to all the groups that you were a part of but still not able to connect to the internet10:03
mjaykcx405: tried teamviewer ?10:03
k1l_cx405: go the other way around. ask for android apps that suit that task and then see what you need on ubuntu to connect to that app10:03
cx405kll_: there is a lot of apps that allow to control Linux box from Android, but not a single one free for vise-versa. I need free, because I would connect like 1x in month for 10 minutes. Already tried VNC server, but it only allows again, to control Linux from Android. Without jailbreaking nothing is possible, and that means I loose device warranty. And the device is ~800$10:05
Abhijitcx405, so why not use paid apps for a device of 800$?10:06
mjaykcx405: "rooting" would do nothing to help you here10:06
function9cx405: just pay and be done with it10:06
cx405Abhijit: please  "help" no help.10:06
Ben64how is any of this ubuntu support?10:06
mjaykits not10:06
joshua__hi room10:06
cx405Abhijit: please no such "help".10:07
mjaykhi joshua__10:07
AbhijitBen64, the app should work on ubuntu.10:07
cx405mjayk: there some applications that allow that, but they DO require rooting of device.10:07
mjaykand there are apps that dont #android if you need any more help with your phone10:07
cx405function9: Because I do not support proprietary. I am perfectly okay to donate to open project that implements that functionality as usual.10:07
Ben64Abhijit: that doesn't matter, this is an android issue10:08
Abhijitthats difference of opinion.10:08
cx405Ben64: I have ubuntu installed on 3 of 5 my machines. The rest is debian. I need an application to control Android box from Ubuntu. Clearly, this is a Linux application with android backend.10:09
mjaykcx405: again #android for any help with your phone10:09
Ben64not really. cx405 wants to control android from ubuntu. there needs to be an app for that for android, so it is an android issue, QED10:09
mjaykQED indeed10:10
gryWhat is the issue with installing Android SDK and asking in #android or #android-dev (the latter being for app edvelopment)?10:11
k1l_cx405: if your tablet doesnt allow that without rooting and you dont want to do that you have your answer.10:11
cx405Ben64: this is called ping-ponging and is not professional behavior. It has to do with Ubntu10:11
cx405Ben64: Ubuntu10:11
k1l_cx405: there is nothing ubuntu could do about that. its an android issue10:11
gryIt is an Android issue indeed.10:11
gryIf the SDK tries to query the phone and doesn't get the informtion it needs, it's a question for an Android channel.10:12
gryIt /does/ belong here if there are installation issues with the SDK however.10:12
gryHi, jess44.10:12
grycx405: (With its installation.)10:12
cx405k1l_: just wanted to ask if someone knows that. Because from windows this is not a problem. I would heck pay, but one can only control android from windows, not from linux. linux->android version of teamviewer is not available at all.10:12
grycx405: why teamviewer? You want to see graphics live?10:13
karab44anyone knows easy app to resize and save mass of images?10:13
grycx405: why do you need to see phone screen from a computer, exactly?10:13
cx405gry: no, just fix the mailbox or help select application from time to time if my parents get lost. nothing more.10:13
k1l_karab44: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/135477/how-can-i-scale-all-images-in-a-folder-to-the-same-width10:14
grycx405: you should be able to query its app store for remote control applications different than teamviewer itself.10:14
=== Guest92964 is now known as Vampire0
grycx405: or use Wine (if you didn't already) with teamviewer.10:14
cry0g3nkarab44, use python and make it urself....10:14
karab44cry too long to take10:14
=== Vampire0 is now known as Guest28997
cx405gry: imagine I already did that plus extensive research on google. Hence I waste people time here, because other options have been used.10:15
k1l_cx405: you are really looking at the wrong end of the line. look out for an android app that allows your task in first place.10:15
=== Guest28997 is now known as Vampire0_
karab44imagemagick sounds good10:15
karab44thank you10:15
grycx405: OK. I see.10:15
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
Lsergejпо русски говорит кто?10:16
cx405gry: don't want to pay for a propretary application that may even not work in wine. when I started it, it claimed it needs license but never got past this for a "trial", so even if I purchase, I cant guarantee it will work. I think Google just requires some sort of application signing key for such applications then granting them screen access and control, and this signing costs money, this is why there are free applications that do that...10:16
cry0g3nLsergej, English.....10:16
cx405Lsergej русские говорят по русски10:16
ObrienDave!ru | Lsergej10:17
ubottuLsergej: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:17
Lsergejthx u10:17
grycx405: Did you try downloading TeamViewer linux package from its website? They say it's free for private use.10:17
cx405gry: Teamviewer Linux package does not support remote control of Android phone.10:18
gryLsergej: Добрый день, я на том канале, просто задавайте Ваш вопрос на #ubuntu-tu.10:18
gryLsergej: #ubuntu-ru10:18
karab44I decided to use phatch for resizing multiple images10:18
k1l_cx405: last time now: ask android how to control the android screen in first place. if you have a working solution come back and ask how to connect to that from ubuntu.10:19
cx405k1l_: Man, if you have no idea, state that. This isn't hard. Stop ping-ponging please, this is very dirty. You already mentioned that channel with several other members, I am already asking there.10:20
=== shafox_ is now known as shafox
k1l_cx405: really last time now: you were told several times now that this is not a ubuntu issue. and it will not become an ubuntu issue no matter how often you ask again and again and again. ask the android guys which apps support screen control and come back if you have choosen an app that allows to be connected from ubuntu.10:22
ProfessorKaos64Could anyone point me to an article that helps describe Ubuntu packaging help when my build process does not* follow the traditional "./configure, make, make install" ?  Thank you.10:22
k1l_!packaging | ProfessorKaos6410:23
ubottuProfessorKaos64: The packaging guide is at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/  - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring10:23
ProfessorKaos64Already tread those. but thanks . I guess10:23
k1l_do you ment packaging for yourself or for some repo?10:23
ProfessorKaos64a PPA10:23
streulmahi, is it normal that the Macbook Pro green light on adapter flickers a little bit while off?10:24
ProfessorKaos64I read over the guide a few times10:24
ProfessorKaos64But I can check the main development article too10:24
k1l_ProfessorKaos64: maybe you get more help for PPAs in #ubuntu-packaging10:24
ProfessorKaos64oh ok, didn't know that channel. Thank you10:24
k1l_ProfessorKaos64: but read the topic in there. i dont know how active that channel is10:25
jess44does anyone here know anything about hackintosh?10:28
cfhowlettjess44 not in this channel and completely offtopic.  google is your friend10:29
cynicallemonjess44, hackintosh like charles manson on crack - debian just pure stable10:30
k1l_jess44: better ask in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel for not ubuntu support related topics. thanks10:30
ObrienDavesorry cfhowlett, couldn't resist ;P10:30
cfhowlettObrienDave yeah, that was my first thought too, but I'm trying to crack down on sarcasm10:30
ObrienDavejess44 already got shooed away from offtopic10:31
k1l_and for the other users: please dont advise purele on "google yourself" or lmgtfy. we try to help in here and stay friendly, thanks :)10:31
cfhowlettjess44 try wikipedia and see the links from there10:31
jess44i have, i just cant get the kexts to work10:31
cynicallemoncould have been worse, he could have asked about ubuntu :)10:32
cfhowlettjess44 and it is STILL not a topic for this IRC - sorry10:32
cynicallemonjess44, ask in the mac forums - sure they would help you...10:34
jess44can someone help me here to get hashcrack brutforce to work on a salted hash?10:34
cfhowlettjess44 no.  NO.  NO!  stop asking, we're not helping with hackintosh.10:35
jess44this isnt hackintosh, dummy10:35
cfhowlettjess44 insults get you /ignored10:35
cry0g3n lol....:D10:37
cynicallemonhmm asks about bruteforce cracks but doesnt cloak his ip....10:37
k1l_jess44: we dont support password bruteforcing in here. users who really need this have the time to read themselves into the documentation.10:37
loaone day hashes from database leaked (ya i know i am skilled) and i want to know how fast somebody can bruteforce them)10:38
cynicallemonloa, ask an openbsd dev im sure they will find out how fast :)10:40
demoneyeis there any BM showing the speed deference between Ubuntu and Xubuntu?10:45
demoneyewhat will run faster for me10:46
user123321In /etc/network/interfaces I can only see the first 3 lines "The loopback network interface auto loiface lo inet loopback" <---- what has happened to the rest?10:46
cfhowlettdemoneye I don't know of any online comparison, but the load is definitely lighter in xubuntu.  depending on your ram, it can be noticeably different10:46
user123321http://laurentbel.com/2012/04/04/simple-failover-cluster-on-ubuntu-using-carp/ <--- according to this link, I should have more lines.10:46
ObrienDavedemoneye, the core OS is the same, Xubuntu is a lighter DE, therefore, subjectively, faster10:47
cfhowlettdemoneye the lightest (presumably) fastest would be lubuntu.   it's optimized for older, slower hardware and is super light10:47
mjaykor a net install :)10:47
cry0g3nuser123321: u have to add more lines to add ur interface......10:47
demoneyei have 4 core (core 2 duo) pc with 4 giga ram .... hat will suit me best?10:47
demoneye*core 2 quad10:48
cfhowlettdemoneye ubuntu will run , xubuntu and lubuntu would run faster ...10:48
mjaykdemoneye: which ever one you prefer have a little look at youtube see what you like the look and feel of10:48
user123321cry0g3n, but if I go ifconfig, I could already see eth0 etc.10:48
user123321cry0g3n, so I should add them anyways?10:48
cfhowlettdemoneye but test for yourself.  install ubuntu then install the DE's xfce4 and lxde.  logout, switch DE, login, test10:48
demoneyemajaK : Ubuntu . but speed count more for me10:48
grydemoneye: I would suggest xubuntu as it's relatively incomplicated (the extra DEs are not much different, mind, though; I tried them in turns and the memory and cpu usage differences were minor)10:49
gp2000hello, I have an issue when mounting optical disks or USB flash disks. When I click on the device in dolphin it says "could not enter folder /media/username/disk/" The only way I can access is if I start dolphin as root. Any idea how to change this so that my user account can get access?10:49
cynicallemonXFCE is the best lightweight DE10:49
marculesIs there an easy way, if I am in a folder with many files, to [tab] one at random (or the first one) - instead of getting a list of suggestions?10:49
cfhowlettcynicallemon ... "best"?  debatable ...10:49
* ObrienDave runs Xubuntu10:50
cynicallemoncfhowlett, best usable one10:50
demoneyegry,  u say no big cpu usage and ram between Ubuntu and Xubuntu ?10:50
ObrienDavestill debatable10:50
cynicallemoncfhowlett, lxde is not integrated like xfce10:51
cry0g3nuser123321: see this https://wiki.debian.org/NetworkConfiguration?action=fullsearch&context=180&value=linkto%3A%22NetworkConfiguration%2210:51
cfhowlettcynicallemon and that is NOT true.  lubuntu is very well integrated with LXDE10:51
demoneyecfhowlett,  i dont  to do that , install than erase and start testing which faster , i just ant to know from first place :)10:52
cynicallemoncfhowlett, debatable10:52
user123321cry0g3n, thanks.10:52
cry0g3nuser123321: if you want to manually connect to Internet then u use this file.....10:52
cry0g3nuser123321: NetworkManager does that for you....10:52
user123321cry0g3n, My VM's can already connect to the internet.10:52
cfhowlettdemom !! nobody said "erase"  you can easily switch DesktopEnvironments for testing10:53
cry0g3nuser123321: then no need to edit that file....10:53
cfhowlettdemoneye my suggestion was to iinstall a core system and test the various DE's.  If you find one you like, consider that ubuntu flavor10:53
cfhowlett!flavor | demom10:53
ObrienDavedemoneye, you get all 3 DEs Unity, XFCE, LXDE installed at the same time. when you log on you can select which one you want to run. for testing pruposes10:53
ubottudemom: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.10:53
cfhowlettdemom > demoneye sorry10:54
cynicallemonlxqt will kill lxde10:54
user123321cry0g3n, since I'm configuring a carp, the file in the link below has more lines: http://laurentbel.com/2012/04/04/simple-failover-cluster-on-ubuntu-using-carp/10:54
demoneyecfhowlett, ObrienDave  : Thank you both :)10:54
cfhowlettdemoneye happy2help10:54
ObrienDavemost welcome10:55
grydemoneye: yes, that's what I said10:56
=== apb_ is now known as apb1963
ObrienDavewe need a 3 minute response time limit lol ;P10:58
cry0g3nuser123321: in this case you have to add those lines in your case ur interface is eth010:58
user123321cry0g3n, cool, thanks.10:59
cry0g3nuser123321: thats simple config...u can msg me if u ran into some problem...11:00
user123321cry0g3n, thanks.11:00
Wuxx1I wonder if it's possible to run several docker instances that have services listening on different ports and make them all accessible through virtual hosts on the host machine. What should I google?11:03
lampami am trying to scp to a remote host using key pair but no file goes through. authentication is succefull11:06
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
lampamoutput of -v for scp command11:08
lampam*relevante part11:09
NextZtepSocialIs it possible to intregrate a social system in ubuntu ?11:15
NextZtepSocialI want to help out with the developing of such a system for ubuntu11:15
cynicallemonu mean like communism?11:16
NextZtepSocialI mean like a social networking part11:16
ubottuNextZtepSocial: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu11:17
NextZtepSocialhttps://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t31.0-8/10383781_1509435245952936_4941920683512342083_o.jpg like this11:17
=== luckybunny is now known as PhilCoulson
leeyaahow to move files with find then execute move ?11:22
leeyaai got this so far find /root/radi/ -type f11:23
leeyaawhich finds the files i need to move11:23
rossross0hi all11:24
rossross0how is everyone?11:24
leeyaanvm i figured it using -exec11:25
rossross0anyone know of an app which can extracts parts of a PDF based on font, etc, and into a spreadsheet?11:25
=== PhilCoulson is now known as luckybunny
boleartenHi all. How can I make my Ubuntu's interface use Xfce? and have all the functionalities that xubuntu has?11:27
k1l_bolearten: install "xubuntu-desktop" package11:28
k1l_then choose xubuntu on the login-screen11:28
ObrienDaveinstall xubuntu-desktop11:28
cfhowlettbolearten sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop11:28
boleartenk1l_: I see and besides that if I do install the themes on xubuntu. It won't make my ubuntu buggy?11:28
k1l_bolearten: no they both  can be installed with no problems11:29
boleartenalso what are default fonts in gnome-terminal of ubuntu?11:29
cfhowlettbolearten xubuntu themes will run fine in xfce4.  if you like xubuntu so much, why not just install it?11:29
boleartencfhowlett: I will have to move everything to xubuntu then11:30
NoddI've raid0 and ive just installed ubuntu and it failed to install grub on my /boot partition. ive done: sudo mount /dev/mapper/isw_ficcheggb_Vol5 /mnt , sudo mount /dev/mapper/isw_ficceggb_Vol3 /mnt/boot , then bind dv, proc and sys , then tried to update-grub in chroot but am getting "unable to resovle host" a list of old OS entries having invalid characters. but then i unmount the boot partition and nothing has changed the old entires a11:31
Noddre still there. What am i missing?11:31
Guest70019Nodd: is this a fakeraid device ?11:32
boleartencfhowlett: getting xubuntu would be a better choice, won't be it?11:32
Noddyeah i think11:32
Guest70019Nodd: you're just going to have problems with this11:32
Guest70019Nodd: I'd advise against doing this11:32
cfhowlettbolearten for now: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop.  at next upgrade, get xubuntu and clean install.   my free advice and worth every penny.11:33
zombu2fake raid = disaster iminent11:33
Noddit was working in fedora but i decided on a change hoping ubuntu had updated itself11:33
=== Guest70019 is now known as ikonia
ikoniaNodd: even in fedora - I'd advise you against this11:34
ikoniaNodd: you are of course free to ignore this11:34
boleartencfhowlett: alright :)11:34
Noddyeah ok, just i never have to grub install/updates fine11:34
zombu2Nodd get yourself a cheap perc6i controller from ebay or amazon11:34
Noddcant im on a laptop11:34
ikoniaNodd: noyour using raid on a laptop ?11:35
Noddyeah its designed for ot11:36
Noddyeah its designed for it11:36
zombu2if it s fake raid it s not designed for it11:36
ikoniait's going to be a crappy onboard on e11:36
ikoniawhich is fakeraid11:36
zombu2forget the fake raid11:36
ikoniafakeraid 0 + linux = bad call11:36
=== luckybunny is now known as partyboob
zombu2plus it prolly hgs your cpu11:37
slinnkyyeah fakeraid blows11:37
cfhowlettNodd survey says = bad idea.  but hey, what do we know???11:37
cfhowlettNodd might want to ask ##linux11:37
Noddwell after the last few months with it working fine in fedora i never thought it was that bad11:37
ikoniaNodd: it will work, it's just not a stable platform on a lot of linux situations11:37
zombu2would you drive a chinese mercedes?11:37
Nodddo they exist?11:38
zombu2crash test said it s a rolling coffin11:38
* cfhowlett says, "I'm in Beijing. They do. and I wouldn't."11:38
Noddyou mean a fake mercedes?11:38
ObrienDavea chinese mercedes LOL11:39
zombu2fake raid fake mercedes tomato tomato11:39
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:41
zombu2don t you get tired of spamming that ?11:42
bazhanglets get back to support please zombu2 , chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic , NOT here11:42
zombu2and you know it is more of a guideline11:42
Noddim kinda stuck though because ive got windows on raid too11:42
boleartencfhowlett: xubuntu will work fine with iphone?11:42
zombu2well perfect timing to get rid of it11:43
cfhowlett!iphone|bolearten define "work fine"11:43
ubottubolearten define "work fine": For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod11:43
cfhowlettbolearten it won't work any better/worse than plain vanilla ubuntu11:43
Noddok thanks anyways maybe ill come back in a few months11:46
zombu2few month??? what is he running ?? 8088D 16mhz?11:47
cfhowlettv_Sully ?  maybe where YOU are ... greetings, anyway.11:49
v_Sully@cfhowlett yes very true and ty11:50
v_Sullyanyhow im still pretty new to Ubuntu and linux in general and having some sound issues, wondering if I could get some help to fix it?11:51
cfhowlett!details|v_Sully more details is more better11:51
ubottuv_Sully more details is more better: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)11:51
v_SullySometimes it works and sometimes it don't when I log on as in no sound at all11:52
ObrienDavecheck volume settings? you'ld be surprised11:54
v_Sullynot it as I dual boot and have no issues while running with Win7 it's just that half the time the sound works and sometimes it does not.11:57
multihunteris it ok if I give read perm to /usr/local/share/man/man1/rdiffdir.1 ?11:58
multihuntercron running man-db cant read that file11:58
milad_Hello, this is first using ubuntu <311:59
cfhowlettmilad_ welcome.  what do you need help with12:00
milad_How can I use a channel? foe example #django-dev channel?12:04
=== tux_ is now known as Aristoteles
cfhowlettmilad_    /join #channelnamehere12:05
=== z_ is now known as Guest2584
vakhi all12:21
AkegataI just changed one of my two screens to portrait mode and rotated it with xrandr, but it still has the same physical dimensions as before (so I can't access the lower part). Is this a known xrandr bug or something?12:21
vak"grub.cfg will be overwritten"... so, how could i update the partition UUID that wrongly set in grub.cfg??12:22
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:23
bgardnerI installed squid-deb-proxy on all my *buntu machines and while they appear to work as intended, 'apt-get update' which previously took like 60 seconds now takes on the order of 30-40 minutes.  Is that supposed to happen?12:26
g105bI've got a logitech mouse with horizontal scroll on the wheel, but it doesn't scroll in Google Chrome... any ideas?12:26
SirLagzbgardner: no, that's not meant to take 30-40 minutes.12:27
bgardnerSirLagz: Any thoughts on how I can fix?  The research I've done seemed to implicate 'pipelining' in apt-get, but the documentation seemed to indicate that was fixed many versions ago.12:28
SirLagzbgardner: unfortunately not. sorry12:28
SirLagzbgardner: I normally just stick with normal squid to do my caching12:28
philinuxvak;~  sudo update-grub12:29
bgardnerSirLagz: I actually had squid before, and decided all I was using it for was deb caching so I tore it all out and replaced it with squid-deb-proxy.  Buyer's remorse...12:29
vakphilinux: and UUIDs will be automagically updated?..12:29
MACscrwhen i change my network/interfaces file, whats a reliable way to apply those new settings? Its a big pain when you have interface name changes, etc. I need to do this in an automated way, so having to ifdown/ifup everything is a huge pain12:30
philinuxvak;~ as far as I can remember yes12:30
MACscrespecially when i have about different interfaces12:31
MACscrer, 7 different interfaces12:31
SirLagzbgardner: haha. if it aint broke, don't fix it :P12:31
philinuxvak;~ it regenerates grub.cfg12:31
bgardnerSirLagz: No doubt.  Lesson learned, I'll back it out and go back to vanilla squid.12:32
bgardnerSirLagz: Thanks for the comments12:32
vakphilinux: worked for me! thanks philinux!12:32
SirLagzbgardner: no problems, sorry I couldn't help more12:33
philinuxvak;~ from grub.cfg > It is automatically generated by grub-mkconfig using templates # from /etc/grub.d and settings from /etc/default/grub12:33
vakphilinux: and if i want to rename an entry what should i do?12:33
vakphilinux: i have two boot-entries that are named equally -- not good...12:35
philinuxvak;~ you should never edit grub.cfg. Edit /etc/default/grub or /etc/grub.d then run update-grub12:35
philinuxvak;~ you need to read up on grub212:35
micromeverytime the mouse clicks or scrolls, the disk spins12:35
vakphilinux: did already. One pass doesn't look enough ))12:36
micromI just set swappiness to 10 and my disk is still accessed when the mouse clicks or scrolls12:43
=== azharh_ is now known as test095
micromscrolling up or down on a web page causes a disk access... what could be wrong?12:43
Slagwagkind of applies to any command line but I need to add a proxy to my ubuntu server along with authentication credentials. I modified /etc/environment and added in: http_proxy=http://user:pass@proxy.com:80  -- however my username is active directory based and needs the domain listed. How would that work?12:44
SlagwagI cant use user@domain.com  because of the @ sign12:44
micrombut page up/page down does not cause disk access!!!???12:45
micromXorg goes crazy on the CPU each time the mouse clicks or scrolls12:46
=== cydrobolt is now known as Cydrobolt
stevecamdoes vpn disable itself after a certain amount of idle time?12:51
micromthis mouse problem is burried hopelessly deep in xorg...12:51
stevecamwhat mouse problem are you experiencing?12:51
micromevery time the mouse is clicked or scrolls, the disk is accessed, e.g. scrolling up and down in firefox or any app. Page/up/down does not do this.12:53
FoorackAnyone who know's how to fix this: http://pastebin.com/Mzi37sKa12:54
compdocFoorack, sort of looks like your /ect/sudoers file is missing or corrupt. did you edit it by hand?12:55
Foorackcompdoc no...12:55
Foorackcompdoc could it be somehting wrong with the file permissions?12:55
Sashaquick question12:55
Sashais it possible to watch cat towards the end of a file?12:55
compdocFoorack, that file shouldnt just go missing. something went very wrong12:56
compdocFoorack, hmmm, if you changed permissions, possibly12:56
stevecammicrom, i can't say that I'm experiencing that, are you low on memory by any chance?12:56
PiciSasha: tail -f filename?12:56
Foorackcompdoc do you know how?12:56
cfhowlettstevecam depends on your settings - by default, mine did not.12:56
Sashahmm but it only shows the last few lines12:56
Sashaalso does it update itself every few seconds?12:57
PiciSasha: it updates as the file is written to.12:57
Sashaok but how do I make it show more lines?12:57
compdocFoorack, these are the settings for mine:    -r--r-----   1 root root     724 Jul  6  2013 sudoers12:58
compdocuse the command:  ls -al12:58
Foorackcompdoc -r--r----- 1 root root 901 Jul 11 14:39 /etc/sudoers12:58
PiciSasha: add -n 20  (or however many lines you want to see at the start), see man tail for more info12:58
Foorackcompdoc what's the 724 (in my case 901) for something?12:58
stevecamcfhowlett, i find that my vpn is coming into these idle moments where it can not wake itself up from im just trying to see if there is something im missing, it will say its connected but will not communicate with anything12:58
compdocso the file is there and the permissions are right. must mean theres a bad entry in the file12:59
cfhowlettstevecam just guessing here but ... China?12:59
stevecamcfhowlett, australia, got a cheap modem that cant handle torrents very well12:59
cfhowlettstevecam better than me.  All my torrents are blocked except ubuntu's13:00
SashaPici doesn't seem to automatically update though?13:00
=== Guest17521 is now known as ezhik`_
stevecamcfhowlett, i dont see how that works13:01
stevecamhow do you allow only a specific torrent?13:01
PiciSasha: How are you testing?13:01
Sashathe values don't change13:02
cfhowlettstevecam you've never experience the Great Firewall then ... :)  anyway, see your VPN settings and configurations13:02
Sashaoh wait they didn't change when I cat-ed it either way13:02
stevecamcfhowlett, chinese?13:02
cfhowlettstevecam I'm in Beijing.  Different internet functionality with the state at the gates13:03
stevecamyour english is incredible13:04
cfhowlettstevecam :) yes, well, I'm an American mr. holmesin Beijing.  I brought the English with me.13:04
unopasteduncan-gale you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted13:04
cfhowlettmr. holmsin .... OK I've got a sneaky keyboard shortcut13:04
micromstevecam: 8G RAM, 7G free, 8G swap, 0 swap in use13:04
cfhowlettduncan-gale ask your ubuntu questions.13:05
stevecamcfhowlett, do you know what file is being accessed in particular?13:06
cfhowlettstevecam I do not but it should be in your /home  probably a .hidden folder in your .config13:07
annihilator009how can i encrypt a file using gnupg13:08
annihilator009how can i encrypt a file using gnupg?13:09
stevecamcfhowlett, sorry i meant microm what file is being accessed13:10
NoiroIf I log into my box via SSH, can I pkill processes not necissarily native to that session?  I'm mainly only using it when a certain process on my homecomp locks up and I need to kill it and restart it13:10
MonkeyDustannihilator009  man gpg13:10
NoiroI don't know much ssh syntax13:10
annihilator009i didn't get you MonkeyDust13:11
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
MonkeyDustannihilator009  man gpg wil tell you how13:11
cfhowlettstevecam I don't have that level of knowledge.  sorry.13:12
Pici!gpg | annihilator009 this may also be helpful13:13
ubottuannihilator009 this may also be helpful: gpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts13:13
Dragociao a tutti13:27
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:27
switchtehbeatI have some software that is written with python, how do I open it with ubuntu?13:28
ubottupython is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org/ or #python13:28
Piciswitchtehbeat: just run it?13:29
switchtehbeathow do i just run it?13:29
{LuKi}Hi everyone!13:29
secguyFree OpenVPN for 5 days - http://vpn.scay.net/13:29
Piciswitchtehbeat: if the entry script is executable, you should be able to just double click it, or ./thefilename.py on a terminal or python thefilename.py13:30
{LuKi}Anybody can help me making a firewall server with Ubuntu?13:30
Picisecguy: Do not advertise  here.13:30
ubottu{LuKi}: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server13:30
cfhowlettsecguy no spam.  unwelcome.13:30
quattr8how would I take a screenshot of the ubuntu gui from the command line?13:32
MonkeyDustquattr8  with   scrot13:32
flo1546796hi everyone. I anyone know ubuntu installer boot option to test installer in text mode with a 14.04 desktop ISO ?13:33
quattr8MonkeyDust: I don’t want to take a screenshot of the commandline i want to take a screenshot of the desktop13:33
Piciquattr8: scrot takes a screenshot of the desktop13:34
cfhowlettflo1546796 mini ISO or server for text mode13:34
quattr8Pici: ah I see on the wiki page it just showed a shot of the command line13:34
MonkeyDustquattr8  combine it with 'sleep', so you can first open or close screens13:35
quattr8MonkeyDust: Yes thanks that seems to do the trick13:36
AlexPortables gnome flashback iunspoorted?13:44
AlexPortableis gnome flashback unsupported813:45
AlexPortableor did devleopment halt?13:45
ubottuGNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome13:46
AlexPortablesudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback13:49
=== cwarner_ is now known as cwarner
AlexPortablegnome-shell != gnome-session-fallback13:49
flo1546796cfhowlett,  thanks13:50
=== hds is now known as Guest79951
cfhowlettflo1546796 happy2help13:50
LarsNwhen setting up preseed to pxe install ubuntu 12.04, the installer stops at nearly immdeiately asking which country I'm in.13:51
LarsNthis is in spite of having d-i debian-installer/locale string en_US13:51
LarsNis there another d-i debian-installer/  string I'm missing that should also be set to get past this first dialog?13:51
ldelarosaHello guys I need some help. I just set up an Apache as reverse proxy and it works great "http" but not with "https"13:52
Grmlgi get multiple lines like this: W: Failed to fetch bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/de.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_trusty-updates_main_binary-amd64_Packages  Hash Sum mismatch13:52
Grmlghow can i fix this?13:52
leeyaai am trying to compile some library and i get an error that i am not sure what it means13:52
leeyaaam i missing some dev library or something ?13:52
leeyaathis is the error /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccguTsO5.o: relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined symbol `strcmp@@GLIBC_2.2.5' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC13:53
next_i'm  here13:53
cfhowlettnext_ ask your ubuntu questions13:54
ldelarosaI'm having problems with apache2 as reverse proxy in Ubuntu server to handle SSL.13:55
next_i'm  here13:55
cfhowlettnext_ yes we KNOW you're here.  what is your question?13:55
Picinext_: hi.  This channel is for Ubuntu support only, do you have an Ubuntu support question?13:56
MonkeyDustldelarosa  try #ubuntu-server14:00
ldelarosaOk Thanks14:00
Carogahi guys14:04
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest83141
Carogaquick questions, after installing ubuntu the first time you automatically skip Grub's menu for faster booting etc. I now have that Grub waits for a selection, how to reset that ?14:06
Guest83141hi al14:06
Guest83141how can i set the bar in the buttom14:06
Guest83141like mac14:07
CarogaGuest83141, i dont know if it's possible with unity but you can always choose a different shell14:07
eeeeGuest83141: cairo dock14:07
eeee!info cairo-dock14:08
ubottucairo-dock (source: cairo-dock): Light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.3.99.beta1.2.really.3.3.2-0ubuntu2.1 (trusty), package size 5 kB, installed size 46 kB14:08
MonkeyDustCaroga  i guess you can set grub's time out to 0 (zero)14:08
CarogaMonkeyDust, that's wat i would like to avoid14:08
MonkeyDustCaroga  then what exactly do you want?14:08
CarogaMonkeyDust, on first bootup after a clean installation of ubuntu without dual boot it detects that ubuntu is the only selection and already chooses this.14:09
=== ariscop_ is now known as ariscop
CarogaBut if you press any buttons during this second then it pauses, shows you the menu and waits for input, i now have that.14:09
MonkeyDustCaroga  and is there any other system installed?14:09
CarogaGuest83141, have you seen this ? http://askubuntu.com/questions/33605/can-i-move-the-unity-launcher14:10
MonkeyDustCaroga  obviously, it chooses the only system that is available, i'm not getting you14:10
Carogaoke I will try to explain it better14:10
CarogaMonkeyDust, on first boot, you will get a purple-ish screen of Grub, without selection menu and it will instantly boot ubuntu14:11
Dave404How would I quickly find and delete an annoyingly long and complicated line of code from a number of files? (Recursively)14:11
CarogaMonkeyDust, I accidentally pressed a button during this and it now shows the menu14:12
Dave404As it stands it fails because the code I want to search for has a load of characters that need escaping14:12
Dave404Could I put the text in a separate file and have sed refer to it?14:12
CarogaMonkeyDust, it does this now every time, and i would like to reset it to the prior state14:13
MonkeyDustCaroga  prior state? frankly, i have never seen a purple menu screen here14:14
MonkeyDustCaroga  just the b/w grub menu14:14
=== MadsRC_ is now known as MadsRC
CarogaMonkeyDust, hmm oke. I will do some more internet searching then, if i found it ill show it to you xD14:15
Grmlgrm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* did not fix my problem, hash sum mismatch during apt-get update14:20
Grmlgwhat can i do?14:21
Grmlgchange mirror?14:21
balazsdo you guys know systems where health checks are not just binary  ?14:26
Grmlgoh yes, this worked14:26
* Grmlg dances14:26
AlexPortableis gnome flashback still supported?14:27
ikoniawhat is gnome flashback ?14:27
=== partyboob is now known as luckybunny
AlexPortablesudo apt-get install gnome-session-flashback14:27
ikoniaAlexPortable: that's a command, not the answer to my question14:28
AlexPortableit's an interface14:28
PiciLooks like it is a replacement for gnome fallback.14:28
=== d|justice|FFF is now known as djustice
EmsYhey guys! Need a fast help here. Fuc*ed up resolution here and I can't change it.14:40
FuchsEmsY: first of all, please watch your language.14:40
ikoniaEmsY: please control your language14:40
FuchsEmsY: aside from that: what does "can't change it" mean?  Does xrandr not work?14:40
Dave404How would I quickly find and delete an annoyingly long and complicated line of code from a number of files? It's got characters in that would need escaping. Could I load the text from a file to get around that?14:41
Fuchsmaybe giving us the output of xrandr in a pastebin and a tad bit more information  (what gpu, what driver, what monitor) would make it easier to help you.14:41
ikoniaDave404: use sed if the pattern is the same14:41
Dave404ikonia: I can't, the text string contains characters that break the syntax14:41
EmsYFuchs: I'm really sorry, that's why I put * there. Well, I did a restart, there was an error, I removed monitors.xls, there's no error but resolution didn't change14:41
ikoniabreak the syntax ?14:42
ikoniawhat syntax ?14:42
EmsYThe error was ehmm, wait, gonna find the error14:42
FuchsEmsY: I don't care much about the error, but the output of xrandr and what gpu and driver would be interesting14:42
EmsYFuchs, sorry. I'm kinda newbie in ubuntu, what should I do?14:43
FuchsEmsY: sudo apt-get install pastebinit; xrandr | pastebinit     should give you a link, give us that14:43
EmsYFuchs: by the way, error was Could Not Apply The Stored Configuration For Monitors14:43
FuchsEmsY: in addition to that: tell us what graphic card you have and, if you know it, what driver you are using14:44
Dave404ikonia: Well say I use this: grep -rl snippet-of-string somedir/ | xargs sed -i 's/string/replacement-string/g'14:44
Fuchsbecause depending on that we can tell you what logs we need14:44
ikoniaDave404: what's the issue14:44
Dave404ikonia: The string I want to replace is nearly 14,000 characters long14:45
ikoniaDave404: is that longer than the shell will allow ?14:45
EmsYFuchs: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7780477/14:45
Dave404ikonia: and it contains /s which signify the end of the string in the syntax14:45
ikoniaDave404: you can change the seperator in sed to be anything you want14:45
Dave404ikonia: I'll give it a shot :D14:46
EmsYFuchs: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7780482/14:46
FuchsEmsY: are you sure you did    xrandr | pastebinit14:46
Fuchsokay, this looks bad14:46
EmsYoh oh14:46
Fuchsxrandr  /var/log/Xorg.0.log     please14:46
Fuchspastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log     please14:46
AlexPortableis gnome flashback still supported?14:46
ikoniaAlexPortable: supported by who ?14:47
AlexPortablelike updates n stuff14:47
ikoniaAlexPortable: what version of ubuntu14:47
EmsYFuchs: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7780488/14:47
Fuchsokay, so you have an ati/amd graphic card. Hang on14:48
knobHey guys, ... got a n0b question.  I am installing cyanogen mod on a Nexus device, using my Ubuntu PC.    One of the steps in the instructions state:    "Make sure the fastboot binary is in your PATH or that you place the recovery image in the same directory as fastboot. "            Can I copy over the fastboot to where my recovery image is?    I prefer that, rather than dropping the image into the fastboot location14:48
AlexPortableikonia: 14.0414:48
Fuchswait, what ... it also loads the nvidia driver ... this sounds very wrong14:48
FuchsEmsY: lspci | pastebinit14:48
sfdebughi, i'm installing jenkins, and, i just want to understand what "-" means on this line command (that appears twice, first after -O and second after add): wget -q -O - http://pkg.jenkins-ci.org/debian/jenkins-ci.org.key | sudo apt-key add -14:49
EmsYFuchs: I have nvidia14:49
Dave404ikonia: I just get "-bash: !: event not found"14:49
cuddylierIs it safe to install virtualbox on a production server? In terms of, I can still use everything already on the box as normal?14:49
knobcuddylier, I would thing that yes.   Don't see why not.14:49
meganerdcuddylier: everything except kvm14:49
FuchsEmsY: it tries to load quite a lot of drivers that shouldn't be needed. The lspci command, please. And  pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf   as well14:50
cuddylierOkay good, I saw openvz but saw I had to change the boot kernal and stuff14:50
cuddylierIt's only for a single VPS for something small14:50
EmsYFuchs: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7780496/14:50
meganerdcuddylier: kvm is already built in, you might want to have a look at that14:50
user12443Urgent: please help me to connect to wifi in LUbuntu, im in phone now. I even installed wifi radar but its asking me to config. Wifi is a wpa/wpa2 psk. Plz help14:50
ikoniaAlexPortable: if the package exists in 14.04 - then it's supported for the life span of 14.0414:50
EmsYFuchs: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7780501/14:51
ikoniaDave404: not sure what that means as I don't know how it will respond to 14,000 line strings14:51
AlexPortableso 5 years?14:51
ikoniaAlexPortable: for the duration of the release.14:51
FuchsEmsY: well, lovely14:51
Dave404ikonia: So is there a way to get it to check for the text of a file instead?14:51
EmsYFuchs: what?14:51
FuchsEmsY: your configuration is set for an amd/ati card, while you actually have an nvidia14:51
AlexPortableikonia: 5 years right14:51
ikoniaDave404: not sure why that would change anything14:51
ikoniaAlexPortable: yes14:51
EmsYFuchs: haha!14:51
EmsYFuchs: how to fix it?14:52
FuchsEmsY: did you recently change graphic card or copy some files from an old system or something?14:52
Dave404ikonia: It seemed like a way to solve an input problem14:52
FuchsEmsY: I'd say move the  /etc/X11/xorg.conf   out of the way, go to system settings -> additional drivers (or similar, no ubuntu at reach) and install the nvidia drivers properly, after that: reboot14:52
EmsYFuchs: I didn't do nothing, I had an upgrade, ubuntu asked me to restart computer and then the problem started14:52
FuchsEmsY: odd14:52
Ubuntu_Useris this the help channel14:53
ikoniaDave404: you'll still need to use the shell to pipe the data between commands.14:53
FuchsEmsY: well, rename the /etc/X11/xorg.conf  (e.g. with    sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.faulty)   and then go to the driver manager and make sure it installs the proprietary nvidia drivers for your card14:53
FuchsEmsY: after that it should tell you to reboot. Do so, then it should work14:53
gurrUbuntu_User: Sometimes14:54
EmsYFuchs: ok, thanks14:54
FuchsEmsY: you're welcome14:54
Ubuntu_Useris this where i can get help14:55
gurrUbuntu_User: Try to ask a question14:55
PiciUbuntu_User: This is the official Ubuntu support channel.14:55
crankharderhow do I fix this apt-get issue installing libssl-dev? https://gist.github.com/crankharder/54dc1c8793096b4f52c414:55
Dave404ikonia: Do you have any suggestions for how to remove a large text string from the start of a whole load of PHP files then?14:56
ikoniacrankharder: remove the conflicting packages14:57
ikoniacrankharder: apt-get update first14:57
AlexPortableif i edit something in gnome14:57
Dave404I'm cleaning up the aftermath of a spam injection14:57
AlexPortablewhere does it saves all its settings (for export to another pc)?14:57
ikoniaDave404: 14,0000 is a long string, never hit that problem14:57
Ubuntu_Userive installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS its perfect apart from the os selection screen doesn'y show it so i cant boot into it. I Dual boot win7 and two other preveous linux versions14:57
Ubuntu_Usercan anyone help?14:57
ikoniait's perfect apart from the fact you can't boot it ?14:58
Ubuntu_Userso techmically it's not14:58
WXZ1how do I share a folder on a network?14:59
Dave404ikonia: any suggestions on who might know?14:59
ikoniaDave404: you could try as a test using substitution within vim15:00
Dave404ikonia: I've no idea how to use vim15:00
Dave404It's scary15:00
WXZ1the file browser I asked has a server, domain, user and password15:00
ikoniaDave404: what text editor do you normally use15:00
Dave404Basically just nano, ikonia15:01
djustice":%s/foo/bar/g" <- vim 'replace text'15:01
crankharderseems like my /boot is full -- how can I remove old kernels?  looks like I've got about 10 there15:01
WXZ1The file browser I have asks for a server, domain, user and password. One of my partitions is shared. So how do I access that shared partition from my file browser on the other machine?15:01
tedgruenbash-completion is producing errors but I cannot reinstall it. How can I tell if there is a problem with my .bashrc file?15:02
gurrUbuntu_User: You can still boot into one of the other two linux versions?15:02
Dave404djustice: Could you help me out with the syntax?15:02
user121how to connect to wpa2 wifi in LUbuntu? please help15:02
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=== peer is now known as sivteck
djusticeDave404: sorry, busy as feet. 'vimtutor' is something like you want? probably seems strange at first, but changes how text input mechanics work for you. much awesome.15:04
Ubuntu_Userive installed the new ubuntu but it doesn't appear on the os selection screen as a result i cant boot into it, can anyone help?15:05
Dave404djustice: That's okay, I'll keep looking. It's an annoyingly simple problem. If only the text string wasn't 13,882 characters long and full of command chars!15:05
AlexPortablewhere does gnome saves its settings?15:05
AlexPortable~/.gnome/ doesn't exists15:05
WXZ1The file browser I have asks for a server, domain, user and password. One of my partitions is shared. So how do I access that shared partition from my file browser on the other machine?15:06
KAristideI try to make on HDD for boot on many ISO files x)15:07
AlexPortableWXZ1: which share method?15:07
KAristideAfter http://www.pendrivelinux.com/install-grub2-on-usb-from-ubuntu-linux/ reading, I have try to make my grub.cfg : http://pastebin.com/bWBMcVZ015:07
KAristideBut don't work x)15:07
WXZ1AlexPortable: I think samba, I just did it through the GUI by rightclicking and going to the share tab15:08
Ubuntu_Useranyone available to help15:08
ikoniaKAristide: how does this relate to ubuntu15:08
KAristideikonia: I try to make this grub under ubuntu and plan to add many ISO of ubuntu15:09
ikoniaKAristide: you don't need to make grub15:09
KAristideikonia: ?15:09
monoxydei'm having network problems.... i've got 2 computers setup... and and they can't talk... anyone have ideas?15:09
ikoniagrub is already installed on the mbr of your hard disk if you are using ubuntu15:09
ikoniajust add menu items15:09
KAristideikonia: For choose iso from a menu ?15:09
ikoniaKAristide: yes15:10
AlexPortableWXZ1: smb://iphere/15:10
AlexPortablethen use the details of the host pc15:10
WXZ1AlexPortable: but what ip do I put?15:10
KAristideikonia: How ?15:10
compdocmonoxyde, those address ranges are self-assigned, and I think not good to use15:10
ikoniaKAristide: look at /etc/default/grub15:11
monoxydehrm... i'll do some research15:11
KAristideikonia: http://paste.kde.org/poy5cphef15:11
monoxydethanks compdoc15:11
ikoniaKAristide: I don't need a paste15:11
KAristideOk x)15:11
AlexPortableWXZ1: whats the ip of the host machine?15:11
WXZ1AlexPortable: you mean just my regular IP?15:12
KAristideYes, and What I must do with this file ?15:12
ikoniaKAristide: that is the "rules" or "settings" which are used to generate grub config when you do update-grub215:12
WXZ1I'm trying to share over a homenetwork anyway, isn't the IP just for the internet15:12
KAristideI have type « grub-install --force --no-floppy --boot-directory=/mnt/USB/boot /dev/sdb » x)15:13
ikoniaKAristide: you dn't need to install grub15:14
ikoniaKAristide: grub already exists15:14
KAristideikonia: I want to install grub on my external disk drive15:14
ikoniaKAristide: ok, so this is nothing to do with ubuntu then15:14
KAristideAnd where I can get help ?15:14
ikoniaKAristide: try the pendrive linux page author15:14
AlexPortableWXZ1: depends on your situation15:15
AlexPortableif you are accessing the share over the internet, your regular ip15:15
WXZ1AlexPortable: I'm not, the guest is actually a virtual machine15:16
kymeHi. How do you delet a file from USB stick that once a single file deleted, a space will return back.15:16
Ubuntu_Useris anyone free to help?15:17
AlexPortableWXZ1: virtualbox?15:17
WXZ1AlexPortable: yex, but "shared folders" doesn't work15:17
AlexPortableUbuntu_User: just ask your question15:17
WXZ1because it's an android client15:18
AlexPortableWXZ1: install guest additions15:18
WXZ1yeah, sorry15:18
AlexPortablegive it network bridge adapter15:18
AlexPortableand ipconfig (or ifconfig) on the host to find out the hsot ip15:18
AlexPortablethat s the ip you need to connect to on the android guest15:18
Dave404Can anyone help me to quickly find and delete a very long string (14K characters including hundreds of unescaped special characters) from a file structure?15:19
CarogaDave404, this is an ubuntu support channel15:19
Dave404Caroga - I'm running Ubuntu15:19
kymeHow do you delet a single file from USB stick that a space will give back15:19
Dave404Caroga: Where else should I ask?15:20
SchrodingersScat!info ncdu | kyme: rm /foo/bar/file  # if you're confused about where your space is being eaten up though, you can take a look at ncdu15:21
ubottukyme: rm /foo/bar/file # if you're confused about where your space is being eaten up though, you can take a look at ncdu: ncdu (source: ncdu): ncurses disk usage viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10-1 (trusty), package size 39 kB, installed size 111 kB15:21
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homehelo world15:22
raspberrypifanany help?15:22
Carogaecho 'hello world';15:23
WXZ1AlexPortable: network bridge adapter?15:23
Dave404Caroga: suggestions?15:24
CarogaDave404, I would create a regular expression to extract that blob15:25
Dave404Caroga: If you've got a minute could you help me understand how to go about that?15:26
=== acetakwas is now known as tijidas
Carogapm me15:26
AlexPortableWXZ1: yes15:27
AlexPortableHow do I edit a screenshot?15:27
AlexPortablei want to cut some edges15:27
WXZ1AlexPortable: you can select crop from the edit menu15:27
BeldarAlexPortable, use the select an area to grab when you make one.15:28
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  gthumb is a small tool that can do that15:28
WXZ1AlexPortable: yeah, what MonkeyDust said15:29
WXZ1but Beldar's idea is valid too if you're taking screenshots later15:29
gremlynmy htpc stopped recognising hostnames as valid network addresses suddenly. it was working last night, wasn't shutdown, restarted, or suspended, and now I can't mount the drives by using hostname or access anything through cli or browser using hostnames either.15:30
gremlyneverything else on the network is fine15:30
gremlynrebooting the htpc doesn't help15:30
gremlynand I can access it through ssh using it's hostname15:30
AlexPortablegthumb = ?15:31
=== pressure679_ is now known as pressure679
WXZ1AlexPortable: gthumb is an imageviewer15:31
WXZ1and has some very limited editting capabilities15:31
WXZ1it used to be the default viewer on ubuntu15:31
AlexPortableok thanks15:32
svetlanaWXZ1: What is the default viewer now?15:32
AlexPortablehow do i export settings to another pc?15:32
AlexPortablelike gnome settings and some hotkey settings15:32
WXZ1svetlana: I think eye of gnome15:33
=== WKNiGHT- is now known as WKNiGHT
netametadoes cp automatically overrides files ?15:35
netametathanks svetlana15:35
netametamy young brother's ex named svetlana - funny you answered15:36
svetlanaYou're welcome. "Young" "ex" sound a bit sad in one line. I see.15:37
AlexPortablesvetlana: why?15:38
AlexPortableif the brother is 20 and he is 3015:38
svetlanaPeople are supposed to live peacefully, not to abandon a spouse (which is where, I think, an ex comes from.)15:38
netametawell young as in younger he is 28 so not so young. and they were together for 9 years15:38
andrew555can some one pm me ?15:40
andrew555i have a problem with updating my system15:40
netametasvetlana, thanks you were correct it overrides.15:41
srofitquestion: i rebooted while I might have still been mid clone of an image onto a thumb drive. Is there any way to figure out if it finished before the machine shut off?15:41
netametatry running the image15:41
srofitnetameta: other than that i mean15:42
GuyThatNeedsHelpDoes anyone know of a good music player? since rhythmbox keeps closing.15:43
srofitclementines good too15:43
kantlivelonganyone know why my GPU doesnt seem to shutdown during suspend?15:45
netametai am trying cp /home/user/temp1/* /home/user/temp2/ and i get cannot stat what does that means ?15:48
function9netameta: try cp -rf15:49
svetlanaSkip the *: just ``cp -r ~/temp1 ~/temp2''15:49
svetlanaNo need for -f, please, unless it complains.15:49
svetlana-r means "recursive".15:50
tubbohi guys15:54
tubbois there an upstart event for when *all* network devices come up? (on ubuntu 12.04 LTS)15:54
swordhello guys15:56
=== sword is now known as Guest61655
Guest61655who know register_chrdev15:56
Guest61655input system15:56
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svetlanaI installed gnome-maps but it exists with no error when I try to start it from the terminal16:03
ANubI've a problem though not related particulary to ubuntu16:09
svetlanaplease do ask16:10
ANubI want to make multiboot usb, using only ISO images16:10
ANubIve used "Yumi".....which does the job but it burns the images on the usb16:11
=== asus is now known as Guest41895
BeldarANub, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/16:12
ANub"xboot" uses grub4dos and it can directly boot from usb files but Windows-7 image creates problem16:12
ANubare there any known caveats to boot win-7 iso image directly from USB...?16:12
BeldarANub, There is a usb loader from MS and a fork of it that you can use in ubuntu.16:13
spyker101I'm a student developing an application which helps the user to check the internet connection speed on a set of dialup connections.16:16
ANubis there any channel that can guide with multibooting usb..?16:16
spyker101pppoe on c++16:16
spyker101is possible? how to start?16:16
BeldarANub, I have answered you twice read the answers.16:16
ANubBeldar!!! I got DC......pls rewrite your answers16:17
svetlana<Beldar> ANub, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/16:17
svetlana<Beldar> ANub, There is a usb loader from MS and a fork of it that you can use in ubuntu.16:17
BeldarBeldar> ANub, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/   <Beldar> ANub, There is a usb loader from MS and a fork of it that you can use in ubuntu.16:18
* svetlana grins.16:18
Demon_Jesterhey guys i have a linux based server at my home and im currently in the process of "hardening" it. I am wanting to know if anyone here that manages on linux based servers that setup alerts you for suspicious activity.16:19
ANubBeldar!!! I've gone through these sites and many many more, lemme write my query again16:19
BeldarANub, What is your native language?16:19
svetlanaDemon_Jester, I use logwatch for this. many parts of https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/index.en.html may apply. #ubuntu-server may have some more advice.16:20
BeldarANub, were you on earlier with this nick KAristide?16:21
ANubno...i was not16:21
ANubhere's my query16:21
ANubAIM = UBUNTU + WIN-7 multiboot usb,16:21
ANubDesired Method = Directly boot from ISO image files16:21
ANubProblem = Ubuntu boots perfect, Win-7 gives "device not found etc etc" error after Welcome screen16:21
BeldarANub, This a windows install error?16:22
svetlanaUnetbootin support is at http://answers.launchpad.net/unetbootin . I would install Windows first, Ubuntu second.16:23
ANub(Just to add, changing usb ports after the error does not help either......as is mentioned in some of the posts)16:23
ANubMoreover, when images are burned (ubuntu + win 7) using "Yumi" on the USB then all works fine16:24
BeldarANub, Your are not really giving any details or answering help in a ways that make sense.16:24
Beldar!cn | willupc16:25
ubottuwillupc: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:25
ANubI've bad WiFi conection, got DC again16:26
willupc /join #ubuntu-cn16:26
ANubbut I hope my query went through...:)16:26
ANubor i can reptype16:26
ANubor i can retype16:26
AlexPortablehow can I export gnome and hotkey ettings to another pc?16:27
BeldarANub, Your not making sense, along with continues DC you will not get help under theses circumstances.16:27
ANubAIM = UBUNTU + WIN-7 multiboot usb,16:28
ANubDesired Method = Directly boot from ISO image files16:28
ANubProblem = Ubuntu boots perfect, Win-7 gives "device not found etc etc" error after Welcome screen16:28
netametaIf i have a process that listen on a certain port and that process dies will that port still be listened to? if so how to i clear it so i can use it again ?16:29
BeldarANub, What is your native language?16:29
gryANub: as he said, you need to get a better internet and answer the question about language16:29
ANubmy language is urdu....16:29
ANubwhat does that have to do with this forum anyway..?16:30
gryANub: there is a clearly visible language barrier16:30
Beldar!pk | ANub16:30
BeldarANub, #ubuntu-pk16:30
_2_kryspao06g :) dghxfhcg16:31
buck11netameta: yes the port will be in a busy state for ~60 seconds iirc16:32
buck11there's a socket option to force a reconnect16:32
buck11i forget its name tho16:32
netametaBuck is there a way to close the "bussy" state ?16:32
buck11netameta: socket option, above16:32
netametaother then reseting the server16:32
vbhi everyone sorry I had to leave. Can someone tell me if on the last gnome-shell 10.4 it is possible to put the window of gnome-file at the very top of the screen ? Or is there a gap for you too ?16:33
buck11netameta: http://vincent.bernat.im/en/blog/2014-tcp-time-wait-state-linux.html#other-solutions16:34
skilzlibsteam.h:9:18: fatal error: glib.h: No such file or directory16:34
skilz #include <glib.h>16:34
skilzWhat am I missing?16:34
skilzI have  libglib2.0-0 installed16:35
LordXe-gnuskilz: you need the -dev package probably16:35
Dave404To answer my own question - I used regular expressions (regex) with sed to find the huge string in question and delete it. Here's the command I used: grep -rl "olzfcaffyk" . | xargs sed -i 's/<\?php \$olzfcaffyk.*\?\>//g'16:35
SchrodingersScat!infor libglib2.0-dev | skilz16:35
SchrodingersScat!info libglib2.0-dev | skilz16:36
ubottuskilz: libglib2.0-dev (source: glib2.0): Development files for the GLib library. In component main, is optional. Version 2.40.0-2 (trusty), package size 1255 kB, installed size 8068 kB16:36
skilzLordXe-gnu, I already have it16:36
ice_eelHi guys, I have this strange problem with a .sock file, I do a chmod 666 on the file every time I want to start a service.. if I don't I get a permissions denied error.. if I do a ls -la on the folder I get (srw-rw-rw- ) any idea why I have to sudo chmod the file every time I restart my pc16:38
=== Caroga is now known as Caroga_afk
robairtAnyone know why mousepad likes to kill the stuff in my clipboard from remote desktops?16:42
robairtI can copy and paste to anywhere else, but the second I try to paste to mousepad it doesn't work, and my clipboard is now empty. If I paste to anywhere else first, then recopy and paste it to mouse pad, no issues16:43
Istalantarhi everyone, i need to rename several files, they all start with the same word, which i want to remove in the filename. I thought of something with pipelines like: ls | mv .....  but i don't know about string seperations, or maybe something else is easier?16:45
ubottupeppelo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:48
Istalantarahh, just found the solution myself16:57
skilzNo package 'gnome-keyring-1' found16:58
skilzPackage nss was not found in the pkg-config search path.16:58
raspberrypifani was told this  then it's a driver issue not tolerating the extra latency of ESXI's usb passthru make u can modprobe it, for a gsm modem that keeps hanigng16:58
ubuntu___is anyone available17:08
chreuben5h4l0m :)17:08
k1lubuntu___: just ask. if people know the solution they will answer17:09
MonkeyDustubuntu___  how can we help you17:09
mcpierceHi, all. Is there a good place to go ask packaging questions regarding debian/ubuntu?17:12
xanguamcpierce: ubuntu, yes17:12
daftykinsmcpierce: i believe there is an #ubuntu-package or similar17:13
k1lmcpierce: #ubuntu-packaging17:13
mcpiercexangua: daftykins: k1l: Thanks.17:13
sneakertackwhat's the keyboard shortcut to get application-specific menus at the top of the screen to open up? (alt on windows, but pressing alt in unity 12.04 opens the 'type your command' screen instead)17:14
sneakertackbesides using the mouse, i mean17:14
xanguasneakertack: holt Alt for a little more linger17:14
sneakertackok thanks xangua17:14
daftykinsworlds most patient user17:18
Absdsd33Hello I'm using Ubuntu 12.04. Today I finally had time to setup the server so far. The last step is missing I have to install the mono-complete package. Somehow I'm unable to install the package: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7781138/17:22
Absdsd33mono-devel cannt be installed because the libglib version is not meeting the requirments17:23
ikoniaAbsdsd33: are you using any PPA's17:23
ikoniaor 3rd party repos17:24
geniiLooks like, by the version number17:24
Absdsd33@ikonia I'm using mono's ppa17:24
ikoniaAbsdsd33: ok, so there is your answer17:25
Absdsd33as ubuntu doesnt offer Mono 3.x17:25
ikoniaAbsdsd33: they depend on versions of packages that are not available in the distro you are using17:25
Absdsd33Hmm is there an alternative way of installing Mono 3.x instead of bulding it17:25
daftykinsAbsdsd33: perhaps you should try 14.04 instead of 12.0417:25
ikoniaAbsdsd33: find a repo that hosts it with the correct dependencies17:26
genii!info mono-devel precise-backports17:26
ubottuPackage mono-devel does not exist in precise-backports17:26
Absdsd33@daftykins my provider just offers 12.04LTS for ubuntu distro17:26
daftykinsAbsdsd33: i see, time to change provider :)17:27
Absdsd33@daftykins Its namecheap I ordered the server today. Before I was at digital ocean they offered always 14.04 and 12.0417:28
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XtremeHello Guys17:32
Xtremei just upgraded my ubunut.17:32
Xtremebut i had my /home partition kept that way only.17:32
Xtremenow i have two user in my login screen17:32
Xtreme1: myself.17:33
Xtreme2: null/empty/blank17:33
Xtremehow to remove it?17:33
=== satan is now known as sa`tan
Xtremeis it me or is the room dead?17:36
daftykinsXtreme: oh hi, sorry i was struggling to collect all your messages together in one line17:36
compdocXtreme, its was easy to remove in 12.04, but Im not sure with newer version17:36
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brontosaurusrexXtreme, cat /etc/passwd17:39
brontosaurusrexshould list users17:39
=== Guest43601 is now known as halmeru
brontosaurusrexnormal users should have an uuid higher that 100017:41
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Xtremebrontosaurusrex, dint see any null user17:42
ubottuA netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit17:42
=== tlyu_ is now known as tlyu
brontosaurusrexXtreme, its probably some login-manager issue17:42
Xtremebrontosaurusrex, how can i solve it?17:43
=== Corey_ is now known as Corey
brontosaurusrexXtreme, reading about login manager that ubuntu uses (dunno what is it).17:43
bert_the_fishif etc passwd looks ok, you may want to double check etc group as well17:44
bert_the_fishmake sure there aren't any users defined in etc group that aren't in etc paswd17:44
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john_doe_jrWith the wget -m <website> command I can download all the files associated with a website….what I would like to do is see the tree directory structure of a website so I know what files to download instead of the entire website…is that possible?17:58
ikoniajohn_doe_jr: you need to download the website to do that18:00
ikoniajohn_doe_jr: as wget follows the links and it won't know the tree until it follows the links and creates the dynamic content18:00
SchrodingersScatjohn_doe_jr: does --spider give you something like you need?18:02
john_doe_jrSchrodingersScat: that's an option I didn't even notice18:03
ikoniaSchrodingersScat: will that actually work as a tree ?18:03
SchrodingersScatI was just thinking maybe you could take output from that and work with it, not sure.18:05
ikoniaSchrodingersScat: does that actually hit all pages though ?18:05
john_doe_jris there a problem called web spider that does this in linux or something?18:05
ikoniaI didn't think it did, I thought it only showed the layout18:05
PiciUnless the page is published a sitemap file somewhere, you don't really have a choice about downloading the pages (even if it doesn't display them to you)18:06
aleoHi, does canonical provides internship opportunities?18:06
ikoniaPici: that was my understanding also18:06
daftykinsaleo: this is a volunteer channel, not official.18:06
GlycanHello. How do I add a inet addr to a usb interface? I've done ifconfig usb0 <addr>, but it doesn't show up when I do ifconfig usb0.18:06
Picialeo: you'd probably need to contact their HR folks about that/18:06
Glycan(##linux told me to use distro-specific scripts)18:06
aleodaftykins: sorry I didn't know that. my bad, any idea which is official channel18:07
bert_the_fishGlycan, does ifconfig -a list the interface ?18:07
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist and !alis - See also !Guidelines18:07
daftykinsaleo: ^ staff maybe18:07
Glycanbert_the_fish: plain ifconfig also18:08
aleodaftykins: thanks :)18:08
Glycanbert_the_fish: (it's connected to a CDC Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget/Device, AKA a kindle)18:09
ikoniaa kindle ?18:10
ikoniathats not a usb network card18:10
Glycanikonia: it's in usbnetwork mode18:10
Glycandmesg and lspic call it those names18:10
ikoniaisn't it hard coded to their 3g network18:10
ikoniathats how they offered the free 3g service18:10
Glycanyes, and...?18:10
ikoniaGlycan: so you won't be able to set an IP address on it if it's hardcoded to their network18:11
GlycanIt's not the wireless interface, just the usb one18:11
ikoniawhat usb one ?18:11
Glycanwireless is turned of on the kindle itself18:11
ikoniathere isn't a usb interface on it, it's an Ebook18:11
bert_the_fishGlycan, have you tried running dhcp against it ?18:11
Glycanmy laptop's usb interface18:11
ikoniawhat ???18:12
ikoniathe kindle is an ebook reader, not a network card18:12
GlycanI'm trying to SSH into my kindle over usb18:12
ikoniait doesn't run an ssh server18:12
Glycanno, but I installed one onto it18:13
Glycanbert_the_fish: what do you mean, exactly?18:13
ikoniathis is out of my interest range,18:13
daftykinsGlycan: you have come in here asking this before. 1) you are modifying your device to do things it's not meant to. 2) This makes it outside of official support we can give here.18:14
GlycanI'm not asking about my kindle, I'm asking about ubuntu18:14
bert_the_fishpresumably its a newer onem and you're using an OTG cable ?18:14
GlycanThat is, configuring interfaces.18:14
GlycanI don't see how what's on the other end of the cable or what I'm doing with it is relevent.18:15
Glycanbert_the_fish: I don't understand. it's a reletively old kindle (K3, from 2008 or so)18:15
Glycanbert_the_fish: what did you mean about dhcp?18:16
Glycandaftykins: is that alright?18:16
bert_the_fishSounds like Glycan is trying to use his kindle fire or similar as a network adapter.18:16
bert_the_fishI've not tried this before, but if lsusb is bringing it up as a network interface it sounds interesting.18:16
daftykinsGlycan: no18:17
ikoniabert_the_fish: no, he's not18:17
Glycandaftykins: why??18:17
ikoniabert_the_fish: he's brought up a usb interface on his laptop and trying to put a tcp stack on it to ssh over the usb cable into his kindle device running a hacked firmware with ssh on it18:17
Glycanit's not hacked firmware as such18:18
ikoniaGlycan: oh, is it an official firmware from amazon then with an ssh server in it ?18:18
Glycanikonia: no, it's just not firmware18:18
bert_the_fishSo you've got your kindle plugged into the USB socket of your ubuntu box ?18:18
bert_the_fishAs a result, it presented you with a usb0 network interface that you're trying to configure.18:18
bert_the_fishPresumably you have intentions of trying to talk to your kindle via an IP stack, use your kindle as a network device.18:18
bert_the_fishto talk to across its 3g network ?18:19
ikoniaGlycan: is usb0 present when the kindle is not plugged in18:19
GlycanNo; teathering is agaisnt Amazon's TOS, which I am not violating18:19
Glycanikonia: no18:19
ikoniaGlycan: right, so you are trying to configure your amazon kindles interface18:19
ikoniaGlycan: which I've already told you doens't work as it's locked18:19
ikoniaGlycan: usb0 the kindle device18:20
ikoniaso you can't configure that18:20
ikonia..... you can't configure that18:20
GlycanI've managed to get to the sshd login prompt (which would freeze). I don't think we're talking about quite the same thing.18:21
tonikaschHi! Do you know why Ubuntu 13.04 installer, after having followed all steps, keeps doing nothing?? Even # fdisk -l two hours later gives pre-install layout!!!18:21
daftykinstonikasch: 13.04 is EOL, unsupported and dead.18:21
raven00Hey guys, just installed Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS on an OOOOOOOOOLD machine with a Pentium 4. When you scroll over 'activities' to open the menu the whole machine freezes. Think it's because it's trying to do compositing, etc. any way I can shut that off?18:21
tonikaschnevermind, I'll go back to debian, it's far better18:22
daftykinsraven00: no idea what version of gnome comes in that, but lubuntu and xubuntu would be best. you'd need a minimum of 1GB RAM for sanity's sake - also, i have just heard that Mint's xfce is lighter than xubuntu.18:23
bert_the_fishGlycan, so you're able to ssh to your kindle but it freezes ?18:23
bert_the_fishtry the -v parameter on the ssh command, so how far its getting18:23
bert_the_fishalso consider reducing the MTU on the network interface18:23
daftykinsbert_the_fish: this is not kindle support. please do not enable this.18:24
Glycandaftykins: surely ssh is within the scope of the channel?18:24
Glycanbert_the_fish: was, now I can't even ping, and I don't know why.18:25
raven00daftykins I appreciate it. Problem is it's a POS computer (point of sale... although both terms apply lol) and xubuntu and kubuntu kinda look aged, archaic18:25
Glycanraven00: I'm currently using lubuntu on 750KB of RAM, and it works just fine.18:25
daftykinsraven00: that's what keep them running.18:25
daftykinsGlycan: not to a modded device, no.18:26
raven00what about using MATE18:26
=== step21_ is now known as step21
daftykinsraven00: i'm not familiar with that one's footprint in terms of light/heavy, i'm afraid18:26
Glycandaftykins: but this isn't a question about the modded device at all, it's about the networking/ssh/ip/ifconfig on *ubuntu*18:26
daftykinstechnically someone may be sharpening a spear for me, for even mentioning Mint - so it may be worth firing by their channel too18:27
daftykinsGlycan: i can guarantee you that attempting to argue your point will only make things worse here18:27
GlycanI used to use Mint, it was okay, but then they updated it, and then it got all buggy and sucked.18:27
raven00glycan I think I'll install mint 11 or something18:28
Glycandaftykins: okay, where would you direct me to seek support for ip configuration, then?18:28
Glycanraven00: tell me how that turns out18:28
daftykinsGlycan: i wouldn't know18:28
raven00anyone know how I can limit what websites it can browse to? It's a computer specifically intended for my company's customers to leave us google reviews18:29
ikoniaGlycan: you are trying to configure usb0 - that is the kindle, that won't work18:29
ikoniaGlycan: I'm guessing that's why it keeps resetting18:29
bpromptraven00:   for low specs, I'd go with Lubuntu, or some older version of *buntu, linux mint is a rebranded version of ubuntu that's also meant to be lighter18:29
k1lraven00: if you want lightweight look at Lubuntu18:30
daftykinsikonia: i think that the idea is the device has been modified for USB networking by being put into a kind of 'debug mode', however i think that we're still right that it's far beyond the scope of this channel18:30
Technikall the cool kids use mint.18:30
ikoniadaftykins: even in debug it would still be locked unless he's changed the firmware, which he's confirmed he's not changed the firmware, so it's locked, discussion done18:30
Glycandaftykins: yes, that's accurate18:30
daftykinsthus it's a modified device.18:31
daftykinsah ok - i didn't read that far :)18:31
Techniksoshould he mod the firmware?18:31
Glycanikonia: since daftykins has asked me to stop talking about this, I answered you in pm18:31
Technikhow do i view that?18:32
GlycanTechnik: I'm too scared of bricking it to actually mess around with firmware18:32
Technikwait what did you just do18:32
daftykinsguys you are off topic, take it elsewhere please.18:32
Techniki thought you said you ANSERED me18:32
Technikok srry daft18:32
Technikso... if this is xchat help, may you please tell me how to view pms?18:33
GlycanTechnik: it isn't, but as far as I remember they should pop up in a seperate tab?18:33
daftykinsit's not really, but click the flashing name...18:33
k1lTechnik: this is ubuntu support. like its said on the entry message18:33
Technikwait, this may still help me18:33
Level15hi. I am trying to install mantis bug tracker on ubuntu 14.04. According to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+package/mantis there is a mantis package for trusty, however, when i do aptitude search mantis i get nothing. Any ideas?18:34
=== mike_ is now known as Guest88517
Technikso... yeah, the only reason im on a full ubuntu computer is because i found it in my lost and decided to reinstall ubuntu XD18:34
Technikloft* also, its 14.0418:35
Techniknow, to ask a question, is there a dos emulator that can read custom .bats?18:35
Techniksomething simple. like a echo i like pie to start18:36
GlycanTechnik: you mean on ubuntu?18:36
Technikoh, ait. yeah18:36
bpromptTechnik:     hmm who needs that?   bash can do way more18:36
Technikoh! can it read dos?18:36
bpromptTechnik:   hmm what are you trying to do?18:37
k1lTechnik: please sort your ideas first and then ask18:37
bpromptneverminding the .bat part18:37
Technikmake the terminal say i lke pie infinite times18:37
Technikso, if it can do more? can i do it?18:37
daftykins!documntation | Technik Look into BASH scripting18:38
daftykins!documentation | Technik Look into BASH scripting18:38
ubottuTechnik Look into BASH scripting: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com18:38
bpromptTechnik:     bash can do way more than dos, and yes, you can do all that in probably 1 line18:38
=== lahwran_ is now known as lahwran
Techniki should hope so! but it needs toloop, right?18:38
GlycanTechnik: if you're looking for a DOS emulator, I think what you're looking for is called DOSBox18:38
Techniknah thats for doom 218:38
Technikanyways, im INCREDICBLY new to bash18:39
k1l!bash | Technik18:39
ubottuTechnik: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal18:39
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest62332
GlycanTechnik: by the way, on most IRC channels, it's generally a mark of politeness to at least make an attempt to use proper english and avoid things like "idk", "im", and so forth, and not to use enter as punctionation18:41
LucidGuyneed to reset root password, but then set it back to what it was.  I don't know what it was, but do have sudo access.  Can I simply copy the hash within /etc/shadow and place it back after?18:41
daftykinsLucidGuy: should work18:43
=== ballock_ is now known as ballock
michaelnkothhelp does anybody know how to get windows programs on samsung chromebook18:52
k1lmichaelnkoth: if its ubuntu use wine18:52
MonkeyDust_michaelnkoth  yoyu mean in ubuntu?18:52
michaelnkothyes in ubuntu18:53
MonkeyDust_!wine | michaelnkoth18:53
ubottumichaelnkoth: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu18:53
michaelnkothi will try18:54
compdocwine or kvm virtual machines or virtualbox18:54
michaelnkothhow do i get wine18:54
MonkeyDust_michaelnkoth  install it like you install any other program18:55
k1lmichaelnkoth: see the bots message18:55
MonkeyDust_michaelnkoth  what program are you trying to run?18:56
michaelnkothMonkeyDust i want minecraft18:57
DJonesmichaelnkoth: Why do you need wine for Minecraft? It works perfectly nativly in Ubuntu18:58
DJonesmichaelnkoth: Install j18:58
DJonesmichaelnkoth: Install openjdk, download .jar file from minecraft website, open file with openjdk, play game18:59
michaelnkothinstall j whats j18:59
MonkeyDust_michaelnkoth  http://askubuntu.com/questions/5558/how-can-i-install-minecraft18:59
michaelnkothi tried that but it told me to sign in to a minecraft account and when i did it would not start the game19:01
DJonesmichaelnkoth: Thats all I've done for the last few releases, I've not had any issues like that19:02
Welastevilhi UBUNTU people19:04
Welastevil I have a little problem.....I downloaded the game "Kernel panic: But it doesnt work anyway19:05
WelastevilI have tryed it many many times19:05
Welastevilfrom ubunt AppStore...from the internet sites19:05
Welastevilbut NOTHING19:05
Welastevilsome ideas?19:06
Psil0CybinHey guys I am noticing this issue, constantly I get cold reboots, but no keys work, no logs are kept.... i recently removed acspi_os=Linux from grub and that fixed it for a while19:06
Psil0Cybinbut every so often my computer completely freezes19:06
Psil0Cybinand the memory is fine19:06
=== Guest12899 is now known as Cyrus
compdocPsil0Cybin, how do you know the  memory is fine19:08
murathow install ımage write19:08
Psil0Cybincompdoc, i ran amemory test and it said it was all successful19:09
Psil0Cybinand had no errors19:09
Psil0Cybinbut I am so confused why this happens19:09
compdochow old is the system?19:09
Psil0Cybinvery nice its a Lenovo G2019:09
Psil0CybinI was told to try the newer versions since i am using 12.04 LTS19:10
Psil0Cybin12.04.4 LTS or what ever it is now19:10
Psil0Cybinbut it happens randomly not really when I am doing something intensive, more like a time limit i cannot even explain it, but it will even happen with a browser open19:10
Psil0Cybinor something silly19:10
murathelp me19:10
murathow install image write19:11
MonkeyDust_murat  what's image write?19:11
compdocdid you add acspi_os=Linux yourself?19:12
k1lmurat: install the package "unetbootin"19:13
Psil0Cybincompdoc, yes i did, in order originally to fix a lighting issue, I noticed though after I removed it for a few days it was perfect...19:15
Psil0Cybinthen randomly it occured again, perhapos with a newer kernel upgrade19:15
Psil0Cybinbut once again it is hard to pinpoint19:16
compdocPsil0Cybin, open the disk utility, and look at the SMART info19:16
Psil0Cybincompdoc, okay, what exactly am i looking for?19:19
skilzHow can I start an xsession with only cairo-dock and compiz?19:19
Psil0CybinI am unable to do this now, so i am memorizing what you are asking19:19
Psil0Cybinor did you want me to provide you with the outputs etc19:19
MonkeyDust_skilz  install cairo dock, logout, switch to cairo, login19:20
andreipathhey people19:20
sysadmin_yes hello19:21
andreipathi got a issue with my wifi19:21
skilzIt froze on the switch19:21
andreipathand i got no ideea how to fix it19:21
=== badon_ is now known as badon
andreipathanyone has some spare time to help me figure it out ?19:21
tozenandreipath: what the matter, pal?19:22
andreipathits disabled by hardware switch19:22
andreipathand i cant find a way of enabling it19:22
andreipathive fiddled with it for about 5 hours so far19:22
tozenandreipath: what <rfkill all> says?19:22
k1lrfkill list19:23
tozenandreipath: what <rfkill unlock all> says?19:23
andreipathshows me wlan19:23
k1landreipath: please put "rfkill list" into a pastebin19:23
andreipathand says wlan0 is disabled bu hardware switch19:23
sysadmin_what laptop do you have19:23
andreipathgimme a sec19:23
andreipathcompaq cq6019:23
andreipathrfkill list all19:24
andreipath0: phy0: Wireless LAN19:24
andreipathSoft blocked: no19:24
andreipathHard blocked: yes19:24
k1landreipath: so press the hardware switch on your system19:24
sysadmin_andreipath: I had to remove battery and cord hold pwr button 1 min then go in bios and reset to get my wifi back on19:24
andreipath the switch doesnt work its not working19:25
andreipathand did that already sysadmin19:25
andreipaththe funny thing is that it works if i boot in recovery mode19:26
andreipathany other ideeas ?19:27
sysadmin_andreipath do you have dual boot windows/linux?19:27
andreipathjust xubuntu 14.0419:28
k1lsee if there is a known issue for your laptop make/model and ubuntu19:30
andreipaththanks a lot19:31
lvlephI am rearranging my partitions on a GPT drive. One of the partitions is a bios_grub partition, because I needed this to be able to boot into Ubuntu and get graphics. All because NVIDIA's drivers didn't support my old version of EFI. Unfortunately, the bios_grub partition is located in the middle of the disc so I need to delete it. Is it sufficient enough to just create a new one?19:35
nick07after install14.04 the first time my laptopn overheat because cpu fan is not spinning, after off/on cpu fan goes full speed all the time, alot of noise.. anyone any idea? with 13.10 this didnot happen19:35
studmufHi all19:36
kostkonstudmuf, hi19:37
studmufI'm trying to install a VM of Ubuntu 12.04 Server using VirtualBox headless on a Ubuntu 14.04 Server. I make it all the way through the install process. When I go to reboot into the newly installed VM it boots me back into the intall steps19:38
MonkeyDust_nick07  I had that too, here's what you do: install TLP  and then sudo service tlp start19:38
studmufWhen I first start VBox with the VBoxHeadless --startvm command it hangs and I have to place it in the background.19:39
linuxthefishhow do you disable ipv6 in sendmail?19:39
studmufI have a feeling this could be the source pf my problem but not sure how to fix this. any ideas19:40
nick07let me try that19:40
ablegreenSay I have an arbitrary number of files ending with .part1, .part2, .part3, and so on. How do I merge all the files ending in .part[some number] into one?19:41
ablegreencat *.part > merged but how do  I account for the number at the end?19:41
nick07is tlp in the resporitory?19:41
k1lablegreen: if its .rar unrar makes that on its own19:42
MonkeyDust_nick07  this command is useful too, use it before and 1 hour after you started the service     watch -n 1 -d sensors19:42
ablegreenk1l: Let's say it's not a rar file19:42
nick07cannot find tlp in softcenter19:42
MonkeyDust_nick07  true, i used this site, apologies http://linuxg.net/tlp-the-new-jupiter-install-tlp-on-ubuntu-13-04/19:44
nick07tlp started.. i must wait ?19:45
OnkelTemHi. How to beep at console?19:45
OnkelTembeep doesn't produce sound by default19:46
k1lOnkelTem: sudo modprobe pcspkr19:47
k1lOnkelTem: its blacklisted to not make ugly beeps by default :)19:48
DJJeffldd '/home/jefferyw/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steamclient.so'19:49
DJJeffits a 64bit version of ubuntu and 32bit steam client19:49
nick07tlp installed.. fan is still 100% running19:49
MonkeyDust_nick07  yes, wait an hour or so19:50
MonkeyDust_nick07  after you started the service tlp19:50
DJJeffinstalling certain i368 libs will uninstall 64bit libs and break ubuntu19:51
MonkeyDust_nick07  then check again, it needs time... use this command to monitor  watch -n 1 -d sensors19:51
DJJeffgets my 10 thumbs up19:52
nick07weird, any idea why 13.10 did not has this issue?19:53
MonkeyDust_nick07  beats me, i wonder too19:53
MonkeyDust_nick07  but i learned a lot in my efforts to solve it, also indirectly19:54
DJJeffsudo apt-get install libnm-util2:i38619:54
DJJeffthis one wants to remove like 30+ packages19:54
andreipathwifi issue20:02
andreipathanyone can help ?20:02
bigbastirsOn a scale of one to ten ubuntu can be best described as WIP. Windows is in BETA stage. Android is RELEASE CANIDATE. None fall in the scale of 1-10.20:02
MonkeyDust_bigbastirs  wrong channel20:03
bigbastirsMonkeyDust_: Yo!20:03
Montcalm89Hi all !20:03
bigbastirsandreipath: what20:03
bigbastirsMontcalm89: Yo!20:04
andreipathwifi doesnt work20:04
andreipathswiched off by hardware switch20:04
andreipathand cant find a way to turn it back on20:04
bigbastirsDo you have laptop andreipath20:04
andreipathworks fine in recovery though20:05
andreipathyes, a compaq cq6020:05
andreipathtrolled the net for 4 hours trying to fix it nad not bother anyone20:05
andreipathbut at no avail so far20:06
RedPenguin_Anybody know why when you first boot a Ubuntu 14.04 PC, it works fine with HDMI Mirroring on AMD Raedon 3000 yet if you change chnanel or turn TV off, it goes haywire20:06
bigbastirsandreipath: You mean you turned it off by a keyboard switch20:06
andreipathit has a specific button20:06
andreipathin windows works20:06
andreipathbut in linux it does nothing20:06
Chaos_ZeroI am trying to use a python script with paramiko to ssh to some machines and pull information. I have a private key file I u sed to connect (from aws). Using the ubuntu terminal to ssh with the -i to the file, it works, from paramiko, it does not20:07
sinioushey all, 100% new to ubuntu (virtualbox 13.10 32bit fresh install).. anyone have a sec to explain a best practice way to install an app (eclipse)?20:07
Chaos_Zerobut if I ssh-add and use paramiko, it does work20:07
Chaos_Zerowhat difference would this make?20:07
bigbastirsandreipath: it worked until you hardware switched it off while running ubuntu?20:07
andreipathapt-get install eclipse20:07
warfoxhi all20:08
andreipathit worked fine untill i went to xubuntu 14.04 from 13.1020:08
andreipathwith the upgrade, my wifi broke20:08
siniousandreipath: that's one of the approaches I tried but it "appears" to install under /usr/shared/apt-install and is owned by root.. in the GUI, it never has permission to do anything and acts erratically (i.e. cannot download updates, no permission)20:08
Welastevilso...someone here Knows "Kernel Panic" Game?20:09
andreipathdo sudo apt-get install eclipse20:09
bigbastirssinious: put sudo before command20:09
andreipathand enter your password20:09
siniousbigbastirs: I did20:09
siniousI just sudo su'd so it'd all be as root, whoami showed root20:10
Picisinious: don't it install it from the software center if you want to be able to grab updates for it in-app.  Use the downloadable version from eclipse's website and don't install it.20:10
bigbastirsandreipath: did you try setting up WiFi in settings again20:10
andreipathyes i did20:11
NeroonHi everyone. Got a cifs-error at boot, that slows down boot time by 40 secs.: CIFS VFS: Error connecting to socket. Aborting operation20:11
bigbastirsDoes it at least recognize your WiFi device20:11
siniousPici: that'll mean I also need to install a Java JRE/JDK.. can I use openJDK for that or do I also need to install that similar to eclipse20:12
bigbastirsDoes it at least recognize your WiFi device andreipath20:12
siniousPici: I had previously tried it that way and just export JAVA_PATH to the JDK, but couldn't get eclipse to launch20:12
Picisinious: I think you can use openjdk for that. If not, then install one of the other implementations from the repos, or from the following link.20:13
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.20:13
siniousthanks for the lin20:13
Picisinious: It is just eclipse itself that cannot be updated using the built-in updater due to the way that permissions work.20:13
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com20:13
siniousPici: right, the permission issue seems to make sense since Ubuntu's built in GUI doesn't seem to let me be root20:14
siniousthanks for the tips :)20:14
Montcalm89 Hello guys, I met a problem trying to install ubuntu via daemon tools. I mounted Wubi.iso, clicked on "try ubuntu" or something like that and restarted the Pc as asked. On boot, I have this error message : error : no such device : (here my device code). grub rescue> Your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot !20:15
Nerooncan someone help with a cifs error?20:15
bigbastirsNeroon: You booting from usb20:16
Neroonbigbastirs: nope. just normal harddisk. And I don't remember ever setting up any network mounts20:17
bigbastirsNeroon: is it starting? Just the delay?20:17
=== nick2 is now known as rezzyrez
bigbastirsNeroon: it's probably checking all your empty usb ports20:18
Neroonbigbastirs: it is starting just fine (with a cifs error), but the 40 secs delay is really starting to annoy me20:18
sinioussince apt-get was used a bunch, is there an easy way to see what has been installed or might be lingering (unused) via apt-get? openJDK and eclipse seemed to have installed 9 million things but autoremove/clean/purge only removed a few (maybe delete is just faster?)20:19
nownotthinknig of building a mame box with a ubuntu frontend. what is a suggested frond end gui?20:19
Neroonbigbastirs: if that were the case, shouldn't there be as many error messages regarding cifs as there where free usb ports?20:19
bigbastirsNeroon: do you have network attached storage20:20
Psil0Cybincompdoc, what would looking @ the disk utiility do20:21
Psil0Cybinsorry i never ended up geting back to you20:21
Neroonbigbastirs: nope.20:21
bigbastirsNeroon: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently20:21
compdoctell you if the drive is having problems20:21
Neroonbigbastirs: I'll have a look, thanks20:21
tux_Evening! I was trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, but unlike Mnajaro, Ubuntu is unable to recognize my wlan card on this laptop. Could it help, if i install Ubuntu alongside Manjaro, THEN Ubuntu would pick the drivers (or whatever the cause is) ?20:21
tux_it is Broadcom wlan card20:22
=== h8 is now known as Guest32188
bigbastirsNeroon: are you running Windows machines on same router. Even a tablet or cell phone on WiFi sharing may be the causr20:23
Neroonbigbastirs: well, there is another linux machine and sometimes two mobile phones20:24
Neroonbigbastirs: but even then, there must be a way to deactivate my machine trying to mount something, or what else does cifs do?20:25
=== xet7_ is now known as xet7
bigbastirsNeroon: turn them off and see. Maybe just turning off firewall on both machines might fix it20:25
Montcalm89 Hello guys, I met a problem trying to install ubuntu via daemon tools. I mounted Wubi.iso, clicked on "try ubuntu" or something like that and restarted the Pc as asked. On boot, I have this error message : error : no such device : (here my device code). grub rescue> Your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot !20:26
tux_Hello? Why Ubuntu does not recognize my Broadcom wlan-card? But other Linux distro does? I'm confused20:26
sinioushmm, on a new ubuntu install does anyone know why the "Files" app never has permission to extract .gz files? (I know I can use tar, just curious why permissions are always an issue)20:26
Neroonbigbastirs: no can do right now. But isn't there any way to check where exactly my machine is trying to mount via cifs? nothing in fstab so far20:27
blip-hi all, sometimes when I boot Xubuntu 12.04 it doesnt go to the login manager but just a black screen where pressing keyboard buttons makes wierd symbols appear20:28
blip-alt-sysrq+K makes the login screen appear though. then it works fine20:28
blip-Any idea what the issue could be ?  Is X failing to start or its the login manager to blame here ?20:28
pcdroidMobile internet using USB, is that a problem with linux?20:29
nownotthinknig of building a mame box with a ubuntu frontend. what is a suggested frond end gui?20:31
warfoxHow can you find progams to install with sudo apt-get "program name" or any direction on how this works ?20:33
Piciwarfox: apt-cache search foo20:34
warfoxawesome thanks :)20:35
tux_Broadcom wlan, how to get it work? Anyone?20:36
Montcalm89Hello guys, I met a problem trying to install ubuntu via daemon tools. I mounted Wubi.iso, clicked on "try ubuntu" or something like that and restarted the Pc as asked. On boot, I have this error message : error : no such device : (here my device code). grub rescue> Your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot !20:37
pcdroidMobile internet using USB, is that a problem with linux?20:38
daftykinsMontcalm89: WUBI is a really really bad idea, don't do it.20:38
LostNvatux: If i remember right I had a broadcom, found the fix by searching software center, search broadcom.20:39
daftykinsMontcalm89: and no i'm pretty sure you can't use daemon tools to do it even if we would let you use such a nasty program :)20:39
LostNvatux: or the broadcom+model20:39
tux_LostNva: thanks, but how can i do it, as i don't have a possibility to plug the laptop to normal ethernet?20:40
siniousPici: for the latest eclipse, do I really still want JDK6 or can I use 7 or 8?20:40
daftykinstux_: not even temporarily? you really should find a way to make life easy20:40
daftykinssinious: you use whatever java you want to develop for20:40
=== David_LoKo is now known as Guest40274
LostNvatux: i guess if ethernet isnt an option borrow a common usb adapter, they work out of the box20:41
siniousdaftykins: what I mean is, what does the eclipse app itself require to run (JRE)20:41
daftykinssinious: their website will say20:41
Montcalm89Watkins: I promise I won't do it again:) any idea about how to solve the problem ? I can't even start windows now20:41
tux_No, the ethernet plug seems broken. But for example Manjaro recognizes that Broadcom card right away, i wonder why not Ubuntu?20:41
daftykinstux_: probably down to licensing and the law with what firmware can be shipped with an OS20:43
tux_daftykins: so it is about not breaking a law? Manjaro then, breaks the law? :/20:43
daftykinstux_: for some regions in the world, possibly - i'm only guessing really :)20:44
daftykinsMontcalm89: hmm, well i wouldn't solve the problem as WUBI is definitely a bad idea... with boot broken, if you power off and back on it might go back to Windows20:44
LostNvatux: you can get it to work, just borrow a common usb wifi adapter, plug it in then search package-manager and software center to setup20:44
tux_daftykins: i think there should be an option to "break a law" while installing Ubuntu... It would be on user, not Canonical.20:44
daftykinstux_: maybe, sadly discussing that here won't get anywhere :( so it's best just to deal with the here and now :)20:45
LostNvatux:and install hardware jocky if available20:45
tux_is Canonical aware of this Broadcom issue though?20:46
daftykinsMontcalm89: did you try the power off and back on thing i mentioned?20:47
xjkxI have terrible screen tearing on 14.04, I've done many things, messing with enabling vblank, or increase drawing rate to 50, 60, 80 on ccsm, I even installed a lib that I forgot now what I did, so what now ? I use OpenBox20:48
xjkxNvidia too20:48
MagicSpudhello why on a mac you can preview dae files and not in ubuntu?20:49
Montcalm89daftykins: you mean restarting the pc ?20:50
ANubStable DSL now...;)20:51
pirxhi! i have a small home server where i want to change one disk. its /dev/sda. The root partition is on /dev/sdb though. so i try and change it, but the server refuses to boot. what could be the cause? unfortunately i have no monitor so i cant see the terminal:)20:51
daftykinsMontcalm89: yeah, with powering off though20:52
pirxand i commented out /dev/sda in fstab. and the entries for the root and swap partitions use UUID...20:52
ANubIs there any utility that can make multiboot USB by using direct iso images from usb..?20:52
LostNvaMagicSud: http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/dae20:52
ANubspecially for ubuntu + win-720:52
daftykinsAndChat|268400: yes, pendrivelinux.com20:53
daftykinsugh highlight fail20:53
daftykinsANub: yes, pendrivelinux.com20:53
ANubthe problem with YUMI is.....it burns the image.......i want boot from direct iso files20:54
daftykinsANub: look into installing GRUB onto the flash drive and configuring it with a menu to run ISOs. you will need to do this from a Linux host most likely though20:55
ANubxboot has this functionality and it does the job well......the problem is win-7 after booting gives error" no device drivers found bla bla"20:55
furkanif anybody else here experiences high CPU usage in Ubuntu 14.04 when dragging/resizing windows or scrolling down a page, I'd appreciate it if you could +1 my bug report to see how widespread it is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/133774920:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 1337749 in xorg (Ubuntu) "High CPU usage after resizing a window" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:56
AndChat|268400daftykins: I tried a clear cmos and it didn't solve the problem.20:56
furkani have the same issue on 2 totally different systems, so i have a feeling this is widespread but people just haven't noticed it yet20:56
daftykinsAndChat|268400: try holding left shift just after BIOS but just before it first reads from the hard disk, to see if you get a menu20:57
Neroondaftykins: :-)20:57
daftykinsMontcalm89: assuming that was you, try holding left shift just after BIOS but just before it first reads from the hard disk, to see if you get a menu20:57
jwintermhey ubunters, I am trying to install cuda kit 5.5 to a usb live edition of 14.04, and when I check df -h it tells me I have 2+ GB of free space, but when I try to run the install script from nvidia it tells me I don't have enough space as it requires 1.8 GB21:01
jwintermany idea on another way to check available disk space?21:01
jwintermor free up a bunch of space ?21:01
Montcalm89daftykins: nothing happens. Is it bootmenu you want me to reach ?21:02
adymitrukhow do I do this:21:02
NeroonMontcalm89:  if everything else fails, you might try: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair21:03
daftykinsMontcalm89: the GRUB boot menu ideally21:05
daftykinsMontcalm89: if you have a Windows disc you can just repair the bootloader though21:05
Montcalm89Neroon: thanks! I hope this works from a USB key because my DVD reader is broken21:05
NeroonMontcalm89: it did here21:06
daftykinsjwinterm: you cannot do that in a live session, you'd have to create a persistent USB to make that work21:06
daftykinsNeroon: nothing is going to fix WUBI attempt installs ;)21:06
jwintermyes, it is21:06
jwintermsorry for wrong terminology21:06
jwintermI've already installed nvidia proprietary drivers from download script21:07
Montcalm89daftykins: I wish I had one but I'm on Windows loader...21:07
Neroondaftykins: ;-)21:07
daftykinsjwinterm: ah, perhaps run the installer from a second drive to save space? :)21:07
jwintermexcellent idea, daftykins :D21:08
daftykinsMontcalm89: as in the illegal win7 activator? i see21:08
jwintermwill give it a shot in a little whiles21:08
daftykinsMontcalm89: your system is pretty much toast right now without a windows disc to fix up that install21:09
SchrodingersScatI'm not sure how that even matters, don't they offer the disk images for free online?  relying on their precious key system21:09
NeroonSchrodingersScat: you're right, you can download the windows isos (at least until w7)21:10
daftykinsSchrodingersScat: how which part matters?21:10
Neroondaftykins: I think he meant the missing windows disc for repairing the boot mess...21:11
daftykinslast i checked, which was every second of every day, our policy wasn't to hand out downloads of windows :)21:11
daftykinsNeroon: yeah i'd have to disagree with that if that were the case, he's gotta fix Windows somehow21:11
Montcalm89daftykins: I see... and is boot-repair going to work in my case ?21:12
Neroondaftykins: well, wouldn't he be able to with a full windows dvd (iso)?21:12
daftykinsnot to fix Windows boot i don't think, no21:12
daftykinsNeroon: yeah, that's why i suggested it's needed21:12
eeeeNeroon: yes he can access i think the command line21:12
Neroondaftykins: yes, and SchrodingersScat said, they can be downloaded for free as long as you have a working key21:13
eeeethere's a win8 iso on google docs21:13
daftykinsyeah it's not technically legal though21:13
Neroondaftykins: afaik it is...21:13
daftykinsand this isn't Windows support so we can't go handing out download links21:13
SchrodingersScatdaftykins: I thought it was, I agree that this topic isn't support here though21:13
Neroondaftykins: amen to that21:14
daftykinshowever yes, if i were to say to Montcalm89 to google digital river download links for win7 ISOs that may be posted to my digital life forums i'm sure he or she could find them.21:14
Neroondaftykins: rotfl21:14
daftykinsMontcalm89: *hint hint*21:15
JasonOhisto, I am trying to scp from remote to local host but it's giving me a blank line as the output21:15
daftykinsfriends don't let friends WUBI.21:15
daftykinsJasonO: can you show us the command you're running?21:15
Neroondaftykins: never understood why someone would try that...21:16
BeldarMontcalm89, Use the bootrepiar app to run just the bootinfo summary not a repair and post the url to it, there is a bootloader called lilo that can be used to fix the windows boot if it is in order, we need to see the the bootinfo summary to confirm the windows boot however21:16
eeeeJasonO: are you adding :. to the end ?21:16
eeee(after the hostname)21:16
AndChat|268400Sorry I was disconnected.21:16
NeroonBeldar: as i see it, he doesn't get any boot loader at all21:16
daftykins"scp /path/to/file user@hostname:." is a simple example21:16
daftykinsAndChat|268400: do you have a working computer you can use right now?21:17
JasonOdaftykins:  scp -r user@host.com:/home/jason/Backup/u1-downloader/u1-files/Pictures /home/jason/21:17
JasonOeeee: Yes21:17
BeldarNeroon, Not really concerned how you see it, I want to see the boot script empirical evidence.21:17
JasonOThen I get this:   ___  _   _ ____   ___   ___  __  __ _21:17
eeeeJasonO: the file you're trying to download should be before the hostname21:18
eeeescp filetoupload user@host.com:/path/in/host/where/it/will/be/saved21:18
JasonONot uploading. I'm downloading.21:18
JasonOI'm grabbing a folder from remote to local21:19
Montcalm89daftykins: is there nothing I can write in grub rescue to make it boot correctly ?21:19
histoJasonO: huh?21:19
JasonOhisto: Sorry, it was a mistake. I meant to type: "Hi"21:20
histoJasonO: what command are you typing?21:20
daftykinsMontcalm89: even if you could, it'd still be WUBI - which as mentioned before needs to be led out into the back garden and put out of its' misery21:20
JasonOhisto: scp21:20
JasonOI'm not sure if it's UFW I tried this on another machine and it worked21:20
histoJasonO: the full command please, the one you typed above had no file to be copied21:20
JasonOhisto: scp -r jason@host.net:/home/jason/Backup/u1-downloader/u1-files/Pictures /home/jason/21:21
eeeeMontcalm89:  check neosmart.net, they have tiny recovery isos for win, it's like 50-100mb and you can recover the pc21:22
Montcalm89I'n not planning to use it anymore, I just want to remove it and forget it forever. I'll make a clean ubuntu install after that.21:22
histoJasonO: try adding -v option21:22
histoJasonO: and pastebin the output21:22
JasonOhisto: Can I please PM  you the link?21:23
eeeehisto: isn't he still not putting the file to be downloaded ?21:23
Montcalm89eeee: thanks. I hope it works from a USB key.21:23
eeeeor it can be after the user@host?21:24
histoeeee: no i had my terminal resized he has /home/jason as the file21:24
histoeeee: using -r it should copy the directory21:24
histoJasonO: yeah I don't care.21:25
eeeeoh ok21:25
jwintermdaftykins: I copied it off to another usb, but now when I go to /media/ubuntu/otherusb I can't change the permissions of the file to make it executable21:25
jwintermit freed up another GB, but I can't run it now :/21:25
calmahi guys21:25
calmai have an issue with grun21:25
calmai installed 14.04 alongside with windows7 and the only os i can boot is ubuntu21:26
jwintermchmod or sudo chmod 755 cuda_script.run don't change anything21:27
daftykinsjwinterm: is it a non-Linux file system?21:27
calmai see windows7 when i start my pc but it doesnt start at all21:27
histoJasonO: try removing the trailing slash on /home/jason/ <-----21:27
daftykinsjwinterm: if it's FAT or NTFS you won't be able to set +x21:27
jwintermyea it's fat21:27
jwintermson of a gunhole21:27
jwintermthx again tho daftykins21:27
calmai tried to fix it with grub rescue but it doesnt do anything21:28
Montcalm89daftykins: if I buy a dvd reader and use a windows install DVD, will I at least be able to re-install windows ?21:28
eeeeMontcalm89: of course21:29
calmasorry not grub rescue , but boot repair21:29
JasonOhisto: It didn't work. It still gave me:   ___  _   _ ____   ___   ___  __  __ _21:29
calmahere is the summary http://paste.ubuntu.com/7782149/21:30
daftykinsMontcalm89: you can fix Windows if you have access to a Windows machine to download and put a windows ISO onto a USB flash drive21:31
Montcalm89eeee: ok thanks, I'm glad I had my data professional data stored on a separate bed :)21:31
eeeeJasonO: it doesn't even prompt for the password ?21:31
JasonOeeee: I'm using an SSH key21:32
=== Guest24266 is now known as nesthib
histoJasonO: can you ssh normally?21:32
Montcalm89daftykins: ok thanks, so I use a tool to make a bootable USB drive ?21:32
JasonOhisto: Yes21:33
Beldarcalma, Did you save the url to the bootinfo summary provided when you use the bootrepair app?21:34
histoJasonO: No idea on that one. try adding -vv21:34
JasonOhisto: Alright21:35
rsumiworkhow do i get the process id of the following command? inotifywait -mr /foo | while read dir; do echo $dir; done; … $! doesn’t return back immediately and i’m trying to put this in a startup script21:36
ikoniarsumiwork: ps -ef | grep inotifywait21:36
Beldarcalma, Did you resize W7 from the front of the partition, or with the ubuntu installer when you installed ubuntu?21:37
rsumiworkikonia: what if there is another inotifywait task?21:37
ikoniathen ignore it21:37
calmabeldar with the ubuntu installer21:37
eeeersumiwork: pgrep inotifywait21:37
eeeersumiwork: if you want the full command add -f option21:37
rsumiworkikonia: i won’t know which one to ignore21:37
ikoniathere should only be one doing what you've told it to do21:37
calmabeldar, with the ubuntu installer21:37
fartfaceI'm trying to get vsftpd to work, and I can't for the life of me seem to get it to get past "entering passive mode, list" before timing out.  I have everything open on the firewall to the box, can anyone help me to debug this?21:37
histocalma: sudo update-grub21:37
ikoniarsumiwork: there should only be one21:38
calmai tried that21:38
ikoniarsumiwork: others will be doing other things21:38
Beldarcalma, Not a good idea, on occasion this happens, Do you have an image/clone of windows.21:38
rsumiworkeeee: is there a way to wrap my current command in a variable so i know which to pgrep for?21:38
rsumiworkikonia: ^21:38
calmaBeldar, nope21:38
ikoniarsumiwork: just grep for inotify and pick the one you need21:38
ikoniarsumiwork: you know what it's doing so just look for the one doing what you know it's doing21:39
calmai am gonna need to format it?21:39
eeeersumiwork: pgrep -f "command here and here..."21:39
eeeeit doesn't have to be the full command21:39
histocalma: what happens when you try to boot windows?21:39
calmajust a beep sounds21:39
Beldarcalma, Do you have a windows recovery or install disc? the script shows it to be fine as far as the bcd boot.21:39
calmaIf, i fix the mbr via boot repair then, i lose access to ubuntu and grub21:40
calmait boots windows directly21:40
histocalma: when you try to boot windows from grub what happens?21:41
piovsteinWhen I go to install Wine, I get this: http://i.imgur.com/M8brMQf.png does anyone have any ideas on why?21:41
calmahisto, i get a beep sound. then it stays at the grub21:41
Beldarcalma, bootrepair is not made to repair broken file systems, can you answer my questions? Use nicks of whom you answer to preface posts.21:42
histopiovstein: package conflict21:42
piovsteinhisto: why would Wine conflict with Nvidia?21:42
jwintermstill no dice daftykins, I have 2.9 GB free on primary usb and I'm still getting not enough space needs 1.8 GB from cuda installer21:42
Beldarcalma> it boots windows directly has it since the ubuntu install?21:43
calmaBeldar, i dont have any windows discs21:43
daftykinsjwinterm: weird, i can only imagine it has some installer bug or some extremely impressive compression that'll inflate to immense proportions21:43
calmaBeldar, its not like that21:43
histocalma: looks fine to me no idea what it wouldn't be booting windows from that grub entry21:44
jwintermyea, could be very compressed, someone have me a tar.gz file of boost libraries for windows, and it was 600 MB to download, but 6 GB uncompressed :o21:44
jwintermguess I gotta break out the real disk drives21:44
jwintermor get a 16 or 32 gb usb21:44
Beldarcalma> "Beldar, its not like that" It's not like what? Has windows directly booted since the ubuntu install?21:44
calmaBeldar, now i am on ubuntu i have no access to windows21:44
jwintermthanks for help tho, really appreciate it :)21:44
Beldar"calma> Beldar, now i am on ubuntu i have no access to windows" Be exact here this could mean it does not boot or you can't access it from ubuntu by opening it's partition21:45
daftykinsMontcalm89: yep there are Microsoft tools available which will put an ISO on a USB, or YUMI from pendrivelinux.com will also do it21:46
Ploycannot remount block device /de/md2 read-write, is write-protected   -- what can I do?21:46
calmaBeldar, are you havin fun with me21:46
Beldarcalma, NO trying to get you to give exact info.21:46
calmai dont try to access the partition21:46
histopiovstein: http://askubuntu.com/questions/449507/nvidia-libopencl1-331-has-to-be-removed-before-installing-wine21:47
Beldarcalma, Than say it does not boot, we have to know exactly what you mean, no assumptions.21:47
piovsteinhisto: a god amongst men.21:47
piovsteinthank you21:47
calmai thought that was obvious, i said that i have grub2 problem21:48
Beldarcalma, All it takes is one miss read line to get off into never never land.21:48
calmaBeldar, kk21:48
histopiovstein: looks like a package bug to me.21:49
OneEyedWillDoes anyone know the proper syntax for changing the boot order of a VM under VBox Headless?21:49
Beldarcalma, So has windows directly booted since the ubuntu install?21:49
histoPloy: when are you receiving that error?21:49
piovsteinYeah, I'll read about it. I might also just boot windows from a large flashdrive21:49
* piovstein brb21:49
Montcalm89daftykins, Neroon, eeee: thank you all for your help, now I know for sure I did some real crap by trying Wubi:)21:49
calmaBeldar, yes21:49
histoOneEyedWill: /join #vbox21:50
OneEyedWillhisto: thanks21:50
daftykinsOneEyedWill: have you asked in their channel?21:50
Beldarcalma, Have you run a sudo update-grub in ubuntu to see if you can boot windows?21:50
OneEyedWilldaftykins: didn't know it was there21:50
OneEyedWilljust joined21:50
Montcalm89I think I will buy a DVD reader and burn windows on a DVD.21:51
calmaBeldar, i can boot windows if i restore the mbr via the boot-repair app\21:51
BeldarBeldar> calma, Have you run a sudo update-grub in ubuntu to see if you can boot windows?21:51
calmaBeldar, a lot of times21:52
histoMontcalm89: you can install windows from usb if you are worried21:52
calmaBeldar, i will try something new then i will return. give me a sec21:52
Beldarcalma, Lately I assume lots of times is to vague. Did windows do a auto chkdsk since the ubuntu reload and you changes the windows partition?21:52
OneEyedWilldaftykins: Have asked in #vbox channel and no one is responding or chatting in there21:53
histoBeldar: I think he means he runs the fixmbr from the windows side and then can boot windows.21:53
OneEyedWillI checked the VBox manual here https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch08.html21:53
Beldarhisto, If he had a windows disc yes.21:53
daftykinsOneEyedWill: yes patience is required sadly21:53
OneEyedWilldaftykins: indeed21:54
histoOneEyedWill: how are you starting the machines?21:55
histoBeldar: or iso yes21:55
OneEyedWillhisto: figured it out21:55
OneEyedWillI think21:55
histoOneEyedWill: what was it?21:55
OneEyedWillI was running the boot order command like this VBoxManage modifyvm "Ubuntu 12.04 Server" --boot 1 disk21:55
OneEyedWillNot like this VBoxManage modifyvm "Ubuntu 12.04 Server" --boot1 disk21:56
Beldarhisto, I am finding the user to be really unorganized for any real help here is all, not answering questions precisely and adding extra info not needed is all.21:56
histoOneEyedWill: ahh21:56
histoBeldar: I agree21:56
BeldarIT is a windows issue in the end anyway21:56
Beldarglad to help if they can be organized however21:57
apeoiddoes anyone know anything about this wxWidgets package?  I have a program that is broken by wxWidgets 3.0 and needs 2.8 instead... pgAdmin.  can I install wxWidgets 2.8 and 3.0 at the same time?  should I revert to wxWidgets 2.8?  or should I do something else?21:57
histoapeoid: what program are you trying to use?21:58
histo!info pgadmin21:58
ubottuPackage pgadmin does not exist in trusty21:58
histoapeoid: how did you install pgadmin21:58
apeoidpostgresql GUI client21:58
apeoidthrough ubuntu software center21:58
apeoidpgadmin3 1.18.1-3.pgdg14.04+121:59
histo!info pgadmin22:00
ubottuPackage pgadmin does not exist in trusty22:00
histo!info pgadmin322:00
ubottupgadmin3 (source: pgadmin3): graphical administration tool for PostgreSQL. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.18.1-2 (trusty), package size 2018 kB, installed size 8628 kB22:00
histoapeoid: where did you get 1-3 ?22:00
histo!ppapurge | apeoid22:00
ubottuapeoid: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html22:00
apeoidI don't know how to find out what repository is responsible for the software being on my machine22:02
apeoidI think someone told me I have to write that down22:02
=== DaIRCKing is now known as GTAXL
daftykinsapeoid: apt-cache showpkg <package>22:03
apeoidoh cool22:03
apeoidthank you22:03
daftykinsor apt-cache policy <package>22:03
apeoidI'm using synaptic to downgrade to that 1-2 version22:03
histoapeoid: Don't use ppa's22:05
=== tortib is now known as Guest72496
apeoidthat forcing pgadmin 1-2 version thingy worked22:09
apeoidthank you all for the help with ubuntu I love it22:09
apeoidI feel like a hacker22:09
=== Guest72496 is now known as tortib
iszakSo I have two user accounts, both with the EXACT same authorized_keys files, yet one user can't login, ideas?22:15
scarabeeirc guide-pratique irc.freenode.net22:15
iszakI'm an idiot.. AllowUsers22:16
hobs-1have an issue..installed ubuntu 14.04 on an acer aspire e1-570.can't adjust the brightness..any suggestions22:16
histohobs-1: have you searched for your model on askubuntu most likely you can pass a kernel flag in grub to allow the brightness to be changed22:18
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scarabee#fedora-fr freenode.net22:20
histo!fr | scarabee22:21
ubottuscarabee: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.22:21
hobs-1histo no i haven't..gonna sign up and do that..thanks22:21
histohobs-1: sign up?22:21
histohobs-1: try editing the /etc/default/grub file and changing the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT  line and add acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor     then sudo update-grub and reboot22:22
raspberrypifanou sont le francais22:23
raspberrypifan!es | scarabee22:24
ubottuscarabee: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:24
raspberrypifanthe french text and the spanish are slightly different22:24
ey3I've just installed a bunch of things from some unstable repository which completely tore KDE apart and left me just with command line... Is this the right place to ask for support or should I head to #kde?22:24
bekks!fr | raspberrypifan22:25
ubotturaspberrypifan: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.22:25
raspberrypifansee the text is different22:25
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ey3*Guess I'll ask at #kde then22:31
hobs-1histo dumb question..how do i get permission to save the file after ive edited it22:32
LopeAfter adding this PPA, it was not found when I did an apt-get update22:33
histohobs-1: edit it using sudo22:33
histohobs-1: sudo nano /etc/default/grub  or gksu gedit /etc/default/grub22:33
Lopeim using saucy. Is it possible I need to refer to an older ubuntu distro?22:33
Eniigmahey guys I'm wondering does the command "/dev/sdb*" unmount the USB drive as well or just the SD Card? Kind of lost trying to run crouton22:34
LopeI'm trying precise22:34
Lopeokay it worked22:35
ey3Well, no one seems to respond there either so... if anyone could give a hint, I'd be grateful.22:37
ikoniaundo what you did22:38
ikoniathen take it forward from there22:38
ey3Wish I'd knew how22:38
Eniigmaam I missing chats?22:38
ikoniaey3: what part are you stuck with ?22:39
dhanasekaranHi Guys, How to enter into live mode with Ubutnu server Edition DVD22:39
joshua__can someone tell me why some sites in chrome tell me java is required and to install it when i already have it22:39
ikonialive mode ?22:39
BoaTenGPershendetje Mire Se Ju Gjeta Te Gjithve :))22:40
ey3ikonia: Let's say I have almost no knowledge of Linux apart from some basic bash commands so I'm not really knowledgeable with dpkg/repositories22:40
xanguajoshua__: what chrome/chromium version¿22:40
ikoniaey3: so I'd suggest doing a clean install then22:40
joshua__the latest stable22:40
ikoniaey3: and going back to a known "good" state22:40
joshua__Version 35.0.1916.15322:41
EniigmaDoes /dev/sdb* unmount a usb drive as well or just a SD card? Lost trying to install crouton on my flash drive for my chromebook.22:41
HoiheAhoy! How  to uninstall manually installed Nvidia drivers, and install  properitary drivers in one go from bash?22:41
joshua__sorry, i keep forgetting ctrl+c dosent always work22:41
Hoihe(or well, not one go.. but without using X-server)22:41
joshua__im tryin to use pingtest.net and it tells me i need java22:42
ey3ikonia: I don't know how to run live OSes through Grub, I can't see any options for USB booting there22:42
joshua__but speedtest.net dosent22:42
joshua__and so far pingtest is the only website saying i dont have it and wont work22:42
xanguajoshua__: chrome no longer works for npapi plugins, so no java for it22:42
ikoniaey3: don't run a live OS, re-install22:42
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xanguajoshua__: netscape plugins22:43
joshua__well maybe you can tell me how to fix high ping22:43
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joshua__im also betting i got packet loss22:43
joshua__but without pingtest i cant test that22:43
ey3ikonia: But to reinstall I need to run live OS from USB/CD... right?22:44
joshua__i tried turning off power management but that didnt do anything 'cause its not suppported22:44
ikoniaey3: no, you need to boot the install media22:44
ikoniaey3: do that however you did it before22:44
ey3ikonia: Someone else installed Grub and Linux for me, I didn't do it22:45
ikoniaey3: ok, ask them to re-do it22:45
ikoniaey3: and ask them to explain to you how to do it22:45
ey3ikonia: Unfortunately that'22:45
hobs-1histo ran the first option in terminal you gave me and changed that line to .... GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor"   How to I save it?22:45
ey3ikonia: That's not really possible at the moment22:45
nahtnamHey! Im still somewhat new to linux. How can I block incoming connctions except from a few servers (it is a database server).22:45
ikoniaey3: then either learn how to make install media yourself or wait for them to be free22:45
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nahtnamafter all that, ill ask again22:47
nahtnamHey! Im still somewhat new to linux. How can I block incoming connctions except from a few servers (it is a database server).22:47
ikonianahtnam: block them from what ?22:47
ey3ikonia: The person who did it is not my friend or relative, it was some guy I've paid ages ago to upgrade my hardware and install OS on it. I don't have contact with him anymore.22:48
nahtnamikonia: I have a database server and I only want to allow connections from specific ips.22:48
ikonianahtnam: to the whole server or just the database22:48
nahtnamikonia: Whole server22:48
ikonianahtnam: what services are open ?22:48
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nahtnamikonia: Postgres and redis22:48
nahtnamikonia: Are you an OP?22:48
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nahtnamikonia: So? How do I do it?22:53
ikonianahtnam: use ubuntu firewall22:53
ikonianahtnam: which is just iptables really22:53
pdo_fn14What happening with BADSIG on Trusty backports?.22:53
nahtnamikonia: This? https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/firewall.html22:53
ikonianahtnam: you can use that, sure22:53
nahtnamKk. Thanks22:54
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pdo_fn14Hello anyone?.22:56
designbybeckPros and Cons of doing a fresh install with Encryption of the harddrive?22:59
ikoniawhat do you mean pros/cons22:59
ikoniait's personal need/requirements that are importnat23:00
designbybeckshould i do it ikonia ? this is a donated computer I'm giving away tomorrow23:00
ikoniadesignbybeck: it's up to you23:00
ikonia"should you do it" - if you're asking that the answer is probably "no"23:00
designbybeck...I'll go with that ikonia! ;) as I have never done it on my own stuff just yet!.. I"m still learning!23:00
designbybeck...Thanks ikonia23:01
hobs-1histo  Done.Brightness is now adjustable. Thanks for your help. :)23:01
Neroonwhere else can i find cifs automounts except fstab?23:03
ikoniafind them ?23:04
geniiNeroon: Nowhere.23:04
ikoniaNeroon: what's the actual problem23:04
PiciTechnically there is /etc/fstab.d/, but I don't think it is actually sourced. So.. this isn't really an answer either.23:04
Neroonmy system seems to try to mount something with cifs at boot time, but fails. yet it takes 40+ seconds to do so23:05
ikoniaNeroon: why do you think that23:05
ikoniaNeroon: what's the reason you think it's trying to mount a cifs share23:06
Neroonikonia: <   39.788912>] CIFS VFS: Error connecting to socket. Aborting operation23:06
Neroonikonia: dmesg output23:06
ikoniaNeroon: that doesnt mean anything23:06
ikoniaNeroon: that doesn't mean you are wrong though23:06
PiciNeroon: is this after you login, or at boot?23:07
Neroonikonia: well it does mean, boot time is about a minute here...23:07
ikoniaNeroon: what's in your fstab23:07
ikoniacan you pastebin it please.23:07
NeroonPici: can't tell for sure, did dmesg after login23:07
Neroonikonia: just posting the last 20 or so lines: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7782491/23:09
daftykinsNeroon: is there a mount in your fstab or something?23:10
Neroondaftykins: just local mounts of /, home and swap via uuid23:11
PiciNeroon: do you have anything setup for printing to shared windows printers?23:11
NeroonPici: no printers at all, no23:11
NeroonPici: and no windows pcs at all23:12
daftykinsmy next thought would be startup scripts23:12
Neroondaftykins: init.d?23:12
daftykinsNeroon: more account based ones, startup applications i should've said23:13
ikoniaNeroon: paste the fstab, lets take a look23:14
Neroonikonia: fine, but it's quite empty there ;-)23:14
ikoniaNeroon: as it should be23:14
ey3ikonia: How do I mount removable media from command line?23:15
Neroonikonia: there you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7782499/23:15
ikoniaey3: why are you doing that ?23:15
daftykinsey3: is it a server install?23:16
ey3ikonia: Trying to back my stuff up23:16
ikoniaey3: do it from within the livecd/installer enviornment23:16
ikoniaey3: you'lld find it a lot easier23:16
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ikoniaNeroon: do you have samba actually installed on your machine ?23:16
Neroonikonia: yes23:16
ikoniaNeroon: client / and / or server23:17
Neroonikonia: both23:17
ikoniais there a reason ?23:17
Neroonikonia: yes. there is a huge disk in here, i sometimes need access to from my second pc23:18
ikoniaNeroon: so you are sharing out part of the disk23:18
Neroonikonia: the whole disk actually23:18
ikoniaNeroon: disable the server for a test and reboot23:18
Neroonikonia: while I'm at it, I might make a dmesg from console before logging in to the desktop23:19
ikoniaNeroon: check the boot log too if you have one23:20
bigdHey, I came back to my desktop, and it won't let me enter my password. I've tried restarting the xserver to no avail23:20
ikoniaNeroon: remove the boot splash too23:20
Neroonikonia: which one? /var/log/messages?23:20
ikoniaNeroon: used to be /var/log/boot.log23:21
ikoniaor something like that23:21
Neroonikonia: k23:21
ikoniaI think it got removed though23:21
ikoniaI'm not %100 sure23:21
Neroonikonia: checking...23:21
Neroonikonia: nope, 12.03 still got it :-)23:21
Neroonikonia: 0423:21
bigdAnyone know how I can convince my desktop to unlock?23:22
Neroonikonia: brb23:22
ey3ikonia: Well, it seems that grub just booted the live USB... Strange, last time I tried I couldn't do it. Maybe I did something wrong. Anyway, hopefully I'll do fine on my own from there. Thanks.23:22
vfwbigd: Ctrl-Alt-Backspace ?23:23
bigdvfw: Tried that already23:23
andreipathhey, anyone can help out a poor soul fix a wifi issue ?23:23
andreipathwifi disabled by hardware switch23:24
bigdIt won't let me enter anything, and even when I restart the xserver, it's still locked23:24
andreipathand i cant figure out a way to turn it back on23:24
vfwbigd: Ctrl-Alt-F6 and kill lightdm23:25
bigdandreipath: Hmm, do you actually have a hardware wifi switch? If not, there's probably something you can hit with the fn key, one of my laptops is fn+f223:25
andreipathyeah bigd, i do23:25
vfwandreipath: find the hardware switch and turn it back on.23:25
andreipathbut its useless in xubuntu23:25
andreipathit only works on windows23:26
ey3andreipath: Maybe reinstalling the wireless drivers could help23:26
vfwbigd: sudo pkill lightdm23:26
andreipaththe thing is that it works on recovery mode just fine23:26
daftykinsandreipath: have you run "sudo rfkill unblock all" ?23:27
daftykinsi think that's the command23:27
daftykinsi understand hardware switch vs. software, but it doesn't hurt23:27
andreipathdid reinstalling drivers, rfkill, hard switch, bios reset23:27
andreipathand so on23:27
andreipathbut none worked23:27
vfwandreipath: What chip is it?23:27
andreipathits just weird that it works in recovery mode though23:27
andreipathits an atheros23:28
andreipathim running on a compaq cq6023:28
andreipathand i have xubuntu 14.04 installed23:28
daftykinsandreipath: when you say recovery, do you mean holding shift at boot, going to advanced options and picking the recovery of the newest kernel there?23:28
vfwandreipath: Fully updated?23:28
andreipathi am fully updated, and yes, i go to recovery from the grub menu, and im using the same kernel so its all the same23:31
vfwandreipath: You're right, makes no sense at all.23:31
vfwandreipath: What does iwconfig say about it?23:32
vfwandreipath: (when it's not working)...23:33
andreipathhold on a sec vfw23:33
bigdvfw: It's still not working. Is there a config file, database, gsettings value or something else that says it's locked?23:33
andreipathill paste the output23:33
andreipathppp0      no wireless extensions.23:34
andreipathwlan0     IEEE 802.11bg  ESSID:off/any23:34
andreipath          Mode:Managed  Access Point: Not-Associated   Tx-Power=off23:34
andreipath          Retry  long limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off23:34
andreipath          Encryption key:off23:34
unopasteandreipath you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted23:34
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vfwandreipath: Not here!23:34
Neroonikonia: crap, seems to be a startup script from the DE23:35
andreipathsorry bout the paste thing :(23:35
vfwandreipath: It says Tx-Power=off23:35
LostNvaandreipath: try ifconfig wlan0 down ,  iw reg set US , ifconfig wlan0 up23:35
LostNvaassuming your in the US23:37
vfwandreipath: sudo wlan0 txpower 2023:37
Neroonikonia: thanks for the help anyway :-)23:37
andreipathvfw : yes, tx-power off due to hard switch23:37
vfwandreipath: Have you tried the switch?23:38
andreipathlostnva : SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill23:38
vfwandreipath: (Turn the switch on.)23:38
LostNvaswitch somewhere23:38
andreipaththe switch is useless, doesnt work on linux23:38
vfwandreipath: Really?  Is it a Function Key?23:38
bigdMaybe if I unset lock-enabled in org.gnome.desktop.screensaver?23:39
andreipathabove the keyboard i have a switch but it only works on windows, on linux its pointless23:39
andreipathno, not an fn key, its an actual button23:39
vfwandreipath: (I've installed linux on a number of laptops and those swithce always worked for me.  So, I dono....23:39
vfwandreipath: You might look at bios settings.23:40
vfwandreipath: iwlist wlan0 scan  #What does that say?23:41
andreipathi have reset bios and still nothing23:41
andreipathvfm: wlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down23:42
andreipathi know its supposed to work, but for some reason it does not23:43
andreipathi had kali installed and the switch worked fine23:43
vfwandreipath: lspci |grep ireless |pastebinit  #send URL23:44
andreipathand it worked on a big number of other distros23:44
LostNvaits an internal wifi chip?23:44
vfwandreipath: Is this a laptop?23:44
andreipathbut since i did dist-upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04 it not working anymore23:44
andreipathand whats more bizzare is the fact that works in recovery mode23:45
LostNvaif its internal wifi card, take the card out and boot without it, then turn of puter and put it back in23:45
andreipathyes its a laptop23:45
andreipathits plug and play card23:45
vfwandreipath: Show us the lspci output.23:45
andreipathi did that already ant bios sees the card is missing before booting23:45
vfwandreipath: What does plug and play mean?23:45
LostNvaturn of computer i mean, remove wifi card, boot back in without it, turn off computer put it back in23:46
ghilhermeOi Pisi23:47
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theprovenoneConcerned about your online privacy? vpn.scay.net - don't let thieves to intercept your data! Use our free OpenVPN VPN23:48
andreipathvfw: plug and play as in a separate card. its not embeded. http://pastebin.com/zah7cQvr23:48
vfwandreipath: My last question was rhetorical, (I was being facetious.)23:49
ki7mtfrom the K3UK site: p29no Papua New Guinea is on 15 JT923:49
ki7mtWhoops, sorry wrong channel.23:50
vfwandreipath: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216017723:52
vfwandreipath: Most of them are separate cards. But the term "plug and play" has to real meaning.23:53
m1chaelhello. i have an HP Envy m6 laptop. I have tried the distros xUbuntu, Ubuntu, and now Mint. Hibernation / Suspend does not work. stays at a black screen (although i will see my wifi light illuminate, and the computer seems alive..) problem exists on all distros.23:53
andreipaththanx for the thread23:53
LostNvam1chael:tried installed or live23:54
m1chaelnever tried live. happens on installed distro with dual boot23:55
LostNvadid you make a swap partition or is that done automatically23:55
LostNvai had same problem when i refused to make swap partion23:56
mib_mibhi all - pretty newb question here - but i'm trying to install Apache Spark on Ubuntu with CDH4 - when it says "CDH4" prebuilt package - does that mean they already compiled / built it, so i dont need to compile it? http://spark.apache.org/downloads.html23:56
andreipatha huge thanx to vfm23:56
daftykinsandreipath: what was it?23:57
andreipathit worked. kudos to you :D23:57
mib_mibhi all - pretty newb question here - but i'm trying to install Apache Spark on Ubuntu with CDH4 - when it says "CDH4" prebuilt package - does that mean its already compiled / built, so i dont need to compile it (i.e no need to run sbt/sbt assembly)? http://spark.apache.org/downloads.html23:57
daftykinsmib_mib: we saw you the first time23:57
m1chaeli'm pretty sure i ahve a swap23:57
knobHey guys... I am trying to get rid of the "global menu" on top of all applications.   I am following this article (link), yet my system tells me that it cannot located dconf-editor.    Any idea what I can do? http://www.webupd8.org/2013/11/unity-global-menu-can-now-be-disabled.html23:57
m1chaelswapon -s ----- reveals: /dev/sda6                               partition57354200-123:58
daftykinsmib_mib: ubuntu works with package repositories, downloaded software is at your own risk so we can't assist on this one i'm afraid23:58
andreipathdaftykins: i had to disable the hardware encryption for the device23:58
daftykinsah-har, interesting23:59
mib_mibmy onyl question is what does it mean to have a pre-built package? does that usually imply compiled binaries or what?23:59
andreipathyes, interesting indeed23:59
daftykinsmib_mib: yes most likely23:59
andreipathim glad its sorted23:59

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