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EleanorEllisThunar doesn't remember my ftp passwords even though I check the "Remember forever" box. It seems to call the keyring application and I enter my password there to unlock the keyring but still no joy, so I have to enter my ftp usernames and passwords every time.01:08
nickhilr1is there a way to get ubuntu studio with just audio packages, like jack, ardour zyn etc and not blender, inkscape, gimp and everything05:42
zequencenickhilr1: Yes, with 14.04, you can deselect packages06:51
zequence..during installation06:51
nickhilr1oh i meant while downloading the image.. i am on limited internet bandwidth07:03
zequencenickhilr1: You can get any Ubuntu flavor, and add the audio packages to it07:05
zequencenickhilr1: just add yourself to audio group, and install linux-lowlatency once you're done07:06
zequencealso, say "yes" to realtime, when installing jack07:06
zequenceall of the audio packages are in ubuntustudio-audio07:06
zequencesudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio linux-lowlatency07:06
nickhilr1cool.. what did you mean audio group.. i am new to linux07:07
zequencenickhilr1: User are members of groups in order to get access to certain things, like the CD-rom07:08
zequencenickhilr1: sudo usermod -a -G audio $USER07:09
zequence$USER is your user name07:09
zequenceto see all the groups you are in, use the command: groups07:10
zequencebut, you'll need to logout/login to see changes07:10
zequencenickhilr1: Just be careful with the "usermod" command. You can mess things up with it07:10
nickhilr1zequence: so i install ubuntu first and then install audio packages and add my account to the audio group later07:13
zequencenickhilr1: Yep07:13
nickhilr1zequence: alright.. thank you :)07:16
aloieceare the ardour updates (so to speak) streamlined in 14.04? (Not sure I'm using the word correctly)16:45
Jmainguywhich updates16:50
holsteinaloiece: yes16:51
holsteinaloiece: but, the version is what it is.. you dont get an updated version. just maintenance16:51
aloiecejmainguy: the updates that ardour releases regularly,16:51
aloiecethanks holstein. yap that's fine16:51
holsteinaloiece: ubuntu is not a "rolling release". if you want the latest version of ardour, you can get it yourself from the creator, who, if youa re contributing, will provide a simple executable.. or, PPA.. such as kxstudio ppa16:52
holsteinwhat do i do? i am personally a contributor, so i just download the latest from ardour directly16:53
Jmainguyyou have to be a contributor to get ir from ardour?16:53
holsteinJmainguy: no16:53
holsteinJmainguy: you have to be a contributor to get the binary already compiled and ready to easily click and run16:53
aloieceMe too, I only just upgraded to ubuntustudio 14.04 and I was wondering if I'd still "have to" download the maintenance (as you described it well) updates myself or if I'll get them16:54
JmainguyThats pretty lame16:54
holsteinJmainguy: its opensource.. the source for the latest versions is available free.. and you can make whatever you like with it.. including a binary, or PPA16:54
holsteinJmainguy: ?16:54
holsteinwhy?.. it was never promised.. its "as-advertised"16:54
Jmainguygoing through the work to compile it, and then not giving it out16:54
Jmainguythats pretty lame16:54
holsteinJmainguy: you can "go through the work" and give it out all you like16:55
Jmainguyyes, yes I can16:55
holsteinJmainguy: if in doing said work, you think its work charging for, thats all the creator is charging for, currently16:55
Jmainguy"the creator"16:55
holsteincorrect... paul davis16:55
JmainguyI thought you were a contributor16:56
holsteinJmainguy: i pay.. thats how i get the pre-complied binary for my use, already ready to go.. and i consider it a donation to the cause, which i support16:56
Jmainguyah, ok16:56
holsteinbut, the source is there at the site.. and the code gets into debian upstream16:56
JmainguyI thought you meant you contributed code, and got the binary for it16:57
Jmainguyor contributed wiki updates, etc etc16:57
holsteinno.. i just pay16:57
holsteinthough, paul may offer something like that, if he needed the help16:57
holsteini dont know him that well..16:57
JmainguyI am sure he wouldnt mind the help, hence open sourcing it16:57
holsteinwouldnt hurt to ask, if one had more time than money, so to speak16:57
Jmainguyhey diff topic, was there never a 13.04?16:58
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring17:02
holsteinwe had an ubuntustudio 13.04.. they are all EOL now17:03
holsteinall flavors 13.04 is eol17:03
Jmainguyyeah I am fairly nub at ubuntu, I got to memorize their LTS strategy at some point17:03
aloieceholstein your name sounds familiar. I guess you're one of the developers (or main developers?) of ubuntustudio?17:04
holsteinaloiece: just a non-code contributing volunteer18:23
aloiecewell so far18:32
aloieceI'm trying to get into it. starting to study IT in september18:33
aloiecehei I've seen a ui cpu frequency manager in dreamstudio that I recently tried a live session of. wouldn't that be useful to implement in ubuntustudio as well?18:56
holsteinaloiece: go for it18:56
holsteini just use an XFCE one18:56
holsteinnothing prevents dick from putting those in debian upstream and getting them into ubuntu18:57
aloiecehow can we urge them to do it?19:14
holsteinaloiece: them? you mean dick? just ask him19:17
holsteinits likely just a repo tool.. i would just look and see what it is19:17
holsteinAFAIK, he's using unity.. you are free to use unity and whatever else you like.. though, its likely just a GTK tool19:17

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