bluesabreali1324: http://worldofgnome.org/running-gtk-applications-different-themes-per-app/02:30
bluesabrethis may only work for gtk 3.12+, maybe 3.1002:30
bluesabreit looks like gksu was removed upstream in favor of pkexec, no real reason other than that. I think we just followed lead (I was asked to remove gksudo from catfish)02:36
bluesabre... which led to me implementing my own sort of gksudo in python for catfish and any other apps that need to authenticate02:36
bluesabreNoskcaj: Since you did the initial packaging for whiskermenu in debian, thought you might be interested in the new (1.4.0) release http://gottcode.org/xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin/11:33
bluesabreI'll add the new release to xubuntu-staging this evening11:34
bluesabreAlso, going to add mousepad daily builds to xubuntu-staging, lots of development happening there currently11:35
bluesabregotta run to work, bbl11:35
andreipathanyone can help ?19:47
andreipathwifi swiched off by hardware switch but i cant find a way to turn it on19:48
andreipathit works fine in recovery mode though 19:48
knomeandreipath, this isn't a support channel19:49
andreipathi figured19:50
andreipathbu no one on the support channel has any ideea on how to solve this19:50
andreipathso i hope a developer might know something i dont :P19:50
Noskcajbluesabre, It's been in debian svn for some time20:05
bluesabrethis channel is surprisingly quiet today22:52

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