adrenaline_Nice one sdollins00:43
sdollinsWe skyped this morning and she's like "OMG it doesn't take 10 minutes to login ebanking!"00:43
ner0xEverytime I start xubuntu 14.03 my keybindings for changing my windows stop working until I reset them, known issue?01:18
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faoziazizhello xubuntu lover06:25
pcoderHi, I would like to set system wide language setting on my xubuntu to "English-US", currently I have a mix of English and French :(, any help? Sorry for x-posting in xubuntu and xfce together.09:48
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paulohsmsgood morning12:26
xubuntu006hey there14:34
slickymasterWork!hi | xubuntu00614:34
ubottuxubuntu006: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!14:34
gOnNaMaKeUsMiLehello :)16:19
gOnNaMaKeUsMiLeHi what can i do 2 fix this: http://pastebin.com/0MXFLUME16:21
gOnNaMaKeUsMiLeor is it ok?16:21
xanguawhy are you using sudo with a graphical program to begin with¿16:22
gOnNaMaKeUsMiLeoh i don't know16:22
gOnNaMaKeUsMiLehow should i?16:22
gOnNaMaKeUsMiLei was installing numix icons16:23
gOnNaMaKeUsMiLe< kinda new16:23
xanguayou can put icons in your home directory gOnNaMaKeUsMiLe16:23
xanguain home/youruser/.icons (notice the dot)16:24
xanguaif the directory doesn't exist you can create it gOnNaMaKeUsMiLe16:24
gOnNaMaKeUsMiLeoh i did not know xangua thanks!16:24
gOnNaMaKeUsMiLei will try16:24
xanguaI see they also have a reposotiry so you don't have to manually install it16:25
gOnNaMaKeUsMiLeyea but i d/l square icons for donation16:26
gOnNaMaKeUsMiLei got it in home16:26
gOnNaMaKeUsMiLety hagd16:28
salorahi guys, first of all I'am very happy that I'am part this community. Recently I had install Xubunt 14.0 after all I did uninstall firefox throug Ubuntu software center. After restarting my system I17:06
salorai have got only wallpaper17:07
saloraI don17:07
salorai don't know what happen17:07
sylvain_I have a problem with backlight Xubuntu when I install the proprietary drivers for AMD ATI17:11
xanguasalora: uninstalling default applications might not be a good idea due to dependencies, I suggest you to run: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop , this should reinstall firefox and any other stuff you might have removed17:12
xanguajust don't use firefox and use your prefered browser17:12
sylvain_I changed the Grub unsuccessfully17:12
sylvain_Can someone help me?17:14
saloraHi xangua , Thank you for valid help, I did search in internet but i could not found any help so i reinstalled just now17:14
saloraI mean total OS17:15
GridCube!details | sylvain_17:21
ubottusylvain_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)17:21
saloraSome one can help my touchpad not working Laptop model -lenovo y500 laptop17:23
sylvain_what is the !pastebin ?17:23
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ARM9is there a more advanced task manager available that doesn't require gnome or kde?18:17
HedgeworkARM9: "task manager" ??18:20
* Hedgework wonders whether ARM9 means top :P18:21
ARM9super -> task manager18:21
ARM9the default thingy in xubuntu18:21
HedgeworkARM9: I have no earthly idea what that is, sorry.  I use xubuntu but I don't use xfce, so I am unfamiliar with many of the stock applications.18:21
HedgeworkI chimed in since I avoid both gnome and kde dependent stuff and thought I might help if you described what you are looking for.18:21
ARM9I forget what all the terminal ones are called18:21
ARM9do you know ctrl+alt+del in windows?18:22
HedgeworkUmm...if it hasn't changed since I used windows in 1998 or so18:22
Picihtop is nice18:22
Hedgeworkyou might want the top command18:22
ARM9it changed in windows 8, but I'm about previous versions18:22
Hedgeworkit shows you processes that are active in order of most proc consumed18:22
ARM9yeah something like top18:22
ARM9pici htop right that's the one I was looking for18:23
brainwashARM9: try htop18:32
andreipathhi all19:32
andreipathanyone has some spare time ?19:32
andreipathi got a problem with my wifi since updating to 14.0419:33
Hedgeworkandreipath: On IRC, it is considered more polite to just ask the complete question you need help with rather than asking who has time, who has used XYZ software, or who is here.19:33
andreipathand no ideea as to how to sort it out19:33
HedgeworkJust tell us what's up and we'll try to help. :)19:33
HedgeworkOkay, well...start with defining what you mean by "a problem with my wifi"19:33
andreipathsorry.. i dont stay much on irc so i dont know the rules19:33
andreipathwell, rfkill says my wifi is disable by hardware switch19:34
HedgeworkIs it producing an error?  Is it connecting, but failing to obtain DNS server information via DHCP?  Is it making your dog sing?19:34
andreipathand i cant figure out how to enable it19:34
HedgeworkI assume you already checked the physical switch, right?19:34
andreipathit works fine in recovery mode though19:34
HedgeworkOkay, open a terminal and we'll check some things.19:35
andreipaththe physical switch does nothing19:35
andreipathjust tell me what info you need19:35
HedgeworkPlease start by making sure the physical switch is in the 'on' position.  Then paste me the output of "ifconfig -a" -- DO NOT paste it in the channel, though, put it in a pastebin like paste.ubuntu.com and give me the link. :)19:36
andreipathok. gimme a sec19:36
HedgeworkIf I disappear suddenly, it's because the conference call I'm waiting on finally started.  Hopefully someone will pick up where we left off if that happens.19:37
Hedgeworkandreipath: what happens if you do "ifconfig wlan0 up" ?19:39
andreipathSIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill19:40
yoLo_what is the best movies player besides parole ?19:42
HedgeworkIs your laptop that has one of those "soft" rf-kill things?  Like a wifi on/off that you access via the Fn key?19:42
HedgeworkSometimes that will act at the BIOS level so the OS thinks it's a real hardware switch19:42
andreipathit has a19:42
andreipathit has an actual button for that but does nothing when pressed19:43
andreipathwifi works fine in recovery mode though19:43
andreipathyolo: try smplayer19:45
xubuntu200i cant the the wifi adaptor to turn on19:45
xubuntu200Ive gone through rfkill and there is no hard switch on the machine19:46
xubuntu200the fn +f2 doesnt turn on the wifi either19:46
andreipathanyone else ?19:51
xubuntu200still dont know how to get my wifi turned on19:53
yoLo_andreipath, is the one in ubuntu software center the latest version ?19:53
yoLo_xubuntu200, which laptop pc are you using ?19:53
andreipathno, look it up on google and dwl the latest version from the dev site19:54
andreipathit also has a pretty neat youtube browser as well19:54
Hedgeworkandreipath: Okay, so when you said that your wifi works in rescue mode, did you mean that it works when you choose a rescue mode from your grub menu, or when you boot to a livecd?19:54
xanguasmplayer for windows has a lot of crapware :/19:54
andreipathrescue mode from grub19:55
andreipathi know... its weird19:55
HedgeworkGive me a sec...work needs my attention...but I have a few ideas.19:55
andreipathi searched google and found lots of things19:55
andreipathbut none worked19:55
HedgeworkOkay, back for the moment.19:56
HedgeworkSo, I don't remember how Xubuntu sets up that particular grub option, but there are a limited number of things that can be controlled from grub, so at least we've narrowed it down.  Ruling out things that would be so stupid I don't imagine Xubuntu does them, we're left with:19:57
Hedgework* that's a different kernel, and the kernel you are booting to normally has a driver or other option missing that your wifi chipset needs to be properly handled19:58
Hedgework* that boots into single user mode or some other weird runlevel, and you have a permissions issue or init issue preventing something your card needs from happening at the normal runlevel19:58
andreipaththe kernel is the same in recovery19:58
Hedgework* that uses kernel options that are not run normally19:59
andreipathand i have reinstalled the drivers19:59
andreipathi have a atheros chipset19:59
Hedgework* the recovery boot is skipping starting some service that normally is started and which interferes with wifi operation19:59
andreipathand it uses the broadcom drivers20:00
Hedgework* systemd is the devil and you need to sacrifice several goats before dancing naked around the computer with a high priestess of some sort.20:00
* Hedgework clears her throat20:00
HedgeworkSorry, not much of a systemd fan...sometimes it shows. :P20:00
andreipathdid the naked dance twice so far.. and used my wife as the priestess20:00
Hedgeworkandreipath: it only works if she's cute and at least slightly evil ;)20:01
andreipathshe has both20:01
HedgeworkOh, good, then that should help. :D20:01
andreipathbeen on the box tring to fix it for 4 hours so far20:02
HedgeworkThat sucks.20:02
andreipathand she said she will throw it out the window in a bit20:02
HedgeworkNOOOO you can always re-install.  Never trash the hardware.  re-installs are free :P20:02
andreipaththats what i said as well :D20:03
andreipathbut i cant belive i cant find a solution without a reinstall20:03
andreipathit took lots of time to tweak and make run as it does20:03
HedgeworkCan you check dmesg for anything useful?  WHat about other logs?  Anything possibly relevant?20:09
andreipath[ 4831.638037] UDP: bad checksum. From to ulen 5320:10
andreipatha lot of these20:10
HedgeworkI assume this thing is not plugged into wired networking right now?20:12
Hedgeworkor is it?20:12
Hedgeworkandreipath: ^^^20:13
HedgeworkIs the box you are trying to fix connected to wired internet right now?20:13
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ali1234andreipath: try using rfkill (command line utility)20:51
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andreipathHedgework: are you still online ?23:20
HedgeMageandreipath: I'm on my home client now.  I left work. :)23:28
HedgeMagethough probably not for long...other rooms in the house are far better airconditioned than this one :P23:28
andreipathwell im still going at it but still no result so far :(23:51
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m1chaelhello. i have an HP Envy m6 laptop. I have tried the distros xUbuntu, Ubuntu, and now Mint. Hibernation / Suspend does not work. stays at a black screen (although i will see my wifi light illuminate, and the computer seems alive..) problem exists on all distros.23:53

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