davecheneyseriously, the replica set tests never pass on my machine00:28
davecheneythey pass in CI00:28
davecheneyso my care factor is < 1.000:28
thumperall tests just passed locally for me00:33
davecheneyyet here we are00:35
davecheneythumper: i just found a rouge mongodb binary00:37
davecheneybeleted, lets see if that improves things00:37
* thumper takes the kids and dog out for a walk in the sun00:38
rick_h__thumper: let me know if you've got a few min please00:41
sebas5384someone already talked about bundle upgrade?01:21
rick_h__sebas5384: ?01:22
sebas5384hey rick_h__!01:22
sebas5384for example, lets say I deployed a bundle topology into production01:22
sebas5384and then, i change something, like a new charm related to an existing deployed charm01:23
sebas5384this is already taking care? by juju ?01:23
rick_h__sebas5384: yea, to do that we have to update Juju to track and know about services/services that were part of the bundle.01:23
rick_h__bundles are kind of only an outside idea atm, we're working on pushing the bundle idea deeper into Juju01:24
sebas5384great to hear that rick_h__01:24
sebas5384because we are using juju with a CD tool01:24
rick_h__CD tool?01:25
sebas5384continues delivery tool01:25
rick_h__ah k01:25
sebas5384is a CD made in nodejs01:25
rick_h__ah cool, we almost used that for CI01:25
sebas5384ooh nice01:25
rick_h__I had some chats with them about our desired github integration/etc01:25
sebas5384yeah they integrate very well with github01:26
sebas5384but I understand the tool is in early stages01:26
sebas5384so the thing is we are planning to do a juju plugin01:26
sebas5384for the stridercd01:27
sebas5384so you can relate a bundle to a branch01:27
sebas5384and then to an environment01:27
sebas5384so if I add a charm into the bundle yaml file, it should update my environments01:28
rick_h__right, to do that properly, you need to track a lot of info that the env doesn't currently have01:29
rick_h__we're working on making bundles support revisions and allowing them to live in the charm store right now01:29
sebas5384yeah I thought about that01:29
rick_h__it's the first baby step into that data/tracking you're looking for01:29
sebas5384its related to the revision API ?01:29
rick_h__well the idea is that you want to be able to tell a diff from what's changed.01:29
sebas5384thats right01:30
rick_h__and the store will be able to at least provide you rev 3 bundle and rev 4. Though really you probably just want to know what's different from your current env and the updated bundle01:30
rick_h__there's a bunch of that stuff to work out01:30
sebas5384of course01:31
sebas5384and I saw the new GUI, with the commit changes01:32
rick_h__commit changes?01:32
sebas5384hmmm i don't know how to called it01:33
rick_h__ah ok. Well if you've got any gui questions I'm your guy on that end01:33
sebas5384but I sow that we are going to have an stage state, so then you have to "commit" those changes01:33
sebas5384yeah I know!!! hehe01:34
rick_h__ah, yes. That's what we call the 'deployer bar' and it is part of the machine view work01:34
rick_h__so you can run colocation through the GUI01:34
sebas5384i'm really excited about the new approaches you guys are developing01:34
rick_h__cool, glad ot hear it01:34
sebas5384congrats on that :D01:34
sebas5384talking about the machine view01:34
sebas5384when i imagined how it should be the gui for that01:35
sebas5384something like what we have in with app's bundles in our phones01:36
sebas5384but man, the work that it's being doing its awesome!! :)01:36
rick_h__sorry, not following 'apps bundles' phrasing01:36
rick_h__oh, you mean something like a box for each machine?01:36
rick_h__yea, I'll be very glad to get it out there for sure01:36
sebas5384yeah!, something like that01:36
rick_h__we looked hard at that, but the UX doesn't scale well01:37
rick_h__especially when you get into lxc/kvm containers inside machines01:37
sebas5384when you drag an app on top of another (in your phone) it's join al together in a bundle01:37
rick_h__and in 100's of machines those boxes get hard to manage, too big. No good way to go through them quickly/etc01:37
rick_h__yea, that's really kind of limited in size/scope01:38
sebas5384yeah I agree01:38
rick_h__but anyway our UX team spent many months going through design ideas and I think what we've got will be really nice01:39
sebas5384yeah for sure man!01:39
rick_h__a lot of idea left on the cutting room floor01:39
sebas5384yeah I can imagine01:40
sebas5384but its seems not be like the charm view, you know?01:40
rick_h__right, that's why there's a toggle up top. You have the service view, and the machine view01:41
rick_h__we'll work on adding other views in the future I think01:41
sebas5384so talking about this gui's things01:41
sebas5384we are studying about a Juju as a service01:42
sebas5384so for that you would have to manage a lot of environments, and some kind of a web gui for the juju quickstart tool01:43
sebas5384there are some other ideias like charm factory, etc... but juju as a service is a real need for us right now01:43
sebas5384there's plans to something like that?01:44
rick_h__interesting. it'd be interesting to get an idea of what you're looking for. What are the features/requirements and reasons for them.01:44
sebas5384rick_h__: sorry to throwing all this questions to you hehe01:45
rick_h__sebas5384: all good, happy to help/chat01:45
sebas5384rick_h__: :)01:45
rick_h__sebas5384: there's some work to go in this cycle, I think it was emailed to the -dev list after our vegas sprint?01:45
sebas5384really? didn't see it01:46
* rick_h__ goes to check archive01:46
sebas5384I sow a guy from adobe asking for something like that01:47
sebas5384and then the conversation was focus in the api's I think01:47
rick_h__bah, can't find what I was thinking of01:48
sebas5384its ok :001:49
rick_h__https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju-dev/2014-May/002500.html is a little old thread that might be of interest. There's some work to help with the stuff you're asking about.01:49
* sebas5384 reading about01:49
thumperrick_h__: hey01:49
rick_h__yea, worth tracking if you have an interest in this stuff01:50
rick_h__thumper: have a doc for you to peek at and a bug to put into your brain01:50
thumperrick_h__: hmm... ok01:50
rick_h__thumper: not asking for anything today :)01:50
sebas5384rick_h__: I see, but my ideia is more for the gui01:52
sebas5384though the ideia of sharing envs is awesome01:53
sebas5384I have this vision to make so easy for people deploy and orchestrate their topologies as a drag and drop action01:54
sebas5384and juju-gui makes this happen!01:54
sebas5384so it should be easy to get a juju gui configured environment for you with some clicks and filling some inputs fields with the provider's info01:55
thumperdavecheney: with you in 5 min, just need to get toast01:59
rick_h__sebas5384: right, but the GUI relies on the power of Juju to function to what you'll find is that we add basic support for ideas into juju and then grow on top of it with the GUI02:00
rick_h__sebas5384: but I'd love to get your use cases down to make sure we're thinking about them and addressing them. Maybe you've got ideas we've not thought about or some ideas we think are only kind of useful are very useful to you02:01
rick_h__sebas5384: so feel free to email the juju list, or me, or the gui list, and we can collect your input.02:01
sebas5384yeah for sure rick_h__ I love brainstorming02:01
sebas5384and iterating on top of feedback02:02
sebas5384is the more agile way to develop an app02:02
rick_h__but for now it's time for me to get a shower and head to bed. Night from the EST02:02
sebas5384avoids waste of features and focus in what it really adds value to the client02:02
sebas5384rick_h__: nice to talk to you, and thanks for your attention :)02:03
sebas5384rick_h__: good night to you man!02:03
davecheneythumper: ok02:04
* thumper is eating quickly02:04
davecheney    c.Assert(result, gc.DeepEquals, params.StringsWatchResults{02:15
davecheney        Results: []params.StringsWatchResult{02:15
davecheney            {StringsWatcherId: "1", Changes: []string{02:15
davecheney                firstAction.Id(),02:15
davecheney                secondAction.Id(),02:15
davecheney            }},02:15
davecheney        },02:15
davecheney    })02:15
davecheney... obtained params.StringsWatchResults = params.StringsWatchResults{Results:[]params.StringsWatchResult{params.StringsWatchResult{StringsWatcherId:"1", Changes:[]string{"wordpress/0_a_1", "wordpress/0_a_0"}, Error:<nil>}}}02:15
davecheney... expected params.StringsWatchResults = params.StringsWatchResults{Results:[]params.StringsWatchResult{params.StringsWatchResult{StringsWatcherId:"1", Changes:[]string{"wordpress/0_a_0", "wordpress/0_a_1"}, Error:<nil>}}}02:15
davecheney[LOG] 0:00.471 INFO juju.provider.dummy reset environment02:15
davecheney[LOG] 0:00.471 INFO juju.state.apiserver [30] user-admin API connection terminated after 204.572645ms02:15
davecheney[LOG] 0:00.476 INFO juju.testing reset successfully reset admin password02:15
davecheney[LOG] 0:00.490 INFO juju.testing reset successfully reset admin password02:16
davecheney[LOG] 0:00.494 INFO juju.testing reset successfully reset admin password02:16
davecheney[LOG] 0:00.494 ERROR juju.state.apiserver.common error stopping *state.actionWatcher resource: state has been closed02:16
davecheneyOOPS: 50 passed, 1 FAILED02:16
davecheney--- FAIL: Test (22.56s)02:16
davecheneyFAIL    github.com/juju/juju/state/apiserver/uniter     22.721s02:16
sebas5384davecheney: pastebin dude! :)02:21
davecheneymenn0, thumper: nag for the OCR, https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/30503:10
* thumper should check to see if he is OCR03:10
thumperdavecheney: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/290 if you feel like returning the favour03:26
davecheneythumper: i can do that04:23
* thumper has another dependent branch ready04:31
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* davecheney deletes many duplicate worker/mockConfig types06:35
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jamdimitern: morning, be there in just a sec07:01
dimiternjam, morning, me too :)07:02
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dimiternTheMue, morning08:42
jammorning TheMue09:00
natefinchjam: morning10:04
natefinchheh, gonna be a quiet day, since everyone from the US core devs except me gets a swap day today10:28
TheMuenatefinch: so go to bed again10:35
TheMuenatefinch: morning btw10:35
TheMuenatefinch: ;)10:35
natefinchHeh, it's ok, maybe I'll get some work done today10:35
jammorning natefinch10:37
jamnatefinch: I thought you wouldn't be in today, sorry I missed you10:37
jam(I have our standup in 10 min)10:37
natefinchjam: it's ok, no problem10:37
natefinchjam: I don't get a swap day today, since I didn't go anywhere :)  Just a regular week driving into the office.  It's funny, I forgot how much I dislike that :)10:38
jamnatefinch: driving to work every day?10:40
natefinchIt's like 45 minutes in traffic, which is not the end of the world, but pleh.  What a waste of time.10:41
natefinch(The sprint was great, don't get me wrong, only the driving was a waste ;)10:41
TheMuenatefinch: yes, and in case of having this all working days simply count up the lost time (beside the additional cost)10:43
jamdimitern: TheMue: vladk: standup?10:46
TheMuejam: already coming ;)10:46
jamnatefinch: did the week go well other than the commute time ?10:46
dimiternjam, sorry, brt10:47
natefinchjam: The work week was great.  But at home, my A/C had a leak (yet again).  Such is life.10:48
bodie_morning all12:59
TheMuebodie_: morning12:59
natefinchmorning bodie_13:00
bodie_addressed TheMue 's comments on PR 301, pushing them up in a moment here13:18
bodie_https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/301 should be good to go13:24
bodie_would appreciate LGTM!13:25
TheMuebodie_: I’m looking again.13:26
TheMuebodie_: It already has been ok, only the comments you now addressed13:27
bodie_TheMue, I mentioned this in the comments but fwereade had indicated he really wanted a refactor of the uniter context and runhook13:27
bodie_I'm working on a (pretty bloated by this point) PR to address a lot of that which splits hook context and hides a lot of content inside the new types13:28
jam1natefinch: just to remind you guys that I'm on13:28
jam1on-call IRC master today13:28
jam1so ping either jam1 or jam if you have questions13:28
natefinchjam1: thanks.  I think you can probably bail today.  Everyone except me has a swap day today.13:29
natefinch(everyone in the US that is)13:29
TheMuebodie_: LGTM13:33
bodie_TheMue, I still need another lgtm, right?  I'm never quite certain when I need two13:33
TheMuebodie_: one is ok13:34
bodie_cool, thanks!13:34
jam1natefinch: dang, I was hoping you meant I got a swap day, too :)13:40
vladkdimitern: I've committed https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/12113:40
dimiternvladk, thanks, I'll have a look13:42
* TheMue too13:42
dimiternvladk, re your question about tests - using statetesting.AssertOneChange() and so should be enough, as these methods internally call StartSync13:42
natefinchjam1: haha13:43
bacallenap: in your vast azure experience did you ever look at using floating ips?13:58
TheMuedimitern: would you take a look at https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/306 too? I’m using now dynamic addreeses here.14:07
dimiternTheMue, sure, in a bit14:11
TheMuedimitern: thx14:13
dimiternTheMue, LGTM14:14
TheMuedimitern: ta (and jam1 too) ;)14:15
dimiternvladk, reviewed14:31
dimiternTheMue, please take a look https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/30715:04
dimiternwhen you can15:04
TheMuedimitern: sure, just seen the mail :)15:05
dimiternTheMue, cheers! :)15:05
TheMuedimitern: oh, ONLY 24 files :D15:05
dimiternTheMue, heh, changes to agent/environ config have this effect yes :)15:06
TheMuedimitern: yeah, some are that extensive15:07
* dimitern needs to step out, bbl15:08
alexisbjog, welcome to juju-dev!15:20
jogthanks alexisb, happy to be here!15:20
TheMuejog: heya also by me (from Germany)15:21
joghi TheMue, thanks15:24
alexisbnatefinch, jam1: looks like we have a github defect open:15:31
alexisbrick_h__ pointed it out to me15:31
TheMuedimitern: if you’re back, you’ve got a review15:50
bodie_trying to understand a yaml error15:51
bodie_"could not find expected directive name"15:52
bodie_as I understand it, directives are optional15:52
TheMuebodie_: where exactly you get it?15:52
natefinchalexisb: pleh, looks like those instance types were just added July 115:53
natefinch(to AWS, not juju)15:53
bodie_http://paste.ubuntu.com/7794085/ TheMue15:53
bodie_TheMue, perhaps this is a different error -- it indicates the problem is on line 1315:54
bodie_which doesn't seem to exist15:54
TheMuebodie_: could you also paste a code snippet?15:54
bodie_yeah... let me just shoot you the real thing highlighted on github15:55
bodie_TheMue, https://github.com/binary132/juju/blob/367f2b557fa09665bc77bff482e609ea9ac6be3b/worker/uniter/uniter_test.go#L267-L28316:01
bodie_that's where the yaml is getting generated16:01
bodie_I suspect the issue might be on line 279, but that's based on something that is known working16:01
tasdomaswhen trying to run 'juju debug-log' with trunk, I get: ERROR cannot open log file: open /var/log/juju/all-machines.log: no such file or directory16:02
tasdomasis there a way to view the juju log by ssh'ing into the state server?16:03
bodie_TheMue, perhaps looking at my spaghetti code tests isn't the best way to spend your time ;)16:03
bodie_http://paste.ubuntu.com/7794138/ will perhaps be more helpful (TheMue)16:06
TheMuetasdomas: juju ssh 016:07
TheMuebodie_: hehe, will look there too16:07
bodie_the error is shown on line 1346 of that output16:07
tasdomasTheMue - that part I know, which log files do I look in?16:07
TheMuetasdomas: in that directory /var/log/juju take a look at machine-0.log16:08
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tasdomasTheMue, thanks - that file seems to be not a complete replacement for the debug-log16:11
TheMuetasdomas: no, that’s the all-machines.log. debug-log only is the command for it16:11
TheMuetasdomas: local provider?16:11
tasdomasTheMue, ec216:12
TheMuetasdomas: astonishing16:12
tasdomasTheMue - unrelated question - there is a way to connect to the juju mongo instance, right?16:12
TheMuetasdomas: in which way? with a cli client?16:13
TheMuebodie_: just for info, I’m still reading code and log16:13
tasdomasTheMue, yes, from within the state server16:13
TheMuetasdomas: afaik not, only using a coded client, like we do with mgo16:14
tasdomasTheMue, thanks16:17
TheMuetasdomas: sorry for having no better info16:17
TheMuetasdomas: do you have services deployed or only bootstrapped?16:18
tasdomasTheMue - I have services deployed, but I'm trying to debug an ec2 deployment16:18
TheMuetasdomas: the wanted all-machines.log is an aggregation of machne-0.log machine-1.log etc16:20
tasdomasTheMue, yes, I understand that16:21
TheMuetasdomas: that’s why I asked for deployed services. it’s strange you don’t find an all-machines.log then.16:22
TheMuebodie_: in your created output, line 11, why is outfile in square brackets?16:26
bodie_TheMue, it's my understanding that yaml permits lists in square brackets16:28
bodie_required is expected to be a list16:28
bodie_I think the bit: content := fmt.Sprintf(actionsYamlFull, filepath.Base(actionsYamlPath))16:29
bodie_was the issue16:29
bodie_I've got it validating now16:29
TheMuebodie_: that’s not what I expect when getting a YAML prefixed error16:31
bodie_I'm not sure I understand the utility of that clause16:31
TheMuebodie_: I know YAML list written with - on new lines16:32
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jamnatefinch: fwiw T2 are going to be interesting, because they come with a lot of different constraints. They are cheaper, but must be in VPC (cannot be used in Classic mode), they "accrue" CPU credits that they can use to burst, etc17:40
jamThey actually sound like a decent fit for the juju state server (if you consider that it usually goes quiet once everything is stable)17:40
jambut the networking around them means they aren't just like other instances17:40
natefinchjam: very interesting.  I hadn't looked into all the differences.... the CPU credits is kind of an interesting idea17:42
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allenapbac: It rings a bell. It might all come back if you want me to look at something.19:04
bacallenap: looking into using floating ip on azure it seems to not be possible.  i was hoping to verify that with someone with lots of azure expertise.19:06
bacallenap: but we can chat about it tomorrow, since you're well past eod19:08
bodie_anyone know when fwereade will be around for me to pester?19:11
bodie_mgz will do as well19:11
allenapbac: I’m around now, but tomorrow would be better. Too many things to do this evening!19:46
bacallenap: sure19:47
bactomorrow is better19:47
bacallenap: perhaps have a look at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/azure/dn690120.aspx tomorrow and we can chat around 1300UTC19:49
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EgoistIs there any way to look how many units is in service, from hook code?20:40
thumperha... thought it was quiet21:50
thumperhad forgotten to start the irc client21:51
thumpero/ ChrisW121:52
ChrisW1okay, so what does '0/' mean?21:55
ChrisW1o/, even21:55
ChrisW1seen it several times tonight, feeling out of touch21:56
sebas5384what would it be the better approach for charm scaling?22:20
sebas5384things like sharing files using nfs or glusterfs came to my mind22:22
sebas5384i found this storage charm but I don't know if is a good optin22:24
sebas5384marcoceppi: would you recommend the gluster-server and gluster-client charms for scaling?22:24
voidspac_wwitzel3: ping22:25
sebas5384ok, looking over ceph now22:42
* thumper needs a git master22:58
thumperI need to unfuck a branch22:58
cmarsthumper, mind if I join onyx standup today? also, I'm not too shabby at git23:00
thumpercmars: go ahead23:00
ChrisW1thumper: what's your git problem?23:04

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