rick_h__howdy huwshimi 00:41
huwshimirick_h__: Hey00:42
rick_h__huwshimi: updated the board with the list of things I think we need for release00:44
rick_h__talked with Luca, they've tweaked some things and so we're not shooting for release this week, but for the first week post-london00:44
huwshimirick_h__: Ah ok, that's a shame :)00:44
rick_h__huwshimi: so anything you can crank out from the todo side of the board is appreciated. We need to have the release by that week so when I go to leader sprint I can demo it00:45
rick_h__and Mark S won't hang me by my britches :)00:45
huwshimirick_h__: Yep, no problems.00:45
rick_h__huwshimi: let me know if you hit any questions on any of the cards, and if you do, feel free to put it back and grab something more clear until I can update and word things better00:46
rick_h__party party00:46
huwshimirick_h__: In my current branch I have something that has a data-bind="something", which works, but I want to test it, it appears to be bound to a model, but I don't have that model in my test, I'm just a bit confused about what I need to do to get a data-bind actually bound to anything at all00:48
rick_h__huwshimi: hmm, I'd push the branch up and send an email asking for test help. And I'll get you some from jeff or matt in the morning00:49
rick_h__I'm not sure myself without looking at it closely00:49
huwshimirick_h__: Sure, I'll send an email. I'll tackle something else today then.00:50
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bachi rick_h__, you around?12:05
rick_h__bac: yep, on the phone what's up?12:05
bacrick_h__: nothing important. ping me when ^otp12:06
rick_h__bac rgr12:06
bacer !otp12:06
rick_h__bac: I've got 1212:48
bacrick_h__: short.  i was just going to mention i inadvertantly requested this thursday and friday off.  but there's no reason i cannot work thursday so i'd like to cancel it.12:49
bacjust wanted to give you a heads up before you got stuff from the hr site12:49
rick_h__bac: ok, will cancel thurs, /me goes to look12:50
bacrick_h__:  i can do it12:50
bacrick_h__: will cancel swap on thursday, vacation on friday, and make friday swap.12:50
rick_h__bac: rgr12:51
* rogpeppe goes for lunch13:21
rick_h__hatch: huw hit an issue with testing and data binding in a branch he was working on last night. 14:42
rick_h__hatch: if you get a sec, can you look at his email to the list about it and maybe help him get the tests started/going please?14:42
hatchyeah there are other tests with use the databinding14:42
hatchI'll have to dig one up14:42
rick_h__hatch: yep, ty much. With time constraints the more help he gets the better. 14:43
hatchwelp no wonder he had a hard time testing it14:46
hatchit's not hooked up....14:46
hatchbut it works14:46
hatchoy vey 14:46
rick_h__yea, he mentioned it worked but couldn't figure out how to test it right14:46
hatchjujugui call in 1014:50
rick_h__candadian time :P14:50
rick_h__one min fast14:50
rick_h__or my laptop is a min slow :/14:50
hatchI don't think i've ever set my clock.....blame Apple14:56
hatchok I know what the issue is with huw's branch I'll reply to his email with instructions14:57
rick_h__hatch: ty much14:57
rick_h__jujugui call in 1 go go go15:00
jcsackettrick_h__: trying to join--no google page will load for me.15:03
jcsackettbe there asap..15:03
rick_h__Makyo: jcsackett ^15:03
rick_h__jcsackett: k15:03
hatchlazyPower thanks :) so now how do I update the charm? 15:11
hatchThey are working on the internets again it's so darn laggy15:13
rick_h__hatch: by now are you offering to just connect their wires for them?15:14
hatchrick_h__ it's getting to be close to that, I'm seriously doubting their ability to do anything at this point15:14
rick_h__hatch: /me pushes you good interweb lucks15:15
hatchhaha thanks15:15
hatchjrwren lol gulp...js....ahh what an ecosystem we have15:15
hatchso we are teaching our niece how to read....apparently English is a disaster of a language, how did it become the international language of commerce...lol15:16
hatch"i before e except after c, or whenever the heck it doesn't feel like it"15:16
jrwreni blame windows.15:17
jrwrenif windows would just ship a sensible make, this would not be an issue.15:17
hatchoh that's a _long_ O....no reason, it just is15:17
hatchwindows....windows....hmm that's that operating system that people used 10 years ago right?15:18
jrwrenhatch: I thought it was a desktop gaming platform or something.15:38
bacjujugui: comingsoon.jujucharms.com now points to our azure instance.  let me know if you see wonkiness.15:39
hatchjrwren lol15:40
rick_h__bac: awesome thanks15:47
hatchjcsackett hey which branches have you reviewed? or do you want me to just take em?15:47
rick_h__hazmat: you can shut'er down now thanks for running that for so long15:47
hatchit's a monumental day15:48
hatchshould we light a candle for that instance?15:48
hatchjcsackett ok I'll take em15:48
rick_h__hatch: heh, /me plays taps 15:50
hatchwell I updated my laptop15:50
hatchthere goes my bootloader again15:51
hatchI really wish it wouldn't do that15:51
bachazmat: maybe don't pull the plug yet.  dns hasn't fully propogated yet.15:58
hatchyeah I'm getting some oddities there16:04
hatchrick_h__ a mv blocker bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/134165316:10
_mup_Bug #1341653: Cannot drop an unplaced unit on a ghost container <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1341653>16:10
bacjujugui: one of our 3 dns servers is not updating, so that change won't become reliable until it does.16:13
rick_h__bac: ok thanks for the heads up16:14
rick_h__hatch: looking16:14
rick_h__hatch: k, added to the board16:15
hatchjujugui is there an 'easy' way to run charmworld locally? with this internet it's killing me to load the requests every time16:19
jrwrenwhat is charmworld?16:20
rick_h__hatch: :/ juju deploy the bundle into a local lxc and wait hours for it to populate?16:20
hatchrick_h__ hmm, not so awesome :)16:20
rick_h__jrwren: http://launchpad.net/charmworld and http://manage.jujucharms.com/16:21
rick_h__hatch: yea, pretty much16:21
hatchok well maybe the net will get better sooner rather than later :)16:21
hazmatbac, rick_h__ i'll hold off till later this week (wed/thursday)16:24
hazmatbac, rick_h__ and thanks!16:24
jcsacketthatch: it's seriously fun seeing the ghost icon appear in the charmbrowser while working today. :)17:12
rick_h__jcsackett: hatch :)17:13
rick_h__rock on17:13
hatchjcsackett haha nice - I guess this means I will now have to deploy my blog as a ghost blog....and figure out how to move my tumblr posts to it17:14
jcsacketthatch: same for me.17:14
hatchyou're also on tumblr?17:14
jcsacketthatch: i actually use a static generator right now and syndicate to tumblr with ifttt.17:14
jcsackettbut i had to migrate from tumblr to the static, and now i have to figure out how to migrate the static to ghost.17:15
jcsacketti think it's just a case of scripting something that takes the .md files and dumps 'em into ghost json.17:15
hatchahh - I was hoping tumblr has an api so I can write a python script or something to port them over17:15
jcsacketthatch: since you've got a mac, tumblr has an export tool you can run to pull down all your stuff.17:16
jcsackettit's a desktop thing, pulls down a goofy formatted archive folder.17:16
jcsacketthatch: tumblr definitely has an API, but i don't know what level of data it gives you. it might be write-only, since they're keen on sucking things into tumblr, not so much broadcasting them out. :p17:16
jcsackettbut there must be something, b/c there are (or were) some third party ios tumblr apps that could view posts etc.17:17
hatchahh cool then 17:17
hatchI'll have to look into it17:17
hatchI haven't done any research yet17:17
hatchjcsackett you did the review on my branch for the scale up service tokens one right?17:26
jcsacketthatch: i believe so--saw one UI oddity that i don't think was your branch that i asked you to throw a card/bug up for follow up, but otherwise it was :+1:17:27
hatchI'm trying to figure out the best place to put the util method for adding units17:27
hatchany preference? I was thinking views/utils.js?17:27
jcsackettthe bit you can break out?17:27
jcsackettthat loop?17:28
hatchyou'd have to pass in ref to the env and db but I think that that would be acceptable 17:28
jcsacketthatch: i don't know. view/utils.js seems overly generic for something that, while a utility, is pretty much only useful for machine stuff.17:29
jcsackettthat said, i can't think of a better place.17:29
hatchwell it needs to be accesible from the inspector scale up view and the machine scale up view17:29
jcsacketthatch: ah, right.17:29
hatchI was also thinking extension....17:29
hatchbut an extension for one method is....overkill?17:29
jcsacketthatch: yeah, i don't love it, but i can't think of a better place.17:29
jcsacketthatch: agreed.17:29
jcsackettgo for views/utils17:30
hatchsounds like a plan17:30
rogpeppeg'night all17:44
rick_h__have a good evening rogpeppe 17:45
hatchrick_h__ we just had an intermittent landing failure from the pyjuju test suite, it might be time to look at cutting that out if it proves to be a bigger issue 17:47
rick_h__hatch: rgr, it's one of the cards I've got in the maint queue for post MV 1.017:48
rick_h__hatch: if only to speed up tests and start to clean out some code. 17:48
hatchyeah I've never seen a failure out of it until today17:49
lazyPowerhatch: https://jujucharms.com/precise/ghost/ - whats this I see here?18:00
hatchhaha yes thanks muchly!18:00
hatchso now how do I update it when I do more work on it?18:00
lazyPowersame process18:01
lazyPowercreate a MP, assign charmers as the reviewer, it'll show up in the rev queue18:01
lazyPoweryou need to point the MP at lp:~charmers/charms/precise/ghost/trunk18:01
lazyPowergood question - i'll update my canned response to include the upstream target18:01
hatchok cool - I can't wait until we can provide custom links for bugs and source and whatnot18:02
Makyojujugui PR for destroyMachines in ECS/deployer bar: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/43418:34
hatchMakyo I'm just about to grab some lunch so I can do it when I get back if noone else has18:42
Makyohatch, np, thanks18:42
jcsackettMakyo: i'm free now, i'll take a look.18:51
jcsackettMakyo: some questions (not blocking +1) on your PR, but unfortunately there was a QA issue too.19:21
hatchhumble bundle is such a horrible service - it provides good games at a great price.....and I have no time to play them19:49
* rick_h__ runs to take boy to swim class 20:08
hatchjujugui does anyone know why the constraints for the inspector scale-up vs the create machine constraints are different? Is this a bug?20:12
hatchthat moment when you can't figure out what the heck is breaking so you put a debugger in which causes it to cache-bust and it works....20:24
jcsacketti hate that moment.20:32
MakyoI've gotten in the habit of just ctrl-shift-R whenever I have the debugger open to force reload.20:33
hatchwell with the debugger open it's supposed to always reload20:36
hatchbut doesn't seem to happen20:36
hatchmaybe I'll also try the ctrl+shift+r technique though :)20:37
* bac early dog walk. bbiab.20:37
hatchheh this scale-up auto-place is pretty cool20:40
hatchrick_h__ not sure if you're back yet but this should prooooobably also be in the mv bug list https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/134175121:29
_mup_Bug #1341751: constraints inputs don't match across the various create machine sections <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1341751>21:29
hatchjcsackett you ran into an issue before where an event being fired from a viewlet wasn't bubbling to the browser.js what ended up being the issue?21:43
jcsacketthatch: i never solved it--we tabled the work as low priority.21:43
hatchoh...darn, I'm running into that right now too21:43
hatchswitching from the manually place inspector to the machine view21:43
jcsacketthatch: there's something confusing in the viewlet creation stuff.21:44
hatchit was the overview viewlet that you were trying to fire an event from too wasn't it?21:44
jcsacketthatch: no, i was able to get the viewlet to fire a changeState (i *think*) for the unit details view.21:44
jcsacketthatch: it was the service config one.21:44
jcsackettit's target (when calling getTargets) was listed as the inspector, and empirically things that have the inspector as a target can successfully fire changeState...and yet.21:45
hatchyep that's the same issue I'm at21:46
hatchw t h21:46
hatchok I'm going to bench this then21:46
hatchbecause there is clearly something wrong with it 21:46
hatchpeople right now will have to click the machine button I guess :)21:46
jcsacketthatch: post mv release we *really* need to pick apart viewlets, slots, etc.21:47
hatchyeah - it's really not that complicated architecture but the slots thing was always tacked on the outside, even as far back as the start of viewlets21:51
hatchjcsackett I think the issue with these events is a yui bug, we should look into updating our version of YUI (we are only 7! versions back) 21:58
rick_h__hatch: looking21:59
MakyoHail + line-of-sight internet22:09
hatchlol yeah? no more 700ms pings?22:12
MakyoPing as fine, as long as there's not any ice in the way.22:12
hatchbetter get out there with the ice pick in the winter :)22:20
hatchat the lake when it rains to hard the sat tv goes out heh22:21
MakyoYEah, it's more like that.  The antenna is under the eaves, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.22:23
hatchahh nice - yeah our dish has to point almost horizontal to get the signal because it's so far north so the signal is weak as it is22:26
hatchmorning huwshimi 23:06
huwshimihatch: Hey23:06
hatchI responded to your email, I hope it gets you in the right direction23:06
hatchI'm done hooking up the back-end, just writing tests for the scale-up ui so try to not change the markup too much :)23:07
hatchI got to run but I'll bbl if you run into issues setting up your tests23:14
hatchjust remember that you don't necessarily need to test that databinding 'works' just that it's hooked up23:14
hatchthere (should be) tests which show weather or not it's working heh23:14
hatchanywho bbl23:14

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