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stubIf my charm only runs under precise with the cloud:icehouse archive, should I automatically add this repository? Or should I require the operator to explicitly specify it, in case they need to pull dependencies from elsewhere?10:18
blackboxswhey gents11:04
jcastroheya lazyPower14:51
jcastroDo you have the URL to your bundle?14:51
StoneTablewrt charm-tools on lp, what determines when a build is made available for download? i.e., 1.2.10 is the latest in that branch, but only 1.2.9 is packaged up?15:40
StoneTableI ask because homebrew (osx) pulls 1.2.9, which doesn't support templates w/charm-create15:41
marcoceppiStoneTable: 1.2.10 should be packaged up15:52
* marcoceppi checks15:52
marcoceppiStoneTable: rather, 1.3.215:52
marcoceppiI need to update homebrew15:52
StoneTableMaybe I'm looking in the wrong place? https://launchpad.net/charm-tools/+download15:53
marcoceppiStoneTable: refresh, I just updated the 1.3.2 release15:53
marcoceppiI forgot to do so for the last two releases15:53
StoneTableExcellent, thanks! I'll update the homebrew formula and test/send pull request15:54
marcoceppiStoneTable: awesome, thank you!15:54
marcoceppiStoneTable: it should be noted, i think we added some dependencies in 1.3 series, I think that the way the forumual works this won't be a problem but I dont' have a mac to test15:55
StoneTableI noticed that. I'll test and update as needed. Thanks!15:55
jcastroasanjar, got it, bundle deploying!16:05
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jcastro      charm: "cs:trusty/mysql-1"16:23
jcastro      num_units: 116:23
jcastro      dataset-size: 512M16:23
jcastrois that the correct formatting for dataset size?16:23
jcastronot sure if I should have " or not around the 512M16:24
marcoceppijcastro: it will work either way, there's no special characters tehre16:24
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jcastromarcoceppi, I'm still getting that despite setting that config value16:52
jcastroany ideas?16:52
marcoceppi"Initializing buffer pool, size = 12.3G"16:53
marcoceppithat is really wrong16:53
jcastroyeah, I set the config value though16:53
marcoceppijcastro: idk what to say16:54
marcoceppiI don't have time to debug atm16:54
jcastroI mean, I resolved it by hand16:55
jcastroI am just wondering why it didn't take with the bundle config16:55
jcastromarcoceppi, I will  buy you a bottle of something when you land your new rev of this charm16:55
* marcoceppi now has incentive16:55
jcastroasanjar, hey so16:58
jcastrojuju run --service hadoop-master “/usr/local/hadoop/terrasort.sh”16:58
jcastrothat is both mispelled and doesn't exist on disk16:58
jcastrojuju run --service hadoop-master "/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-hadoop-master-0/charm/scripts/terasort.sh"16:59
jcastroI found that on the hadoop-master node17:00
jcastrobut running it tells me hadoop command not found17:00
jcastroasanjar, ^17:00
jrwrenjcastro: its likely I broke that charm.17:04
jrwrenjcastro: I'll post a fix17:04
jrwrenjcastro: nevermind, I'm totally wrong. taht wasn't me.17:09
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asanjarjcastro: lets look at it .. https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/gvngjcf6moezlu53i4noau5x4ia17:14
jcastroThis party is over...17:14
jcastroasanjar, go to the team hangout17:14
asanjarjcastro: I am there17:16
asanjarcan u hear me17:16
jcastrolazyPower, ping17:21
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lazyPowerJoshStrobl: ping18:52
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schegijamespage, online??19:17
jamespageschegi, hey!19:40
jcastrolazyPower, http://pythonhosted.org/juju-deployer/config.html19:44
jcastrothat has example constraints for deployer19:44
lazyPowerjcastro: thanks, looking now19:44
lazyPowerjcastro: circling back - i can make another bundle with constraints as like oscon-recommended - would that be acceptable?19:45
lazyPowerok, i'll sneak that in the next update19:48
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mbruzekHello Jose20:36
mbruzekAre you available?20:37
josehey mbruzek20:37
mbruzekThe chamilo charm failed to install, I saw this error in the log files. Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?20:37
mbruzekis that a known bug?20:38
marcoceppimbruzek: this sounds like apt-get update not being run in the local provider template20:38
mbruzeklikely it is.20:38
mbruzeknot getting run20:38
mbruzekYou will have to bug thumper for that fix.20:39
marcoceppimbruzek: that's isolated to local provider templates20:39
marcoceppimbruzek: just rebuild your template or start the template, run apt-get update/ apt-get dist-upgrade, then stop it20:39
mbruzekI deleted the template today and got a new one today.20:39
marcoceppimbruzek: did you also delete the cloud image cache?20:40
mbruzekmarcoceppi, I did juju clean local20:40
mbruzekI believe that deletes the image cache now right?20:40
marcoceppimbruzek: for s&g, can you check the timestamp on /var/cache/lxc/cloud-*/*20:40
josembruzek, marcoceppi: is this a known/reported bug? it's been affecting me and some other people on the local provider20:41
mbruzekJun 30 05:2920:41
marcoceppimbruzek: last cloud images was released the 12th and the 14th20:43
marcoceppiyou have "stale" cache20:43
mbruzek for power?20:43
marcoceppiI'll check the juju-clean plugin20:43
marcoceppiI don't know about that20:43
mbruzeksudo rm -rf /var/cache/lxc/cloud-* || true20:43
mbruzekI see that line in juju-clean20:43
marcoceppiis that ppc63el ?20:43
marcoceppiis that ppc64el ?20:43
mbruzek-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 188205427 Jun 30 05:29 /var/cache/lxc/cloud-trusty/trusty-server-cloudimg-ppc64el-root.tar.gz20:44
marcoceppiyeah, it's out of date20:44
marcoceppiif you run that command does it actaully delete the image?20:44
marcoceppiwell, there's the problem!20:45
marcoceppican you remove the || true and see if it errors?20:45
marcoceppimbruzek: what does `sudo rm -rf /var/cache/lxc/cloud-*` say?20:46
mbruzekmarcoceppi, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7795354/20:49
marcoceppiwtf, why isn't sudo rm -rf wildcard working20:49
mbruzekI can not do sudo ls -l /var/cache/lxc/cloud-*20:49
mbruzekI have to always use cloud-trusty20:50
marcoceppimbruzek: oh, that's because of permissions20:50
marcoceppiyou don't have o+x on /var/cache/lxc20:50
marcoceppiso you can't list, so rm fails20:50
marcoceppiI'll put a proper patch up tonight20:50
marcoceppifor now, just delete the cloud-trusty and cloud-precise20:50
marcoceppirebootstrap, etc20:51
mbruzekwell power does not support precise so I will just add cloud-trusty for now.20:51
lazyPowermarcoceppi: should we be implicit with that pathing in the rm command then?20:52
marcoceppilazyPower: no, I'm just going to loop over all the known working series for now20:53
marcoceppiI mean, it's yes to your question20:53
marcoceppibut I'm just going to loop it20:53
lazyPoweri got what you were saying :)20:53
marcoceppiI think there is a way to get all the code names on Ubuntu somehow20:53
marcoceppiah, found it20:55
mbruzekmarcoceppi, I would like to know more about that20:55
mbruzekjose I did open a bug about this here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/133635320:57
_mup_Bug #1336353: juju should run apt-get update <apt-get> <proxy> <stale> <update> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1336353>20:57
josethanks mbruzek20:57
mbruzekjose the developers have not fixed it yet it is unassigned. I would appreciate some actual user input on this bug.20:57
josembruzek: I'm writing a comment right now :)20:58
mbruzekjose, I knew you would!20:58
marcoceppimbruzek: egrep -Eio "^Suite: ([a-z]+)$" /usr/share/python-apt/templates/Ubuntu.info | awk '{print $2}' | sort | uniq21:00
marcoceppithere's probably a more condensed way to do that, but  that will worok21:01
mbruzekWorks on Power!21:02
mbruzekOne of the few things to.21:02
mbruzekActually marcoceppi, it has "devel" in there.  That was not one of the releases was it?21:04
dpb1Hi all -- is calling config-changed on node reboot expected?21:18
ahasenackmarcoceppi: hi, do you know if juju is really supposed to call config-changed when a unit is rebooted?21:19
schegisomeone experience with the hacluster charm?21:22
mbruzekdpb1, ahasenack, I suspect more information would be needed, but I am going to say, no the state of the VM should not cause config-changed to be called.21:23
dpb1mbruzek: here is the log from unit start to where our config-change logging starts: https://pastebin.canonical.com/113471/21:25
mbruzekahasenack, Can you give us more information?21:25
dpb1mbruzek: I can give you whatever you would like.  I'm on the node here21:26
ahasenackmbruzek: it just happens. I'll reboot a "ubuntu" node and see the logs where it tries to call config-changed21:26
mbruzekahasenack, This is news to me, I have no idea how juju would keep track of the state of the charm like that.21:28
mbruzekahasenack, Is this behavior causing a problem?21:28
ahasenackoh yeah21:28
mbruzekahasenack, Because if config-changed is truly idempotent it should be OK to run that script over and over again.21:29
ahasenackdpb1 is debugging it, so far seems it's a race between the "service foo start" from config-changed and another "service foo start" from the normal boot process21:29
* mbruzek is testing this on his machine21:30
dpb1yes, at least with start-stop-daemon, there is no locking, so there are races around creation of the pidfile..21:32
ahasenackmbruzek: from the docs, it might even be it's on purpose:21:34
ahasenackconfig-changed runs in several different situations.21:34
ahasenack    immediately after "install"21:34
ahasenack    immediately after "upgrade-charm"21:34
ahasenack    at least once when the unit agent is restarted (but, if the unit is in an error state, it won't be run until after the error state is cleared).21:34
ahasenacksee the "at least" bit21:34
mbruzekahasenack, well there you have it.  I was unaware of that.21:35
mbruzekahasenack, The unit agent must signal to juju that it was restarted21:36
schegianyone experienced with the hacluster charm?21:51
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sebas5384i'm starting the scaling part of the charm I'm doing23:28
sebas5384what should be the better path here?23:28
sebas5384ceph, nfs, glusterFS ... ?23:28
sebas5384there's a storage charm too23:29
sebas5384i'm really tented into ceph23:29
sebas5384someone? :P23:41
sebas5384ceph seems to really big for a drupal charm hehe23:42
josewell, I've seen mediawiki use nfs23:44
joseas well as owncloud23:44
sebas5384yeah jose, and the wordpress charm too23:46
josegive nfs a shot, maybe?23:46
sebas5384yeah but something about distributed file systems took me attention23:47
sebas5384ceph and glusterfs distribution is awsome23:47
sebas5384but yeah at first nfs is a good option23:48
sebas5384i don't know man, scaling with nfs not seems right to me hehe23:49
sebas5384but yeah, I should give it a try first23:50

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