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NoskcajAre there any OSes other than ubuntu that run packaging through launchpad05:34
wgrantNoskcaj: A number of Ubuntu derivatives use PPAs.05:37
Noskcajwgrant, I was meaning the bzr usage and semi-automatic merges05:38
NoskcajSomething like that would be preferable to manually trying to find a diff, as tanglu does now05:39
wgrantOnly Ubuntu uses package-import (aka. lp:udd) and merge-o-matic today, but there's no reason they couldn't be used for another distribution if somebody wanted to set them up elsewhere.05:40
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Anonymous42Its great that I can hide my email, but can I hide my timezone?21:22
Anonymous42I'm in one that has a city name in it, so I'd rather not others know21:23
cjwatsonAnonymous42: I don't think so, but most timezones have several different names along the line of longitude, so you could always pick a different one of those ... even the city-named ones often cover a sizeable amount of land outside the city21:57
Anonymous42cjwatson: Issue is, though, we don't use DST where I am and I'm north-south surrounded by people who do, so I can't change it or all the times will be wrong anyway22:04
Anonymous42Don't worry though, I just looked it up and my timezone is very very very big so it's ok22:08

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