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fareshi all16:23
faresi want to install lubuntu in a server  and install  server package in it  how?16:24
fareshelp plz16:26
melodie_what about installing Ubuntu server, and from there install lubuntu-desktop?16:29
melodie_lubuntu-desktop is a meta package16:29
melodie_fares well tell me what kind of server you need, maybe the other way around might be alright16:30
faresi want a sever to setup  a erp software in it  for my company16:31
melodie_fares which erp software have you chosen? I have had recent experiments with two of them, if I can help16:36
melodie_I don't know this one16:41
melodie_what are the requirements? LAMP? Else? Posgres?16:42
faresapatche     mariadb16:43
faresthis is install script  https://github.com/frappe/frappe-bench/blob/master/install_scripts/install_ubuntu.sh16:45
phillwfares: if you install server, tasksel will invite you install LAMP, mailserver, ssh etc etc. you will also be able to install a desktop system. Having browsers on a server is not really recommended.16:53
faresphillw :  i need the browseres  for local use  only16:57
fareswhat is your advise16:58
phillwfares: then ufw can block the ports for you. You may find installing lubuntu-core is a better way forward if you don't need the word-processor / spreadheet / music / video applications?16:59
phillwyou will have access to a basic GUI system and then add just what you want.16:59
phillwYou need to roll your sleeves up, as it is command line stuff to begin with :)17:00
faresinstall core from ubuntu desktop cd  or server cd17:14
faresphillw   : thank your  for your help17:18
faresmelodie_   : thank your  for your help17:18
melodie_fares no problem, if phillw can help you better I am happy about it17:22
faresno  i mean   agreat thanks  for you  about  answer  my q17:23
phillwfares: install from server cd. Add in LAMP (you waid you wanted that) and also SSH if you ever want to log in from a remote system also add lubuntu core (you can do this by arrowing down the tasksel list and pressing the space bar to put an '*' in the box. Once done, press Tab key and tell it to get on with it :)17:24
faresdo you mean type it in the command line after finish the ubuntu server install17:27
faresoh   yah  in the install17:30
faresdid the  optional package need internet  connection17:31
phillwfares: the server install trips in something called tasksel.. it looks like this... http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=11917:31
phillwfares: yes, it will need internet as it will be downloading what you have asked for.17:32
phillwon that area, it is adding LAMP to a desktop system... but the instructions and added details are the same.17:32
faresif  i have  internet connection  need to open the browser to enter user and pass to  connect  how can i do it?17:33
phillwyou do not use a browser for server, you use terminal (CLI)17:37
faresi will take you advise   ,thank you17:41
Tonioya t il une personne pour m'aider ?20:20
rafaellagunasorry, do you speak english?20:20
Tonioa little ...20:20
Tonioi need help for Lubuntu20:21
rafaellagunatell me, if I can help you20:21
Tonioi have just to install Lubuntu20:21
Tonioi have one problem20:21
Tonioi can't to connect in my session20:21
rafaellagunacan you see the connection applet?20:21
rafaellagunaat the panel20:22
Tonioyess i see20:22
Toniobut the name20:22
Toniois not my login name but the pc name20:22
Tonioand when i type the good passaword20:22
rafaellagunaoh, you mean your session20:22
Toniothey are no connection20:23
rafaellagunano internet connection under your session / login?20:23
Toniowhen i type a wrong password pc say "the password is wrong"20:23
rafaellagunanormal :)20:23
phillwTonio: what country are you from?20:23
rafaellagunaTonio, you should look at this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:23
rafaellagunathere're specific French IRC channels20:24
Unit193!fr | Tonio20:24
ubottuTonio: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:24
rafaellagunaubottu, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:24
Toniohooo ok sorry !20:24
phillwTonio: aussie http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-fr/20:24
rafaellagunadon't worrie :)20:24
rafaellagunaI'd like to help you more20:25
Toniosorry but i dont know to join  a french channel ...20:26
rafaellagunathe same way you joined this20:26
Tonioi had cliked in a web page20:26
Tonioa try20:26
rafaellagunado you have xchat app?20:27
rafaellagunaopen it and follow the instructions here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:28
phillwtonio_: melodie should be here any moment20:36
rafaellagunatonio_, et elle parle mieux le français que moi20:37
melodie_quoi ?20:54
phillwmelodie_:  ill20:54
melodie_tonio_ viens sur #linuxvillage20:54
melodie_tonio_ si tu n'attends pas trop longtemps je pourrais tenter de te dépanner, sauf que là il est tard20:55
tertuhow do i convince my stupid desktop to be 1366x76821:54
tertui had a multiple-monitor setup going and it keeps assuming i want to keep it21:54
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phillwtertu: it is possibly an X entry, else look into xandr22:03
tertuit's some crap in my xorg.conf i think22:04
tertuas this time arandr and xrandr, at least the options i know about, seem to be doing nothing about it22:05
tertuThe program that caused this mess, Catalyst, is too stupid to realize it did it22:08
tertuand now nothing works22:08
phillwtertu: please22:09
phillwwhy do I bother22:09
ikoniadoes that translate to "go to hell, stop bothering me"22:09
bodhi_zazenlmao ikonia22:10
tertuaaanyways if i ever do use a dual-monitor setup again, and i probably won't22:10
ikoniaI don't think it does22:10
ikoniabut apparantly it does22:10
phillwikonia: no, it means please await while I get bodhi_zazen on board to help.... what is your issue?22:11
ikoniaphillw: "why do I bother" means please wait ?22:11
ikoniathat seems an odd way to say "please wait"22:11
phillwikonia: it can do22:11
ikoniaI don't think so22:11
ikoniaI don't see any form of english that "why do I bother" translates to "please wait while I get someone else"22:11
phillwjust depends if it is your mentor....22:12
ikoniano, I don't think it does22:12
* ianorlin thinks it means *phillw is frustrated22:12
ikoniagood job this channels logged22:12
* ikonia goes off to compose an email 22:12
phillwbodhi_zazen: (20:18:33) ikonia: can't be bothered22:12
bodhi_zazenwhat video card are we playing with and which driver ?22:12
phillwit was he22:12
bodhi_zazenand can we xrandr | pastebinit22:13
phillwtertu: ^^22:16
ianorlinxrandr |pastebinit is a good idea22:16
phillwI've asked for a professional to assist you.22:16
phillwooh... 2 professionals!!! hiyas ianorlin22:17
tertuit's back to normal now22:17
bodhi_zazen'lo ianorlin22:17
tertuand really, that wouldn't have been helpful22:17
tertuxrandr was displaying the same stuff then22:18
tertuall that changed in my xorg.conf, though, was the second monitor getting disabled22:19
tertuso i guess that's it22:19
bodhi_zazenbad xorg.conf ?22:19
phillwbodhi_zazen: there is no 'bad' xorg.conf....... just one that needs tweaking :D22:20
ikoniaof course there is a bad one22:21
ikoniaones that are configured wrong22:21
phillwikonia: : there is no 'bad' xorg.conf....... just one that needs tweaking :D22:21
ikoniaof course there is a bad one22:22
ikoniaif one is configured wrong it will stop your xorg from even starting up22:22
phillwcontinue to read it until it has been fixed22:22
ikoniacontinue to read what ?22:22
phillwikonia: nope, just fire nomodeset to grub...22:22
ikoniaerr that won't do anything to xorg22:22
ikoniaif it's ocnfiugred wrong,22:23
phillwikonia: grub is boss.... http://askubuntu.com/questions/16371/how-do-i-disable-x-at-boot-time-so-that-the-system-boots-in-text-mode And I can go find you many more....22:25
ikoniadisabling X does not fix a badly configured X server22:26
ikoniado you even understand what you're telling people ?22:26
ianorlinphillw his problem is his resoultion is wrong22:26
phillwdo not mess with grub,22:26
ikoniaphillw: you have no idea what you are saying22:26
phillwianorlin: his problem is his attitude is wrong. nomodeset will give you a basic system.22:27
ikoniahis attitude is wrong ???22:27
phillwnothing fancy.22:27
ikoniawhat are you talking about22:27
ikoniahe has a duff xorg from the propritary driver install22:27
phillwwho has?22:27
ikoniahe wants to get it working again with 2 screens22:27
ikoniaand you're offering advice such as "there is no such thing as a bad config" and "use nomodeset" and "grub is king"22:28
ianorlintertu what sizes are your two different monitors and what resolution do you want to set each one at and mirrored or on the side of each other?22:28
tertuthe resolutions are fine22:29
tertumy other monitor is not hooked up right now22:29
tertuthe problem is, after i disconnected my second monitor, it was stuck in dual-monitor mode22:30
phillwtertu: that is a know issue for lxandr22:30
tertuso i had a 2646x1024 desktop with a 1366x768 monitor22:30
tertuis lxandr the LXDE component that handles that or is it a configuration utility22:31
tertuif it's the latter i didn't use it22:31
ianorlinah you used arnandr right22:31
tertuinitially i didn't know about arandr22:31
tertuso i used Catalyst to set it up but, of course, Catalyst kinda fucked it up22:31
tertui used arandr to fix it later22:32
tertuthis time arandr didn't work so i ended up using catalyst22:32
tertuwhich DID fix the problem but only after it hosed up my X session and i needed to reboot22:32
phillwtertu:when you switch between having monitor and not, you need to boot with the 2nd monitor powered up and connected, and also have it disconncted.22:32
tertuall to flip one goddamn boolean in xorg.conf22:32
phillwaranrdr may be be better for 'hot plugging' but it uses more resources for any one who has lubuntu. We have to keep it low resource.22:33
tertumakes sense.22:34
tertui could run ku on this laptop or xu definitely so resources aren't that much of an issue22:34
ikoniahow much of a difference are the resources22:34
ikoniabetween the two tools22:34
tertulxrandr's basically just a resolution control tool, arandr's a bit smarter than that so it's probably slower on something like an early 2000s dell22:35
tertuor some such22:35
phillwikonia: when the difference for live RAM is in the 10's of MB... enough22:35
ikoniafor live ram ?22:35
ikoniawhat is live ram22:35
phillwikonia: go have a try :)22:35
tertui think that means memory usage22:35
ikoniaphillw: I don't know, hence why I'm asking22:35
ikoniawhat's live ram22:35
ikoniain use ? active ?22:36
ianorlinram in live session?22:36
tertuin use22:36
phillwLiveCD is the highest RAM usage...22:36
ikoniaof course it is22:36
ikoniabecause it holds the file system in ram22:36
ikoniabut that what's my quesiton22:36
ikoniawhat is "live ram"22:36
phillwEven with zram, and two of the little critters, LiveCD is a maximum push for lubuntu.22:37
ikoniacan you please answer the question22:37
ikonianot random responses22:37
ikoniawhat is "live ram"22:37
phillwikonia: it is zram22:38
ikonialive ram is zram ?22:38
phillwit is ram that is compressed22:38
ianorlinI don't end up swaping on some comps with lubuntu just by running arandr22:38
ikoniawhat ???22:38
ikonia"live ram" is copressed ram22:38
ikoniawhere are you getting this stuff ???22:38
phillwikonia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zram it is included in lubuntu22:39
ikoniaphillw: I know what zram is22:39
ikoniaphillw: again, I didn't ask what zram was22:39
phillwso, why asking the q?22:40
ikoniaphillw: I asked what "live ram" is and for some reason you think "live ram" is compressed ram22:40
ikoniaphillw: because what you said makes no sense22:40
ikoniaso I'm asking for clarification22:40
phillwlive ram is also comprssed into two zram devices22:40
ikoniawhat is live ram ??22:40
ikoniayou keep referencing live ram as "something"22:40
ikoniabut you won't say what that thing is22:40
ikoniait is ram thats in use ? allocated ? what ?22:41
ikoniawhat is the definition of live ram that you keep referencing22:41
wxlphillw: i think ikonia is referring to http://rollingjackass.com/22:41
wxlooops wrong paste!22:41
wxl1535 < phillw:#lubuntu> ikonia: when the difference for live RAM is in the 10's of MB... enough22:41
phillwlubuntu has ram .. that is "live' --- real RAM actually compressed as opposed to swap space on a hard disk22:41
ianorlinso why not just say zram?22:42
phillwbecause his 'live' ram of, say 512Mb can appear to be 648 Mb.... So.. what is 'Live RAM' ? :)22:44
ikoniawhos ?22:44
ikoniawho is "his" ?22:44
phillwhave a scroll back, and you may notice that he understood zram before you decided to pull out an extended explanation from me, when if you had simply said you did not understand I could have given you a link.22:46
ikoniaI asked you "what is live ram"22:47
ikoniait can't get any more clear than that22:47
ikoniaYOU said "live ram" - I didn't understand and asked you "what is live ram" and you seem to be unable to explain the words you use22:47
wxlphillw: when you say "live ram" do you not mean the ram used when using a live cd?22:48
ikoniayou appear to make phraes/solutions up then when asked what you mean give cryptic answers to hide the fact that you have just made something up / hav eno idea wha tyou've said22:48
phillwikonia: it is actually a well known phrase... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Linux_distributions_that_run_from_RAM22:49
ikoniaphillw: it is when you explain what it is22:49
ikoniarather than giving cyrptic answers22:49
phillwyou really ought to check up on what we old timers use L)22:49
wxlikonia: the ram that the live cd is loaded into. is that clear?22:49
ikoniawxl: couldn't be easier could it22:49
phillwwxl: not to me, it could not....22:50
ikoniaphillw: no, you should perhaps not talk nonsense and just state clearly what you mean22:50
wxlikonia: ok so now that we got that out of thw ay, how can we help you?22:50
ikoniaI was asking the difference betweeen the two Xorg configuration tools resource wise that phillw had hilighted22:50
wxlphillw: i agree that it's a bit ambiguous, especially given it's not really ram excactly, but it suffices for now :)22:51
wxlikonia: so do you ahve your answer now?22:51
ikoniawxl: no, not at all22:51
ianorlinoh you mean executable size on the live cd?22:51
ikoniano, in general22:51
ikoniawhat is the resource differences22:51
ikoniahas it got a bigger memory foot print, bigger size on disk, does it waste cpu cycles etc22:52
ikoniaWHAT is the difference that phillw is referencing22:52
wxlikonia: i can't find them in the mess of the backlog. which two?22:52
ianorlinarnadr and lxrandr22:52
ikonialrandr arandr22:52
ikoniathank you22:52
wxl!info lxrandr22:52
ubottulxrandr (source: lxrandr): LXDE monitor configuration tool. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.2-3 (trusty), package size 41 kB, installed size 697 kB22:52
wxl!info arandr22:53
ubottuarandr (source: arandr): Simple visual front end for XRandR. In component universe, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 66 kB, installed size 507 kB22:53
wxlso you can see lxrandr takes up less space22:53
ikoniayes but we are talking kb22:53
wxlindeed we are22:53
ikoniaphillw: said you cant have one on the system because it is too resource heavy22:53
phillwikonia: arandr uses more resources in memory and cpu22:53
ikoniahence my asking in what way22:53
ikoniaand not getting an answer22:53
ikoniaphillw: how much more ? why ?22:53
wxlarandr appears to use python22:54
phillwikonia: you can have what ever application you want on your system.22:54
wxlboth use gtk22:54
ikoniaphillw: I didn't ask that22:54
ianorlinwould you really have the graphics capability on one of those older machines to run the two monitors?22:54
Unit193ikonia: lxrandr is in C++/C or some compiled language, arandr is python.  Memory usage will be affected by that fact alone.22:54
ikoniaphillw: can you please answer the questions I ask - rather than something I didn't ask22:54
wxli would suspect that you'd be better off with lxrandr which is in a lower level language (c)22:55
ikoniaUnit193: there we go, so it's the language/dependencies22:55
ikoniaUnit193: really easy22:55
ikoniano need for cyrptic responses22:55
wxlikonia: you know, i don't know that this is clear, but phillw WAS trying to help you.22:55
Unit193wxl: Ah, thanks.  Didn't know/remember what it was in.  Qt version is C++ I'd expect.22:55
wxlUnit193: prolly, but that's not here yet so shhhh before the mailing list starts getting filled up with questions about qt again :)22:55
ikoniawxl: just looked like random inexperienced responses trying to dodge the question because he didn't know the answer22:56
ikoniahence why I had to ask 10 times22:56
wxlikonia: well that would be where you'd be grossly misguided.22:56
wxlikonia: we all tend to be very quiet if we don't know the answer to something and certainly don't make blanket statements about something we're not sure about.22:56
ikoniadoesn't look like it22:56
ikoniawxl: see above then22:57
ianorlinyep the Qt version (lxqt-config-randr) is in C++22:57
* wxl facepalms22:57
phillwianorlin: we're not allowed the children to play with them yet.... Be a good boi!22:58
wxlikonia: i'm going to tell you this straight up. everyone here is a volunteer. we're all trying to help you. phillw was trying to help you to the best of his abilities. he's got many years of experience in lubuntu and many other linucies. the fact that you were having a miscommunication was not because he had subversive intentions.22:58
ikoniawxl: I don't doubt it was subversive intentions.22:59
ikoniaI just believe it was lack of knowledge22:59
wxlikonia: it was neither, os be nice22:59
ikoniawxl: I'm allowed to believe it was lack of knowledge based on the poor answers I've seen22:59
wxlikonia: and as volunteers we're allowed to go back to what we're doing, which i think i'm going to do.23:00
ikoniaof course23:00
ikoniaI don't actually need help, I was watching someone else get bad information23:00
ikoniawhich is why I asked the question23:00
phillwikonia: and I'm allowed to make an official complaint for the same reason :)23:00
ikoniago for it23:00
wxlikonia: so you were trying to help?23:02
wxlikonia: and were you successful?23:02
ikonianot %10023:02
phillwand, that is the incorrect answer, which will be stated... the correct answer is "why don't we have a chat". But this channel is logged and you should have tried to defuse.... ces't la vie23:02
ikoniathe guy pretty much figured out most of it on his own23:02
wxlikonia: so then maybe you might consider abandoning impractical actions.23:03
ikoniaphillw: you brought it up phillw not me23:03
ikoniaphillw: you raised it - should have ignored it to difuse23:03
ikoniawxl: what was impractical ?23:03
wxlikonia: this conversation, for one.23:03
ikoniawxl: you're the one talking23:03
ikoniaI'm answering23:03
Unit193wxl, ikonia: Don't you think this arguing has perhaps gone on long enough?23:04
wxl'twas the point.23:04
ikoniaI'm unclear to the issue23:04
ikoniai've raised questions, been unable to get answers until wxl and Unit193 clarified, I got the answers, job done23:04
phillwI'm bored of it... but he has no idea of #ubuntu+1723:05
* ianorlin thinks phillw meant #ubuntu+123:29
* wxl knows he did :)23:31
phillwianorlin: you know what I meant :D23:34

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