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lifelessbigjools: so is there a blog post up about the pitfalls of celery (and why you're moving away from it?)07:14
bigjoolshi stalker!07:14
lifelessyou know it07:14
bigjoolsthere's nothing wrong with it per se, it just doesn't do what we want07:15
lifelesswhat do you want? That it doth not do?07:17
bigjoolsbi-directional comms and notifications that it's down07:17
bigjoolsie more than just a job processing system07:18
bigjoolsbecause we're not directing generic jobs anywhere, we direct them to specific queues07:18
bigjoolswe've NIHed bidirectional comms07:18
lifelessRPC calls, or actual cooperating messages to long lived routines?07:19
bigjoolssome will be long lived07:19
bigjoolsbut we need feedback on important stuff, like "did my power on command work?" :)07:20
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blake_rallenap: can I get a quick review for this, 1.6 upgrade fix, https://code.launchpad.net/~blake-rouse/maas/fix-1341001/+merge/22667314:02
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allenapblake_r: Sure.14:06
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lazyPowerIs there a configuration guide that i've missed to proxy ppa requests since maas installs an apt-proxy on all of its hosts? i'm getting frustrated with having to remote in an dcomment out the apt-proxy on all of my maas nodes when testing juju charms that make use of a ppa21:37
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bigjoolslazyPower: edit the squid config that maas installs to be more permissive23:09

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