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lordievaderGood morning.07:43
Borsishouldnt the mesa files be updated on 14.04?09:22
Borsii tried the drivers and i got only 2.1 opengl on 7870, 10.1.309:22
lordievaderErr, this is #ubuntu+1, i.e. 14.10. See #ubuntu for Trusty support.09:24
Borsiis it possible to upgrade 14.04 --> 14.10 via ppa?09:31
lordievaderBorsi: For as far as I know, no. Either get the iso or run "sudo do-release-upgrade -d".09:33
Borsiyes that seems to work09:33
lordievaderBorsi: You do know the implications of running a development version of Ubuntu, right?09:35
Borsidone that before09:35
Borsihuge amount of updates, around 1400 packages09:39
lordievaderThat is to be expected.09:39
lordievaderEven though you've done this before: expect breakage!09:40
Borsibugs that are on ealier versions of ubuntu, what happens to them when new version comes? are there bugs that never got fixed09:42
lordievaderRead the bug reports.09:43
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BluesKaj'Morning folks10:37
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phillwHi folks, I've been getting this for a few days now... http://pastebin.com/qDjq4zMV I'm used to partital updates, but it seems to be one of ipV4's that is 404 ?19:08
ikoniaphillw: apt-get update19:13
phillwikonia: done that, each day for the last 4 days19:14
ikoniahave you looked on the server to see if the package is there19:14
phillwikonia: I have a huge list from update that it has found and wants to install, but many lines of that ipV4 giving 40419:15
ikoniahave you looked to see if the files it's 404'ing are on the server19:15
phillwis there to check if update is pulling in invisible applications?19:16
ikoniahave you looked to see if the files it's 404'ing are on the server19:16
rwwthe heck is an invisible application19:17
ikoniaI don't know19:17
ikoniaI just want to know if the files are actually on the mirror thats being tried, and a random other mirror19:17
phillwrww / ikonia E: Failed to fetch http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/v/virt-manager/virtinst_1.0.1-0ubuntu2_all.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]19:17
ikoniayou can keep repeating that19:18
ikoniabut it doesn't change anything19:18
ikoniahave you looked to see if the files it's 404'ing are on the server19:18
phillwis one such... update says it wants it, upgrade says it is not there... they cannot both be correct19:18
ikoniaok, bye19:18
ikoniacan't be bothered19:18
ikoniafor the record is out of sync19:24
ikoniait has virtinst_1.0.1-0ubuntu1 all the other mirrors have virtinst_1.0.1-0ubuntu219:24
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phillwQuite amazing, and so, so co-incidential... after 4 - 5 days of mis match between update and upgrade, having come here and being told to 'go to hell and stop bothering me'.. it is now working as it should.... Heck, who'd have ever beleived it.20:51
phillwdo have fun.20:52

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