imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 129 building (started: 20140714 02:05) ===02:05
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 129 DONE (finished: 20140714 03:35) ===03:35
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/129.changes ===03:35
Mirvthat's all for now I think. upstart wasn't marked as ready yet, but assigned a silo anyhow04:51
brendandogra_, champions!07:19
bzoltanMirv: ogra_: rsalveti: Here is the first MR for the SDK meta package -> https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/ubuntu/utopic/ubuntu-touch-meta/add_packages/+merge/22663507:38
sil2100I wonder if we'll have ogra_ around today ;) Who knows if he's still not celebrating?07:41
camakoHello... Just added a silo request for landing the welcome screen fix.07:52
sil2100mvo_: can you assign? ^07:52
sil2100camako: thanks for the fix!07:53
camakomvo_, oh hold on for a sec... I need to check something..07:54
camakosil2100 sure...07:54
mvo_camako: just say when07:54
camakomvo_, sure07:55
camakomvo_, probably be an hour or two... still waiting on an MP to land on a branch...08:00
camakosorry... shoulda checked first08:00
Mirvxnox: I assigned your upstart a silo too, but I'd like to check if it's ok since it's not set to "Ready?" "Yes" yet?08:01
psivaasil2100: fyi, i'm running the missing tests for 129 now08:02
ogra_brendand, \o/08:03
ogra_sil2100, i'm not such a big party guy :) but inded stayed up late :)08:03
* ogra_ is still quite tired08:03
ogra_bzoltan, commented on th MP08:04
mvo_ogra_: not a party guy?!?08:04
* mvo_ remembers differently08:04
ogra_well, i was watching at home with my GF ... we partied just a bit :)08:04
bzoltanogra_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7792430/08:07
sil2100psivaa: ok, thanks! I saw we're missing some test-suites there08:08
psivaasil2100: yea, one device misbehaved08:10
ogra_sil2100, someone was complaining on the ML that his networking didnt work ... and there was a urfkill upload  .... at the same time the failures started, i wonder if there is a connection08:12
sil2100I'm looking at the changelog08:22
bzoltanogra_: and here comes the other MR for the same package -> https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/ubuntu/utopic/ubuntu-touch-meta/remove_friends_from_sdk_libs/+merge/22664108:25
ogra_bzoltan, giving me the list of deps wont help :) please chack they are not doing anything harmful (like making all input devices 0666 from a postinst script or some such ... )08:26
Mirvbzoltan: what about btw qtwebkit and qtscript, should they be removed at some point?08:26
bzoltanMirv:  sure, why not08:26
ogra_sil2100, FYI i had quite a few UI crashes over the weekend (on the promoted image)08:28
bzoltanogra_: these packages are required to be installed on the app developer's machine. Right now they have to do it manually or hope that all these packages are pulled by an other package installed already on the system. So these are not new dependencies.08:28
ogra_bzoltan, i dont care about dependencies ...08:28
ogra_bzoltan, i know that autpilot on the phones makes input devices insecure for example ... that is something you dont want on a developer machine ... please make sure this cant happen we cant make all dev desktops vulnerable08:29
bzoltanogra_: I do not know a lot about many things... but I expect that each package in the main/universe are safe to install. The SDK pulls in many-many packages. I have not reviewed each and do not review each update of all those packages.08:30
ogra_(there is a difference between having developers install this by hand or pulling it in by default ... the latter needs a deeper audition)08:30
bzoltanogra_: it is waaaay beyond my competence to review the hundreds of packages what the SDK pulls. I check this autopilot-desktop, but I really did expect that the releasing engineer or the landing team does check the packages before they are added to the archive.08:32
ogra_it is beyond your competence to diff content of /dev before and after installing that package ?08:34
bzoltanogra_:  that one I can do ... but doing a full blown security audit on one of the biggest asset we develop is kind of beyond :) I am just paranoid ...08:36
ogra_yeah, i just want to be sure we done install something superharmfull :)08:38
bzoltanogra_:  there was no diff between the contents of the /dev/ before and after installing the autopilot-desktop08:38
bzoltanogra_: same here, but I really do expect the people who land the autopilot packages do that check.08:41
ogra_well, if the expectation is their packages are only installed during testing ...08:41
ogra_the autopilot-touch one surely assumes that08:42
ogra_(at least parts of it do)08:42
bzoltanogra_:  With the sdk we distribute tests for the template/example apps, so the test tools are expected to be present.08:44
xnoxMirv: thanks.08:48
xnoxMirv: cihelp: can landing-005 be "de-allocated" it's no longer needed. Plymouth was uploaded direct into archive and stuck in new queue. and I will be uploading binNMU for casper&mountall direct as well.08:56
bzoltanogra_: as cjwatson suggested -> The correct MR is here -> https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/ubuntu-seeds/add_sdk_packages/+merge/22664208:56
cjwatsonxnox: done08:58
xnoxcjwatson: thanks.08:58
cjwatsonsil2100: do we just delete the spreadsheet row in this kind of situation, or what?08:59
cjwatson(after the silo finishes cleaning)08:59
sil2100cjwatson: let me take a look, one moment09:00
sil2100cjwatson: ok, so we have two approaches - we can either just remove it, or mark it as 'Rejected' in the Status field09:00
cjwatsonxnox: have you tested the new plymouth on the phone?09:00
sil2100But in this case I would just delete it09:00
cjwatsonsil2100: what happens to subsequent rows that move up?09:01
sil2100cjwatson: CI Train spreadsheet handles those correctly, all associations are made per-UID not per-line09:01
sil2100So all should be ok09:01
cjwatsonok, good to learn09:01
cjwatsondeleted ... er, hope that won't confuse things with silo 5 still cleaning, brain not switched on09:03
cjwatsonah, it's cleaned09:03
ogra_bzoltan, i would just have tranferred that manually ... but yeah, thanks09:04
ogra_psivaa, hmm ... what is "daily" (on img 129)09:46
sil2100camako: how's the work on the branch going? :)09:46
* mvo_ is off for lunch09:46
ogra_psivaa, (5th from the bottom on http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/utopic/touch/mako/129:20140714:20140712/9040/)09:46
psivaaogra_: ohh.. let me take a lool09:46
ogra_sure, take a lol :)09:47
camakosil2100, just waiting for the fix to be merged into the 0.4 branch...09:47
camakowork itself is done09:47
popeyMirv: could you pleae upload http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/music-app-click/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/out/com.ubuntu.music_1.3.522_all.click to the store when you get a moment, thank you.09:54
psivaaogra_: i took care of it.. hope that reflects in the dashboard09:55
psivaaand yea, i cant type, talk or even think properly today.. too much sunlight yesterday :D09:56
psivaasil2100: brendand: the tests completed. weather_app has one new failure09:59
brendandpsivaa, yeah - i reran it and couldn't reproduce it10:00
sil2100psivaa: thanks, I guess it might be a single case, can happen sometimes it seems10:07
psivaasil2100: brendand: ack, we'll see if it comes up with the next image10:13
ogra_psivaa, yeah, seems gone10:18
popeypsivaa: brendand who can add reminders-app to the QA dashboard?10:24
ogra_popey, i thought plars was on that10:25
ogra_but seems it got forgotten or so10:25
om26ersil2100, Hi!10:29
popey-> lunch10:33
bzoltanogra_: about the qtdeclarative5-friends0.210:33
ogra_bzoltan, well, as cjwatson said, you should talk to slangasek ... iirc he was working on that10:33
bzoltanogra_:  I have just made an MR to throw an error when a developer want to package an app what is using the Friends API10:33
ogra_i thought the plan was to keep the API and only drop the app10:35
ogra_(but i'm likely the worng person ... steve works on that and knows more)10:35
bzoltanogra_: I see the trunk ubuntu-touch.utopic has some change related to that. I think we should stop seeding the qtdeclarative5-friends0.210:35
bzoltanogra_: I understood that we will keep friends-service on the phone as long as we support the 14.04 framework, but it should not be allowed by the SDK when targeting 14.1010:35
cjwatsonThat's what removing it from sdk-libs should have done10:36
cjwatson(OK, perhaps with matching changes to the SDK itself)10:38
sil2100om26er: hello!10:39
sil2100om26er: good to have you around :)10:39
om26ersil2100, hah, I was about to tell you that ;-)10:39
om26eri'll be covering for davmor2 this week.10:40
cjwatsonBut I don't see any further seed changes that are needed at this point10:40
sil2100om26er: we're still waiting for one fix to land first, i.e. for the hang-up issues in Mir10:41
sil2100om26er: once this lands, we'll build a new image and we'll try looking it up dogfooding-wise10:41
sil2100om26er: before that happens, maybe camako could use some help with the Mir silo - once it's ready :)10:44
sil2100With testing it10:44
om26ersil2100, ok10:44
psivaapopey: i take reminders-app is not a click package one?10:45
popeypsivaa: it is a click package and is now on the image by default10:45
popeypsivaa: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/124.changes arrived in that image10:45
psivaapopey: ack, i'd check how to enable those tests10:46
Mirvpopey: music app updated10:46
popeyMirv: ythanks10:46
popeypsivaa: is that "I would" or "I will"?10:47
psivaapopey: consider I will :)10:47
psivaawasn't intentionally ambiguous :)10:48
bzoltancjwatson:   has that change land landed already? On my utopic the ubuntu-sdk-libs still depends on qtdeclarative5-friends0.211:09
cjwatsonbzoltan: The metapackage hasn't been refreshed (I assume slangasek will be doing that next; he was doing a lot of this late on Friday evening, I think), but the seeds look correct.11:11
cjwatsonBut we shouldn't be going around doing parallel not-quite-matching metapackage changes for things that have already been fixed in the seeds.11:11
cjwatson(Well, in general.  I was considering doing a partial backport of a seed change to ubuntustudio-meta this week, but that's specifically to unblock a weird and complex transition ...)11:12
bzoltancjwatson: OK, I will wait  for slangasek with the deprecation of the Friends API.11:13
mvo_mandel: could you please check silo-011 ? I can't publish currently as it says "2014-07-14 10:23:51,641 ERROR Some projects (mediascanner2, location-service, platform-api) that were in the silo configuration list were not built. Prepare either prepare the latest missing projects or use the ignore missing projects flag which will release the lock on them.". I assume you just need to rebuild the silo11:17
mandelmvo_, es, it is in my radar building atm11:17
mvo_mandel: excellent, thank you!11:18
mandelmvo_, no problem :)11:18
xnox!cihelp how does one upload "additional source packages land" in a given assigned silo?11:44
ubot5xnox: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:44
xnoxcihelp how does one upload "additional source packages land" in a given assigned silo?11:44
sil2100It's better to ask trainguards here ;) We don't get pings per cihelp11:45
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cjwatsonxnox: dput.  If you don't have permission, then either give us a source package, or put it in a PPA somewhere and we can do a copy-and-rebuild.11:45
sil2100xnox: so... you have to dput those yourself to the silo ppa11:45
sil2100The group with permissions to do so is managed by asac, but maybe we should ask him to include ubuntu-core-devs into that group11:46
cjwatsonIt results in rather a lot of mail11:46
xnoxok, i'm not in the team. And it ftbfs on virtualiased ppas. I'll put _sources somewhere on people.11:46
cjwatsonI suspect it isn't worth further polishing silo upload permissions since that's all going to be replaced by the airline anyway ...11:47
asacyour call... tell me if i should do something11:47
asacslangasek is also admin in case i am not around11:47
sil2100I would simply add the core dev group as part of this group, it's just one click and might make things easier for everyone11:47
cjwatsonsil2100: Did we decide on landing team shifts for this week?11:48
xnoxyeah, airline should be easy in that respect.11:48
sil2100cjwatson: yes, it's mvo_'s shift today :)11:48
sil2100Tomorrow mine and on Wednesday is yours11:48
cjwatsonAh yes, I see the wiki page is updated now11:49
plarsogra_: there's an MP for it from last week, but there's a bit of disagreement about the results12:07
popeythis mir lockup is very frustrating12:07
plarsogra_: I'm planning to take a look again today12:07
ogra_plars, ah ... tell psivaa then :)12:07
plarspsivaa: &12:07
ogra_popey, yeah12:07
plarspsivaa: ^12:07
ogra_popey, there is a landing from kgunn it seems ...12:08
psivaaplars: ahh ack. appears we need to install some deps from the first look. dint yet figure out what12:09
camakopopey, ogra_, been waiting for the last few hours for the fix to automerge...12:09
ogra_ah, crap12:09
ogra_sil2100, is there any chance we can speed that up ^^^ ?12:10
camakoperhaps I should manually merge??12:10
sil2100The automerger is not part of CI Train, so I don't know - can't we anyway get the merge into the silo and build in the meantime?12:10
sil2100Since the merge from CI Train only happens on the very end anyway12:11
camakoI cannot MP lp:mir/0.4 to lp:mir if the commit is not in 0.412:11
camakoI guess I can but..12:11
sil2100Ah, ok, since I saw a different MP in the MP list12:12
sil2100https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/mir/fix-1339700-both-0.4/+merge/226629 <- this doesn't look like a merge of lp:mir/0.4 to lp:mir on first look12:12
camakoright, that's not the right one.. row marked as "not ready" so pls ignore12:12
camakojust a placeholder for myself12:13
sil2100Ah, ok12:13
sil2100Someone like fginther would have to look at what's up with that auto-merge12:13
sil2100cihelp: is there anyone around currently that could give us a status update how far a merge is in automerging?12:14
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davmor3popey: can you try logging into here maps app and let me know if you can please12:49
davmor3popey: just trying to figure out if it is the app/browser or the crappy connection12:51
popeydavmor3: hey12:52
popeydavmor3: will have to sign up, i dont think i have an account12:52
camakosil2100, mvo_... spread sheet entry updated... requesting silo now...12:53
davmor3I could do that I just couldn't login after12:53
popeydavmor3: i can't even sign in my desktop!12:54
ogra_popey, davmor3, i think mandel knows more about that (not sure if also about the app, but definitely about "here" stuff)12:54
popeydavmor3: broken here, on desktop12:55
davmor3Thanks as long as I know I'll go back to relaxing and not saving searches :)12:56
fginthersil2100, what MP are you wanting to check?13:00
sil2100fginther: hi! I think we're good now, right camako ?13:00
camakofginther, yes we are good...13:00
fginthersil2100, camako, ack13:00
camakofginther, though not urgent any more, be nice to know why this didn't get automerged (didn't get Jenkins run on it, either) :13:04
sil2100mvo_: ^13:05
sil2100mvo_: did you assign a silo?13:05
mandelogra_, is not within my reach, I'm improving the location service, that should improve it13:06
sil2100Ok, I'll assign it..13:06
ogra_mandel, ah, not the app ... k13:06
ogra_(i thought so actually)13:06
=== mhr3__ is now known as mhr3
mvo_sil2100: in a meeting right now, I think I assigned it, but will check in a sec13:12
fginthercamako, there are no jenkins jobs or configuration for lp:mir/0.4. What's the purpose of this series?13:12
camakofginther, Curious... This is for Mir. We put Mir on a series/branch like this one... The second number is bumped every time there is an ABI break. And we release to our trunk from what ever branch we are on.... So 0.3.0, 0.4.0 (ABI break), 0.4.1 (no ABI break)....and so on13:17
=== olli_ is now known as olli
sil2100mvo_: no worries, I assigned it13:17
* sil2100 irritated about some things13:20
fginthercamako, so how does your development work? Once you create 0.4.0 (or 0.4.1, etc.) do you then line up a series of MPs to land into that one?13:20
fginthercamako, and then when it's ready, propose a merge of lp:mir/0.4.0 to lp:mir?13:21
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camakofginther, correct13:21
fginthercamako, how does lp:~mir-team/mir/development-branch fit into this?13:22
camakofginther, the MPs are from our devel to 0.*.*13:22
camakofginther, basically we check into devel... then we move it to a series 0.x... then we MP from there to trunk13:23
camakofginther what 0.x branch/series is determined by the ABI breakage13:23
mvo_sil2100: I'm back so if you haven't look at it already I can do so now13:25
fginthercamako, ok, so once 0.4.0 is merged to trunk, is it 'closed'? and the next work happens on 0.4.1 or 0.5.0?13:25
sil2100mvo_: as mentioned, I assigned it :)13:26
camakofginther, "next" is determined by ABI break.. It could be 0.4.1 if nothing has been broken since 0.4.0 or it could go to 0.5.0 if we have broken the ABI13:26
fginthercamako, jenkins has to know what lp branches to monitor for MPs. So when the series changes from 0.4.0 to 0.4.1, the job configurations need to be created for that new branch13:26
* camako didn't know that13:27
xnoxcihelp - please copy source only: upstart_1.13-0ubuntu1.dsc from ppa:canonical-foundations/upstart-daily into Silo 003 and mark PPA for building.13:27
xnox$ ./copy-package -n -d ubuntu -s utopic --ppa canonical-foundations --ppa-name upstart-daily --to-ppa ci-train-ppa-service --to-ppa-name landing-003 upstart13:27
camakofginther, this process is new and a bit immature... still needs polishing...13:27
mvo_xnox: I will take care of this - its best to ping trainguard btw, we all highlight on it13:27
camakofginther, is the config done by us (the mir team) or do we have to let you guys know?13:27
fginthercamako, no worries, I'm just trying to understand it better to come up with a way to handle this with the jenkins jobs13:28
xnoxmvo_: had no idea. Why topic says "Vanguard: cihelp" then? or what's the difference between trainguard vs vanguard?13:28
brendandfginther, do you know if it's in any way possible to get the jenkins coverage plugin to link through to the actual source code?13:28
brendandfginther, most projects i've seen so far don't have that13:28
mvo_xnox: its because I'm too lame to set the topic correct :/13:28
xnoxmvo_: also FAQ doesn't say how to request additional source inclusion at all. Would be helpful to document it there, as to how to properly request such things =)))))13:29
robotfuelev: https://errors.ubuntu.com/ broken and not returning any data, someone said you were the person to notify.13:29
xnoxmvo_: ah =)))))13:29
cjwatsonxnox: I think that's the vanguard for other CI things, not the CI train13:29
xnoxcjwatson: oh. i see.13:29
cjwatsonxnox: "CI Train Sheriff" is the one you want for the latter13:29
fginthercamako, it's easy enough to propose an MP to update a jenkins configurations from lp:mir/0.4.0 to lp:mir/0.next.next. I can show you how this is done13:29
ogra_xnox, yeah, you want the sherriff ... not the deputy ;)13:29
cjwatsonBecause metaphors are never knowingly undermixed around here, apparently13:29
evrobotfuel: GAHH. On it.13:30
sil2100xnox: well, this is a CI channel, so the Vanguard is for CI stuff - for CI Train stuff there's CI Train Sheriff13:32
sil2100xnox: as the topic says ;)13:32
evrobotfuel: webops is on it13:32
camakofginther, pls do13:33
fgintherbrendand, I don't know how that is done, have you talked to alesage?13:34
brendandfginther, not yet, but i will13:34
ChrisTownsendtrainguards: Hi, could someone please start a rebuild of silo-014?13:38
sil2100ChrisTownsend: sure13:39
sil2100mvo_: doing this ^13:39
mvo_sil2100: oh, ok. I just clicked on "build"13:40
sil2100THen please do ;)13:40
ChrisTownsendsil2100: mvo_:  Thanks!13:40
mvo_sil2100: if you could do the upstart package copy/upload in silo-003, that would be great, I got a permission denied error13:40
sil2100mvo_: hm, let me try13:40
sil2100mvo_, xnox: I uploaded the package to the PPA, now we need to wait for it to build and then run watch-only13:46
xnoxlooks good, thank you all =)13:47
mvo_sil2100: thanks! I will wait for the build then. is it possible that I get added to the people with upload permission (ie ~ci-train-ppa-service)?13:48
sil2100mvo_: as I mentioned, this team is managed by asac and slangasek ;) Only they can add people - I would opt for adding the whole ubuntu-core-dev team though13:48
asacall trainguards should be in13:49
asacI will add mvo for now13:49
sil2100Since it make sense for core devs to be able to upload, as any core dev can anyway do landings as they wish13:49
asacyes, core-dev was the plan to do, but read above that cjwatson had concerns about emails getting sent to all core-devs abvoe13:50
asacdiscuss with cjwatson and slangasek ... slangasek is admin so whate3ver you agree he can just do13:50
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stgraberthe potential e-mail flood could be avoided by setting a mailing-list as the contact address for the team, though indeed, may not be worth doing as we'll replace everything soon enough anyway14:02
* sil2100 is angry at LP API14:11
cjwatsonsil2100: What's wrong?14:15
cjwatsonstgraber: ~ubuntu-core-dev has had a mailing list set as its contact address for years, but a good deal of junk still gets through for teams it belongs to.14:16
cjwatsonMaybe that's a bug somewhere ...14:17
Laney006 is conflict-able, yes?14:21
=== barry` is now known as barry_
=== barry_ is now known as barry
ChrisTownsendmvo_: Hi, I'm watching the status of silo-014 in the dashboard and it hasn't updated at all as of yet.  I'm not familiar with how long things take for this, so should the status have been updated by now or am I being impatient?14:21
mvo_ChrisTownsend: packages are build and ready for testing afaict, what status are you currently expecting?14:24
mvo_ChrisTownsend: the normal workflow is to test them now and once that is done I can publish - or am I missing something here?14:25
mvo_ChrisTownsend: oh, I do14:25
mvo_ChrisTownsend: hold on a sec14:25
ChrisTownsendmvo_: Ok14:26
ChrisTownsendmvo_: I'm needing a rebuild14:26
popeyplars: you about? is "reminders on the qa dashboard" on your plate?14:28
alesagecharles is getting a ppc unit test failure and wants to investigate further cihelp, I recall that there are boxes somewhere for this kind of thing?14:28
mvo_ChrisTownsend: I triggered it now with different parameters (the previous one apparently did not had enough --force options).14:29
cjwatsonalesage: https://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/ISO/BuildInfrastructure/PorterBoxes14:29
cjwatsoncharles: ^-14:29
ChrisTownsendmvo_: Ok, thanks14:29
* charles clicks14:29
alesagecjwatson, thanks14:30
cjwatsoncharles: once you have access (ask #is if not) you can use "schroot -c utopic-powerpc", and if necessary you'll have limited "sudo apt-get install" capability in there14:30
cjwatsonRight now it's a big shared chroot rather than anything cleverer, though usually that's not a problem14:31
popeyplars: bug 130754214:31
ubot5bug 1307542 in Ubuntu CI Services "Add reminders app to image touch testing" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130754214:31
plarspopey: right, just need to sort out a few things with the merge on our side14:35
plarspopey: I could put it in right now, but I suspect we're missing something because I'm told the tests all pass, but most fail when I try them14:36
popeyplars: ok, we need to fix broken tests then, balloons ^14:43
balloonsI would need to see plars's output.. they should work14:44
plarspopey: well, like I said, it could be that we're just missing some dependency or something. I pinged leo about it earlier14:44
plarsballoons: take a look at http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/plars-smoke-daily-test/4/#showFailuresLink14:44
balloonsplars, I see the problem right off the top. This has to be run as python314:45
Laneystgraber: queuebot seems a bit quiet14:45
ogra_it is hung over ... it is a germany fan ;)14:45
plarsballoons: oh, I thought phablet-test-run was running them all with python3 already14:46
balloonsplars, it has a bug in it causing things to run py2 when they shouldn't. maybe you are hitting it?14:46
stgraberLaney: restarted14:47
balloonseither way, make sure it runs as py3 and things should go better14:47
plarsballoons: isn't that something controlled by the test, not me?14:50
balloonsplars, no you can run it with autopilot or autopilot314:50
plarsballoons: we are running it with phablet-test-run14:51
balloonsplars, ok, well sparing taking about how you are running it, it needs to run with autopilot3 ;-)14:56
balloonsI believe on the dashboard the tooling is different and phablet-test-run is not invovled14:56
plarsballoons: I know, I'm just saying that I don't have any control over that unless we put in some weird hack for working around this in reminders14:56
plarsballoons: we have been running all autopilot tests with phablet-test-run for a very long time now, because that's how everyone else is supposedly running it14:57
balloonsplars, you don't have any control over what exactly? are you concerned this won't run properly on the dashboard?14:57
plarsballoons: which dashboard are you talking about?14:57
balloonslet me check something14:57
plarsballoons: ci.ubuntu.com is just a dashboard to display the results, the tests themselves are run with phablet-test-run, which is supposed to select the correct autopilot14:57
plarsballoons: for some reason, it's selecting the wrong one it seems14:57
balloonsplars, really phablet-test-run is used? that's surprising to me14:58
plarslooking at it now, but I'm about to have to go to a meeting. I suspect this is something wrong with reminders-app tests since the others behave14:58
plarsballoons: that has been the case for quite a while14:58
balloonsmm.. plars I thought maybe the debian/control file used py2, it doesn't14:58
plarsballoons: looks like the change to use phablet-test run was since january or so14:59
balloonsplars, mm, looks like one of the issue may have been fixed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phablet-tools/+bug/132732514:59
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1327325 in phablet-tools (Ubuntu) "phablet-test-run will fail if the python3 import prints something to std" [High,Confirmed]14:59
plarsballoons: I'll play with it some more after this call14:59
plarsballoons: that would do it14:59
balloonsplars, phablet-test-run is just weird in how it determines py2 and py3.. I don't like it14:59
plarsballoons: there's a warning about ubuntuuitoolkit15:00
plarsThe ubuntuuitoolkit.emulators module is deprecated. Import the autopilot helpers from the top-level ubuntuuitoolkit module.15:00
plarsI'm surprised other tests are not affected by this15:00
balloonsplars, yes, that's ok15:00
plarsballoons: but from the title of the bug, it makes it sound as if that could be the source of the problem15:01
balloonsseveral apps have the same warning and will need to be migrated.. but support still exists15:01
balloonsplars, yes I'm assuming it or something like it is the source issue15:01
balloonsI've run into it in the past.15:01
balloonslet's chat after meetings ;-)15:02
pmcgowankenvandine, the next build failed the same way on gallery15:03
pmcgowansil2100, can you help us figure out why build failed as unstable like http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/generic-mediumtests-utopic/1624/console15:05
pmcgowansil2100, 1625 fails in a similar way15:05
pmcgowanfor a diff project15:05
kenvandinesil2100, same problem i was seeing when the network was failing on the devices15:06
LaneyI doubt it15:07
Laneyclick on autopilot-testrunner-otto-utopic-XXX15:07
Laneyand then you see the real failure15:07
kenvandineLaney, but that job is successful15:10
kenvandinethat's the MP15:11
pmcgowankenvandine, its failing on the about page, I wonder if phone number broke the test15:11
pmcgowankenvandine, like when there is no sim or something15:12
kenvandinepmcgowan, where do you see that failure?15:12
pmcgowankenvandine, http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/autopilot-testrunner-otto-utopic/1360/15:12
pmcgowanshows 2 failures15:12
Laneykenvandine: I followed a trail from the MP and got to https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-mako/2161/15:12
Laneywhich is the same15:12
LaneyIt's a real bug I think, was looking at it earlier but didn't reproduce15:13
Laneysee recent scrollback in #ubuntu-desktop for example15:14
LaneyI asked pitti for insight but didn't get a reply ;-)15:14
Laney(we first noticed late on friday)15:15
Laney(could be related to py3 AP test porting)15:15
Saviqmvo_, sil2100, can I get a silo for line 31 please?15:16
Laney(one way to verify that would be to propose an MP with that branch reverted and look at the testing on that)15:16
sil2100Saviq: mvo_'s on it :)15:16
Saviqok thanks15:16
kenvandinei doubt this has anything to do with adding the number15:17
sil2100kenvandine: I'll try to look in a moment, but as I am not really well oriented in the CI infrastructure there, I guess someone from cihelp might be a better match15:18
Laneyalthough that branch itself had successful CI15:18
Laneyso ...15:18
kenvandineyeah, it did15:18
kenvandinei guess we need to bisect it15:19
Laneydoesn't happen locally15:19
Laneyso, not fun15:19
kenvandinebut it looks like something with the updates stuff15:19
Laneyit's when trying to get a handle for dbusmock's system bus15:19
Laneyyou get a Connection refused15:19
Laneythat's why I figured pitti would know15:20
pmcgowankenvandine, I think perhaps the error is misleading, the failing line is lookign for what used to be the first info item15:21
pmcgowankenvandine, perhaps I am wrong...15:24
Laneylemme push a branch to get it checked by CI15:24
slangasekbzoltan, cjwatson: I haven't changed the metapackages yet for friends; mhall119 wanted me to wait so it could be announced on developer.ubuntu.com15:32
mhall119slangasek: in my team call right now I'll bring it up15:34
slangasekmhall119: cheers :)15:34
kenvandineLaney, are you going to remove the subscriberNumber from about and test that?15:35
* kenvandine really doesn't think that's related15:35
Laneyfirst I'm reverting the py3 tests branch15:35
Laneythen we can try other ones15:35
slangasekxnox: what was the "additional source package" for the landing in question? upstart?15:35
slangasekaha, it was15:36
Laneykenvandine: https://code.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/ubuntu-system-settings/test-reverts/+merge/226691 use this one for testing if you like after I've gone EOD15:37
kenvandineLaney, thx15:38
kenvandineboth of the failures seem related to dbus SystemBus connections15:38
sil2100camako, kgunn: how's testing silo 17 going?15:47
sil2100Any possibility of us landing that soon?15:47
camakosil2100, without my ppa, I'm only getting background.. Is this a known issue?15:47
kgunnsil2100: is something wrong with the latest devel-proposed ?15:47
ogra_kgunn, disablet the welcome wizard15:48
ogra_its is broken15:48
sil2100kgunn, camako: I heard something with the wizard beign broken, so this can be it15:48
sil2100There's a critical landing for that15:48
sil2100(silo 18)15:48
camakoogra_, how?15:48
kgunncamako: touch /home/phablet/.config/ubuntu-system-settings/wizard-has-run15:49
ogra_there is a phablet-config option iirc15:49
mhall119slangasek: got a minute to talk about this change?15:49
slangasekmhall119: sure15:49
mhall119so the friends API was part of ubuntu-sdk-14.04 and up to ubuntu-sdk-14.10-dev215:50
mhall119are we moving to -dev3 now?15:50
slangasekthat would be the logical step15:50
slangasekcjwatson: who manages the revisions of the frameworks?  I've seen you and jdstrand involved in this previously15:50
cjwatsonslangasek: lool has dealt with the last couple, I think15:51
mhall119and will those old frameworks be removed from future device images?15:51
cjwatsonslangasek: it normally requires involvement from the security team15:51
slangasekmhall119: post-14.10, they should be15:51
cjwatsonslangasek: it used to require a click patch, but (for -dev bumps) no longer does15:51
ogra_cjwatson, and the store and .. and ...15:51
cjwatsonogra_: right15:51
slangasekI don't suppose the process is written down anywhere?15:52
ogra_sadly not15:52
slangasekit's never too late15:52
cjwatsonhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Click/Frameworks has bits of it but not as a checklist15:52
cjwatsonthat's where it should go15:52
ogra_and we run into one ofr the missing "and"'s every time15:52
cjwatsonIt's not clear to me what will prevent the use of the friends API.  click-reviewers-tools?15:53
slangaseksomeone can fill this in ;)15:53
slangasekor put it on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Click/Frameworks if that's preferred15:53
slangasekcjwatson: if it's not part of the SDK, won't it be prevented locally?15:54
cjwatson(I suppose rather, it's not clear to me what permitted it before)15:54
cjwatsonslangasek: I don't know exactly how QML interface use is enforced)15:54
mhall119cjwatson: I assume that it'll stop working once the libs providing it are removed15:55
mhall119though "stop working" might mean "crash"15:55
cjwatsonmhall119: But they aren't being removed from the image, because that would preclude continuing to provide the -dev2 interface15:55
mhall119ideally the images that have dropped the lib won't have the older framework files on it, so it shouldn't be installable15:55
cjwatsonmhall119: That's not my point15:55
slangasekmhall119: the question is, what ensures that an app uploaded with -dev3 doesn't reference it15:56
mhall119oh, they're not being removed?15:56
cjwatsonExactly that15:56
cjwatsonThey can't be removed yet, otherwise 14.04 apps using it break15:56
slangasekmhall119: yes, as I said above the removal from the image is post-14.1015:56
slangasekin practice only two apps in the store are affected and these are handled out-of-band already by popey; nevertheless we need to follow our own deprecation best practices, which it seems are currently still a bit fuzzy :)15:57
cjwatsonMy best guess is either the SDK or the review tools, but i really don't know15:57
cjwatsonjdstrand or lool might15:57
pmcgowanreview tools, SDK build chroot,  no way at runtime I think15:57
cjwatsonNo, the chroot doesn't help15:57
cjwatsonNot for QML stuff15:57
mhall119I think the review tools might already give a warning on using the friends namespace or policy15:57
mhall119popey: ^^ can you verify that?15:57
cjwatsonfriends wasn't in the chroot to begin with15:58
mhall119cjwatson: the app or the API?15:58
slangasekcjwatson: oh? then what does sdk-libs map to?15:58
cjwatsonbut I meant the API15:58
jdstrandbzoltan2: just submitted an mp for the review tools for friends15:58
cjwatsonslangasek: sdk-libs *should* be what the chroot uses, but right now it's hardcoded due to multiarch trouble15:58
cjwatsonso sdk-libs is sort of aspirational15:58
bzoltan2jdstrand: thank you15:58
cjwatsonI tried to get to the point of the chroot installing ubuntu-sdk-libs:armhf in trusty, but failed15:59
cjwatsonHaven't yet tried again in utopic15:59
cjwatsonIt'll probably be easier once friends is gone, as that was actually one of the blockers15:59
slangasekcjwatson: aha15:59
cjwatsonregardless, still doesn't help here as we only use the chroot for native apps, it's not (afaik) used to enforce QML use16:00
cjwatsonsounds like jdstrand's MP should do the trick16:00
jdstrandit is actually bzoltan2's, but yes16:01
mhall119ok, so I need to writeup the announcement for what's being done, so to make sure I'm clear we're going to stop allowing apps to use the Friends API immediately, in the SDK and the store, but we won't be removing the actual API or the old frameworks that included it until after 14.10's release (not RTM<, but actual release in October)?16:01
cjwatsonah right yeah16:01
slangasekmhall119: yes16:01
bzoltan2jdstrand: I have pushed a single character fix to the MP16:01
* jdstrand nods16:02
mhall119and then starting with 15.04 builds we'll drop those old frameworks? ubuntu-sdk-14.10 won't include friends, so we can still have that in 15.0416:02
popeymhall119: pass, not seen that16:03
bzoltan2nik90_:  I fixed that typo in the MR https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/click-reviewers-tools/deprecated_friends/+merge/22665016:04
slangasekmhall119: correct16:04
mhall119kenvandine: content-hub is going to provide the ability to share links and text to Facebook/Twitter, is that correct?16:05
kenvandinemhall119, it can share photos with facebook now16:05
ogra_and G+!16:05
camakosil2100, testing was completed successfully.16:05
kenvandineogra_, yell at google about that :)16:05
mhall119it already can for links too right? It's just facebook doesn't accept them yet?16:05
kenvandinemhall119, the hub can yes16:06
ogra_kenvandine, can't yell that loud16:06
kenvandinethe facebook webapp needs to handle them16:06
mhall119jdstrand: slangasek: and just so I'm clear, is the Friends API being deprecated for security reasons, maintenance reasons, or both?16:07
slangasekmhall119: I would say both, but maybe jdstrand disagrees on the "security" part.  But if not security, then at least correctness of the model.16:09
jdstrandsecurity isn't an issue. the friends policy group is currently reserved16:10
jdstrandI'm happy to remove it though16:10
robrujdstrand, slangasek, mhall119: well, security not an issue on the phone, but on the desktop friends exposes an unsecured posting API such that any dbus-aware app can impersonate you on any of your connected social media networks. so it's a security nightmare if you're installing debs16:12
plarsbarry: xnox: is everything working for python3 now so that the phablet-test-run check can be removed and just run every autopilot test with python3?16:14
barryplars: i don't think all the core app ap test ports to py3 have landed16:15
plarsbarry: xnox: apparently https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phablet-tools/+bug/1327325 is messing with some of the tests, which got me wondering if phablet-test-run can just skip that check now16:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1327325 in phablet-tools (Ubuntu) "phablet-test-run will fail if the python3 import prints something to std" [High,Confirmed]16:15
plarsok :(16:15
barryplars: but hey, a forcing function can be a good idea :)16:15
plarsheh, that's one way to get there I guess :)16:15
xnoxplars: things shouldn't print or execute stuff on import.... =)16:15
* balloons listens16:16
barryplars: maybe the only way :/16:16
xnoxplars: why do they do that? =)16:16
plarsxnox: with reminders app, you get a warning it looks like:16:16
plarsThe ubuntuuitoolkit.emulators module is deprecated. Import the autopilot helpers from the top-level ubuntuuitoolkit module.16:16
xnoxplars: well that's a bug in reminders, now isn't it?16:16
mhall119robru: is it being removed from the desktop as well then?16:16
* ogra_ thinks he has seen that message in many other tests too16:17
plarsxnox: I would think so, but I think quite a few others might be affected as well16:17
robrumhall119, I hope so! My goal was to just nuke it from orbit. slangasek?16:17
balloonswell it's just a warning about deprecation16:17
barryxnox: better to use a DeprecationWarning, which can be silenced (not sure if this particular case is or isn't)16:18
ogra_plars, webbrowser and terminal have the same message in console log16:18
slangasekrobru: I have no opinion on the desktop side, ask the desktop team ;)16:18
ogra_plars, but that doesnt seem to cause any issues16:18
slangasekrobru: regardless, removal from the desktop doesn't require any of the same deprecation overhead... it just needs the desktop team to take a decision16:18
slangasekbut "default apps on the desktop" are definitely the desktop team's bailiwick16:19
robruslangasek, back when we MIR'd friends, I don't think we ever actually completed the seeding of friends16:19
slangasekrobru: it certainly is seeded16:20
cjwatsononly in -desktop-next, right?16:20
slangasek$ apt-cache show friends | grep Task16:20
slangasekTask: ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-usb, edubuntu-desktop, edubuntu-usb, ubuntu-sdk-libs16:20
cjwatsonoh, was looking at the wrong package16:20
cjwatsonfriends-app != friends :P16:21
robrucjwatson, slangasek: friends is where the security hole is. and friends-app doesn't function without it16:21
balloonsso plars my guess then is other apps are running via py2 as well then, given the fact that warning forces it to use py216:22
cjwatsonit's not explicitly seeded - comes in via unity Recommends: unity-lens-friends Depends: libfriends0 Depends: friends-dispatcher etc.16:22
robrucjwatson, yeah we should drop that. I just grepped the seed and didn't see it16:22
mhr3robru, ehm, any idea what happened with line #16?16:22
plarsballoons: but running it alone, I don't seem to have python2, so I guess we are just getting lucky and something else is installing python216:22
plarsballoons: we probably shouldn't count on that16:23
mhr3robru, i'm pretty sure i landed that last week16:23
xnoxbarry: what warning type is it? and can I silence it while doing the py3/py2 check?16:23
mhr3robru, i have no idea why is it in a silo again16:23
balloonsplars, we don't want to use python2 ;-) And indeed it's not depending on python2. However the toolkit is, and that's what is pulling the python2 stuff in16:23
balloonsthere's a bug open for that :-)16:23
robrumhr3, indeed those mps both are merged. no idea how that got that way16:24
robrumhr3, i'll free it16:24
plarsballoons: is that the one you pointed me to earlier, or a different one?16:24
mhr3robru, thx16:24
balloonsplars, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/133919116:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1339191 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot should not depend on py2" [Undecided,New]16:24
xnoxballoons: hm. it must to support unported apps.16:25
balloonsxnox, that bug is asking for a split package if needed16:25
xnoxbarry: so ubuntuuitoolkit does "logger.warning("text")" can i subconvert that somehow?16:26
xnoxballoons: that is no good.16:26
xnoxballoons: because clicks.16:26
xnoxballoons: we explicetely requested for all emulators to be bilingual.16:26
balloonsplars, for reminders specifically I will try and update things so the warning goes away16:26
xnoxballoons: and stay so, until everything is ported and python2 removed from testing infrastructure.16:27
balloonsxnox, hmm.. it gets annoying pulling py2 stuff16:27
balloonsxnox, well, see this is in the context of changing how we run tests..16:27
xnoxballoons: plars: barry: do we know what's still unported?16:27
balloonsthe brave new world of autopkg16:27
balloonsideally we won't be shipping python or autopilot on the images16:27
balloonsxnox, dialer app.. I'm not sure of what else16:28
balloonsxnox, so if the requirement for being bilingual is because we don't do test depends correctly, I would say that's no longer an argument.16:29
barryxnox: i'm not 100% sure, but i have a bunch of branches that haven't been merged, mostly because there have been some flaky tests along the way16:30
xnoxballoons: unported tests is the requirement for keeping /just/ the emulators bilinging. porting uported tests is still an argument =)16:31
barryxnox: unmerged branches (some may have landed via other means) include dialer-app, address-book-app, mediaplayer-app: https://code.launchpad.net/~barry16:31
balloonsxnox, it shouldn't be a requirement once the runner is changed is what I'm saying. Have you see the work on autopkg to run clicks? and the manifest changes to specify dependencies?16:32
xnoxballoons: sure. but existing unported apps, are using legacy runner, and legacy python2, and needs legacy ubuntu-ui-toolkit to have python2 compatible emulators.16:34
xnoxballoons: splitting ubuntu-ui-toolkit into python2, and creating python3-ubuntu-ui-toolkit is waste of time into legacy stuff....16:34
xnoxballoons: instead the higest priority is to merge barrys last remaining 3 packages, and drop python2 support all together everywhere, and worry about python3 only in the new runner with simplified dependencies and stacks.16:35
xnoxballoons: and even bigger priority at the moment is that /current/ runner is using python2 against tests that have been ported to python3.16:35
xnoxplars: barry: figured one-liner to silence the warning, will make proposal against phablet tools to fix this.16:36
robrusil2100, what's going on in silo 0? it's said "Landed. Cleaning Silo" for days now... can I clear that out?16:36
xnoxplars: what example app/package/click should I use to test that it does "import .emulator" and isn't run with python3?16:37
sil2100robru: ah, sorry, let me finish that up ;) CI Train got a bit confused, need to commit some latest stuff for that16:37
sil2100robru: I'll deal with that in a moment16:37
sil2100No worries, and sorry about that ;p16:37
balloonsxnox, fair enough.. in the end, py2 needs to go away. I am also concerned we are running many things with py2 because of how the runner is interacting16:37
robrusil2100, ok thanks. I just ask because it screws up the spreadsheet's ability to count how many free silos we have16:37
sil2100Ah, don't tell me it also takes into consideration silo 000?16:37
robrusil2100, yeah apparently it just goes 20-assigned and silo 000 counts under assigned.16:38
robrusil2100, my silo dashboard knows not to count it at least16:38
plarsxnox: reminders sounds reasonable16:38
plarsxnox: that's where it was failing before16:38
balloonsxnox, clock has the warning16:38
plarsxnox: wait, you need one that actually needs python2? I have no idea which ones actually need it16:39
balloonsreally most core apps have it16:39
plarsxnox: that was my original question, I thought all were converted now16:39
balloonsnone of them need py2 ofc16:39
plarsballoons: barry was saying that he thinks some of the core apps still need it16:39
xnoxplars: no, not all converted. I need the one that is ported to python3, upon import generates "you shouldn't use ubuntuuitoolkit.emulators", and thus fallbacks to python216:39
sil2100Laney: how's testing silo 18 going? ;)16:40
xnoxplars: i will unbreak that, and make it run with python3 from now on, using phablet-test-run.16:40
plarsxnox: ah, ok. In that case reminders is one for sure16:40
xnoxplars: tah.16:40
Laneysil2100: hoping someone else will help out, looks okay to me16:40
sil2100kenvandine: ^16:40
Laneymaybe brendand ?16:41
sil2100Oh, or om26er !16:41
sil2100om26er: do you have a moment for some testing now?16:41
om26ersil2100, yes16:41
om26ersil2100, what needs to be tested16:42
sil2100om26er: could you help out Laney with testing silo 18? It's a very important fix for the welcome wizard brokeness, which is critical16:42
brendandLaney, om26er is the right man16:42
om26erLaney, Hi! what exactly do I need to test16:44
Laneyom26er: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/1341007 - just check you can go through the welcome wizard16:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1341007 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Welcome wizard only displays a background and bottom toolbar" [Undecided,In progress]16:44
om26erthat was quick16:44
mterryrobru, can I have a medium-term silo assigned for line 28?16:44
LaneyI think that there's a different mode for no sim (mterry confirm/deny please) so please check with and without sim16:44
mterryLaney, there is a different page displayed after the language page, yes16:45
LaneyI'll probably be gone before the testing is finished so please anyone just publish or not depending on om26er16:45
om26erLaney, mterry how do I force it to show wizard ? today when I flashed my phone I was welcomed with a background and empty toolbar. I rebooted and that wizard never appeared16:45
robrumterry, you got silo 416:46
Laneyom26er: delete ~/.config/ubuntu-system-settings/wizard-has-run and restart16:46
mterryrobru, thank you!16:46
robrumterry, you're welcome!16:46
mterryLaney, om26er: or do phablet-config welcome-wizard --enable16:47
Laneyoh, nice hax16:47
xnoxballoons: plars: clicks are correctly handled.16:47
plarsxnox: great!16:47
xnoxballoons: plars: and since reminders is shipping python3 module only, in the test environment it is also handled correctly.16:48
xnoxballoons: plars: how/when do you see python2 getting trigger?16:48
plarsxnox: when using phablet-test-run to run the reminders app test16:49
xnoxplars: can you give me full steps? since reminders app is a deb, running phablet-test-run, for me clearly gives that python3 is used.16:50
plarsI thought reminders was click installed16:50
xnoxplars: running $ ps on my machine it has -> python3 listed.16:50
xnoxplars: hm, there is a deb in the archive with correct debs. and it's not a pre-installed click that i have on my default image.16:50
plarsxnox: which image are you on? it's on mine16:51
plarscom.ubuntu.reminders    0.5.17216:51
xnoxhorum. no idea what image i'm on then. let me grab that one and push it to the image et.al.16:52
xnoxplars: doh, published today, no i have an image from last week =)16:52
plarsyeah, grab the latest proposed16:52
xnoxplars: i actually use my phone.16:52
mhall119slangasek: jdstrand: I've published the announcement and will remove the API docs from the 14.10 section now, you are free to remove it from the images16:52
slangasekmhall119: cheers!16:52
plarsxnox: but it's so much more exciting to depend on something running trunk :)16:53
mterryrobru, I can't build with unapproved branches anymore?  :(16:55
robrumterry, you can, you just have to check the flag for that in the build job16:56
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
mterryrobru, ah great16:56
robrumterry, you're welcome.16:56
mterryThat must be new?16:56
robrukenvandine, are you testing http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?q=landing-018 ?16:57
sil2100mterry: yep, recently added ;) As there were problems with people actually landing stuff not accepted anywhere16:57
sil2100robru: om26er is helping with testing that16:58
sil2100(at least he was to help!)16:58
sil2100om26er: how's it going?16:58
robrumterry, also be aware of your system settings conflict with silo 18, you may need to rebuild16:58
kenvandinerobru, i wasn't :)16:58
kenvandinebut i can if needed16:58
robrukenvandine, oh i heard a rumour that you were...16:58
kenvandinei reviewed and tested the branch16:58
pmcgowanLaney, did you fix something to make the CI run on that wizard MR?16:58
sil2100robru: btw. really like the new looks of the CI Train Dashboard ;)16:59
xnoxplars: https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/phablet-tools/no-uitk-deprecation/16:59
robrusil2100, thank you! Yeah I tried really hard to make it have a cleaner look ;-)16:59
xnoxplars: with ./phablet-test-run from that branch everything is tip-top16:59
xnoxplars: scheduling to land now.16:59
Laneypmcgowan: which one?16:59
plarsxnox: thanks!16:59
mterryrobru, ok, will look thx16:59
sil2100robru: now it's much cleaner and somehow, how to say that... ubuntish ;)16:59
pmcgowanLaney, the one you are testing now16:59
Laneypmcgowan: no fixes in particular16:59
LaneyWe've got another mp gonig on in parallel to try and fix that17:00
Laneywell, first to identify what is wrong17:00
robrusil2100, glad you like it!17:00
sil2100Good job in overall!17:00
balloonsplars, so what does this mean now for getting reminders into the image? we need phablet-tools to release/17:00
pmcgowanLaney, seems to have worked here https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/ubuntu-system-settings/fix-wizard-sim/+merge/226555 or am I missing something17:00
Laneyhmm nope, didn't see that, must have been the run that kenvandine triggered17:01
Laneymaybe something else got fixed?!17:01
kenvandineit passed though :)17:02
Laneymysterious fixes, always reassuring :P17:02
om26ersil2100, it works, now testing without sim17:02
plarsballoons: I just updated the MP, I think we can go ahead and land it. If it happens to run before the phablet-test-run branch lands, then it could fail though17:02
sil2100Laney, robru, kenvandine: so you'll be able to land in a moment ^ :)17:02
Laneysil2100: cool17:03
Laneysil2100: I'm going now however, sure someone else can pres butan though17:03
sil2100robru: when that lands, make sure both mir and ubuntu-system-settings migrate to release and have an image kicked17:03
sil2100Laney: sure thing, thanks!17:03
balloonsplars, awesome news, thanks!17:04
plarsballoons: actually, I can even double check by trying it with the phablet-tools with the fix. I'll do that now just as an extra sanity test17:04
xnoxplars: we had a fix since 2014-06-06 for that by fginther, but it wasn't merged nor landed.....17:04
xnoxballoons: ^17:04
* xnox dputs that into the archive.17:04
balloonsxnox, yes, I mentioned it to plars in the beginning who mentioned it to you, heh17:04
balloonswe went into the weeds too much I think17:04
plarsballoons: a fix for what?17:05
* balloons notes xnox has dput powers17:05
xnoxplars: https://code.launchpad.net/~fginther/phablet-tools/fix-ptr-python3-import-check/+merge/22239117:05
plarsI don't think I saw that you mentioned that17:05
xnoxplars: python3 vs python2 misdetection.17:05
plarshah, no I didn't see that one17:05
balloonsplars, when I mentioned the bug, I mentioned it the fix wasn't landed17:05
plarsballoons: I saw the bug, but not the MP I guess17:05
balloonsor maybe I didn't17:05
slangaseklool: ping17:05
balloonssorry, I'll take the blame for then :-)17:05
robrusil2100, sure thing17:07
slangasekogra_, cjwatson: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Click/Frameworks/UpdateProcess#preview as a first stab at documenting the deprecation process17:07
slangasekof course, this current activity neatly contradicts https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Click/Frameworks#How_long_are_frameworks_supported.3F , heh17:08
robruslangasek, yeah, if we can not support friends-service "ideally forever" I'll be very happy17:11
slangasektechnically we would only have to support the API, not the service ;)17:11
robruslangasek, you mean create a stub that returns nothing? I'll happily do that ;-)17:12
slangasekrobru: well, if "returns nothing" is semantically valid under the current API, yes ;)17:12
robruslangasek, yeah, I mean like, exposes the API but never actually makes any attempt to contact any social network, every API call is just a nop, etc.17:14
slangasekthat would be entirely valid, and then we wouldn't have to drop the 14.04 framework17:15
slangasekrobru: how much work would that be?  I'm not sure it's worth putting a /lot/ of effort into17:16
om26ersil2100, its good to go, seems there is nothing related to run autopilot tests17:16
robruslangasek, probably actually not much. just make a few small changes in friends-dispatcher to not invoke any of the social network plugins, but still expose the dbus api. update the tests to recognize that everything just comes back empty... I could probably do that in a couple hours if you want.17:17
robruom26er, you talking about silo 18?17:18
slangasekrobru: ok, I think that's worthwhile then17:18
om26errobru, yes17:18
slangasekpopey: ^^ are your friends-using apps ready to go, if robru neuters the api?17:18
slangasekjdstrand: ^^ if we keep the friends api around but make it a no-op, does that impact your apparmor changes at all?17:19
sil2100robru: o/ releaaaseeee17:21
sil2100SHIIIP IIIT17:21
jdstrandslangasek: no17:23
jdstrandslangasek: I'm going to remove the friends policy group for 1.2 and leave it for 1.1 and 1.017:23
jdstranda no op should just mean that if a 14.04 app on 14.10 uses it, then it'll just work since no additional permissions are needed17:24
slangasekjdstrand: ok :)17:30
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slangasekrobru: are you on point for the rebuild for this latest blocker landing (wizard not working)?17:39
* Chipaca glares at ogra_ 17:39
popeyslangasek: go for it, one has submitted a fix, the other is aware17:40
robruslangasek, yeah I'm just waiting for system settings to migrate then I'll poke somebody to kick an image build17:40
slangasekpopey: ok, great17:40
slangasekrobru: sounds like you're all clear to neuter the friends API then17:40
robruslangasek, sweeet17:41
slangasekrobru: ok - that was the intent of my question, to see if you still needed help for kicking off the image builds :)17:41
robruslangasek, oh yeah, I can't do it myself.17:41
slangasekrobru: ok; feel free to ping me when the time comes17:41
mterryrobru, does building a silo's packages go one-by-one now?  only unity8 is building in the PPA, and jenkins seems to be waiting before uploading the next package to the PPA17:42
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robrumterry, not sure, if that changed it'd be sil2100's doing, I didn't change that behavior17:43
robrumterry, as recently as friday I witnessed it doing all merges first, then doing all uploads, then the PPA builds go in parallel17:43
mterryI'll wait and see what happens once unity8 is done building17:44
robrumterry, according to the build log it did all the merges: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-004-1-build/134/consoleFull (grep for 'Trying to merge'). my guess would be your system-settings upload was rejected17:45
mterryrobru, hmm https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-004-1-build/134/console just shows a spinner.  Where do I see that upload error message?17:46
robrumterry, which is probably caused by the other silo having already uploaded an orig.tar with different contents for the same version. try a version bump and rebuild system settings (or wait a bit, since system settings is publishing and you'll need to rebuild in an hour anyway)17:46
mterryrobru, that makes sense, sure17:46
robrumterry, the upload error message gets emailed to a mailing list that I'm not on, so I'm just assuming based on past experiences.17:47
slangasekcjwatson: so I went back and looked at lool's upload history to figure out that the framework revisions are apparently handled via ubuntu-touch-meta... I'm adding frameworks/ubuntu-sdk-14.10-qml-dev3.framework, but is this really all that's required?17:50
slangasekI guess the SDK then also needs updated to generate dependencies against -dev3 instead of -dev217:50
slangasekseems too simple though :)17:50
cjwatsonframework in ubuntu-touch-meta, preceded by security declaration in click-apparmor or whatever it is17:50
cjwatsonand the store needs to be taught that it can accept uploads for this, which probably includes the click review tools17:51
cjwatsonrobru: mm, I should follow up on the discussions I'd had with Didier and William about improving that; I think I know what to do in citrain17:51
robrucjwatson, improving what?17:52
cjwatsonThe first step was to make the address in the changelog not be ps-jenkins, since that doesn't actually confer any benefit17:52
cjwatsonwho gets mailed about upload errors from citrain17:52
robruoh right17:52
robrucjwatson, can citrain spoof who the uploader is so launchpad sends the email to the right place?17:53
cjwatsonif ps-jenkins is a robot preparing an upload according to my instructions, that doesn't mean that ps-jenkins belongs in the changelog17:53
cjwatsonand that would give LP more information17:53
cjwatsonI'm not sure that will be sufficient, but it's the sensible first step17:54
robrucjwatson, well the changelog attributes the committers, and the the bot gets credit just for the upload.17:54
cjwatsonyeah, that's nonsense17:54
cjwatsonfrom LP's point of view17:54
cjwatsonit's just a bot acting on human instructions; it doesn't deserve credit any more than my editor does :)17:55
cjwatsonand the [ Person ] bits of the changelog are useless to LP17:55
cjwatsonI already agreed with Didier and William that we should change this, so just need to do it17:55
cjwatsonmight have a look on my next sheriff shift17:56
robrucjwatson, ok cool, happy to cooperate if you need me to review a branch against lp:cupstream2distro or something17:56
cjwatsonta, will let you know17:56
robrucjwatson, thanks17:56
cjwatsonI think LP will still notify just the signer, as-is, but I can look into that17:56
slangasekcjwatson: according to jdstrand's comments above, the click-apparmor change seems to be to drop the friends policy group from the existing 1.2 (== ubuntu-sdk-14.10), so I think click-apparmor doesn't need to be uploaded first in this case17:56
cjwatsonslangasek: ok17:56
slangaseksince it doesn't appear to define separate -devX17:57
* cjwatson -> dinner17:57
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jdstrandclick-apparmor shouldn't need any changes18:07
jdstrandit doesn't care about -dev, it only deals with the base framework18:07
jdstrandslangasek: ^18:08
slangasekjdstrand: right, that's what I gathered from the contents, thanks for confirming18:13
robruslangasek, https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/friends/neuter/+merge/226724 that should pretty well do it. so if that merge were to be released in ubuntu, we'd still have an api-complete friends-service and friends-dispatcher, except when you call the dbus api, nothing happens. so an app that depending on friends would still be able to import and call it, but it would just silently fail to send or receive any messages.18:16
robrukenvandine, can you help me test this? ^ ;-)18:16
alecuhi trainguards! I need to add one MP to landing-009, and in the process I'll take over the silo; anything special I should be doing besides filling the spreadsheet with the new MP and testplan?18:19
alecuand my name on the lander cell?18:19
kenvandinerobru, in a bit, sure18:20
Saviquh oh robru looks like something broke in the vm (ro file system) https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/unity-phablet-qmluitests-utopic/433/console18:20
robrualecu, is the new MP part of the existing set of packages in there, or are you adding a new package?18:21
robrualecu, yes put your name in the lander cell18:21
robruSaviq, fun18:21
alecurobru: it's a new package. Was unity8, now, it's unity8+unity-scope-click18:22
robrualecu, ok, in that case just fill out the spreadsheet and then you need me to reconfigure. if it was all the same package, you can do the reconfigure yourself.18:22
robrufginther, any idea about saviq's failure ^^ ? I can't seem to log in to even retry that...18:23
robrualecu, let me know when the spreadsheet is up to date18:25
fgintherrobru, Saviq, the VM fs died a short while ago and we're still trying to clean up.18:25
xnoxplars: OUCH! /o\ just saw your email18:25
fgintherSaviq, the last two unity-phablet-qmluitests-utopic will need to be retried18:26
plarsxnox: oh, the cobbler thing?18:27
alecurobru: it's up to date now, and ready to be reconfigured, thanks.18:28
xnoxplars: yeah.18:28
plarsxnox: yeah, it's a lovely failure mode, I can't install what you asked for, so I'm just going to silently give you something else18:28
robrualecu, which row was it?18:28
alecurobru: 2518:28
plarsxnox: we think that cobbler install is just very borked, someone's working on it now18:28
Saviqfginther, thanks for the update18:29
xnoxplars: sounds, better than most British restaurants. Usually, the waiter comes back 40 minutes later saying "oh we don't have the main you ordered, would you like to order something else?"18:29
plarsxnox: *hopefully* that's really at the root of all our problems18:29
plarsxnox: hah18:29
robrumterry, ok, please rebuild system settings now18:29
mterryrobru, ah thanks for the heads up18:29
robrumterry, you're welcome18:30
plarsxnox: this would be more like ordering steak, and having the waiter bring you a mud cake shaped into the form of a steak 40 min. later18:30
xnoxplars: well, not mud cake, but steak made from oatmeal is what I usually get when i accidentally walk into a vegetarian restaurant.18:32
alecuSaviq: so, I've requested only unity-scope-click to be rebuilt. Will the unity8 debs be included in the same ppa? Where do I find out when they have been built?18:42
Saviqalecu, the build job will wait for boht18:42
Saviqalecu, and yes, they're in the same PPA18:42
robrualecu, queuebot will ping you in this channel when the build is complete. also you can watch the build log: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-009-1-build/109/console18:44
kenvandinerobru, ok, so what needs testing?18:44
kenvandinerobru, apps that use the API should just do nothing right?18:44
robrukenvandine, yep18:44
robrukenvandine, started a silo: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?q=landing-01318:45
robrukenvandine, I guess basically, just install that silo (once it's done building) and then run friends-app and make sure it runs without crashing, but no messages get loaded18:45
robruslangasek, hey what ever happened in silo 8? do you need any more help with that?18:48
slangasekrobru: waiting for exploratory testing; tvoss and davmor2 driving this AIUI18:51
robruslangasek, alright thanks18:51
robruslangasek, you around to kick an image build? system settings finally migrated19:14
slangasekrobru: yep19:14
robruslangasek, thanks!19:14
kenvandinerobru, it runs without crashing, but i tried to post with it and it just spins19:17
kenvandinedoesn't blow up though19:17
kenvandinei guess it's the async call waiting19:17
robruyeah the post should be unsuccessful19:17
kenvandinenot getting through19:18
kenvandineand nothing new in my feed19:18
robrukenvandine, oh right, I just return instead of calling the callback19:18
rsalvetirobru: are we building a new image before cron today?19:19
robrursalveti, yep slangasek just kicked one now19:20
rsalvetioh, great then19:20
rsalvetijust saw that a bunch of important fixes landed19:20
robrursalveti, yep ;-)19:20
robrukenvandine, ok, I changed it to call the success callback so it doesn't just spin forever. rebuilding now19:22
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imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 130 building (started: 20140714 19:25) ===19:25
cjwatsonogra_: Nitpick: could imgbot say "trainguards" rather than "trainguard", since the former is the string that AFAIK we've been told to highlight on?19:27
robrucjwatson, any idea why http://ppa.launchpad.net/ci-train-ppa-service/landing-013/ubuntu/dists/ no longer has a 'devel' directory? that was handy...20:11
robrukenvandine, tested the new thing, looks good. friends-app runs fine, no messages show up, posting messages happens instantly but go nowhere. think I should publish?20:19
kenvandinerobru, testing20:20
kenvandinerobru, posting still just spins for me20:23
robrukenvandine, testing on device? I didn't see any spinner20:24
kenvandinerobru, and a reply just crashed...20:24
robrubut but20:24
robruhow can it crash? it just returns successful immediately!20:25
kenvandinedisplatcher logged something about signatures20:25
kenvandineoh, i think the callback expects an arg20:25
kenvandineupload i think returns the url returned from facebook20:25
robrukenvandine, can the arg be a string? I'll put a little deprecation warning int here20:25
kenvandinei seem to recall them all taking a string20:26
robrukenvandine, ok if I put a string in there will it crash if it isn't a URL? can the string be 'Warning: friends is now deprecated' or do I have to contort it into 'http://example.com/friends-is-now-deprecated' or something?20:26
kenvandineshouldn't need to be a url20:27
kenvandinei think the reply and send functions return the message id20:27
kenvandineor something20:27
cjwatsonrobru: I believe that's a known bug introduced by recent changes to Apache configuration on ppa.launchpad.net20:28
cjwatsonI saw an Asana task for that the other day20:29
robrucjwatson, so should I update my citrain script to point at utopic or will devel come back?20:29
kenvandinerobru, looks like all the async functions pass a result string to the callback20:30
kenvandineso just stick a string in those :)20:30
robrukenvandine, ok, just pushed a fix, will rebuilt20:30
alecutrainguards: I need a silo for this MP, should I just add it to the spreadsheet? https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/pay-service/verify-after-purchase/+merge/22672820:32
robrualecu, yep20:33
cjwatsonrobru: I think it should come back, but let me check20:34
cjwatsonwgrant: ^- You seem to have marked the FollowSymLinks task for ppa.lp.net as done this morning, but robru reports that http://ppa.launchpad.net/ci-train-ppa-service/landing-013/ubuntu/dists/ doesn't list "devel", and http://ppa.launchpad.net/ci-train-ppa-service/landing-013/ubuntu/dists/devel/ returns 40320:35
cjwatsonSo I think there's still something wrong there20:35
robrualecu, ok you got silo 520:38
bschaefersooo unity8 is still broken on the desktop?20:42
alecurobru: thanks!20:45
robrualecu, you're welcome!20:45
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robrukenvandine, ugh, just updated, of course *now* I'm getting spinner forever.21:00
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 130 DONE (finished: 20140714 21:00) ===21:00
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/130.changes ===21:00
robrukenvandine, maybe spinner forever is a good thing, will indicate to users that it's not usable ;-)21:00
robrustill no idea why it's doing that, I'm calling the success callback21:00
robrukenvandine, maybe a race condition or something? friends-app displaying the spinner after the callback already gets called to hide the spinner?21:01
robrukenvandine, at least it isn't posting the message.21:02
robrukenvandine, so I think this is fine since friends-app is also being de-seeded.21:02
kenvandinerobru, the silo is still rebuilding21:05
robrukenvandine, heh, armhf finished before the rest of the silo did so I started testing sooner ;-) (also done now)21:05
kenvandinerobru, reply works right, but post isn't21:07
kenvandineseems ok though, it doesn't crash and doesn't do anything bad21:08
robrukenvandine, yeah I'm fine with this21:08
* kenvandine needs to head out though21:08
robrukenvandine, k, i'm gonna publish. cya21:08
robruslangasek, hey what's going on with the friends-app de-seed? it's still on the phone in image 13021:13
slangasekrobru: possibly a race with germinate?  ubuntu-touch-meta 1.165 is in utopic now and should unseed it, to be sure21:14
robruslangasek, ah, image 130 just has 1.163. ok thanks21:15
robruI hope image #131 doesn't get depressed, because it's not going to have any friends! http://instantrimshot.com/22:31
popeyrobru: http://tumbleweed.popey.com/22:54
robrupopey, where did you find that picture of my home town?22:56

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