josewoohoo! I just got an email saying it's Ubuntu on Air's Twitterversary, it's turning 2 years on Twitter today :)05:33
balloonspleia2, czajkowski, elfy or someone else from the CoC. I'm curious if there is something in place for folks like myself who fail to renew there ubuntu membership :-)14:18
pleia2balloons: just email the membership board and they can get you sorted: ubuntu-membership-boards@lists.ubuntu.com14:24
balloonspleia2, ty much!14:24
pleia2sure :)14:24
mhall119balloons: the official policy requires 24 hours of hearty mocking before your membership is restored16:55
elfypeople in the community team should really have to take a whole week of it in my opinion16:55
balloonsmhall119, :-) yes.. I deserve it16:56
balloonsevenmoreso for having to be told it expired by someone else!16:57
czajkowskiballoons: oh for shame :p17:07
popeycould be worse, you could be sabdfl17:37
czajkowskisurely he didn't expire ?17:39
popeyi think he did once17:40
popeymaybe I'm mis-remembering. pretty sure I re-added him once17:40
balloonslol.. see, I'm in good company!17:56

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