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pittiBonjour tout le monde !07:05
Laneyhey hey!08:03
RAOFHo ho!08:04
Laneyhey RAOF08:08
pittihey Laney, good morning RAOF08:10
Laneyhey pitti, how's it going?08:10
Laneygood weekend? ;-)08:10
pittiLaney: ah, just a boring and quiet Sunday evening08:11
pittiLaney: nah, we went to Dresden to visit some friends, and of course survived the two hours of tension last night08:11
Laneyyeah me too, the pub was dead08:11
pittiand then watched the celebrations until 1 am or so08:11
Laneywatched, not participated in?08:12
pittiLaney: well, both -- we and some neighbors watched/celebrated, but we also watched TV :)08:13
pittiquite fun with 8 people08:13
LaneyI bet08:13
Laneyglad it didn't go to penalties08:14
pittinot the same as the 500.000 who went to Berlin on the "Fanmeile" of course :)08:14
pittiyeah, me too; I hate penalty shooting08:14
LaneyI tried to run otto on my desktop09:21
Laneydidn't go well09:22
Laney(yes, it does warn you)09:22
Laneypitti: do you know if I can use otto on a canonistack instance?09:38
Laneywant to reproduce https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/autopilot-testrunner-otto-utopic/1299/testReport/junit/ubuntu_system_settings.tests.test_about/AboutTestCase/test_imei_information_is_correct_with_mouse_/09:39
pittiLaney: if their QEMU provides an emulated graphics card, it might even work; but I've never heard someone trying09:40
pitti(i. e. trying to boot a desktop live system on Canonistack)09:40
pittiLaney: but NB that we haven't had desktop images (at least not in /current) since May 2209:41
pittiah, /pending is fine I suppose09:41
Laneywhat does this otto runner use?09:42
pittiI don't know the otto runners at all; but I suppose /current09:42
LaneyI thought it was you who set this up09:43
pittithat's mostly didrock's/jibel's baby09:43
Laneyoh well, /me tries this09:44
LaneyI'm not sure why this might happen /var/local/autopilot/autopilot.log: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoServer: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-PASLyVEStb: Connection refused09:45
Laneyno joy09:54
darkxstLaney, I have seen errors like that at build time due to lacking $HOME, not sure if that applies to autopilot also though10:13
darkxstLaney, ^in build time tests that use dbus10:21
Laneydarkxst: hmm, don't think that's going on here10:24
Laneypitti: alternatively, have you ever seen an error like ^^^?11:09
Laneyit's a system bus started by dbusmock11:09
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alex_abreumvo_, ping13:11
mvo_alex_abreu: in a meeting right now, but pong13:12
alex_abreumvo_, ok, tell me when you 2 mns13:12
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mvo_alex_abreu: now13:22
alex_abreumvo_, :) ... about silo 4 ... what manual ack actions are needed?13:23
mvo_alex_abreu: I take care of it, it contains a packaging change13:24
mvo_alex_abreu: and all of those need to be acked by someone13:24
alex_abreumvo_, ok I thought it was something thgat I had to do13:24
mvo_alex_abreu: but its fine, its just a change to the debian/install file, I acked it :)13:25
alex_abreuok thx13:25
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chrisccoulsonqengho, how's chromium looking?15:47
qenghochrisccoulson: Almost ready. Alex A found a problem with settings, and I'm fixing it.15:51
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Laneyso peaceful without the french ;-)17:05
xnoxLaney: and the Northern Irish =)17:14
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