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apwhallyn, ack07:47
apwBLZbubba, as Sarvatt indicated they are built with do_extras_package=0 generally08:22
hallynanybody know of a clean way to have btrfs subvolume delete also delete all subvolumes which are under it?15:52
apwhallyn, not me sadly16:04
hallynapw: drat, i guess i'l lhave eto walk the list of subvolumes and do strcmp :(16:14
apwhallyn, i would not like to claim to know very much about btrfs, others in our team have usd it more16:14
* cking has no idea either16:15
BLZbubbaapw, Sarvatt: ok cool thanks, I'll give "do_extras_package=0" a try16:29
BLZbubbai'd like to figure out why i can't insmod my packages into the pre-built kernel, but that isn't nearly as important if I can just run on the one I build16:34
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* arges wonders why linux-image-3.13.0-30 amd64 ddebs didn't build...18:57
marruslHello.  Has anyone seen reports of 3.13.0-31 or -32 causing problems with intel graphics and networking?19:07
marruslIn my case it was on a laptop, but I'm still getting details.  also possibly worth noting: the report I have was a hwe 3.13 running on precise.19:08
apwmarrusl, i have not heard anything specific, file a bug against the package  "linux"19:13
marruslapw, yep.  collecting info. thanks19:13
argesthat's an ugly link19:16
argesmarrusl: ^^^ anyway nothing from my search19:16
marruslthanks arges.  i'll see what i can find out.19:24

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