briguyHi all… I recently setup a Mythbuntu backed server and I see that it hasn't pulled down listing data on its own.  Is there supposed to be a pre-setup cronjob to run mythfilldatabase?03:17
SmallwoodDR82did you configure an EPG grabber?03:51
SmallwoodDR82XMLTV, schedulesdirect, etc..03:51
briguyyes, schedulesdirect… manually running mythfilldatabase workds03:52
briguyis there supposed to be a cronjab though?03:53
SmallwoodDR82honestly it's been so long since a fresh install I'm not 100% sure.  When you exit the setup though it does ask you if you want it to run03:53
SmallwoodDR82once it pulls i believe default is like every 3 days so pull new listings03:55
SmallwoodDR82to pull*03:55
briguyok, maybe something just isn't right with my install… I suppose a custom cronjob is in order04:08
briguythanks for the help!04:23

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