fmarierso did anybody upgrade successfully from 12.04 to 14.04 recently?03:36
ajmitch_well, maybe a couple of months ago on my laptop03:37
fmarierajmitch_: and you didn't run into anything major?03:37
ibeardsleeonly issue I really had was the apache2 configs03:38
ajmitch_it seemed to work out alright03:38
ajmitch_the only thing was I switched back to the free radeon driver before upgrading, iirc03:38
fmarieribeardslee: yeah, i saw that upgrading from wheezy to jessie as well03:39
ajmitch_since I knew fglrx wouldn't support it in 14.04 & the free driver is much better now03:39
fmariermy experience upgrading to 14.04 was truly miserable though03:39
fmarieri can no longer log into unity/gnome-shell/xfce :(03:39
ajmitch_does X start at all?03:39
fmarierand i can't figure out where it's going wrong03:40
fmarierajmitch_: yeah, X works fine. if i use kdm, i can get a gnome-terminal using the failsafe mode and then start gnome-shell from there03:40
ajmitch_no weird permissions in $HOME ?03:40
fmarierhowever, if i log into a xfce/unity/gnome session directly, it accepts my password, blanks the screen, then goes right back to lightdm/gdm/kdm03:41
fmarieri tried creating a new user and it does the same thing03:41
ajmitch_~/.xsession-errors would usually help, I remember I'd have issues like that when the disk was full03:41
fmarierit's a truly frustrating bug03:41
ajmitch_but I doubt the upgrade would have completed if that was the case03:42
fmarieryeah, my .xession-errors is bitching about an error in /usr/bin/lightdm-something but it's not exactly verbose03:42
fmarierit's also bitching about xmodmap not being able to find a file03:43
fmarieri'm wondering what actually gets run when lightdm starts a gnome or unity session03:43
ajmitch_pastebin it03:43
fmarierajmitch_: the error?03:44
ajmitch_yeah, if you can03:44
ajmitch_someone might have a clue :)03:45
fmarieri don't have that computer with me here and the upgrade apparently also broke fwknopd :(03:45
fmarierthough that's not surprising as it went from 1.x to 2.x, i probably need to redo its config03:45
ibeardsleehmm that sounds like a problem I'd seen with the .Xauthority file .. somehow root owned it, and the user couldn't write to it.04:19
ajmitch_ibeardslee: yeah, hence me asking about weird permissions04:24
ibeardsleeahh, yeah.  for some reason it was the only file that was 'mangled'04:26
ajmitch_I couldn't remember which of the files it would have been04:29
fmarieribeardslee: that (or a stray .xsession) is what i suspected, but create a brand new user account didn't help04:36
fmarieri wonder what's different between a kdm failsafe session and a normal one04:37
fmarieris trusty still using upstart or has it moved to systemd already?08:26
fmarierit looks like my session problems are due to the PATH not being set properly08:28
fmarierthe error from ~/.xsession-errors: /usr/sbin/lightdm-session: 5: exec: init: not found08:29
fmarierwith the full command line being: exec init --user08:29
fmarierwhere "init --user" is set by /etc/X11/Xsession.d/99upstart (which assumes that /sbin/ is in the path)08:30
Gfmarier: I think it's still using upstart09:12
Gno trusty boxes handy to be atm I don't think09:12
Goh wait, I updated this box...09:13
GI appear to have a mix of upstart and systemd on this box :S PID 1 is /sbin/init provided by 'upstart' (dpkg -S /sbin/init) though09:15
fmarieryeah, there are bits of systemd in 14.04, but apparently the full switch is scheduled for 16.04 (according to the interwebs at least)09:16
G2016(!)  oh I bet Lennout(sp?) is laughing at that :P09:17
G(I just happen to remember the way SystemD was pushed as the best next thing in Fedora/etc)09:18

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