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k1l_<coolmsn> #ubuntu-offtopic :Cannot send to channel wtf is that     << is he already muted/banned there?09:20
k1l_ah i see in bantracker: 6319409:21
coolmsnall are crap09:22
ldunnoh yes, that was me09:22
k1l_coolmsn: are you even interessted in taking part in the ubuntu channels along the guidelines? or do you just want to make trouble?09:22
DJonesGiven that they didn't even stay around, I'd suspect the latter09:23
ldunnThe PM discussion I had with them effectively resulted in "People aren't talking to me, so I am going to spam crap", and then they spammed crap at me ;(09:23
k1l_well, i think he has proven his point....09:23
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ubottuUbuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) was the 17th release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on May 16th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/quantal12:43
Piciadded for 13.10 too12:54
DJonesI'm glad I thought to upgrade on of my machines yesterday, I'd forgotten about 13.10 coming to EOL12:58
phunyguy@mark #ubuntu-offtopic drago stating he is a spammer and "kill all kill all kill all kill all".....13:45
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:45
PiciHelloWorld123: lets talk here, not in PM.17:28
PiciHelloWorld123: What message are you getting when you try to join #ubuntu?17:29
HelloWorld123Depends on my client.  I usually use "Empathy", in which I get no message at all.  On Pidgin, I just beg "banned #ubuntu".17:31
PiciAre you using that client right now?17:33
HelloWorld123I'm using pidgin right now17:34
PiciHelloWorld123: It looks like we had a ban set for your connection earlier last week, because your connection kept going up and down.17:37
PiciIt was removed though.17:37
HelloWorld123 "/mode #channel +b" doesn't seem to show anything that would apply (eyeballing it).  I'm in under this nick "HelloWorld123" just fine, but earlier I was banned under my usual nick "HelloWorld321".17:37
PiciIf you part #ubuntu and nick to that, can you rejoin?17:38
HelloWorld123I'll try now ...17:38
PiciI'm not seeing anything that could have applied to you either... the other ban I was talking about doesn't look like it was actually you.. just someone with a similar IP17:39
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HelloWorld321No: "You are banned from #ubuntu"17:39
HelloWorld321And that message is from a pidgin client dialog box; not directly from a system text.17:40
PiciYou should be able to join now.17:41
PiciSomeone set a very wide ban.17:41
HelloWorld321There you are.17:41
HelloWorld321I'm in.  I asked my question.17:41
Picinp, sorry for the inconvenience17:41
HelloWorld321So um, that wide ban was in error?17:42
HelloWorld321What about my up/down ban?  That was supposed to be there, right?17:42
PiciThat wasn't you, I just misread the thing.17:42
HelloWorld321I can see as how that would be annoying.  What should I do to prevent frequent up/down  messaging.17:42
HelloWorld321Okay.  Thanks.  So I'm clean then?17:43
Piciyep :)17:43
HelloWorld321Very good.  Thanks for your assistance.  I've asked my question in #ubuntu channel.'17:43
PiciHelloWorld321: If thats all, do you mind parting this channel?17:44
HelloWorld321Sure.  I'll do that.17:47
PiciSo... that was from the *21!*@* ban.17:48
Piciwhich is ridiculously wide.17:48
DJonesIts about all that was stopping the nickname21@anthing from spamming porn links in #u17:56
DJonesPossibly could have been *21!*21@* to make it a bit tighter17:56
tsimpsonor it could have been auto removed after a couple of hours18:16
DJonesThe ban would still have been catching the spammer up until 2 days, thats when I last see them  active18:21
phunyguycould've given him a ban exemption, although that ban does seem very wide.18:42
phunyguyand there already was a *21!*21@* ban set until yesterday morning.18:50
rwwI note this is the second false-positive from wide number-based bans against those spammers.19:07
IdleOnethe *21!*21@* ban was evaded by the porn bot using a *!2@* ident. Which is why I changed it to the wider *21!*@*20:59
IdleOneand I honestly don't care that we got 1-2 false positives out of how many. They can change their nicks.20:59
ubottubekks called the ops in #ubuntu (Jeannine21)21:06
phunyguyor a ban exemption can be mad21:07
IdleOneyeah that ban is useless21:07
ikonia@mark #ubuntu+1 phillw making stuff up to be dramatic21:13
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:13
IdleOneikonia: so he really believe that his ranting is what fixed the problem21:20
ikoniaI fixed it21:20
ikoniaI spoke to the mirror people21:20
ikoniabut I'm annoyed as I shouldn't have had to21:20
ikoniaand now he's telling me in a pm that he's going to write a report because I wouldn't help him21:21
ikoniaso he was unable to answer a question21:21
ikoniaand yet this is my fault21:21
IdleOnehow could you help him if the mirror was out of sync.21:21
ikoniabecause I spoke to the mirror team to get it dropped out of the dns21:22
ikoniahowever I shouldn't have had to do all the leg work21:22
ikoniabut it's ok as he's writing a report to the CC21:22
ikoniato show how I refused to help him21:22
IdleOnewell that is good. They can always use good reports21:22
ikoniagetting fed up with crap21:23
ikoniaI'll report you to the CC21:23
ikoniait's not worth actually doing anything any more21:23
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.21:23
ikoniahe wants the logs now21:24
IdleOneso are you going to write the report for him also?21:24
ikonialike I care21:24
ikoniaI'm just going to stop helping soon21:24
IdleOnehe's been around long enough to know where to find logs21:24
ikoniasame way he knows how to open a browser21:24
ikoniabut claims it's my fault as I didn't give him instructions21:25
IdleOnemeh, don't even think about it anymore. He isn't worth the effort21:25
ikoniajust worthless users making worthless contributions21:25
IdleOnehe's probably still upset that they took away his membership21:26
ikoniaoh did they ?21:27
IdleOneafaik yup21:27
ikonianow he's threatening legal action ???21:27
IdleOnethat is his thing21:28
ikoniais this the lubuntu guy ?21:28
IdleOneyeah I think so21:28
ikoniahe's taking legal action so I don't sue him ?21:33
ikoniathe guy clearly has some sort of mental health problem21:33
ikoniajust had to put him on ignore, don't want to cause someone with mental health issue distress21:33
Unit193ikonia: You're going to go in circles all night.22:45
ikoniais he always like this ?22:46

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