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pittiGood morning07:05
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knomeballoons, ping11:39
elfyreally should be balloons, pop ...11:55
knomeand hey elfy!12:11
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balloonsyou about elfy ?14:10
elopiogood morning.14:16
elopioom26er: let me know if you want to work on your click element problem this week.14:16
om26erelopio, yes, we can work on it today or tomorrow which ever suits you14:17
om26ertomorrow might be better as I have less meetings tomorrow14:17
elopioom26er: ok, please arrange a meeting on the calendar.14:18
om26erelopio, does 40 minutes + 1 day sound good to you ?14:19
elopioom26er: yes. that would give us 30 minutes. And if we need to continue, we can do it on the UX stand up.14:20
om26erelopio, ok.14:20
om26erelopio, also do you have a suggestion on a new UX test ? I am trying to pick a new test to work on but would prefer some suggestion on which to pick14:21
elopioom26er: I'm not intersted in anyone in particular. You can pick from the list.14:22
brendandelopio, hey - i want to get the FakeUrlDispatcher helper landed in ubuntu-ui-toolkit, but in terms of testing it, it doesn't make much sense to have any tests for that in ubuntu-ui-toolkit14:29
brendandelopio, any thoughts?14:29
elopiobrendand: any single line of code that goes into the toolkit must come with a test.14:30
elopiootherwise you are making the release process even harder.14:30
elopiobrendand: thoughts, first try to get it merged on the url dispatcher project.14:31
elopioif that's not possible for a good reason, then copy one of the tests we have in unity.14:31
brendandelopio, but no change to the ui toolkit can break the url dispatcher. so yes it is best to put it in url-dispatcher, but after that, what?14:32
brendandelopio, and url-dispatcher doesn't have any autopilot tests does it?14:32
elopioif you put it in url-dispatcher, I would imagine that becomes a new url-dispatcher-testability package, like ken is doing for the content-hub.14:33
elopioand then your tests can depend on that package.14:33
elopiourl-dispatcher doesn't have any autopilot tests. And it has a similar helper in c++.14:34
elopioso I have the feeling that if you propose this helper to the devs, they will tell you to use the c++ helper. Which could be good, I haven't tried that way.14:34
brendandelopio, but we need to be able to use it in python14:35
elopiobrendand: we can call the c++ fake from python, if it's a library.14:38
brendandelopio, well we can - but it's a total pita14:39
elopiobrendand: then try to convince the url dispatcher devs to add a python library on their testability package. I would love that.14:40
elopioand if they refuse, put it on the toolkit.14:40
elopiorhuddie: brendand is also working on the fake url dispatcher.16:15
brendandrhuddie, i am16:15
elopiomaybe you two can pair to eithter put it on the url-dispatcher, to use the cpp one, or to put it on the toolkit.16:15
brendandrhuddie, there's a fake url dispatcher in reminders-app, which i want to move to url-dispatcher16:16
rhuddiebrendand, sounds great16:16
rhuddiebrendand, I copied that one which I was using for an address-book-app test16:16
rhuddiebrendand, elopio, agreed much better if we can get it moved to url-dispatcher to save duplication16:17
brendandelopio, right now they don't have a 'testability' package. should i create one?16:17
elopiobrendand: you should talk to tedg and try to convince him about that first.16:18
elopioif you start the code without talking to him, later you might find he doesn't like it.16:18
elopiobut with kenvandine it was smooth, he did it himself so we didn't have to write anything at all.16:19
elopioI hope tedg would be similar.16:19
elopiorhuddie, brendand: can you take care of talking to him, or would like me to help?16:20
brendandelopio, i'll talk to him16:20
elopiobrendand: awesome.16:20
elopiolet me know what's the result and I'll update reminders to use your solution.16:20
rhuddiebrendand, elopio, this is the branch I have for the address-book-app: https://code.launchpad.net/~rhuddie/address-book-app/ux-calling-helpers/+merge/22647316:21
rhuddiewhich is using the copied fake url-dispatcher16:21
elopiorhuddie: I'm looking at it. Would you like to get it merged with the duplicated fake, or wait until it's in a shared project?16:22
rhuddieelopio, the only issue is how long it takes16:22
elfyballoons: hey - what's up?16:23
rhuddieelopio, this ux test is also dependant on getting dialler app to python3, so currently there are other things to hold it up too16:23
elopiorhuddie: I'm happy with either solution, as long as you are working to move it as soon as possible, so whatever works best for you.16:23
elopiooh, I hate dialer's weird failure :@16:23
balloonselopio, Liz took care of me, ty16:24
elfyballoons: ignore me less it's to do with membership16:24
rhuddieelopio, brendand, let's first see how we get on with adding it to url-dispatcher. that would be the ultimate goal.16:24
brendandelopio, heh - if you're happy to merge it before then you can merge my branch instead :)16:24
brendandelopio, i was thinking you'd block me until it was in the 'right' place :)16:25
balloonselfy, it is to do with membership.. I let mine expire16:25
elfyjust read -comm-team16:25
elopiobrendand: I'm not open to discussion only on ubuntu-experience-tests :D16:26
brendandelopio, oh i see16:27
brendandelopio, so do you want me to make my merge request then? it's the one you reviewed already that you said about not adding the address-book-app dependency. i just need to push to fake dispatcher16:28
elopiobrendand: as you wish. As I said to rhuddie, if you want to get it merged with the duplicated fake, and then updated it to use the shared one, it's ok for me.16:29
elopioI'm happy that you are working on putting it in a better place.16:29
brendandelopio, maybe as you said, best to see how things go with ted first16:30
brendandelopio, i also have a branch for ubuntu-ui-toolkit all ready, but it needs tests. and i'm not sure what business url dispatcher tests have being in ubuntu-ui-toolkit16:31
elopiothat's what rhuddie said, but I agree.16:31
elopiobrendand: I didn't get the other thing.16:31
elopiobrendand: it would be clearer if you push your branch so I can peek.16:32
elopiobrendand: I saw your branch removing the mediaplayer tests. Thanks.16:33
elopiothere's one failing test, so I'm not sure jenkins will let you land it.16:33
elopioI'm trying to fix it.16:33
brendandelopio, here ya go: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/fake_url_dispatcher16:35
brendandelopio, like i said, no tests. would be very grateful to hear any thoughts on what kind of tests would be appropriate16:36
elopiobrendand: wait, but this branch will only be useful if you can't make a testability package on url dispatcher, right?16:36
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brendandelopio, but that's probably a moot point since ted agreed to create url-dispatcher-testability16:36
brendandelopio, but thoughts on tests still welcome. i need to put some in url-dispatcher16:37
elopiobrendand: ok, so for testing this I would call url-dispatcher with subprocess and a test parameter.16:37
elopiothen check that the fake urldispatcher got the same test parameter16:37
brendandelopio, ah is that how it works. cool16:38
brendandelopio, thanks for the tips. i need to go now and make some dinner16:38
elopiobrendand: have a good night.16:39
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